Moldavite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Moldavite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Moldavite

One look at the moldavite crystal and there is no doubt that it is a crystal of greatness. It is ethereally carved out of the spiritual fire and is destined for a great spiritual purpose. 15 million years ago this mystic dark green crystal stone is star-born and is formed from a violent impact with Mother Earth.

Etched by flames and force,15 million years ago it fells from the heavens and transformed by the earth’s surface into a glassy delicacy and grace that is powerful to serve humankind.

What is a Moldavite?

What is Moldavite

Moldavite meaning is a part of the tektite family of natural glasses that is formed from interplanetary collisions. Tektites are actually glassy mixtures of aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, and other metal oxides featuring an amorphous crystal structure.

However, unlike other Tektites found around the globe featuring brownish-black or tar-black colors, the translucent mossy appearance, moldavite boasts a deep mossy green shade. Plus, it is the only variety that is suitable for faceting and cutting as a gemstone.

This mesmerizing crystal is quite rare and can only be found in the Czech Republic of Czechoslovakia. It is named for the area which is found which is near the Moldau River or called Vltava in the Czech Republic tongue.

Although scientists 15 million years ago may experience different theories regarding the origin of moldavite, nearly all agree that its formation coincides with the crash of a huge meteorite from about 15 million years ago in what’s now called the Bohemian plateau. The rock was metamorphosized by the heat of impact and created a strew field of moldavite in the two, rural areas of Moravia and Bohemia.

Farmers in the Czech Republic would often turn up the crystals when plowing their fields. Other specimens find their best way to the surface after heavy rains or spring thaw in the fall million years ago.  

The shapes of moldavite represent its molten origins. It is most commonly found in drop-like (very flattened to round), disc or plate-shaped, spheroid, oval, elliptical, dumbbell-shaped, spiral or rod-like all common in splash patterns of liquids.

What is Moldavite

The Moldavites from the Czech Republic

Bohemian localities feature elongated, drop-like or rod-like.  Meanwhile, the Moravian crystals are more spherical in appearance. This green stone with swirls and bubbles usually occurs in shades of deep forest green color. Some, however, occurs in olive or pale green. Others, particularly the Moravia stones are greenish-brown.

Perhaps the most magnificent feature of moldavite is the beautifully carved, etched, sculpted or wrinkled patterns inherent in unpolished and raw crystals. The pieces found near or at the surface have been subjected to erosion in rivers and streams over the millennia, resembling the rough exterior that is common to river stones.

Meanwhile, moldavite meaning more sculpted and finely textured specimens are found in gravel or sandpits. The ones found unmarred and intact are considered rare and valuable, often museum-grade. However, the rarest of them all, taking less than 1 percent of all moldavite mined, are the sonorous moldavites.

Also called the angel chimes, this variety of moldavite is naturally tempered. And if it is dropped on a metal or glass surface, the stone “rings” look like a coin.

The Meaning and Uses of Moldavite

The name tektite comes from the Greek term “tektos” which means molten. Moldavite got its name from its place of origin near the Moldau River in the Czech Republic.

Moldavite has a rich history in Czech Republic and was prized since the Stone Age. It was used for cutting tools and arrowheads as well as a spiritual amulet and talisman of protection, fertility and bring good fortune. Some of these amulets were found in the archaeological dig of Venus of Willendorf which is the oldest known Goddess statue. The green color stones were also discovered in layers of strata that contain pottery associated with the Late Neolithic cultures.

The Meaning and Uses of Moldavite

In the Czech Republic lore, this stone was given as a betrothal gift in order to bring harmony to marital relations. For centuries, it has been stone in Holy Grail used in religious items, jewelry, and a spiritual stone of transformation. Throughout the Middle Ages, the holy grail moldavite stone was also highly prized and only royalty and nobility were allowed wearing moldavite jewelry, so you can’t see fake moldavite.

In the later centuries, aside from wearing moldavite jewelry, this stone was quite popular in pendants and as adornments in walking sticks used by men. You have to be aware of fake moldavite that sometimes looks like green glass. If you are in doubt about the moldavite you have, make sure to inspect it with a professional. Green glass textured moldavite may sometimes be a fake moldavite.

Today, most specimens reside in various institutions and museums, private collections and NASA. Take note that none of these is fake moldavite.

Metaphysical Properties of Moldavite

As the stone of connectivity, moldavite exudes an intense frequency— a fusion of extraterrestrial and earthly energies that are quickly felt dramatically in those who resonate with its potent power.

Holding the dark green moldavite stone for the first time often produces the sensation and intense frequency of heat felt first in your hand and progressively throughout the body. This is why the frequency of moldavite may need sometimes getting used to. However, its potent energies can be conducive to quickly accelerating your spiritual and personal evolution.

This makes it highly sought after in the metaphysical world, both as a catalyst for drawing Light in order to aid in Earth’s healing and its life-altering capabilities and metaphysical properties.

Moldavite Metaphysical Properties

The most important property of Moldavite is its ability to ground Light for the healing of Earth. Moldavite offers a better understanding of the essential unity of all life and your responsibility to see the planet as a whole being that needs compassion and love.

Moldavite is a talisman sent to Earth for deep spiritual awakening, evolutionary growth and transformation. You can use the stone not a fake moldavite to facilitate a clear, strong and direct connection between your consciousness and the universal energy.

With its very own cosmic soul, the moldavite crystal has the ability to connect with cosmic messenger and Ascended Masters. Moldavite draws into the Earth plane light energy vibrations and thought patterns that are most beneficial for illumination and ascension.

Moldavite is also often associated with the powerful phoenix, consumed by fire and then reborn by fire. With the healing powers, it is a symbol of spiritual renewal and transfiguration. Moldavite was also referred to as the Frail of alchemists and the  Philosopher’s Stone, for its qualities of transformation and the bestowal of longevity, light and youth.

The Benefits of Moldavite

The moldavite crystal with its unique energies offers various benefits when used in your daily life. Here are some of the benefits.

Moldavite For Physical Healing

Moldavite is a potent tool for the diagnosis of physical illnesses. It illuminates the source and cause of a disease or an imbalance and then supports the healing and releasing process. The high vibrational energy can help in re-establishing the blocked area, encouraging the cells in order to return to their original state of functionality and perfection.

Moldavite For Physical Healing

As a rejuvenating crystal, the moldavite can stimulate personal fulfilment and slow down the aging process. Moldavite helps in memory retention and protects against mental degeneration. Make sure that you are not using a fake moldavite but just a real moldavite.

Not only that, but the crystals can also help in balancing disturbances in the electrical impulses of the brain. Plus, moldavite is also supportive for hard-to-treat progressive illnesses.

In addition, the energy of the piece of moldavite makes it an excellent stimulant for gout. Like most green stones, moldavite is also beneficial for the eyes. Furthermore, it can be beneficial in the treatment of asthma and other diseases of your respiratory tract.

It is also said to treat rashes and allergies caused by modern pollution or chemicals. Lastly, a real moldavite is said to assist the body in overcoming anemia and flu.

Moldavite For Emotional Healing

With its green energies, the moldavite is a crystal of the heart. Moldavite reaches into the deepest and most inner self and brings to the surface the things you most need to honor, recognize, release or integrate.

Moldavite For Emotional Healing

With its healing powers, the resonating green energies bring the heart into union with your mind. This allows them to work together harmoniously for your well-being. It teaches the heart to view yourself and others with empathy and compassion. Then, it encourages the mind in building its creations and look to the heart to see what’s worthwhile.

Moldavite is also an unconventional and unique green stone olive green that can inspire awakening latent memories and unexpected solutions. The piece of moldavite helps in releasing the archaic belief system as well as the long-held ideas which no longer serve your best interests. Also, moldavite has the ability to neutralize hypnotic commands.

Moldavite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Moldavite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Heart Chakra

With its mesmerizing green hue energy, the moldavite stone is first and foremost a crystal of the heart. The green energy stimulates your heart chakra which is located near the center of your breastbone.

By unblocking and stimulating your heart chakra, this green crystal can prevent the feeling of being controlled or being too controlling in a relationship. It also balances your reactions and emotions to daily stimuli.

Not only that but this green crystal or heart chakra can also help you understand your emotions and needs more clearly. With this green stone, you can deal with the ups and downs of any emotional relationship and the ability to accept changes.

Because of its extra-terrestrial origin, this heart chakra is also said to stimulate your crown and third eye chakra and facilitate awareness of the universal realm.

Once the heart chakra is blocked you might seem dominant in the field of relationship.

Moldavite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Third Eye Chakra

The Third eye chakra is the center of your command and perception, directing your sight and awareness of the world. By balancing your brow chakra, the moldavite can balance your internal communications and thoughts, ensuring that it stays vibrant and healthy. This best way, you are open to new dreams, ideas and visions while having control over the flow of energy within all your spiritual chakras.

Moldavite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Crown Chakra

The unique energies of moldavite can also activate your crown chakras. This is your gateway to the expanded universal realm beyond your bodies. It mainly controls your spirituality and belief.

With this crystal, you can balance the energies of your crown chakra and letting you know your place in this universe. You are also more ready to welcome the universal life force as well as divine energies, wisdom and knowledge.

Lastly, with its high vibrational energies, moldavite can also activate any or all of your chakras, simultaneously, sometimes with great emotional release. Also, it has been known to stimulate your kundalini energy.

Moldavite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Moldavite is a well-known talisman that can bring protection and bring good fortune to its wearer. Its potent energies are said to calm your worries and resolve your issues with money and other financial problems. You can use moldavite to show you the perfect solutions in order to make you realize that money, although you need it in this life, is not the most valuable thing in this world.

Moldavite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Its energies should fill you with the energy of expansion, growth and new beginnings. Moldavite also brings energies of abundance and vitality. It is also important to note that moldavite works with wood energy in terms of feng shui. Thus, it is considered a stone of abundance in all things including money, happiness and health.

Moldavite For Relationship and Love

Moldavite is a potent crystal of the heart. It mainly stimulates your heart chakra and keeps it balanced so that you can have happiness and love to give t the most important individuals in your life.

Moldavite can make sure that you feel good in your mind and heart so that you can continue being a ray of hope and light to everyone. There are many things that can cause your heart chakra to be out of balance. However, the energies of the moldavite stone should be able to restore balance.

Moldavite helps in removing any blockages of the heart so you can have a better understanding of what you want and need. If you know what you need or want, you won’t have to waste time on pursuits or people that will not help you.

Moldavite For Relationship and Love

Moldavite is also normal to make mistakes or lose your way in love. Even with the help of your family or friends, it can be difficult to see the truth that’s right in front of you. There are times that it will be tough to accept the fact that you’ve failed. And even if you wish to do something about that, sometimes you just need to let go.

When you’re surrounded by the frequencies of moldavite, you can release the feelings and thoughts that might be holding you back. It can help change the negative emotions into uplifting and positive ones.

Moldavite acts as an understanding best friend and helps you feel prepared in order to deal with the feelings and emotions that come with being in a relationship or in love. Not only that, but its energies can also protect your heart when you enter a relationship or fall in love with someone.

Furthermore, moldavite will give you a better understanding of your partner. It helps you in understanding your partner’s true nature and helps you find creative and loving ways to adjust to it. You can use moldavite to prevent you from being too controlling or feeling controlled. It will remind you not to be overly sensitive and critical of yourself and other people.

Thus, it should give you better handling of your emotions. Moldavite also symbolizes harmony in marriage. So, if you are looking for love or just want a lasting, happy marriage, then this is the perfect crystal for you.

Also, these crystals won’t confine their vibrational energies to partnerships of a romantic nature. Moldavite opens your heart to the love of your friends and family, allowing you to give love in equal measure to them. Also, it also helps you in giving unconditional love to the planet in order to help it to heal.

Moldavite For Protection

Resonating with the moldavite crystals also creates an energy of spiritual protection. Moldavite will help prevent negative entities and energies from clinging to or connecting with your aura.

Moldavite For Protection

This is particularly true if you are travelling in the astral realm and tends to attract negative and harmful entities to you. The energies of moldavite will hide you against these entities that can only drain your life force and prevent you from travelling deeper.

Not only that, but moldavite also helps in disconnecting you from unhealthy personal attachments.

Moldavite For Depression and Anxiety

Moldavite is also an excellent crystal for counteracting cynicism. It has the ability to connect even the most world-weary and stressed adults with the wonders of the universe. It can help in easing away doubts, even when the cause is unknown. Also, you can use moldavite to calm worries and anxieties by providing solutions not previously considered crystals for anxiety.

Moldavite For Depression and Anxiety

Wearing or carrying moldavite also allows its energies to remain in your vibrational field throughout the day. This creates a strengthening effect and increases the incidents of beneficial synchronicities and positivity n your daily life.

However, due to the intense vibration of moldavite, may need some tend to experience light-headedness or a lack of grounding when first time using the stone for easing feelings of uncertainty and depression.

However, you will need to acclimate gradually to wearing this stone, removing the negative vibrations and relieving anxious thinking and depressive behaviours.

Combining Moldavite Crystal With Other Crystal Stones

Moldavite, on its own, is already a potent green stone for metaphysical and healing properties. However, moldavite can also be paired with other crystal stones to amplify its energies, as a supplemental crystal, or when focusing on a specific intention. Here are some of the best crystals combinations for moldavite.

Moldavite + Herkimer Diamond

Moldavite is a great partner for the clear and powerful Herkimer diamond.

Moldavite + Herkimer Diamond

Moldavite, dubbed the stone of Connectivity, blends earthly and extraterrestrial energies. It can share and connect with the many balancing attributes that a Herkimer diamond has.

Using both stones, you can find direction in your everyday living, attain inner peace and be comfortable and have a sense of security. Pairing moldavite with Herkimer diamond is also popular for dream works and inner visions.

By combining the unique metaphysical properties of moldavite with the amplifying energies of the Herkimer diamond, you get to boost your visual aspect of meditations. This should help you soar to even greater astral heights that using both stones individually.

Furthermore, using the Moldavite and Herkimer duo can also bring you better hearing while also improving your communication with the spirit guides. Not only that, but these two stones can also create a potent healing properties grid for your crown chakras while enhancing the healing properties energy from your surroundings.

Moldavite + Amazonite

You can combine amazonite with the energies of moldavite in order to attract wealth and bring good fortune into your everyday living.

Moldavite + Amazonite

Amazonite is a courage-exuding crystal that brings abundance and luck into your life in the form of being courageous and fearless in taking risks. This allows you to push towards success and abundance.

You can be luckier and have better chances if you pair its energies with the moldavite crystal. Because of its unique composition, the moldavite is said to have a high vibration of good fortune and luck. Also, look like a crystal of change, the moldavite is beneficial if you think you have been unlucky in the past decisions you made.

So, as amazonite crystal brings you the courage to take the chance and gamble, the moldavite stone will offer you the energies of good fortune in order to ensure that your chance is worth it. Additionally, both crystals amazonite and moldavite stone can help confidence and synchronicity in your life that are great elements of abundance, luck and prosperity.

Moldavite + Moonstone

If you are looking for a pairing for lucid dreaming, try the combined energies of moldavite and moonstone.

Moldavite + Moonstone

As mentioned before, the moldavite crystal is a form of tektite with extra-terrestrial origins. Its beautiful olive-green shade of receptiveness is quite useful for lucid dreaming. In fact, it is even called the Dream Stone”. By elevating your mind, this stone will take you beyond the boundaries of your mind and support your intention to dream lucidly. Plus, it is also an energy amplifier, so you can use it to enhance the effects of other dream crystals.

A particular dream crystal you should try to pair with moldavite should be the moonstone. With the feminine energy that comes from the moon goddess itself, it is perhaps one of the premier stones for sleep-related intentions.

First off, the serene energy of the moonstone will ease negative energies and vibrations. This will help you fall into a deep and uninterrupted sleep. Also, its strong lunar connection makes it suitable for re-establishing a good sleeping pattern and preventing many sleep-related issues such as nightmares, night terror and sleepwalking.

Then, this crystal will teach you to be aware of your unconscious mind which is essential for lucid dreaming. It is particularly recommended that you use moonstone during the time of a new or full moon.

Since both stones resonate well with your higher chakras, particularly your crown chakras, these can encourage divine wisdom and visions during sleep as well as astral travelling.

This helps in opening yourself to the universal energy as you sleep while soothing you with serene energy so you wake up energized and filled with divine wisdom and knowledge to guide your everyday life.

Moldavite + Iolite

For a powerful pairing to use in astral travelling, try moldavite and iolite.

Moldavite + Iolite

The moldavite is perhaps the most exciting crystal you can use for astral travelling. This is mainly because of its extraterrestrial origins as well as its olive colour of receptiveness.

Since it is from space, the ability and properties of moldavite are said to be limitless. It may take you beyond the boundaries and capacities of the mind and take you into various dimensions of galactic energies. This crystal is also suitable if you can’t easily reach the separation you need to do astral journeying.

Take note, however, that because of its potent energies, moldavite is not suitable for first time astral travellers. Even more so, if you are going to pair it with an equally-powerful stone for astral travelling like the iolite crystal. However, if you do have advanced experience in astral travelling, then you can go ahead and pair it with the purple-rich iolite.

Also known as cordierite, the iolite is a potent healing crystal for travel. It is highly energetic and resonates strongly with your crown and third eye chakra. Revered over the centuries, the iolite is said to boost your awareness as your travel the astral and divine plane.

However, perhaps one of the best features of this crystal is the ability to help you in remembering the travel may experience once you return to your physical body, making it one of the most special crystals for astral travelling.

Not only that, but this crystal can also attract spirit guides and angels to you. Then, it will energetically strengthen your aura while raising your consciousness as you journey into the unknown.

As moldavite eases a faster and easier separation from your body, the iolite crystal will raise your consciousness and stimulate your imagination for an exceptional visionary experience you will remember once you return.

Also, as iolite attracts divine beings and guides you, the energies of the moldavite crystal will protect your aura from the negative or draining entities that can prevent you from travelling deeper and higher into the astral realm.

With both stones at hand, you can enjoy a more meaningful astral travelling filled with valuable wisdom and knowledge from the universe. Take note, that this pairing is the best way for the more experienced astral travellers.

Moldavite + Amethyst

For meditation purposes, you can also try pairing moldavite with the energies of the amethyst.

Moldavite + Amethyst

Amethyst is thought of as the most spiritual of all crystals. Thus, it is the easiest choice for your meditations. This purple crystal has been used for centuries as the doorway to the divine and other worlds. Its high vibrational frequencies can enhance your spiritual progress while strengthening your intuition.

Now, if you wish to travel deeper or to a far-away place during meditation, pair the energies of amethyst with the unique and alien vibrations of moldavite. Thanks to its extra-terrestrial origins, this stone can help accelerate spiritual growth and is suitable for astral travelling. Also, it helps you in developing your psychic abilities while aligning your destiny with the universe.

So, as amethyst brings in a calming nature with an almost tranquillizing effect, the moldavite acts as a protector against negative energies and entities that may drain your personal energies and prevent you from having a peaceful and fulfilling session.

Both crystals have the ability to quiet a chaotic mind chattering as well as reduce stress. This allows for a peaceful grace to flow into your meditation session. Also, these stones can help you tap into higher levels of consciousness, opening yourself to higher spiritual growth and attaining inner wisdom and knowledge.

Not only that, but both crystals also resonate with the higher chakras while also keeping all other chakras balanced and open throughout your meditation.

Is Moldavite Crystal a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Moldavite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is the natural birthstone for those born on April 20 – May 20, during the middle of spring. Its dark green energies can bring you success in new ventures, renewal and good health.

Moldavite is also not associated with any particular zodiac sign. However, since moldavite is a stone born of the stars, Moldavite is considered a universal product of all zodiac signs.

Meditation with Moldavite Crystal

Meditating with this olive-green crystal can produce powerful visionary states, merging with the Light, out of body travelling or other magical and spiritual phenomena.

By placing it in your heart, crown, third eye or any chakra that feels appropriate, moldavite can assist in quieting your mind and allowing for a better and easier flow into resonance with the crystal’s emanating vibrations.

Meditation with Moldavite

Guided imagery or music can also enhance this experience. Also, since meditation with this crystal can raise your consciousness to the highest spiritual dimension, it is crucial that you do grounding activities after or during these sessions with stones such as smoky quartz, hematite or black tourmaline. Or you can also hold a pair of Boji Stones.

Then, use the energies of the clear quartz crystal to stabilize the effects of moldavite healing properties. This is particularly recommended for first-time users of moldavite.

How to Cleanse and Charge Moldavite?

Moldavite is a relatively soft and fragile crystal. Thus, it should never be cleansed with salt in order to avoid scratching its surface.

Like any other crystals, moldavite will benefit from a simple cleaning using warm, soapy water. Moldavite helps remove accumulated dust and debris from its surface.

Then, you can let it recharge by soaking in the powerful rays of the moon or the sun. You can also try smudging moldavite with your preferred herbs.

Final Thoughts

A stone born out of the star— moldavite is indeed a mighty crystal featuring strong and potent energies and frequency from the universe.

Its unique, extra-terrestrial energies combined with the potent Earthly frequencies result in a range of beneficial spiritual healing energies that can be felt as soon as you hold it in your hand!

So, if you think you are ready for a deeper and more spiritual experience, make sure to include moldavite in your growing crystal collection!


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