Green Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Green Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

The Meanings and Uses of Green Crystal Stones

The Meanings and Uses of Green Crystal Stones

Earthy and nurturing, there is something homey and comfy about the velvet shades of green crystal stones. Green is perhaps the most dominant color to be found in nature— from the cool green, blue pools of natural water to every tree, shrub, and grass.

Due to this connection, the green crystal stones are known for their calming and supportive power that provides a strong connection to Mother Earth. Its earthy shade welcomes exploration and growth in all aspects of your life as well as energies of wealth and abundance and a strong connection to the heart. Learn more about the green crystal stones in this post.

Green Crystal Properties

Green Crystal Properties

Green crystals are strongly connected to the earth. They bring abundance, prosperity, and good fortune to those who wear or use them. Their beautiful energies can fill your entire auric field and attracts only the good things in your life.

These crystal stones also have a strong connection to your heart chakra and are quite beneficial for healing your emotional body. They are also the promoter of well-being, self-respect, and energy. They bring growth, learning, development, balance, and harmony.

And thanks to their connection to Mother Earth, green crystals are considered to be a stimulator of the life force and are a restful, soothing color.

Why Should You Use Green Crystals?

Green crystals are considered to be a powerful balancer of your emotions and the heart. They are said to help strengthen the connection between your mind and heart.

The color green is also about growth. It is the first color you see after winter and the emergence of spring, bringing fresh new starts and new beginnings. They shall help in renewing and restoring your depleted energies. Not only that, but they should be able to revive your body with renewed life force energy.

Green Crystal Properties
Why Should You Use Green Crystals?

Green crystal stones are also said to promote peace, serenity, health, and wisdom. They can be used in attracting good fortune, wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

Most green stones also resonate well with your heart and higher heart chakras. This soothes your emotional body and brings peace to your relationships and life. Not only that, but they shall infuse you with potent transformative energies that should dispel unfocused and negative thoughts.

These stones can be used to achieve abundant and successful love, opening your heart to receive and give all kinds of love. Not only that, but green crystals can also help in boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition, green stones also promote compassion and kindness. It shall encourage you to show people your best side without feeling the need to lie or hide your negative side.

Carrying the purest forms of green rays, these stones are also suitable for healing the heart and any past traumas. These crystals should help ease all your worries and bring clarity to your heart. Then, they shall promote happiness, joy, and optimism in your life in order to achieve a more positive outlook.

The List of Green Crystal Stones

Green crystal stones are indeed lovable and wonderful allies for your healing. If you’re interested in this crystal color, then here is a list of green stones— from the popular ones to the least known minerals sporting a lush, earthy color.



Representing youth and beauty, emerald is perhaps the most well-known green crystal in the world. Its lush, verdant green rays of energy stir the soul and represent future and hope, growth, and renewal.

Dubbed the Stone of Successful Love, the beautiful emerald has the ability to open, soothe and nurture your heart and the heart chakra. Its energies can provide healing to all levels of your being, ringing vitality and freshness to your spirit.

As the stone of infinite patience and inspiration, the emerald crystal also embodies compassion, desire, and unity. It can promote balance between partners, encourage friendship, and bring domestic bliss, loyalty, and contentment.

Not only that but emerald is also considered to be a stone of intuition and great vision. With its strong association with sight and the eyes, this stone is believed to help foretell future events and reveal your truths. As a stone of wisdom, it also has the ability to enhance mental clarity and memory as well as activate your psychic abilities.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

The green aventurine is the most popular variety of this crystal, carrying a strong association with Earth and the Devic realm. This provides its wearer with a better appreciation and understanding of nature.

However, perhaps its most popular uses are for financial success, wealth, luck, and abundance of all kinds. Dubbed the Stone of Opportunity, this crystal used its money-attracting abilities to attract wealth and prosperity into their life.

It is also called the Gambler’s stone and has been used by people who need a little extra luck— whether it is in their financial situations or love relationship. According to folklore, carrying a piece of this crystal in your left side pocket when you purchase a lottery ticket is said to improve your chances of choosing the winning numbers.

Green aventurine is also worn to absorb electromagnetic smog and even guard its wearer against environmental pollution. When taped to a phone, this crystal can protect against radiation and emanation. It is also soothing to the body and mind and is an excellent tool for gridding gardens or houses against geopathic stress.

The green aventurine is also believed to have the ability to calm a troubled mind and spirit and bring about calmness and peace.



Like the deep and ancient waters of the Amazon, the amazonite features a captivating shade of turquoise-green, promoting to bring nurturing and soothing energies to the spirit and soul. Its energy is as potent and powerful as the river for which it gets its name as well as the courageous legendary women warriors with whom it’s strongly connected. And yet, this stone can tame irrational thinking, tempering aggression, and calm and chaotic mind.

Dubbed the Stone of Truth and Courage, the amazonite crystal empowers you to search for yourself and discover your own integrity and truth. It helps move you beyond your fear of confrontation and judgment by others and encourages you to live in alignment with your values and belief.

With its strong connection to both the throat and heart chakras, this stone can enhance your loving communication at all levels. It offers you the freedom to express your feelings and thoughts. Not only that, but it also has the ability to awaken your compassion for others and allowing you to see both sides of an issue and learn how to accept differing perspectives.

Green Apatite

Green Apatite

The green apatite is known for its positive use of personal willpower in order to achieve your goal. This stone can clear away negativity, apathy, or confusion as well as stimulate your intellect in order to expand truth and knowledge that may be used for the collective good or for personal growth.

Not only that but this green crystal is also said to awaken your heart’s knowledge. This allows you to understand your emotional nature as well as the karmic basis for your current experiences. This helps in releasing and healing old patterns with roots from other lifetimes. Its green energies make it a joyful stone and encourage a sense of emotional well-being. Then, it helps in letting go of diseases and illnesses in order to embrace the hope of vibrant good health, happiness, and energy.

In addition, green apatite is also known to stimulate the flow of positive energy on the physical plane. It can be used as an abundance crystal, both for financial and spiritual manifestation. This stone is also suitable for connecting with the electromagnetic field of Mother Earth. Moreover, it allows you to replenish your energy for the physical heart, then channel the healing energies back to the Earth. 

Demantoid Andradite Garnet

Demantoid Andradite Garnet

Demantoid is actually a very rare sub-variety of a form of garnet called andradite. Andradite garnets are stones of grounding and are available in Earth’s elemental colors. All andradite garnets possess energies of higher thinking, self-empowerment, safety, and strength.

The demantoid garnets, in particular, which can be in various shades of dark olive and green are a potent stone of the heart. It has the ability to remove any obstacles in the way of your love and is great to wear or use if you are quite insecure or having a hard time in your relationship.

Within its crystalline structure is a twist of green or “coal” fire which generates strong physical and metaphysical energies. This stone can help in stabilizing your energies while enhancing your yang energies of stamina, courage, and strength. This brings personal development, stimulates creativity, and confidence, and attracts like-minded people.

Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite

Fluorite is perhaps one of the most highly sought-after and collectible crystals in the world. It is loved by both metaphysical healers and mineralogists, thanks to its unique appearance perfect cubes, and varieties of colors.

Green fluorite, in particular, is highly beneficial for clearing the negative energies from your surroundings. It helps in bringing renewal, cleansing, and a spring-like freshness to all your chakras. This helps inspire originality, new ideas, and quick thinking.

Thanks to its lush green color, this variety of fluorite is associated with the heart and higher heart chakra. It brings information from your subconscious mind and assists the emotional body in understanding the issues of your heart— whether it is in the past or the present. This allows the release of outworn conditioning and emotional trauma. As a result, you are freed from the slavery of addictions and emotions, and allows you to serve the purposes of the higher good.

As its energies harmonize your mind with your heart, the green fluorite can help make certain that your words, actions, and thoughts are aligned with your true purpose.

Tsavorite Grossular Garnet

Tsavorite Grossular Garnet

Tsavorite is a sub-category of another variety of garnets— the grossular garnets. This form exemplifies empowerment, hope, and all things supportive and nurturing from Earth. It is a potent prosperity stone and provides healing on all levels.

It is considered a rare, pale to emerald green variety of the grossular garnets. It brings restorative energies that free you from toxicity while bringing new strength during the difficult phases of your life. Tsavorite is considered to be a stone of wealth and attracts the positive aspects for abundance including financial, creative, artistic, emotional, and even physical health.

Highly attuned to the pure green ray energies, the tsavorite rivals the emerald in its beauty and power. It is said to open and cleanse your heart chakra, increasing vitality and zest while inducing feelings of benevolence and charity. It is also the stone of strength, allowing you to overcome all kinds of challenges in your life— whether it is in your business, career, or relationship.



A nurturing shade of pale green, the hiddenite encourages growth. Known as the Crystal of Evolution, this stone can help you grow emotionally, and spiritually and be aware of your collective responsibility for the care of the planet. Not only that, but it also supports new beginnings and focusing on the current moment, relinquishing anxieties of the future and injustices of the past.

Hiddenite carries high vibrational energies that awaken your heart to a powerful peace and calmness. It encourages you to stop and receive, opening your heart to the gifts, love, and energy that the divine realm has to offer. Such experience can bring genuine gratitude, security, and freedom, allowing you to be strong, open, vibrant, and loving.

In addition, the hiddenite crystal can help in healing the deep psychic wounds of your heart and emotions. Also, it is a powerful stone for recovery from abuse and addictions. It is especially comforting for those who have lost someone dear, whether moving far away, because of estrangement or death.

Hiddenite is also a protective stone. It helps in dispelling negativity, protecting your aura from unwanted energies and negative mental influences. Also, this green stone has the ability to dispel any attached entities. This stone can also be suitable for blocking out geopathic stress. When worn as a pendant or taped to a phone or other electromagnetic devices, this stone can prevent the negative influences of radiation and electronic pollution.



Jade is a beautiful stone that has been highly prized for thousands of years, especially on the Asian continent. It has adorned Asian royalties as jewelry or jade statuses in homes or sacred places, with the belief that endows powerful metaphysical healing and properties.

Dubbed the “Dream Stone”, Jade is revered in ancient cultures, even today, to access the spiritual world. Not only that, but it also helps in gaining insights into your ritualistic knowledge, encouraging dream-solving and creativity. The stone is a protective talisman that helps assure a beautiful long life and a peaceful death. It is also loved as an amulet of friendship and good luck, signifying wisdom gathered in tranquility while dispelling negative energies to encourage you to see yourself as you are.

Jade can also bring an abundance of love, supporting and harmonizing relationships. This stone is widely believed to promote fidelity and trust in sexual love relationships and is particularly beneficial for inspiring love matches in your life. It encourages a mature outlook in terms of relationships. Also, it helps open your heart so you are more sensitive and aware of any deep issues that may be hindering you in your relationship. It also allows you to face uncomfortable truths and resolved the issues. 

Green Jasper

Green Jasper

The green jasper exudes earthy energies, primitive and bold, exuding a warm and welcoming frequency that resonates with the primal self.

Used in dream works and meditation, the green jasper can provide a powerful connection with the ancient past of the Earth and allow you to retrieve spiritual knowledge for use in the present moment in order to heal the planet and humanity.

This stone is also considered to represent wealth, money, and prosperity since ancient times. The green jasper is said to help attract prosperity and abundance into your life.  Not only that but it is also used by people who often need a little extra luck by their side. It acts as a simple money magnet that can help in breaking down unhealthy patterns and habits so that new opportunities and wealth growth can take their place.

As a premier heart stone, the green energies of jasper are said to help attract a relationship filled with love and happiness. This stone can encourage perseverance, and understanding and provide supporting and nurturing energies in order to let your relationship work.



Malachite with its swirling green color provides strength and power while demanding respect. Its movement, however, is soothing, welcoming, and spiritually inviting. This stone personifies the gentle healing green nature and represents the innate beauty of grass, trees, and plants.

This stone manifests a deep Devic green which brings manifestation. Dubbed the Stone of Transformation, this stone can also assist you in changing your situations while encouraging spiritual growth. It can heal on emotional and physical levels, drawing out the impurities while stimulating the life force throughout your body and aura.

In this beautiful stone, you’ll see the lighter greens in eye-shaped bands or forms. Such eye stones are said to help enhance your great visionary power and are used in warding off negative occurrences. As a protective stone, malachite has the ability to absorb toxic and negative energies and pollutants from within and from your surroundings. Not only that, but it also helps guard against radiation, clearing electromagnetic pollution and providing healing earth energies.

Green Moonstone

Green Moonstone

The beautiful moonstone holds a luminous mystery as ancient as the moon itself. It is draped with powerful and mystical healing properties beneath its pearly veil and only within the reflected light can it start to understand what it has to teach us.

The green moonstone is not as well recognized as the blue or rainbow moonstone. However, it is still a lovely variety of moonstones. It usually appears slightly transparent or white with a pale yellow-green hue.

This green variety of moonstones is most suitable for those who have suffered from severe emotional shock or trauma in life. It has the soothing energy of the moon and earth, providing strong grounding and pain or hurt relief. It is also suitable in case of emotional instability, bringing energies of transformations and new beginnings.



Popular for manifesting joy, optimism, and happiness in your life, the chrysoprase crystal is one of the best anti-depressants and “make-you-feel-good” stones in the world of healing crystal. It also helps in bringing feelings of trust and security to yourself and others. Not only that, but it can also support the need for independence and individuality while encouraging commitment to other people.

Furthermore, the chrysoprase is also a crystal of change and cleansing. With its green energies, it can connect you with Mother Earth and all its living beings. This stone can help you communicate with the planet and all its life forms. It shall urge you to better understand the ecosystems and environment. With that said, this stone can promote compassion for all life. It provides a better understanding of the psychic union of unconditional love and Mother Earth. It helps you experience being part of the greater whole.

With its loving energy, chrysoprase also assists in connecting yourself to the abundant energy and power of the divine. It helps expand your ability to express and feel love. Then, it helps you connect with nature and all the beauty of the world. This can help in fostering healing and a positive attitude toward yourself and the Earth.



Ethereally carved out of the spiritual fire, moldavite is destined for a great spiritual purpose. This mystic green crystal is star-born and is formed from a violent impact on Mother Earth. Etched by flames and force, it falls from the heavens and is transformed by the earth’s surface into a glassy delicacy and grace that is powerful to serve humankind.

As the stone of connectivity, moldavite exudes an intense frequency— a fusion of extraterrestrial and earthly energies that are quickly felt dramatically by those who resonate with its potent power. The most important property of Moldavite is its ability to ground Light for the healing of Earth. It offers a better understanding of the essential unity of all life and your responsibility to see the planet as a whole being that needs compassion and love.

This crystal is a talisman sent to Earth for deep spiritual awakening, evolutionary growth, and transformation. It facilitates a clear, strong, and direct connection between your consciousness and the universal energy. With its very own cosmic soul, the moldavite crystal has the ability to connect with cosmic messengers and Ascended Masters. It draws into the Earth plane light vibrations and thought patterns that are most beneficial for illumination and ascension.

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper imbued with the nourishing green powers of nature will envelop you in an invisible blanket of calmness and tranquility. The deep green swirls and dark mystic circles protect and comfort, relax and soothing a troubled mind. It will restore balance to your spirit and body while slowly expanding your ability to focus and releasing negative feelings and thoughts.

Kambaba jasper is a potent crystal of spiritual confidence. This stone draws upon the wisdom of ancient energies held within its crystalline structure. It helps in aligning the inner peace inherent in your nature. Also, it helps encourage happiness and joy while also activating your ability to attract abundance and prosperity to your life.

As a stone of nurturing energies, the kambaba jasper crystal also offers much-needed strength for those who are brokenhearted by rejection and sudden abandonment of love. This stone can help them find their way out of this emotional despair and face the issues that should be resolved.

Green Apophyllite

Green Apophyllite

In technical terms, green fluorite is known as fluorapophyllite. It is perhaps the most abundant and colorful of all apophyllite variations.

Binding the energy of ancient igneous lava coves, the green apophyllite crystal can bring about a high vibration of light that is known to calm your emotions. It is a powerful, yet gentle crystal that is a must for those experiencing a challenging period in their life.

As the stone of optimism, green apophyllite is the stone of renewal and child-like joy. It offers sweet energy that inspires playfulness and lightheartedness and deepens your enjoyment of the beauty of nature. This stone can connect you to the energetic undercurrent of Earth that is humming with growth and life. This is an excellent crystal for animal lovers and gardeners and is thought to help communicate with the spirit of nature. 

Like all green stones, the apophyllite crystal symbolizes rebirth, growth, youth, vitality, and recovery. Thus, it is a wonderful stone to rest your eyes on. Letting your gaze linger on this green stone can bring you a sense of peace. Not only that, but its earthy energy also refreshes indoor spaces and is a friend of the heart chakra.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Agate comes in almost every color you can think of and features an assortment of bright bands and patterns that offer you unique powers and energies to the table. One of the most beautiful green variations of agate is moss agate.

It features unique moss-like patterns making it a popular stone throughout all cultures and history. It has been known as the Crystal of Agriculture and Gardeners. Moss agate was considered a miraculous healing crystal for tribal priests of ancient times. It is said to bring them the power to interact with the human organic system. This stone was also sued as a talisman to make warriors victorious and strong.

In addition, moss agate was considered to be a Crystal of Wealth. It is believed to attract abundance in all forms. In business, it is said to help draw new opportunities and the gradual expansion of your company, increasing prosperity over time. It is also said to assist you in your financial struggles.

This beautiful stone is also a powerful body strength during times of stress. Its steady energies can assist you whenever you feel ungrounded or unstable. It is also suitable for mental concentration, endurance, and persistence. As a cleansing crystal, this variety of agate can also help in clearing your personal energy systems as well as the environment. It shall bring stability and peace to your emotional body, reducing mood swings and volatile tempers.



The glorious green-yellow peridot has been undervalued for years. It was thought of as a lesser gem, easily obtained, small and relatively cheap. Its popularity has fallen in and out of the trend for centuries. However, this underappreciated stone is filled with gentle, yet powerful metaphysical powers for the emotional body.

Peridot is called “the extreme gem”. It was born of fire and then brought to light and one of the only 2 gems (the other one is the diamond) formed not in the curst of the Earth, but in the molten rock of the upper mantle and was brought to the surface by the tremendous forces of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Associated with the sun, the peridot was highly prized since the earliest civilizations for its protective energies to drive away from the darkness. When set in gold and bound to the left arm or worn around the neck, this stone was used as a powerful charm against magic and sorcery, night terrors, evil spirits, and madness.

This stone has the ability to heal and cleanse your hurt feelings, pats traumas, and even bruised egos. Not only that, but it also lessens distrust, envy, irritation, malice, and resentment. It also teaches you to understand that holding onto people or the past is actually counterproductive to your growth. Not only that, but peridot also teaches you to examine your past for the gift of experiences, admit mistakes and let go of blame and guilt. This helps you forgive yourself and other people and move forward in life.

Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire

The green sapphire is known to bring the wisdom of integrity and fidelity. Its green rays encourage compassion for other people, improving dream recall and stimulating vision. Not only that, but this crystal also brings loyalty and trust.

With its green hue, this crystal stimulates the heart chakra, stirring compassion and understanding of others. It engenders respect and tolerance towards other people’s beliefs. Soothing to the eyes, the green sapphire is known as a stone of tranquility while also enhancing spiritual vision.

As one of the best green crystal stones, the green sapphire is known as a growth crystal. This makes it a powerful conduit for the life force energy of birth, creation, and development. It is a powerful aid in nurturing relationships as well as promoting spiritual growth and a renewed commitment to a higher purpose.

Uvavorite Garnet

Uvavorite Garnet

The rarest variety of garnets, tsavorite garnet is the only consistently green garnet and is seldom used as a gem. Featuring a deep chrome-green,  uvavorite garnet is believed to promote wealth and prosperity while also assisting you to learning to accept what is provided by the Universe.

In addition, this variety of garnet is also said to promote individuality without egocentricity as well as link your soul to its universal nature. It induces optimism and individuality while enhancing your spiritual relationships.

It induces peace and calmness and is good when times are tough. It is helpful in allowing you to experience solitude without loneliness. With its green hue, this garnet variety mainly stimulates your heart chakra and heals emotional disturbances.

Now, if you ever feel inadequate, this stone can bring you a sense of self-worth. It t heals any emotional wounds caused by the feelings of a scarcity of support, consideration, and love in relationships. It helps in releasing such scarcity and overwriting them with energies of abundance, joy, and love.



The energy and beauty of seraphinite rise through the chakras like the 6-winged spirits of light it’s named for— the Seraphim which are the highest order of angels attending to the throne of God.

This crystal of angel wings is loved for its high spiritual energy that ascends throughout your system and invites the Kundalini energy to rise along the spine, activating and clearing every chakra in your body. It has the ability to link the physical with the ethereal and is a powerful tool for opening communication with the angelic and devic realms.

Seraphinite can attune to the heart chakra, infusing your aura with the vibrations of well-being, wholeness, love, and nurturing. Having more feminine energy, this stone can also assist in providing a greater awareness of the Divine feminine.

In terms of the emotional aspect of the body, this stone is said to help in releasing emotional tendencies and patterns that no longer serve your spirit or soul. Instead, it has the ability to bring joyful and enlightened energy that allows you to react to life in a more harmonious and balanced way.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

Also known as vermiculite, the green tourmaline ranges from shades of olive to pale green hues and is the most healing of all tourmaline varieties for the physical heart. It is the masculine counterpart to the feminine pink and red tourmaline and it is meant to boost strength, courage, vitality, and stamina.

Known as nature’s best healing stone for the heart, the green tourmaline channels electrical energies into your center and creates a flow of wholesome energy. Its spiritual vibrations harmonize the Earth’s energies while stimulating a strong resonance with Divine Love. Not only that but this stone is also considered a powerful gateway stone to the Devic realm and is proven beneficial to all things that grow and live. It can be used in meditation in order to commune with Nature spirits and to physically connect with the spirits of animals and plants.

In terms of wealth, the green tourmaline is said to attract luck, success, prosperity, and abundance. It can inspire your creative self and helps in the manifestation of your life goals. This stone can also be used to increase your opportunities while reducing the negative energy into a positive one. It also encourages the feeling of gratitude and optimism.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite

The green calcite with its eye-soothing color is a powerful energy cleanser and amplifier. It can help remove negativities while also releasing energy blockages that limit your personal and spiritual growth.

This stone is the perfect ally in your journey of self-discovery. It can show you how to accept yourself wholly and embrace all your imperfections. Not only that, but this stone should also help remind you that mistakes and flaws are what make you unique. It teaches you to embrace them and transform them into strengths.

The healing energy of green calcite can also help dissolve your old habits, belief systems, and patterns. This crystal should help you move to a fresher, newer, and more positive lifestyle. In addition, its power of absorption has turned the green calcite into a powerful sponge that can soak up negativity from your surroundings and toxic emotions from within. This stone should help in releasing such negativities, allowing you to be filled only with positive vibes and move forward in life with optimism.

Seriphos Green Quartz

Seriphos Green Quartz

Also known as Prasem Hendenbergite, the seriphos green quartz is a form of green quartz which grows exclusively in the underwater mine found in Greece.

This stone emanates strong and potent energy that stimulates joy while releasing negativity and toxicity. It is said to help in connecting you to the higher realms, while still ensuring that you’re grounded and feel secure.

With its strong association with the heart chakra, this stone can also bring help in the release of toxic energies and emotions. It allows you to stay patient and sensitive toward others. Then, it fills you with energies of love and abundance that can help you in your journey toward healing and growth.

Green Zoisite

Green Zoisite

Green zoisite is sometimes called chrome tanzanite or green tanzanite. It can be slightly bluish-green to gray-green to yellowish-green to a deep forest green.

Thanks to the combination of green and black shades, green zoisite is a powerful healer of the heart with protective qualities. This stone can nurture your emotional body and release negative emotions and feelings from the past. Its protective black inclusions can provide excellent grounding to the earth so you can always stay in the present moment while protecting yourself against outside negativity.

Green zoisite is also one of the more unique crystals that exudes a high frequency of happiness and joy. It can harmonize your mental and emotional energies, forming a connection between your brain and your heart. This stone can balance your emotions and stabilize you from within, ensuring that the two energies align with one another and come together in order to attain emotional stability and security.

Zoisite is a stone of energy, virality, abundance, and growth. In terms of wealth, this stone is a very lucky talisman to have. It is said to attract energies of abundance and prosperity in your life.

Green Onyx

Green Onyx

Carrying many properties as its Black onyx sibling— the green onyx is a classy, smooth stone filled with earthy metaphysical energies.

The noble Onyx featuring the earthy, green shades offers strong healing of the heart and emotional body. It enhances growth and development as well as attracts abundance and prosperity into your life.

This stone offers intense healing energies for the heart and emotional body. It stimulates your heart and brings you a calm emotional state. Doing so also allows for a peaceful mind so you can call upon your inner persistence, patience, and endurance. As a result, self-mastery is attained and you get to easily do all the dreadful tasks without procrastination.

The protective energies of green onyx are also known to repel negativity. It is commonly worn as a piece of jewelry in order to block out negativity while releasing toxicities from within. Wearing this stone is also said to increase your confidence. It provides you with a strong heart and boosts your self-esteem, allowing you to stand up with your head held high and face problems when confronted with them. 



This astounding crystal possesses an energy that can help you in being more prepared and improve your knowledge and wisdom. It has the ability to connect your heart to your will, helping you in living your life and manifesting your desires from a heart-based perspective.

Prehnite is also considered a protective healer. This stone is said to protect you on all levels while strengthening your life force. It also helps in increasing and stimulating your energy. As a spiritual stone, prehnite can be used for out-of-body journeys as well as for lucid dreaming. As a matter of fact, it is called the Stone of Prophecy. This stone helps in stimulating your inner knowledge and wisdom. Not only that, but it can also encourage analytical thinking, and mental acuity and dispel unpleasant dreams and memories.

As a heart-based stone, the prehnite crystal is considered a crystal of unconditional love. This stone can help protect you against negativity from other people and from your surroundings. Then, it teaches you how to be in peace and harmony with the elemental forces and nature. This is helpful in decluttering the emotional body and letting go of the things that you no longer need or preventing you from moving forward in life.

Green Rutilated Quartz

Green Rutilated Quartz

Known as the Master Healer, the clearness of the clear quartz crystal was made even more powerful and potent with the fanciful strands or rutile of uniquely new energies.

As one of the rarer varieties of the rutilated quartz crystal, the green tiles are said to offer the most potent energy of luck and good fortune in terms of career and wealth. The green rutilated quartz is also said to bring changes and good health, keeping diseases at bay and alleviating energy depletions.

The fancy green strands of this stone paired with the amplifying clear energy of quartz made this a powerful healer of the heart and higher heart chakra. This stone can help you in revealing your true charms and genuine feelings in order to attract a good match. It also helps in releasing your past traumas and unwanted energies to bring back your self-esteem and confidence.



Unakite brings together the nurturing and abundant energy of green with the caring and soft passion of pink in of Earth’s most healing crystals of the mind and heart. This stone resonates with a potent, yet gentle frequency of compassion, love, and kindness. It is a crystal dedicated to balancing your emotional body.

The elements of epidote and red jasper blend beautifully in the unakite crystal and embody a strong, but harmonious relationship. The green and pink energies of this crystal balance the aspects of your heart, helping to release deep-seated emotions in a  gentle and slow way. Then it lifts your spirits when you’re down.

Not only that, but this stone also promotes persistence and patience. It can help in gradually eliminating the bad habits as well as the patterns and thoughts that perpetuate them. In particular, its energies make it a great crystal for sensitive children. It can help them in bouncing back from disappointment, grief, or sorrow. This stone can also support anyone who feels a little overwhelmed, lost, or has trouble focusing on the here and now.



Vivianite is a rare stone discovered in 1817 and named after its discoverer, John Henry Vivian.

This beautiful green crystal stone can help you dive deep into your heart in order to heal old and new wounds. It brings awareness and gentleness to those who may not normally share such qualities while bringing compassion to others and to yourself.

In addition, this stone contains the energies of love and peace, encouraging you to show these qualities to those closest to you. Not only that, but this stone can also assist in the removal of unwanted energies and negativities from your auric field. It brings the energies of confidence that allow you to become comfortable in your skin and in embracing your true beauty.



With its highly stimulating energies, the herderite can help in awakening your latency and is one of the best stones for improving brain functions.

The herderite stone is a crystal of great change. It contains energies that can bring life and action into your stagnant life. It helps in increasing focus and concentration, particularly on your mind. Not only that, but it is also one of the best stones for harnessing your creative skills.

Meditating with this stone is said to awaken the inactive powers of your mind and can be used to improve your psychic capabilities. Its potency can help in heightening your ability and making you more alert and gain a spiritual connection with higher beings. In terms of



Pargasite is a beautiful olive-green crystal stone. It is a healer of the heart and a powerful mender of emotional pain and suffering.

The energies of this stone can help in extracting toxic, unwanted, and negative vibrations that have attached to your emotional body. Meditating with this stone can provide the necessary push to break through and start again, moving forward in life and allowing light and love back into your life.

With enlightenment, optimism, and joy back in your heart and mind, this stone can help you evaluate the aspects of your life. This can result in providing new possibilities in our relationships and careers. It also has the ability to unlock and activate your emotional body while ensuring that your mind and heart are working together in unison.



Dioptase is a rare mineral with an alluring color of light olive green to deep emerald green with a slight blue tint.

With its vibrant green color energy, the dioptase is a talisman of the heart and helps in relinquishing extremely sensitive emotions such as depression, trauma, self-hate, anxiety, and grief. This rare mineral can expose your heart and bring about the soothing waves of life-force energy to reset your emotional body.

Not only that, but this stone can also help in raising your courage and self-confidence, encouraging you to act and make a change in your life. Dioptase is also one of the best stones recommended for those struggling with emotional pain. This stone has the ability to teach you a vital lesson. It helps in releasing unwanted emotional pain while its cool and calming frequency of happiness, joy, and healing slowly overtakes your body.



Serpentine got its name from the Latin term “serpens” due to its similarity to that of a serpent or snake.

This alluring green stone can help you access your kundalini energy that sits at the base of your spine. Mostly dormant, this energy is thought to be coiled up like a serpent. Such inner power can be accessed through deep meditation and the use of this beautiful green stone.

Once your kundalini energy awakens, you can experience a great awakening that makes you feel more in tune with yourself. You’ll also notice better intuition and intellectual upgrade that usually leads up to the expansion of your mind and better attunement to the higher realms.

The serpentine stone also has a harmonious connection with the heart chakra and assists you in bringing your truest desires to life. Not only that, but it also has the ability to bring love and make you more compassionate, even in the darkest moments of your life.



Also known as Idocrase, vesuvianite mostly comes in shades of olive greens. It is an ancient Earthen amulet that bears healing properties resonating directly with your soul center.

Vesuvianite has the ability to address extreme childhood fears and constant misdirected emotional distress. It can prevent the negative energies from gaining more control of your soul every day. It expels these unwanted energies and brings them to the surface for reevaluation.

With meditation, you can start seeing through these traumas and relinquishing them not only from your life but also from your soul. This green crystal stone can help provide you the desire and strength to induce the heart with tranquility, allowing for healing energies to flow and provide nourishment throughout your entire body.



Gaspeite is one of the newer gemstones available in the crystal community market. It’s quite popular among collectors due to its rarity and its close resemblance to the rare green turquoise.

Gaspeite is known to hold very strong grounding energy that can provide healing to your chakra systems, particularly your heart chakra. These stones can bring changes, allowing you to become more aware and recognize things you should do to change your life. As a stone of the mind, this green stone is also said to help in removing clutter and any unnecessary distractions and noise in your life. It helps in boosting your mental aptitude, discernment, and in receiving new information.

This stone also has the ability to boost your spiritual growth while enhancing your visions. It can even develop your clairvoyant skills as well as other psychic gifts. As a spiritual stone, graphite is said to help in communicating or contacting higher beings from the spirit world.

Tree Agate

Tree Agate

A form of the dendritic agates, the tree agate features natural bliss, shifting forest vibes and the silence of standing still comes together. This crystal is like green shoots of hope after the harsh winter. It reminds you that life is all about patience and composure, promising that good things to come to those who wait.

Dubbed the Stone of Plenitude and Inner Peace, the tree agate is said to bring a strong connection with the plant kingdom and the device realm. It awakens and deepens your connection to the earth. This encourages you to stay centered and grounded in times of confusion and chaos, bringing stability and peace to your life.

Spiritually speaking, the dendritic agate can align and open your chakras, allowing you to reach a higher consciousness. It can bring your focus to the oneness of all, dissolving arrogance and egoism. Also, its protective and warm energies can encourage self-confidence and security while promoting composure and maturity.



The new addition to the June birthstone, Alexandrite is an extremely rare gemstone that rose in popularity in the past decades.

Since its discovery, alexandrite is considered to be a stone of good luck, fortune, and love. It is believed to bring stability and balance in the interaction between the unmanifest spiritual or astral world and the physical manifest world.

This stone opens your crown chakra as well as your heart chakra to bring you access to the healing and loving energies of the universe. This also brings intuition, imagination, and creativity. It is said to bring you joy and self-discipline, reminding you of your life purpose. With its unique changing color, this stone can also remind you that life isn’t only what it seems to be and can easily change.



Diopside is one of the very hard-to-find green crystals on the market which caused a huge demand that allows for its largely inflated price to occur. But it is not only beautiful. This green crystal stone is also one of the best in terms of metaphysical healing.

Dubbed the Stone of Eternal Healing and Enlightenment, diopside is said to provide you pure restorative energy for your everyday life. In fact, the building blocks of life force energy actually reside within the stone and are part of why spiritual and metaphysical practitioners love this stone.

The vibration of this stone resonates deeply within the soul, penetrating the limits of the mind that you no longer comprehend. Diopside also reads, directs, and channels the negative emotions or stocks unwanted energies outwards, granting you a rare opportunity to see your past. Through meditation with this stone, you can relinquish the protective control that you subconsciously placed on your emotional body and release yourself from the traumatic past.

Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest Jasper

An opaque jasper with dominant shades of white and moss green swirled with veins of earthy colors, the rainforest jasper is a stone of connection to Earth. It honors the highest spiritual knowledge from nature. This stone can awaken your sense of joy at the simplicity of life. It carries invigorating and healing energy of renewal and hope. It is a great stone for earth healing and when working in the devic realm.

Its gradual and subtle energy can help you attract joyful and pleasant frequencies into your life. This stone can encourage you to have a more heart-centered love for others and for yourself, allowing you to make more solid commitments to those close to you as well as encouraging self-love.

The stone can also boost your self-esteem, allowing you to let go of your insecurities while focusing more on your strength. It also helps in letting go of the old patterns and habits that may be limiting you from reaching your true potential or causing toxicity from within you.



Commonly referred to as Tasmania, the atlantisite is a combination of serpentine and stichtite minerals featuring a dark ivy green to pale green with purple tints. It is one of the rare minerals and perhaps the most powerful form of serpentine.

Atlantisite gets the earthy powers of serpentine with the compassionate and loving energies of stichtite. It helps in stimulating your kundalini energy while linking your heart and crown chakra together. As a result, the Atlanta site can emanate gentle healing vibrations for the heart while awakening the dormant psychic energies of the crown chakra.

With this stone, you can become more compassionate. You’ll start to see other people’s perspectives in a disagreement while encouraging you to be forgiving. In addition, it promotes energies of strong protection against negative energies.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Green Crystal Stones?

So, now that you have an idea of the various green crystals, here are some of the general benefits of wearing, using, and incorporating the above stones into your life.

For Health and Physical Healing

Green crystals are said to be the ultimate healer of the eye. Thanks to their soothing color, green crystal stones are suitable for treating problems with your eyes and restoring your eyesight. In fact, some crystal stones can be turned into an elixir and used for an eye bath, soothing and healing the eyes and easing eye infections.

Green Crystal For Health and Physical Healing

Not only that, but green crystals are also infamous for their rejuvenating quality. They are believed to help in the fight against aging. When used properly, green crystals are known to revitalize your tired organ and systems. They help in strengthening your heart, lungs, and the whole circulatory and respiratory system. They even stimulate the immune system in order to fight viruses and infections more effectively.

Now, with their strong association with the heart chakra, green crystal stones are also suitable for the healing of the heart. They have the ability to relieve aches, pains, and diseases of the heart. Not only that, but their soothing energies can also support the cleansing and purification of your blood vessels, blood, and lymph system.

In addition, green crystals are also a potent ally for building muscle tissue as well as bone structure. They are also said to help in treating infertility issues and boosting the functions of your reproductive system.

Furthermore, green crystals are also ideal for all kinds of skin issues. They are highly efficient at preventing and treating acne breakouts, rashes, allergies, eczema as well as fever, sinusitis, and even inflammation.

For Emotional Healing

Green crystals represent a calming nature. And they are most useful for recovering or bringing balance to your emotional body, bringing a sense of stability and peace into your life.

Green Crystal For Emotional Healing

Green crystals are the tools of unconditional love and the emotional body. They work in removing the toxic energies of the past and bringing a sense of nurturing and peace. Not only that, but they are also great for alleviating stress, anxiety, and panic.

So, if everything seems to be out of your control, meditating or touching these crystal stones can help focus your mind and emotional body while connecting you to the supportive energies of mother earth.

These stones can also promote inner peace, self-confidence, and self-love. They help in harmonizing your heart with your emotions and body by strengthening your inner understanding and connections.

With their color representing renewal and growth, these stones help encourage you to reach closure or to move on to the next chapter of your life. They shall bring you the energies of a fresh start and make your move on from whatever that have hurt you in the past. They help in your emotional recovery while establishing a sense of peace and serenity so you can focus only on the good things in life.

The crystal stones also feature transformative energies that can make you a kinder person. They bring the energies of compassion while also ensuring that you become a genuine person in and out.

For Wealth

Another strong forte of the crystal stones, all green-colored stones are known to attract good fortune, prosperity, abundance, wealth, and good luck. With their energizing aura, these stones can bring focus and concentration while allowing you to stay stable and constant so you can walk the path of development, growth, and success.

Green Crystal For Wealth

These stones should be able to help you in keeping your ventures and projects on course and on schedule. They should bring the energies of new beginnings, productivity, material success, progress, and advancement.

Not only that but since green crystal stones share the same color as the US dollar, they have been sometimes associated with money. For individuals looking for greater wealth and abundance, want to bring good luck and new opportunities in their life, or just want a clear and focused mind that allows them to stay smart and strict in handling their finances, the crystal stones are your best choice.

Moving away from the money talk, green crystal stones also have a strong connection to Mother Nature and the picture of earthy rich green forests and meadows. For this reason, green crystals also symbolize prosperity, wealth, and abundance in terms of bountiful harvest or garden growth.

For Love and Relationship

We’ve been mentioning that crystal stones offer a strong connection to the heart chakra for a while now. And while most people think that the heart chakra is the color red or pink, it’s actually represented by the color green. This is because this color brings the powerful attribute of balance, harmony, stability, growth, and development to all aspects of your life, including your relationships.

Green Crystal For Love and Relationship

Green crystal stones can help with all kinds of issues and emotional imbalances in your relationship. They have the ability to bring any issue to the surface, releasing pent-up emotions, dealing with the problem at hand, and promoting inner peace.

In addition, green crystal stones are known to provide the energy of unconditional love. Their healing energies can inspire you to be more loving, affectionate, and compassionate towards other people, particularly with your family and partner. These stones should fill your emotional body with warmth, happiness, safety, and security. Then, they should help in increasing your passion as well as strengthening the trust and love between you and your partner.

Not only that, but these green stones are also useful in connecting you with your truest desires. They can help in reconnecting with your partner and rekindling the fiery love and romance.

Other than familial and romantic relationships, the green stones are also said to work wonders on strengthening and building relationships and bonds with friends, co-workers, and other people in your life. These stones can make your more sensitive and compassionate to the needs of others in your life, inspiring you to become more natural, casual, and relaxed.

Ways To Use Green Crystals?

Now that you know the wonderful benefits that crystal stones can bring, how do you actually use them? Here are some handy tips to effectively use these gorgeous stones.

Carry Them With You

Ways To Use Green Crystals?

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to use your green crystal stone is to carry them with you. This way, you get to spend more time with the energies of the stone and better align their frequencies into your auric field.

Whether you need a dose of compassion, need to relieve negative energies, or just want to bring the energies of luck and wealth by your side, you can simply grab your preferred green crystal stone from your pocket or purse in order to connect to their strong energies in an instant.

Make a Crystal Elixir

Crystal elixirs or crystal-infused water is a great way to connect with the energy of your preferred green crystal stone and introduce them directly to your system. The elixir you concocted can be used for soaking or cleansing the affected part of your body or drinking it also works great.

Just make sure that you do your homework. There are some crystals that are toxic and unsafe when submerged in water. Some minerals also degrade in the water while other content elements and chemicals should not be ingested in any form or applied to the skin.

Make a Crystal Grid

If you have a large collection of your crystal stones, then another way to maximize and mix their energies and benefit from them all is by doing a crystal grid ritual. You can simply place various crystals together in a grid to amplify their energy and work together, fueling the various energy with the power of sacred geometry that the grid brings in.

Wear Them as Jewelry

Ways To Use Green Crystals?

Crystal stones are now popular as gorgeous jewelry pieces that you can wear all day long. By wearing your preferred green crystal as a necklace, pendant, ring, bracelet, or earring, you get to have a direct connection to their potent energies all day long.

Green crystals like emeralds and green tourmalines are often seen as pieces of jewelry. However, if you have small green crystal stones, you can also turn them into pieces of jewelry that you can wear all the time. Raw crystal stones make for unique and powerful jewelry and are quite fun to create.

Use Them As Home or Office Décor

Recently, crystals have been making their way into the home décor section. Large, raw crystal stones make for amazing statement pieces in most rooms and offices while providing beneficial energy to the room.

For instance, malachite crystals are known for their ability to cleanse the energy within their surroundings, especially in cleansing electromagnetic pollution. Thus, they’re not only a beautiful aesthetic for your office desk but also make a powerful ally for removing harmful and negative energies in your surroundings to keep you stress-free all day long.

Empower Your Meditation and Yoga Practices

Perhaps the most common and simplest way to connect with your preferred green crystal is through meditation or yoga.

You can start by simply holding a green crystal or two in one or both hands. Depending on the frequency and vibrational energies of your chosen crystal, you can feel your body sinking deeper or creating a grounding effect.

They can help in magnifying your intentions and enhance the benefits of your meditation or yoga practice with ease.

How To Cleanse and Recharge Green Crystals?

Regularly recharging and cleansing your green crystal stone is the only way to restore it to its natural state. It can help in reinvigorating its sense of purpose and ensuring that you only get the most out of its beneficial energy.

With that said, there are several ways you can clean and recharge your crystal stones.

The simplest way to clean and revitalize the energies of your stone is running water. Water has the ability to neutralize any negative energy that’s stored inside your crystal and return it back to Mother Earth. Although natural running water such as waterfalls and streams works best, you can simply rinse and clean your crystal under your faucet.

Ways To Use Green Crystals?

Regardless of what water source you have, make sure that the stone is completely submerged for a minute or two. You can then pat it dry when complete.

Salt water also works too. Throughout history, salt has been used to absorb unwanted and toxic energies and banish negativity. If you are near the ocean, then you can collect a bowl of fresh salt water to soak your crystals into. Otherwise, you can simply mix a tablespoon of table, rock or sea salt into a bowl of water. Submerge the stone and allow it to soak for a few hours to even days. Rinse and pat dry the crystals when complete.

Now, take note that not all crystals are suitable for water cleansing. Hard stones like beryl or quartz are great for this, but not porous, brittle or soft stones or those that contain trace elements such as calcite and malachite.

Since they have a strong connection to mother earth, green stones are best charged and cleansed with Mother nature itself. You simply leave the stones outside or in your garden to soak up in soothing and nurturing earthy energies.

Doubling up the cleansing effect, natural light also has the ability to cleanse green crystal stones while outside. Although, ritual cleansing is usually centered around certain points in the lunar or solar cycle, for instance, during the full moon or new moon.

Nevertheless, you can cleanse your stone at any time. You can set your stone out before nightfall and bring it in before lunchtime. This allows the stone to bathe in earthy energies as well as the light of both the sun and the moon. Take note that prolonged exposure to sunlight can also weather or damage the surface of specific stones.  So, make sure that you get it in before the sun becomes too powerful.

Smudging is also a great way to cleanse the energies of your green crystal stones. In particular, sage is the best plant to use. Smudging can clear the inharmonious and toxic energies accumulated in the stone and restore it to its natural energy. Another pro for the smudging method is that all crystal stones can be cleansed with this.

Larger quartz clusters, selenite slabs, and amethyst geodes are some of the best crystals that can help in clearing smaller green crystal stones. You can place your green stones directly on top or inside of these charging and cleansing crystals. It is believed that these larger stones can help in clearing the inharmonious energies found in the resting stone while also amplifying their energies.

Lastly, you can also try sound cleansing which allows a single tone or pitch to wash over the stone and bring it into the same vibrations as the tone. This is usually accomplished using singing bowls, chanting, a nice bell, or a tuning fork.

It does not matter what key the sound is as long as it is loud enough for the vibrations to fully hit and encompass the green crystal.

This method is most suitable for crystal hoarders who have a large number of crystals not easily moved or cleaned one by one.

Final Words

Green crystal stones definitely have this lovely vibe of peace, growth, healing, and home. For those who wish to live a rich, full, loving, and glorious life, the green stones can heal your heart and past wounds, bringing joy and optimism, creating a stronger connection to Mother Nature, and helping you open your arms and self to all the possibilities that the earth and the universe have to offer.


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