Green Aventurine Meanings, Properties and Uses

Green Aventurine Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Green Aventurine

Green aventurine— with its name rolling off of your tongue like romantic poetry, along with its gorgeous color schemes, no one can help but fall hard for its sparkle and connect you with all its positive powers deep inside.

What is Green Aventurine?

green aventurine meaning

Aventurine is a variety of quartz crystals which are characterized by their bright inclusions of Mica and other minerals. These inclusions give the stone a glistening or shimmering effect known as aventurescence. This effect is particularly noticeable when the stone is polished or tumbled.

The most common and popular color of aventurine is green. However, it also forms in red to reddish-brown, blue, orange, dusty purple or yellow, peach and even silver-gray. This crystal is mostly translucent and usually banded. However, an overabundance of mineral inclusion can render this crystal opaque.

The color green comes from the Fuchsite particles within the crystalline structure of quartz. Green aventurine comes from places with high natural energy. It can be mined in India, the Amazon Jungle, Russia, Chile and Brazil.

The Meaning and Uses of Green Aventurine

The name aventurine comes from the Italian term “a ventura” or “all’avventura” which means “by chance”.

It may also refer to the Italian glass in the 1700s that was produced by a worker who accidentally dropped metal fillings into a vat of melting glass. The result once cooled was rather pleasing to the eyes thanks to its randomly spaced iridescent sparkles. These were used to make jewelry and other decorative items.

The term aventurine was then later given to the natural crystals that looked like that accidental industrial product.

Aventurine is also called Aventurine Quartz, Avanturine, Adventurine and Indian Jade. This crystal is mainly used in jewelry, bowls, figurines and vases. It is also used in a number of applications such as building stone, monuments, aquaria and landscaping stone.

uses of green aventurine

The green variety of aventurine carries a strong association to Earth and the Devic realm. This provides its wearer a better appreciation and understanding of nature. It is also soothing to the body and mind and is an excellent tool for gridding gardens or houses against geopathic stress.

Aventurine is also worn to absorb electromagnetic smog and even guarding its wearer against environmental pollution. When taped to a phone, this crystal can protect against radiation and emanation.

The green aventurine can energetically stimulate the physical growth of young children premature infants and even teenagers. It can increase the overall vitality and enhancing the intellectual development of kids struggling with schoolwork. The stone is also used to assist adults with typing and computer skills or written work. Plus, it is highly beneficial to overcoming clumsiness.

Green aventurine is also made into elixirs to use in ablutions or for drinking. And for those looking for love, the green aventurine can be used as a love crystal or included in your heart chakra layout in order to encourage love.

Green Aventurine Metaphysical Properties

The green aventurine is an excellent harmonizer. This stone can unite your emotional, intellectual, auric and physical bodies to bring you back into the natural rhythm. The stone can be used in dissolving negativity while balancing your male and female energies. This should allow you to love within your own heart and expectations. Furthermore, it can encourage you to release attachment to outcomes and allow you to be more present in your current experiences while also embracing growth, renewal and change.

Green Aventurine Metaphysical Properties

Ancient Tibetans used aventurine to decorate their statues. Most often, they use the eyes to symbolically increase the visionary powers of their statues. Furthermore, they believed that wearing green aventurine crystal can improve your nearsightedness while also enhancing your creativity.

The green aventurine is commonly used in magical rituals to increase opportunity, abundance, wealth and luck. Modern folklore believes that carrying a piece of this crystal in your left pocket when you buy a lottery ticket can bring success. In addition, this crystal was also called the fairy treasure. When you place three green aventurine crystals in a dish in front of your garden gnome, it can attract good luck and fortune to your home.

Until the 19th century, the green aventurine was dubbed as the “Stone of the Amazon”. This is because the Brazilian deposits were believed to have supplied talismans and jewels for the Amazonian warriors.

The green aventurine has also been used in rituals of the medicine wheel. This is to show the spirit guides the connection with the healing light of your heart. During these ceremonies, the green aventurine s held at the hearts of the participant around the wheel. It has been reported that during contact with the spirit guide, the participants or users felt a “wash of love” surround and fall around them.

The green aventurine is also believed to have the ability to calm a troubled mind and spirit and bring about calmness and peace. By leaving a green aventurine in the soil of your green plant overnight and holding it in the morning can replace anxiety and depression with well-being and hope.

Green aventurine is also thought to be one of the best crystals for fertility and conceiving a baby. To do so, you only need to dig a small hole in the earth and break an egg in the hole and leaving its shell. Then, place a green aventurine in the broken shell and then fill the hole. Do this when you’re nearing your ovulation.

The Benefits of Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a potent crystal with numerous healing capabilities that you will surely enjoy. Here are some of them.

For Physical Healing

Green Aventurine for physical healing

The green aventurine crystal s especially supportive of the heart. This makes it an excellent ally for those with circulatory problems or cardiac conditions or recovering from illness or surgery. The stone can stimulate life-giving energy throughout your body. It engenders movement and activity while also assisting in physical regeneration. Green aventurine can also provide an extra boost in efforts to lowering cholesterol and preventing heart attack and arteriosclerosis.

The green aventurine can also benefit your fertility and the genito-urinary system. It is also supportive of the eyesight, particularly in healing far-sightedness and astigmatism. This crystal can also help with dyspraxia, dyslexia and even cerebral palsy.

The stone can also help in healing your lungs, adrenals, nervous system and thymus gland. Not only that, but this crystal is also believed to increase the power of your homeopathic remedies. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, this crystal can ease skin eruptions and issues such as rosacea, eczema and acne. It is also said to help relieve migraine headaches as well as soothing allergies.

For Emotional Healing

Green Aventurine for emotional healing

The soothing energy of the green aventurine can be used to balance your emotional body. This should help guide you toward inner harmony and peace. The stone can calm anger, irritation and nervousness. It also helps in dissolving the everyday stress of a hectic lifestyle. Not only that, but this crystal can quite chaotic minds or roving thoughts while also enhancing sleep. Then, it provides a gentle grounding effect on your vibrational field and releasing the notion that every event should be analyzed.

The green aventurine can also soothe emotional wounds. It allows you to recognize the issues behind an imbalance or illness, fear or depression. Furthermore, it can facilitate the release of unhealthy relationships, heartache and behavioral patterns. It will encourage you to view hardships in this life as impermanent. Instead, it teaches you that every struggle is an opportunity for growth and renewal in a new direction

Not only that, but this stone can also inspire the feeling of lightness and positivity, even humor. It can then stimulate a renewed sense of joy, hope and optimism. This is a reaffirming crystal, particularly during times of upheaval or change. It can also be an emotional anchor when you need to stay firmly grounded and remain stable.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Green Aventurine for chakra healing and balacncing

The green aventurine crystal is a gentle healer and comforter of the heart. Its green rays are used to activate and clear your heart chakra for emotional calmness and general well-being. Green aventurine is also a powerful protector of your heart chakra. It offers a potent shield that blocks entry from those who would tap-in to your energies and use it for themselves.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Green Aventurine For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

The green aventurine is probably one of the most popular crystals for financial success, wealth, luck and abundance of all kinds. Dubbed as the Stone of Opportunity, this crystal used its money-attracting abilities to attract wealth and prosperity into their life.

It is also called the Gambler’s stone and has been used by people who need a little extra luck— whether it is in their financial situations or love relationship. According to folklore, carrying a piece of this crystal in your left side pocket when you purchase a lottery ticket is said to improve your chances of choosing the winning numbers.

However, this crystal of lady luck is more than just a simple money magnet. The crystal is also known to help in breaking unhealthy habits and patterns so that new growth and opportunity can take their place. It also has soothing energies and vibrations that can influence the body and mind, so you are more fit to attract wealth and luck to your side.

For Relationship and Love

Although not a common crystal for love, the green aventurine crystal can also help in attracting love into your life and luck in your relationship. Thanks to its green energies, this crystal is known to activate your heart chakra. This allows you to endure the challenges in your relationship and strengthening it even further.

green aventurine For Relationship and Love

Green aventurine is also one of the best crystals that can promote harmony in your relationships. This is an indispensable crystal for anyone at any stage of a romantic relationship.

The crystal can also be used to open a line of clear communication between you and your loved ones. This way, you will find that neither of you will take offense at an off-hand comment or jumping to conclusions.

The green aventurine is also a crystal of deep compassion and intellectual clarity. This is actually helpful in times when you and your partner are having a rocky patch in your relationship. This crystal can help you keep the dispute in perspective rather than only seeing the hurt, pain and disappointment.

If you are ready to advance your relationship, say moving in together, getting engaged or married, then the green aventurine can help maintain the harmony of your relationship through this big transition. Its balancing energy can help you avoid the common traps of becoming impatient and bored with each other when you start spending a lot more time together. You become less fussy and enjoy more time with this new chapter of your life.

For Confidence and Career Success

For confidence and career advancement, the green aventurine can help in releasing old habits as well as destructive behaviors. This way, you can remove the disappointments and welcome change for growth and opportunities to take place. It allows you to embrace the changes in your life and help you in moving forward with confidence.

green aventurine For Confidence and Career Success

Furthermore, this crystal is also known for improving your leadership qualities. This should help in increasing new chances and opportunities for promotions. In addition, the stone can also enhance your creativity and motivation. This should bring new innovation and ideas to you and the ability to take new or improved actions in the workplace.

You can also place the green aventurine in your office or workplace. Doing so can help attract abundance and confidence. When you place green aventurine on your desk, wearing it, or placing it in your purse in your next meeting or when going to work, you can catch wealth and recognition.

You can also use green aventurine as a communication tool. Placing it in the workplace where harmony and peace can sometimes be off-balance can bring heightened communication as well as compassion. This promotes peace and cooperation between colleagues.

Combining Green Aventurine With Other Crystal Stones

The energies of green aventurine can be further amplified by combining or pairing it with other crystal stones. Check out the most common pairings for green aventurine below.

Green Aventurine + Malachite

Green Aventurine + Malachite

Starting off the list is a luscious green pairing. Combining green aventurine with malachite can help with the manifestation of wealth and abundance into your life.

Dubbed as the Gambler’s Lucky Stone, the green aventurine is known to be the luckiest gem ever. It produces winning vibrational energies that can attract abundance into your life. Now, when you pair it with the green energies of the malachite, you can double the money attracting opportunities.

Malachite is dubbed as the Stone of Transformation. It is a favorite crystal in bringing prosperity and abundance into your life, thanks to its money-green color. Not only that, its crystalline structure can produce positive vibrations that can help remove negativity while also protecting you against misfortunes. This should open up new opportunities that can change your life and welcome wealth good fortune and abundance.

As the malachite crystal acts as a powerful energy and wealth magnet, the green aventurine crystal can help you grasp the chances and opportunities that might have slipped your grasp. Together, these crystals can increase your chance of opportunities to be successful and up your good fortune and abundance.

Green Aventurine + Emerald

Green Aventurine + Emerald

Another rich green crystal combination, combining green aventurine and emerald can open and activate your heart chakra and is suitable for easing relationships.

The green aventurine is a strong protector of the heart chakra. It can give you a sense of well-being, removing negative emotions while stabilizing your energies and feelings. Dubbed as the lucky crystal, the green aventurine is best used for bringing and attracting romantic luck into your life.

Now, pairing it with the vibrant rays of the emerald crystal can help you enjoy harmony and peace in your new love. Its loving energies will allow you to enjoy romantic and new opportunities in your committed life. This stone can also promote a strong and beautiful relationship with your partner. It stimulates your heart chakra, allowing you to be more loving and open to your partner.

Now, in terms of a married couple, the green aventurine and emerald make a potent combination if you wish to conceive. The energies of emerald can help increase your fertility. Not only that, but it can also support you during childbirth and pregnancy.

Now, the green aventurine can bring luck and a chance of being fertile and having a baby. Like emerald, the energies of green aventurine can also help during childbirth and pregnancy by promoting peace and confidence. Green aventurine takes it even further by protecting you against miscarriages.

Green Aventurine + Amazonite

Green Aventurine + Amazonite

This is another great combination of financial success and abundance.

As mentioned, many times in this article, the green aventurine is the luckiest gemstone known to man. Its energies will surely help attract abundance, fortune and wealth into your life. Now, you can multiply your luck by pairing it with the powerful amazonite.

Amazonite brings wealth and abundance into your life by bringing confidence and self-esteem. Dubbed as the Stone of Hope, this crystal can help you in realizing your dreams by bringing wealth and success into your life.

So, as the green aventurine helps you see and grab on opportunities, the amazonite crystal can bring in abundance by pushing you to be confident and courageous. Green Aventurine also helps bring back the money that you might’ve spent unwisely, while the amazonite crystal can push you to take more risks in your financial life.

In addition, amazonite can encourage leadership qualities. Green aventurine, on the other hand, can help you in making the right decisions with regards to your leadership and financial ventures.

With both crystals, you will be encouraged and pushed towards good fortune and abundance while clearing away the negative feelings which might be holding you back in pursuing your dreams and goal.

Green Aventurine + Moonstone

Green Aventurine + Moonstone

Like the green aventurine and emerald pairing, pairing green aventurine with moonstone is best if you wish to have a baby.

With its rich green energies, the green aventurine being the stone of opportunity can bring the chances of you being fertile and conceiving a baby. This lovely crystal can help pregnancy and fertility, prompting confidence and harmony. It helps you in working through an unresolved emotional issue that may cause an energy block and prevent you from conceiving.

Also, green aventurine is a productive crystal during pregnancy since it helps in strengthening your connection to Gaia. Not only that, but it also helps in stabilizing emotions and boosting your happiness and joy of caring for a new life. Plus, this crystal is also effective in preventing a miscarriage.

Now, when you pair it with the Stone of New Beginnings, you can double your chances of getting pregnant and conceiving. Moonstone harnesses the powerful feminine energy of the moon. It reflects gentleness and stability. The stone can balance your female hormones and your cycles, helping you to be fertile and conceive.

Other than regulating your cycle, the moonstone can also open your heart to nurturing qualities, reducing stress and becoming more fertile. It also helps you focus on love instead of making it a mission to get pregnant.

By combining green aventurine and moonstone, you can increase your chances of making a baby, while also protecting you during the pregnancy stage and even during childbirth.

Green Aventurine + Pyrite

Green Aventurine + Pyrite

If you’re looking for another great combination for wealth and financial success, try the green aventurine and pyrite duo.

Green aventurine is a wonderful crystal for manifesting financial wealth and success. Dubbed as the Stone of Opportunity, green aventurine is a heart-centered crystal that can encourage an optimistic and positive attitude in your financial endeavors. This should help you develop a healthy relationship with spending and money.

Pyrite, on the other hand, is a highly energetic crystal that embodies the power of success and good fortune. Like the green aventurine, pyrite with its cubic structure exudes positivity. This helps change your mindset and make you feel worthy of abundance and success. This should help in transforming feelings of self-doubt into success and abundance, making it great for manifesting wealth and prosperity.

Not only that, but pairing green aventurine with pyrite will also heighten your mental acuity. The green aventurine alone can open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. If you feel frustrated or stuck, its green energies make a perfect stone for coming up with innovative solutions.

Now, pairing it with the pyrite can stimulate your memory. Not only that, but it also provides the added benefit of blocking negative energy from influencing your mood and thoughts. This way, you can take practical action to deal with just about any problems. Furthermore, both stones offer soothing energies that can help soften disagreements while also releasing negative thought patterns. This should help in bringing professional success by encouraging peaceful and thoughtful decision making.

Green Aventurine + Amethyst

Green Aventurine + Amethyst

For stabilizing and soothing energies that can enhance your mental body and easing headaches, migraines or head-related pains, try the green aventurine and amethyst duo.

The green aventurine is a potent crystal for reducing stress and stabilizing your emotions. This heart-centered crystal offers you nurturing, empathetic and soothing energies. Not only that, but it can also help clear blockages that are caused by emotional and mental issues. This should bring a sense of inner peace, helping you relax and less stressed. This is important if you suffer constantly from headaches or migraines.

Now, the high vibrational energies of amethyst are known to cleanse negative energies and shifting energy blocks that might be causing mental issues and pain such as headaches and migraines. Its purple hue, thanks to the iron content, resonates strongly with your brain and is believed to lessen head or brain-related pains.

Furthermore, as green aventurine with its anti-inflammatory properties relieves inflammation and pain around your eyes and head, the amethyst can soothe your nerves and easing stress. Together, both stone can make you more relaxed while inducing a sense of harmony, calm and positivity.

Green Aventurine + Green Jade

Green aventurine and green jade duo is another popular combination of abundance and prosperity.

The green aventurine crystal is believed to bring back money that might have been spent unwisely. Although it cannot do this directly, the green aventurine crystal can influence your monetary decisions and help you grasp the opportunities that might have otherwise slipped away.

Meanwhile, the energies of the green jade can remove the self-imposed limitations, particularly those that are related to not being worthy or confident enough to receive wealth and money.

In addition, the green aventurine can combine the security gained from healing your heart with the timely opening of new doors of opportunity. Jade, on the other hand, can boost your long-term focus and energy when working towards your financial goals. Thus, using both stones will surely bring and attract wealth into your life.

Green Aventurine + Rhodochrosite

Green Aventurine + Rhodochrosite

For loving and healing energies for your relationship, try the combination of green aventurine and rhodochrosite. The contrasting colors of green aventurine and pink energies of rhodochrosite can promote harmony and enhance any relationships while easing negative emotions.

The green aventurine has soft energy that can smoothen negativity or friction in a relationship. It then highlights and release unhealthy patterns and bringing new loving opportunities. As a strong protector of the heart chakra, the green aventurine can increase your focus while stabilizing your emotions.

As green aventurine protects your heart chakra, the rhodochrosite crystal cleanses your heart chakra. It is especially useful for relieving stubborn blockages that are caused by traumas and past hurts. It then raises your confidence while removing any self-doubting or self-criticism.

So, if you wish to heal your heart chakra and enjoy a renewed loving energy in your relationship, try the green aventurine and rhodochrosite duo. These stones will surely bring more joy and happiness into your love life.

Green Aventurine + Citrine

Green Aventurine + Citrine

Last on our list is another abundance-generating pairing— the opportunistic energies of green aventurine and the lucky vibes of the citrine crystal.

Green aventurine is famous for attracting wealth and luck by your side. It helps in stabilizing your financial situations while also removing negative patterns that may cause you to lose your wealth and financial gains.

Meanwhile, the citrine crystal is one of the best stones for manifesting. This is particularly true in promoting success in business and financial ventures. Citrine carries the power of the sun and is said to bring prosperity and wealth. Its energies can teach you how to attract it while also encouraging generosity. Not only that, but the energies of citrine can also teach you how to spend it wisely.

So, if you wish to boost your finances or attract luck and good fortune to your business or new ventures, then green aventurine and citrine make the perfect combo!

Is Green Aventurine a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Green aventurine is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a natural birthstone and is a zodiac crystal.

Green Aventurine is April 20 – May 20 Birthstone

Although green aventurine is not a traditional birthstone, its green energies make it a natural birthstone for those born on April 20 – May 20, in the heart of the spring. Green stones are said to bring success in your financial and professional ventures, growth, renewal and good health.  

Green Aventurine is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo, Libra, Aries, Leo and Cancer

Green Aventurine is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo, Libra, Aries, Leo and Cancer

Green aventurines resonate well with the zodiac sign Virgo. Virgos are very reliable and have an excellent memory. They are also straight thinkers and good decision-makers. Green aventurine can further enhance these qualities, bringing them success in their professional ventures. Virgos also have good manners. They can also be extremely faithful once they find their soulmate or true love. Again, green aventurine can enhance their loving energies by stimulating and balancing the heart chakra.

Green aventurine is also the traditional zodiac crystal for the sign Libra. Librans are known to very artistic, strong-willed, respectful and sensitive. Unfortunately, Librans can sometimes doubt themselves. Green aventurine can increase their self-esteem and confidence by opening and activating the heart chakra. This crystal also enhances the Librans capability to relate well and understand other people.

In terms of the mystical birthstone chart, green aventurine is the birthstone of the Cancer sign. Cancerians are highly prone to fear and bouts of depression and anxiety. The green aventurine can clear out these non-serving emotions, feelings and thought patterns to make room for a more positive mindset. This should drive Cancerians forward.

Green Aventurine is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo, Libra, Aries, Leo and Cancer

Aries, on the other hand, forms an intricate connection with the calming nature of the green aventurine. This is particularly true if Aries wants to up their leadership skills. Being a fiery and passionate sign, the green aventurine crystal can help Aries to reign into their leadership qualities and turning all the passion into a perfect flow. This provides an excellent solution in terms of taking a gentle tactful approach to easing and diffusing situations.

Leos, too, can get benefit from green aventurine. They tend to get too attached to what other people think. And green aventurine can stop this behavior. Rather than holding on to the negative emotions and thoughts of others and getting caught in a web of over-analyzing things you do and say, the green aventurine can help Leos to divert their energy to more rewarding activities and things.

Meditation with Green Aventurine

The green aventurine can be used in meditation as a powerful transitional aid. This can bring powerful Earth energy to your efforts in seeing the best that life has to offer. Not only that, but this wonderful crystal can also assist you in persevering through difficult times when it seems as if there is nothing happening.

How to Cleanse and Charge Green Aventurine?

Just like all healing crystals you have, the green aventurine also loved to be cleansed and charged. This way, it is always ready for action and helps you in your ventures.

As a quartz crystal with a good hardness rating, it does not take a lot to keep your green aventurine sparkly and clean once again. You simply need to wash it with a little warm, soapy water, rubbing its surface with a soft brush. Then rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a soft cloth.

How to Cleanse and Charge Green Aventurine

Cleaning your green aventurine crystal can help wash away the toxic blockages that it has collected. To charge your green aventurine, you can simply place it close to foliage and plants for a natural burst of positive energies. You can also let it bathe under sunlight or moonlight.

Final Thoughts

Green aventurine is an incredibly healing crystal you can bring into your life.

Dubbed as the Stone of Opportunity, it is believed to be the luckiest of all in the crystal healing world. This is particularly true in manifesting wealth and prosperity or increasing luck in games of chance or favor in competitions.

Its winning energy will surely make a great ally for increasing your chances and luck in any situation— whether it’s landing a promotion or charming your first date. You only need to be near this potent crystal in order to derive its benefit.


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