Green Jasper Meanings, Properties and Uses


Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Green Jasper

The green jasper exudes earthy energies, primitive and bold, exuding a warm and welcoming frequency that resonates with the primal self. Learn more about this potent, and heartwarming stone by reading below.

What is Green Jasper?

What is Green Jasper

The jasper stone is a dense and opaque microcrystalline quartz variety. The grainy and fibrous quartz variety are typically grouped together and called Chalcedony. However, jasper features bigger and sugar-grain microcrystals instead of the fibrous layers of Chalcedony or even agate.

Jaspers occur as fillings in nodules or fissures. This stone can be found across the globe in almost every color. The green jasper is a stone of considerable translucency, often compared to Emerald and other green stones.

Translucent green jaspers are quite rare today as a single color and are usually of high quality. However, there can also be some opaque green jaspers, and is more common in the rainbow or multi-colored jaspers, orbicular jasper stones, and as major components of specific stones such as bloodstone or heliotrope, rainforest jasper, and Arizona lizard stone.

The most highly prized green jasper is quite rare. This single-colored variety ranges from olive green or deep tea to pale spring green. It was even described as the “grass-green jasper” five centuries before the Christian era.

The green jasper is a relatively tough and hard stone, rated 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The Meaning and Uses of Green Jasper

The name jasper comes from the Old French term “jasper” which means “speckled or spotted stone”. It is also thought to come from the Greek term “iaspis” which means agate. Other than that, its name might also be derived from the Hebrew term “jashpeh” and the Assyrian term “asphu”. The prefix green comes from its beautiful olive to tea green color.

Historically, all jasper stones can be traced back to all ancient people and civilizations. This stone was worn by shamans, priests, and kings, thanks to its powerful protective energies for both the physical world and the spiritual realm.

The Meaning and Uses of Green Jasper

Jasper stones were used and carved by ancient Egyptians with symbols and inscriptions from the Book of the dead. Also, it was buried with the mummified remains in order to provide a safe passage into the afterlife. It is also used in movable Egyptian rings from 664 – 322 BC.

Green jaspers were used to make bow drills between the 4th and 5th millennium BC in Mehrgarh. On Minoan Crete, this stone was also used to produce seals circa 1800 BC. In addition, this stone is highly used in numerous cultures for engraving signet rings, cylinder seals, and special talismans that depict several astrological and religious illustrations.

In the medieval world, this stone was also considered the “rain bringer” and was often used for dowsing. Ancient tribes also used the green jasper as a powerful amulet of protection from ill-wishing, witchcraft, and during their shamanic rituals.

Green Jasper Metaphysical Properties

The green jasper is also famous in the metaphysical healing world.

All jaspers can strengthen your connection to the earth, its spiritual wisdom as well as the sacredness of life that exists only in nature. This stone encourages you to celebrate beautiful moments in the ordinary and extraordinary. It helps you find harmony within yourself and other people.

Used in dream works and meditation, the green jasper can provide a powerful connection with the ancient past of the Earth and allow you to retrieve spiritual knowledge for use in the present moment in order to heal the planet and humanity.

Green Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Other than that, the green jasper was also used intensively throughout the centuries for driving away and protecting its users against ghosts, evil spirits, witchcraft, and harmful fantasies. This stone was said to be particularly protective against venomous creatures such as scorpions, snakes, and spiders. Not only that but this stone is also said to protect its wearer against drowning.

Its warming energies can provide good health, ward off sorrow, and can make you race and amiable. Green Jasper is also considered to be the best of all jaspers in terms of being a seeker transformer crystal. This stone can align with the natural energy of the human mind, allowing you to find new capabilities and horizons. It helps in enhancing efforts in order to change your prospects, situations, and outlook in life. With this stone, you can transform your life and assist in your efforts to develop new skills and capabilities, and grow and change your life.

The Benefits of Green Jasper

The green jasper is a potent healing stone offering numerous benefits to all aspects of the body. Here are some of the benefits of using green jasper.

For Physical Healing

Green jasper is a wonderful stone for the physical body.

It is considered very useful for treating disorders of the stomach and the digestive system as a whole. It is useful as a gem elixir to be taken internally since it does not overstimulate your body. Green jasper elixir can be made by the indirect method or by allowing the stone to soak in demineralized water for the night.

Green Jasper For Physical Healing

Green jaspers are also quite beneficial for the respiratory system. It is said to be quite beneficial for the lungs and chest. It has the ability to assist in the treatment and prevention of colds, bronchitis, influenza, and coughing.

Furthermore, this stone can help heal the spleen, kidneys, liver, and bladder. The stone is said to help reduce inflammation and toxicity, stop bloating, balance fluid retention, and said to even control body odor.

Moreover, the green jasper is thought to help in staunching blood flow, particularly menstrual flow, and nosebleeds. It is even said to assist in the reduction of hemorrhoids. It can soothe gout and epilepsy and is even used for treating the sensory loss of smell.

Meanwhile, the jasper amulets are said to prevent swelling and fever. It reduces epileptic tendencies and stops other fluxes of the body. In terms of reproduction, the stone is a powerful fertility crystal. It is also said to assist women throughout their pregnancy and ease childbirth.

For Emotional Healing

The green japers are utilized both in the ancient world and today by metaphysical practitioners for their soothing properties to the emotional body. Its harmonious and peaceful energies are often used to restore balance to your emotional body and balance your obsessive tendencies.

Green Jasper For Emotional Healing

It is also an exceptional crystal for healing disease within your emotional system. It can help you recognize toxic thought patterns and fixations that have become too irrational to ignore. Then, it brings the courage your need in order to express and accept this toxicity and release them. This helps you move forward in life and heal your overall emotional body.

Not only that, but the green jasper can also encourage resistance and self-discipline, improving your control over your actions and thoughts and restoring harmony to your emotional body.

In addition, you can also use green jasper in order to aid your effort to quit bad habits, dieting, or reduce your overconsumption of alcohol. Its slow and steady vibrations can help avoid extremes while encouraging perseverance.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

All jasper stones have a strong connection to the earth and can be placed on your root chakra in order to energize and stabilize the physical body. Laying it over each of your chakras in turn can help boost, cleanse, and realign your aura and chakras. It can also help in balancing your yin and yang energies as well as aligning the emotional, mental, and physical bodies with the etheric realm.

Green Jasper For Chakra Healing and Balancing

However, the green jasper is especially attuned to your heart chakra. This chakra is located at the center of your breastbone, regulating your interaction with the outer world. This chakra helps in controlling what you resist and embrace in this life. Not only that, but the chakra also gives you the balancing ability to be yourself within the environment.

When your heart chakra is out of balance or becoming overactive, you may feel either being too controlled or controlling in a relationship. You also tend to become extremely sensitive and critical of the little foibles and comments of others. Also, you will often find yourself having an inappropriately strong emotional response to daily external stimuli.

The green energies of jasper stone can help in rebalancing and resolving any blockages to your heart chakra. As a result, you can better understand your own emotions and needs more clearly. Also, you get to deal with the ups and downs of an emotional relationship, attain emotional balance and peace, understand the cyclic nature of life, and accept changes.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck, and Abundance

All jasper crystals carry the energies of determination and motivation, helping you with your financial situation. This stone is also considered to represent wealth, money, and prosperity since ancient times.

Green Jasper For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

The green jasper is said to help attract prosperity and abundance into your life.  Not only that but it is also used by people who often need a little extra luck by their side. It acts as a simple money magnet that can help in breaking down unhealthy patterns and habits so that new opportunities and wealth growth can take their place.

It offers soothing vibrations of abundance that can influence the mind and body, so you’re fitter to attract luck and wealth to your side. Also, it helps remove the self-imposed limitations you placed upon yourself and makes you feel worthy of receiving wealth and prosperity.

For Relationship and Love

As a premier heart stone, the green energies of jasper are said to help attract a relationship filled with love and happiness. This stone can encourage perseverance, and understanding and provide supporting and nurturing energies in order to let your relationship work.

Now, when your current relationship is experiencing difficult or challenging situations, the green jasper can soothe the heart and ease clear communication. It has the ability to remove negative thoughts and stress, replacing agitation and doubt with compassion and understanding.

Green Jasper For Relationship and Love

This stone is also said to inspire honesty, trust, and faithfulness. It can fill you with loving energy to keep you happy and contented with what you have. It can even help bring you peace and acceptance and giving the courage to move on, particularly if you need to end a relationship.

In terms of intimate and sexual relationships, the green jasper is also highly supportive. Its green energies are said to help enhance fertility while increasing intimacy between partners. It can also encourage you to be adventurous and look for new things that can help spice things up.

With that said, this stone is also highly supportive throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

For Protection

The green jasper is a powerful protective stone. Legends said that if you wore a jasper stone since childhood, it could help protect you against drowning and ghosts. In addition, those who grid their bodies with this stone can be protected from accidents.

Green Jasper For Protection

Furthermore, the shamans of the Native American Indians considered the green jasper as a sacred protection stone during their magical practices. It is worn as a powerful amulet or protection for rituals and against the unseen hazards of the night.

Green jasper was also considered to be the best of all jaspers in protecting against evil spirits, phantasms, and witchcraft as well as harmful fantasies. Not only that, but this stone was also said to protect you against venomous creatures such as scorpions, snakes, and spiders.

For Sleep Insomnia

The ultimate dream and sleep stone, the green jasper with its nurturing and supportive energies is wonderful for young kids to help in establishing proper sleep rhythms. Its earthy energies and heart-based vibrations offer calming and peaceful energy that can stabilize and soothe chaotic thinking or emotions.

Green Jasper For Sleep Insomnia

Furthermore, this stone also has the ability to dissolve all emotional blockages as well as negative energies that might be keeping you awake a night. The green jasper is said to help calm the body and mind, allowing you to let go of your worries. Not only that but it is also said to help encourage gentleness and kindness to yourself in order to promote quality sleep.

In addition, its strong connection to Mother Earth also makes it a wonderful crystal for banishing night terrors and nightmares. This stone can help ground these negative energies from your mind so you won’t have to experience interrupted sleep. As a result, you can enjoy quality and a good night’s sleep, making you feel rejuvenated and well-rested in the morning.

For Depression and Anxiety

The green jasper is a powerful talisman for those coping with psychological issues such as paranoid delusions, anxiety, entity attachments, and depression. Carry or wear it as a rubbing stone, the green energies of jasper can ward off negative energy and bring reassurance, and restore inner calmness.

Green Jasper For Depression and Anxiety

This stone should embrace you with soothing and peaceful energies that provide happiness and contentment. It also has a cleansing effect which can help remove the negative energy from your surroundings. Not only that, but it is also a potent stone for deflecting harmful thoughts and negative behaviors from other people. As a result, you can better stabilize your mind and aura.

Green Jasper is also one of the best heart-centered crystals that can help you cope with changes. Changes can happen and can sometimes be the cause of anxiety and depression. The potent frequency of this stone can lend enough strength in order for you to handle such sudden changes in your life.

It can help free you from depressive moments and anxious thinking, washing away emotional toxicity and renewing your life. Its balancing and supportive energy make green jasper an excellent crystal to have during deep emotional distress.

For Career Success

All jasper stones carry energies of determination and motivation. This can help with your career and financial development. It can boost your productivity, stamina, and energy so you can get things done.

Green Jasper For Career Success

Furthermore, this stone can help you be productive in your everyday work. With this stone by your side, you will not waste time or energy on irrelevant tasks, and protect yourself against distractions in order you to reach your career and professional goals.

Not only that but the green jasper is also said to help keep your professional life and career projects on track. It shall teach you how to be organized and on schedule. It can attract a continuous flow of opportunity and energy into your life.

Furthermore, with its strong connection to the earth and the heart, green japer can also bring peace, relaxation, and nurturing energy to your workplace. This smooth flow of energy can bring high levels of productivity. Plus, it also has the ability to erase all negativities from your surroundings. This way you can truly concentrate and focus on your professional and career endeavors.

Different Types of Green Jasper

The green jasper is also available in a few varieties. Here are some of them:

Green Jasper

Green Jasper

This is what we’re talking about in this article. It is a solid, opaque stone that usually occurs in olive green to tea-green to blue-green shades. However, it can also occur to be translucent, single-colored green jasper that rivals emerald, but is quite rare. This stone features heart-centered energy that brings healing to the emotional and psychological body.

 The green jasper is also the most balanced, protective, and stable of all jaspers. With its strong to Mother Earth, it reinforces nurturing and supportive energy that heals all aspects of the body.

Heliotrope or Bloodstone

Heliotrope or Bloodstone

The mineral aggregate heliotrope or more commonly known as bloodstone is actually a cryptocrystalline mixture of quartz that occurs mostly as jasper or even chalcedony. The regular or classic bloodstone is an opaque green jasper with red inclusions of hematite. These red inclusions can resemble spots of blood, thus the name bloodstone.

The widely known legend about this stone comes from the Middle Ages. This crystal was said to have been formed during the crucifixion of Christ. Blood from his wounds dripped onto the dark, green earth and transformed into the bloodstone. Meanwhile, another version believed that the blood of Christ flowed from the spear and fell on a green jasper crystal at the foot of the cross. From there came the bloodstone variety of jasper.

With that said, bloodstone is considered a crystal of noble sacrifice. It is said to provide solace and courage to all those who are called to give themselves for the good of other people. It offers the most altruistic and highest attitude for those who wear r carry it.

The green energies of the stone can bring you closer to Mother Earth and access the device realms. Meanwhile, the large focal areas of red bring about self-confidence that’s built on fearlessness, calling to action, and excitement.

Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest Jasper

The rainforest jasper is a rare kind of rhyolitic lava, which is associated with volcanic activity in specific areas. The gas bubbles are trapped in lava flow during the solidification process and create pockets that are later filled or partially filled by the flow of siliceous material that can be jasper, agate, quartz, or other minerals.

The rainforest jasper possesses strong vibrations of happiness and joy in life. Its dominant shades of dark or moss green and white swirling with veins of earthy colors, this stone offers a strong connection to Gaia. It honors the highest spiritual knowledge from mother nature itself.

It also provides invigorating and refreshing energies of hope and peace. Not only that, but this stone also carries strong vibrations for change. It provides protection when working with the devic realm.

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper

The kambaba jasper is called many names— green stromatolite jasper, crocodile rock, or crocodile jasper. The kambaba jasper is one of the rare and more exotic jaspers. It is a rare orbicular variety of black and green stone featuring eye-shaped patterns from South Africa and Central Madagascar.

The kambaba jasper is a very potent crystal of spiritual confidence. It is an ancient stone, drawing upon the wisdom of ancient energies within its crystalline structure. It can help in aligning your inner peace with nature. Not only that, but it also helps in encouraging joy and happiness while activating your ability to attract prosperity and abundance to your life.

As a stone of tranquility and peace, its dark mystic circles with deep green swirls can bring nurturing and comforting energies that can soothe troubled minds and bring balance to the spirit and body.

Combining Green Jasper With Other Crystal Stones

The green jasper can be paired with other potent crystal stones in order to enhance its strong qualities or if you just want to focus on specific healing intentions. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for the green jasper stone.

Green Jasper + Red Jasper

Pairing the green jasper with the red jasper can cause a powerful alignment of your heart chakra to your root chakra.

Green Jasper + Red Jasper

The green jasper is a heart-centered stone that can help in balancing your emotional body and release negative energies from within. This should help in boosting your energy for the everyday challenges and stress of life.

After absorbing and cleansing your heart and emotional body, the red jasper can then help release this toxicity back to earth. Not only that but with its strong red color and the title of Stone of Endurance and Vibrancy, the red jasper can stimulate your root chakra, providing nurturing energies and stirring back life to your physical body.

As a result, your physical and emotional body will be energized, boosting your motivation and making you more capable of with dealing all obstacles in this life. In addition, due to their strong connection to mother earth, both red and green varieties of jasper can provide spiritually-grounding energies. This should help you stay connected with your true self and the energies to keep your feet planted on Mother Earth.

Green Jasper + Rhodochrosite

For the stimulation of the heart chakra and healing emotional burdens, pair the cleansing energies of green jasper with the nurturing frequency of rhodochrosite.

Green Jasper + Rhodochrosite

The green jasper is a stone of the heart, stimulating your emotional being and releasing the toxicity from within. It is a potent stone that can bring balance and peace to your inner self and fill you with loving energies. It inspires honesty, faithfulness, loyalty, and trust, so you can stay happy and contented with what you have.

Meanwhile, the rhodochrosite crystal with its soft pink energies is one of the best stones for promoting love and happiness. Its power focuses on your attention on inner peace and gaining a true sense of your self-worth.

This stone can gently reconnect you with loving yourself. It helps in rebalancing your emotions and releasing past wounding and traumas. Meanwhile, the renewing energies of the green jasper should be able to help you through difficult moments and enhance self-loving energies.

Together, both stones can help in removing negative thoughts and feelings, while engulfing you in strong, yet gentle energies of love, compassion, and kindness.

Green Jasper + Larimar

In order to create a welcoming, relaxing, and peaceful environment, you can try pairing the green jasper with larimar and use it in times of extreme stress.

Green Jasper + Larimar

The green jasper with its strong connection to the earth can help induce a sense of peace and tranquility. It has the ability to remove all negativities and worries, allowing a clear path for clarity and serenity to flow.

Meanwhile, the larimar crystal features etheric energies that shall bring serenity and peace. It is also a wonderful stone that can help you overcome stressful moments in your life.

The green jasper will unblock and stimulate your heart chakra, bringing intense healing to your emotional body. It should also induce comforting and relaxing energies of positivity. Then, the larimar can stimulate all four upper chakras. This should bring balance and alignment, raising your consciousness level to new heights, where serenity, wisdom, and grace can be found and experienced.

Using both green jasper and larimar, you can prevent negative feelings and emotions. Also, their gentle earthy energy shall block anything that can disturb your inner sense of peace.

Green Jasper + Carnelian

In terms of fertility and conceiving intentions, try pairing the energies of green jasper with the frequency of carnelian.

Green Jasper + Carnelian

Green jasper is considered a potent fertility crystal. It is said to be highly supportive of intimate and sexual relationships. It shall bring sexual power while enhancing your fertility by energizing the root and heart chakras.

In addition, the nurturing and supportive energies of green jasper can help restore love and balance. It releases pent-up emotions that might be causing an energy block and hindering your ability to conceive. As a result, you become more relaxed and less sensitive, allowing you to be able to enjoy the process.

To boost the effects of green jasper, you can pair it with the go-to crystal for fertility which is the carnelian. Resonating with the sacral chakra, which is the energy center for the reproductive organs, this stone has the ability to remove energetic blockages that halts your fertility.

Not only that, but this stone can also activate your kundalini energy which is coiled at the base of your spine. This is a vital life force that should assist in the hormonal processes and reproductive systems.

Both stones are perfect when you wish to conceive, increasing your self-esteem while also boosting your sexual drive. This should encourage and result in spontaneous lovemaking. Furthermore, the energies of green jasper have the added bonus of supporting women throughout pregnancy and easing childbirth.

Is Green Jasper a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The green jasper is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is considered a historical and natural birthstone and is an excellent zodiac crystal.

Green Jasper is April 20 – May 20 Birthstone

The green jasper is not a traditional birthstone. Historically speaking, though, the jasper stone is a birthstone for March.

In this modern-day, the green jasper is considered a natural birthstone for those born between April 20 and May 20, in the heart of spring. Its green energies shall bring you success in new ventures, prosperity, peace, connection to the earth, renewal, and good health.

Green Jasper is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer  

Green Jasper is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

The green jasper is an excellent crystal stone for Cancer. Security and home are important to an individual born under the banner of Cancer. They love being around their family and the steadiness that it provides. The welcoming, warm, and stabilizing energies of the green jasper can help you feel secure. As the Supreme Nurturer, the green jasper loves nothing more than bringing tranquility and comfort.

Not only that, but this stone shall help Cancerians reconnect with Mother Earth. It can ease their mind full of negative thoughts and worries, absorbing the negative energy and relieving anxiety and depression. It is also said to bring Cancerians patience and compassion.

Meditation with Green Jasper

All jasper stones can provide harmonious and calm energy for meditation. They are suitable for centering and grounding at the start of a ritual. This should help ease the transition to a meditative state. You can use any kind of jasper for the first few minutes of your meditation session and then switch to a green jasper to attune to your heart-centered intention or a crystal that’s attuned to the intent of your meditation.

How to Cleanse and Charge Green Jasper?

Due to its highly protective nature and the capability to absorb negative energies, it is crucial that you keep your green jasper cleansed and charged.

The easiest way to physically clean your green jasper is to wash it with warm soapy water, Using a soft brush or your fingers, gently remove accumulated dust, dirt, and debris from its surface. Then rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry.

To cleanse and recharge its energy and vibrations, you can simply place your green jasper in your garden and let it soak in the welcoming energies of nature. To double the cleaning and charging effectiveness, you can let it soak outdoors during a full moon to absorb lunar energies.

How to Cleanse and Charge Green Jasper

In addition, you can smudge your green jasper crystal can help remove the accumulated negativities from within. You can light up a white sage bundle or your preferred herb and move it with intention, smudging your crystal.

Other than that, you can also bury your green jasper in a bowl filled with sea salt or soak it in seawater. If you have a singing bowl, you can also use its sound vibrations to remove the negative energies within the stone.

Final Thoughts

The green jasper is a truly nurturing and protective stone that is focused on the heart and emotional being. It is one of the best healers and nurturers of the spirit, encouraging tenacity, growth, and wisdom.

With its strong connection to the earth, the green jasper is truly a versatile and valuable crystal to include in your growing crystal collection.


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