Green Onyx Meanings, Properties and Uses

Green Onyx Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Green Onyx

The noble onyx featuring the earthy, green shades offers strong healing of the heart and emotional body. It enhances growth and development as well as attracting abundance and prosperity into your life. Learn more about this stone by reading below.

What is Green Onyx?

What is Green Onyx

The green onyx is a variation of the pitch-black onyx stone. It carries many properties as its Black onyx sibling— classy, smooth and filled with earthy metaphysical energies. Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, which is a cryptocrystalline form of the quartz family. It features a dense and fibrous layer and is rated a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Like the common black onyx, some green onyx also features white to gray banded patterns. However, you can find solid green stones ranging from pale to olive-green to earthy green and darker greens.

As a result, green onyx is often mistaken for jade and emerald. However, it is important to note that green onyx differs in terms of structure and formation. Green onyx is usually found in India, Madagascar. The US, Peru, Brazil and Mexico.

The Meaning and Uses of Green Onyx

The Meaning and Uses of Green Onyx

Onyx comes from the Latin term of the same spelling, from the Greek term “onux” which means “fingernail” or “claw” since the veins found on the crystal look vert much like the colors of your fingernails. The prefix green refers to its earthy, green shade.

Since ancient times, the onyx stone, particularly the black crystals, was highly prized for use in burials and ceremonies, magical work and scrying, and as amulets on shields, swords, and armor in order to protect and strengthen warriors in battle.

In addition, most cultures such as the Romans and Greeks used onyx to carve figures of heroes and gods in intaglio and cameos engravings, to make stone inlays and tiles, seals and stamps, or as bases and handles for goldwork.

Nowadays, the luscious green variety of onyx is mainly used as a gemstone and applied in pieces of jewelry such as earrings, pendants, rings, and beaded bracelets. This stone is also carved into ornamental stones and animal figurines.

Green Onyx Metaphysical Properties

The green onyx carries all the properties of the common onyx which are discipline, protection, willpower and strength. However, its green shades also offer intense healing energies for the heart and emotional body. It stimulates your heart and bringing you a calm emotional state. By doing so, also allows for a peaceful mind so you can call upon your inner persistence, patience and endurance. As a result, self-mastery is attained and you get to easily do all the dreadful tasks without procrastination.

Green Onyx Metaphysical Properties

In addition, the green onyx is also associated with the planet Mercury, representing elevated brainpower, intellectuality and enhanced memory. So, using the green onyx, you can enhance your mental functioning while boosting your focus and concentration. Not only that, but this stone is also meant for those who wish to speak the truth from their heart. By opening your heart and providing alignment to the brain, you get to be extremely honest about your feelings and attain powerful realizations.

The protective energies of green onyx are also known to repel negativity. It is commonly worn as a piece of jewelry in order to block out negative while releasing toxicities from within. Wearing this stone is also said to increase your confidence. It provides you a strong heart and boosts your self-esteem, allowing you to stand up with your head held high and facing problems when confronted with them.  

The Benefits of Green Onyx

The green onyx is a highly beneficial stone to use in your daily life. Here are some of the benefits that it offers.

For Physical Healing

The green onyx is a powerful crystal for the treatment of disorders that affect the skin, eyes, nose and abdomen. It is reputed to help improve the functioning of your nerves while enhancing your sensory organs, particularly the ears. It helps in sharpening your hearing while assisting in the treatment of issues in your inner ear like tinnitus.

Green Onyx For Physical Healing

It is also said to help improve the conditions of your hair, teeth and bones. It assists in the treatments of disorders relating to the soft tissue structure and bone marrow. It is particularly invigorating for the feet and helps those suffering from weak legs.

Its green energies are also said to help control blood pressure as well as treating ulcers. All varieties of onyx are also credited with strengthening your immune system. It provides vitality and stamina to the body while preventing the relapses of illnesses. It is thought to improve the regulation of fluids as well as cell regeneration. Not only that, but it also assists in the elimination of wastes and the absorption of nutrients.

For Emotional Healing

The green onyx is a powerful stabilizer of the emotional body. It brings strength and stamina during confusing and difficult circumstances as well as times of tremendous physical and mental stress. This stone has the ability to calm nervousness, soothing tempers, quelling fear and restoring self-control and rational thinking.

Green Onyx For Emotional Healing

It then offers the energies of self-mastery, imparting focus and concentration as well as the gift of wise decision making. This stone can bring healing of negativities from within. Also, it is valued as a stone of separation which can help in recognizing old relationships or habits that need to be released. Then, it shall bring the much-needed inner strength in order to let these go.

As a potent support stone for the emotional body, the green onyx can assist during times f denial and grief. It brings nurturing energies during the emotional processing of acceptance, mourning and moving forward.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The green onyx is a powerful crystal that can help activate your heart chakra. This chakra is located at the center of your breastbone. It helps in regulating your interaction with the outer worlds and controlling what you resist and what you embrace.

Green Onyx For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The heart chakra also provides you the balancing ability to be yourself within the environment. When your heart chakra is out of balance, you can feel either controlled or controlling in a relationship, becoming critical of every little thing. In addition, you might have an inappropriately strong emotional response to your everyday external stimuli.

The green onyx can be used to resolve such blockages and rebalancing to the Heart chakra. This helps you understand your own emotions and needs clearly. This way, you can deal with the ups and downs of an emotional relationship, accepting changes and understanding your cyclic nature.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

The green onyx may not be a popular crystal for wealth fetching, prosperity and abundance of all kinds; however, it can be used for such intentions, nevertheless.

Green Onyx For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Its green energies can be used to attract money, wealth, luck and prosperity in your life. It helps those who need a little extra luck in their life, not only in terms of financial ventures but also romantic ones.

It is not a simple money magnet though. While it can attract money energies from the universe, this stone mainly stimulates the mind. It increases your focus and is known to assist in breaking unhealthy patterns and habits. This way, new opportunities and growth can take their place. It also features soothing vibrations and energies which can help influence your mind and body, making you more fit to attract luck, abundance and wealth to your side.

For Relationship and Love

The green energies of this onyx variety are strongly associated with your heart chakra. Thus, it helps in opening yourself to unconditional love, infusing you with the energies of love, compassion and acceptance.

This stone can inspire you to be more sensitive to the needs of your partner or other people in your close circle. It also helps in providing clear communications from the heart in order to solve and avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. Its energies can infuse you with courage and bravery, allowing you to stand up for yourself when you are wronged or if you need to right a wrong.

In terms of romantic relationships, this stone can help enhance intimacy and loving energies in your relationship. Its frequency can help unleash your sexuality and encourage you to be more affectionate, passionate and romantic to your partner. Not only that, but this stone can also help you learn your lessons in love, providing you the wisdom and confidence to do the right thing and enhancing your relationship.

Green Onyx For Relationship and Love

Furthermore, it shall provide you the strength and vitality in order to make the necessary changes and improve your current relationship. It helps you become at ease and heal from your old sorrows and pains. Not only that, but the energies of this stone should also help you in accepting the truths in your life and letting go of the things that you can’t control.

Moreover, the green onyx can also help you overcome your fears of love and getting rid of worries. It can inspire you to make smart decisions that can change your love life for the better. Plus, it also helps in strengthening your sense of self-control and anchoring you to more grounded and earthy energies.

And even if you are experiencing the most challenging times in your love life right now, with this green stone, you can ensure that everything will be alright. It helps you know with certainty that things will eventually work out in the end.

Also, this is a stone that can hold all your secrets and providing you the emotional support you need when you are going through tough times in your relationship. It can be beneficial in healing your emotional trauma and infusing you with the energies of optimism and confidence to ensure a more loving and satisfying relationship.

For Protection

The onyx has long been revered as a crystal of protection. Sharing these similar properties, the green onyx is more about protecting you against inner negativities and emotional disturbances.

Green Onyx For Protection

Carrying a green onyx can be a powerful talisman of protection that can shield you against personal darkness. This stone can prevent toxic thinking and negative emotions and feelings.

It is also known to help in removing negativities from the outside world. It can help in creating a protective shield that can hide you from unwanted energies as well as the toxic mental influences from other people around you. In addition, this stone has the ability to deter and remove all kinds of negative entities attached to your auric shield. It protects you against doubts and allows you to stay true to your beliefs and ideals.

For Sleep Insomnia

The green onyx with its soothing energies can help calm the loud and chaotic mind chattering and allows a strong reconnection with your heart. It mainly helps in easing the emotional burdens that might be causing this loud thinking, particularly at night. Plus, it also has the ability to release the accumulated stress and tension after a stressful and tiring day.

Green Onyx For Sleep Insomnia

As a result, you won’t have to stay awake at night with all the negative thinking that might be preventing you from sleeping early. Also, placing this stone under your pillow o on your bedside table can help attract soothing energies of calmness and relaxation. This should help in soothing the mind and heart while also bringing peaceful dreaming. Plus, it helps in preventing nightmares and terrors which may cause poor quality and interrupted sleeping.

For Confidence

The green energies of this onyx variety are said to bring profound confidence and clarity to your life. It mainly helps in recognizing when you are holding yourself back with the limiting beliefs. This stone can help smash through those negative thinking, allowing you to overcome these challenges and achieving your dreams.

Green Onyx For Confidence

Not only that, but the green onyx stone can also help in overcoming the old redundant doubts and fears in your life. It also helps in releasing negative behavior and thinking, allowing you to love your life with a comforting level of self-esteem and confidence.

Its gentle energies can also highlight your abilities and talents in their full glory, reversing feelings of disappointment and failure while bringing new levels f enthusiasm, strength and possibility.

For Depression and Anxiety

As a stone pulsating with healing energies and positive vibes, the green onyx is said to help in alleviating depression and anxiety while improving the way you perceive the world.

Known for its abilities to attract positive energies, this stone is an excellent stimulator of happiness, which is crucial if you want to stop the symptoms of depression and anxiety. As a strong cleanser of the emotional body, the green onyx can help in repelling negative energies while releasing negative thought and behavioral patterns. Thus, it is a great ally when you are feeling stuck or in an unending cycle of negativity.

Green Onyx For Depression and Anxiety

Not only that, but this stone can also help boost your mood while maintaining an aura of light-heartedness and joy. It can help you in looking at only the positive things in life, especially during the chaotic and difficult times.

Furthermore, green onyx is also known to bring mental clarity. It stimulates your psychological being, allowing you to better absorb and process information to provide a clearer mind and higher awareness. It is also considered a great talisman for overcoming hesitancy and depressive or anxious thinking.

So, if you ever feel anxious, depressed or helpless, then this green stone can help in elevating your mood, enhancing your thinking as well as blocking out all negative and toxic energies from your surroundings, from other people and from within you.

For Career Success

The green onyx is said to be highly beneficial for the job that requires you to face interaction with numerous people on a daily basis or facing the public. Since it is a stone that can boost your confidence, it only makes sense for public speakers or salespeople.

Not only that, but this stone is also said to help improve your communication skills, allowing you to speak your mind clearly. It can inspire you to say the right words in any given situation while making you more sympathetic to other people.

Green Onyx For Career Success

In the workplace, the green onyx is a potent stone that can help increase your focus and improving your concentration. It allows you to concentrate on the work at hand and whatever dreaded tasks or projects you need to undertake. Other than that, this stone is also said to help your decision-making skills. It can increase your gut feeling and intuition while providing the courage you need in order to such feelings.

In addition, the green onyx stone is a potent ally when you’re experiencing the loss of willpower and strength to work towards your career goals. It helps release stagnant energy and prevent procrastination so you reach your professional goals.

Moreover, this stone is also said to boost your intelligence while sharpening your memory. It has the ability to enhance your mental acuity and allows you to easily absorb and learn new things. It also makes you more enthusiastic about your job, while also removing all doubts about yourself that might be limiting you from going after your career goals and dreams.

For Empaths

The green onyx is a powerful stone for highly sensitive or empathic individuals. With its soothing green rays, this crystal is said to help in removing or releasing any stagnant or negative energy within yourself and from your environment.

Green Onyx For Empaths

It mainly helps in absorbing these lower energies so that empathic or sensitive individuals will not have to feel depleted or intoxicated. being an empath means that you are always prone to taking the emotional pain, burdens and negativities from other people as if it is your own. This may cause balance problems or blockages with your heart chakra and makes you feel toxic or overwhelmed. The energies of the green onyx can help bring balance and stability to your emotional body while also strengthening your kindness and compassion.

This stone is also suitable for calming intense emotions, getting rid of your distress while encouraging a healthy relationship with others. It also helps in improving your intuition and gut feelings, allowing you to stay away from the people that only drain your energy.

Furthermore, the green onyx can help create a protective shield around your auric field in order to deflect the negative energies from your surroundings and toxic influence from other people that can suck on your stamina and energy. This stone shall then bring a sense of emotional peace and calmness while supporting better health and wellbeing.

Combining Green Onyx With Other Crystal Stones

The green onyx can be combined with other crystal stones in order to improve its energies or if you want to focus on a specific healing intention. With that said, here are some of the best crystal combinations for green onyx.

Green Onyx + Fluorite

For increasing your focus, concentration and mental aptitude, try pairing the energies of green onyx with the fluorite stone.

Green Onyx + Fluorite

Green onyx is an excellent crystal for students or those with a job that requires mental aptitude and discipline. This is a powerful crystal that assists in increasing your focus and concentration on the task at hand. It allows you to complete tasks with full concentration and focus, resulting in the quick completion of projects and tasks.

Now, pairing it with the energies of fluorite, you can expect to double your concentration and focus. Known as one of the best stones for mental focus and aptitude, the fluorite crystal is born out of fluorescent minerals which have the power to bring order to a loud and chaotic mind chattering. So, if you’re always distracted and struggling in completing your daily activities, this fluorite stone can help improve your attention and concentration.

Dubbed as the stone of Discernment, fluorite can also heighten your mental abilities. It has the ability to remove mental or creative blocks which is the often cause of lack of focus. Green onyx, too, can help increase your concentration by allowing you to understand things easier and faster while inducing a positive environment conducive to faster learning.

So, whether you are working on a tight deadline, doing research or studying for an exam, the combined energies of green onyx and fluorite can help in clear thinking. They help in boosting your mental acuity while pushing your mind to work more effectively even during stressful times.

Green Onyx + Emerald

A luscious, green combination, the pairing of green onyx and emerald can help activate and open your heart chakra, suitable for enhancing relationships.

Green Onyx + Emerald

The energies of green onyx are a strong protector of the heart chakra. This gives you a sense of well-being while also removing the negative emotions. Then, it helps ins stabilizing your emotions and energies. Not only that, but this stone can also be used to attract and bring romantic luck into your life.

Now, combining it with the vibrant rays of the emerald stone, you can enjoy harmony and peace in your new love or existing relationship. This stone has long been revered for romanticism and enjoys romantic opportunities in your committed or new love life. It helps in boosting a beautiful, peaceful and loving relationship with your partner.

Using both stones, you can experience a harmonious and more loving relationship. These crystals work together to bring you love, passion and commitment to enjoy a lasting partnership.

Green Onyx + Watermelon Tourmaline

If you wish to boost your patience and want to keep a cool head during stressful situations, then this is a great combination to try.

Green Onyx + Watermelon Tourmaline

Green onyx with its brilliant green energies brings patience. With its strong association to the heart chakra and as an earthy stone, it helps in bringing patience and perseverance, whether in your relationship or at work. This stone can help ease arguments or any misunderstandings, while also removing feelings of upsets and disappointments.

Meanwhile, the beautiful amalgamation of pink and green shades in the watermelon tourmaline offers a strong connection to your heart and higher heart chakra. Its soothing energies are known to provide the understanding and a calm demeanor to any chaotic situation. This allows you to respond to arguments and misunderstandings with kindness, diplomacy and tact.

As the green onyx help promote a patient nature, the watermelon tourmaline can empower you to treat others with compassion and understanding. Together, using both stones allow you to enjoy a more peaceful and meaningful existence without being stressed or getting into arguments with other people or your partner.

Green Onyx + Clear Quartz

If you wish to empower and amplify all energies of the green onyx, then you need to pair it with clear quartz.

Green Onyx + Clear Quartz

The clear quartz is dubbed as the Master Healer. Its clear crystalline structure is known to amplify or increase all energies that you program into it. So, if you want to enjoy the more empowered energies of the green onyx, then you certainly need to program it with clear quartz.

In particular, though, the pairings of green onyx and clear quartz are best for strengthening your mental acuity. The green onyx is an excellent stone for mental alertness and strengthening your memories, allowing you to remember information longer. It also helps in increasing your focus while reducing the loss of memory due to concentration lapses. Plus, it also helps in the stimulation of greater mental capacity.

The clear quartz can easily amplify this intention. Plus, the fact, that the clear quartz strongly resonates with the crown chakra also helps boost this intention. It brings awareness to divine knowledge and assists in intellectual enhancement and memory retention.

Whatever energies of green onyx you want to be amplified, pairing it with the clear quartz can ensure the increased earthy energies you want.

Green Onyx + Larimar

In order to create a relaxing, peaceful, tranquil and welcoming environment for times of extreme stress, try pairing the energies of the green onyx with larimar.

Green Onyx + Larimar

The green onyx with its strong connection to the heart chakra can bring balance and stability to your emotional body. It helps in removing worries and all negativities from within, which allows a clear path for serenity and clarity to flow.

Meanwhile, the larimar stone features divine, etheric energies that shall induce peace and tranquility. In fact, its appearance alone can induce a seen of relaxation to the eyes. This is a wonderful stone that can help in overcoming stressful moments in your life.

The green onyx will stimulate and unblock your chakra, healing your emotional body and inducing relaxing and comforting energies of positivity. Larimar, on the other hand, will stimulate all four upper chakras, bringing them into alignment. As a result, you can raise your consciousness to higher levels where wisdom, serenity, grace and calmness can be found and experienced.

In addition, using both green onyx and larimar can also prevent negative emotions and feelings. Their gentle energy shall help block anything that can disturb your inner sense of relaxation and peace.

Green Onyx + Red Jasper

Pairing the green onyx with the redness of jasper can create a powerful alignment of your heart chakra to your root chakra.

Green Onyx + Red Jasper

The green onyx is a heart-based stone. This provides strength, stability and balance to your emotional body. Also, it helps in the release of negative energies and emotions from within. This way, you can overcome the everyday stress and emotional challenges of life.

Now, after cleansing and absorbing negative energies from your emotional body and heart, the red jasper can assist in the release of these toxic energies back to earth. Furthermore, its strong red color and with the title of Stone of Endurance and Vibrancy, the red jasper can stimulate your root chakra. This provides nurturing energies and stirring life and energy back to your physical body.

As a result, both your physical and emotional body will be energized. This boosts your motivation and stamina, making you more capable of with dealing all challenges and obstacles in this life.

Is Green Onyx a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Green onyx is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is considered a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Green Onyx is April 20 – May 20 Birthstone

The green energies of this onyx variety are considered to be a natural birthstone for those born between April 20 and May 20, during the heart of spring. The green onyx is said to bring success in your professional and financial goals, good health, renewal and growth.

Green Onyx is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo, Capricorn, Libra and Leo

The green onyx resonates with several zodiac signs. For one, it is said to complement those born under the banner of Virgo. People born under the sign Virgo is said to be reliable and have an excellent memory. They are considered to be good decision-makers and are straight thinkers.

Green Onyx is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo

The energies of green onyx can further amplify such traits, bringing success to Virgoans in their professional and career ventures. In addition, Virgos also have good manners and can be quite faithful once they find their true love or soulmate. Again, with its strong connection to the heart chakra, the green onyx can enhance the Virgoan’s loving energies.

The green onyx is also linked to those born under the sign of Capricorn. This beautiful stone is said to encourage the Capricorns, providing them the courage and strength to find happiness and positivity in accomplishing their goals. The potent energies of the green onyx are said to spark optimism and charisma in the pessimistic Capricorns.

Furthermore, this stone is also said to help in enhancing the leadership qualities of the Capricorn. Its energies can envelop Capricorns in an aura of confidence and respect. In addition, it also helps encourage Capricorns to be kinder, more compassionate and patient to others.

Libras are also said to resonate well with the green onyx. People born under the banner of Libra are known to be strong-willed, artistic, sensitive and respectful. However, Librans tend to doubt themselves and their skills.

The energies of the green onyx can help in increasing their confidence and self-esteem by activating and opening the heart chakra, allowing self-love and faith to flourish. In addition, this stone is also said to help enhance the capability of Librans to understand and relate with other people.

Green Onyx is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo

Lastly, green onyx is said to relate well with Leo. This stone has the ability to calm the excessive and stubborn energies of Leo and keeping their lively personality under control. Not only that, but the stone is also said to help increase Leo’s focus and concentration. This way, it can align Leo’s attention to achieving your objectives and goals.

The heart-centered energies of green onyx are also important for Leos who struggle to release their feelings of disappointments and failure. It can provide encouragement when they are going through difficult times, allowing them to accept support when they need it. Also, the green onyx can empower the positive aspects of Leo’s character to flourish. This makes it wonderful for supporting new beginnings and in developing more meaningful relationships.

Meditation with Green Onyx

The green onyx is said to help you maintain and embrace natural rhythmic breathing that is conducive to entering and achieving depth in a meditative state. After achieving this depth, the energies of this stone can maintain cool energy of deliberate reflection while emitting potent frequencies of healing.

In addition, the green onyx can also promote healing of the body, mind and heart. Using meditation can help clarify doubts and fears while enhancing self-confidence.

How to Cleanse and Charge Green Onyx?

The green onyx is a happy stone that requires cleansing and recharging every now and then in order to ensure that you can benefit from its potent energies. There are several ways you can do this.

To physically clean your green onyx crystal, you only need to bathe it in warm soapy water. Then using your fingers or a soft toothbrush, gently rub its surface in order to remove accumulated dust and debris from its crystalline surface. After that, you can rinse it thoroughly and pat dry.

How to Cleanse and Charge Green Onyx

Now, to recharge and cleanse its vibrational energies, you can simply let it soak in a bowl filled with seawater or other natural water sources. Or you can also bury it in a bowl filled with sea salt. If you don’t have access to natural water sources, then you can simply wait for the full moon. Place it outside under the rays of the full moon in order to cleanse and soak in lunar energies.

If you can’t wait for the full moon, then you can also let this stone bathe in earthy energies. Simply leave it in your garden or bury it in a pot filled with nutrient-rich soil. However, if you want a much cleaner approach, then you can simply smudge the stone with your preferred herb bundle or incense stick.

Also, if you have a singing bowl, then you can use its sound vibrations to remove the toxic energies within the stone. If you have large quartz crystal or amethyst generators, then you can also let your green onyx sit with these stones to recharge its powers.

Final Thoughts

The green onyx is a symbol of restfulness and purity. It has the energy to relieve all your fears, worries, stress and tension. Its soothing earthy-green energies can provide you positive and strong feelings while providing mental and emotional support.

This allows you to make sound and wise judgments and decisions during times of challenges and difficulties. With its heart-based energy, the green onyx can also enhance your love life. It helps pin improving the level of sensuality, intimacy and overall health of your relationship.

These versatile energies of green onyx make it a must-have in your growing crystal collection.


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