Iolite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Iolite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Iolite

Like the crisp, dark wintry sky, Iolite in its shifting shades of blue-violet carries the spirit of dreams, intuition, journeying, illumination and exploration. Dubbed as the Viking’s Compass, this crystal will provide the vision to move you, spiritually and physically, from one realm to another.

What is Iolite?

The iolite crystal is a variety of the Cordierite mineral. Iolite is the translucent to a transparent form of cordierite and has recently gained popularity. This crystal can be deep to light blue hues and typically has a purplish hint to it. It is also referred to as dichroite or the “water sapphire”.

Although very affordable, the deeper colored stones are more valued and demand a pricier tag. Thanks to its durability, iolite can be a nice substitute for the more expensive blue gemstones like Sapphire.

This is perhaps the most pleochroic crystal. This means that it exhibits different colors when viewed at different angles. Violet-blue or blue iolite crystals can become grayish-yellow, duller gray, or honey-yellow to even clear light blue hues when viewed at a different angle.

Iolite majorly comes from the countries of Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.

The Meaning and Uses of Iolite

Its name comes from the Greek term “ios” which means violet, thanks to the purplish tinge it exhibits.

uses of iolite

The stone was used by Leif Eriksson as well as other Viking explorers who sailed far out into the Atlantic Ocean and away from any coastline that could help determine their position. They used thin pieces of iolite as the first polarizing filter in the world. Looking through the iolite lenses, sailors could determine the location of the sun and safely navigate to the New World and back.

Iolite is also a protective amulet for travelers. It guides them safely home and protects them against negative energies. In addition, iolite helps in releasing and understanding the causes of addiction. It allows for the expression of your true self and frees you from the expectations of other people.

You can also use iolite to strengthen family relationships. By placing it in your living room, you can prevent sibling rivalry or ease the presence of a new step-parent that might be causing a child to feel excluded. Not only that but it can also be used if a family member has very high expectations of you.

The stone can also help in recovering balance. Thus, it is highly recommended for those suffering from lack of motivation, disorientation, distraction and disorganization. It can strengthen your resolve to take on your responsibility. It will carry you through and offer endurance and self-assurance in adverse situations.

Iolite is also the Stone of the Muses. It activates your creative and visionary side and helps access ideas and thoughts beyond the ordinary. In particular, this stone can inspire creative self-expression through song, writing, dancing and other artistic endeavors.

Iolite Metaphysical Properties

Iolite vibrates with the energy of twilight. Its beautiful blue-violet hue can stimulate your astral bodies and psychic awareness. It can reveal the realms beyond your usual waking consciousness. Thus, it is one of the best crystals for astral projection and other inner vision works. Also, it is great for the alternate- or past-life work.

Iolite Metaphysical Properties

This stone also brings forward the symbols locked within your psyche. This should illuminate the issues you should face for continued growth. Not only that, but it can also strengthen the resonant link between the heart and the mind.

In shamanic healing rituals, iolite is said to influence the spirits. Shamans wore iolite rings in order to ensure accuracy within their vision stone and provide powerful medicinal benefits and healing.

In addition, wearing iolite crystal is said to awaken and sustain your psychic gifts. This makes it a powerful stone for tarot readers, astrologers, mediums, and other intuitive. Furthermore, it is particularly beneficial for those trying to access some information from their past lives.

Not only that, but the violet rays of iolite also inspire awe while inviting a feeling of magic, mystery, luxury, and nobility. Its energetic rays can help you interpret your dreams while inspiring you to do great deeds and accomplishments.

Iolite is also a dispeller energizer. It acts as a radiator with sharp points from which plentiful energy can flow easily outward and carrying the undesirable elements of your life. This makes it a helpful talisman to relieve daily concerns of mental, spiritual, and physical problems. It will help place things right again after they are out of balance.

The Benefits of Iolite

Iolite is more than just a spiritual stone. It also offers superb healing benefits for your physical and emotional body as well as for your daily life. Here are some of them.  

For Physical Healing

Iolite Metaphysical Properties

Iolite is often credited with supporting a stronger than normal conviction. It is said to allow you to consume alcohol without showing any effects. It does so while promoting detoxification and improving the degenerated conditions of your liver. Not only that, but it also helps reduce fatty deposits in your body.

Iolite is also used in the regulation of your digestive system. It eases digestion while also enhancing nail and hair growth. Furthermore, it helps in the improvement and strengthening of your nerves. It can assist in the treatment of numb limbs and paralysis as well as tolerating pain.

The stone has also been used to treat malaria as well as other fever-related disorders. Moreover, it is said to assist in the healing of your eyes. It can reduce headaches, disorientation, migraines and dizziness, even Meniere’s disease.

For Emotional Healing

Iolite Meanings, Properties and Uses

In terms of emotional healing, the gentle rays of iolite can help you examine the inner path of your deep self. This stone will assist you in letting go of the belief that you need to control inner experiences. It removes the fear of the unknown or the suppressed parts of your psyche.

This should help increase your capacity to move forward. Then it will allow for the understanding that the examination of your past wounds is the most direct path towards emotional healing.

Iolite is also a stone of inner treasure. This will help you uncover all the lost parts of yourself. It helps you in receiving the peace that your spiritual journey offers. In the midst of adversity, this crystal can help bring solutions to seemingly insurmountable issues and problems. It should encourage a positive and calm state of mind. It will instill hope and determination and helps in making decisions on how you can proceed. This crystal will offer the emotional distance needed for a better and clearer perspective.

Its violet energies can also help balance the male and female aspects of your character. This should help bring balance and harmony within yourself. It shows you to take responsibility for your own life and happiness. It will release discord from your relationships and help you in overcoming codependency within your close partnerships.  

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

iolite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Iolite carries potent blue-violet energies that can clear and activate your third eye chakra. This should help open awareness and communication to the higher vibratory realms.

The third eye chakra, also known as the brow chakra, is the center of your command and perception. It can direct your everyday awareness and sight of the world. This is where your consciousness is located. Not only that, but this chakra will also balance the important and the unimportant and sorting meaning from impressions and data. With a balanced brow chakra, you can see clearly and fully understand what we see.

If you have a blocked brow chakra, you can use the energies of the iolite. This should keep your internal communications and thoughts within vibrant and healthy. Iolite will keep you open o new dreams, ideas and visions. It also teaches you to be observant and reflective while also controlling the flow of energy within all chakras.

In addition, iolite can also be linked with or stimulate your crown chakra. This chakra is at the topmost part of the head. It is your gateway to the expanded universe beyond your body. It controls how you respond and thinks of the world around you. It is the source of your spirituality and the fountainhead of your beliefs.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

iolite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Iolite is probably one of the best stones to use when you’re in debt and wishes to get out of debt. Iolite’s energies can show you how to generate a steady money flow so that you can be financially independent.

Furthermore, this crystal can also help in attracting abundance, wealth and prosperity into your life. It does so by pointing you in the right directions of excellent opportunities to grow. With this potent crystal, you can meet new people who can willingly help you to achieve all your financial goals.

Not only that, but this stone has a great way of bringing positive experiences and synchronicities your way. It can help open your mind, eyes and heart to innovative approaches to make money that you might not have thought of before.

For Relationship and Love

iolite For Relationship and Love

In terms of relationships and love, the iolite stone is a powerful healer of old emotional wounds and hurts. This stone has the ability to remove past traumas and hurt and pushes you to the process of moving on.

Not only that, but this stone can also calm strong emotions and feelings. It also helps in releasing stress and negativity that might be causing discord in your relationship. Then, it will replace these energies with understanding, love and peace.

The energies of iolite also show you how to be more present at the moment. This will bring harmony not only to your relationship but also to yourself. It will help you achieve love, peace and the contentment that you’re looking for.

With its bluish energy, this stone can also promote pure thoughts and help you express your true self. This is one of the best stones that can help you rediscover yourself. In turn, it shows you how to change for the better and improving your relationships.

For Sleep Insomnia

iolite for sleep insomnia

With its soothing violet energies that resonate with the divine realm, the iolite crystal is said to prevent insomnia. This stone will place you in a relaxed state and offer a sense of bliss. It also clears the mind of loud, chaotic mind chattering that might be keeping you at night.

Not only that, but its protective energy can also shield you against sleep disturbance or nightmares. Since it resonates with the higher chakras, this crystal for sleep can help stimulate your memory and connect you to your higher consciousness for lucid dreaming.

For Confidence

iolite For Confidence

If you are feeling daunted about making your way in this world or you want to cut loose from the corporate world to earn money with your own talents, then iolite is a potent confidence booster.

Meditating with this crystal can help you move forward with determination and trust in yourself. If you are struggling with confidence issues, this crystal can help you in accepting who you are. It teaches you to be confident about your skills and capabilities.

Not only that, but this crystal can also teach you how to embrace your flaws and strengths. It will inspire you to take responsibility for yourself and help overcome low self-esteem and dependency issues.

Combining Iolite With Other Crystal Stones

Iolite can also be combined with other stones in order to amplify its healing energies and metaphysical properties. Here are some of the best combinations for iolite you can try.

Iolite + Black Tourmaline

Iolite + Black Tourmaline

The iolite crystal is an excellent tool for astral traveling. Its highly energetic vibrations resonate beautifully with your crown and third eye chakra. This stone is said to increase your awareness when traveling while also attracting spirit guides and angels to you.

Unfortunately, as you travel the spiritual realm, you might also attract the bad energies and harmful entities lurking. Such influences can drain your energy and may prevent you from traveling to a higher plane. For this, you will need the protective energies of the black tourmaline.

The black tourmaline is a highly protective crystal against all kinds of negative energies and entities. By empowering your root chakra and harmoniously working with the energies of iolite, this crystal can keep your positive energies rising for deeper traveling.

When you are astral traveling, you can simply wear a black tourmaline pendant for superb protection. Iolite, on the other hand, can be worn as iolite jewelry or keep a piece of this crystal in your pocket.

Iolite + Angelite

Iolite + Angelite

Combining iolite stones and Angelite makes a powerful duo for astral traveling and reaching higher planes in the divine realm.

AS mentioned before, the iolite crystal is one of the best stones for astral traveling. It stimulates your crown and third eye chakra which can help in increasing your awareness and consciousness when you are traveling in the divine realm.

When paired with another potent crystal for astral traveling and projection, Angelite, you can reach a deeper awareness. Angelite has the infinite power to heighten your skills of clairvoyance, telepathy, and astral travel. It aligns your physical body with your etheric body to help develop the instinctive skills you need for astral journeying.

Both stones are also masterful at connecting with your spirit guides, angels, and otherworldly creatures and entities. As iolite jewelry stones strengthen your aura for energetic traveling, Angelite can help you in avoiding the negative entities that can drain your energies. In addition, Angelite takes it even further by inducing peace and love as you wake from your astral traveling.

Iolite + Labradorite

Iolite + Labradorite

Just like the previous combination, the duo of iolite and labradorite can enhance and amplify your astral traveling and spiritual journeying.

Having been revered for centuries, iolite stone is one of the favorite crystals of shamans to use when traveling the astral plane. Thanks to its violet rays and energies, this crystal can stimulate your imagination and visionary experience. This helps you better understand the divine wisdom and experience you have when astral traveling.

Now, if you combine these energies with the labradorite, you will have a more adventurous traveling to the depths of your subconscious. With labradorite, the mysticism that surrounds astral journeying can be intensified with this magical crystal. It will help you effortlessly glide the astral plane.

Together, both stones can make a more enjoyable and knowledgeable traveling to the spiritual realm. Labradorite takes it even further by shielding your aura against energy leaks and psychic attacks for deeper and more meaningful travels. With both stones at hand during astral traveling, you can strengthen the link between the physical body and journeying which helps increase your desire to know more.

Iolite + Clear Quartz

Iolite + Clear Quartz

Iolite with its violet-blue rays of energy can beautifully support your psychic abilities while sharpening your inner vision. This is one of the best crystals to enhance, open and stimulate your higher chakras.

By attuning to this chakra, you can better understand your spiritual self. Not only that, but it also opens up yourself to the energies of the universe and the angelic realms. It stimulates cosmic connection and provides you the ability to travel to higher planes.

Now, when you pair iolite with the Master Healer, you get twice or even thrice the energies you need. As the main energy amplifier used in the crystal healing community, the clear quartz is an opener of all chakras and an energizer of just about any crystals.

So, when you use it to amplify the energies of iolite stone, you can increase your psychic abilities and a more lucid astral traveling. Thanks to its clearness, the clear quartz can also work through the crown chakra. Together with the energies of the iolite stones that open your third eye chakra, you can open the pathway to your higher self. This helps connect your human energies to the energies of the universe. It will also help you understand the wisdom of the divine and even facilitate speaking with angels, ascended teachers, and masters.

Iolite + Blue Calcite

Iolite + Blue Calcite

Another pairing for peaceful and knowledgeable astral traveling, the iolite and blue calcite is a must-try duo.

Also known as cordierite, iolite can ensure a safe astral traveling with its energies resonating with the crown and third eye chakra. Not only will it increase your awareness and consciousness as you travel, but it can also help you remember the experience once you return to your physical body.

Meanwhile, the blue calcite with its soothing energies can wrap you in an energetic blanket. This helps remove anxiety and worries while inducing a sense of deep peace and relaxation. This is critical for better astral projecting and traveling.

Blue calcite also helps in blocking out the negative energies that might interfere with your aura. This allows for a smooth transition when you travel. Iolite, on the other hand, can strengthen your aura while raining your consciousness. This way, you can better explore the spiritual world and understand the wisdom and knowledge that comes your way.

Aside from these abilities, both blue calcite and iolite stones can also help in stimulating your visionary experiences and imagination. This can generate creative ideas to take back to the physical plane while also enhancing your overall psychic abilities.

Iolite + Ruby

Iolite + Ruby

Moving away from the spiritual realm of traveling, if you wish to increase your energy or just want to banish lethargy, you can try combining iolite stones with ruby.

Little known to others, the iolite is also an energizer crystal. This means that this violet-blue crystal is a powerful conduit stone that can amplify and focus the universal life force and your energy in order to accomplish your goals or fight tiredness. This should help in your efforts to gain what you want, protecting what you value, enhancing your life or defending yourself against undesirable elements.

Pair it with the premier energizing crystal, ruby, you can let yourself be filled with vigor and strength while overcoming exhaustion and lethargy. With its strong connection to the root chakras, its red color can clear emotional blockages that will give you a quick energy boost.

AS ruby stimulates your chi and ground you to earth, the iolite crystal can shield you against the negative, over-demanding or draining influence of other people. Both stones will increase your vitality while helping you develop a true sense of happiness and joy.  

Iolite + Sodalite

Iolite + Sodalite

Iolite and sodalite is a unique combination for stimulating the intellect and mind. Iolite is known as the Stone of the Muses. This potent crystal can activate your creative and visionary side. It helps you access ideas and thoughts beyond the ordinary. Not only that, but this stone will inspire creative self-expression through writing, dancing, music and other artistic endeavors.

Meanwhile, the sodalite crystal is wonderful at enhancing your intellectual side, mainly your memory and focus. Dubbed as The Student’s Stone, this crystal can quiet distracting thoughts and chaotic chatter while stimulating intelligence.

Both stones can open your mind to an innovative ideas, encouraging an open-minded discussion and sharpening your thought process. In addition, since both crystals also work with your higher chakras, they can also help in strengthening your intuition as well as s the development of your psychic skills.

Iolite + Amethyst

Iolite + Amethyst

For a combination that focuses on the stimulation and opening of your crown and third eye chakra, try the iolite and amethyst duo.

Iolite is one of the most potent crystals for balancing and strengthening your third eye chakra. As one of the most popular crystals for re-balancing your female and male sides, this crystal can bring inner harmony. This way you can focus more on higher consciousness and spiritual development.

The gentle energy of iolite stones can stimulate your third eye chakra and awaken your inner knowing. It raises your consciousness so you can experience creative thoughts and improved intuition. Not only that, but it can also stimulate clairvoyance, visions and awareness as you travel the astral plane.

Pair it with the premier stone of spirituality, and you can fully open yourself to the universe and the divine realm. Like iolite, the amethyst crystal can create a doorway between the crown chakra and third eye chakra. This helps in letting the energy of the universe flow through your whole being.

Both stones exude high vibrations and can stimulate memory formation and stimulation. It can promote emotional balance and is ideal for meditation since they can work together to encourage inner reflection.

In addition, as iolite attracts angels and spirit guides to you, amethyst can bring a calming effect while enveloping you in a blanket of tranquility for a peaceful astral traveling or meditation.

Iolite + Yellow Fluorite

Iolite + Yellow Fluorite

For enhancing your creativity, you can benefit from the unique combination of iolite and yellow fluorite.

The yellow variety of fluorite is known as the crystal of intellect and creativity. Dubbed as the Genius Stone, this crystal represents the highest state of your mental achievement. It can increase your aptitude and discernment and stimulates the efficient absorption of new information. In addition, the vibrational energies of the yellow fluorite crystal can also stimulate the electrical charge of your brain cell. This draws in more life force while also stimulating both of your brain hemispheres to work together harmoniously.

Now, when you pair these properties with the bluish-violet energies of iolite, you can take your intellect and creativity to a whole new level. Known as the Stone of Musses, the iolite can activate your visionary and creative side. It will stimulate thought and ideas out of the ordinary and inspiring creative self-expression.

Furthermore, both stones can resonate well with your higher chakras. This should help stimulate psychic awareness and stimulating your etheric bodies. Thus, they can also make a great combination for astral traveling and spiritual or psychic works.

Is Iolite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Iolite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a natural birthstone and resonates with some zodiac signs.

Iolite is December 21 – January 19 and January 20 – February 18 Birthstone

Although not a traditional stone, the iolite crystal is a natural birthstone for those born on December 21 – January 19, just after the winter solstice. Its violet energies can bring magic, dreams, imagination and intuition to those born during this time when the year is just new and fresh.

Meanwhile, iolite crystals with more indigo coloring are one of the natural birthstones for those born on January 20 – February 18. Its indigo rays are valuable and rare, bringing you truth, wisdom, spiritual mastery and dignity.

Iolite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries

With its cosmic vibes and astral connections, the iolite crystal is an amazing zodiac stone for those born under the banners of Taurus and Sagittarius.

Iolite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries

For the Taureans, the iolite crystal can help uplift this stoic earth sign to new heavenly heights. Those born under Taurus are all about the practical things in life. So, sometimes, they need a little nudge to think outside of the ordinary and dream a little bigger. Iolite can help them with this.

Sagittarians can also fall head over heels to the beauty of the iolite crystal. Taureans are highly inquisitive and independent. Thanks to its protective spirit and strong psychic connection, iolite can be an excellent talisman for the Taureans who love to travel but don’t think twice about stepping off their path.

In addition, Pisces is said to be calmed and soothed with its lively color. Aries, too, can benefit from this crystal, pushing them to think more creatively.

Meditation with Iolite

Iolite can help in calming an overactive or chaotic mind. This helps you reach a focused state of meditation. Not only that, but this crystal can also open up your visionary centers. This allows for conscious communications with the etheric realm and its inhabitants.

How to Cleanse and Charge Iolite?

If you wish for your iolite crystal to beam with spiritual light and exudes endless energy, then it is crucial that you keep it cleansed and charged. Iolite is a deep energy worker, especially when using it frequently for astral traveling. Thus, it often needs a little pick me up in order for it to keep working to the fullest of its ability.

You can clean your iolite crystal with a little warm water and brushing it with mild soap. You can rinse it under running water or stream of a natural water source such as a waterfall. Take note that iolite doesn’t like extreme heat so only use mild temperatures.

How to Cleanse and Charge Iolite

Then, charge your iolite crystal by placing it under natural light in your garden for at least an hour. Also, avoid placing it in direct sunlight. Iolite can also benefit from sitting next to other rock crystals like amethyst or clear quartz. These energizing crystals will infuse your iolite stone with higher levels of energy.

Final Thoughts

For those who wish to travel or experience the unknown territory of the etheric realm and see beyond the confines of their own intellect, the iolite crystal will guide you there. It is a stone that will serve you high intuition and encouraging you to take responsibility for your journeys.

And just like the explorers of the ancient world, the iolite crystal will become the wind that carries you across stormy shores and into the true land of yourself.


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