Malachite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Malachite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Malachite

Malachite, with its charming, rich green hues, leaves no doubt about its importance as a jewel. The luxuriant, swirling patterns of this crystal have striking dark and light green marbling that’s unmistakable. Its beauty has come to represent sensuality, demanding respect and mesmerizing any viewer. And yet, the swirling flow and movement of its circles and lines are welcoming, soothing, and spiritually inviting.

What is Malachite?

What is Malachite

A green copper carbonate mineral, malachite is a part of the monolithic crystal system and features a silky luster. Since it is copper carbonate, malachite can sometimes intergrow with azurite or with chrysocolla. This stone has a rich shade of green and is a relatively soft mineral, rating only 3.5 – 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. Its softness makes it popular for carving, but usually not for jewelry.

It has opaque transparency and most of the time boasts a patterned surface. These concentric stripes and lines are in contrasting shades of basic green from pale olive to almost black layers.

Malachite usually occurs as rounded opaque green encrustations or masses and is usually in the oxidized zone of most copper ore deposits. The malachite quality that is needed for jewelry is usually mined in the Ural deposits in Russia and Eilat, Israel.

Most large deposits of malachite are found in the copper ore mining areas of the Shaba province of the Republic of Congo. Other mining sites include Potosi mine, New South Wales; Betzdorf, Germany; and Redruth, England where malachite found.

In the US, malachite can be found in Stevens County, Washington; Bisbee, Arizona; and in the states of New Mexico, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Not only that, but it can also be found in Sweden, Namibia, France, Zambia and Mexico.  

The Meaning and Uses of Malachite

The name malachite is derived from the Greek term “malakos” which means soft, or “malakee” or “malache” which signifies the resemblance of the Mallow leaves.

Revered by the ancient Egyptians, mining sites of this green crystal were in use between the Sinai and Suez as early as 4,000 B.C. Malachite was also used by the upper classes in ancient Egypt as one of their main power crystals. It serves as a grounding force that can help them in channeling higher energies onto the planet. Pharaohs often lined the inside of their headdresses with this crystal, with the belief that it can help them rule wisely.

The Meaning and Uses of Malachite

The stone was also popular with the ancient Romans and Greeks for ornaments, jewelry and eye shadow in its powdered form. During the Middle Ages, malachite was thought to protect its wearer against the “Evil Eye” and can cure various ailments of the stomach. Meanwhile, the Russian czars applied this crystal for paneling and ornaments for their castles as well as in elaborate inlay work.

Malachite is a highly protective crystal that is used for absorbing and clearing negative energies as well as pollutants from the atmosphere. Not only that but it is also said that it can guard against all kinds of radiation and clear electromagnetic pollution.

Malachite is also used for traveling and is said to help protect you on your journeys and help you overcome your fears of flying. This stone is also used to support airline and airplane workers as a protective talisman against accidents. Miners, on the other hand, can use their energies to protect themselves against unexplained accidents.

In Switzerland as well as in some villages of Savoie in the French Alps, this crystal in cross forms is believed to bring food luck to mothers of large families as well as pregnant women. It was also believed that a piece of this crystal attached to an infant’s cradle can deflect evil spirits and cause the child to sleep peacefully.

Malachite Metaphysical Properties

Malachite symbolizes the deep healing green of nature. It represents the innate beauty of trees, flowers, plants, and roots. Also, it manifests a deep Devic green that rules the material plane.

Dubbed the stone of Transformation, malachite can assist you in changing situations and offering spiritual growth. Not only that, but it can also heal emotional and physical levels, drawing out the impurities and stimulating the powerful Life Force throughout the body and your aura.

Malachite Metaphysical Properties

The lighter green eye-shaped bands or forms on the surface of malachite look like “eyes”. And a malachite crystal with these “eyes” is known as the eye stone. It is believed that such crystals can enhance or improve great visionary powers and can be used to ward off negative situations. Also, they were known as stones of protection and security for kids. It is said that they have the ability to warn their wearer of impending danger by suddenly breaking into pieces.

Malachite can also assist in grounding higher energies on the planet. It can also be an excellent purger and acts as a mirror to your subconscious, reflecting into your conscious mind and seeing what needs to be cleansed. Not only that, but this crystal is also nontransparent and dense, so it can absorb energy instead of emitting it.

By simply placing this crystal over areas that are painful or diseased, it is said that it can draw out the negative energy that causes it. Malachite can also be a powerful ally for those waiting for their reality to change. It can remind you and help you identify the necessary steps to bring your visions, dreams, and wishes into reality.

Malachite can also stimulate dreams and bring your memories vividly to life. Not only that, but it is also a great crystal for the re-birthing process, offering easy disposal of opposing encounters.

The Benefits of Malachite

Malachite is a potent crystal with several healing benefits you will surely love. Here are some of them.

For Physical Healing

Malachite is an excellent remedy for female issues. This is particularly true in regulating cramps and the menstrual cycles as well as easing labor. As a matter of fact, malachite has been called the Midwife Stone. Furthermore, it resonates strongly with the female sexual organs and treats sexual illnesses, particularly those caused by traumatic experiences.

Malachite For Physical Healing

Malachite is also said to relieve malaria, cold sweats, trembling as well as Parkinson’s diseases. It eases symptoms of asthma, rheumatic pain, and intestinal problems. Malachite is also a diuretic crystal that can assist in the treatment of gallstones and kidneys.

The stone is also known to lower blood pressure as well as treat travel sickness, vertigo, and epilepsy. It can heal swollen joints, fractures, torn muscles, tumors, broken bones, and gout. It can even enhance your immune system while stimulating your liver to release waste substances and toxins.

Its green energies can also fight osteoarthritis, especially in the spine. In addition, it can strengthen your memory, particularly for those who suffer from short-term memory loss and who usually forget the names of other people right after hearing them.

Take note, however, that malachite is toxic and should only be used in its polished form. Never use malachite elixir or place it in your mouth. Avoid breathing its dust. Place it on your body with a small cloth under it. Don’t worry, its healing energies will not be reduced.

For Emotional Healing

Malachite For Emotional Healing

As the stone of transformation, the malachite crystal can encourage change as well as emotional risk-taking. Its energies can show you what’s blocking your spiritual growth. It draws out deep feelings as well as psychosomatic causes. Then it allows you to break the unwanted ties and the outworn patterns.

This stone can encourage the expression of your feelings. It will ease shyness and can help teach you the responsibility for your own actions and thoughts. Not only that, but this crystal can also support empathy for other people and friendships.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Malachite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

With its pure rays of green energy, the malachite crystal is strongly associated with the heart chakra. This chakra is located at the center of your breastbone and regulates your interaction with the outside world. This crystal can help in activating and balancing your heart chakra.

It helps you in understanding your own emotions and needs more clearly. It prevents you from being too controlling or feeling controlled in a relationship. Not only that, but it can also prevent the inappropriate strong emotional response to daily external stimuli.

Other than the heart chakra, malachite can also activate and clear other chakras. When placed on your third eye chakra, malachite can activate visualizations as well as psychic vision. When placed on your solar plexus chakra, this stone can facilitate deep emotional healing and releasing old traumas and negative experiences.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Malachite For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Malachite symbolizes expansion, abundance, new beginnings and manifestation. It is a stone of good fortune, luck and abundance. Its energies can help attract wealth, money and opportunities.

Furthermore, this green crystal makes a great talisman for new business ventures you want to try as well as keeping your financials in order. It can promote practicality as well as hard work in your financial ventures.

With its beautiful shades of green, this crystal can also attract luck to you. But you need to use it wisely since it can amplify both negative and positive energies. With that said, this crystal is said to protect you against misfortunes. Not only that, but this crystal can also help you in achieving fortune and fame by attracting the right people to you. It increases your prosperity while encouraging you to take risks.

For Relationship and Love

In terms of love and relationship, the malachite is a protective crystal that can absorb negative energy and emotions from other people and within you. It can help in releasing all the unwanted and negative feelings that only harm you and your loved ones.

Malachite For Relationship and Love

With its green energies, this crystal is a cleanser of the heart chakra. It should give you a clearer idea on what you should be focusing on in terms of your love life. You will have a better understanding on how to deal with the person you love and to know where your relationship is heading.

It also teaches you to accept changes with a positive outlook and an open heart. Also, it can provide the needed emotional healing to set you free from the negative experiences and traumas of the past.

It can help you overcome your fears and changing your old habits, behaviors and patterns. Not only that, but it also teaches you to be more faithful and be more loving to your partner. 

For Protection

As mentioned before, malachite is a highly protective crystal. It can absorb negative energies as well as harmful pollutants from your environment and from within you. It can shield you against all kinds of radiation and clear electromagnetic pollution. When used in the workplace, this crystal can also protect you against the harmful rays of technological equipment, noise and the over-bright fluorescent lighting.

Malachite For Protection

As a travel stone, malachite can also protect you on your journeys. It helps overcome the fear of flying while also encouraging a smooth business trip. It is said to protect you on congested highways. Not only that, but this stone is also said to protect workers in airlines and miners from accidents.  

Malachite is also considered as the talisman for kids. It is said that it helps shield infants from evil spirits. In some parts of Germany, this stone is reputed to protect its wearer from danger in falling.

At one time, malachite was also engraved the image of the sun, It serves as a powerful talisman that protects its wearer against evil spirits, enhancements and attacks from venomous creatures.

For Anxiety and Depression

Malachite is said to help in battling anxiety and depression. It provides resistance to emotional blackmailing and healing emotional abuse, particularly when it was suffered in childhood.

Malachite For Anxiety and Depression

The stone can assist in overcoming the fear of confrontation or the fear of being noticed or seen. This crystal can help you find the strength within you and to assume your rightful place in the universe.

Although not as soothing and calming as blue crystals, the green energies of malachite can heal the heart and provide ease from negative emotions and energies that might be causing you to feel anxious or depressed.

For Confidence and Career Success

Malachite is a growth crystal. It has potent energies that aid in development, growth, renewal or creation, especially in your professional life. If you hit a point in your career where you feel that nothing is exciting anymore or that nothings seem to be working, the energies of this crystal can help you.

Malachite For Confidence and Career Success

It teaches you open-mindedness while also providing fresh and innovative ideas and good luck to help you find your way forward towards the advancement of your career. Not only that, but this crystal can also help you stay confident, even if you are constantly experiencing obstacles or challenges in your profession.

For Empaths

With its rich green rays, the malachite crystal has the power to release and remove any stagnant or negative energy within you. It absorbs these lower energies so that empaths won’t have to feel depleted or intoxicated.

Malachite For Empaths

As empaths, you are prone to always taking emotional negativities and pain from other people as if it is your own. This can clog or unbalance your heart chakra and makes you feel overwhelmed. The malachite crystal can restore balance while also strengthening your compassion.

Furthermore, the malachite crystals can also improve your intuition while helping remove the emotional blockages because of stressful situations. Plus, it also helps in promoting a sense of emotional peace and calmness.

Combining Malachite With Other Crystal Stones

Malachite can be paired with other crystals in order to focus on a healing intent or amplifying specific energies of the malachite crystal.

Malachite + Black Tourmaline

Malachite + Black Tourmaline

Both malachite and black tourmaline are powerful protective crystals that can absorb negative energies as well as harmful pollutants from other people and from your surroundings. With both stones, you can create a powerful shield that can guard you against radiation and clear electromagnetic pollution from entering your auric field.

This combination is worth a try, especially in the workplace. Malachite can protect you against noise, overbright lightning, and even toxic co-workers. Meanwhile, black tourmaline can shield you against the harmful energies from technical equipment such as mobile phones and computers.

However, black tourmaline takes protection even further by protecting you against the earth’s demons. Not only that, but it can also protect you against psychic disturbances and even destructive forces and energies. Also, after absorbing these energies, the black tourmaline can transmute them into positive ones.

So, by combining the energies of black tourmaline and malachite, you can enjoy less draining and stress-free working environment.

Malachite + Green Aventurine

Malachite + Green Aventurine

Malachite, dubbed as the stone of Transformation, is one of the best stones to bring abundance and money into your life. Its crystalline structure gives off positive vibrations that remove negativity while also protecting you against misfortunes.

Now, if you pair this green stone with the powerful green variety of aventurine, then you can surely double its money-attracting properties. Dubbed as the Gambler’s Lucky stone, green aventurine is known to be the luckiest gemstones available. It exudes winning energies that can attract abundance into your life.

So, as the malachite crystal acts as an abundance magnet, the green aventurine can help you grasp opportunities that might have otherwise slipped your grasp. Both crystals can surely increase your chance of abundance and to be successful.

Malachite + Onyx

Malachite + Onyx

Like the malachite and black tourmaline duo, malachite and onyx can also protect you against negative energies from your surroundings.

The protective energies of malachite can shield you from negative energies, pollutants and harmful entities surrounding you. Meanwhile, the onyx can keep your instincts and senses keen and sharp, helping fight against abuse and bullying or protecting you during psychic works.

In addition, as malachite helps prevent the radiation and electromagnetic smog from reaching your auric field, the onyx crystal can help deflect negative thoughts and criticism from other people. Not only that, but onyx can also defend you against co-workers who are manipulative and argumentative.

Malachite + Red Jasper

Malachite + Red Jasper

The combination of malachite and red jasper is a must-try for the women who are trying to get pregnant or expecting.

Red jasper, with its activating and potent energies, can stimulate your chi. It brings physical energy, stamina and strength. These are needed when you want to conceive. In addition, red jasper is said to increase fertility.

Then, the potent energies of malachite are very famous in terms of female issues. It is said to help in regulating your menstrual cycle. Not only that, but it also eases cramps and pain during menstruation and even reducing the pain felt during labor and childbirth.

Furthermore, both stones are powerful healers of the emotional plane. Malachite can help battle against depression and anxiety. Meanwhile, red jasper can calm your emotional body by alleviating stress and grounding you to Earth.

Malachite + Smoky Quartz

Malachite + Smoky Quartz

Malachite can encourage change in your life as well as amplifying emotional healing. This can help you in breaking the destructive behaviors while also severing unwanted ties from the past. Furthermore, it can help in reducing shyness while also battling depression and anxiety.

Now, when you combine it with the smoky transparency of the Smoky quartz crystal, you can get twice the emotional benefit. Then it can also bring strength and stability to your personal life. It can help ward off negative thinking while also removing worry and doubt when faced with chaos and confusion.

Malachite + Moonstone

Malachite + Moonstone

If you are looking for a unique crystal combination for traveling, try the malachite and moonstone duo.

Malachite is sometimes called the Guardian Stone for Travelers. This is because its energies can help protect against accidents and should e a must-have for your collection when you’re traveling.

The immense power of transformation of this crystal can encourage you to take responsibility for your actions. This pushes your ego to the back seat and results in a safer journey. Meanwhile, the moonstone, with its loving energies is thought to bring joy and luck to your adventures.

As malachite helps you overcome your fear of flying or protects you against road accidents, moonstone is said to lighten your path and protect you when traveling at night. Malachite can help keep you calm and surround you with loving energy. Meanwhile, moonstone can protect you against accidents over water and road rage.

Malachite + Amazonite

Malachite + Amazonite

For a unique combination to healing, unblocking and activating your heart chakra, you need to try using both malachite and amazonite.

Malachite with its vibrant green energy can stimulate your heart chakra. It helps absorb the negative energies and eliminate your destructive behaviors and thought patterns. Meanwhile, amazonite has a stimulating effect on your heart chakra and awakening compassion.

Malachite can ease heartaches. It encourages you to let go and move one. Furthermore, its stabilizing energy can bring loyalty to any relationship. Amazonite, on the other hand, forms a bridge between your heart and throat chakra. This brings balance to a too controlling relationship and makes you less critical. Furthermore, it allows for loving and honest communication to flow through.

Both stones will surely heal and ease all burdens of your heart, creating a positive attitude and promoting harmony in your relationship.

Is Malachite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Malachite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a zodiac crystal stone.

Malachite is April 20 – May 20 Birthstone

Although malachite is not a traditional birthstone, its green color is one of the natural birthstones for those born on April 20 – May 20, during mid-spring. Its green energies can bring you success in new ventures, growth, renewal, and good health.

Malachite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Scorpio and Capricorn

In terms of connections to the zodiac signs and cosmos, the malachite crystal is an amazing stone that resonates with Scorpios and Capricorns.

Malachite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Scorpio

The Scorpios, being a water sign, have an ever-changing flow of energy. Malachite knows how to keep them firmly protected as they sweep down all different rivers of life. Since Scorpios seem to be always heading out on some adventure, malachite as the journey stone can accompany them— whether it is on a more spiritual level or physically into the big world.

Scorpio is also the sign of passion. It is associated with the image of the phoenix that’s born once more from its ashes. And with what we know about the malachite and its connection with protection from the evil eye, there is no better stone to represent that. Malachite can also tap onto the fiery energy of sexual liberation of Scorpios. It helps them embrace transformation and change, regardless of which way the tide is turning.

Malachite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn

Capricorns also love the glimmering black and green swirls of the Malachite crystal. Capricorns can sometimes be a little reigned in. Malachite can encourage Capricorns to step outside of their comfort zone with ease. It teaches Capricorns to take the risk and help them grow as a person.

Not only that, but malachite can also cut out the suppressed feelings and counteracts a Capricorn’s depressive feeling with imaginative sparks, good vibes and inner strength.

Meditation with Malachite

Malachite, when used in meditation, can reveal the truth about yourself. It brings to the surface that which is unseen or unknown to the conscious mind. When meditated upon, worn or used, malachite can draw out and reflect whatever is impeding your spiritual growth. It is best used in conjunction with meditation to help release and balance the debris that is revealed.

In order to break negative patterns of thought and behaviors, you need to speak your sorrows and fears aloud every day as you hold onto the malachite crystal. Then, leave this crystal in a sheltered place outdoors overnight in order to carry away these fears.

Some practitioners even use malachite in meditation in order to connect with the Earth Mother. You can do so by holding the malachite crystal and sitting quietly on the ground for several minutes. It helps you to be more aware of this earth as a living organism upon whom you and all people and living things are totally dependent.

How to Cleanse and Charge Malachite?

All healing crystals loved to be recharged and cleansed every now and then. This is particularly true for malachite sine it is hard working in absorbing negative vibes and energies.

Keeping your malachite crystal cleansed is quite simple. You only need to clean it in warm soapy water and brushing it gently with a soft cloth to remove accumulated dust and debris. Make sure to rinse it properly and pat dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Wash your malachite crystal every few weeks or after taxing week or day. To recharge your malachite, you can place it in nature to enjoy the energies of Earth. You can place it beneath a tree, in the garden or even burying it in the ground for the day and let it soak up the spirit of Mother Nature.

How to Cleanse and Charge Malachite

But, if you prefer your malachite crystal clean, then let it sit with geode crystal clusters in order to recharge. You can leave it under the rays of the moon or sun for a few hours. Take note, however, that you shouldn’t place it too long under the sun since it can cause its color change. Also, never use saltwater on your malachite crystal since it can damage its smooth texture.

Final Thoughts

Malachite is a powerful crystal that everyone needs in their life. It is not only gorgeous and mesmerizing, but it also has a long history and definitely hardworking in terms of making you feel great.

So, for those who are sick of subconsciously resisting the flow of change or those who are tired of feeling vulnerable, the malachite can be your shield and sword.

It is a true companion and manifestation stone.


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