January Birthstone Guide, Color and Meanings

January Birthstone - Garnet

What is the Birthstone for January?

For the people born in January, the beautiful garnet is their traditional and modern birthstone.

In the deepest, darkest and coldest days of January, it is always best to look for something bright, vibrant, and colorful as a reminder that spring will eventually come, even if the snow piles up and the temperature takes a plunge.

And the January birthstone will give you just that reminder even in the coldest first month of the year. The garnet, with its more popular blood-red shade, pulses with warmth, making it the perfect shade for January. Wearing this stone will surely add light, warmth, and energy to even the coldest and sleepy days of January.

Garnet is a group of silicate minerals that have been used since the Bronze Age as a gemstone and abrasive material. It’s relatively common in most igneous and metamorphic rocks. These January birthstones are formed under extremely high pressure and temperature.

Thus, garnet is considered to be a very durable stone, with a 7.75 hardness on the Mohs scale. This birthstone occurs in generous quantities in specific parts of the globe, even in small sand particles on most beaches and in specific rock formations. Garnet crystals are typically mined in Africa, India, Pakistan, Madagascar, and the US.

The Meaning of January Birthstone

Folklore and legends place the January birthstone among the most ancient talismans. It was not only prized as an ornamental jewel but its curative metaphysical energies and powers made it so invaluable.

Here are some of the most important facts about the January birthstone.

Etymology, History, and Folklore

The distinctive name Garnet is derived from the Latin term “granatum” which means pomegranate due to the resemblance of the granular garnet varieties bears to the seeds of such fruit.


According to the Roman historian, Pliny the Elder, a variety of garnets known as “Carbunculus of India” used to be hollowed out into vessels o hold as much as a pint.

This January birthstone was used in ancient Czechoslovakia since the Bronze Age as well as in Egypt over 5,000 years ago. Around 2,100 B.C. it was used by the Sumerians as well as in Sweden from 1,000 – 2,000 B.C. Garnet was also popular in ancient Roman and Greek civilizations.

According to the Talmud, Noah’s ark uses a large garnet to provide light. Garnets with shades of fire were known as carbuncles and used as lamp stones. It was said that hanging it around the neck can provide the power of seeing in the dark.

Greek mythology claims that this January birthstone can heal emotional rifts between lovers, through divine influence. The birthstone was also used as an inlaid stone in Anglo-Saxon and Celtic jewelry.

During the Middle Ages, the January birthstone was used to enhance faith, truth, and constancy while dispelling melancholy. Considered a Warrior’s Stone, this beautiful crystal serves as a protective talisman in the Crusades for both Christians and Muslims.

The Merovingians bought this stone from faraway Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) via the Silk Road, combining it with the amber stones from the Baltic in order to create magnificent jewels.

The January birthstone is also considered to be one of the 12 stones in the Breastplate of the High Priest. It was used as a sacred stone by the South American Indians, Native American Indians, African tribal leaders, the Aztecs, and the Mayans.

Garnets with blood-red shades were believed to confer invulnerability from wounds. Not only that, some Asianic tribes launched garnets from their sling bow and then bullets with the principle being that the blood-colored crystal would inflict a more deadly bullet than the leaden bullets. These garnet bullets were used by the Hanzal in the year 1892 during their rebellion with the British troops n the Kashmir frontier and most of these precious bullets were preserved as curiosities.

Today, this January birthstone is used widely in industrial markets, from abrasives and sandpaper to scientific instruments and watch gears. More importantly, being the birthstone, garnet is most often faceted in pieces of jewelry for wearing.

Spiritual Meaning and Metaphysical Properties

The January birthstone is a powerful crystal stone that utilizes fiery energies. It helps in grounding your spiritual force within the body and helps in your ability to work lovingly on the physical plane.

More popular for its bright red shades, the garnet is a fiery stone of passion and is believed to be the oldest crystal used for spiritual protection and healing throughout history.

garnet is a fiery stone

It is called several names including “Carbuncles” which means “fire coals” since it is a stone that seems to always smolder. This offers a glimpse of its fiery spiritual meaning. It is the embodiment of the energies of passion, fire, strength, and creativity.

Fire is its spiritual representation and signifies transmutations and transformation. It symbolizes the power to convert energies. In fact, it has been used throughout history in alchemical procedures and other metaphysical situations for such reasons.

In today’s world, if you want to change something in the spiritual aspect of your soul, you can use the fiery energies of the birthstone to increase vibrations and movement inside your body. This can help in breaking apart the stagnant frequencies and transforming you into the person that you desire to be.

Spiritually, Garnet is also a stone that represents passion. It’s a common jewel worn by both men and women to increase attraction. It harnesses the sexual energies of Aphrodite, Cupid, and Venus. Working with the January birthstone in your spiritual practice, you can start increasing your innate sexual powers and becoming more confident in your natural sexual capabilities.

Furthermore, garnet also helps in developing passion and creativity. Regularly working with this stone, you become more confident in your self-expressive and artistic activities. Garnet also helps stimulate the brain to think of innovative concepts and ideas. With this stone, you can nurture your inner creator.

Lastly, this fiery January birthstone is a representation of masculine energy and strength. As a stone high in divine masculine energies, this January birthstone allows those who believe in its powers to take more risks and manifest greater actions in their life. Whether you’re asking someone on a date or applying for a new job, the garnet crystal is the perfect stone for taking those inner desires from the depths of your soul and pushing you to act and manifest them into reality.

What Color is January’s Birthstone?

For most people born in January, garnet evokes the thoughts of a vibrant red gemstone. And while red is indeed the mostly known color of this stone, garnet comes in several colors. Garnets may be found in shades of orange, pinkish-orange, purplish reds, green, and even rare blues.

Garnets in shades of orange, pinkish-orange, purplish reds, green, and even rare blues.

The common red garnet is also sometimes tinged with yellow, brown, or violet. All garnets feature the same crystal structure. Although, they differ in their chemical composition. There are over 20 varieties of garnet, however, only a few varieties have gemstone quality and each varies in its metaphysical properties.

  • Almandine Garnet

Almandine is one of the preferred red garnets.

Almandine garnet features a red and scarlet shade with more muted and earthy tints of brown. This gives the stone a strong connection to mother earth. Almandine garnet offers grounding and healing energies and is associated with the first chakra.

  • Pyrope Garnet

Meanwhile, pyrope garnet is one of the most sought-after varieties thanks to its vibrant color. Described as the “living fire” pyrope garnet range in color from deep crimson to rose red, including tints of violet, scarlet, and indigo.

This red birthstone is considered the stone of vitality and energy. They are associated with the first chakra, providing you with security and stability while stimulating gentleness and warmth.

  • Andradite Garnet

The andradite garnet features the elemental colors of olive, green, dark yellow, black, and brown. It is a spiritual stone that brings higher thinking and intense self-empowerment.

With its strong connection to the base chakra, andradite is also a stone of safety and strength. It helps in removing the feelings of alienation and isolation, attracting intimate encounters with other people.

  • Spessartine Garnet

Radiating in shades of orange, deep red, scarlet, or dark gold colors, the spessartine garnet is one of the rare varieties. Sometimes, it can be pale yellow if purely spessartine, however, this variety is often found mixed with almandine.

Dubbed the Garnet of the Sun, this stone activates the analytical process of your mind. It reduces fear while providing confidence and the positivity to change your life. It is connected with the solar plexus and sacral chakra which helps awaken your creative energy and lend power to your will.

  • Grossular Garnet

Ranges in the more popular shades of lush green or sunrise colors of gold, yellow, scarlet, and orange, the grossular garnet carries the nurturing energies of Mother Earth. It is a crystal of abundance and prosperity, encouraging service and gratitude to other people.

  • Uvarovite Garnet

Unlike grossular garnet, uvarovite features an emerald green shade and is the only variety found to have consistent green shades. This makes it quite rare and is found mostly in its druzy form which creates tiny sparkling crystals that cover the stone.

Uvarovite garnet is a beautiful stone that promotes wealth and prosperity. It helps in learning to joyfully accept what’s offered by the Universe and stimulates the heart chakra to enhance spiritual relationships.

How To Use Your January Birthstone?

Here are a few tips on how you can effectively use your January birthstone:

  • You can bring your January birthstone into your meditation practice. The potent and energetic vibrations of the birthstone can help enhance your spirituality, willpower, and determination.
  • You can place your January birthstone around your home or office. This way, you can bathe in its potent energies to boost energy, discipline, passion, willpower, and confidence.
January birthstone - Garnet Necklace and Ring
  • The January birthstone is best used as jewelry. Garnet is a tough and durable stone, thus it is often faceted or embedded in all kinds of jewelry you can think of. You can find it in rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Wearing your January birthstone can help keep its energies close to your auric field throughout the day.
  • You can also use your January birthstone as a rubbing stone. By simply carrying it around in your wallet or pocket, you can instantly reach and touch the stone whenever you need an energetic and creative boost.
  • By placing your January birthstone in a grid around your bed, its fiery energies can ignite your passion and sensuality in bed.
  • Elixir is a great way to directly absorb the energetic benefits of your birthstone. While garnet may be toxic, you can use the indirect method to create garnet elixirs safely.

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the January Birthstone

The birthstone is believed to have superb medicinal abilities in relieving and reducing body toxins and waste. In ancient times until today, the garnet crystal is placed in wounds and is believed to assist in faster healing while encouraging healthy blood clotting.

 blood circulation

Like its vibrant color, garnet is considered to be a powerful healer of the circulatory system. It stimulates proper blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart disease. Moreover, it helps in relieving disturbances in your cardiac rhythm. A word of caution though, garnet is a powerful stimulator of the circulatory system and should not be used for arterial hypertension since it is known to aggravate the problem.

Furthermore, this red stone is also said to assist in the regeneration of your body while stimulating healthy metabolism. Not only that, but garnet also helps in treating spinal disorders, and cellular abnormalities, purifying the heart, lungs, and blood while regenerating your DNA.

In addition, this birthstone is also used to assist in the assimilation of essential vitamins and minerals such as iodine, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins D, E, and A. This powerful stone is also used to help reduce acne and other skin problems. Garnet is also considered to be a powerful enhancer of your libido, boosting sex drive and fertility.

This birthstone is also reported to help ease rheumatic pain and arthritis as well as some psychological diseases. Lastly, this stone is said to help relieve listlessness and lethargy by stimulating your chi energies and providing stamina and vitality to get you through the day.

The Love and Relationship Benefits and Properties of the January Birthstone

In terms of love and relationship, the birthstone with its vibrant energies is said to help heal, strengthen, empower and improve all kinds of relationships. Its red color represents romantic connection, strong love, and long-lasting relationships.

In particular, garnet carries the energies of passion and desire. Its strongest aspect is sexual and sensual energies. This crystal is said to assist in balancing your sex drive and boosting sexual potency and fertility. Not only that but it is even said to help bring out your sexual attraction and frees your sensual side to release desire, erotica, love, and passion.

The birthstone brings warmth and fiery love. It encourages couples to go deeper into a passionate and sensual exploration of their sexuality. It also helps inspires stronger commitments and stable marriage, promising love, fidelity, and devotion.

Furthermore, garnet is a potent crystal for assisting widows in finding a new partner in this life. After being alone and mourning for too long, the energies of garnet can help you regain your spirit, calming the emotional sadness and pain and empowering your sexuality. This should assist you through the despair and loneliness, allowing you to get back on your feet and ready to receive love once again.

Moreover, this birthstone is also said to help new couples to become more faithful and committed to each other. The garnet crystal is a beautiful way to express devotion and love by giving it as a gift to your partner or using its energy to keep the spark of your relationship alive.

Not only that, but its vibrational energies should also be able to provide stability, comfort, and security in your relationships even during struggles and misunderstandings. This allows you and your partner to stay strong and encourages a calm demeanor to help talk about things and solve problems. Also, this birthstone should be able to rekindle your passion for your relationship and restore the love that’s been missing in your relationship.

For single people, this stone can help them increase their confidence and sexual attraction, while also readying themselves to accept the love that you are looking for. For those who have been hurt in the past, the energies of garnet can invigorate your tired heart. It can help you find the answers to your questions, promoting harmony in your inner self and healing your broken heart.

So, if you recently broke up with someone and wish to clear the emotional baggage to confidently attract and let someone else into your life, the energies of garnet should help you there.

The Wealth Fetching Benefits and Properties of the January Birthstone

Garnet is considered to be a lucky stone, bringing you luck for success, goals, and even a love life. This January birthstone in a square cut is even believed to be especially effective in bringing success to your business matters.

Successful Woman

Not only that but this vibrant stone is often used to attract more wealth, abundance, and good fortune into your life. It is one of the best crystals to use during times of crisis. This is because this stone represents courage, strength, support, and power to overcome any challenges.

When making crucial decisions that can affect your financial state and wealth, you need to be mentally ready and stable. This January birthstone can help guide your way to prosperity and abundance since it can help keep you in the right frame of your mind.

Furthermore, the garnet crystal should help strengthen your motivation and inspiration. With this stone by your hand, you will surely notice an increase in determination and willpower in order to resist all kinds of negative energy. The frequency of this stone should be able to boost your chances of success in terms of business dealing and opportunities.

Not only that but the fiery energy of the January birthstone is also said to help fire up your ambitions. It can provide you with an unshakeable sense of intellectuality and conviction to carry out your dream goals while also offering vibrations of humbleness in order to keep you grounded.

This stone helps in building your career by making you more courageous and ignoring the toxic people around you. Still, it can help you stay open to the relevant critiques and feedback that should help you grow and not take it as an attack on your personality or character.

In addition, the January birthstone is also said to be helpful if you are currently undergoing some transitions in your professional life. With this stone by your side, you don’t need to feel afraid or worried when you are experiencing something new. Not only that, but it should also help ease your worries while allowing you to focus on the more important things. This should ensure security, stability, and determination in your professional life and finances.

Take note that the garnet crystal not only attracts wealth and good fortune to you but also good people who can assist in your career and personal success. This is beneficial if you’re entering new realms and positions in the business world. It should provide the much-needed energy, confidence, and strength to tackle all kinds of projects to level up your career and wealth.

With the energies of this stone, you can make sure that your financial goals and success becomes a reality. It can help you fully embrace your capability, bringing wealth and prosperity into your life.

The Benefits of Wearing January Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, and Other Jewelry

One of the best ways to make the most out of the healing energies of your January birthstone is by wearing it as a piece of jewelry. Having your January birthstone pressed directly against your skin throughout the day should allow its healing vibrations to be absorbed directly by your body. Also, it provides the added benefit of carrying your intention and manifestations with you throughout the day.

The January birthstone is a relatively hard and tough gem material. Thus, it can be fashioned and faceted in all kinds of jewelry settings including earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, anklets, and rings. Whether you choose the rare green varieties for an earthy theme or the blood-red color that invites passion and sexuality, make sure that you keep your birthstone jewelry close by, especially when facing chaotic situations or just need a quick boost of energy.  

How to Cleanse Your January Birthstones?

Keeping your January birthstone cleansed and charged can make sure that it stays ripe in universal vibrations and is always ready to bring in the much-needed healing powers and energies.

However, since garnets tend to soak up the bad vibes, it is important that you clean and recharged them regularly and enjoy their rippling energies.

Fortunately, cleaning your January birthstone is quite easy. Since it is a tough stone, you can simply wash it in soapy water in order to bring back its luster. Make sure to gently rub the surface with a soft brush or your fingers in order to remove the accumulated dust and debris. Then, rinse and air dries the stone completely.

For cleansing its energies of the bad vibes, soak it in a bowl filled with seawater. Or you can just bury it in a bowl filled with salt. The saltiness should absorb the toxic energies from within. Leave it for at least a day.

smudge the crystal with sage

Another way to cleanse away the toxic energies is to smudge the crystal with sage or your preferred herb bundle. If you have a singing bowl, then you can use sound vibrations to get rid of the lingering negative energy.

Now, to recharge your January birthstone, you can simply let it soak in the feminine energies of the moon. The energies of the sun can also work. However, don’t ever put the crystal in direct rays of the sun to prevent fading.

The easiest way to recharge your stone is to leave it in the company of a rock cluster or large clear quartz crystal. Quartz crystal or cluster rocks should infuse your January birthstone with an endless flow of positive vibes and energies.

Final Thoughts

The January-born people are blessed with a warming and fiery crystal as their birthstone. Garnet can bring passion, strength, and energy to the sleepy and cold January winter nights.

In terms of personal connections, the energies of this stone should bring you endless love and emotional healing. It brings sensuality, sexuality, and passion, igniting a tired and cold relationship and ensuring long-lasting commitment and fidelity.

For your personal achievements and success, this January birthstone can bring you intense energies of power, self-confidence, and fearlessness. It pushes you to experience the uncertainty of life, taking the risk to open yourself to the many possibilities of the future.

Garnet is truly the perfect match for January babies, providing versatile energy with its many colors and amazing metaphysical and healing properties.

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