Fluorite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Fluorite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Fluorite

Fluorite is perhaps one of the most highly sought-after and collectible crystals in the world. It is loved by both metaphysical healers and mineralogists, thanks to its unique appearance and colors.

Its remarkable cubes are at times, too perfect for the eyes to believe, emerging like a magic treasure in matrix rock, or tightly stacked cube by cube like a miniature futuristic city. It is indeed an extraordinary creation of nature, resonating perfection and carrying stable and calming frequency to anyone who welcomes it to their life.  

What is Fluorite?

What is Fluorite

Fluorite is a form of calcium fluorite and belongs to the Halide family of minerals. Fluorite boasts a transparent crystalline structure with a vitreous luster. It forms in well-formed isometric cubes, clusters, nodules or massive forms.

Fluorite is hailed as the most colorful crystals in the world. It can form in various shades, usually in blue, yellow, green and purple. It also forms in the pure colorless form as well as in shades of black, brown, white, pink and red. The stone is usually multi-colored with zones or bands of color that intermingle. Exposure to radiation, impurities and voids in the color centers determine the color of a fluorite crystal and help give it a mesmerizing luminous quality.

Fluorite is one of the first specimens studied for the fluorescence phenomenon. Some varieties of fluorite can also be thermoluminscent, triboluminescent and/or phosphorescent.

Fluorite is the only common mineral with perfect cleavage in four directions. This is a characteristic that may only be visible to the naked eye in clear stones as the subtle etchings that seep into the entire crystal. Such cleavage usually produces the perfect octahedrons as well as the rarer dodecahedrons and some other complex formations including the penetration twins as if a cube were growing our or into another cube.

What is Fluorite

Fun fact, fluorite is actually the reference mineral for a hardness of 4 on the Mohs Hardness scale. Thus, it is too soft to wear for everyday jewelry. Although it can be carved into wonderful faceted stones and sold as specimens for collectors or used in pieces of jewelry that are not subjected to abrasion or impact.

Fluorite occurs in huge deposits in most locations around the globe. It is most commonly found as vein fillings in rocks that have been subjected to hydrothermal activity and contains metallic ores like Silver, Zinc, Lead, Sphalerite or Galena. Not only that, but it can also be associated with Quartz, Barite and Calcite. Also, it is often a secondary or primary mineral in granites, marbles, limestone and dolostone.

Fluorite can be found in South Africa, China, Russia, France, Mongolia and the central part of North America. Here, the noteworthy deposits are in Illinois, Mexico, Kentucky, Colorado and Missouri.

The Meaning and Uses of Fluorite

Originally, fluorite was called fluorospar or fluorspar. It is primarily an industrial mineral having a low melting point. It derives its name from the Latin term “fleure” which means “to flow”. This refers to its use as a flux in the aluminum and steel smelting process.

With that said, the term fluorspar is still used in the chemical and industrial trades. Meanwhile, the term fluorite is used for lapidary, mineralogy and most other references.  

Fluorite also has numerous uses in the chemical and ceramic industries as a source of fluorine, hydrofluoric acid and fluoride. Not only that, but it is also used in specialty glasses, enamels and glazes. The high-quality fluorite is also used in making some of the top-grade optical lenses for telescopes, microscopes and cameras.

The Meaning and Uses of Fluorite

In the ancient world, fluorspar was believed to be crystallized light and could help mankind to achieve enlightenment by bringing its light into the brain. To the ancient Chines, it offered protection against evil spirits. The Romans used it in drinking vessels and believed that it can prevent them from being intoxicated.

Ancient Egyptians used this mineral for carving statues of their gods and scarabs. Meanwhile, the green fluorites were usually carved into vessels by the Chinese as well as a substitute for Jade.

The Celts, Romans, Germans, French, American Indians and Britons prized the beauty of fluorite and carved it into figurines, totems, deity statues, amulets, talismans and arts as well as decorative cups, bowls, vases and dishes. Remarkable rare artifacts and carvings from the Mississippian Moundbuilders era were also found in burial sites and cultivated fields of the southern Illinois-western Kentucky Fluorspar areas. They also found a number of colorful fluorite pendants, beads, and ear ornaments as well as fluorite statues of figures.

Since 1670, the hydrofluoric acid formed from fluorite minerals has been used for etching glass. In the early 1700s, it was then diluted with water and used for matters of health.

Fluorite Metaphysical Properties

Fluorite, dubbed as the Genius Stone, represents the highest state of mental attainment. This stone can boost discernment and aptitude as well as the absorption of new information. Thus, helping you work through the more complex issues.

Its vibrant energy can stimulate the electrical charge of your brain cells. Then, it draws in more life forces as it encourages both brain hemispheres to harmoniously work together in balance. This helps in expanding your consciousness and advancing the mind to greater psychic, spiritual and mental awareness.

Not only that, but this stone can also stir creativity within and providing a limitless range of avenues to explore. And while fluorite comes in different color varieties and each manifesting its metaphysical abilities in various ways, all of them serve the brain, mental body and energetic levels of beings.

Fluorite Metaphysical Properties

Fluorite is also a potent multi-dimensional crystal that can manifest the highest aspect of the mind which is the attunement to the spirit. This crystal can heighten your intuitive powers and awakening you to the perfection and purity of the universe.

Within its essence, the fluorite allows you to develop an understanding of the non-physical realities of other dimensions. It also allows you to explore the inner areas of yourself, where all the wisdom and knowledge are contained.

Furthermore, the fluorite crystal can allow you to align with the source of your being. It helps you stay consciously attuned to the Divine will while still properly functioning on the physical plane. This allows you to be at peace while still claiming your individual expression and uniqueness.

With that said, fluorite can also be used to clear mental confusion, fog or conflicting ideas. It is an excellent learning and study tool, allowing you to absorb new information while improving retention and memorization. When used regularly, it can nurture your intelligence and is even thought to raise the IQ.

Fluorite is also an excellent focusing crystal for maintaining discipline in a fitness or health plan by incorporating structure into daily life and garnering endurance and strength for physical activities. It also helps in coordination and balance.

The Benefits of Fluorite

Fluorite with its various colors offers a lot of benefits for the body— physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Here are some of the benefits of using fluorite.

For Physical Healing

Fluorite helps in sustaining and encouraging the flawless ideal of intellect, health and emotional being. It restructures, purifies and eliminates anything within the subtle and physical body that’s not in the perfect order. It can also be used to dispel disorders at the start of symptoms. Also, this stone is highly regarded as an immune stimulator, natural antiviral and anti-inflammatory.

Fluorite For Physical Healing

The crystal is also highly beneficial to the skin, respiratory tract and mucus membranes. It can be utilized to dissipate symptoms of flu and colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, emphysema, pneumonia and dry cough. Not only that, but it can also ease strep and staph infections, herpes, canker sores, shingles, ulcers and nerve-related pain. Furthermore, this stone can be used in the treatment of highly infectious and violent disease as well as being a protective preventive ally for those working with infected patients.

The fluorite crystal is especially strengthening for your bones and teeth. It assists in relieving posture damage, osteoporosis and deformities. It can reduce swelling, pain and inflammation associated with rheumatism, arthritis, gout and some bone-related injuries. Moreover, this stone can be used to relieving spasms and restoring your mobility.

Not only that, but fluorite is also an excellent crystal for relieving disturbances of the brain wave frequencies and mental illnesses. It does so by increasing the electrical charges of your brain cells and balancing the chemistry of your brain. It helps in issues of vertigo and dizziness as well as enhancing coordination and balance. If worn day and night for months, the fluorite crystal can also help in healing distortion in intelligence, personality and character which are often linked and prohibiting you from leading a full life.

For Emotional Healing

Fluorite offers a stabilizing and wonderful effect on your emotional body. It helps you to think through your feelings whenever you are overwhelmed. Ten it allows a coherent pattern to emerge and dissolve vacillation, confusion, fear of the future of the fear of making the wrong decision.

Fluorite For Emotional Healing

This stone can gently bring your suppressed feelings to the surface and is beneficial for countering the mental disorders and helping you find a resolution. Not only that, but this stone can also help in dispelling illusion and rigid thinking in order to reveal the truth. It helps you move beyond the narrow-mindedness and see the bigger picture. Then, it increases your self-trust and self-esteem, structuring your energy to unearth your true potential.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Because of its several colors, the fluorite crystal resonates well with the chakra that corresponds to its hue. So, if you wish to concentrate on a specific chakra, then you just need to choose a variety of fluorite that corresponds with the color that is designated for the said chakra.

Fluorite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Here’s a guide you can use:

  • Clear Fluorite

Colorless, clear and white is the color of your seventh chakra— the crown chakra. This is related to the universal connection to the divine realm, your consciousness and spirituality.

  • Purple Fluorite

Both the third eye and crown chakra are symbolized by a deep indigo-blue or purple hue. The third eye chakra mainly evokes your inner wisdom, intuition and extrasensory perception.

  • Blue Fluorite

The energies of blue fluorite correspond well with the throat chakra. The darker blues also resonates well with your third-eye chakra. The throat chakra symbolizes self-expression, enhanced communication and the expression of truth.

  • Green and Pink Fluorite

The green and pink fluorite is strongly connected to your heart and higher heart chakra. Although green is the main color of your heart chakra, pink colors also share the same vibrational energies which are connected with compassion, love and relationships.

  • Yellow Fluorite

The yellow varieties of fluorite can stimulate your solar plexus chakra. Such crystals represent mental activities, intellect, personal power and willpower.

The solar plexus chakra can be stimulating with the yellow varieties of sapphire. These crystals represent intellect, mental activities, willpower and personal power.

  • Red and Black Fluorite

Red is the main color for your base and root chakra. However, all dark stones including black, deep grey and brown are associated with the base chakra. This chakra governs feelings of security and safety, survival instincts, grounding and nourishment from the earth.

For Relationship and Love

Fluorite is a potent crystal for helping you understand the balances intrinsic to any relationship. It helps you in being unbiased and impartial and to use fair reasonings in situations where it would be wise to take a moment and look and then acting based on information with objectivity.

Fluorite also brings stability to groups and linking them to a common purpose. This allows groups and relationships to flourish within that is beneficial to all.

Fluorite For For Relationship and Love

In terms of a romantic relationship, the fluorite crystal can give you the strength to release pent-up emotions. This stone can help you express anger, grief and fear. This paves the way to more honest communication with your partner.

With this stone, you can easily ask for help when needed without uncertainty or fear. It provides you the comfort and confidence to confide with your partner without feeling like you’re overstepping your boundaries.

Furthermore, fluorite can also help you in releasing your strong emotions in a healthier way. It also assists you in healing from whatever is hurting you, letting go of the emotional pain and finding solutions to your problems.

This stone will work in releasing the negative habits, patterns and behaviors which might be affecting your chances to keep love or attracting love.

For Protection

The essence of fluorite is purely protective. This is particularly true for the black varieties that will shield you against the unwanted outside influences, stress and negative behavior patterns.

This stone is also a perfect ally for protecting you against other people’s attitudes or negative thinking. Not only that, but its energies will also cloak your aura in order to hide you from psychic attacks and sorcery as you attain high spiritual and mental awareness.  

Fluorite For Protection

Furthermore, this stone is also a suitable tool if you constantly work close to electronics. A protective fluorite grid around your computer and ease computer radiation and electromagnetic stress.

For Sleep Insomnia

Fluorite with its soothing energy can help in preventing sleep insomnia. It calms and relaxes the body as well as bringing order to a chaotic mind. This helps ease you to sleep.

AS the ultimate dream crystal, fluorite, especially the purple variety can protect your mind and is a potent crystal for freeing your spirit at night to travel, explore and expand without disturbance or fear. Placing it under the pillow, fluorite can prevent insomnia, sleep paralysis, night terrors as well as unwanted out of body trips.  

Fluorite For Sleep Insomnia

Fluorite also stimulates lucid dreaming. It removes creative or mental blocks. This way you can focus on your intention to experience conscious dreams.

For Career Success

If you are having a hard time staying motivated or focused on your professional goals, then fluorite should be by your side. With its potent healing properties, this stone can give order, clarity and purpose to encourage professional growth.

It is a potent ally to clearing out your thoughts to make the right actions at the perfect times. It also has the ability to connect your mental and physical realities, bridging your decision-making ability and intuition.

Dubbed as the Genius Stone, this crystal can help you work through complex issues. It increases your concentration and work and assisting in the retaining and absorbing of more information. This is crucial if you have very specific aspirations and professional goals.

Fluorite For Career Success

The stone also helps in stabilizing your emotion and mentality, especially during emotional or stressful moments. It helps you accept failures with positivity while attracting abundance into your life.

Fluorite clusters are also especially conducive to working with modern technologies. Its frequency can harmonize electronics and computers, drawing off negative energies and environmental stress caused by electromagnetic fields. This helps keep your mind organized, focused and clear.

For Empaths

The beautiful array of colors of this stone represents its ability to help balance several chakras at the same time. This stone can heighten your intuitive and psychic abilities while also neutralizing negative or harmful energies.

Fluorite For Empaths

Fluorite, in its natural form, is an octahedron. This structure makes it the perfect ally for grounding an empath’s energy. This should help them keep a healthy boundary while overcoming dramas.

Fluorite crystals can also neutralize and absorb negative energies.

Different Types of Fluorite

As you already know, fluorite comes in various colors. All carry the general metaphysical properties of fluorite in addition to their unique and specific qualities and energies.

Purple/Violet Fluorite

The violet or purple fluorites are the most calming and peace-giving of all fluorites. It is dedicated to the devotional aspects of your mind that connect with your spirit. This stone can help purify your mind as well as enhancing your mental acuity.

Purple-Violet Fluorite

Its soothing purple shades will stimulate your third eye chakra, bring conscious and logical awareness of how you think and of your mental processes. The purple fluorite is also an excellent crystal for focused meditation, boosting your psychic abilities and intuition.

Dubbed as a stone of protection, purple fluorite is also thought to be more protective the longer you use it and is the ideal dream crystal. It will defend you from bad dreams and evil spirits as you sleep. Also, it will radiate marvelous energy through your light body to relieve spiritual discomfort, stress and physical blockages.

Yellow Fluorite

Also known as the Golden Fluorite, the yellow fluorite is a crystal of creativity, intellect and unity. It can boost your logical and intellectual ability as well as understanding. Also, it helps boost your resourcefulness and imagination.

Yellow Fluorite

Resonating with the solar plexus chakra, this stone will alight your will with your mind. This ensures that you can bring your goals and ideas into reality through intent and action.

Also, the yellow variety is highly beneficial for stabilizing your group energy. This brings a cooperative spirit as well as the willingness to work together for the common good. Not only that, but it should also promote a positive outlook on your life and demonstrating the connective structure of love in between and among all that exists.

Green Fluorite

The green energies of this variety are highly beneficial for clearing the negative energies from your surroundings. Then, it will bring renewal, cleansing and a spring-like freshness to all your chakras. This helps inspire originality, new ideas and quick thinking.

Green Fluorite

Green fluorite is particularly healing to your heart chakra. It brings information from your subconscious mind and assisting the emotional body in understanding the issues of your heart— whether it is in the past or the present.

This allows the release of outworn conditioning and emotional trauma. As a result, you are freed from the slavery of addictions and emotions and allows you to serve the purposes of the higher good. As its energies harmonize your mind with your heart, the green fluorite can help make certain that your words, actions and thoughts are aligned with your true purpose.

Blue Fluorite

The calmness of blue fluorite brings rational energy to your system. It promotes sequential thoughts and order, allowing you to direct your brain’s activity toward an intended purpose.

Blue Fluorite

With its attunement to the throat and third eye chakras, the blue fluorite is an exceptional talisman for fostering concise and clear communication and well-ordered record-keeping of the spiritual realm.

This crystal will inspire a sense of justice, gentle honesty and letting go of frustration, obsessions and disappointments. It is also a suitable crystal for reprogramming karmic patterns and spiritual awakening. It can heal soul fragmentations from the past or present lives while also assisting in cellular memory healing.

Black Fluorite

Black fluorite is one of the rare fluorite colors. This darker shade makes it the perfect cleaner for your astral body. This stone is highly effective in clearing negative energy and influences from your astral areas and aura.

Black Fluorite

Also, it helps in eliminating or decreasing nightmares. With its strong association to the root chakra, this stone is also used for grounding purposes while instilling a sense of security and safety.

Colorless/Clear Fluorite

With its clear crystalline structure, the colorless fluorite is a mental clarity stone that will stimulate your crown chakra. It energizes and cleanses your aura, harmonizing the spirit and mind.

Colorless-Clear Fluorite

Furthermore, this crystal will allow for a shift in perspective. It can help ease emotional turmoil, feelings of shame or guilt and the pressure from other people. Not only that, but this stone can also enhance the energies of other crystals. This makes it a great crystal for healing layouts and can be used to align all your chakras. As a result, it should bring universal energy into your physical body.

Pink Fluorite

The gentle pink energies make the ink fluorite a stone of goodwill. It instills positive nature and cheerfulness while clearing your energy field.

Pink Fluorite

The pink fluorite can stimulate your heart chakra. This helps you see and express the repressed emotions and feelings from the past and bringing them to the surface where they can be constructively dealt with.

Blue John Fluorite

This is a banded white and purple or yellow and purple variety of fluorite. It carries the spirit of personal growth and change. It can stimulate spontaneity and emboldening you to brave the unknown in physical journeying and in the desire for fresh experiences and new discoveries.

Blue John Fluorite

Not only that, but the blue john fluorite also encourages an altruistic pursuit and enkindling trust which helps you make good decisions. This is a valuable ally for getting yourself out of bad situations. Also, it offers the courage needed in order to make permanent changes in your lifestyle.

With its association to the crown and third eye chakra, the blue john fluorite can bring a sense of deep serenity and clarity of the mind. Also, it helps in knowing where to look for solutions and answers.

Rainbow Fluorite

Also known as the multi-colored fluorite, the rainbow variety displays several bands of varying shades of fluorite. This is ideal for the overall repair and cleansing of your auric field as well as energizing and activating all chakras.

Rainbow Fluorite

The stone can calm a chaotic mind while promoting flexibility, free-thinking and freedom of choice. Not only that, but it can also empower you to verbalize your needs and ideas with confidence. Also, it teaches you to embrace self-sufficiency and not resting your happiness in the hands of other people.

Meditating with the rainbow fluorite can also reveal the truth of a relationship. Moreover, it is an excellent tool for releasing the suppressed emotions while facilitating life changes. This also makes a great talisman for the Indigo Children, allowing them to experience safety, simplicity and love on this dimension.

With that said, rainbow fluorite is also a great stone for gaining access to the divine realm and traversing alternate realities. It can also be used to remove the ethereal cords while shielding you against psychic attacks.

Yttrium Fluorite

Short for Yttrofluorite, the Yttrium fluorite is a variety that occurs in granular and massive form in various colors. It contains a significant amount of the rare Yttrium, a rare element, which takes the place of the calcium ions in the mineral structure.

Yttrium Fluorite

Unlike other fluorite varieties, yttrofluorite lacks the perfect cleavage and does not emit the energies which correct disorganization. However, it does possess all remaining qualities of fluorite.

This stone is known for attracting abundance and wealth. It increases your mental acuity while empowering you to bring your ideas and thoughts into manifestation. Not only that, but this is also a great stone for service-oriented activities. It is particularly useful in helping you remain silent when silence is the best way and to be verbal when it would further you to do so.

Combining Fluorite With Other Crystal Stones

Thanks to its various colors, fluorite has numerous crystal combinations you can try. Here are some of the best pairings you can try.

Fluorite + Iolite

For stimulating your third eye chakra and enhancing spirituality and intuition, consider pairing fluorite, specifically the blue-indigo varieties, with iolite.

Fluorite + Iolite

Fluorite, as the Genius Stone is one of the best crystals for mental focus which is closely linked with the third eye chakra. This stone can open your mind to new viewpoints and ideas while sharpening your thought processes. Fluorite can also remove distractions and blockages in your third eye chakra, allowing you to move forward with concentration and confidence.

Iolite, on the other hand, is one of the most potent crystals for balancing and strengthening your third eye chakra. It helps bring inner harmony so you can focus on higher consciousness and spiritual development. Not only that, but it also awakens your inner knowing so you can experience creative thoughts and intuition.

Both stones can stimulate your awareness, clairvoyance and visions. These stones will stimulate your imagination while attracting angels to guide you.

Fluorite + Sodalite

The blue variety of fluorite brings calm, rational and peaceful energy into your system. It promotes orderly and sequential thoughts. With its deep connection to the throat as well as the third eye chakra, the blue fluorite can promote clear and concise communication as well as intuition.

Fluorite + Sodalite

Not only that, but this stone inspires a sense of justice and gentle honesty. It helps you let go of obsessions, frustrations and disappointments. This allows you to see more to the beyond and awakening your spiritual energies.

Now, pairing it with another blue-crystal, the sodalite, you can take yourself further into the divine and universal realm. Dubbed as the Logic stone, the sodalite crystal exudes peaceful and tranquil energies that can clear your mind while promoting spiritual enlightenment and deep thoughts.

With the power of both crystals combined, you can enhance your powers of analysis, intuition, observation, creativity and strengthening your relationship to the angelic realms. These are also excellent for deep journeying and meditation.

Sodalite will help you understand thoughts and insights while having an honest evaluation of yourself and dispelling mental confusion. The blue energies of fluorite, on the other hand, can help you voice out these hidden insights and thoughts while increasing your self-confidence to unearth your true potential.

Fluorite + Amethyst

Fluorite, both the colorless and purple varieties make a great pairing for amethyst to work with divinity and spirituality while opening your crown chakra.

Fluorite + Amethyst

Fluorite can help you align all your chakras and receiving universal energy. It resonates strongly with your crown and third eye chakra, harmonizing your mind and spirit. When paired with the most popular healer of the crown chakra, the amethyst, you can experience double the spiritual benefit.

The beautiful combination of colors can soothe, stimulates and energize your mind and emotions. These stones can connect you to the divine and angelic realm. Then, these crystals can open your hidden psychic abilities and pushing you towards your next spiritual level.

Not only that, but these crystals can also calm and relax a stressful and chaotic mind. They will ensure a more mindful and peaceful meditation while also encouraging clairvoyance and astral traveling.

Is Fluorite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Fluorite is not a birthstone. However, it is a zodiac crystal.

Fluorite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn and Pisces

Fluorite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn

Fluorite is the zodiac crystal for those born under the banner of Capricorn. It brings a sense of order to the chaotic mind of Capricorn. Capricorns prefer neatness and plans. They hate disorganization and clutter, but they are sometimes prone to such things. As one of the best crystals for sharpening organization skills and finetuning mental focus, Capricorn and Fluorite are the perfect match.

Not only that, but this stone can also talk Capricorns out of hanging around in their overactive mind space. This crystal can prevent Capricorns from being too overwhelmed and their minds flying around in disorganization. The energies of this stone can calm their mind, giving them enough space and time to chill and find serenity.

Fluorite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Pisces

Pisces is another sign that resonates well with the healing energies of fluorite. Mystical, empathic and just super emotional, the Pisces love to just go with the flow. They are the true representation of water-based energy.

Fluorite is the best crystal that matches the Pisces’ sweet flow. This is particularly true for the purple fluorite with its abilities to open the eyes and intuition and welcoming a pinch of magic and mysticism.

Meditation with Fluorite

Fluorite is a potent wind element crystal that can utilize the power of focus, thought and concentration. This makes it a suitable crystal for meditation and attaining the “no-mind” state of consciousness. Not only that, but this stone is also capable of producing rich insights and visions while also strengthening your ability to interpret and receive psychic formation.

Meditation with Fluorite

Furthermore, meditating with a fluorite cluster in your workplace or during a stressful and hectic day also proves beneficial. It initiates conscious mental clarity which helps you grasp the realities and concepts that might be otherwise overwhelmed with stress. Also, these clusters are excellent boosters when your mind is confused, imbalanced or tired.

Meanwhile, the fluorite pyramid makes the perfect special structures conducive for meditation. It is used by those who want to move into the inner realms of being. When held to the light, this displays inner sanctums that resemble chambers descending deep within. Thus, they make excellent tools for drawing the mind in order to seek deeper within itself.

How to Cleanse and Charge Fluorite?

As massive energy healers and absorbers, fluorite needs a little cleansing from time to time n order to keep it at the top of its power game.

While most crystals can easily be cleaned with warm, soapy water, doing so with fluorite can be a recipe for disaster. You see, fluorite is a relatively soft stone. And if you are not careful with washing, it can leave a nasty dent on its crystalline structure.

How to Cleanse and Charge Fluorite

Perhaps the easiest and best way to keep your fluorite stone cleansed and charged is to leave it in a soft slant of sunlight or moonlight. Allow the nature’s rays to do the cleansing and charging. Also, you can try cleansing your fluorite crystal by smudging it with a sage stick. This helps burn away the bad vibes.

Final Thoughts

Fluorite is a potent crystal for those who need an extra dose of mental clarity in their life. The mind can easily get muddled with vast choices and tangled webs. Plus, it is tricky to constantly stay connected with your deeper feelings and unraveling what you really want from the heart.

The fluorite crystal knows this and is always ready to tap in by clearing your chakras and doing an intense, deep clean on your aura. It will spring clean your head and heart for the ultimate cleanser and healer of all aspects of the body. And since it comes in various shades, you can easily pick up a color variety that speaks to you depending on which chakra you need healing with.


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