Kyanite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Kyanite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide To Legendary Uses, Spiritual Meaning And The Healing Properties Of Kyanite

The rapid transfers and high vibrational energies of Kyanite can create pathways that were non-existent before. It is like a universal bridge, opening connections and mind centers to enhance your psychic and telepathic capabilities. It bridges gaps in all communication efforts while providing a link for receiving and transmitting healing energies.

Kyanite can instantly align your subtle bodies and chakras, providing a calming effect and tranquility to your whole being.

What Is A Kyanite

Kyanite Meaning

Kyanites are aluminum silicate minerals. Kyanite minerals usually occur as long, striated bladed crystals that can be translucent or transparent with a pearly sheen and even looks beautiful when high pressure is applied. The minerals rated 4.5 on the Mohs hardness scale along the length of the crystal. Moreover, Kyanite minerals also have a rating of 7 across their width.

These unique properties of kyanite make it useful when trying to identify real kyanite from a fake one. Also, kyanite can be deformed and decompressed when high pressure is applied

Kyanite minerals are usually found in metamorphic rocks such as gneiss and schist as well as in the pegmatite veins. The minerals are most commonly found in groupings of light to dark blue bladed crystals streaked with indigo, cat’s eye color, white, black, blue white and green.

However, Kyanite high bladed crystals can also occur in blue white, gray, white, yellow, pink and the most recently discovered orange kyanite.

Dark blue Kyanite minerals are usually mined or found in Brazil, Switzerland, India, Kenya, the European Alps, Myanmar, Yugoslavia and Australia. It is also found in the US, in North Carolina, Montana, Madison County, Yancey County, and in various locations around Massachusetts.

The Meaning And Uses Of Kyanite

Uses of Kyanite

Kyanite comes from the Greek term “kyanos” or “kuanos” which means “deep blue”. Also, it was once called “disthene”, meaning “two strengths” as well as cyanite and rhaeticide.

One of the properties of kyanite is very valuable in the industrial world due to its heat resistance and needs high pressure. It is mainly used in high refractory porcelain, foundry molds and kiln furniture, refractory bricks and mortars.

In the railroad and auto industry, kyanite is used for grinding wheels, cutting disks and brake shoes. This stone is also used in the standard porcelain of dentures, bathroom fixtures and sinks.

Thanks to its attractive cat’s eye color and transparency, this Kyanite stone can be cut into faceted and cabochon gemstones and are considered “exotic gems”.

Kyanite’s personal and spiritual use, can be used to break a cycle of self-destructive thinking and behavior. It can be used as an empowerment grid to help you get back on track.

The stone can also be used to search and access forgotten childhood memories or recalling a name or word that eludes you. For kids having trouble communicating and integrating with others, or just physically different in a way, the Kyanite is commonly used to increase their popularity.

Meanwhile, the black variety of Kyanite offers grounding energies that can support environmental healing. It also provides a deep connection to the earth.

Metaphysical Properties

Kyanite Metaphysical Healing Properties

Kyanite’s energy is unlimited in application, which makes it an excellent crystal for metaphysical purposes when applied with high pressure.

On a spiritual level, the Kyanite can help remove the idea of implacable karma or blind fate. It reveals the part played by yourself in creating relationships and causes in your life as well as the action you need to do in order to balance the past.

Metaphysical Properties

  • This stone can ease anger, illusion and frustration while increasing your linear, logical thoughts.
  • This crystal can ground your soul and spiritual energy. It will link you to the higher mind and bring maturation and integrity. The kyanite is also believed to be excellent for those making the transition through death.
  • The stone can also enhance your psychic abilities. It will also provide a closer connection to the higher beings while facilitating the transfer of information from the divine.
  • It helps in opening your higher chakras during healing sessions and meditation. This will enhance the telepathy between 2 persons or between a client and a healing facilitator.
  • Focusing on the green kyanite, this crystal can bring a connection to the dynamic balance of nature and experience the ever-moving life force of the universe.
  • This stone can help connect you with the ruth of your heart, encouraging you to look inward for answers.
  • This crystal allows for the entrance into the realm of nature devas and spirits. With practice and willingness, this stone can help you reach a causal plane, where the patterns of events are shaped before manifesting in the world and archetypes exists.

The Benefits Of Kyanite


Kyanite’s various colors and shades, offers various healing benefits to the mind, body, and soul.

Kyanite For Physical Healing

Kyanite For Physical Healing

One of the properties of kyanite is known as a powerful pain reliever as well as easing inflammation while helping the body fend off all kinds of infections.

The stone can also help in lowering blood pressure. It is also perfect for treating problems in your urogenital system, adrenal glands, thyroid and parathyroid glands.

This crystal can also be used to help the brain heal, ideal for head trauma, stroke or seizure and sharpening the mind. It helps in bridging the energy gaps caused by surgery, bone breakage and other intrusive trauma, while also assisting tissues and nerves in order to re-establish pathways through the trauma site.

Kyanite can also release excess weight, improve eating habits and is beneficial for aligning and healing the spinal cord and your overall skeletal structure.

Kyanite For Emotional Healing

Kyanite For Emotional Healing

The frequency of kyanite encourages the examination of all aspects of yourself, your various interests, knowledge and skills which helps creates the uniqueness of your identity and how it can be used for your soul path on earth as well as finding a fulfilling vocation.

This stone can encourage listening to intuitive guidance and living your life with the integrity of purpose.

This soothing stone can also help you overcome the fatalistic or victim mentality as well as the resignation of yourself to the recurring emotional patterns which create blockages in your energetic field.

Not only that, but this stone can also bridge the connection of those patterns and instantly create a new energy flow, shifting your perception of the world.

Also, the stone assists you in remaining functional in extreme situations, stimulating a more logical way of thinking and then encouraging resolute actions.

Kyanite For Chakra Healing And Balancing

Kyanite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Kyanite can help in aligning all the subtle bodies and chakras, clearing your meridians and pathways. This stone is also known to restore your Qi to the physical body and promote a calming effect on your whole being.

With its indigo and blue energies, Kyanite can stimulate your third eye and throat chakras. This helps in expanding psychic awareness and communication on all levels.

The blue energies of kyanite can help balance and unblock the throat chakra, enabling the natural release of emotions and free expression.

The darker shades of blue kyanite help encourage the power of truth while the lighter shades carry the energies of relaxation, flexibility and balance.

Meanwhile, the purplish shades can stimulate our third eye chakra and enhance vibrant and healthy thoughts and internal communications within. It helps open yourself to new dreams, ideas and visions, making your reflective and quietly observant. It also boosts judgment, wisdom and mystery.

Meanwhile, the green kyanite works the heart chakra, connecting with the truth of your heart. It can help in resolving blockages or overstimulated heart chakras, allowing you o understand your emotions, feelings and needs.

The black kyanite is highly versatile and can clear blocked energies in any chakra, particularly your base chakra. It is also energizing and grounding.

The most recently discovered orange kyanite resonates deeply with your second chakra or the sacral chakra. It induces creativity, intimacy, sensitivity, sexuality, self-expression and your overall emotional being.

Kyanite For Wealth Fetching And Luck

Kyanite For Wealth Fetching and Luck

Kyanite is an excellent good luck stone, particularly in terms of wealth and abundance. It brings good luck to your financial goals and business, bringing in favorable news in your investments or wealth.

Kyanite can induce expansion, whether it is financial or business expansion. It allows you to grow your assets while attracting prosperity on your way. The stone also symbolizes new beginnings. Even if your business or financial venture didn’t work out so well in the past, this crystal can help cleanse the bad energies, so you can start over again.

Kyanite’s refreshing energies can provide you with much-needed insights and open new doors for opportunities. It helps you become intuitive, so you can recognize those opportunities as they arrive.

Kyanite For Relationship And Love

Kyanite For Relationship and Love

Kyanite can promote a broad view of your life events and personal instances. It gives you the opportunity to detach from emotions, which can cloud your vision. Kyanite’s energy can encourage you to look back on your past experiences and taking the lesson from both the bad and good moments.

Kyanite also symbolizes loyalty. This stone inspires you to be committed to your relationship. When your relationship is going through something difficult, this stone will make your stay and inspire you to love them even more.

The stone also teaches patience and peace, especially during tough times or emotional issues. It can encourage you and your partner to listen more to what the other had to say without feeling distressed or hurt.

With kyanite’s deep association to the throat chakra, dark blue color kyanite can ensure an honest and clear communication of your feelings and thoughts. This should help in preventing misunderstandings and helping you both to come to terms with your differences. This makes it a powerful crystal for repairing damaged relationships.

Meanwhile, the energies of green kyanite can stimulate your heart chakra. It helps in clearing negative energies and emotions. Not only that, but it also helps you to look deep within your heart and your partners to see what truly motivates them and who they really are beneath the surface.

Not only that, but it also helps you cope with the changes that come from being loved or loving others. It allows you to be more courageous, so you can embrace love and take more risks.

Kyanite For Protection

Kyanite For Protection

Kyanite is one of the most effective crystals for protection, especially if you are suffering from any type of manipulation or bullying. Because of its affiliation with the third eye and throat-chakra, this stone can be an asset when you’re struggling to understand cruel or unkind behaviors.

This should give you the strength to speak honestly and boosting your self-confidence while shielding you against the negative thoughts and energies of other people.

Black kyanite, in particular, offers protection when astral travelling or practicing your spiritual capabilities. It also helps shield you against negative energies and offers a safe retreat to hide you from negative entities.

Kyanite For Anxiety

Kyanite For Anxiety

If you are stuck with a negative thought pattern or always feeling anxious, the Kyanite can provide calming energies that can soothe your symptoms while encouraging self-esteem.

Also, with its affiliation to the throat-chakra, this stone can cut through anxious thinking, fears and blockages and encourages you to speak openly and honestly.

Also, since it does not hold any negative energy, this stone makes an excellent tool for consistently reducing the unpleasant feeling of anxiousness, stress, frustration and worry.

Kyanite For Career Success

Kyanite For Career Success

Kyanite can also help those looking for intuition and guidance in their professional lives and careers.

In the workplace, the kyanite crystal is a powerful tool of communication that bridges the gap between different ideas, beliefs and thoughts while also encouraging self-expression and speaking your truth.

It should help you address a group or leading your team meeting or seminars. It can sharpen your communication skills and is especially helpful when there is a need to improvise or answer questions.

Types Of Kyanite

Kyanite also comes in different colors, each with different metaphysical healing capabilities.

Blue Kyanite

blue kyanite

The blue kyanite is perhaps the most common form of kyanites. It occurs in shades of blue from the light translucent pale blue similar to blue topaz to the darker, deep blue shades that resemble the color of blue sapphire.

Blue kyanite reflects the color energy of the ocean and sky. It brings faith, trust, respect and patience, providing tranquillity and peace in your life.

The light blue crystals can help you develop patience, seek forgiveness and reconcile differences. Not only that, but they are also great at recovering from destructive behaviors and addictions. It also helps deal with grief, cure guilt and let go of the past.

The darker blue shades, on the other hand, enhances the compassion and respect that you have within yourself. It teaches you discretion, humanity and honor while encouraging you to act more charitable and focus efforts on service to others.

Green Kyanite

Green Kyanite

The green kyanite ranges from a pale translucent green to rich olive shades. It is known as the Growth Crystal and makes a powerful conduit of the Earth’s Lifeforce of creation, birth, development and renewal. Its nurturing energies can help with family relationships or business ventures.

It is perfect for keeping a project on schedule, a venture on course and your life on track. Not only that, but it can also promote spiritual growth and renew your commitment to a higher purpose. It is also used as a talisman of physical strength and growth and travel safety.

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite

The black kyanite can be pitch black or imbued with darker shades of blue. This stone can deepen your connection to the natural, physical world. It helps in bringing strength and power while also relieving fears that are specifically associated with the physical existence here on earth.

Black kyanite, like most black crystals, offers superb protection and grounding attributes, shielding you against negative energy while providing a safe retreat from your enemies.

Indigo Kyanite

indigo kyanite

Indigo Kyanite combines the trust of the pure blue ray with the intuition of the violet ray. This crystal brings truth, wisdom, spiritual mastery and dignity. It is the stone of long life and judgment, promoting introspection and resulting in profound wisdom when used.

Not only that, but this stone can also provide honesty and is especially great for spiritual journeyings. Also, it connects you to the natural world while improving your appreciation of others.

Orange Kyanite

orange kyanite

Orange kyanite is a recently discovered variety of kyanite from Tanzania. It features golden orange to brownish orange coloring due to its manganese content. With a deep connection to the sacral chakra, it boosts creativity, sexuality, self-esteem and intuition.

This stone can instill a sense of child-like happiness and joy while putting your imagination to work without the fear of judgment from other people. It is also a powerful manifestation crystal, bringing your inner visions to reality.

Combining Kyanite With Other Crystal Stones


As a powerful crystal charger and versatile crystal, it makes sense that kyanite also pairs well with other crystals like the ones mentioned below.

Black Kyanite And Malachite

Black Kyanite + Malachite

If you are looking for a crystal combination for soothing friendship or starting a new one, then the black kyanite minerals and malachite make a perfect pair.

Malachite is a potent crystal to use when your friendship is going through a difficult time. The negative emotions and feelings can make it difficult to communicate with your friend, which can lead to arguments and feelings of resentment.

Both malachite and kyanite can help absorb these negative energies and release unwanted emotions. This should help repair your friendship. However, if your friendship did come to an end, then you can use the energies of kyanite.

Black kyanite can provide renewed positive energy after the negative backlash of breaking friendship and stop you from feeling drained. Then, the energies of malachite can be used to help make new friends.

With both stones, you can actually attract new friends to you while promoting a balanced relationship without the negative energies from your previous toxic friendship.

Blue Kyanite And Blue Lace Agate

Blue Kyanite + Blue Lace Agate

If you’re looking for a crystal combination to ease or prevent anger, then try the blue color kyanite minerals and blue lace agate.

Blue kyanite is a potent crystal for easing anger. It resonates with your logical thought and mental awareness, allowing arguments to be resolved in a peaceful and diplomatic way. Meanwhile, the blue lace agate can be used to dissolve the urgent need to react, allowing you to choose a more appropriate response to heated situations. It aligns you with your higher state of consciousness so you can respond with grace, instead of aggression.

With their blue energies, they help in neutralizing angry words. And if you often struggle in making your point in a kind and graceful manner or feel rushed during arguments, then these crystals can help you. These crystals can defuse frustration and anger while allowing you to stay on the topic, so you can give a more considered and relevant response.

Blue Kyanite And Lapis Lazuli

Blue Kyanite + Lapis Lazuli

A crystal combo for your throat chakra, the blueness of both blue color kyanite minerals and lapis lazuli will allow you to speak your truth openly.

The blue kyanite is an excellent crystal for improving your intuitive capabilities and speaking your thoughts and ideas. It allows self-expression while strengthening your voice and even helps with stammering.

Meanwhile, the lapis lazuli can encourage constructive communication. It helps you to speak with honesty and compassion. Not only that, but it also helps enhance your self-awareness which is vital for effective communication.

Together, these crystals can help release negative emotions through an honest expression of yourself and prevent misunderstandings with other people.

Kyanite And Moonstone

Kyanite + Moonstone

Whether you are starting a new business venture or stepping into a new chapter of your life, the kyanite minerals and moonstone is a good combo for positive, new beginnings.

The blue color kyanite is a versatile crystal that is great for cutting through unhelpful beliefs and emotional ties. Not only that, but it also stimulates honest communication. These are wonderful qualities when you’re starting something new.

Meanwhile, the moonstone, also known as the Stone of New Beginnings, can help you face a life-changing decision. With its connection with the lunar cycle, this stone can teach you how to face the flow of life’s ever-changing rhythms.

Moonstone teaches you how to appreciate new beginnings and view as a positive process, even if such change is because of a relationship ending or caused by negative situations. Then, the blue color kyanite can help you move forward into the new chapter of your life without worrying about what other people may think.

Furthermore, deep blue kyanite can encourage self-belief and help you understand why things happen. It allows you to take the lessons learned and move forward to face this new chapter with a clean slate. And if you are easily depleted in energy during this transition, the moonstone can encourage you to rest and reassess, so you can slowly, but steadily move forward.

Kyanite And Rhodochrosite

Kyanite + Rhodochrosite

For a crystal combo that teaches self-love, try the opposing hues of blue color kyanite and rhodochrosite.

The deep blue kyanite may not be the first stone you think of in terms of self-love; however, it should not be overlooked. Putting other people’s needs before your own, your spiritual development and self-care also get put aside.

The energies of blue kyanite encourage you to prioritize yourself by clearing your aura and chakras. This stone will create a strong link between the mind and heart, establishing honest communication within.

Then the rhodochrosite can promote happiness and self-loving energies. It allows you to focus your attention on getting inner peace and gives you a wonderful sense of self-worth. As the Stone of Compassionate Heart, rhodochrosite can bring a gentle energy to help reconnect with yourself and practice self-care and prioritization.

Both stones also help shield you against negative thoughts and emotions as well as self-judging and abuse.

Kyanite And Angelite

Kyanite + Angelite

Kyanite is an excellent all-around crystal. It helps in aligning all your main chakras, it opens and encourages self-expression. Specifically, it can be useful when dealing with negotiations or disagreements.

Angelite, on the other hand, can help you speak your truth with love and compassion. It expresses light and love, balancing your parathyroid and thyroid glands, facilitating general awareness.

Spiritually speaking, both crystals resonate with the third eye chakra. This helps in unblocking energetic pathways for enhanced communication with angels and guides. Both stones also heighten your skills of astral travelling, clairvoyance, telepathy and help you understand your visions.

Is Kyanite A Birthstone Or Zodiac Crystal?

Kyanite is not a traditional birthstone. However, this crystal is a natural birthstone and zodiac crystal.

Kyanite is January 20 – February 18, February 19 – March 19 and April 20 – May 20 Natural Birthstone

Natural Birthstone Chart

Indigo Kyanite is one of the natural birthstones for those born on January 20 – February 18, during mid-winter. This stone should bring you truth, wisdom, spiritual mastery and dignity.

Blue kyanite is one of the natural birthstones for those born on February 19 – March 19, as the world awaits the vernal equinox and spring. This is the time of the year when new life is about to burst forth, a time of trust and faith. The deep blue kyanite can bring you respect and patience.

Green Kyanite is a natural birthstone for those born on April 20 – May 20 in the heart of the spring. Like spring, green kyanite symbolizes renewal and growth while also bringing success in new ventures and overall good health.

Kyanite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini and Virgo  

Kyanite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini

Kyanite is not a traditional zodiac crystal stone. However, it resonates well with Gemini and Virgo.

The blue kyanite is an ascendant crystal for the zodiac sign Gemini. As the stone of the third eye and throat chakra, the deep blue kyanite encourages truthful communication and provides clarity when in an argument.

Because of the changeable nature of Gemini, they have a tendency to gossip or bend the truth when it suits them. Meditating with the blue kyanite can help them gain the confidence to speak the truth, cutting through any superficiality and expressing their thoughts or feelings openly and honestly.

Kyanite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo

Kyanite can also work with Virgos. Virgos are highly intuitive individuals. And blue kyanite can be a powerful amplifier and transmitter of energy to stimulate intuition. Kyanite’s enhancing awareness, mental thought and intuitive abilities are excellent. Also, it helps Virgoans to deal with difficult people or when they become reluctant to express themselves for fear of upsetting other people.

Not only that, but kyanite can also provide the confidence to Virgoans to venture into new beginnings. Plus, it helps inspire loyalty which is a Virgoan quality.

Meditation With Kyanite


The energy of kyanite is highly accessible and gentle, making it a great crystal for meditation. The stone can induce a rapid transition into a deep meditative state and is quite effective in accessing the astral plane and connecting to your guides. Not only that, but this crystal is also a nice solution from within a lucid dream state.

Meanwhile, when performing meditation with the black kyanite, you can return to your past life and even go forward to your probable future. Meditation teaches you to experience the interdimensional consciousness without losing your connection to the earth.

How To Cleanse And Charge Kyanite?

How to Cleanse and Charge Kyanite?

Kyanite, like Citrine, is one of the 2 minerals on this planet that neither retains nor accumulates negative energy. And thus, it never needs any cleansing. Instead, you can use it for clearing or cleansing other crystals.

Still, if you wish to go through the motions of cleansing and charging your Kyanite in order to keep it feeling clear and pure, then know that it is a water element crystal. You can simply run this crystal under some cool or tepid water and then wash it mildly with natural soap.

You can charge your kyanite crystal by placing it in a bowl made from something natural such as stone or wood then cover it with little water. Allow sitting for a few hours to a day. In addition, you can smudge kyanite stones as well. If you wish to give it a little bump, then you can also place it under the moon.

Kyanite’s connection to the natural elements can help recharge soul.

Final Thoughts

Exuding high vibrational energies, as pure and cleansing as the ethereal sky and ocean and free from gathering negative and toxic energies, the Kyanite crystal is all about positively soothing and healing energies.

Considered an exotic gem, this stone is not just a  pretty face but is also enriched with deep healing and metaphysical properties that should convince you to include it in your growing crystal collection.


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