Kunzite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Kunzite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Kunzite

Kunzite is a captivating crystal, joyful in nature and pure in energy. From light violet hues to fine delicate pink nuances, the Kunzite is dubbed the Stone of Emotion. It connects and opens the heart to the mind while stimulating a healing communion between the two. It will encourage you to release walls built around the heart for protection and be receptive to the experience of abundant and unconditional love.

What is Kunzite?

Kunzite Meaning

Kunzite is named after George Frederick Kunz, a jeweler and mineralogist, who first cataloged the crystal in 1902. It is a violet to a pink variety of the spodumene family. Spodumenes are part of the pyroxene group. It features a glassy transparency appearance and usually forms in the flattened prismatic crystals along vertical striations.

It forms naturally as pink, lilac, colorless, green and yellow crystals. The genuine kunzite gemstone is quite paler in color, with the natural darker shades to be of higher value.

This crystal is highly pleochroic that shifts from light violet to pale pink and even colorless, depending on your point of view. And although its perfect cleavage makes it difficult to cut, kunzite can be faceted into beautiful gems.

Kunzite gets its mesmerizing range of feminine and seductive pink-lilac colors from the presence of manganese. It is rated at 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that it is durable and tough enough for most daily jewelry pieces. It is mainly found in Brazil, Afghanistan, the US and Madagascar.

The Meaning and Uses of Kunzite

Uses of Kunzite

Kunzite is often dubbed as the Women’s Stone. This is because it is particularly supportive for first-time or young mothers as well as single mothers. This stone is also used to assist human and animal parents who may have a hard time caring for their young.

The stone is used for overactive kids and sleepless babies. It is also an excellent gift for girls entering puberty in order to help them appreciate and love their changing bodies. Not only that, but kunzite gemstone is also a suitable crystal for kids having a hard time adjusting to and functioning in the big world.

Its soft energies can bring comfort while cleansing your auric field that might have accumulated negative energies or vibrations. Plus, it is also a suitable stone for the star children or walk-ins in order to help them in adjusting to the earth plane energies and environments.

Kunzite Metaphysical Properties

Kunzite Metaphysical Properties

Kunzite, like the Stone of Emotion, can open up your heart to the energies and frequency of love— the love of self, of other people, for humanity, animals and plants, Mother Earth and all it contains. By embracing all these types of love, you’re opening yourself to receive divine love and helps you recognize the essence of the divine in you.

Such receptivity will allow the gifts and love of the divine to flow through your life and heart in infinite abundance. This should help you move through your life with serenity, gentleness and kindness.

Kunzite also acts as a celestial doorway that breaks through the barriers of time and into the infinite. It’s a highly beneficial crystal for dying since it allows the departing soul to know what it needs to do and ease the transition over into enlightenment.

The Benefits of Kunzite

Kunzite, although exuding soothing colors, is overflowing with potent healing energies in all planes of the body.

For Physical Healing

Kunzite For Physical Healing
Young woman in the sofa with period pain

Kunzite is highly beneficial in treating hormone-linked migraines. It is also linked to the betterment of a woman’s reproductive system, puberty in girls, menstrual problems and PMS.

Not only that, but its soothing energies can also be used in treating skin rashes that are caused by allergies to chemicals. It can also be used in reducing or easing the after-effects of anesthesia.

Furthermore, kunzite gemstones has the ability to strengthen your heart muscles and circulatory system. It is even helpful in calming epilepsy, treating neuralgia as well as soothing joint pain. Kunzite can also enhance the treatment of psychological issues or brain problems, as well as assisting in recovering from stress.

For Emotional Healing

Kunzite For Emotional Healing

With its calming energies, kunzite is one of the most powerful healers of the emotional body. This is particularly true for those who have already closed themselves off from other people or from life just to protect themselves emotionally.

The high vibrational energy of kunzite can encourage you to let go of the sorrows and fears that hold your heart to the past or causing anxiety for the future. It will inspire you to be present in the perfection of the current moment.

This allows for the free expressions of your emotions and feelings, healing the heart and mind. Then it will help you in being receptive to the opportunities and gifts that life has to offer.

Kunzite can also help those who are always having trouble connecting with other people. It can even be used in recovering the painful memories of the past to bring healing. For those who had to grow up quickly, it can help restore their lost innocence and trust. Furthermore, kunzite gemstones can also help in promoting tolerance for yourself as well as increasing empathy for others. It will encourage willingness and humility to serve.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Kunzite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Its loving pinkish energy activates and stimulates your heart chakra and aligning it with the light violet ray of the mind and the crown chakra. Such healing communication between your heart and mind can produce a powerful serenity and tranquility that penetrated the inner core of your being and then expressed as pure joy, feelings and thoughts.

The pink variety of kunzite gemstone reflects the light of the heart and induces love. It does so by stimulating the heart chakra which is found near the center of your breastbone. This chakra gives you the balancing ability to be yourself within your surrounding and helping you in your relationships.

The pink energies of kunzite can be used to rebalance your heart chakra, which helps you understand your emotions, feelings and needs. This way, you can better deal with the changes or difficulties in your relationships and to the world.

Kunzite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Meanwhile, the violet rays of kunzite stone stimulate the crown chakra. This chakra is found at the top of your head and is the gateway to the expanded universe beyond your body. It is the main source of your belief and spirituality, controlling how you think and how you respond to the world around us.

With kunzite, you will be unruffled by the setbacks in your life, knowing that it is an essential part. It will let you know your place in the universe while inspiring the universal life force of dreams, magic, destiny and inspiration.

For Relationship and Love

Kunzite stone is a crystal of romantic love. It will help you increase your chances of finding the love of your life or your soulmate by keeping it close to your body.

It is a good stone that can enhance your communication with your loved ones. It will help in breaking down any communication barriers so you can share anything that you feel or think with your family or friends.

Kunzite For Relationship and Love

Kunzite can also help in dissolving problems in your relationships. Its energies can assist you in overcoming any obstacles that you are facing in your current relationship. Then, it will inspire you to be a better partner.

The lilac rays of this stone can also be helpful to carry around whenever you are feeling nervous around someone that you have a crush on or like. It will fill you with attractive charms while also boosting your confidence. Your personality will shine through, making you interesting and entertaining during a first date.

Kunzite is also a powerful healing crystal. Its energies will be there to heal the heartbreak and pain. It will teach you how to let go of the anger, sadness, resentments and bitterness. Not only that, but it will also remove all the negativity in your life, transmuting it into positive energies.

This should help in restoring emotional balance, removing anything that is causing you pain. Not only that, but it can provide you the emotional freedom in order to truly move on with your life.

Furthermore, the energies of this stone can also teach you self-love. It will show you your worthwhile teaching you how to be gentle and kind to yourself. It should help you listen to your thoughts so you can focus on your emotions and needs. Then it will release anything that is blocking or preventing the flow of good energies.

As a calming and soothing crystal, this stone will surely provide you peaceful vibes during tumultuous and difficult times. It can help you release all the tension and negative energies while only filling you with positive vibrations of love and peace to your loved ones and to the environment.  

For Protection

Kunzite For Protection

Kunzite is a highly protective crystal that can dispel negativity from your auric field. It will raise a strong positive shield around your aura to block and deflect outside influences and unwanted entities.

This protective crystal radiates peace while connecting you to the Universal Love and producing loving communication, feelings and thoughts.

Not only that, but it should also provide a centering influence in all situations that can help you stay focused and calm even in the midst of a challenging situation. In the workplace, this crystal can protect you when superiors bring personal problems or dislike to work and targeting you. It can also be sued in protecting you against workplace flirtation or sexual bullying as a power play. Plus, it can also be used to protect you against electromagnetic stress.

Kunzite stone is also known as a travel crystal. Thus, it is a wonderful addition to your car, keeping you calm during traffic disturbances. It can also help guard you against stress and road rage while driving as well as calm and soothe difficult passengers. You can also carry kunzite gemstone when visiting locations where negative energies are pouring or negative events have taken place.

Not only that, but this crystal can also increase your intuitive energies and is particularly protective against harmful spirits.

For Sleep Insomnia

Kunzite stone with its high vibrations brings tranquility, peace, and universal love. It can exude loving harmony and tranquility while protecting you against unwanted negative energies. This should help induce deep and quality sleep. In fact, this stone is particularly useful for kids or babies who have trouble sleeping. For adults, this stone can also provide relief against insomnia and even nightmares.

It can help calm a chaotic mind while easing worries and anxieties. It can soothe sleep disturbances and even emotional stress. Then, it can replace the negative vibes with positive and lighthearted energies, relaxing not only the mind but also the body to induce sleep.

For Depression and Anxiety

Kunzite For Depression and Anxiety

Kunzite with its soothing energies can bring inner peace. It has a high capacity for inducing understanding, and letting go of negative emotions and thoughts that might be causing your anxiety and depression.

As a matter of fact, kunzite gemstones can be used to enhance the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders. Furthermore, its positive vibes can even help in recovering from emotional stress.

The stone can encourage you to let go of sorrows and fears while opening your heart to the possibility and positivity of the current moment. As the Stone of emotion, this stone can also help encourage self-expression while easing anxieties during social situations.

This stone can release the limiting fears while encouraging inner peace and serenity. Thanks to its natural lithium content, the kunzite crystal can also help in addressing the mental and emotional sources of anxiety and depression. You can wear kunzite jewelry for protection against sadness or if you are feeling vulnerable or uncertain.

For Career Success

Kunzite For Career Success

Kunzite is a potent crystal that can help you get in touch with your thoughts and ideas more articulately.

If you are due to give a presentation or speech at work or wanted to pitch for a remarkable new deal, then you need to have some clarity on how you can communicate. And kunzite stone can help you but offers so much more.

This crystal does not just help you promote your thoughts and ideas, but it also helps you in how to stick by them. This crystal can protect you against negative thinking and criticism, pushing for your idea and innovation.

Not only that, but this crystal can also help increase your confidence and self-belief to push your dreams for your career and professional life forwards, even if no one seems to believe in you. What’s more, is that the soothing pink rays of kunzite jewelry can help you do this compassionately and with a big smile on your face.

Different Types of Kunzite

Kunzite is also found in other beautiful colors than the mesmerizing lilac to delicate pink hues. Here are the different types of kunzite.

Lilac-Pink Kunzite

Lilac-Pink Kunzite

This is perhaps the most popular variety of kunzite gemstone and it is what we’re talking about in this article. It ranges in color from the pale transparent pinkish stone to a light violet shade. It is also known for its brilliant shifting in color.

Dubbed the Stone of Emotion, this stone opens your heart and mind and stimulates a powerful communion between the two. It means love, emotion, and devotion, embracing you with soothing divine love and energies.

Clear/Yellow Kunzite

Clear/Yellow Kunzite

Clear kunzite or commonly referred to as spodumene comes in natural opaque form. It is highly priced and is better known in the transparent and pale to clear crystalline structure. However, crystals labeled as spodumene can also appear in light yellow shades, sometimes known as yellow kunzite stone.

They are rarely used in a faceted form and are considered non-gem grade. However, some clearer specimens are used for gems and even healing stones. Some crystal practitioners and healers believed that this crystal has a higher spiritual vibration than the usual lilac kunzite.

Clear or yellow kunzites are highly restoring and cleansing, remove negative energies and even pollutants from your emotional body and aura. Not only that, but it also helps in clearing your surrounding while restoring optimism, freshness and a sense of purpose.

Green Kunzite or Hiddenite

Green Kunzite or Hiddenite
hiddŽnite, cleavelandite, quartz fumŽ

More commonly known as hiddenite or Lithia emerald, this variety of kunzite comes in yellow-green to deep emerald green shades. It was named after William Earl Hidden who first discovered it in 1879.

In its nurturing shades of green, from the sunny emerald to the pale and soft yellow-green hues of grass, this crystal encourages growth. Thus, it is not surprising that it is dubbed as the Crystal of Evolution. It helps you grow emotionally, spiritually and to be more aware of your collective responsibility for the caring of the earth.

Furthermore, this crystal also supports new beginnings while helping you to be focused on the present. It relinquishes injustices of the past or the anxieties for the future.

Combining Kunzite With Other Crystal Stones

Kunzite is also a powerful crystal to be paired with other potent crystal stones. This should help boost its energies or when focusing on other healing intentions.

Kunzite + Smithsonite

Kunzite + Smithsonite

To promote peace and loving energies in your life, you can try pairing kunzite stone with smithsonite.

Kunzite is an excellent healing crystal that provides you with inner peace. It can also bring a high capacity for obtaining wisdom and understanding. Thanks to its light violet rays, this crystal can calm the noise and chaos in your life. This way you can enjoy peace and serenity whenever you need it.

Now, pairing kunzite stone with the energies of smithsonite, you will surely gain better peace and tranquility. Smithsonite is a potent crystal that is especially beneficial if you are currently undergoing stress. Thanks to its calming and relaxing energies, the smithsonite crystal can help restore the feelings of inner peace, harmony, and tranquility. Like kunzite, the smithsonite crystal also comes with lavender to pinkish shades or a mixture of these which is highly soothing to your emotional body.

Furthermore, using both stones can also help in activating and healing your heart chakra. It should provide you the ability to show compassion and forgive those who hurt you. And since both crystals work on the heart chakra, this combo stimulates joy and loving emotions to flow within you.

Such pairing is highly beneficial for healing your past traumas, particularly during childhood. The smithsonite crystal assists and support you to heal and accept your trauma that might have originated when you were a kid. Then, it can support you in letting go of those wounds and pains while stimulating your inner child.

Meanwhile, if such trauma has caused you to be socially adept or if you are having trouble connecting with others, then the kunzite crystal can help. Just like smithsonite, kunzite gemstone can help you recover from those painful memories. It does so by restoring trust and innocence while also promoting tolerance and empathy for others. Not only that, but the energies of kunzite stone can also fill you with confidence and self-esteem so you can be more socially active.

Kunzite + Rose Quartz

Kunzite + Rose Quartz

Kunzite may not be a popular love stone. However, its high energies are suitable enough for stimulating loving energies from the divine, thanks to its light violet and pinkish colors. Now, when you pair it with the most valued and powerful crystal for love which is the rose quartz, then you’ll surely enjoy a healing and loving vibrational energy.

Dubbed as the Crystal of Unconditional Love, rose quartz with its gentle and feminine vibrations brings peace, healing, nourishment and comfort to your heart chakra. It will show you how to love without expecting anything in return. Then it will instill a sense of personal fulfillment and contentment.

Kunzite, on the other hand, can also bring peace and calmness into your love life. With its beautiful rays of lilac and pink, it can help remove negative energies and emotions while filling you with loving energies from the divine.

By pairing kunzite stone with rose quartz, you’ll have a romantic crystal combo that helps in increasing your chance to find your soulmate or the love of your life. As rose quartz fills you with self-loving vibrational energies, the kunzite crystal can help in enhancing your communications with others. Together, you should be able to share what you think or feel as well as sharing loving energies with your loved ones.

Using both stones, you can overcome any challenges and obstacles in your love life. Then, these crystals will fill you with caring and loving vibes so you can build long-lasting and more romantic relationships.

Kunzite + Pink Tourmaline

Kunzite + Pink Tourmaline

The pink energy of kunzite is also known as the Woman’s Stone. Therefore, it is very supportive for the young and first-time moms and even the single moms out there who are currently having a hard time caring for their little ones. Not only that, but kunzite is also an excellent crystal for sleepless and overactive kids.

Now, when you pair it with the pink tourmaline which is considered the most loving stone for kids, you can amplify these properties. The pink tourmaline is a potent crystal for kids who have sleep issues, thanks to its calming and centering qualities. This is especially suitable for spiritually sensitive ones. Thus, this duo can help a mother deal with their kids a bit easier.

In addition, the combination of kunzite and pink stone tourmaline is also suitable for young girls. Kunzite can help girls during their puberty stage. It allows them to love and appreciate their changing bodies. Meanwhile, the pink tourmaline is a great crystal for supporting teenage hormones, or even early teenage pregnancy. It helps in deepening and regulating the bonds with the unborn child.

Kunzite + Moonstone

Kunzite + Moonstone

Most people are not aware that the soothing energies of kunzite make it an excellent traveling crystal. Kunzite, particularly the crystals with intense lilac shades, are great for traveling, guarding you against stress as well as road rage. Furthermore, this crystal can also help calm down equally stressed or difficult passengers.

With that said, you can pair the energies of kunzite with the moonstone. Dubbed as the Traveler’s Stone, moonstone can further amplify the protective qualities of kunzite. With its rich, creamy hues, the moonstone crystal is especially protective when you’re traveling by night or upon the water. This is because of its strong association with the calming water and peaceful moon.

By combining both kunzite and moonstone, you can have a safe journey. Plus, kunzite also has the additional metaphysical property of protecting you against harmful spirits when you visit spots or locations where negative events occurred.

Kunzite + Turquoise

Kunzite + Turquoise

Kunzite exudes high vibrations that can activate both your heart and crown chakra. It embodies the spirit of divine love and showing you just how important it is to relate to other people.

Furthermore, if you are lacking in self-belief or down on luck, then it can impact your confidence levels. This causes you to feel not good enough and over-analyze or self-sabotage. The gentle and heart-healing energies of kunzite can help you hear what your heart is actually telling you while encouraging the true expression of emotions.

Meanwhile, the calming energies of turquoise will stimulate your throat chakra. This should envelop you in a new sense of oneness which encourages loving communications and thoughts with yourself and other people. This crystal can also interrupt the negative self-talk and improving your confidence. It shall help you honor yourself by speaking directly and openly from the heart.

Together, both stones can help in healing the self-imposed limitations while making you more socially-adept. These crystals will teach you how to communicate and open yourself to other people.

Kunzite + Lepidolite   

Kunzite + Lepidolite

For easing anxiety and depression, you should try the combination of kunzite and lepidolite.

Dubbed as the stone of emotion, the kunzite crystal can encourage self-expression and helps ease anxiety and depressive moments around social situations. Not only that, but this crystal can also help in releasing the limiting fears and provide renewed courage. It shall bring you inner peace and confidence to take on new opportunities.

Lepidolite, on the other hand, is named after the Greek word of “scales”. Thanks to its balancing nature, it is a great crystal whenever you are feeling anxious or depressed. It has a calming influence and eases mood swings.

Both crystals contain natural lithium which is found in most anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicines. Both crystals can prevent negative energies while helping you address the mental and emotional sources of anxiety and depression. Wear both kunzite and lepidolite crystals to protect you when you are feeling vulnerable, sad or uncertain.

Kunzite + Pink Calcite

Kunzite + Pink Calcite

If you want to experience peace and tranquility in your life, consider using the kunzite and pink calcite.

By aligning the crown chakra with your heart chakra, kunzite can encourage your honest expression of emotions and thoughts. You will no longer hold onto the pain as a form of identity but can help move you around the obstacles in order to make peace with your past. The high vibrational energy also helps you hear what your heart is actually telling you. With its close connection with the frequency of divine love, it brings peacefulness and calm.

Pink calcite, on the other hand, is dubbed as the stone of Peace. It has a strong connection with the angelic realm, and kunzite radiates divine love and promoting forgiveness. Its soft baby-pink color will fill your heart with loving intentions while wrapping you in a metaphysical comfort blanket.

With both stones, you can release emotional suffering such as relationship breakup, grief, or even abuse. You will enjoy a loving flow of energies that should bring you tranquility, peace and serenity.

Is Kunzite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Kunzite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a natural birthstone and is a zodiac crystal.

Kunzite is October 22 – November 20 and December 21 – January 19 Birthstone

Although kunzite is not a traditional birthstone, it is a natural birthstone. Kunzite with pink shades is one of the natural birthstones of those born on October 22 – November 20. It will bring you passion, courage, love and energy.

Meanwhile, the pale violet kunzite is one of the natural birthstones for December 21 – January 19. It brings you magic, intuition, imagination and dreams.

Kunzite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Scorpio  

Persistent and passionate, the gentle energies of kunzite can swoop in and set the hot-headed Scorpios back to the track. Scorpios have numerous positive qualities. They are stoic, fiercely loyal and are quite independent that can’t be matched.

Kunzite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Scorpio

The kunzite can help soften the harder or rougher edges of Scorpios. With a wealth f intense feeling, the kunzite crystal can nudge the Scorpios back to the place where they can properly regulate these emotions without being overwhelmed. Not only that, but kunzite can also help heal their connection with others that might have been stretched.

The Taureans can also benefit from the potent energies of the kunzite crystal. Taureans are known for being stoic and determined in their approach. Like with the Scorpios, kunzite can move in to keep the Taureans a little softer than their usually stubborn nature allows. With their lavish love of comfort and luxury, the Taureans have every chance to live a warm, rich and full life. And the kunzite crystal can take this thread out of the material world, pinning it down to the emotional plane.

In addition, Taureans also love peace and tranquility. They hate emotional turmoil or upsetting situations. And kunzite can help by activating the heart chakra which embodies love and peace with yourself and others. Not only that, but it can also enhance a Taurean’s passion for honest expression of emotions.

Meditation with Kunzite

Meditating with the kunzite crystal can open up your heart to the profound experiences of universal love. This is the stone that most closely matches the frequency of oneness with the divine realm. And by working with the kunzite crystal, you can experience and move into resonance with that divine energy.

The kunzite crystal is also highly conducive to a centered and deep meditative state. It stimulates your creativity and intuition while removing the unfocused and troubled energy. It is especially helpful for those who find it hard to enter into a meditative state. By holding this crystal in a vertical position, you can align the chakras, balancing your energy centers and connecting them sequentially.

How to Cleanse and Charge Kunzite?

Like with all healing crystals, it is important that you keep your kunzite crystal charged and cleansed so that it can happily provide you the healing energies you need.

Kunzite is a delicate and gentle crystal that shouldn’t be scrubbed too hard. Also make sure that when you are cleaning your kunzite crystal, use warm, not hot, water and some mild soap. Scrub it with a soft brush or cloth. Then run it under tap water and pat dry with a clean cloth.

How to Cleanse and Charge Kunzite

Make sure to clean it every couple of weeks in order to remove and discharge any clogged-up negative energy. Keep your crystal bathed in the light of sublime power. You can charge it by placing it under direct rays of the full moon and let those feminine vibes of the moon to work and soaking the crystal with ripe cosmic energy.

While some crystals can be placed in sunlight to recharge, it is highly recommended to never place your kunzite in direct sunlight. This will cause it to lose its color. If you don’t want to wait for the full moon and certainly not with the damaging rays of the direct sunlight, you can just bury your kunzite crystal in a pot of nutrient-rich soil. Allow the earthy delight to wash over it for a whole day.

Final Thoughts

For all those who want to open their heart, walk untouched through the noise and chaos, and embrace inner peace and calm, then the Kunzite crystal can lead you down that pathway to peace.

With the energies of the kunzite crystal, you can get to work on breaking the walls you built to protect your weak hearts. It helps in putting yourself back in a place of wonder where wisdom and trust go hand in hand. You get to cut down on the fear and fill your heart with the light of universal and divine love as well as the luxury of gentle compassion.

Furthermore, kunzite will call on you to step from the shadows of fear. Then, it will teach you how to learn to trust the world you inhabit. With that said, you will have the courage, confidence and grace to do just about anything!


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