Mother of Pearl Meanings, Properties and Uses

Mother of Pearl Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Mother of Pearl

Beautiful, creamy sheen of white and pastel pink colors, the mother of pearl is enriched in powerful metaphysical properties for healing. Learn more about this unique gemstone by reading below.

What is Mother of Pearl?

Mother of pearl for jewelry purposes refers to the nacre which coats the inside layer of mollusks produce pearls. Thus, the name Mother of Pearl.

What is Mother of Pearl

Take note that it is different from the pearl stones, and pearl oysters in terms of placement and shape. The end result of a foreign object being encased in nacre is the round-shaped jewelry spotlight precious pearl. Meanwhile, the Mother of Pearl takes the shape of the iridescent mother shell that it actually lines.

Mother of pearl shell jewelry may include larger focal pieces than the simple pearls since the nacre substance takes up the whole interior of the shell. This offers a larger working surface area for carving.

Mother of pearl or nacre is actually the substance secreted by specific types of mollusks produce pearls and organic jewelry in order to protect the lining of mollusk shell from parasites, bacteria and a host of other ocean debris. Pearl cultivation is a compound of calcium carbonate crystal as well as silk proteins and other organic materials which are layered like brickwork over the inner lining of mollusk shell that produce pearls.

The thickness of each successive mollusc shells layer of nacre or jewelry spotlight mother of pearl jewelry is equivalent to the wavelength of visible light. Thus, the staggering layering of the mother of pearl shell allows the different wavelengths of light to penetrate and reflecting off of it from various angles. And this is what causes the supernatural change of colors jewelry spotlight as a piece of mother of pearl is tilted and seen from different angles.

Mollusks produce Mother of pearl cultivation colors include:

  • White: Most widely used in jewelry; very iridescent
  • Mat: pearl refers specifically lacks luster with mild silvery gray tone
  • Iridescent: A glossy mix of green and pink
  • Chip: Multi-colored
  • Stone: A mildly reflective stone that is nearly white or off white

Mollusks produce Mother of pearl jewelry refers specifically soft gemstone with a hardness rating of 2.5 – 3 on the Mohs hardness scale, depending on the crystal structure.

What is Mother of Pearl

When a mother of pearl is formed by the natural accidents of nature (for instance, when a single grain of sand or debris becomes trapped inside the mollusk which causes irritation, the mollusk produces nacre to remove the discomfort) it is considered genuine.

However, when a human purposely introduces irritants into the mollusk, this process is known as “seeding”. The resulting mother of pearl or nacre, as well as pearls, are now referred to as “cultured”. Whether cultured or genuine, the quality of each nacre varies with some having higher price tags than others.

Natural mother of pearl shells is found all over the globe. Another important fact is that the Mother of Pearl is much more common than the pearl stones. This is because mollusks that produce pearls will always have nacre but will very rarely form a pearl jewelry.

Like pearl oysters, mother of pearl jewelry can be found in freshwater and saltwater varieties, the Mother of Pearl shell sources may include Burma, Australia, China, the Persian Gulf, Central America, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, the Gulf of Manaar which is between Sri Lanka and India, North America, Madagascar, the South Pacific Islands, French Polynesia, Japan and the Philippines.

The Meaning and Uses of Mother of Pearl

The name Mother of Pearl is derived from the Medieval Latin term “mater perlarum”, with the first word perhaps connected with “mother”.

Mother of pearl shell is mostly used in jewelry. Pearl jewelry is considered a piece of organic jewelry, however, not always renewable. Thus, environmental concerns have led most designers to use only the vintage Mother of Pearl shells or choosing shell rough by the ecological stability of nacre-producing mollusks or from a seafood farm.

Other than pearl jewelry, the Mother of Pearl shell has also been used in medieval East Asian, European and Islamic religious arts. During the Victorian Era, the mother of pearl shells were also used for buttons, cuff links for men, clock faces, jewelry boxes, ornamentations and more.

The Meaning and Uses of Mother of Pearl

In ancient Egypt, the Mother of Pearl shell was used to embellish their silver pieces. The mother of pearl shell was also immensely popular during the Ming and Shang Dynasties in China. Also, the native American tribes frequently traded Mother of Pearl shell for creating pearl jewelry fand beads and musical instruments.

Perhaps one of the more popular uses of the mother of pearl inlay work such as the handles of pistols and knives, as well as contemporary and historical use as inlays for accordions, harmonicas, guitars and some musical instruments.  Home designers also used Mother of Pearl shell for home décor, more commonly in the form of mosaic tile designs.

Mother of Pearl Metaphysical Properties

The natural mother of pearl shell is known to have tremendous metaphysical value. Mother of pearl shell is commonly believed to attract abundance and prosperity and is usually used in mystical work for heightening intuition, imagination and psychic sensitivity. Also, it is believed that the mother of pearl jewelry can offer motherly protection against negative energies. Thus, it is often recommended for kids.

The Mother of Pearl shell brings the gentle healing powers of the sea. Mother of pearl shell is a powerful relieving gemstone, calming and soothing to your emotions. Mother of pearl shell helps your emotions become more balanced and harmonious while bringing the clarity and decision making you needed in life.

Mother of Pearl Metaphysical Properties

Historically, the mother of pearl jewelry is often associated with faithfulness and purity. This explains why royalties wear mother of pearl necklaces and pearl jewelry, symbolizing the purity of their royal bloodline for everyday wear. The mother of pearl shell is also associated with the moon and water element. Thus, offers a calming effect on your spirit and body. This allows you to tune into the calmer frequencies and energies that improve your quality of life.

The Benefits of Mother of Pearl

The mother of pearl offers several healing benefits to its wearer or users. Here are some you should know.

For Physical Healing

The mother of pearl shell can be very effective in terms of treating vision issues, wounds and dizziness. Pearl jewelry helps the body in preventing infections while rooting out hidden physical disorder and ailments.

In addition, pearl jewelry can encourage you to keep yourself active and physically fit. It helps in curing muscle spasms and strains. Also, it can be quite beneficial to your nerves. Pearl jewelry is also said to stimulate your reflex action and can boost your immune system by releasing toxins and waste substances.

Not only that, but the mother of pearl jewelry can also help in correcting issues that affect the digestive system such as gastritis and constipation. Furthermore, the soothing energies of this stone are also said to heal skin problems, relieving itching and rashes caused by allergies. Mother of pearl shell is also said to enhance your mental functions as well as physical support to your torso.

Moreover, the mother of pearl jewelry is also said to help in the treatment of uterus and intestine problems. Pearl jewelry even helps in strengthening your cardia muscles and relieving fluid retention. Mother of pearl shell is also said to be beneficial in all kinds of fertility issues such as childbirth and pregnancy.

By placing this stone on your newborn’s belly, you can ensure life-long protection for your baby. Pearl jewelry is also a great tool for regulating your high blood pressure. Mother of pearl shell helps in healing wounds, improving eyesight and treating nausea. Pearl jewelry is even said to treat arthritis as well as other joint disorders.

The mother of pearl jewelry offers protective qualities that can prevent illness by boosting your immunity and inherent strength.

For Emotional Healing

The Mother of Pearl jewelry offers extremely calming and soothing energies for the emotional body. This stone can help keep your emotions in check while keeping them more balanced and harmonious.

Its vibrational energies can balance your chaotic emotions while infusing you with positive emotions. Pearl jewelry removes stress and tension, filling you with positivity and optimism as well as the strength and vitality of your emotional body.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The Mother of Pearl jewelry is known to activate several chakras, depending on the color you choose. However, mother of pearl shell is said to ultimately influence your solar plexus chakra and your throat chakra. Mother of pearl shell helps in enhancing your communications skills and expressing yourself in a more confident and proficient manner. Pearl jewelry is also said to have the power to search your inner soul, allowing you to recognize your hidden potential and helping you utilize that potential.

Here is a guide of the chakras that you can stimulate with the different colors of Mother of Pearl jewelry.

  • White or Cream Mother of Pearl

Stimulates the crown chakra. This is your gateway to the expanded universe beyond your body. It mainly controls how you think and you respond to the world around you. Pearl jewelry is also the fountainhead of your beliefs and spirituality. With the energies of the cream or white mother of pearl jewelry, you can open your crown chakra and connect yourself to the higher planes of existence. It also helps extend your energy to the universal truth and energy.

  • Pink Mother of Pearl

Stimulates the heart chakra. Although the main color of the heart chakra is green, the gentle energies of pink can also heal and soothe disturbances of the heart and your emotional body. By stimulating the heart chakra, you can easily interact with others and finding the balance between your internal and external needs. Not only that, but pearl jewelry also helps you in dealing with the changes in your emotional relationship and ready to accept changes in your life.

  • Yellow Mother of Pearl

Stimulates the solar plexus chakra. This chakra mainly works on your energy and how you feel about yourself. With the energies of the yellow mother pearl jewelry, you are free to interpret the universe through your own thoughts. Pearl jewelry helps you stay confident and does not fear disappointing others.

  • Brown and Black Mother of Pearl

Stimulates the root chakra. This chakra mainly controls the energy of kinesthetic movement and feeling. It is your foundation of spiritual and physical energy. With these varieties of the mother of pearl jewelry, you can prevent lethargy and low enthusiasm. Pearl jewelry also keeps you grounded and protected.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

The mother of pearl jewelry is a very symbolic and powerful stone. This is because of the stone’s capability to attract prosperity, abundance and wealth. Mother of pearl shell is believed to help you generate a better income if you keep it by your side.

It is no wonder that so many feng shui objects feature a piece of this pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry is said to boost and enhance the powers of these objects. Other than attracting good fortune and money, the Mother of Pearl is also known to symbolize prosperity and good luck.

This pearl jewelry sends a positive and good message that whatever financial difficulty you are facing, you can overcome it. It will be attracting prosperous energies along the way. Mother of pearl shell is also considered a lucky talisman that can give you a happy and opulent life. By simply having this pearl by your side, you’re already increasing your abundance and good luck energies.

For Relationship and Love

The Mother of Pearl stone can help in relieving all your relationship anxieties and stress. It can help soothe and relax your emotions which helps you in achieving a more harmonious and balanced love life.

The pearls can also bring relaxation and calmness to your heart. Mother of pearl shell is said to soothe the hot tempers and releasing the doubtful and fearful feelings. Pearl jewelry is also said to make you more sensitive to the needs of your spouse or partner. Mother of pearl shell can make you more adaptable and perceptive to the changing situations in your relationship.

Not only that, but these pearls can also inspire you to express your feelings without hesitation or fear. It can also bring clarity to your decision making in your love life. Also, when you feel like there are so much confusion and chaos in your relationship, these pearls can bring your organization and calmness. Mother of pearl shell can also help you embrace emotions and realities that are hard to deal with. It makes you more mature and confident, particularly when dealing with surging emotions.

Then, the mother of pearl shell can free the flow of feelings. It helps you become more connected to the people you value and love. As a result, you will be more aware of the beauty of connectedness and love.

In addition, the mother of pearl jewelry can also heal wounded emotions and past traumas. It will fill you with tranquility and inspiring you to better control your emotions and releasing any kinds of negative emotions and thoughts.

For Depression and Anxiety

An extremely soothing pearl jewelry, the Mother of Pearl offers the gentle and calming healing power of the ocean. Mother of pearl shell is a powerful stress-relieving stone that can soothe, relax and calm intense emotions.

It helps in releasing depression, anxiety, tension and stress or when you are experiencing a sense of failure or abandonment. Mother of pearl jewelry helps in releasing the loud mind chattering and toxic thinking that cause you to be depressed or anxious.

With its beautiful and unique appearance and properties, you will be reminded of the calm ocean, soothing and embracing you in soothing and serene energies.

For Confidence and Career Success

The mother of pearl jewelry is a powerful gemstone that is said to increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Pearl jewelry is said to organize your thoughts and feelings in order to make everything clear. This way, you can recognize the next best action to take.

In addition, the Mother of Pearl also has the properties and meaning of recognizing our goals and dreams. It provides you good information and the courage to create the best future on your own.

In addition, the mother of pearl jewelry can also help your mentality by enhancing clarity in your decision making and intellectuality. Pearl jewelry can also provide your vitality, endurance and organization in your career. Not only that, but mother of pearl shell can also stimulate imagination, intuition, adaptability and sensitivity, making you more adept to tackle challenges in your professional life.

Different Types of Mother of Pearl

The mother of pearl jewelry is available in several colors. Each color variety comes with the general metaphysical properties of the mother of pearl with specific healing properties. Here are the most common color types of mother of pearl.

Cream/White Mother of Pearl

Cream-White Mother of Pearl

This is the most common color of the mother of pearl shells. Pearl jewelry can be almost white to off-white, to creamy shades with a silvery sheen.

The white or cream mother of pearls are known for their energies of purity, calmness and connection to the divine. These pearls can offer relaxation and soothing energies to your spirit and mind.

Pink Mother of Pearl

Pink Mother of Pearl

This variety is mostly found in freshwater and is often cultivated to produce the deep purple – to pinkish coloring on the inside layer of the mollusk shell. The lighter pink outside the shell is produced once the outside later is removed.

With its gentle pink hues, this variety is suitable for matters of the heart. Pearl jewelry induces feelings of self-worth, releasing negativities from within. It helps in removing past traumas and emotional baggage that might be preventing you from moving forward in your life, attracting new love or forming long-lasting and strong relationships with others.

Yellow Mother of Pearl

Yellow Mother of Pearl

Yellow mother of pearls may be produced naturally, with cream or white inner and featuring yellow tints on the shell’s lip. Pearl jewelry can also be a white to cream purple that turns yellow over time, which is still natural.

This yellow mother of pearls is known to stimulate your solar plexus chakra and inducing a sense of confidence, freedom and intuitiveness. It also helps in enhancing your decision-making skills and gut instincts.

Brown Mother of Pearl

Brown Mother of Pearl

This variety comes in light to dark brown colors, with sheen luster. Also known as Bronze Mother of Pearl, they are mostly used in decorative tiles and buttons.

Brown mother of pearls are highly grounding and provides a strong connection to Mother Nature.

Black Mother of Pearl

Black Mother of Pearl

This is the rare variety of mother of pearl shells. It features a grey to a black background with pearlescent over its entire surface as well as green to violet iridescent, particularly around the lip of the shell. The most valuable and beautiful black mother of pearls comes from Tahiti.

Black mother of pearls has powerful protective qualities. The black color adds a layer of extra power and potency to the mother of pearl shells. Everyday wear of this mother of pearl shell can help protect you against negativities as well as chaotic situations.

Combining Mother of Pearl With Other Crystal Stones

Mother of Pearl can also be combined with other crystal pearls in order to amplify its energies or when focusing on specific healing intentions. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for mother of pearl.

Mother of Pearl + Moonstone

For a pairing that resonates strongly with the moon and water element, inducing soothing energies, go with mother of pearl and moonstone.

Mother of Pearl + Moonstone

The mother of pearl represents the calmness, purity and soothing energies of the moon and the water element. Mother of pearl jewelry offers a tranquil effect n your body, mind and spirit. Mother of pearl jewelry can help you attune to the calmer energies and frequencies of the moon in order to improve your quality of life.

Pair it with the stone carrying the lunar name, the moonstone, and you will get twice the peaceful and balancing energies you need in your life. It provides serenity and optimism in your life, teaching you to take it easy and relieving all kinds of tension and stress.

Since they both bring the peacefulness of the moon, these pearls can help in releasing depression, anxiety and other psychological issues. They can provide stability and a better sense of your life, pushing you towards the real purpose of your life.

In addition, both pearls are also a powerful stone for feminine energies. They help in increasing fertility, lovemaking and sensuality. These pearls can provide comforting and nurturing energies that can help in your intentions of getting pregnant.

Mother of Pearl + Amethyst

For enhancing your meditation and spiritual capabilities, the mother of pearl is not usually one you’d think of. However, it does offer enhancement of your spirituality by opening your crown chakras, particularly the white or cream varieties.

Mother of Pearl + Amethyst

Mother of pearl jewelry is said to promote your intuitive powers and stimulating all psychic intuitions and development. Not only that, but it should also promote your imagination, allowing you to effectively receive divine knowledge and wisdom.

To increase its spiritual capabilities, you can pair it with the most spiritual pearls known to man. Amethyst is an easy choice for your meditation crystal and has been used for centuries as a doorway to the other worlds. Its violet rays of energy stimulate the crown and third eye chakra. This helps in strengthening your intuition and enhancing your spiritual progress.

Together, both pearls can help you better receive and understand your divine purpose while also taking your psychic abilities to the next level. They both help you in tapping to the higher levels of your consciousness and awareness. Other than being spiritual pearls, both mother of pearl and amethyst also features calming nature.

Both pearls have a tranquilizing effect that you can use not only during meditation but also during chaotic moments in your life. These pearls can help stop the loud mind chattering and reducing tension and stress. This allows for a peaceful grace t flow into your meditation session or in your life.

Mother of Pearl + Kunzite

For a unique combination of love and relationship, go with the mother of pearl and kunzite.

Mother of Pearl + Kunzite

The mother of pearl was valued to be a symbol of selfless love since ancient times. Mother of pearl jewelry is highly effective in reliving past traumas and while awakening your feelings of love. Mother of pearl jewelry is said to fill you with loving energy and helps in improving your relationship with others.

As the mother of pearl helps attract love to you and fill you with loving energy, the Kunzite crystal can help shield you against negative energies from the past that can stop you from enjoying happiness in the present.

Dubbed as the Stone of Emotions, the kunzite crystal aligns your heart chakra with your throat chakra. This helps encourage an honest expression of your emotions. By doing so, the kunzite can help you communicate loving energies. Also, it prevents you from holding onto pain while removing all obstacles in order to make peace with your past.

With these combined energies, you can better move in your life, changing your relationship for the better or even attracting new love. In addition, both pearls are also known to be closely linked with the energies and frequency of universal and divine love. Mother of pearl jewelry helps bring peacefulness and calmness to your life.

Is Mother of Pearl a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The mother of pearl stone is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Mother of Pearl is June Birthstone

Like the pearl, the mother of pearl is also the traditional birthstone for those born during the month of June. Mother of pearl jewelry symbolizes faith, purity and innocence.

Mother of pearl can enhance personal integrity and clearing your mind so that you will have a clear and clean channel for spiritual guidance and wisdom.

Mother of Pearl is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

Mother of Pearl is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

The mother of pearl jewelry is said to resonate well with the zodiac signs Gemini and Cancer. Bringing the gentle healing power of the sea, and with the Cancer sign being represented by the sea creature, the Crab, makes them the perfect match. mother of pearl jewelry can help calm and relax the intense emotions of Cancerians, allowing them to easily express their feelings.

Not only that, but the Mother of Pearl can also help enhance the imagination, intuition and adaptability of Cancerians. Pearl jewelry also help provide clarity in decision making.

Meditation with Mother of Pearl

Meditation with the mother of pearl can induce calmness and relaxation in your practice. Mother of pearl jewelry can increase your intuition and imagination as you meditate, so you can be more receptive to the energies from the universe.

In addition, mother of pearl jewelry also provides protective energies that can shield you from negative entities during your meditation. Mother of pearl jewelry helps in preventing the draining energies to stick to your aura. As a result, you can travel higher and receive more wisdom.  

How to Cleanse and Charge Mother of Pearl?

The mother of pearl is a relatively soft pearls that should not be cleaned with harsh kitchen cleaning supplies.

You can simply wash the pearls with warm, soapy water to remove debris and dirt from its surface. Never scrub the pearls since you could damage its porous outer layer. You can simply use a soft cloth or your fingers to removes the stubborn accumulation of dirt. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean cloth.

To cleanse or recharge your mother of pearl stone, let it soak under the feminine energies of the full moon. With its strong association to the moon, the mother of pearl stone benefits more from this cleansing method.

If you can’t wait for the full moon, you can also let it sit with other quartz crystals to recharge. Also, you can simply smudge the stone with sage or your preferred healing herbs smoke. You can also let it soak in the healing vibrations of singing bowls.  

Final Thoughts

Mother of Pearl is an extremely soothing stone, brimming with motherly love. Carrying the healing energies of the sea, this stone will relax and calm your emotions and relieving all kinds of stress and tension.

Not only that, but it can also stimulate your intuition, psychic abilities as well as your imagination and creativity. It brings your emotions to balance and removing your irrational fears and hot temper. Furthermore, it provides the strength and clarity you need in your life.

Symbolizing innocence, faith, charity, purity and personal integrity, this stone will help you focus your attention on the things that truly matter in your life.


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