Herkimer Diamond Meanings, Properties and Use

Herkimer Diamond Meanings, Properties and Use

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Herkimer Diamond

A Herkimer Diamond is a high power seeker of the stone world. It is a transparent charm that has a brilliant spark. The stone also manifests pure and solid light and a strong amplifier of the spiritual powers. As a carrier of the Universal life force, Herkimer Diamonds are used in vision, meditation works, dreams and advanced spiritual applications.

What is Herkimer Diamond?

Herkimer Diamond Meaning

In the actual fact, a Herkimer Diamond is not a diamond but is made of quartz. It gets its name because it’s like a high-quality diamond, naturally faceted and wonderfully clear. When it comes to the size of the stone, it ranges from small to large.

Herkimer Diamond also gets its name from Herkimer county of New York where it was first seen. The stone, on the other hand, is prominent because it has a double termination point as. It also has eighteen natural facets. Actually, this makes it uniquely beautiful whether it is polished or left in its natural state.

Often, Herkimer Diamonds can be found in Germany, Canada, England and China. In addition, it is a perfect stone for jewelry collectors and lovers. And despite the fact that it is a quite rare stone, it does not make Herkimer Diamonds less popular.

The Meanings and Uses of Herkimer Diamond

Uses of herkimer diamond

Herkimer Diamonds are high vibrational stones that have become commonly known as the “stone of attunement”. Their energies work to make your feel comfortable most especially if you are in an uncomfortable setting. They will also lead you on the right path during tough situations.

For attunement, this stone must be held as one at the same time, in the beginning. Then upon separation, every person needs to retain one of the gemstones, while a cluster should remain at a certain location.

Herkimer Diamond, on the other hand, is a beneficial asset in its capability to magnify and receive the influence of other crystals. It will expand a soft or small energy stone, providing it the strength and effect of a bigger stone.

Herkimer Diamonds have also crystal memories that can accept and retain information that one can retrieve at a later time. They can be also programmed with well-being, thoughts of love and healing for others.

The stone is also valuable in a healing environment in which its clarity, high facility and brilliance aid with the elimination of energy debris or blocks. It will stimulate healing by boosting the amount of light energy your body can use. It’s a very strong stone for clearing radioactivity, geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. In fact, this makes a Herkimer Diamond a great gem elixir or environmental spray.

Moreover, it is one of the best stones for alternative therapies and teachers of spirituality. As a great stone in workplaces, a Herkimer Diamond can bring positive attention as well as prosperity through higher achievements. It will also assist with study and research since it is capable of keeping knowledge.

Herkimer Diamond Metaphysical Properties

As mentioned, a Herkimer Diamond is a powerful attunement stone that activates the crown chakra and third eye chakra. This will then open the connection to the soul’s energy and spirit.

Herkimer can also stimulate lucid dreaming, astral travel, clairaudient, telepathy and changed quantum consciousness conditions.

Moreover, it is a great retainer of information and can accept programming readily before passing the stone to its intended owner.

Herkimer Diamond is also the protector of Angerona, a Roman goddess. In case you didn’t know, it is the goddess of silence as well as the keeper of secrets. She will protect divinity of any kind on Earth. What’s more, it is an association between the spiritual and physical worlds.

But people with a good heart and good intentions may access the link and connection of Angerona to the spiritual worlds. With this stone, Angerona lets you connect to the angelic worlds. It even allows you to interact with the hidden world of fairies with ease.

When you make a grid using Herkimer Diamonds you will open up a dimensional doorway to access a higher dimension through astral traveling.

The Benefits of Herkimer Diamond

Here are the most surprising benefits of Herkimer Diamond that you need to know.

For Physical Healing

Herkimer Diamond For Physical Healing

Known for its amazing healing properties, Herkimer Diamond can be utilized as a pain reliever especially when you place it on the affected parts. Those who are asking what are Herkimer Diamonds are often looking for knowledge on what it offers them spiritually and emotionally.

There’s a feeling of rational serenity evoked by a Herkimer Diamond that can help you become the voice of reasons, but heavy and hot the emotional condition of people surrounding you becomes.

However, the stone will alleviate the pressure you may be putting into when stepping on this role. Besides, it eases the pressure our physical body is experiencing when putting ourselves under any type of pressure. It is worth mentioning that it doesn’t pertain to tension and stress alone, but other maladies as well like physical pains and aches that prevent you from enjoying your life.

The energies of Herkimer Diamond will also send energetic currents that circulate in the body, reducing the pain in just a short period of time.

It stimulates the healing process and offers the body the needed energy to fight illness of any kind. The stone can also help the body to realign its energies and eliminate tensions. Also, it is pretty effective when it comes to boosting one’s immune system.

Herkimer Diamond will help in avoiding burnout and physical exhaustion. It even acts as an excellent purifier since it gets rids of body toxins.

It can correct both DNA and RNA imbalances and cellular disorders. The Herkimer Diamond will boost your metabolic efforts to either gain weight or lose weight. It also helps with vision problems and useful in correcting or healing eyesight.

For Emotional Healing

Herkimer Diamond is a wonderful stone carrying energies of subtle harmony as well as an understanding of the crucial in the self. This will allow for appreciation of all that’s within you. It also encourages the wearer or owner to determine that there’s nothing to become.

On the other hand, Herkimer Diamond encourages the concept of starting all over again in this lifetime. This will clear the mind and body system of repressions and fear and letting for complete expansion and relaxation of the life energy.

Herkimer Diamonds, most especially the rare ones are great healers of the emotional body. It will allow you to see your innermost self and bring the spirit’s light into dark environments.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Herkimer Diamond For Chakra Healing and Balancing

With its crystal and pure light, Herkimer Diamond can heal and balance the chakras particularly the third eye and crown.

Also known as the brow chakra, the third eye is the central command and perception. It will direct your sight and day-to-day awareness of the universe. In case you didn’t know, it is where your consciousness is located.

The third eye chakra will balance both the essential and non-essential, separating meaning from impression and data.  It will command the flow of energy within your body. When the third eye chakra is in balance you will be able to see clearly and at the same time understand what you see. The internal communication and thoughts within you are vibrant and healthy. You are open to new visions, ideas and dreams; you can be reflective, observant and control the energy within all the chakras.

The crown chakra as the name implies can be found at the top of your head. It is actually the gateway to the expanded world beyond the human’s bodies. It will control how you think and how to respond to the world surrounding you. What’s more, it will connect you to the higher planes of existence.

When your crown chakra is balanced, your energies are in balance as well. You will know your position in this world and perceive things as they are.

On the other hand, Enhydro Herkimer Diamonds are special stones that can stimulate the heart chakra. This chakra is located close to the center of your breastbone and it regulates your interaction with the outside world. It even controls what you resist and what you embrace. The heart chakra will offer you the balancing capability to be yourself within the environment. However, when this heart chakra is out of balance you will feel controlled or controlling in a relationship. You will also find yourself having an inappropriately intense emotional response to daily external stimuli. This stone will resolve energy blockages and rebalance your heart chakra.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Herkimer Diamond For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Herkimer Diamond has powerful grounding energies that can help in restoring your balance especially when things do not work out as you anticipate. The stone will help you to stand up from the fall and come back much stronger.  You will be able to start again and no negativity will linger that may affect the future results of all your endeavors.

In terms of success, the stone will be a huge boost to your focus and determination since it clears out all negative energies from your aura. Herkimer Diamond will keep you on your feet at all times and boost your productivity and creativity as well.

This stone also attracts a spirit of abundance. Similarly, exciting opportunities and events will surely line up in the most welcoming and curious ways to open a lot of new doors to new sources of income.

When you’re passionate about the things you are doing and you work really hard, good things will come to your life. In fact, abundance, good fortune and prosperity are around the corner.

For Relationship and Love

Herkimer Diamond For Relationship and Love

Since it resonates with romance, love and passion, Herkimer stones are used for healing on emotional levels. The stone will celebrate love and will help you from emotional traumas.

Its energies will help you in dealing with emotional pains. It will carry strong vibrations and energies to the heart that help it get more resilient and grow stronger.

By having a piece of Herkimer Diamond, you will be able to let go of fears that you may have concerning love. It will allow you to see all the great things love can transport into your life. In addition to that, it makes you more receptive to the things that may happen especially if it doesn’t result in happy endings.

Without a doubt, love is the most amazing emotion that we have and a Herkimer Diamond will ensure that you take pleasure in every moment of it.

The stone will purify the energy field you’ll become more aware of the possibilities as well as more open to the love surrounding you. It also encourages an appreciation for all good things and even bad ones in your life.

Herkimer Diamond will always remind you that you’re already what you’re looking for if you’ll learn to embrace your imperfections. With this stone, you will be proud of the gifts that you have as well.  Always remember that you are so blessed already and the life that you have right now is something you should be thankful for.

It is very easy, through no mistake of your partner or your own, to take a thing for granted. As a human being, it is so easy to let acquaintance breed contentment. Please take note it is the strangest quirk of brain chemistry.

When you welcome it into your relationship, the Herkimer Diamond can utilize its energies to perceive the marvels of what makes you such a nice couple. Often, it can feel like reassessing your relationship through new eyes.

For Protection

Herkimer Diamond For Protection

Herkimer Diamond has excellent protective capabilities that can clear out radiation from technologies as well as negative electromagnetic frequencies.

If you want to use this stone for protection, you can make a grid at home by placing many Herkimer Diamonds throughout your home to create a protection vortex. In addition to that, you can also do the same thing around your bed so that you will have protection from night terrors.

You can even get a spray or elixir to spray around areas that you want to keep protect such as a meditation room, prayer room, or before healing ceremonies.

Herkimer Diamond is also a powerful detoxifier. It will get rid of any harmful influence protecting you against the energies that aren’t aligned with your soul.

One more thing, it will make a powerful shield of the soul that is ideal for spiritual explorations and travels.

For Anxiety

Herkimer Diamond For Anxiety

Herkimer Diamond is a great stone that can help in balancing mental and emotional levels. It will also relieve tensions, anxiety and depression, promoting peace of mind. On the other hand, this stone can decrease a very critical state of mind, rudeness and selfishness.

During these instances, our minds and senses cannot find lines to follow strength and precious energies. Fortunately, Herkimer Diamond can bring you back to your center cleansing mind and body from what we do not really need.

Different Types of Herkimer Diamond

Though it is a quite rare stone, there are actually different types of Herkimer Diamond and here are the most powerful ones.

Smoky Herkimer Diamond

Smoky Herkimer Diamond

This type of Herkimer Diamond comes with strong grounding energies that can repair your earth chakra. This chakra is located just beneath and between your feet. What’s more, it will keep your soul in the incarnation and connect your body to the earth.

Though you can place any kind of Herkimer Diamond around your bed, we highly recommend that you use a smoky Herkimer Diamond because it will keep you from feeling anxious and overstressed.

Citrine Herkimer Diamond

Citrine Herkimer Diamond

Another type of Herkimer Diamond that you can use is the Citrine Herkimer. There is a yellow inclusion of iron in this stone that is why it is called the Citrine Herkimer.

On the other hand, a piece of Citrine Herkimer Diamond may help in banishing the fatigue that usually comes when you’re attacked by negative energies.

Combining Herkimer Diamond With Other Crystal Stones

Herkimer Diamond is already a powerful quartz crystal. But it is worth mentioning that you can further improve its powers and energies by pairing it with other stones resonating with the upper chakras.

Here are the best crystals that you can combine with your Herkimer Diamond.

Herkimer Diamond + Moldavite

Herkimer Diamond + Moldavite

Known as the stone of connectivity, moldavite will blend the energies of earth and celestial. What’s more, it shares a lot of balancing properties of Herkimer Diamonds. This will help you find the path in this life, achieve inner peace and be at ease.

These two stones are popular for vision as well as dream works. As a matter of fact, when you combine the amplifying powers of Herkimer Diamond with the distinct attributes of moldavite, you will further enhance your visual aspects of meditation. Not only that, but it will also allow you to soar to even higher astral heights which is much better when you use either crystal alone.

With this crystal combination, you will be able to bring superior hearing and boost your communication with other spirit guides. One more thing, moldavite and Herkimer Diamond can help in the formation of a healing grid for your crown chakra while boosting the healing energies of your environment.

Herkimer Diamond + Amethyst

Herkimer Diamond + Amethyst

As mentioned, the clear light of Herkimer Diamond resonates with the third eye and crown chakras. This will then improve your vision as well as enhance communication with the divine world.

However, when you combine this powerful property of the Herkimer Diamond with crystal for spiritual works, you will surely experience renewed and intense energies that can offer you quick access to the divine world and higher self.

With its purple color, Amethyst is popular and at the same time well known throughout the world. Also, like the Herkimer Diamond, it deeply resonates with the seventh chakra which is the crown chakra.

Amethyst is a spiritual stone that can help in stimulating and activating the higher chakra aligning you with the energies of the universe.

While amethyst can help in calming messy minds and thoughts and awaken the universe’s soul, the Herkimer, on the other hand, will offer better understandings of the divine calling. Also, the latter stone will offer you many intuitive insights.

Both Herkimer Diamond and Amethyst will open your spiritual capabilities. They will stimulate one’s clairvoyance and telepathic communication with angels and guides.

The crystal combination will also help you in connecting the physical and astral worlds, to help astral traveling easily.

Lastly, if you need the sedative and fast attributes of Amethyst stones, you can amplify them with the powers of Herkimer Diamonds. When you do this, you will be able to experience tranquility and peace before starting a meditation practice.

Herkimer Diamond + Celestite

Herkimer Diamond + Celestite

The Herkimer Diamond carries the energy of subtle harmony and understanding of spiritual and essential being in yourself. It allows you to be grateful for everything that you have and motivates you to look for the divine world.

However, if you want to further enhance the powers of your Herkimer Diamond, you can actually pair it with Celestite. This stone can bring you communication and awareness of the universe. As the name suggests, Celestite will hold special significance for people looking at the light-filled heaven. In fact, this will allow you to experience a greater sense of peace and tranquility and the elevation of the spirit.

Pairing the clear crystal of Herkimer Diamonds with the ethereal blue color of the Celestite, you will be able to activate the third eye and crown chakras and even the throat chakra.

Hence as the Herkimer will stimulate the spiritual senses and bring a fast and dynamin connection to the higher worlds, the Celestite will allow you to communicate with your guardian and spiritual guides clearly and effectively.

Besides connecting to the higher worlds, this combination will bring peace to the emotional bodies. Celestite will cool down fiery emotions thanks to its calming blue colors. It will remind you to be open to restorative energy in your environment.

As the Celestite will calm you down, the Herkimer Diamond will release illuminating and uplifting energies while clearing unconscious fears and repressions that can help you to have a sense of complete peace and relaxation in life.

Is Herkimer A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal

Herkimer Diamond is a traditional stone and a zodiac crystal.

Herkimer Diamond is December Birthstone

Traditionally, a Diamond is a birthstone for the 4th month of the year. Though, a Herkimer Diamond is quartz and not a diamond, its transparent and brilliant-like appearance makes it the perfect April birthstone.

Herkimer Diamond Is Zodiac Crystal for Leo

Herkimer Diamond Is Zodiac Crystal for Leo

Typically, zodiac signs are associated with certain magic stones. Since it’s beneficial for the 12 zodiac signs, the situation of Herkimer Diamond is pretty odd. But nevertheless, it is particularly positive for Leo.

Meditation with Herkimer Diamond

Meditation with Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond will assist you while meditating clearing your body and mind. This will also free you from what isn’t aligned with the truth.

On the other hand, meditating with this stone will allow you to reach deeper relaxation points so that you will be able to open up your upper chakras and will lead you to deeper meditative conditions.

In addition to that, you will be able to amplify the energies of other stones and crystals by holding a Herkimer Diamon in one hand and another crystal in the other while meditating.

How to Cleanse and Charge Herkimer Diamond

How to Cleanse and Charge Herkimer Diamond

For better results, your Herkimer Diamond should be cleaned once or even twice in one month under running water and place under the sun to recharge. What’s more, chains should be kept overnight with tumbled Hematite stones.

To clean Herkimer Diamond, immersion in saltwater is important for a couple of hours after every session of meditation or therapy. This will help you in cleaning out all adhesion of emotional energies that might have been infused by its use in face-to-face therapy and personally.

When it comes to energizing them, you can expose your Herkimer Diamond to the moon, earth and sun on druses of quartz tips, putting it underneath a pyramid, in the middle of a triangle candles make sure they are lighted and in the middle of copper circles.

Final Thoughts

Herkimer Diamond is a powerful and precious stone that can help in boosting your energy and vitality. Every time you need power and strength in your life, this stoner will help you to become much more certain in your decisions. It will even make you a stronger person.

In addition to that, Herkimer Diamond will offer you all the needed protection as well as support to attain the goals you’ve set up for yourself.

It is faithful assistance that helps you in moments that you need magical help and support. We can assure you that if you believe in the power of Herkimer Diamond, you’ll certainly be happy.


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