Leo Birthstone List, Color and Meanings

Leo Birthstone List, Color and Meanings

The Meaning of Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac Represented by the Lion; Leos are considered the queens and kings of the celestial jungle. And Leos are always delighted to embrace their royal status— theatrical, vivacious, and passionate. They love to bask in the spotlight, celebrating their power and might. They perceive themselves as celebrities and never get tired of exclusive parties, lavish dinners, or decadent designer clothing.

The Meaning of Leo (July 23 – August 22)

People born under the banner of Leo are natural-born leaders. They are creative, brimming in confidence, quite dramatic, dominant, and extremely difficult to resist. Leos are capable of achieving anything they want to in their life once they commit.

Leos are also friendly and are quite loyal and generous. They like cultivating new relationships and are creatively and artistically inspired. This sign is capable of uniting different groups of people and can lead them as one toward a powerful shared cause. Plus, their healthy sense of humor makes working and collaborating with other people easier.

As you might think, Leos belong to the fire element like Sagittarius and Aries. This makes people born under the banner of Leo warm-hearted, love life, and have a good time. They are able to use their mind and brainpower to solve even the most difficult problems, easily taking initiative in resolving several complicated situations.

Leos are also known to worship the fiery entity in the sky, quite literally and metaphorically. This sign is always in search of self-awareness and in the constant growth of their ego. Highly aware of their personality and desires, Leos can easily ask for everything they want and need. However, they could just as easily unconsciously neglect other people’s needs in their chase for personal status and gain.

The Meaning of Leo (July 23 – August 22)

When Leos become too attached or fond of their achievements, they can become an easy target and easily be taken down.

Leos are ruled by the mighty sun— the dazzling celestial body governing vitality and life, The sun never goes retrograde, and similarly, Leos are known for their loyalty, consistency, and stability. As mentioned before, they are dedicated lovers and friends who always put their hearts into every relationship. And fittingly so since the Leo sign governs the heart.

Lions like to watch their mates succeed. However, they can also feel threatened. As a result, they can become impaired by their pride, jealousy, and ego when they start o fear their star power will be outshined. Thus, it is important for these celestial lions to remember that their light will never be obscured by other people. The bright shine of other people’s success has nothing to do with their own. Ultimately, this teaches Leos that the greatest threat to their own happiness is their ego.

Leo is a fixed sign known for their determination and ambitions. Above all, this sign is celebrated for its remarkable bravery and courage. In fact, in tarot cards, the Leo is symbolized by the “strength” card, depicting the divine expression of emotional, mental, and physical fortitude. As fearless optimists who won’t accept failure, the Leos will always find their deep wells of bravery and courage to help them grow and mature.

What is the Birthstone for Leo?

For all the Leos out there, the shimmering olive-green peridot is their main birthstone. Featuring a warm sparkle, the peridot stone is known for its playful side and offering heart-healing energies.

What is the Birthstone for Leo?

Its sunny and light energies also help encourage new opportunities and growth, making it the best Leo birthstone. Dubbed as the Release Stone, the peridot crystal can also help in overcoming your destructive tendencies such as laziness and jealousy that holds you back.

Also known as the Study Stone, Peridot is also about focus and concentration which is a magical match for the goal-oriented lions. It helps in raising your commitment and energy to complete a certain task.

With its green shimmer, peridot is also heart-centered energy that can help protect Leos from malicious comments and unkind words. If you often feel underappreciated or criticized, a peridot crystal can help carry you throughout the day, teaching you self-love.

Not only that, but this pretty stone can also encourage your heart to open and wash away the feelings of possessiveness that any Leo sometimes refuse to let go of.

What Color is Leo’s Birthstone?

Leo’s birthstone in glistening gold enables the Leos’s loving heart and warming energies while boosting a positive spirit.

What Color is Leo Birthstone?

In addition, gold shines with royalty and class and has been a symbol of power and prestige since ancient times. Thus, it’s no wonder that Leos are stimulated by these expressive colors. In addition, the Golden Leo birthstone also provides these individuals the attention that they crave while supporting their optimistic and giving nature.

Furthermore, gold also symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and abundance which every Leo wants and thrives so hard for.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Leo Birthstone

Leos have several healing stones to choose from as their birthstone. To choose the most suitable one for you, you first need to think about your intentions and the special metaphysical properties that you need.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Leo Birthstone

By knowing what you want, you can discover the most suitable birthstone for you. You can find if a certain birthstone resonates well with you by simply wearing or using the stone in your everyday life.

If you are not sure which crystals to use, you can also take a look at our list of the most suitable birthstone. Here we explained why these Leo birthstones are the best to use to enhance our key traits and personalities as a Leo.

A Complete List of Leo Birthstones and Meanings

People born under the sign of Leo are ambitious, confident, and natural-born leaders. They help in inspiring others to reach their dreams and even steer a team towards the same objectives and goals.

A Complete List of Leo Birthstones and Meanings

With their fun, generous, and warm-hearted nature, Leos are some of the most loyal friends, business partners, or lovers in the zodiac.

However, its competitive nature of Leo can sometimes cause them to neglect the feelings of others, especially if they are quite fired up to reach their objectives and goal. And with the Sun as their ruling planet, their ego can easily allow stubbornness and pride to interfere in making good and sound decisions.

Leo birthstone is a wonderful way to help re-balance your personality traits. These birthstones can help in enhancing your positive qualities while also lessening the effects of unwanted characteristics.

Leo Birthstone List

  • Carnelian
  • Golden Yellow Topaz
  • Citrine
  • Hiddenite
  • Black Onyx
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Garnet
  • Muscovite
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Labradorite
  • Sardonyx
  • Topaz
  • Green Aventurine
  • Ruby
  • Amber
  • Red Jasper



Carnelian is a suitable birthstone for the July-born Leos. With its sunset shades, the carnelian crystal is one of the best crystals for boosting confidence. This is a great choice for the Leos who sometimes found themselves doubting their own abilities and skills.

Dubbed the Stone of Creativity, the carnelian stone offers potent energy that can boost Leo’s self-expression. It is a powerful birthstone for stimulating your creative talents and skills while also encouraging you to follow your passion.

In addition, carnelian is a powerful healer of the lower chakras, reducing feelings of resentment or jealousy. This should help Leos to the soul and life of the party while keeping their empathic and caring personalities for other people.

Golden Yellow Topaz

Golden Yellow Topaz

Shimmering in vibrant yellow light, the golden yellow topaz is a powerful birthstone and moonstone. This beautiful crystal offers strong metaphysical powers that draw like-minded people to you. It is also a potent intention amplifier, allowing you to manifest anything of your spiritual or physical nature.

Leos crave success. However, this drive to succeed sometimes comes at the expense of other people’s opinions and ideas. The energies of the golden yellow topaz can empower Leos to be successful by recognizing not only your abilities and skills but also acknowledging the positive influence of others. This can help in balancing out your competitive nature with your brimming confidence and big-hearted nature.

As a sunny and positive crystal, the golden yellow topaz also provides abundant energy and vitality to the highly sociable Leos. This Leo birthstone can help in enhancing your natural charisma and magnetism. Plus, it also makes a beautiful token of friendship.



Another golden yellow Leo birthstone, citrine is a powerful energy booster for Leo and is considered a Leo ascendant stone. Its positive energies bring joy and happiness into your life while instilling positive and enthusiastic thinking, especially when you become insecure or jealous.

Leos often face criticism. Unfortunately, they can become over-sensitive due to negative comments and words, hampering their self-worthiness. Citrine is a powerful stone of the solar plexus chakra and helps in raising your self-confidence while teaching you to accept constructive criticism.

Not only that, but this stone can also enhance your usual kind-heartedness and good humor, allowing you to put the negative experience to good use. If you ever feel lazy or sluggish, then this stone can also help. By energizing your solar plexus chakra, citrine can help boost your motivation and willpower.

Furthermore, citrine is also a powerful stone for attracting prosperity and wealth into your life. You can use it to become a money magnet and helps you in achieving your professional and financial goals.



The hiddenite crystal is the green to the yellow form of kunzite and is a gentle, yet potent Leo birthstone and moonstone.

Hiddenite is crucial for the Leos who tend to struggle in releasing their feelings of failure. This stone can provide much-needed support and encouragement when you are going through difficult situations and challenges. It also helps lower your egotistical nature and teaches you to accept help and support when you need it.

With its green energies, the hiddenite is a heart-centered stone. It can help empower the positive aspects of your Leo character to flourish. Not only that, but this birthstone is also great for supporting new beginnings in your life while also developing new and more meaningful relationships.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx

Black onyx is considered a traditional birthstone and ascendant stone. With its pitch-black energies, it can calm Leo’s excessive energy and help keep their lively personality under control.

As a powerful stone for the root chakra, black onyx is known for its super protective and grounding energies. This can help Leos in overcoming self-doubt. Not only that, but it also helps in absorbing universal energy that can bring balance to their yin and yang energies. This should provide them with increased focus and concentration.

Furthermore, this birthstone can also help in repelling other people’s negative influences, helping them create harmonious relationships.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

The tiger’s eye is another traditional Leo birthstone. It offers stability to the sometimes unbalanced Leos while drawing spiritual energies from the earth. Dubbed the Stone f the Mind, the tiger’s eye is also a great stone for filtering mental distractions while encouraging self-discipline.

Leo’s ego and pride can sometimes cause them to make bad decisions. These decisions, over time, can hurt their relationships and make it difficult for them to reach their goals. With the potent energies of the tiger’s eye, you will not only gain confidence in your judgment but also teach them the humility to realize when they made a mistake.

In addition to boosting courage and bravery, the tiger’s eye can also help reignite our creative and artistic talents. Meditating with this stone can also help in calming and quieting an overactive mind while providing a stronger connection to Mother Earth.



Garnet is considered to be an energizing birthstone. While it is available in a range of colors, the garnet stone is best known for its blood-red shades. This helps wakens your life force or chi energies which is crucial for feeling energized and happy. By stimulating both your root and kundalini energy, the garnet crystal can guide you to explore your sensuality while improving relationships.

With its activating and grounding energy, the garnet stone can help strengthen survival instincts of Leo. This should help in motivating you to keep on pushing forward if you lack self-confidence or self-belief. Not only that, but it also helps inspire your creative and innovative talents.

In addition, this birthstone can also strengthen your leadership qualities. It can encourage you to be more understanding and patient which are crucial traits for any leader.



The muscovite crystal is an interesting Leo birthstone. In general, it is formed in blades or layers, giving this stone its unique appearance that hints at its metaphysical properties that resonate well with the Leo personality.

As a high vibrational stone, the muscovite can help in stimulating the mind while boosting problem-solving skills. Not only that, but it also protects your meditations or spiritual practice whenever you are working on your psychic powers. This makes it a powerful stone for the Leos who are actually interested in the development of their spiritual power.

Dubbed the Stone of New Beginnings, the muscovite can also help the Leos on their new ventures. It brings them confidence and stability while empowering their determination and willpower to achieve their new goals and objectives.  



The rhodochrosite is a gentle, heart-based birthstone. It can help the Leos in letting go of their traumatic experience— whether they are from recent events or childhood traumas.

With its heart-stimulating energies, rhodochrosite can help in healing emotional memories and pain. Plus, it offers nurturing qualities that can provide emotional support during difficult situations.

The rhodochrosite also offers a gentle frequency that resonates with your inner child. Such an attribute along with its being called the Stone of Joy makes this beautiful birthstone one of the best crystals for restoring your sense of playfulness as you forgive yourself for the pain and issues of the past.



Labradorite is an amazing Leo birthstone. It is most suitable for the Leos who are looking to turn up the volume for their spiritual side. His stone features beautiful and stunning energy that brings mysticism and is all about courage and transformation.

While Leos are one of the bravest and most courageous out there, they can sometimes struggle in moving their energy from their extroverted plains of inner thinking.

The labradorite crystal can help you gain a little deeper insight into the universe. It also encourages them to use their courage to concentrate and focus on the strength of their spirituality and intuition.



Sardonyx is another beautiful birthstone for the August-born Leos. With its summer-ready energies, the sardonyx offers stable and soft support with its gentle bands of white and orange.

This brilliant stone can help encourage fearfulness while inspiring trust and confidence. Not only that, but it can also help in stabilizing the emotions of Leos, stimulating them to move forward in life.

The sardonyx is also said to boost Leo’s communication skills as well as their undeniable charisma. It brings an optimistic and happy-go-lucky mood, allowing them to attract more meaningful relationships. Furthermore, this stone can also bring protection and strength, whether your emotions are swinging low or riding high.

With its positive energy, sardonyx is also great at removing anxiety and stress, making it suitable for the Leos currently facing difficulties in their professional or business life. It can also help in forging new pathways while providing you the courage to overcome difficult situations and face hard decisions.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

The beautiful green aventurine is another heart-based Leo birthstone. Leos can sometimes take friendly advice too personally, leading to cracks in their relationships. The green energies of this stone can stimulate the heart chakra and help build inner strength of Leos. This way, they are better equipped to stop negative thoughts from distracting them.

Other than its heart-based benefits, green aventurine is also considered the luckiest stone ever. It is often thought to be suitable for manifesting financial success and wealth. This is suitable for the Leos who want to always win and gain abundance.

Dubbed the stone of Opportunity, the green aventurine mainly encourages an optimistic attitude. This can help Leos to develop a healthy relationship with spending and money. Not only that, but this stone can also help open up Leos to new ideas and possibilities. It can help them in coming up with new and innovative solutions whenever they feel frustrated or stuck.  

In addition, this stone can also help soften disagreements within the team and release unhealthy thought patterns. As a result, it can bring success and enhance calm and effective decision-making.



Radiant and vibrant in its fiery red light, the ruby crystal is a powerful birthstone. This stone shimmers with passion and love, holding so much strength that matches the energies of Leos.

Like garnet, the ruby is an energizing stone that can stimulate Leo’s passion for a project or task. It will you with vitality, stamina, and courage, allowing you to tackle even the most difficult tasks. Not only that, but this stone can also drive your ambition and determination. So, whenever you feel tired after working on a certain task or project, the ruby can provide a quick energy boost and help you stay productive.

Other than that, the ruby is also great for balancing out your root chakras. It can boost a Leos’s sense of security and survival instinct. Plus, it also keeps your sexual prowess and attractiveness in a place of positivity.



Amber is another golden Leo birthstone. It fires up your solar plexus chakra, putting the feisty Leos back in the driving seat and enhancing self-control. This stone is a powerful cleanser for the spirit, body, and mind, ensuring that you’re always on balance.

Since Leos are often found on the slightly wild side, the amber stone can help keep the sun-stoked sign calm and relaxed. It also helps them in making healthy decisions and always be in harmony with their authentic and true selves.

Furthermore, with its beautiful orange hues, the amber stone is a favorite Leo ally for boosting creativity and self-worthiness. It activates your solar plexus and sacral chakra which encourages motivation, passion, confidence, artistry, and intellectuality. As a result, it can encourage self-belief, as well as help Leos, focus on creative tasks.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Vibrant and radiant, the red jasper is a powerful Leo birthstone that helps in sorting out an unbalanced base chakra. With its energy, it can calm an overactive root chakra and bring stability and security to the sometimes chaotic world of Leos.

Also, if you ever need to stir life back into your chi, then the red jasper can provide the much-needed motivation for Leos. Its strong connection with Mother Earth provides Leos with stabilizing energy that allows them to move forward with confidence, particularly during times of difficulties and stress.

Not only that, but this red stone is also brilliant in promoting endurance and courage while filling you with positive attitudes. It is most useful for the Leos going on a new venture since it can motivate you to make new plans when going on new beginnings in life.

How To Use Your Leo Birthstone?

Leo birthstone can help enhance your Leo qualities while reducing the intensity of the undesirable ones. Here are some of the ways you can use your preferred birthstone.

  • Crystal singing bowls can help energize the frequency of your birthstone while boosting your auric field and balancing your chakras. You can use a crystal singing bowl with the E frequency since it resonates well with the Leo sign.
  • The solar plexus chakra is also highly associated with Leos. You can wear birthstone crystals such as golden yellow topaz, citrine, peridot, or carnelian in pendant necklaces so that they can sit near this chakra.
  • Crystal elixirs are also a great way for you to stay hydrated while absorbing the energies of your preferred birthstone. Take note, however, that not all crystals are suitable for making elixirs.
How To Use Your Leo Birthstone?
  • Since Leo is a fire sign, placing Leo’s birthstone near candles can help in focusing your mind when meditating. Also, you can place Leo’s birthstones in a grid around you before you start.
  • You can place a birthstone like a carnelian, imperial topaz, or citrine around your office or home. This way you can bathe in their potent energies to boost creativity, confidence, and determination.
  • Since the Sun is your ruling planet, you can do walking meditation outside a morning sunny weather. You can hold your chosen Leo birthstone to make your practice even more powerful. Also, you can focus on your intention as you hold the birthstone in your palm and feel the sun on your face.
  • You can wear Leo’s birthstones in pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, pendants, beaded bracelets, earrings, and rings. This way, you can stay in contact with their energies throughout the day.

The Benefits of Wearing Leo Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet and Others Jewelry

One of the best ways to feel the power of your birthstone is to wear it as a piece of jewelry. Wearing your birthstone as jewelry can help you make the most out of your healing crystal. Due to the direct skin contact, you can soak all the benefits of your preferred Leo birthstone without any barriers in place.

The Benefits of Wearing Leo Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet and Others Jewelry

In addition, wearing birthstone jewelry can also ensure that you manifest and carry your intentions with you every second of the day. Take note, though, that not all kinds of birthstones like muscovite are suitable for jewelry. However, birthstones like peridot, ruby, imperial topaz, and carnelian are beautiful as earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and bracelets.          

How to Cleanse Your Leo Birthstones?

Keeping your Leo birthstone cleansed and charged can help you make the most out of its bright healing frequencies. The sign of Leo is courageous and strong so your birthstone should be in good shape in order to meet that boundless and bright energy.

Perhaps the easiest way to physically clean your birthstone is to wash it in warm, soapy water. Using your fingers or a soft toothbrush, gently scrub the surface f the crystal to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Then rinse it thoroughly and pat dry.

Take note, however, that some birthstone like muscovite is not suitable for water cleansing. For this stone, you can simply wipe down the surface with a soft cloth.

How to Cleanse Your Leo Birthstones?

To cleanse away the negative energy that your birthstone has soaked up, you can simply smudge it with sage or your preferred herb bundle. You can also soak it in saltwater or bury it in a bowl filled with salt. The salt can help absorb the toxic energies from within. Again, some stones like muscovite don’t do well in salt, so don’t cleanse it with this method.

Once you cleanse the toxic energies, it is time to recharge your birthstone. In order to do so, you can simply leave it under the moonlight or sunlight, depending on the stone’s energy. Leo birthstones like carnelian, citrine, and golden yellow topaz are like the energies of the sun. Just be careful not to expose your birthstone in direct sunlight as some stones can fade.

For easier recharging of your birthstone, you can simply leave your stone in the company of a large quartz crystal.

Final Thoughts

Leos are bold and courageous with large and generous hearts. They are brimming with energy, passion, determination, and charisma. These make them a successful and attractive sign. As lovers of a good life, Leos are always surrounded by people who follow their natural leadership skills.

With the help of Leo’s birthstone, your big energy and radiance can shine ever so brightly. Not only that, but some birthstones can bring superb support to healing the more sensitive and delicate side of Leos such as the desire for others’ approval and the need to lead. Others can help reduce the less desirable ones such as over-jealousy and self-doubting.

Regardless of what you choose, these Leo birthstones are a must-have in your growing crystal collection to enhance your superb Leo qualities.  


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