Jasper Stone Meanings, Properties and Uses


Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Jasper Stone

The unique artistry of Jasper stones is that of Nature itself— the nighttime sky, golden sunshine, a deep green forest, the classic poppy fields, the calming ocean, wide desert sands, sweeping mountains, or red rock canyons.

Every crystal is a masterpiece of the creator. They are primitive and bold in style, earthy and solid in form, exuding harmonious and warm energy that resonates with their primal self.

What is Jasper Stone?

What is Jasper Stone

Jasper is an opaque and dense microcrystalline variety of Quartz. The grainy and fibrous varieties of Quartz are usually grouped together and are known as Chalcedony. Although the microcrystals of Jasper are laid out in bigger, sugar-like grains instead of the fibrous layers of Agate or Chalcedony.

Jasper occurs as fillings in fissures or nodules. It can be found across the world, in almost every color. This Jasper crystal is colored by the oxides of iron. Its most popular color is the deep earthy tones of red. However, Jasper can be found in brown and green, yellow, and even in shades of purple and blue. Some crystals also display wonderful contrasts in their inclusions, bandings, and small circular patterns.

The Meaning and Uses of Jasper Stone

Its name comes from the Greek term “iaspis” which means “agate”. Also, its name might be derived from the Assyrian term “asphu” or the Hebrew word “jashpeh”.

Historically, the jasper stones can be traced back to all ancient civilizations and people. Jasper was worn by priests, shamans, and kings. Jasper was considered a powerful protective stone for both the spiritual realm and the physical world. This sacred crystal was carved by the Egyptians with inscriptions and symbols from the Book of the Dead. Jaspers were also buried with the mummified remains for safe passage in the afterlife.

The jasper stones were also highly used in most cultures for engraving signet rings, cylinder seals as well as special talismans that depict religious and astrological images. In the medieval world, the Jasper stone was the “rain bringer” and is used for dowsing.

In today’s world, jasper is used to gain vitality and strength. Jasper lends emotional support and self-discipline. Not only that but this crystal is also used for quitting smoking or cutting down on bad habits. Then, it removes the harmful toxins that have accumulated in your system over time.        

Jasper Stone Metaphysical Properties

As an elemental earth crystal, the frequency of jasper is constant and slow. Jasper can be aligned with the electromagnetic energies of the Earth. This allows you to be more present in your physical body and more conscious of nature and your surroundings. Not only that, but this Jasper crystal can also encourage you to celebrate moments of isolation in order to reflect, connect and absorb these energies. Then, it can enkindle awareness of the spiritual connection that you hold with all living things.

Dubbed the Supreme Nurturer, the jasper gemstone is an excellent tool for stability and grounding. This Jasper crystal promotes security and comfort as well as healing and strength. Its energies can balance your aura to a whole new level of peace and bring substance and joy to your life.

The Benefits of Jasper Stone

Here are some of the general benefits of using jasper.

For Physical Healing

This crystal is considered highly restorative for the deterioration of the tissue of your internal organs. Jasper is helpful in the treatment of disorders of the spleen, stomach, liver, kidneys, and bladder. Not only that, but this Jasper crystal can also help in balancing mineral content and regulating your supplies of sulfur, iron, manganese, and zinc in your body.

When used as an elixir or gem water, jasper is highly soothing for the digestive system. Jasper is especially useful as a gem elixir since it doesn’t overstimulate your body. Jasper gemstone is highly beneficial in stopping blood flow, especially in cases of nosebleeds. Jasper is also believed that helps in reducing hemorrhoids. The jasper stones can soothe gout and epilepsy and they can even be used for the treatment of sensory loss of smell.

For Emotional Healing

Jasper can offer to strengthen energy for your emotional body. It eases stress and produces a calm demeanor and stability. And for those who are highly sensitive, thick crystals can create a special aura that offers a pleasant sensation as it fills your body.

This invites feelings of patience, compassion, generosity, and humility. Dubbed the Stone of Courage, the jasper gemstone also imparts tenacity and determination in all of your pursuits.

These jasper stones can encourage you to be honest with yourself when confronting problems and can help you recognize and overcome fears, guilt, and insecurities. Not only that, but green jasper stones also inspire you to move forward and act as a reminder to always work harmoniously with other people.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

All jasper varieties can stimulate your root or base chakra in order to energize and stabilize your physical body. Meanwhile, laying it over each chakra can cleanse, re-align and boost your aura and chakra. Jasper helps in balancing the yang and yin energies. Not only that, but it will also align your mental, emotional, and physical bodies with the divine and etheric realm.

Take note that due to the diverse range of colors of this crystal, it is excellent for body layouts. And the individual colors can be placed for specific chakra healing.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Since jasper carries the energies of motivation and determination, green jasper stones can help with your financial situation. It boosts your stamina and productivity so you can get things done. Jasper helps you stay focused. Thus, you don’t waste energy or time on irrelevant tasks and shield yourself against distractions so you can reach your financial goals.

The jasper gemstone has also been long associated with abundance and prosperity. Jasper is one of the best crystals used for attracting more wealth into your life.

For Relationship and Love

You can use the healing energies of Jasper to attract a relationship filled with happiness and love. These jasper stones encourage perseverance and supporting energies to let your relationship work. When your relationship is experiencing challenging situations, this crystal can remove stress and negative thoughts. Jasper replaces agitation with understanding and compassion.

In terms of intimate sexual relationships, this crystal is also highly supportive. This is particularly true for the red variety of jasper that can enhance libido and increase intimacy. Jasper encourages you to be adventurous and wild which should help spice up things.

The jasper gemstone is also said to inspire trust, honesty, and faithfulness. Jasper fills you with loving energy, so you can be contented and happy with what you have. Jasper will bring you peace, giving you the courage to accept reality, especially if you need to end a relationship. 

For Protection

Legends said that if you wore Jasper since childhood, it would protect you against ghosts and drowning. Also, those who gird their bodies with these crystals are said to be protected from accidents.

Meanwhile, the shamans of Native American Indians considered jasper as a sacred stone of protection during magical practices. It is said that jasper, particularly the yellow variety, is said to protect and assist them during travels, both in the spiritual and physical world.

For Anxiety

Carrying or wearing a jasper gemstone is said to alleviate stress and anxious thinking. Then, it will envelop you in peaceful energies that should give you contentment and happiness.

The green jasper stones also have a cleansing effect that can remove negative energy from your surroundings. Jasper also helps in stabilizing your aura and mind. This makes jasper an ideal rubbing or worries stone for soothing your nerves and increasing your focus on the present. Not only that, but this crystal is also great at deflecting harmful thoughts and negative behaviors.

Different Types of Jasper

There is a broad variety of Jaspers, characterized by form, color, and similarities to animals and places found in nature. Most of them are named after the regions where they mined, some from those who discovered them. Although it is too extensive to cover, here are some of the more popular jaspers.


Red Jasper Stone

This is perhaps the most common and popular of all jaspers. The red jasper can be red to terracotta brown and is sometimes mixed with other minerals. Jasper is the stone of physical energy and strength.

The Jasper can stimulate your physical body, enhancing endurance and stamina. Jasper helps in increasing your chi or life force. Not only that, but this is also the stone of passion and health. It brings courage to face unpleasant tasks. Furthermore, it can provide a vivid dream recall. It is one of the bests tones for those working with earth energies. The crystal creates a deep connection with earth guardians and spirits of the sacred sites.


Blue Jasper Stone

Blue jasper comes in various shades of blue. It is often swirled with dark veining or patches. Sometimes, this variety is also artificially treated in order to enhance its color.

Blue jasper is linked with the nobility of purpose and spirit. It can impart the courage to speak out against abuse and injustice to defend the vulnerable. Not only that, but it is also a great anti-stress crystal for those in charge of the well-being of other people. For teenagers and children, the blue jasper can help them resist being led to risky situations or unwise behaviors.


Yellow Jasper Stone

Featuring a burnished, sandy, or mustard yellow hue with subtle veining or flow patterns, the yellow jasper is the Stone of Endurance, Tenacity, and Perseverance. This stone can help shield you against negativity.

When worn for long periods, it is said to ease chronic worries while building self-confidence. Not only that, but its energies also attract friendship and relationships to you. Furthermore, this crystal also supports steady learning, transmitting empowering earth energies, particularly when meditating outdoors.


Brown Jasper Stone

This variety ranges from ivory or tan to reddish- or gold-brown to deep chocolate brown. It is also characterized by artful banding, veining, and flow patterns.

Brown jasper is deeply connected to the earth, encouraging a deep ecological awareness. The stone can bring balance and stability and is especially grounding as a worry stone. It can dissolve the sudden rush of panic, anger, or fear. Not only that, but this crystal can also facilitate deep centering and meditation. Plus, it also grants access to past lives for the ultimate karmic healing.


Black Jasper Stone

Also known as Basanite, black jasper is the flinty form and rarer variety of jasper. This stone empowers mental and physical efforts. It protects you against threats, curses, and danger, especially with high-risk jobs.

In its polished form, basanite is great for scrying and understanding what is hidden. It also has the ability to take you deep into an altered state of consciousness, facilitating prophetic visions and dreams.


Green Jasper Stone

Although a component of most multi-colored jaspers, the single green jasper is considered rare and highly valuable. It can range from a deep olive or tea-green to pale spring green jasper.

This green jasper stone has been revered since ancient times for its powers to banish evil thoughts and ghosts and soothe the spirit. Not only that but this green jasper is also believed to increase fertility and bring in rain. Furthermore, the green jasper gemstone can also balance obsessive tendencies. The green jasper is restoring harmony to your emotional body. These green jasper stones help you gain control over your feelings and thoughts.


Purple Jasper Stone

Thanks to its shades of purple with some plume-like markings, this variety of jasper is also called Royal Plume Jasper or Plum Jasper. This is a stone of spiritual wisdom and is an excellent tool when working with deities or archangel figures from various cultures.

Not only that, but this crystal also makes a great tool for studying a formal spiritual path, training for mediumship, or healing tradition. Its purple rays stimulate your crown chakra, enhancing your spiritual power and status. Furthermore, it helps in preserving your dignity and reducing contradictions that can make clear action or decision-making difficult. Also, it helps in calming the emotional body and increasing your memory skills.


Rainbow Jasper Stone

Also called the multi-colored jasper or fancy jasper, the rainbow jasper is a wholesome healer that resonates with all chakras. This helps bring balance to your physical body and focus your intellect and mind.

The crystal can temper your procrastination and assist in the organization of an overactive mind. Also, it prevents you from getting caught up in worry over the future or past. Not only that, but it also inspires you to work through issues of the current moment.


Kambaba Jasper Stone

Sometimes called the green stromatolite jasper, the Kambaba Jasper is one of the more exotic varieties. This crystal features orbs and swirls of black and deep green. It is said to contain the earliest records of Earth life, fossilized algae, and primeval microorganisms.

Kambaba jasper is an excellent crystal for bringing tranquility and peace to troubled minds. It can strengthen your heart and provide protection and grounding in ancient places during astral traveling.


Dalmatian Jasper Stone

Resembling the coat of Dalmatians, this variety of jasper boasts a beige-brown, cream, or pale-grey hue with dark spots. It is a powerful healer and protector that can fortify the spirit while encouraging a sense of playfulness.

The stone also helps in countering cynicism, disillusionment, and skepticism. Not only that but this crystal is also used for strengthening family bonds as well as friendship and romantic relationships. Also, it has a calming and soothing influence on animals and children.


Brecciated Jasper Stone

This is a variety of jasper with hematite. It is predominantly brick red in color with beige, black or brown patterns or veins and often with clear crystal inclusions. This variety offers potent, grounding energies that are suitable for attaining emotional stability.

Not only that, but it also helps you recover or bounce back after dealing with a crisis or conflict. Furthermore, it helps in increasing rejuvenation and vitality as well as promoting creative inspiration and self-confidence.


Poppy Jasper Stone

This is a variation of the brecciated jasper previously mentioned. It boasts orbicular patterns of bright red “poppies” against its mottled shades of the black, brown, white, or yellow surface.

This is a joyful crystal associated with remembrance and poppies, bringing vitality and cheerfulness. It can be gently stimulating or have a fiery intensity as needed. It teaches you new experiences and encourages the flow and development of fresh ideas.  


Mookaite Jasper Stone

Named for the Mooka Creek area in Western Australia where it is mined, Mookaite Jasper features a predominantly reddish-rose hue, striped or marbled with bands of cream, yellow, brown, white, or tan.

This is a mother earth crystal known for its association with the positive energy currents of the world. It can increase your life force and promote an ageless spirit that can accept change and look for new experiences. It can awaken your own instincts and is a great crystal for pregnant moms o communicate with their unborn babies.


Leopardskin Jasper Stone

This crystal features dominant shades of orange or green with dark leopard-like patterns and banding and glassy inclusions. This variety reflects the duality between light and dark, teaching you to recognize the dark as a complement to light.

As a shamanic shape-shifter stone, the leopardskin jasper is helpful in astral journeying and getting in touch with your power animal. It also helps strengthen your sense, attracting the right energy for healing and moving beyond past hurts and traumas. Not only that, but this stone should also help guide you toward new opportunities.


Unakite Jasper Stone

A combination of epidote and red jasper, the unakite Jasper is a crystal of harmonious relationship. Its green and pink colors balance matters of the heart and lift your spirit when you’re down.

Not only that, but this stone also helps release deep-seated emotions in a gentle way. Also, it helps in promoting persistence and patience while also eliminating the bad habits and the patterns and thoughts that perpetuate them. Furthermore, this crystal is suitable for children with sensitive emotions. It is also wonderful for anyone who feels overwhelmed, lost, or has trouble focusing on the current moment.


Picture Jasper Stone

This variety forms a remarkable flow pattern and bands of black, brown, ivory, blue, and tan. It exhibits a “picture” or a hidden message from the past and is said to be the earth’s mother speaking to its children.

Thanks to its form, picture jasper is a marvelous crystal for inner journeying to ancient civilizations and sacred sites. It can help connect you with the consciousness of the earth. Not only that, but it is also an excellent crystal for creative vision, boosting confidence, and starting your business. Also, It helps bring hidden negative thoughts and emotions to the surface for examination.


Rainforest Jasper Stone

An opaque jasper with dominant shades of white and moss green swirled with veins of earthy colors, the rainforest jasper is a stone of connection to Earth. It honors the highest spiritual knowledge from nature.

This stone can awaken your sense of joy at the simplicity of life. It carries invigorating and healing energy of renewal and hope. It is a great stone for earth healing and when working in the devic realm.


Spider Jasper Stone

This is a rare variety of jasper that contains earthy browns with dark or white spider-web markings. It is believed that it contains the power of the wise spider, which is represented by Grandmother Spider, the Native North American Goddess.

Combining Jasper Stone With Other Crystal Stones

Thanks to the numerous varieties of jasper, you can pair specific jasper colors and patterns with other similar crystal stones. However, here are some of the most potent combinations of jasper.

Red + Garnet

Red Jasper Stone + Garnet

If you want to stimulate your root chakra, then the red jasper and garnet are your best option.

Dubbed the Stone of Endurance, the red jasper can nurture and stir life back into your chi. It also helps in boosting your motivation and energy. The garnet, on the other hand, s dubbed as the Stone of Health. It provides regenerative energies that can help in your physical and metaphysical recovery.

As garnet draws in restorative energy and unblocks your root chakra, the red jasper gemstone can provide nurturing and stimulating energies to your body. Also, as red jasper helps in dealing with obstacles and challenges in life, the garnet crystal can assist in dealing with your emotion while promoting courage and strength to move forward in life.

In addition, this pairing is also powerful when used during spiritual practices and meditation. They are also effective in stimulating and awakening your kundalini energy to deepen your spiritual and emotional capabilities.

Brown + Tiger’s Eye

Brown Jasper  Stone+ Tiger’s Eye

The brown variety of jasper is known to make you “down to earth”. It induces tranquility and peace by reducing stress and anxious thoughts. Not only that, but its cleansing effect also helps in removing the negative energy and vibrations in your surroundings. This helps in stabilizing your auric field. Also, its deep connection to the earth makes it a powerful grounding crystal. It provides security, stability, strength, and comfort like no other.

Now, when you pair it with the golden rays of the Tiger’s Eye crystal, you should be able to attain another level of peace and wholeness. The tiger’s eye crystal is another earth elemental stone that uses the power of the sun. This brings stability and awareness while also integrating your spirituality into the physical realm.

As the brown jasper teaches you to balance, the tiger’s eye can bring sharpness to your inner vision. This allows you to fully identify and understand the world while shielding you against negativities. In addition, both earthy-colored crystals are powerful enough for resolving internal battles and dilemmas. This promotes emotional awareness while removing toxicity and negativity in your life. As a result, you have a more positive and stronger auric field that can bring security and happiness to your life.

Yellow + Citrine

Yellow Jasper Stone + Citrine

The yellow variety of jasper gemstone was historically used as the talisman of protection and discernment. It was used by priests, astral travelers, and shamans to guard them during their spiritual journeys and physical travel. However, perhaps the greatest benefit of this crystal is stimulating the solar plexus chakra. This amplifies your confidence and courage as well as brings enthusiasm to your relationships and life.

Its yellow energies make it a great pairing with the citrine crystal. As the premier crystal of manifestation, personal will, and imagination, citrine carries the might of the sun. This provides warm and comforting energy that brings back life to your body.

Both crystals stimulate your solar plexus chakra. It clears any blockages while pushing your soul to act. The citrine crystal can absorb negative energy, making it a protective crystal. Meanwhile, yellow jasper can deflect unnecessary ideas and thoughts which can cause emotional imbalance.

Furthermore, yellow jasper assists you in dealing with and understanding everything around you. It helps channel positive energies and attract others to you. Citrine, on the other hand, works with your interpersonal relationships, easing familial problems and promoting better and more cohesive relationships. In addition, both crystals are highly beneficial for revealing the false people in your circle. They also help in deflecting negative thoughts by attracting love and happiness to you while also guarding you against pain and heartbreak.

Is Jasper Stone a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Japer is a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Jasper Stone is March Historical Birthstone

Although not a traditional birthstone, Jasper is the historical birthstone for those born in March.

Jasper Stone is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, and Scorpio

Jasper Stone is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio

Jasper is thought to bring Capricorn and Cancer patience and compassion. Cancer, in particular, can benefit from the crystal’s nurturing qualities and help them open up to the world.

Virgo, too, can sometimes have difficulty in opening their hearts to other people. Jasper can help them to trust others and become more generous with their emotions. Lastly, Scorpios can also benefit from Jasper. Scorpios tend to be very serious and stubborn at times. This crystal will teach them to be light-hearted and joyful and help them see the lighter side of things.

Meditation with Jasper Stone

All varieties of jasper can offer harmonious and calm energy for meditation. However, they are most suitable for centering and grounding at the start of a ritual. This crystal can ease your transition to the meditative state.

You can use this crystal for the first few minutes of your meditation and switch to a crystal or specific variety of jasper that is best attuned to the intent of the session.

How to Cleanse and Charge Jasper Stone?

Because of its protective nature and the ability to absorb negative energies, it is important that you clean and charge your jasper.

Probably the easiest way to clear the energy of your stone is by placing it under the light of the full moon. You can give your stone a little bath in warm soapy water, so it is refreshed and clean. This makes it ready to soak up lunar energy.

In addition, smudging your crystal is another way to remove and erase the accumulated negativities. Moving with intention, light your sage bundle and put it close to your crystal. Then surround the crystal with smoke or pass the stone through the thick smoke. Imagine it clearing the negativity inside and leaving your stone pure and clean.

Final Thoughts

Since ancient times, the jasper stone has been used and valued for its potent grounding and healing powers. Worn by priests, shamans, and even kings, this crystal was considered a powerful protector and sacred stone.

It is one of the best nurturers and healers of the spirit while encouraging wisdom and tenacity. Carrying a strong connection to the energy of the earth, regardless of the variety, jasper is one of the best stones you can include in your growing crystal collection.


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