Emerald Meanings, Properties and Uses

Emerald Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Emerald

This mesmerizing crystal’s velvety and rich green color is unmistakable. Its vivid hue is renowned as the color of spring and has been a symbol of hope, wealth, rebirth and romance for years. Not only that, but it is also pulsating in powerful healing capabilities that have benefitted mankind for millennia.

What is Emerald?

What is Emerald?

The transparent and natural emerald is one of the four precious gemstones, including Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond. It is the green variety of the beryl mineral family— a beryllium aluminum silicate mineral that is colored by trace amounts of vanadium and/or chromium.

This crystal occurs in colors ranging from bluish green to yellow-green, with the finest and most valuable being the pure verdant green hue with a medium dark tone synthetic stones.

The light-colored gems are typically known by their species name which is Green Beryl from the beryl mineral family. Most emeralds are highly included with surface breaking fissures and carat weight, thus their resistance to breakage or toughness is typically classified as poor. Although, natural emeralds do carat weight rate 7.5 – 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Natural emeralds may not be as hard as Diamonds because of the carat weight, emeralds do last for a long time. Other than the carat weight, Most emeralds can scratch easily, however, these scratches can be wiped off.

The first known emerald mines were found in Southern Egypt, showing evidence that it has been mined since 2,000 B.C. Some of the finest emerald crystals of today are mined in Columbia known as Colombian emeralds. Colombian emeralds are best found in Muzo and Chivor mines. The smaller quantities of medium-light color emerald mining come from Brazils. In addition, synthetic emeralds can also be mined in Australia, India, South Africa, Austria, Brazil, the US, Pakistan, Norway and Egypt.

In the last 10 years, there’s also been an increasing quantity of bluish green natural emeralds mined in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Such bluish green crystals tend to have very strong colors such as the synthetic emeralds ones found in Pakistan, the Soviet Union and India.

The Meaning and Uses of Emerald

Meaning and Uses of Emerald

The name Emerald, according to Indian lore, was first translated from the Sanskrit term “Marakata”, which means “the green of growing things”. However, the term that we use today is derived from the ancient Persian term which translated to the Greek term “Smaragdus” which means “green stone”. This term is used in antiquity and refers to a number of other bluish green or green crystals. Ultimately, the Vulgar Latin or old French versions— Esmaralda, Esmaraldus, Esmeraulde— became its current name, Emerald.

Emerald is a wonderful bluish green crystal for reviving passion, whether for a job, a person or an interest. In order to attract romantic love, you can carry or wear an Emerald out of sight and near your heart. These prismatic crystals are also used to call back an estranged love by speaking the words that you wish to say while holding the crystal close to your lips and sealing it in an envelope.

Emerald is known for its potent calming effect on your emotions. Synthetic emeralds have invigorating effect on your reflection, thought and philosophy. Thus, emeralds are an excellent tool for activating your artistic creativity and bringing intensity and focus to your lifework. This green gem brings a soothing emotional and mental equilibrium, making it beneficial for use in stimulating understanding and cooperation.

Furthermore, emerald crystals have been used since ancient times for promoting mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance. And with everything being harmonious and aligned, you get to enjoy a more illuminating and lighter experience with synthetic emeralds.

Moreover, this green gem can also be used to increase your energy levels while also enhancing the energy flow between your upper and lower chakras. It can be used to manifest a loving and peaceful existence. Emeralds can help you stay fulfilled and happy.

Its color also embodies growth and respect for life and creation. Synthetic emeralds give you a stronger sense of responsibility, giving back what you have taken from Earth in order to prevent disruptions in the world’s balance. Synthetic emeralds will inspire you to live a considerate, generous and harmonious way.

Emerald Metaphysical Properties

Emerald Metaphysical Healing Properties

Emerald has been the constant green crystal throughout the ages, representing youth and glow in the age of man. Since ancient times, the green color was used for those who died in the flower of youth and sometimes the emerald crystal was placed on the index finger of the corpse as a symbol that the light of hope was spent.

Emeralds in ancient Egypt were considered the symbol of eternal life. In fact, matrix-emerald or the faience of the same hue was used in amulets for engraving prayers and texts from the Book of the Dead and placed on the body for burial.

The uat, a papyrus scepter, is cut from matrix-emerald and placed on the neck of the mummified corpse is emblematic of the eternal youth it was hope that the deceased would enjoy in the afterlife. Emerald crystals are also believed that the uat is a gift of Thoth and thought to help protect the limbs of the deceased.

Meanwhile, Hermes Trismegistus, a1st century Egyptian magician, was said to carve on pure emerald table words that held the key to magic. This is why emerald has always been considered a magical crystal that connects the earthly and cosmic realms, bringing desires and thoughts into reality.

Emerald crystals are also known as the revealer of truth and is used to protect its wearer from spells, conjurations and enchantments. Green gems were considered as a gemstone of universal sight that helps increase intelligence, strengthen memory and give their wearer the ability to foretell the future. According to legend, these green gems would change color or even hurl themselves from their mounting to forewarn an impending illness or danger.

During the Middle Ages, the emerald was a symbol of fidelity and is reputed to reveal the falsity or truth of a lover’s oath and help keep a woman chaste. A fine emerald is also believed to help you become an eloquent speaker. In fact, Aristotle who was a great fan of emeralds wrote that owning emeralds can increase your importance in speech and presence during business and giving victory in trials.

Emerald and its association with the eyes and sight has also been reported by several civilizations throughout time. Both for its soothing energies and the belief that this gemstone can cure eye diseases.

The Egyptians of the High Empire used this crystal to enhance vision, while the Romans and Greeks stuck small emerald crystals in the corners of the eyes of those farsighted or nearsighted. Meanwhile, the transparent and light emeralds were polished and used as a magnifying glass, which is then developed into the very first eyeglasses used by mankind. In fact, Emperor Nero was also known for observing the feats of gladiators through an emerald eyeglass.

In Jewish history, the emerald crystal is listed in Exodus as the 4th stone in the Breastplate of the High Priest. However, the original manuscript translates the “smaragdus” as being the Bareketh (3rd stone) engraved with Levi’s tribe. Legend also said that the emerald is one of the four precious crystals given by God to King Solomon, giving him the power over all creation.

Since ancient times, the emerald was worn in a ring in order to prevent giddiness and strengthen memory. Emeralds are believed to take away foolish fears, anger and folly while driving away evil spirits. Furthermore, emeralds were also considered as an antidote for venomous bites, and poison and taken as an elixir in order to cure all fluxes.

The Benefits of Emerald

Below we listed some of the best known healing abilities and benefits of the emerald crystal.

For Physical Healing

For physical healing

Emerald offers wonderful rejuvenating quality and is thought to help fight aging. When used and placed appropriately, emeralds are also known to revitalize your tired system and organs.

Emerald is also a strong healer of the physical heart and can also be useful in treating the liver, lungs, pancreas, kidneys and gallbladder. The green gems are also known to help your muscle system and the spine. Not only that but the emeralds are also believed to strengthen your immune system, aiding in your recovery against infectious diseases. The powerful green vibrations of emeralds can help in healing malignant conditions.

Perhaps the most famous healing attributes of emeralds are treating problems with your eyes and restoring eyesight. An eye bath using emerald water is highly soothing and healing to the eyes and can ease eye infections.

Meanwhile, drinking an emerald elixir is said to soothe cardiac weakness and gas and is suitable for treating gout while also strengthening your focus and memory. This green crystal is also believed to ward off epilepsy and is used to avert headaches, fever, sinusitis and allergies.

The green rays of emeralds are also said to be efficient in relieving skin problems such as rashes, acne, eczema and other skin irritations. Lastly, emerald is also used to increase fertility as well as support childbirth.

For Emotional Healing

For emotional healing

Emerald, like a crystal of the heart, can help reduce the heaviness in your emotional field and provides a nourishing aura and energy of encouragement, hope, abundance and gentleness.

The gems are known to heal heartbreaks and give you the much-needed strength in order to overcome the obstacles and misfortunes of life. Not only that, but emeralds are also great at clearing away the negative patterns of victimizations as well as the loss of personal power by strengthening your emotional and physical heart centers.

Take note that the emerald crystal is also known as the stone of regeneration and recovery, which helps bring in vitality and freshness, compassion and love for yourself as well as for other people.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The green rays of the emerald gem are what most represent the energy patterns to activate and stimulate the heart chakra. This chakra is the wellspring of our emotions and is located near the center of our breastbone.

Emeralds are responsible for the regulation of your interactions with the outer world. Emeralds control what you resist and what you embrace, providing you the balancing ability to be yourself within the environment.

When your heart chakra is out of balance, you can feel either controlled or too controlling in a relationship. Also, you might find yourself having an inappropriate emotional response to daily external stimuli. The green energies of the emerald crystal can resolve such blockages and imbalances and stimulate the heart chakra.

With its energies, the emerald gem can help you understand your emotions and needs more clearly. This way, you can easily deal with the ups and downs of any relationship, accepting changes as well as understanding your nature.

Furthermore, the emerald crystal can stimulate your higher heart chakra or the transpersonal love center which is just above and to the left side of your heart chakra. The gems can help you practice respectfulness and compassion understanding of other people.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Emerald gem is a symbol of abundance and wealth. Throughout civilization, its green color has been a constant sign of respect, money and prosperity.

Queens, kings, empresses and emperors proudly set this grand green crystal into their regalia and crowns.

Any way you look at it, this crystal symbolizes money. Emeralds increse your prosperity and attracts satisfaction and happiness. Emeralds also stimulate an open and strong heart that allows universal blessings to flow into your life.

Take note that this crystal not only stimulates hope of abundance and wealth in the material standings and financial possessions, but emeralds also allow you to experience true abundance beyond the mere wealth of money.

Emeralds increase your ability to receive the gifts of the spirit within all of life’s challenges and experiences. Emeralds embrace its manifestations with gratitude. Furthermore, emeralds encourage faith and trust that the universe will provide for all your needs and that there can be no lack in reality.

For Relationship and Love

For Relationship and Love

Dubbed as the Stone of Successful Love, the emerald gem can nurture and stimulate your physical heart and heart chakra. Its calming and soothing energy can provide the necessary healing to all levels of your being, bringing vitality and freshness to your spirit.

As a stone of infinite patience and inspiration, this crystal embodies compassion, unconditional love and unity. The gems are known to promote balance between partners, inducing friendship and is particularly known for offering domestic bliss, loyalty and contentment.

As the Seeker of Love and the Revealer of Truth, this crystal has long been offered as a gift from one lover to another, as a symbol of undying devotion and loyalty. With its energy, you are always inspired to do everything with honesty, love and compassion.

With this beautiful green crystal, you can enjoy a more meaningful and long-lasting romantic relationship. Emeralds will make you feel new and give you a sense of belongingness and security.

Emerald gemstones are also used to symbolize renewal and growth. In terms of love, you’ll become more mature in your actions and thoughts. You won’t be refusing the chance and opportunity to let your relationship evolve and change.

Furthermore, this crystal also symbolizes a time for reflecting. Emeralds shall encourage you to slow down and look back at all the things that you’ve done in your relationship. The gems give you time to accept the meaningful lessons and hard truths so that you and your partner can move forward.

Emeralds can also provide emotional healing. All the pains and hurts of your past will be erased so you can enjoy a clean slate. Emeralds help you overcome heartbreak and give you welcoming energies of love.

For those struggling with their relationships, this crystal can ring encouragement and hope as well as the determination to make the relationship work. Take note that this crystal is also considered an aphrodisiac. Its energies can make you more sensual, passionate and affectionate towards your partner.

For Confidence

In its tumbled stone form, the emerald gemstones are used to promote self-esteem, particularly in restoring the confidence of teens or young girls that have been teased about their weight. Emeralds are also useful for any young person that is made to feel inferior due to the inability to buy or afford the latest designer fashion and goods.  

In terms of your professional life, this crystal can also improve your self-confidence in the workplace, attaining creative success with newfound power and energy to innovate.  

For Depression and Anxiety

For Depression and Anxiety

Emerald gem is also known to have a great soothing and calming effect on your conflicting emotions. Emeralds can help invigorate your thought process and your philosophical understanding in order to reduce stress and anxiety. When looking at a stressful situation with an open mind, you can easily solve the problem.

This crystal also helps maintain your psychological and emotional equilibrium. The gems stimulate understanding while boosting cooperation. Carrying this magical crystal also helps reduce depression, lack of companionship or the fear of isolation. Emeralds restore your confidence and reduce negative thoughts.

For Career Success

Over time, individuals tend to lose interest in their profession or work because of several reasons. From creative roadblocks to personal issues, reasons can vary. In such cases, wearing the emerald crystal can ease the trapped energies and allow you o focus on your professional growth.

Emerald gem is an amazing support crystal for your career success and in the workplace. This crystal can help strengthen your memory, improve your mental acuity and inspire eloquence in your speech. Not only that, but emeralds also have a calming effect on your emotions, preventing misunderstandings and fights with co-workers.

This crystal can also activate your creativity and bring more focus to your life goals. As a matter of fact, using a tumbled or natural emerald crystal for 5 minutes a day can instantly bring rapid recall of facts and is suitable for occupations and careers where a visionary insight has a significant benefit. Emeralds enkindle success in your career path.

Combining Emerald With Other Crystal Stones

Emerald is a potent crystal on its own but can also work efficiently with other crystals to enjoy more varied and stronger benefits.

Emerald + Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

For the best combination for your heart chakra, you need to try out the emerald gem and rose quartz duo. While you might think that pink is the color representing the heart chakra, it is actually green.

And emerald gem, with its vivid green hue, is the primary crystal that can nurture and stimulate your heart chakra. This crystal can bring about good fortune with its green energies, promoting loyalty and romantic love for the success of long-term relationships.

Now, when you pair this green crystal with the gentle and lovely pink hues of the rose quartz, you can experience the potent, yet soft energy of compassion, peace, love and comfort. Both crystals speak directly to your heart chakra and help in removing any emotional pain and negative emotions.

As emerald gem balances your energies and assists in keeping your relationship stable by encouraging both partners to be forgiving and compassionate rose quartz can reawaken your ability to love and appreciate things while also providing a deep sense of personal fulfilment so you can truly receive and give love.

This crystal duo can bring empathy to any relationship, empowering you to let go of suppressed feelings and emotional wounds, so you can truly open yourself to loving your partner and others even more.

Emerald + Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

Dubbed as the stone of communication, the Lapis Lazuli has been used for centuries and like emerald gem, it is a potent crystal for manifesting and nurturing love as well as improving current relationships.

Emerald gem will stimulate your heart chakra which allows you to give and take love, encourage compassion, accept responsibilities and balance your energies. Meanwhile, the Lapis Lazuli will stimulate your throat chakra which helps in strengthening and improving your relationship through clear and positive communication.

As the emerald crystal opens your heart for positive emotions and giving love, the lapis lazuli can work on your throat for more efficient communication between partners. The gems allow them to work on their issues, and differences, clearing misunderstandings and ensuring a long-lasting relationship.

Emerald + Rhodonite


Like the emerald and rose quartz combination, combining rhodonite with emerald gem can also effectively nurture and activate your heart chakra.

Dubbed as the Stone of Forgiveness, the rhodonite crystal with its black and pink layers serves as a perpetual reminder that love doesn’t come without heartaches and pains. With that said, it will gently ease the pain from heartbreaks and dysfunctional relationships and offers soothing forgiving energies to cleanse your emotional body of pain, anger, resentment and hurt.

After that, the emerald gem will work its energies to revive your feelings, emotions and passion. The gems will attract romantic love to you while also filling your aura with love, gentleness, and abundance and giving you the strength to move forward.

In addition, using both emerald gem and rhodonite allows you to easily forget the feelings of isolation and loneliness when you lack a romantic and loving relationship. These crystals will harmoniously work together in order to bring focus on what you truly love and want, helping you regain your lost self-esteem and attracting new love.

Emerald + Green Aventurine

green aventurine

Pulsating with green energies, both emerald gem and green aventurine make the perfect combination for your heart chakra and allow you to enjoy new opportunities in your committed life.

Dubbed as the Stone of the Married, the emerald gem can promote a strong and beautiful relationship with your spouse. Emeralds stimulate your heart chakra and help you become more loving and open to your partner while ensuring loyalty, commitment and passion in your married life.

Meanwhile, the green aventurine gives a sense of well-being that stabilize your emotions and increases your passion and sensuality. Green aventurine, however, is more known to be a lucky crystal. So, when combined with an emerald gem, it can help bring romantic luck to your love life.

Going back to the world of marriage, both crystals are excellent if you want to have a child. The vibrational energies of emeralds are said to increase your fertility while also supporting you during childbirth and pregnancy.

The green aventurine, on the other hand, is known as the Stone of Opportunity. Thus, it brings the opportunity and luck of being fertile and successful in conceiving. Its energetic properties can also help during childbirth and pregnancy by promoting harmony and balance. The gemstones take it a step further and even protect you against miscarriage.

Emerald + Watermelon Tourmaline

watermelon tourmaline

If you want to increase your patience and keep a cool head during a chaotic situation, then this next crystal combination is worth a try.

Emerald gem is known as the Stone of Infinite Patience. And with its strong association with the heart chakra, emeralds are known to bring patience and loyalty, especially in relationships. The gemstones make it an excellent crystal when arguments or misunderstandings make you feel unsettled or upset.

Meanwhile, the beautiful colors of both pink and green of the watermelon tourmaline provide a strong connection with the heart chakra and the higher chakra. Its energies are known to bring understanding and a calm demeanor to a situation, allowing you to respond with diplomacy, tact and kindness.

As the energetic properties of emerald gem empower you to treat others with a unity of spirit and compassion, the watermelon tourmaline can promote a patient nature Together, these crystals allow you to enjoy a more meaningful and peaceful existence without feeling overburdened or stressed by others.

Emerald + Clear Quartz

clear quartz

If you want to improve your mental acuity, then the emerald gem and clear quartz combination are worth a try.

The emerald crystal is known to strengthen memories and mental alertness, allowing you to remember information for longer. Not only that, but emeralds help you focus on a task, reducing the loss of information because of concentration lapses. Also known as the Wisdom Stone, the emerald crystal can also fill you with contentment, stimulating greater mental capacity.

Now, like the Stone of Power, the clear quartz can amplify your intention and easily program it with emerald stones to improve memory. Plus, it also stimulates your crown chakra which helps in memory retention.

Like emerald gem, this crystal can also help you concentrate. And if you are particularly concerned about memory loss, then the clear quartz can help open your higher consciousness, expanding your mind and providing clarity of thought so you can easily access your memories.

Is Emerald a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Emerald is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Emerald is May Birthstone

Emerald is May Birthstone

Emerald stones are the traditional birthstone for those born in May. After the long and cold winter and the rainy early spring, the first few days of May typically bring the welcoming sight of leaves, flowers and grass emerging from their winter hibernation and blooming once again.

May is the month of new growth and rebirth. So, it is only fitting that its birthstone is the emerald with its vivid green hue bringing you renewal, good health, growth and a reinvigorating experience.

Take note that emerald was also the historic birthstone for those born in June.

Emerald is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer  

Emerald is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

Emerald is the traditional zodiac crystal for those born under the zodiac sign Cancer, which is in early summer from the summer solstice of June 21 – July 22. Cancer is symbolized by the crab and individuals born under this sign are loyal, adaptable and very attached to their family.

They are gifted a strong imagination and creativity, usually become great artists, musicians, composers and writers. As the Stone of Successful Love, the emerald crystal can deepen a Cancerian sense of loyalty and harmony in relationships.

Cancerians can also be a little short-tempered, so it makes sense that they should develop the quality of patience. And emeralds can bring a calming influence on them so that they can overcome bad moods. Cancerians also have a kind and dignified nature with too much empathy. The green energies of the emerald crystal align with these energies, boosting their nurturing spirit.

Emerald stones can also nurture the innate spirituality of the sign Taurus. In fact, emerald is the stone for Venus, which is also the ruling planet for Taurus. This crystal helps induce love as well as ruling self-worth and money, complimenting Taurus’ love of financial and luxurious acumen.

In addition, emerald is also an ascendant crystal for those born under the Capricorn sign. Emeralds represent inner growth and encourage infinite patience and loyalty. With its strong association with the heart chakra, this crystal can help the Capricorns who always struggle with their emotions.

Also, the cautious and logical nature of Capricorns can interfere with their determination to succeed. The vibrational energies of emeralds can help improve the Capricorns conviction and inspire them to move towards their goals.

Meditation with Emerald

Meditation with Emerald

Emerald stones can help you embrace and maintain your rhythmic breathing conducive to attaining and entering depth in a meditative state. After that, this crystal can maintain the cool brilliance of deliberate reflection and emits a radiance of light.

Emerald gemstones can also promote healing of the mind, body and heart, clarifying doubts and fears that you have been feeling during meditation. Now, if you often come across a piece of difficult to understand info in your meditation journey, this crystal can help your mind to be clear while opening your heart to those messages that you most need.

How to Cleanse and Charge Emerald?

In order to clean your emerald crystal, you need to use room temperature running water and a soft toothbrush with mild soap. Repeatedly brush its underside to remove grease and dirt. You can see your emerald crystal brighten up. After that, rinse emeralds with warm water and pat it dry with microfiber clothing.

Never clean your emerald crystal with acetone, steam cleaner or ultrasonic cleaner. This can cause damage to its structure. Also, emerald stones shouldn’t be exposed to high heat. Cleaning your emerald crystal should be done no more frequently than necessary.

To recharge an emerald crystal, you simply need to wash it under a fresh stream or waterfall. Leaving it under the moon and sun can also a good way to recharge your emerald crystal.

Final Thoughts

Emerald is indeed one of the most beautiful, green-colored precious stones in the world. It symbolizes growth and stability as well as compassion and universal love. The stone represents all the wonderful things on Earth and how they are all interconnected with love and is a wonderful stone to promote emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth and balance


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