Hiddenite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Hiddenite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Hiddenite

A nurturing shade of pale green, the hiddenite encourages growth. Known as the Crystal of Evolution, this stone can help you grow emotionally, spiritually and be aware of your collective responsibility for the care of the planet. Not only that, but it also supports new beginnings and focusing on the current moment, relinquishing anxieties of the future and injustices of the past.

Learn more about this nurturing crystal of growth and change by reading below.

What is Hiddenite?

The hiddenite stone is a green to a yellowish-green variety of Spodumene, a silicate mineral. It was named after William Earl Hidden who first discovered it in Alexander County, North Carolina, USA in the year 1879. This town was later renamed hiddenite, for this mineral and its mines are still active to this day.

Also referred to as the Lithia Emerald or Green Kunzite, the hiddenite features glassy transparency, occuring as prismatic crystals in most pegmatite veins. The stone is highly pleochroic, shifting in colors from emerald green to yellow-green or pale green to near colorless.  

In addition to the hiddenite crystal, the Spodumene family actually forms several varieties of colorless, lilac, pink and yellow stones. The coloring mineral for the green kunzite is chromium.

While the majority of hiddenite crystals are mined in North Carolina, other important deposits of Hiddenite include Afghanistan, Europe, Madagascar, Brazil and Pakistan.

The Meaning and Uses of Hiddenite

The meaning of hiddenite is focused on growth. This means that this stone can help you find meaning in the many things that you want to do with your life that you have not done yet. In the same respect, this stone can encourage growth in ways that you might want to make about things you may have done in your past.

The Meaning and Uses of Hiddenite

This beautiful crystal is used mostly for personal growth and metaphysical healing. It allows you to not only see your true potential and talents and live into your ideal sense of being. It also helps connect you with others in your life on a more genuine level.

Due to this, hiddenite is best used in conjunction with other alternative healing methods and most effectively with consistent and daily use when experiencing times of stress. It’s not necessarily something that you want to carry around with you every time since it can have intense energy. However, if you are experiencing a great deal of hardship or in need of intense metaphysical power, this stone can be beneficial to turn into pieces of jewelry or attached to clothing.

Although its perfect cleavage can make it quite difficult to cut, the hiddenite crystal can be faceted into beautiful gemstones. It can also be fashioned into crystal or meditation balls and some even tried making it into sculptures.

Hiddenite Metaphysical Properties

Hiddenite carries high vibrational energies that awaken your heart to a powerful peace and calmness. It encourages you to stop and receive, opening your heart to the gifts, love and energy that the divine realm has to offer. Such experience can bring genuine gratitude, security and freedom, allowing you to be strong, open, vibrant and loving.

Hiddenite Metaphysical Properties

Carrying a hiddenite crystal is said to attract and awaken true love in the earthly sense as well as the spiritual twin soul love. This stone can provide a constant pulse of loving heart energies and is a powerful gift to yourself or your partner if love has gone stale, dissolving blockages in both hearts and boosting your relationship.

The hiddenite stone is also a wonderful ally for those who have difficulty in expressing their emotions or proclaiming their love. It is also a beautiful gemstone for kids, easing their emotional distress and anxieties. It can be used as a healing stone to treat members of the family, pets or friends, particularly when conventional treatments are not working or traumatic.

In addition, the hiddenite crystal can help in healing the deep psychic wounds of your heart and emotions. Also, it is a powerful stone for recovery from abuse and addictions. It is especially comforting for those who have lost someone dear, whether moving far away, because of estrangement or death.

It assists in coping when dealing with the loss of something or someone central to your life. Other than its powerful metaphysical healing energies, the hiddenite crystal is also known to provide a frequency of renewal, providing optimism, positive and hope in even the most difficult circumstances.

The Benefits of Hiddenite

Hiddenite is a gentle, yet powerful stone that offers versatile healing benefits. Here are some of them.

For Physical Healing

When passed over the body, the hiddenite crystal can be an excellent diagnostic tool in revealing areas of coldness, weakness and disease. This stone can also be used in radionic analysis.

Hiddenite For Physical Healing

Not only that, but this stone is also said to boost the power of essential oils, herbs, hydrotherapy and homeopathic remedies. Hiddenite is said to help strengthen the heart muscle and boosting the overall functioning of the circulatory system. It is also said to be helpful in treating neuralgia, toothache and joint pain.

Furthermore, the hiddenite stone is also said to enhance the treatment of psychiatric disorders as well as stabilizing the intense and violent mood swings. It mainly assists the physical body in recovering from physical and emotional stress. Moreover, it is said to help in balancing the hemispheres of the brain, easing hyperventilation and bringing your fluids to balance.

Also, the hiddenite can be a useful ally in your recovery from addictions. This stone can provide support in the purification and detoxification process. It also helps in boosting the functioning of your endocrine system. Not only that, but its soothing energies are also said to be beneficial in the treatment of lung and skin disorders. It enhances mobility for people and even relieving pain associated with rheumatism.

For Emotional Healing

The hiddenite crystal can stir the heart, assisting in the reconnection of loving communications and thoughts. This should help bring back genuineness and spontaneity in relationships.

Hiddenite For Emotional Healing

Its loving pale green energies provide a gentle reminder of the initial delight that you felt in your partner and the joyous acceptance of that persona exactly as they want. It also helps encourages you to love with your whole heart and looking to the future without being worried about future outcomes.

Through the emotional body, it generates within yourself and allows you to see that loving in and of yourself, is its own reward. Not only that, but the hiddenite crystal can also assist those who have difficulty in receiving love because of their feelings of unworthiness. This stone can help overcome the misconception that possessions or wealth are the true measures of your worth.

Instead, this stone can reveal just how precious you are to the Creator. It helps you receiving love from the divine, allowing your feelings of true abundance and emotional healing supersedes all other needs. It teaches you that living focused on the gifts that you receive every moment creates a more wonderful and joyous life.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Hiddenite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The hiddenite crystal in its shades of green focuses more on stimulating and healing your heart chakra. This chakra is located near the center of your breastbone. It is responsible for your interaction with the outer world and mainly controls what you embrace and resist.

The heart chakra is also what gives you the balancing ability to be yourself within the environment. So, when the heart chakra becomes overactive or out of balance, you may feel either controlled or too controlling in a relationship. You also become too critical and sensitive of the little comments or actions of others. Also, you will have inappropriately strong emotional responses to daily external stimuli.

The green energies of the hiddenite crystal can help in resolving these blockages and rebalancing your heart chakra. This should help you understand your own emotions and needs more clearly. Also, it can help deal with the ups and downs of any emotional relationship, being more mature and accepting changes in your life.

Hiddenite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Meanwhile, the yellowish tint of the hiddenite crystal can also work slightly on your solar plexus chakra. This is the chakra of relationship and is the body’s energy distribution center. It is located between your navel and ribcage, mainly controls your digestive and immune system.

When your solar plexus chakra is out of balance, you become fearful of changes and prone to disappointments or displeasure of others. You become stagnant and become a subordinate to the pleasures and wills of others.

With the vibrant energies of hiddenite, you can bring balance to your solar plexus chakra. As a result, you become free to interpret the world through your own emotions and thoughts. You also become more confident in tackling change in your life, allowing you to grow and go with the flow, doing so in good spirits.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Hiddenite is a powerful ally for wealth fetching and managing abundance. Its energies are said to protect and safeguard your interest, making sure that you’re on the right path to achieve your financial objectives and goals.

Hiddenite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Not only that, but the energies of this stone are said to give you the freedom you need in order to execute your financial success and have fun while doing so. It is also a stone that can attract prosperity and inspiring business success.

In addition, the hiddenite crystal can also make you focus more on working for the real treasures of your life which wealth and money just can’t buy.

For Relationship and Love

Hiddenite is considered a love stone. With its strong connection to the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra, hiddenite represents sensual and unconditional love.

If you are single, having this stone with you can help you find new romantic interests when you least expect it. It can help awaken and attracting your true love to you. And if you are in a relationship, this stone can help you enjoy sensual and more passionate moments with your partner. Also, it helps you strengthen your commitment and loyalty with your partner. Now, if you are married, this stone can help you gain a second wind after experiencing some challenging moments in your marriage.

The hiddenite crystal can work in eliminating all kinds of emotional blocks. It helps you release all the love that resides in your heart and all you can offer. It also helps you experience the pure bliss and joy of love while promoting a healthy sense of self-love.

The stone can help be a loving partner while also prioritizing yourself in the relationship. It elevates your self-worthiness and making you appreciate yourself even more. You’ll acknowledge all the good things that you’ve contributed to your relationship, making you feel good about it.

Hiddenite For Relationship and Love

Furthermore, the stone is also a powerful emotional healer. It helps in mending your broken heart and restoring love and compassion in your heart. It can make you stay hopeful for a better and new love. Not only that, but it can also heal you in all the right places, allowing you to feel like a brand new person.

Hiddenite is also an excellent stone to have if you need to express what you truly feel. With this stone by your side, you won’t be afraid of voicing out your emotions and true feelings. It helps you deliver the truth straight from the heart. This should help foster trust in your current relationship.

If your relationship or marriage is currently experiencing trouble, turn on the energies of the hiddenite stone. This stone can bring back the enthusiasm and renewed energy in your tired relationship. It helps in rekindling your passion while strengthening your commitment to one another. Also, you can accept the things that you can’t change and find genuine satisfaction and happiness in your circumstances.

Not only that, but you’ll also learn the value of spontaneity in your relationship. It also brings the energies of kindness, compassion and forgiveness., making you more grateful for the bad and good times. It helps in manifesting all your desires for your relationship and bringing the energies of positivity that your can share with your partner. As a result, you get to develop a truly lasting and loving relationship.

For Protection

Hiddenite is also a protective stone. It helps in dispelling negativity, protecting your aura from unwanted energies and negative mental influences. Not only that, but this stone also has the ability to dispel the attached entities.

Hiddenite For Protection

This stone can also be suitable for blocking out geopathic stress. When worn as a pendant or taped to a phone or other electromagnetic devices, this stone can prevent the negative influences of radiation and electronic pollution.

Hiddenite is also a powerful guardian crystal. In the physical world, it is a fantastic amulet for travels, protecting yourself, your possessions and your loved ones from all kinds of physical accidents.

Spiritually, this stone can act as a powerful guard that shields your belief against doubt. It helps stay true to your cherished beliefs and ideals, while also enforcing strength of character. Not only that, but this stone can also help protect your spirits and all aspects of the body during difficult and trying times. It can be effective in your efforts of maintaining positivity your sunny disposition and enthusiasm.

When you’re feeling weak or vulnerable, the energies of hiddenite shall provide strong protection against unwanted and unwelcome external entities.

For Sleep Insomnia

The energies of hiddenite are also quite helpful for chronic sleeping disorders such as insomnia. Thanks to its soothing and calming energies, this stone can provide positivity and relaxation while inducing serenity throughout the night.

Hiddenite For Sleep Insomnia

In addition, its protective energies can shield you against the unwanted entities and energies that may attach themselves to your aura in terms of great stress or difficult situation. This should help you experience an uninterrupted sleep, so you can wake fully rested and ready for another day.

In addition, placing a hiddenite crystal near your bedside or under your pillow can help you fall asleep faster. It also helps protect you against nightmares and night terrors. As a dream holder, the hiddenite can also be a powerful talisman for focusing your energy to hold onto your vivid dreams.

For Confidence

The hiddenite crystal can also be beneficial for those who are having some self-esteem or confidence issues. As a gemstone that enhances growth and development, this stone can enhance your confidence and assertion without aggression. Meaning to say, you become more confident in tackling the changes in your life without being a jerk.

Hiddenite For Confidence

This stone can help you see your worth and teaches you that you’re also deserving of love. It also helps in looking back to all your negative experiences of the past and teaching yourself to accept your mistakes and wrongs, forgiving yourself and allowing yourself to change. It eases healing on an emotional level which renews your confidence.

For Depression and Anxiety

The warming green energies of hiddenite are said to be very beneficial in terms of treating psychological disorders. It is a potent stone that can help someone who’s currently going through anxiety and depression.

Hiddenite For Depression and Anxiety

With its lightness and paleness, this stone can counter the effects of negative and toxic emotions. It has the ability to encourage the process of emotional release. Also, it helps in detoxifying such negative emotions and bringing them to the surface for release. It helps in countering the effects of negative emotions as well as bringing balance to intense mood swings.

Not only that, but this tone can help in fostering emotional balance, security and peace. It brings an end to the nervousness of the future while also lightening your suffering and healing emotional pain. As a result, it should bring calmness, relaxation and positivity. Furthermore, the hiddenite crystal is also said to help banish lethargy and negative thinking. It brings about the necessary change, development, growth and acceptance which are very much needed by someone who’s depressed or anxious about the future.

For Career Success

The hiddenite crystal can be used for boosting professional growth and career success. Wearing or carrying a hiddenite crystal is said to enhance positivity while removing the self-imposed limitations. Not only that, but it also prevents personal darkness or stops negative thinking.

Hiddenite For Career Success

The yellow-green energies of hiddenite combine the green rays of growth and the yellow rays of pure positivity, signifying a time for personal strength, maturity, growth and development. It enhances your receptiveness to new meanings, thoughts and ideas. Also, it helps in lighting your path towards higher wisdom and understanding, advancing you to the success of your career.

This stone can also work in fixing your confidence, especially if you constantly doubt and second-guess yourself. It can help remove the unhealthy attachments of material things, negative attitudes and meaningless pursuits. This allows you to focus more on your long-term professional goals.

Not only that, but this stone can also help you in recognizing your very own strengths and weaknesses, so you can improve or enhance them. It makes you realize the things that you need to accept and change, as well as those that you need to resist. This stone shall bring determination, endurance, deep concentration and perseverance to tackles the challenges at work and reaching your professional career goals.

Combining Hiddenite With Other Crystal Stones

The hiddenite crystal can be combined or paired with other crystal stones in order to amplify its healing energies or if you want to concentrate on a specific intention. With that said, here are some of the best crystal combinations for the hiddenite crystal.

Hiddenite + Amber

For healing and connecting your heart chakra to your solar plexus chakra, try pairing the energies of hiddenite with the powers of amber.

Hiddenite + Amber

The hiddenite is a powerful cleanser and energizer of your heart chakra and also aligns well with your solar plexus chakra. Such integration can help in the release of negative thought patterns and attitudes while bringing bountiful healing energies and forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the amber is one of the most potent healers of the solar plexus chakra. Formed from fossilized tree resin embedded with fauna, flora and other minerals, the amber stone offers a strong connection with Mother Earth. Its warm energies of life can cleanse your solar plexus and bringing harmony, easing mood swings and unhappiness.

The hiddenite crystal can bring change, growth and development to a stagnant life. It helps you learn from the past and stop being anxious for the future. Not only that, but it also helps in releasing emotional trauma and distress so you can flourish with renewed confidence and self-worth.

Amber, on the other hand, is a potent ally for overcoming the present moment. This stone can help in absorbing negative energies from your surrounding and other people. Also, it helps boost your virtues of patience, while increasing your motivation to move forward in life.

With these two stones combine, you can expect a renewed life experience of confidence, hope and positivity.

Hiddenite + Emerald

For a powerful healer duo of the heart chakra, pair the gentle energies of hiddenite with the might of the emerald crystal.

Hiddenite + Emerald

With its beautiful pale green to olive energies, the hiddenite is a powerful stone of the heart. This stone can bring growth and maturity to your relationship while also cleansing away the toxicity and negativities of the past and failed relationship.

Emerald, on the other hand, is one of the more popular stones for the heart chakra. It is believed to have the purest form of green-ray energy. This stone can bring balance to any relationship, especially in marriage.

As the energies of hiddenite help fill you with change and support you when times are tough in your relationship, the energies of emerald can enhance unconditional love to yourself and to your partner while also boosting loyalty. Both stones shall provide balance and healing of your emotional body, allowing you to control and manage your emotions while strengthening your relationship with other people.

Hiddenite + Pyrite

In case you need some positivity and optimism in your life, you can try pairing the energies of hiddenite with the wholesome vibes of pyrite crystal.

Hiddenite + Pyrite

The heart-centered energies of hiddenite can offer a cheerful disposition to anyone who uses it during meditation or keeping it close to their body. By clearing blockages in your solar plexus and heart chakra, the hiddenite crystal can help in releasing toxic emotions and negative thought patterns. After removing such issues, this stone can help you attract new positive vibrations while also teaching you confidence, self-love and hope.

The pyrite crystal, on the other hand, is one of the favorite stones for positivity. Nestled within its almost-perfect cubic crystalline structure is a powerful force field that blocks out all kinds of negative pollutants and energies. This should help stop any outside influences from affecting your mood, emotions and thoughts.

So, as the pyrite crystal helps ensure that negativity and toxicity from your surrounding and other people won’t bother you, the hiddenite stone can expel all kinds of negativities from within. As a result, you can welcome happiness, positivity, growth and enthusiasm while also enhancing energy levels as well as confidence in your life.

Hiddenite + Citrine

For your intentions of attracting abundance, luck, wealth and prosperity into your life, you can pair the energies of hiddenite with the wealth-attracting vibes of citrine.

Hiddenite + Citrine

Although not known as a money stone, the hiddenite crystal with its green energies is said to boost growth and your desired outcomes. And this can be almost anything, including money, wealth and abundance. Its light and positive energies can help in clearing blockages in your solar plexus and heart chakra. As a result, this stone can help you feel worthy in receiving abundance, money and wealth from the universe. Not only that, but the hiddenite crystal can also eliminate the negative self-beliefs and thoughts, allowing you to attract even greater wealth into your life.

Citrine, on the other hand, is considered one of the most popular stones for financial success and attracting wealth. Dubbed as the Lucky Merchant’s Stone, citrine is a premier manifesting stone for money, wealth and abundance. This stone is said to bring luck to your business and professional ventures and attracting universal energy of abundance. Not only that, but it is also quite useful for overcoming roadblocks to earning and managing your finances.

So, as hiddenite enhances your confidence and self-esteem as well as increasing your feelings of being valuable and worthy for receiving wealth, the energies of citrine can overcome challenges to earning money while also encouraging you to be generous. As a result, you get to increase your finances while creating a circle of wealth that not only benefits you but also benefits your loved ones and friends.

Both hiddenite and citrine can be used to create a crystal grid with other money-attracting stones, amplifying your wealth-making intentions.

Hiddenite + Amazonite

For a unique pairing to activate, stimulate, heal and unblock your heart chakra, use the energies of hiddenite with the frequency of amazonite.

Hiddenite + Amazonite

The green energies of the hiddenite crystal mainly stimulate your heart chakra. This should help in absorbing all kinds of negative energy, cleansing and releasing the destructive through patens and behaviors that may be clogging up your emotional body.

Meanwhile, the amazonite offers a powerful stimulating effect on your heart chakra, awakening your kindness and compassion. Also, as a courageous stone, the Amazonite crystal can bring undeniable bravery to accept changes.

The hiddenite crystal can help you let go of unwanted emotions and past traumas. It also helps release stagnant energies that might be preventing you from moving forward in life. Aligning the heart chakra with the solar plexus chakra, the hiddenite crystal can also bring confidence, intuition and feelings of self-worth, so you can grow and reach maturity.

Meanwhile, the amazonite crystal can generate trust and optimism in your life. It shall bring you a higher understanding of the things you want while also awakening compassion in you. Also, it forms a bridge between your throat chakra and heart chakra, allowing for loving, honest and open communication to flow through.  

As a result, the pairing of hiddenite and amazonite can help ease and overcome all burdens of the heart while influencing a more loving and positive attitude, ultimately promoting harmony in your emotional body.

Is Hiddenite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The hiddenite crystal is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is considered a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Hiddenite is April 20 – May 20 and May 21 – June 20 Birthstone

The hiddenite stone is one of the natural birthstones for those born between April 20 and May 20, which is during the heart of spring. The green energies of the hiddenite crystal shall bring your success in new ventures, good health, renewal, spiritual development, productivity, prosperity and growth.

Meanwhile, the hiddenite with an olive shade is considered as one of the natural birthstones for those born on May 21 – June 20, as the greens of spring are giving way to the vibrant yellows of the approaching summer. The olive shades of hiddenite are said to bring your exuberance, awakening, meaning, learning, intelligence, change, receptiveness and independence.

Hiddenite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo and Cancer

Hiddenite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo

The hiddenite crystal is the moon stone for Leo. As the green to yellow variation of kunzite, the hiddenite can help the Leos who often struggle to release their feelings of failure and disappointments. This stone can provide encouragement when Leos are going through difficult challenges in life. Not only that, but this stone can help them accept support when they need it.

Being a heart-focused stone, the energies of hiddenite can empower the positive aspects of Leo’s character to flourish and shine. It is also a wonderful supporting stone for Leos who are currently experiencing new beginnings or for developing more meaningful relationships with other people.

Hiddenite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

Hiddenite also resonates well with the zodiac sign Cancer. With its potent energy of change, this stone can remove the stagnant energy in Cancerians and encouraging growth. Its soft green to yellow energies, in particular, aligns well with the heart and solar plexus chakra, inducing kindness and a sense of peace. This is helpful for the Cancerians who are often stressed out at work.

In addition, the frequency of hiddenite can also teach people under the banner of Cancer to let go of the self-limiting beliefs which are often based on a false sense of fear and lack of security. It can bring a renewed sense of self-esteem and confidence while also stimulating a Cancerian’s kindness and compassion to other people.

Lastly, Cancerians are usually short-tempered, The green energies of hiddenite shall bring a calming influence and patience to overcome their bad moods. It also helps align their energies, providing emotional balance and boosting their nurturing spirit.

Meditation with Hiddenite

The hiddenite crystal is conducive to a centered and deep meditative state. This stone can stimulate creativity and intuition while also releasing unfocused or troubled energy. It is especially helpful to those who find it difficult t enter a meditative state.

By holding the stone in a vertical position, it can align your chakras, balancing your energy centers and ultimately connecting them, sequentially.

How to Cleanse and Charge Hiddenite?

As with all healing crystals, it is crucial that you keep your hiddenite crystal cleansed and charged. This way, you can happily get the healing energies that you require.

The hiddenite crystal is a gentle and delicate stone that should not be scrubbed too hard. Plus, it does not like an extremely hot temperature. So, when cleaning your hiddenite crystal, you can just use warm water with a mild soap. Scrub its surface with your fingers or a soft cloth in order to remove the accumulated dust and debris. Then, run it under tap water to rinse and pat dry with a clean, dry cloth.

After that, you can cleanse and recharge its energies. While some stones can be placed in sunlight for cleansing and recharging, hiddenite is not recommended to be placed in direct sunlight since it can lose its color under direct heat.

How to Cleanse and Charge Hiddenite

It can, however, charge with the light of lunar energies. Place it directly under the rays of a full or new moon. Let those feminine vibes of the moon soak and work on cleansing and energizing the crystal with ripe cosmic energies.

However, if you can’t wait for the full or new moon, then you can simply bury your hiddenite crystal in a pot of nutrient-rich soil. Allow the earthy energies to wash over the stone for a whole day. If you want a cleaner solution, you can bury it in a bowl filled with sea salt. The salt should absorb all negatives from within the stone and recharging it to the fullest.

Also, if you have large quartz crystals or amethyst geodes, you can simply let your hiddenite crystal sit with these stones and charge its energies. If you have a singing bowl, you can also use its sound vibrations to cleanse away the negative vibes of your hiddenite stone. Lastly, if you have sage, incense sticks or herb bundles, then you can also cleanse and recharge your hiddenite crystal by smudging it and passing it through the healing smoke.

Final Thoughts

Hiddenite is truly a unique and wonderful stone of growth and change. With its heart-centered energy, this stone can provide protection and nurture your emotions, promoting compassion, trust and kindness.

It helps you enjoy a blissful and joyful life releasing stagnant energies while also attracting prosperity and abundance into your life. It shall foster gratitude and love in all of your relationships and bringing positivity, enthusiasm, growth and development in all aspects of your life, making it a must-have crystal in your growing collection.


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