Heliodor Meanings, Properties and Uses

Heliodor Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Heliodor

A crystal of golden light, the heliodor crystal radiates the power of sunshine and warmth. It is the representation and illumination of higher thinking and a more vibrant, centered physical wellbeing.

Learn everything to know about this energizing and sun-powered stone by reading below.

What is Heliodor?

What is Heliodor

Also known as the Golden Beryl, the heliodor is a very rare kind of yellow beryl that crystallized in the form of elongated rods featuring natural etching as well as in smaller mass formations.

Heliodor can also occur as an accessory mineral in granites and is usually found in granite pegmatites and cavities. Heliodor crystals in a few pegmatites can sometimes grow to extremely large sizes of up to 30 feet.

Its bright golden shades come from the high amount of iron inclusions within its crystalline structure. These same inclusions, depending on the density and amount, can also give the heliodor crystal a yellow-greenish tint. The heliodor crystal is rated 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. This stone is vitreous, brittle, having a translucent to transparent appearance.

E. Kaiser first discovered Heliodor in 1912 in the African country of Namibia. However, it is believed that heliodor was already distinguished as a form of beryl by Pliny the Elder, a Roman historian. Still, it was often confused as the bright yellow topaz.

Important heliodor mining localities are rare and spread throughout the globe. Major deposits are found in Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Madagascar, and Brazil. One of the main reasons why the heliodor crystal is not as well known as other yellow beryl varieties is because of its limited supply line.

The Meaning and Uses of Heliodor

The name heliodor is derived from the Greek term “helios”, meaning sun and “doron”, meaning “gift”. Putting these two words together, heliodor literally translates to as the “gift from the sun”.

The Meaning and Uses of Heliodor

Heliodor is an extremely popular crystal amongst collectors and metaphysical healers. In fact, collectors value a heliodor crystal at least as high as they do for aquamarine stones. Its vibrant golden shades made it extremely popular for faceting in jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings.

However, since it is one of the rarest beryllium silicates on the planet, you might not be able to find genuine heliodor specimens from your local jeweler. Heliodor is often most seen in the inventory of popular jewelers who does custom designs. Also, much of the lower quality specimens being heated at high temperatures in order to produce the artificial aquamarine stones.

Interestingly, chatoyant specimens of heliodor are also found which can be cut into cabochons in order to produce the mesmerizing cat’s eye gemstones.

Heliodor Metaphysical Properties

Heliodor is believed to carry the might and power of the Sun. Ancient Greeks believed that this stone contained the warmth and energies of the sun. Also, they believed that it was responsible for the alternation of night and day.  

It is also believed to be the stone of the Gods and the getaway of light. Its warm, golden color is said to enhance your compassion and intuition. Not only that, but it also helps in breaking through your own inner strength and making you feel responsible for your life. It teaches you all the knowledge and laws of life, allowing you to help develop maturity and rising to your potential greatness.

Invoking the celestial Golden rays of learning and wisdom, the heliodor crystal is said to stimulate your higher mind and allows the efficient functioning of the brain. It is also considered as the Stone of Selfless Leadership and True Nobility. The energies of heliodor are said to help you make decisions based on your knowledge and wisdom instead of reaction or your emotions.

Heliodor Metaphysical Properties

Yang in nature, the heliodor crystal can help you develop aspects of your male virtues. It teaches you to become confident, assertive and gaining mental and physical strength. Not only that, but it also teaches your benevolence, power and kindness. Such traits serve both women and men.

Furthermore, the golden yellow energies of heliodor are said to connect your mind with your will. It also has the ability to align your personal will to the divine will. It can activate the traits that are associated with the Christened One. These include awakened awareness, spiritual love, the power of transmutation, clairvoyance and the ultimate vibrational quantum leap known as Ascension.

This stone can stimulate the surrender of will which leads to the highest spiritual growth and development and eliminating confusions of purpose along the way. Not only that, but this stone is also said to assist you in your path of service and in providing a better understanding of the benefits and lessons behind every challenge and obstacle faced on your path.

The heliodor crystal is also used in providing insights into the rites of ceremonial magic. It is said to promote the will to succeed and following thought, even if your courage fails. It teaches you that as long as you remain open to a solution, there’s no obstacle or challenges in any circumstance that conviction and confidence can’t resolve. With this stone by your side, it can help you be prepared for anything and ushering you towards greatness.

The Benefits of Heliodor

The heliodor crystal is a potent energizer of all aspects of the body. Here are some of the several benefits of using heliodor in your daily life.

For Physical Healing

The heliodor crystal is a powerful stimulator and energizer of your immune system. Its golden yellow rays of energy can be projected onto objects that are contaminated by others during the flu or cold season in order to purify them.

Heliodor For Physical Healing

In addition, the heliodor crystal is also useful in treating issues of the spleen, pancreas and liver. It is believed to assist in problems or diseases of the digestive systems and small intestine. In fact, this stone is said to be used for easing nausea, bilious attacks, diarrhea, jaundice and chronic constipation.

Furthermore, this golden yellow crystal is said to also benefit the heart as well as healing of skull damage or concussions. It is even effective in treating or healing Seasonal Affective Disorder. Carrying the warmth and energy of the sun, the heliodor crystal is known to warm stiff limbs or cold toes and fingers that are caused by poor circulation or the cold weather.

Not only that, but its sunny energies can also help in relieving stress and providing physical energy. Also, it helps in fortifying the eyes and assisting with far- or near-sightedness.

For Emotional Healing

The heliodor crystal is said to promote balance between the conscious and intuitive levels of yourself. This should help eliminate or remove the duality within your character. The stone is said to bring out compassionate and sympathetic understanding when confronting complicated and delicate issues.

Heliodor For Emotional Healing

It brings a sense of possibility, hope and vitality to your emotional body. Not only that, but this stone shall also provide empowering frequency and optimism while assisting in faster learning whatever is necessary in order to promote change in your reality. It helps you accomplish your goals and dreams through emotional balancing. It is the ultimate well-being and calming crystal, providing confidence in yourself and your talents.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the heliodor crystal is also a support stone for the survivors of abuse of all kinds. It can help in taking back or reaching your power and lending self-esteem and a sense of self-trust. Not only that, but its golden yellow rays are also said to help those who usually avoid making decisions out of doubt or fear of doing the wrong thing. It can help in increasing emotional and mental fortitude to move forward in life.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The heliodor, with its golden yellow rays of energy, focuses more on the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is the center of gravity for etheric and astral bodies. It is also the chakra that allows you to channel your spiritual energies and frequencies into physical realities.

Heliodor For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Dubbed as the chakra of relationships and energy distribution center, the solar plexus chakra is located between your navel and ribcage. Physically, this crystal mainly controls the digestive and immune systems. AS a result, a balanced solar plexus chakra means that you have the strength to fight infections, proper digestion of nutrients as well as being free from allergic reactions. Emotionally and spiritually, a balanced solar plexus chakra means that you are confident in your own skin and are free to interpret the world around you through your emotions and thoughts.

However, an unbalanced chakra means that you’re more susceptible to diseases. Also, you tend to be fearful of the displeasure and disappointments of others. You are often subordinated to the will and wants of others, often living in fear f violating the dictums of those around you.

The energies of the heliodor crystal shall bring balance to your solar plexus chakra. As a result, you become more courageous and confident. You will also have an improved intellectuality and mental acuity while boosting your leadership skills and intuition.

Moreover, the heliodor can also stimulate both your solar plexus and crown chakra. This helps connect your wisdom and intuition with your spirituality. As a result, this stone can stimulate adaptability, versatility, vitality and activity within you. Its connection to the crown chakra also allows for personal identification with the divine, providing oneness and peace with God.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

In terms of wealth fetching and abundance, the heliodor crystal can help in regaining what you’ve lost in terms of business prospects, money or any aspect of your financial life.

Heliodor For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

This stone can help you make sure that you will always have money to spend, particularly if you work hard for it. It is also an excellent stone that can bring in more good luck and prosperity to those who are struggling with their finances.

Not only that, but the energies of the heliodor crystal can also reward your sacrifices and efforts with prosperity and abundance. It can enhance your determination and drive while filling you with positive energy to attract money and universal abundance.

Heliodor is also said to help persuade others to offer you financial support or backing in your financial endeavors. Furthermore, this stone can also help protect you against misfortunes as well as other people that might drain your money energy and finances.

In addition, the golden yellow color of the heliodor stone can also help manifest an increase in your income flow. It also helps in overcoming roadblocks to earning money while also dissolving the self-imposed limitations related to not feeling worthy.

For Relationship and Love

The heliodor crystal is said to bring the power to solidify new relationships. It mainly helps you in seeing things in a different light. The stone can add clarity, adding optimism, zest and meaning to your relationship.

In addition, its energies can also help ensure that your new relationship can get off to a good start by assisting in the establishment of good communication. They can help you focus on the needs of your partner, making you a more sensitive and loving spouse.

As a stone of hope, the heliodor crystal can also strengthen your sense of faith in all the possibilities. Regardless of what’s going on with your relationship or partner, you’ll never lose faith or never try to break their trust. You will remove the fear in your heart and work hard just to keep your relationship alive.

In addition, this stone can also increase your joy and happiness as well as a sense of contentedness with your love life. Everything good will be magnified with its radiant energy. Also, everything negative and bad will be changed or removed.

Heliodor For Relationship and Love

Its sunny disposition can also help in removing irritability and negative attitude or feelings with your partner. This stone can teach you to be more understanding and patient, putting yourself in your partner’s shoes in order to better understand where they are coming from.

Not only that, but this stone can also encourage you to stop being cautious or shy around your spouse or partner. It helps you to be more at ease around your partner and making you feel like you have known each other for years even if it has just only been a couple of months together.

As a result, you can better enhance your intimacy as well as strengthening your communication. Heliodor can also easily move you to the next level of your relationship. It stops you from being too nervous and apprehensive every time. You can learn to relax and let, allowing you to enjoy the love that you have.

Furthermore, the energies of heliodor can also encourage you to share what you feel with your partner. It stops you from hiding your feelings, thoughts and emotions that may cause misunderstanding and arguments with your loved one. Then, this stone can fill your relationship with energies of stability and optimism. It fosters honesty and truthfulness.

With this stone by your side, there will be no room for lies or secrets since you’ll be drawn to become straightforward and honest with the person that you love.

For Protection

The heliodor is a very protective stone that can guard you against emotional and psychological manipulation by other people. Its quality of illumination also helps in revealing those who are dishonest and can only cause you pain.

Also, if there’s negativity in your home, the heliodor crystal can also help in removing it. It also helps in enhancing the natural light in your home, removing the negative and stagnant energies, while making your home more welcoming to positive energies.

Heliodor For Protection

In addition, its sunny energies and golden light are said to help protect you against the negative entities, unfriendly ghosts as well as dark energies of all sorts. It is said that keeping a dish or bowl of tumbled heliodor where the sun will shine on the pieces can help remove spookiness in an area while also attracting angelic energies.

Moreover, a heliodor crystal can also provide the strength needed to move forward while creating a strong auric shield that can protect you against attacks from all directions. It is also a powerful filter that helps absorb toxic frequencies that would otherwise drain your energy.

For Confidence

Golden yellow crystals have always been known for their vibrant energies that can fill you with self-esteem and confidence. And the bright sparkle of the heliodor stone is no exception.

Heliodor For Confidence

Invigorating your solar plexus chakra, the heliodor resonates strongly with the sunnier aspects of happiness, light, positivity, hope and new beginnings. It can help in transforming your lack of self-belief and confidence to new levels of enthusiasm, strength, hope and possibility.

Not only that, but its powerful golden yellow light can also highlight your abilities, creativity, mental acuity and talents in their full glory. In addition, the golden heliodor is also said to nurture your leadership qualities, particularly your self-worth and self-empowerment. It is also said to help in reversing the feelings of failures, fears and disappointments.

Other than that, the heliodor is also a powerful amplifier of physical energy. Since energy levels and confidence levels are closely linked, increasing your energy can automatically improve your confidence. It also helps you stay positive and less stressed throughout the day.

For Depression and Anxiety

Thanks to its happy and sunny energy that shines on any endeavor, heliodor is said to help through periods of intense stress, sadness or a depressive state. It can give you the much-needed energy and boost to rise up once again and fighting this psychological warfare you’re going through.

Taking the powerful light of the sun, this stone can also shine bright on your sad life, removing self-doubting and feelings of worthlessness so you can move forward and overcome depression.

Heliodor For Depression and Anxiety

As a hope stone, the heliodor can also alleviate nervousness and irritability, providing much-needed relief from heavy burdens as well as immense pressure. It shall bring stability to your psychological body and fill you with optimism.

Not only that, but this stone is also said to help calm and relax a troubled mind. It can erase all kinds of tension in your head while also dispelling unwanted emotions and feelings. It shall invite mental acuity and tranquility and improving your emotional body.

Heliodor is also one of the best feel-good stones that can help in fighting a pessimistic outlook, negative attitude or anxious thinking. It gives you hope and courage so you can look and move forward in your life even during the most difficult and challenging times.

For Career Success

Heliodor has been used as a powerful talisman to being out honest in other people. It can help in regaining what has been lost in terms of employment or prospects. In fact, the heliodor crystal is an excellent ally for the self-employed or those who struggle to balance their career and personal life.

In the workplace, the heliodor shines so brightly with its long list of benefits. This stone can boost determination and drive in order to succeed. It also helps in increasing your capacity to recall new information and enhancing creativity.

Heliodor For Career Success

Plus, it is also an excellent help when precision, decisiveness or persuasiveness is required. It helps in strengthening your discernment and judgment, allowing you to make tough and important decisions for your career with great results.

Furthermore, heliodor is often called the Salesman’s Stone. It is said to bring you success in efforts to sell yourself, services or products to other people. It brings the energy and power of clarity that comes from true awareness. Not only that, but this stone shall also provide you the ability to verbalize your thoughts, ideas and feelings to other people.

As a result, you become persuasive and charismatic while emphasizing your feelings of self-worthiness and value. Moreover, this stone can help in maintaining your visions while removing all kinds of doubts and fears that might limit you from attaining your dreams. It provides the hope and faith that you will eventually succeed while enhancing your capabilities and skills to transform your professional life or career for the better.

For Empaths

Heliodor also boasts healing energies suitable for the empaths. With its strong association with the sun, the heliodor crystal is said to bring positivity, warmth and comfort to its wearer.

Heliodor For Empaths

Being a highly protective crystal, heliodor can help protect you against all kinds of negativity or being overwhelmed by other people’s emotions. It also teaches you to say no to emotionally-draining people and detaching yourself from such friends or colleagues.

With its sunnier aspects, the heliodor crystal can also offer a quick boost of energy. This way, empaths will have the physical stamina and vitality to deal with the daily stress and exhaustive energies of negative people from their surroundings.

Different Types of Heliodor

Heliodor is said to be divided into two different types. Although, it is believed that both types feature the same metaphysical purposes and healing attributes.



This is the regular or standard specimen— a yellow variety of the beryl family but generally refers to the specimen with a greenish tint on its crystalline structure. It also includes the all yellow, light green, yellow-green to brown color variety of beryl.

Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl

The golden beryl is a variety of beryl heliodor crystals featuring a bright golden yellow to pure yellow color. This is what jewelers and collectors considered as the highest quality specimen and is mainly used for jewelry pieces.

Combining Heliodor With Other Crystal Stones

The heliodor crystal is a powerful stone on its own. However, if you wish to amplify its energies or want to double the effect of your specific intention, then you can pair it with other crystal stones. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for heliodor.

Heliodor + Citrine

For a full-on stimulation, unblocking, and activation of your solar plexus chakra, pair the golden rays of heliodor crystals with the positive energies of citrine.

Heliodor + Citrine

Focusing on the solar plexus chakra, the heliodor crystal provides higher intuition and mental clarity when working towards your goals. It offers a restoring effect whenever you are feeling burned out or when lacking energy.

Meanwhile, the citrine can provide a motivated mindset which is critical for attracting what you want in this life. Balancing your solar plexus chakra, citrine can give you the self-belief to keep working on your goals.

As the citrine crystal brings positive energy as well as attracting prosperity and success to your life, the heliodor crystal can enhance your decision-making skills. Over time, using both stones can increase your money-magnet attributes and developing undeniable confidence in your ability to succeed.

Heliodor + Spirit Quartz

For the ultimate confidence booster, pair the heliodor stone with the spirit quartz crystal.

Heliodor + Spirit Quartz

Heliodor is a master of instilling confidence, self-trust and self-belief. This stone represents the sun and the attributes of happiness, positivity, hope, and light. Invigorating your solar plexus chakra, this stone can transform your lack of self-belief and doubt with new levels of possibilities, strength, hope and enthusiasm. It also helps in highlighting your creativity and innate talents to their full glory.

Meanwhile, the spirit quartz is one of the most beautiful stones for confidence. Dissolving the self-imposed limitations, this stone can relieve the lack of self-confidence and doubt. It should help you achieve more than what you ever thought was possible. As a cluster crystal, spirit quartz is also useful for radiating energy in every direction. Thus, it is highly suitable in the workplace or office environment where fear and disappointments can rock your confidence.

In addition, using both stones can improve your reputation in the workplace. As the heliodor crystal helps nurture your leadership capabilities and mental acuity, the spirit quartz can encourage better relationships with your co-workers. Not only that, the uplifting energies of both heliodor and spirit quartz can boost self-empowerment as well as reversing the feelings of disappointments and failures.

Heliodor + Pyrite

For a crystal pairing that attracts wealth, abundance and prosperity as well as inspiring positivity in your life, try the energies of heliodor and pyrite.

Heliodor + Pyrite

Although not a popular wealth stone, the heliodor has a strong connection with financial success and abundance. This stone is said to help cleanse your etheric body and welcoming the energies of wealth and prosperity into your life. Not only that, it is considered to be useful in overcoming challenges to earning money but also teaching you how to grow and maintain your wealth.

Dubbed as the Fool’s Gold, pyrite is a powerful stone of manifestation and abundance. Its golden energies, much like heliodor, resonates perfectly for attracting abundance and wealth into your life. This stone can help you move toward a prospering future.

Using both stones, you can also tap into your creative talents. They help in shifting your mindset from lacking to abundance, igniting your vitality, courage and persistence to energize you as you work. It is also important to note that the pairing of heliodor and pyrite radiates positivity.

The heliodor crystal, taking the powers of the sun can radiate light and happiness. Its golden rays of light can enhance your self-empowerment and independence. Not only that, but it also brings the regenerative powers of the sun and showing you positivity in even the most difficult situation.

Meanwhile, pyrite, nestled between its cubic structure, is the powerful energy force that can block out negative energies and entities. This should help stop any outside influence from affecting your mood and internal thinking.

Together, both stones can free you from the draining energies. These stones can serve as energizers, increasing your optimism and enthusiasm.

Heliodor + Carnelian

For a combo that boosts motivation and positivity as well as advancing your career, try pairing the energizing heliodor and carnelian.

Heliodor + Carnelian

Heliodor is a powerful stone you can use for advancing your career. It mainly works on your higher thinking, boosting your mental performance while also enhancing your determination and willpower. Not only that, but heliodor is also said to bring focus and concentration to your work, bringing you closer to professional success.

Carnelian, on the other hand, provides stabilizing energy that promotes movement, action and vitality. It helps bring the motivation needed to act on your goals and objectives. It also helps in stopping mental or creative blocks as well as the self-limiting thoughts that might put a stop to your work.

Using both stones, you can look forward with optimism. The energies of both heliodor and carnelian can work harmoniously and encourage you to accept all endeavors. Not only that, but their energies can also help push you through procrastination and fear that often holds you back from being productive and creative.

Is Heliodor a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Heliodor is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Heliodor is June 2 – July 21 and July 2 – August 21 Birthstone

The heliodor crystal is not listed as a traditional birthstone. However, it is considered a natural birthstone for those born between June 2 and July 21, at the start of summer. Its yellow energies are said to bring you optimism, enlightenment, clarity and warmth.

Meanwhile, the heliodor crystals with vibrant golden color are said to be the natural birthstone for those born on July 2 – August 21, during the magical months of midsummer. This crystal is said to bring your enthusiasm, success, power, positivity and happiness.

Heliodor is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Pisces, Taurus and Leo

Heliodor is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Pisces

Heliodor makes a wonderful zodiac crystal for those born under the banner of Pisces. The yellow to golden energies of the stone can help the often indecisive Pisces by directing its frequency to the solar plexus chakra. This should help instill self-trust and confidence to the always doubting and disappointment-fearing Pisceans.

In addition, this stone is also said to enhance the creativity of people born under Pisces, preventing procrastination and manifesting success and the achievements of their goals and objectives.

Taurus is also said to benefit from the sunny energies of the heliodor crystal. Taureans are known to be quiet, strong and down-to-earth creatures. They are also considered to be the doers and realists.

The energies of the heliodor are said to help enhances these characteristics by stimulating their solar plexus chakra. It instills confidence and positivity while empowering the Taureans to take the risks in order to obtain their goals and become successful.

Heliodor is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo

Leos too can find solace with the heliodor crystal. With their mighty strong personality and always brimming with confidence, the heliodor is a natural match for the energies of the heliodor crystal. Being soaked in comfort, having a sunny disposition and big-hearted, the Leos truly stand out from the crowd.

And the heliodor crystal with its vibrant qualities is said to help Leos shine even more while lighting up their lovely personalities and traits. And yet, the heliodor crystal can also help in balancing out the energies of Leo and preventing them from being too overconfident and being a jerk. Also, this stone can help nurture Leo’s leadership qualities while providing positivity and determination.

Meditation with Heliodor

Heliodor is a powerful meditation crystal used for careful consideration and thinking of serious problems or issues. This stone can help you in making decisions based on your knowledge and wisdom and avoiding decisions that are made on emotion.

This can help lead to confidence in your decision. Furthermore, heliodor offers a profound connection to the light as well as the regenerative power of the sun during meditations. It can fill the space with light-heartedness and positivity while also inducing relaxation and easing negativity and stress in your practice.

How to Cleanse and Charge Heliodor?

Heliodor can pick up all kinds of energies from your thought and emotions as well as from the places that you visit or the people that you interact with. It can soak up negatives and hinder it from providing its best metaphysical healing capabilities.

To bring it to balance, regular cleansing and recharging are a must.

To physically clean your heliodor crystal, you can simply do so with warm soapy water. Using your fingers or a soft toothbrush, rub its crystalline surface to remove the accumulated dirt and grime. Then, rinse it thoroughly and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.

How to Cleanse and Charge Heliodor

In order to recharge and cleanse its energies, you can try smudging the stone with white sage bundles, a smudging stick or your preferred herb. Pass the crystal through the smoke several times in order to remove the toxicity from within.

At night, you can also place your heliodor stone by the window, facing the moon. The moonlight rays are quite effective in clearing and cleansing the energies of your crystal. You can also let it soak in earthy energies, by placing it in your garden.

Heliodor stones can also be recharged and cleansed using Tibetan singing bowls. Striking these singing bowls produces sound vibrations that are both cleansing and recharging. Also, you can try copper pyramids to cleanse your stone. Just leave the stone in the pyramid for an hour or more.

After cleansing your crystal, you’ll notice that its energies are revitalized, renewed and ready to fulfill your metaphysical needs.

Final Thoughts

As the Stone of the Gods and the Gateway to Light, the heliodor crystal can help guide your life and path to higher awareness and success. With this stone, you will become more compassionate and intuitive while enhancing your personal strength and confidence.

Its sunny energies can also help prepare you for life’s challenges, keeping you empowered and optimistic in times of great stress or difficulty. IT shall provide the assurance and confidence needed in order to make your dreams come true and accomplishing your goals.

Truly a rare and vibrant stone, the heliodor crystal will forever change your life.


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