Heart Chakra Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Heart Chakra Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Heart Chakra

Considered the center of our feelings, the heart chakra is the sacred place in which love can blossom and awake. With the help of this chakra, you tend to forgive naturally and easily. It makes you feel that your heart is always full and is not lacking. If you want to know more about this chakra then keep on reading.

The Meaning of the Heart Chakra

Also called the Anahata in Sanskrit. the heart chakra will fill your life with kindness, beauty, and love. This chakra will connect both the spiritual and earthly goals since it is encouraged by the philosophies of revolution and incorporation.

The Meaning of the Heart Chakra

The primary functions and meanings that are linked to the Anahata involve not only the love for yourself but other people too. The heart chakra will rule how you handle a certain relationship and how you relate to others.

This chakra will provide you with kindness and empathy. It is also in charge in charge of your capacity to accept and at the same time forgive. With this chakra, you can achieve calmness and peace and properly mourn. What’s more, you can attain complete judgment and remain kind.

The heart chakra, on the other hand, is the center of consciousness and the integration of insight, particularly when amplified by the April birthstones. When this chakra is open and free, you’ll feel connected and experience a pleasant-sounding exchange of energies with everything that is around you. As a matter of fact, you have improved your gratitude for magic, beauty, and wonder.

But, when there is something that blocks the heart chakra, unfortunately, you will have a hard time relating to others. You are more likely to experience codependency and wariness and become closed off or withdrawn.

What is the Symbol for the Heart Chakra?

A circle that has 12 petals is the representation of the heart chakra. There is a descending-pointing triangle that’s interlaced with a descending-pointing triangle that makes a 6-pointed star or a hexagram.

What is the Symbol for the Heart Chakra?

The interconnecting triangles represent the element of air along with its sweeping attributes.  Aside from that, the triangles also symbolize the union of different principles and energies such as matter and spirit as well as the yin and yang energies.

On the other hand, the star that the symbol of the heart chakra makes will radiate the wonderful unification of the heart chakra’s features and force as the center of integration and connection. Moreover, usually, the 12 petals are represented with red color. Most of the time, you will find that the symbol of the heart chakra has artwork in jewelry or on clothing intended to work with the Anahata effectively.

The heart chakra’s symbol is very eye-catching and unique. In fact, those who want to heal their Anahata visualize the symbol while they are meditating. But as we go over this article you will find out that there are plenty of ways how you can develop your connection with the heart chakra.

What is the Color of the Heart Chakra?

Many people think that the color of the heart chakra is pink. But the truth is, this chakra is associated with green.

The chakra’s auric color is perceived as a smoky pink that is the common representation of romance and love. Green is a combination of yellow and blue. It is also the shade of love and exists in the center of being which is the center of the heart.

What is the Color of the Heart Chakra?

Green, on the other hand, is the color of love and transformation. It will allow you to transmute your ego and even the needs of the lower chakras. The green chakra will infuse you with inspiration so that you will become more sympathetic and loving. It is the color of development, balance, and life. It’s over your balance that you find out the center where you can build a nurturing and healthy relationship and accept and give love.

The energy of this color is soothing and calming. As we all know it is the color of the grass, nature, and trees. As you unfold the petals of this chakra, you’ll also find out the seat of kindness for yourself and other people. You will begin to emit love and feel the interconnectedness of the things in your life.

When it comes to the physical level, the color green of the heart chakra will relate to the heart, lungs, chest, shoulders, breasts, thymus gland, cardiac nerve plexus, and arms. Those who have powerful green energy tend to offer the energy of openness and stand tall. But people who have poor charka energy are tight in the upper body because they’re slouching and their shoulders are dropping forward.

The gift of the green color includes a healthy circulation of blood and a healthy heart. It will even help in boosting your immune system. Those who have this color of charka have a flexible upper back and neck and a stronger upper body.

But some of the physical issues of the heart chakra’s color are tight and sore muscles in the upper part of the body, lung, and heart problems as well as imbalanced immune systems.

Mentally, the green color of the heart chakra symbolizes expansion and development. It makes building a relationship with other people a lot easier. It will also bring the energies of growth and independence. In fact, it is the element of self-acceptance and the acceptance of other people.

The green color symbolizes the growth stage especially when you are starting to form a relationship with loved ones and friends. Usually, this is the cause when your heart chakra turns out to be blocked and imbalanced. But when the green chakra is firm, you have nothing to worry about because you will become more sociable and mix emotions with reason a lot easier. You will be able to see the association and the significance of having a great balance between these two things.

But you tend to be difficult and serious when this chakra is weak. You will see yourself always demanding perfection since you are just using your intelligence and reason, not your feelings.

Emotionally, the color green is expansive. With this color, you will be able to radiate peace and love in order to allow other people to know that they are completely acknowledged for who they are. However, when this energy turns out to be excessive or blocked it will become the opposite of this loving and calming energy.

Green will make you more sympathetic and loving. It will set a healthy boundary so that you will stay balanced emotionally. Further, the color of the fourth chakra will teach you to love yourself. Thus, you will be able to maintain a healthy relationships with other people. Green will remind you to remain friendly and become more adapted to the plight of other people.

However, when a feeble green energy is present, you will become judgmental not only to others but to yourself as well. You become very envious and short-tempered. You may also become narcissistic and lack kindness. There are even poor or weak limitations leaving you vulnerable and suspicious.

Spiritually. the color green chakra will grow your spirit. In fact, from a spiritual outlook, green will remind you that you’re entering the powers and wonders of love. But if the energy is powerful, you tend to become serene, peaceful, kind, and humane. You know that your feelings are just a fragment of something better and all things are interconnected. Also, you will completely understand the true meaning of love, especially the unconditional one. Thus, you will do your best to love yourself.

However, for the green chakra, challenges may also arise. It is because when there’s an imbalance or blockage, you’re more likely to experience devastating heartache. You won’t be able to feel or perceive your association with the better life that lies ahead.

Indeed, there will be fear in your heart, but there’ll be love as well.

Where is the Heart Chakra Located?

The heart chakra is located in the middle of your chest, right in the center of your breasts. It is named the heart chakra simply because it is a little of the left side of your actual heart. As the 4th chakra, you need to know that it’s multidimensional.

Where is the Heart Chakra Located?

It’s actively represented with a front going over the center of your chest as well as a rear-going over your spine right in the center of your shoulder blades.

Due to the placement of this chakra, it is often connected to the cardiac system and even the lungs. These organs are interdependent and in order to work properly, they depend on breathing functions. The heart chakra is also connected to the thymus gland which is responsible for controlling your immune system.

Characteristics and Traits of the Heart Chakra

The Anahata is connected to someone’s capability to love. It is about incorporation and it serves as a connection between spiritual and earthy wishes. The heart chakra will transcend your limits and identity on your ego. Further, it will allow you to experience connection and love with everything and everyone. It also has a heart-centered judgment. It will offer the gift of gratitude for the loveliness of everything.

Characteristics and Traits of the Heart Chakra

The energies of this chakra will focus on experiencing a more profound and meaningful relationship. In fact, it is the chakra that will connect uppers’ chakras with the lower ones. It is also the chakra that serves as the midpoint of the integration of earthly matters and higher ambitions. This chakra is about connecting and at the same relating. The prominence of the is on receiving, love, sharing, and how vulnerable you are in a relationship.    

This chakra will help you in converting your emotions and experiences. In fact, this makes it a crucial part of relationships, be it with yourself or with others. Love that’s sensed through this chakra isn’t only about romance. Actually, it will go beyond the restrictions of your own preoccupations and ego. 

When you are living from your heart and the energy of your heart is opened and balanced, you will be able to see evidently and you can even position yourself in any given situation. Remember, your heart chakra is the center in which you can experience life’s beauty. But when it becomes weakened by a circumstance or hasn’t properly developed yet, your heart chakra will become blocked and overactive. However, these imbalances can be addressed by harmonizing your chakras and supporting your heart chakra in coming up with healthier ways to handle energies.

As a result, it will become overactive since it is paying for the blocked energies in your other chakras. In that way, you will be able to open and regain your balance. When you focus on your heart chakra, you can easily manage the associated symptoms.

What Causes an Overactive and Unbalanced Heart Chakra?

As mentioned, your heart chakra is dominant to your capability to accept and offer love. Some of the emotions or feelings that are associated with this chakra are obligation, gratefulness, solitude, clemency, grief, hate, hatred, love, bitterness, anger, self-centeredness, generosity, kindness, and faithfulness.

Both life experiences and problems that affect the are abandonment, emotional abuse, injustice, divorce, adultery, breach of trust, death of a family member, and rejection. Often, the pain of this chakra is associated with having broken hearts from being dissatisfied by someone you really love. 

Rejection, abuse, grief, loss, and trauma are painful to experience and please note that they can leave energetic impressions on your heart chakra. When this chakra’s energy is blocked, you will surely experience a flow of painful and negative emotions.

Each one of us has a relationship history. And in this history, we all know that there are lots of things that gave us negative and positive experiences about loving other people and love.

What Causes an Overactive and Unbalanced Heart Chakra?

On the other hand, if you have an overactive chakra, it may result in a lack of discernment and wisdom in a relationship. Often, the Anahata is apparent as the point of incorporation for your personal and unselfish goals through relationships and love. 

The moment that this energy center will be used excessively, it confuses the limitations between yourself and other people to the extent of mistreating the powers of love and losing your identity.

Those who have a heart chakra that is overactive are governed by their feelings. Usually, they may find it hard to control them and to release the pains of the past. Some of the most common signs of an overactive chakra include an undiscerning way of loving. There’s an absence or lack of limitations not only in platonic relationships but in romantic ones as well.  In addition to that, there is a possibility to bear too much from other people to the extent of ignoring your own desires and needs.

When you have an overactive charka, you easily accept others without discrimination. You will also drop your sense of identity.

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Heart Chakra

Because of your life experiences that have strong charges either on a physical or emotional level, your may become imbalanced or blocked. The blockages may manifest in the flow of energy and the predisposition to be overactive.

When your heart chakra is blocked, you tend to be too defensive. You will feel closed down and jealous as well. Besides, you will greatly depend on the approval and attention of other people. As a result, you are trying to please everybody and act as the savior or rescuer.

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Heart Chakra

Also, if you are in the habit of keeping your feelings bottled up, it will surely take a toll on your romantic love. Remember, if you do this, you’ll feel lots of pressure in the chest that may lead to anxiety. And when you hold back, it will affect your life’s quality. Thus, looking for a haven where you can release your feelings is the key.

Another sign that you have a blocked or unbalanced chakra is that your fear of commitment will rise out of concern. You may think that there is someone better than your current partner, the person you’re with might not be your soulmate, and other reasons that stop you to commit to a person you love.

Much like commitment problems, if your heart chakra is blocked or out of balance, you may also experience serious deferment in terms of meeting someone better and getting better. And if you want a relationship, you will need to make changes as well as snuff yourself out there despite it feeling very overwhelming.

If you notice that you’re not making enough time to look for someone, can’t find a person suitable to you, or don’t have time to grow or build relationships, your heart chakra is blocked.

On the other hand, both stress and anxiety may transpire for a number of reasons such as pressure at the workplace. But despite the main source, if you handle it healthily, you will feel better. What’s more, optimism may also spread in other aspects of your life.

Additionally, if you can’t accept attention from other people, even if you truly want it could be because of a blocked or unbalanced heart chakra. Most of the time, it has to do with fear of getting hurt again. While it is completely understandable, doing everything that you can to cure your fourth chakra will give you the courage to take risks over and over again.

One more thing if you’re experiencing very low self-esteem, make sure to find out why and how you can make changes. Admit it or not, often, you do not comprehend how much your negative self-talk is holding you back. What’s more, it will block your capacity to receive and give love. Each one of us deserved to be loved and loved. But if you’re too perilous of yourself, you’re doing what you don’t want to do.

The List of Crystal Stones for the Heart Chakra

Those who want to realign, develop and heal their health chakras tend to welcome a wide variety of stones into their life. The good this is that there are lots of crystals and stones designed for this purpose.

Every kind of these stone comes with various specialisms and we will talk about them below. All you need to do is find and embrace the crystal along with its energies that will speak to you the most.



Rhodochrosite is one of the best crystals to use in cleansing the heart chakra. This is extremely beneficial to ease the obstinate blockages caused by your previous pains. since this stone for the is a great emotional releaser, it will boost confidence and get rid of self-criticism and self-doubt.

Rhodochrosite is also governed by the planet Venus which is known as the love’s planet. The powerful heart bass energies of this stone will promote unconditional and generous love.

This crystal for the heart chakra will help you to connect with a loved one or a long-lost friend. On the other hand, if you want to bring more love into this world and reunite with your innermost child in order to bring more loyalty and joy into your life, Rhodochrosite can be very beneficial for you.



Emerald is considered one of the purest forms of energy. In fact, it is also the favorite stone for healing and opening the Anahata chakra.

Known as the stone successful of love, emerald will regain the balance to a certain relationship, promote faithfulness and improve unconditional love.

Emerald will also improve partnerships as well as unity. with its powerful green energy, this crystal for the chakra will let you recover from a negative emotion or energy. Emerald will then transform it into positive ones.

Another good thing about this green stone is that it will strengthen your ability to live your life to the fullest. It is also believed to support the healing of the heart while embracing the qualities of love and kindness.

Known as the stone of prediction, emeralds can also bring knowledge and wisdom to their wearers. It can also bring emotional, mental, and physical balance.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. It is one of the most loved stones for healing thechakra.

With its vivid pink hue, this quartz variety can offer wonderful feminine energies that resonate with the heart chakra as well as the higher heart chakra.

This stone comes with strong capabilities to deepen a relationship while purifying and cleansing your heart. Rose quartz will support any type of relationship. This promotes emotional healing and opens the Anahata to the flow of love.

This stone for the heart chakra will also help in attracting love and strengthening compassion. It will eliminate negative emotions and vibrations and replace them with loving energies. The stone will even break down the walls you built in your heart for protection.

In addition to that, the vibrational energies of this stone will infiltrate the inner chambers of the heart chakra in which traumatic experiences and emotional wounds are hiding. Rose Quartz will cleanse the said part in order to lift and lighten one’s spirit. This will then eliminate the deep-seated as well as long-buried griefs and traumas. If you want to develop real self-love, relieve heartaches, and grow closer to your loved ones, Rose Quartz can greatly benefit you.



Malachite is considered a strong healing stone for your heart chakra due to its vibrant green color. This stone is capable of absorbing negative vibrations and energies letting you get rid of damaging thought patterns and behaviors.

Malachite, on the other hand, is called the transformation stone. Its potent energies will relieve heartaches and inspire you to leave the past pains and move forward instead. The loving and calm energies of this stone for the chakra will bring faithfulness to relationships. It will also help in stabilizing yourself.

Also known as the stone of balance, Malachite can balance intentions, manifestations, and prosperity too. It is even a go-to-stone for an empath. It can restore balance every time you get overwhelmed by the feelings of other people.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Since it is considered the stone of opportunity, Green Aventurine can be used in attracting energies and vibrations of success and prosperity. But this beautiful green stone is mainly connected to your heart chakra. It can also be used in encouraging harmony.

The soft vibrations of Green Aventurine will calm negativity in a relationship and let you see the behaviors and patterns that are no longer healthy, releasing and eliminating them in order to bring in a lot of new opportunities.

This heart chakra stone will also allow you to feel faith and positivity. This, in turn, allows you to move on with confidence while accepting good changes. S

On the other hand, since Green Aventurine is strongly connected to nature, it works as a powerful protector of your chakra. It will offer auric protection, making walks that will stop energy parasites from entering and negative connections looking for your emotional energies.

Further, you can use this stone if you want to stabilize your emotions, increase concentration and feel a greater sense of well-being. Green Aventurine can also be used to find your soulmate and if you wish to have idealistic luck.



Rhodonite is one of the much-loved stones among healers and even counselors as it encourages forgiveness and goodness of speech. Aside from the root chakra, Rhodonite can also be used in healing, opening, or balancing the heart chakra.

With its pink and at the same time red color, this heart chakra stone can also be used in balancing emotions. It will show the two sides of an issue and give balance especially when you are under pressure. With that in mind, rhodonite can help you when you are facing a difficult time in your relationship when conciliation and compassion are needed.

Every time you feel stuck in your relationship, using Rhodonite can be of great help. This stone for the chakra can regain harmony, happiness, and youthfulness and promote passion. In addition to that, this wonderful stone can also transform traumas and emotional paints into forgiveness and love. It is also dubbed the stone of self-love since rhodonite can help in releasing fear and self-doubt and boosting self-esteem and confidence.



This stone works to soothe your worries and release all emotional distress. It will also let you connect your heart to nature. Prehnite which is considered the stone of healing and unconditional love can offer tranquility and calmness to its wearers.

Aside from its benefits to relationships, this stone for the heart chakra can is also an excellent stone for healers and shamans. The reason for this is that, the stone can enhance prophecy, improve visualizations and deepen meditation to link to the cosmic grid.

On the other hand, if you want to make your spiritual vibrations stronger, make sure to be in concord with the things that will align your actions to the heart and highest good. This becomes a lot easier especially when you introduce Prehnite in your life.

Green Jade

Green Jade

When it comes to the family of Jade, we cannot deny the fact that the most popular and common color is green. Jam-packed with purity and peacefulness, this stone for the chakra may help in increasing compassion, wisdom, and love. In addition to making a relationship stronger, Green Jade will also protect you from negative or bad energies. It will also bring luck to a friendship as well as the power to improve daydreams and imaginations.

On the other hand, if you are not complete about yourself and you need extra confidence and self-esteem, this stone can help you as well. Green Jade does a great job when it comes to creating balance and accord as well as promoting persistence and open-mindedness most especially in a relationship.



Amazonite’s wild and strong energies come with distinct stimulating effects on your chakra. This stone will also help you to awaken your sympathy as well as compassion.

The fascinating attribute of this stone for the heart chakra supports not only the chakra but the throat chakra as well. In other words, Amazonite will make a connection between these two chakras.

Amazonite is also believed to balance controlling relationships. It will even make you feel less critical. In addition to that, this beautiful stone may help in clearing the blockages of the Anahata and let honest and affectionate communication flow.

Another great thing about it is that you will be able to see the emotional problems clearly without judging your value as a person and having second thoughts. Amazonite can also help you in finding calmness and most importantly, attaining peace on an emotional level. This will soothe long-settled traumas and dispel fears allowing positive energies to flow in.

That is why, if you think you need some confidence, then the energies of this stone will give you the boost of confidence you need. It will also help in welcoming harmony, self-discovery, and making more positive attitudes.



Peridot is a great stone that can be used to heal the emotional body and promote accord in a relationship. This stone for the heart chakra can heal sensitive egos and clear negative energies. As a result, anxiety over the matter of your heart will be reduced.

Peridot will also teach you that holding on to your past pains won’t help your current happiness and may only hinder your personal development. This stone, on the other hand, can facilitate self-forgiveness and teach you to forgive other people in a healthier and more compassionate way.

Keep in mind that to forgive someone doesn’t always mean that you need to disregard their behaviors and understand them. Meaning to say, you decided to let go of all the hurts and damages they have caused you. Thus, you will be able to move forward to better contentment and happiness in life.

In addition to that, if you’re dealing with a feeling of resentment, protectiveness, or anger in your current relationship, you can take advantage of the joyous and light vibrations of this stone for the fourth chakra in order to clean the atmosphere. From here, you will be able to find out the main cause of such negative feelings or emotions.


Stacked from 112 and stitched from 3 images

An energetic crystal, you can program Epidote a great stone for the chakra in order to improve a certain intention that you wish to bring into reality. This stone may also foster a more intimate and stronger connection. With that in mind, it is safe to say that Epidote can help in strengthening a relationship.

This stone for the chakra can also be utilized in attracting more abundance and prosperity in your life. It will require you to give, so you will be able to receive something in exchange. With Epidote, what you are throwing out to the universe is what’ll come to you. Having that said, make sure that you’re only throwing kindness and love so that these things will also find their way back to you.



Chrysoprase is another powerful stone that can be used in opening your heart chakra. It will promote optimism and joy, making it a good inspiration in your life. This stone will unblock the Anahata by allowing strong energies from the heart toward the universe.

When you have an open and balanced heart charka, Chrysoprase will attract plenty of love and pleasure. Also, if you are having a hard time dealing with your personal relationship, having a piece of this heart chakra stone can be very beneficial.

Chrysoprase can restore your trust in someone you love and repair the broken connection that you have with the person who is special to you. This stone will also ease the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and tension. It will even give you balance on an emotional level.

Nevertheless, when you see yourself stuck in a terrible situation, Chrysoprase will infuse you with optimism and help you with your inner development.



An unusual stone, Fuchsite encourages relaxation and contentment. Please note that these two things are very important in all types of stressful situations. It is also known as the stone of the healers since it is capable of inviting miracles into one’s life.

Fuchsite will help in repairing the damages caused by negativities and pains. The stone will give off an inspiring light by encouraging your happy-go-lucky and lively side.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Associated with your heart chakra, Moss Agate is considered the stone with amazing healing powers. This heart chakra stone comes with grounding and strengthening effects since it is vibrating at slower frequencies and lower intensities.

Moss Agate may help in bringing more supportive energies to the chakra. As a result, you will be able to accomplish healing from emotional problems. It’s also an effective stone that can balance energies on emotional, physical, and intellectual levels. It will even harmonize both the good and bad forces.

When you’re carrying or wearing Moss Agate you will feel that your self-worth and confidence will amplify. What’s more, you will have stronger abilities to handle your devastating responsibility. This is particularly true when this heart chakra stone is used as a pendant.

Moss Agate can bring energy from the outer body as well as from the chakras physically by letting energies move from the head down to the feet. This stone is also called the stone of abundance. So, if you want to entice financial abundance into your life, consider wearing Moss Agate on your body or carrying a piece in your purse and pocket.

Since this stone strongly resonates with the chakra, Moss Agate will offer you the chance to improve your friendship and make your compatibility with other people stronger. 

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

Another wonderful stone that governs your heart chakra is the Green Tourmaline. The good thing about this crystal is that it has lots to do with how you love yourself and other people. Green Tourmaline will protect you from an individual who wants to disrupt your balance and healthy chakra. This is possible because they suck your energies dry.

Further, if you are working with people draining you of your energies emotionally, wear a necklace that has Green Tourmaline. In fact, when you do this, you will protect yourself against others who are longing for drama.

This green stone of the heart chakra also works with your root chakra and crown chakra. However, Green Tourmaline has the most powerful influence on your Anahata.



Dioptase is also a beautiful stone that is connected to your heart chakra. As a matter of fact, it can also be used in the high heart chakra or thymus. This stone will help eliminate your need to control others. Its green color which is the color of Anahata can absorb emotional wounds as well as overlooked hurts.

Dioptase can also remove the pain of desertion. heartaches, betrayal, grief, and sorrows. It will teach you that any difficulty and pain in a relationship is something that we all need to experience to learn more about ourselves.

This, on the other hand, helps in repairing the broken connection that you have with others especially the ones closest to your heart. It will restore the emotional black holes that are seeking love. Dioptase will clear off your insights regarding how love ought to be and bring fresh love vibrations your way.

When it comes to the emotional level, this stone may also help in activating the psychic vision most especially when you place it on your third eye chakra.



Aside from being a root chakra crystal, Bloodstone will also resonate with the chakra. This stone can give off energies that are both loving and vitalizing. It will also improve your personal strength in a manner that is heart-centered as well as gentle.

When using bloodstone, you will learn to see yourself in a new way and transmute as a result. With the presence of this stone for the heart chakra, you will be able to overcome your fears and more importantly, transform to expansion and development.

Bloodstone will help you in understanding your emotions or feelings, accepting changes, and releasing changes. Through self-acceptance, you will be able to embrace the new beginning and move on in order to achieve a higher purpose.

Green Quartz

green quartz

Another wonderful stone for the heart chakra that can promote love, empathy, and kindness is Green Quartz. This stone works to boost your acceptance of yourself and other people. It can also bring you stability on an emotional level.

Green Quartz, on the other hand, is all about giving emotional healing, balancing a relationship, and wholeness, and helping a person to open up. Aside from that, this stone will lessen the feelings of rejection, heartache, and solitude.

Unakite Jasper

unakite jasper

This stone contains the colors of the chakra – pink and green. Having that said, Unakite Jasper is another great stone for the fourth chakra that can bring more kindness, care, and love into your life.

Further, it is an ideal crystal for emotional balance. It will even work to uplift you and let go of all the deep-seated emotional blockages gently. Unakite Jasper will help you with matters concerning the heart and encourage a harmonious and healthy relationship.

In fact, when it comes to a business partnership, is also proven effective, particularly those involving family members. Unakite Jasper is perfect to use especially if you wish to experience personal strength that is heart-centered. It will even help in promoting healthy lungs and heart.

Pink Opal

pink opal

It is a soothing and calming stone that can help in settling a relationship that is emotionally charged. Pink Opal also helps in releasing subconscious trauma and pain. The gentle energy of this stone will open your heart and encourages healing for emotional pains.

Pink Opal can also bring acceptance, love, hope, and peace. It will relieve fear, grief, heartache, sadness, and worry. It will even support a long-distance relationship and help resolve problems from your previous life relationship.



Did you know that Lepidolite resonates with all of your chakras? It is actually true but is more focused on the heart chakra. Known as the stone of peace, Lepidolite will improve your mood while reducing your anxiety. Its energies are both soothing and calming and can bring happiness and peace to its wearers.

This stone for the chakra will inspire you to accept changes in life as you discover to get rid of fear and self-doubt. It will help you to be complete and whole without looking for happiness in other people.

When you use this stone, being present and stile becomes a lot easier. As a result, you will better understand yourself and surpass difficult periods. Lepidolite can also help you to perceive the beauty of your sufferings.

How to Open Your Heart Chakra with Crystal Stones?

A healing crystal is a good way to balance and open the chakra. The following are some of the most effective ways you can try to make the most out of your stones for the chakra.

How to Open Your Heart Chakra with Crystal Stones?
  • Consider wearing a pink or green stone in jewelry, particularly as a necklace or pendant. When you do this, the stone’s vibrational energy will be closed enough to your heart chakra in order to soothe and kindle it and offer energy for giving and obtaining love.
  • The crystal stones for the chakra can also be used in meditation. Place a stone for this chakra and then hold it in your hands while meditating. What’s more, you can put in on the chakra and focus your attention on self-love, unrestricted love as well as the other attributes of Anahata.
  • To enhance the loving energies of people living in your home, place a green or pink healing stone around.
  • Another great to open your chakra with a stone is to drink a crystal elixir. You can also use the crystal essence in order to harness its soft and beautiful energies.
  • Place heart chakra crystals close to your bed or under the pillow to fill your room with peaceful energies and serenity and calm your emotions.
  • Crystal singing bowls that are in harmony with the F tune may help in stimulating and opening the chakra.

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Heart Chakra

Aside from using crystal stones, there are other ways that you can do to heal and open the chakra. Here are some of the best methods that you may want to give a try.

Practice Kindheartedness

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Heart Chakra -  Practice Kindheartedness

If possible, you should send loving and genuine wishes not only to yourself but to others as well at all times. In fact, when you begin your day with compassion, you’ll be encouraged to be compassionate the entire day and every single day. Even though they do not deserve your sympathy, still be kind to them. Just keep doing it because eventually, they will realize your value and efforts.

Create An Appreciation Journal

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Heart Chakra - Create An Appreciation Journal

At the end of the day, consider writing five things you feel thankful for and make sure to do it every day. Then read the things you listed the previous night when you awaken the next morning. Breathe in and out the feeling of thankfulness before you begin your day. When you’re reminded of the certainty that you’re blessed, you will surely live every day purposefully and mindfully. 


Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Heart Chakra - Meditate

Imagine your Anahata as an attractive and beaming green orb glowing with unconditional love. Visualize all your disappointments and pains disappearing as well as healing themselves. Make sure to cling to such images until hurt dissolves and you regain the lightness in your being.

Go, Green

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Heart Chakra - Go Green

Since the green color can calm the heart chakra’s hyperactivity, consider going outdoors and then surround yourself with the environment. You can sit outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the environment or go on a hike. In fact, even opening your windows and allowing the fresh air to come in can provide you with a nice start.

Wear Green

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Heart Chakra - Wear Green

Surrounding yourself with green or wearing the color green may also help in opening and healing your chakra. You can fill your office, home, or room with green so that your Anahata will nudge you into healing gently.

Reflect on Your Past Wounds

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Heart Chakra -  Reflect on Your Past Wounds

Think of all the wounds that hurt you emotionally and how they’ve changed you as an individual. Are you a more negative, weaker or sadder because of them? Or you become a better one?

Come to relations with your past wounds with compassion as well as kindness. Make sure to forgive yourself. Learn to release what weighs in your heart heavily. Doing so will make you feel free and light.

Keep in mind that the tighter and longer you cling to the pains of the past, the more profoundly they will hurt and leave scars on you.


We are all familiar with the saying “the more you give, the more you receive”. So, when you are giving without expecting something in return, you’ll be blessed more. Offer your love to others even though you are aware that they do not deserve it.

Final words

A chakra that is well-balanced will make you more concerned and loving toward other people. You do not assume anything in exchange. All you need to do is give kindness and love, after all, it’s what you’re Anahata wants you to do.

On the other hand, if your heart chakra is healthy, you will have a massive appreciation for all the things that you have in your life. It’ll inspire you to live in chastisement as well as establish a solid relationship that can offer your fulfillment and contentment. The heart chakra will also offer you the freedom that can help you stay away from your comfort zone and begin to live your life on your terms.

However, those who have an empowering 4th chakra need to take a break and slow down. It is crucial that they find the love they have in themselves. On the contrary, people who have an underactive or inactive heart chakra need to learn to open up as well as share more about themselves particularly if they wish to receive complete love.

Keep in mind that, it is your heart chakra ruling your interaction and relationship with others. It will identify your value, belief, and ethic. Also, it will show you how you can accept not only yourself but others as well.

To protect and strengthen it, you will need to meditate upon your chakra on a regular basis. Thus, you will become loving to others. Doing so will keep your senses under control.

When you have a balanced chakra, you can love more deeply and become more compassionate. You will have a stronger sense of emotional serenity. When it comes to a relationship, you can enjoy deeper intimacy while maintaining a healthy personal boundary. You will become forgiving, kind, non-judgmental, and trusting. Moreover, you can radiate peace naturally and have a great bond with nature. In fact, whatever your profession is, make sure to do it with a healing presence. A balanced fourth chakra will also ensure compassion for everything. Thus, you will be able to determine amazing intelligence.

You will become outgoing, considerate, kind, thoughtful, and jubilant. With a balanced chakra, you will feel at ease especially when you are surrounded by the persons you love. You’ll have a good understanding of other people and accept whoever they are. You’re less likely to judge and not be perilous of their actions.

Moreover, spending your time on your own is a thing that you do not mind doing especially if you have a healthy chakra. You are not rushing from one romantic relationship to another. You tend to wait for the right person to come since you’re certain it will when the right time comes.

In terms of your chakra, it lets you forgive others naturally and easily. It gives you proof that love is everywhere. When you’re working with this chakra, remember that your intentions really matter. So, before making any move, make sure to set your intention.

Nevertheless, if you are presently experiencing difficulty with an overactive and unbalanced heart chakra, you can take advantage of the crystal stones above. In fact, with their distinct personalities and benefits, these stones can help you in healing, opening, balancing, and calming your heart chakra. This, in turn, will bring forth the energy of kindness, forgiveness, appreciation, and self-love into your life.


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