May Birthstone Guide, Color and Meanings

May Birthstone

What is the Birthstone for May?

After the long, cold winter and the damp, rainy spring, the first few days of May typically bring welcoming signs of leaves, grass, and flowers emerging from hibernation and ready to bloom once again.

Cold winter and the damp, rainy spring, the first few days of May typically bring welcoming signs of leaves, grass, and flowers emerging from hibernation and ready to bloom once again

May is the month of new growth and rebirth. So, it’s only fitting that Emerald, a renowned stone of deep green vibrancy is the May birthstone. Not only does it have the same lush green shade as a spring garden, but emerald crystals usually have tiny inclusions and fractures that resemble a field of grass or loves, giving it its French name “Jardin”, which means garden in English.

The beautiful emerald is 1 of the 4 precious gemstones which includes Ruby, Diamond, and Sapphire. Emerald is the green variety of the beryl family which is beryllium silicate minerals that are colored by trace amounts of chromium and/or vanadium. They are often found in metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks in various locations worldwide.

Most emerald stones feature surface-breaking fissures. Therefore, their resistance to breakage or toughness is classified as poor. However, they do have a rating of 7.5 – 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. While it may not be as hard as the April birthstone, which is the Diamond, the May birthstone does last for a long time. Sure, they can scratch easily, but these scratches can be wiped off.

Emerald stones

The first known mines of emeralds were found in Southern Egypt. Evidence shows that this precious stone was mined in 2,000 B.C. Meanwhile. Some of the finest emerald crystals in today’s market are mined in Columbia, with the best ones found in the Muzo and Chivor mines. Brazil also produces medium, light green-colored crystals. Other than that, emeralds can also be mined in countries like Australia, South Africa, India, Australia, the US, Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan, and Norway.

In the last decades, there is also an increasing quantity of emeralds mined in Zambia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. These crystals tend to have really strong shades of green such as the ones found in India, the Soviet Union, and Pakistan.

The Meaning of May Birthstone

The velvety, rich green shade of the May birthstone is unmistakable. Its vivid hue is renowned as the color of spring and represents wealth, hope, rebirth, and romance for years. Plus, its pulsating energies offer powerful healing capabilities that have benefitted mankind for millennia.

Etymology, History, and Folklore

In Indian lore, the name Emerald was translated from the Sanskrit name “Marakata” which means “the green of growing things”. However, the terms that we used in the modern day are believed to be derived from the ancient Persian terms that translated to the Greek term “Smaragdus” which means “green stone”. This term was used in antiquity and refers to a number of other green crystals at that time. Ultimately, the Vulgar Latin or Old French versions, “Esmeraldus”, “Esmeralda” or “Esmeraulde” became the current name, Emerald.

The May birthstone has been a source of reverence and fascination in several cultures for over a thousand years. It was sold in the Babylon markets as early as 4,000 B.C. It was the crystal stone worshipped by the Incas, for the belief that it contains a goddess and was honored highly in all major religions for its beauty and spiritual power.

Youth and beauty

Meanwhile, in ancient Egypt, the emerald was considered a symbol of youth and beauty. It was said to be the gift of Thoth, the god of wisdom, and was Queen Cleopatra’s favorite jewel. The emerald mines of Upper Egypt which were rediscovered hundreds of years ago are among the oldest in the globe. There were known as Cleopatra’s mines due to her love and obsession with the crystal.

In addition, Egyptian lore believed that emeralds represented youth in the age of man. The color green was often used to depict those who died in the flower of youth and sometimes a piece of emerald was placed upon the index finger of the corpse— a sign that the light of hope was spent.

Not only that, but Egyptians also considered emeralds as a symbol of eternal life. In fact, matric emerald or faience of the same color was often used in amulets for engraving prayers and texts from the Book of the Dead and placed on the body for burial. The “uat”, which is a papyrus scepter is cut from a matric emerald and placed on the neck of the mummy. It is emblematic of the eternal youth it was hoped that the deceased would enjoy in the afterlife.

Meanwhile, first-century Egyptian Magicians were said to carve on a pure Emerald tablet the words that held the key to magic. For this reason, the May birthstone has always been considered to be a magical crystal that connects the Earth and cosmic realms and for bringing desires and thoughts into reality.

Queen Cleopatra’s favorite jewel

The association of the May birthstone with the eyes and sight has been reported by many civilizations throughout time. Egyptians of the High Empire used this stone to enhance vision. Meanwhile, the Romans and Greeks stuck small Emeralds in the corners of the eyes of those farsighted or nearsighted. Transparent, light emeralds were even polished and used as a magnifying glass which was then developed to be the very first eyeglasses. In fact, Emperor Nero was well-known for observing and watching the feats of gladiators through Emerald eyeglasses.

In Jewish history, the birthstone is listed in Exodus as the 4th birthstone in the Breastplate of the High Priest. Although original manuscripts translate the asparagus, the Emerald is the third stone, Bareketh” engraved with the tribe of Levi. Legend also has it that emerald was 1 of the 4 precious stones given to King Solomon by God, endowing how with power over all creations.

The emerald crystal was also said to be the talisman of Alexander the Great, Aristotle, the moguls of India, and Charlemagne. This beautiful crystal has adorned the royal jewels and crowns of many countries for centuries.

Spiritual Meaning and Metaphysical Properties

A crystal of inspiration and aspiration, the May birthstone with all its green glory opens the heart. It strengthens and clears all emotional burdens while bringing you closer to the Divine love to sustain you in your spiritual journey. This stone can encourage you to act and love from the heart, providing unconditional compassion and love in daily life and relationships as well as opening yourself to receive love from others.

An open and strong heart also allows universal blessings to flow into your life. The emerald crystal can stimulate an abundance to receive the fist of the spirit within all of your life’s experiences and embrace its manifestations with gratitude. It can encourage you to trust the universe to provide for all of your needs and that there can be no lack in reality.

The May birthstone is also known for its potent calming energies on the emotional body. It has an invigorating effect on your philosophy, thought, and reflection. Therefore, it’s an excellent tool for activating your artistic creativity while bringing focus, determination, and intensity into your lifework. The stone can bring a soothing mental and emotional equilibrium, making it highly beneficial for stimulating cooperation and understanding.

Divine love

Not only that but this crystal has been used since ancient times for promoting emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical balance. With everything harmoniously aligned, you get to enjoy a more illuminating experience.

Furthermore, the birthstone is also sad to help increase your energy levels and stimulate good energy flow between your lower and upper chakras. This can assist in manifesting peaceful and loving existence. As a result, you can stay happy and fulfilled in your life.

Emerald is a crystal of great intuition and vision. It was long believed that using this stone can foretell future events and reveal your inner truths. Not only that but it is also known as the stone of intent and focus, activating your psychic capabilities and opening clairvoyance. Traditionally, it was also used as a protection against spells and enchantments.

What Color is May Birthstone?

A trace amount of iron will tint an emerald crystal in colors ranging from yellow-green to blue-green, depending on its oxidation state. Meanwhile, the finest and most valuable varieties are pure verdant green shades with a medium to dark tone, due to the trace amounts of vanadium or chromium.

Emerald is defined by their lush, green color

Also, take note that emerald is defined by their lush, green color. In order to be an emerald, a crystal specimen should have a distinctly green color that falls in a range from slightly yellowish-green to green to bluish-green. It should have a rich shade. Stones with lighter tones or weak saturation are called “green beryl”.

And calling a crystal emerald instead of green beryl can have a huge impact on its marketability and price.

In the metaphysical world, emerald is considered to be the purest crystal of the Green Ray. It is considered a growth crystal that acts as a powerful conduit of the planet’s life force of birth, creation, and development and the energetic power of nature’s constant renewal.

This makes it a potent ally in nurturing. It promotes renewed commitment and spiritual growth as well as stimulating physical growth and inner strength.

How To Use Your May Birthstone?

Your birthstone can be used in several ways.

The most popular method is to wear it as a piece of jewelry. Emerald is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the market and can be found in almost every kind of jewelry from earrings and rings to even crowns and royalty robes.

Emerald is also a great stone for meditation. It can help you maintain rhythmic breathing that is conducive to attaining and entering depths in the meditative state. Once achieved, the emerald stone can still assist in maintaining a cool brilliance of deliberate reflection with its radiance.

Emerald is also a great stone for meditation.

As a stone of wisdom, the stone can also be used around your office or workplace. This way, you can bathe in its versatile energies to boost discipline, focus, willpower, and creativity.

If you need to calm down or just want to benefit from its soothing energies every now and then, you can also use your May birthstone as a rubbing stone. You can simply carry it around in your pocket or wallet. Simply reach and touch the stone whenever you need an energetic boost.

Drinking an Emerald elixir is said to be a great way to directly absorb the energetic benefits of your birthstone. Make sure to create an emerald elixir using the indirect method. If you want to restore your vision or heal eye infections, it is said that an eyebath with emerald water can be beneficial.

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the May Birthstone

Emerald is known to offer rejuvenating qualities and is believed to help fight signs of aging when placed appropriately on tired organs for revitalization. It can be used to treat the liver, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, and gallbladder. Not only that, but it is also beneficial for the muscle system and spine. Its powerful green ray is said to assist in the healing of malignant conditions as well as in recovering after an infectious illness.

Best crystal for treating eye problems

In ancient times, the birthstone was considered to be the best crystal for treating eye problems and for restoring vision and eyesight. It is said that an eye bath of emerald water can soothe the eye and reduce eye infections. Meanwhile, drinking an emerald elixir is said to soothe cardiac weaknesses and is great for treating gout and too much gas as well as strengthening memory.

Like most crystals of the heart, the emerald stone is said to alleviate the heaviness in the emotional field while also healing the physical heart. Not only that, but the crystal is also believed to help ward off epilepsy and can be used to avert headaches, fever, sinusitis, and allergies. In fact, this stone is also said to be beneficial for skin irritations, rashes, and eczema. Lastly, emerald is said to help increase fertility and provide nurturing and supportive qualities during childbirth.

The Love and Relationship Benefits and Properties of the Birthstone

The birthstone is dubbed the Stone of Successful Love. Its green ray of energy is said to nurture, heal and stimulate your heart and heart chakra. The soothing vibrations offer intense healing to all levels of your being, bringing vitality and freshness to your spirit.

As a crystal of inspiration and infinite patience, the emerald crystal embodies compassion, unity, and unconditional love. It also helps promote friendships and balance between romantic partners. It is especially known for providing relationship bliss, loyalty, and contentment. In fact, in the ancient world, the May birthstone was dedicated to the goddess Venus for its ability to ensure security and strength in love.

As a Seeker of Love and a Revealer of Truth, this birthstone has long been gifted from one lover to another. It represents undying devotion, faith, and loyalty. With its vibrations, you’ll be inspired to do everything in your relationship with love, honesty, and compassion. It shall help you in creating long-lasting, loving, and meaningful relationships. It gives you a sense of security and belongingness.

As a crystal that represents growth and renewal, in terms of love, the Emerald crystal can help you become more mature in your actions and thoughts. With this stone by your side, you will not be refused your opportunity or a chance to let your relationship change for the better and evolve.

Stone of Successful Love

Also, this stone is said to provide a time of reflection. It encourages you to look back at all the things that you have done in this relationship. This should offer you the time to slow down and accept the meaningful lessons and truths so that your relationship can move forward and become even stronger.

Now, for those currently struggling with their relationship, the May birthstone can bring hope, stability, and encouragement as well as determination in order to make it work. It brings the energies of patience, allowing you to be kinder and more understanding of your partner and vice versa.

It’s also important to note that the birthstone is considered to be an aphrodisiac. Meaning, its energies can bring sensual and affectionate energies for a more passionate and loving relationship.

By stimulating the heart chakra, the birthstone is also believed to bring emotional healing. With this stone by your side, all the hurts, trauma, and pains of the past will be removed, allowing you to let go and welcome a new, clean slate in your romantic journey. Not only that, but this stone can also help you in overcoming heartbreak and provide you with welcoming energies of love.

The Wealth Fetching Benefits and Properties of the Birthstone

Since ancient times, the birthstone has been a symbol of abundance and wealth. Throughout civilization, its green rays have been a continual sign of respect, abundance, money, and prosperity. In fact, queens, kings, empresses, and emperors proudly set this grand green crystal into their regalia and crowns.

The birthstone has been a symbol of abundance and wealth

In any way you look at it, the emerald stone represents money and wealth. It can help in increasing your prosperity while attracting money energies into your life. Not only that but it is also known to attract happiness and satisfaction by stimulating your heart chakra and allowing the universal blessing to flow continuously into your life.

The birthstone helps stimulates hope of wealth and abundance, particularly in financial possessions or material standings as well as true abundance beyond mere physical wealth and money. This stone can boost your ability to receive gifts from the spiritual realm and help you overcome life’s challenges to embrace manifestations. Not only that, but it also encourages trust and faith in the universe that it can provide all your needs.

Emerald is also considered a remarkable support stone in the workplace. Over time, people tend to lose their interest in their work or profession— from personal issues to a lack of optimism to creative roadblocks. In such cases when your motivation is lacking, wearing an emerald stone can help release the trapped energy. This boosts your motivation and focuses on your professional growth toward wealth.

Not only that, but this stone can also help ins strengthen your memory and mental acuity. It even inspires eloquence in speech. Furthermore, its soothing green energy offers a calming effect on your emotions and brings the energies of patience in order to prevent fights and misunderstandings with your co-workers. The stone can enkindle success in your business.

The Benefits of Wearing May Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, and Other Jewelry

Pretty pendant close to your heart

The birthstone allows you to celebrate every inch of your nature— whether it is a pretty pendant close to your heart, a ring slipped upon your finger, a beautiful gemstone bracelet on your wrist, or a pair of gorgeous earrings dangling close to your shoulder.

The emerald crystal is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the jewelry industry, thanks to its vibrant green shades and colors. And wearing this May birthstone is one of the best ways to use its energies while flaunting its beauty.

By wearing this stone, you can have its energies directly in contact with your skin. As a result, you can easily absorb its energies and stay in contact with it throughout the day.

How to Cleanse Your May Birthstones?

Keep your birthstone clean and clear and always ready to radiate those lovely, soothing vibes. You can encourage the stone to love up to its fullest potential by keeping it regularly cleaned and keeping those negative toxins and energies from building up.

Cleansing your birthstone shouldn’t be tricky. Thanks to its toughness and durability, the emerald crystal can easily be cleaned with warm, soapy water. You simply need to use your fingers or a soft-bristled brush to rub its surface in circular motions in order to remove the accumulated debris and dust. Then, rinse it thoroughly and air dry it after.

Now, to cleanse and recharge its energies, you can try several ways.

The most common way is to let it soak in pure natural water sources like rivers or spring water. This can help in cleansing its energies of the toxic energies from within. Ocean water is also suitable. But, if you don’t live near a natural body of water, simply soaking it under tap water will do. Just visualize that the water is washing away all the negative impurities and energies.

Sea salt or regular table salt

You can also cleanse it with salt. Simply sprinkle some sea salt or regular table salt on your emerald crystal and lightly rub its surface. If you want, you can also bury it in a bowl filled with salt. The salt should absorb all the toxic energies from within. For this reason, you should dispose of the used salt after cleansing since it should be filled with negative energies.

Another way to remove the toxic energies from within your birthstone is to smudge the stone. You can choose to use white sage, copal, and sweetgrass of any preferred herb bundles. Burning these herbs create smoke that can help clear the accumulated energies within the stone.

The green energies of the emerald stone love to recharge with nature. You can simply leave the stone in your garden to soak in earthy, healing energies. To double up the recharging powers, you can do this during a full moon. The soothing feminine energies of the moon can help enhance the metaphysical energies of the birthstone.

Lastly, crystal singing bowls make a wonderful choice for both cleansing and recharging your birthstone. Thanks to the soothing sound vibrations of these bowls, toxic energies within the crystal will be released and then filled with soothing and positive energy vibrations.

Final Thoughts

The beautiful green ray of emerald is a suitable representation of the fresh green spring during the month of May. In addition, looking closely at an emerald stone, you can almost see a beautiful garden blooming right within its depths. Thus, it is only fitting to call it the May birthstone.

For the May babies, wearing emeralds can bring the energies of hope, peace, tranquility, growth, and renewal. What better way to celebrate your May birth month than with a bright and fresh green gem that resembles the lush spring and regrowth of the season?


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