Nephrite Meanings, Properties and Uses


Complete Guide about Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Nephrite

Nephrite is a category of Jade that has been valued for thousands of years, particularly in the continent of Asia. For so long, this stone has adorned Asian royalties and nobilities as nephrite jade jewelry and statues decorate their bodies and homes.

Learn more about the nephrite crystal by reading below.

What is Nephrite?

In simpler terms, nephrite is a jade stone.

Scientifically speaking, the jade stone is the name shared by 2 different minerals— Nephrite and Jadeite.

What is Nephrite

With a rating of 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, Nephrite is actually a calcium-magnesium silicate. It is what most people refer to when talking about the common jade crystal. This stone features a smooth surface polish and a waxy sheen on it.

Also, nephrite jade is the more common variety of jade. It generally occurs in creamy white, mid-olive to deep green, usually featuring yellowish hues. Still, it can also display shades of white, grey, red, brown, black, orange

In general, nephrite is most commonly found in New Zealand. It is often occurring within serpentine deposits and along the edges of water sources. Nephrite is also commonly found in Australia, Canada, Zimbabwe, Alaska, Russia, China, and Taiwan.

Nephrite is slightly softer than jadeite. It is, however, however, tougher since it has a denser structure. It is also considered a durable and tough stone since it lacks cleavage, however, it can be scratched easily.

The best way to distinguish between Nephrite and Jadeite is through the chime test. When tapped with hard objects, the Nephrite crystal will produce a chiming or musical tone, unlike Jadeite.

The Meaning and Uses of Nephrite

Nephrite is derived from the Greek term “nephros”, meaning kidney. Meanwhile, the Spaniards called this stone the “Piedra de hijada” which means “Stone of the Loin” or “Stone of the Flank” when they conquered the New World.

Nephrite is said to served humans across the world for almost 6,000 years. For the primitive peoples from the British Isles, the toughness of nephrite and its flexibility to be sharpened and polished making it an excellent stone for ax heads, weapons, and knives.

The Maori considers nephrite jade as one of the few durable stones known as “Pounamu” and is highly valued amongst them as a “taonga” or treasure. It is shaped into both ornaments and tools to gain social value and prestige as they are handed down through the generations.

The Meaning and Uses of Nephrite

Neolithic tribes of South and Central America, New Zealand, and Mexico used nephrite jade and carved it into simple ornaments as well as ritual artifacts and deity masks. It was even cast into deep wells as a gift to the water spirits and deities for fresh and plentiful water. They also used this stone as woodworking tools and weapons.

Nephrite is most valued in China. Throughout the recorded history of China, Nephrite jade was valued for its beauty and attributes of healing and protection. This stone was made into a variety of ems, vessels, burial items, statues, incense burners, beads, jewelry, and even musical instruments.

On the darker history and use of nephrite, the Incase and Aztecs used nephrite jade knives in order to tear out the hearts of human sacrifices and make the rebirth of the sun and rain god possible.

Nephrite Metaphysical Properties

Other than its beauty, the nephrite jade crystal was also highly valued for its powerful metaphysical energies. This stone is said to be the ultimate dream stone and is revered in the ancient and modern world to access the spiritual and metaphysical world. It also helps in gaining insights into the ritualistic knowledge of your being and encourages creativity and dream-solving.

Nephrite jade is said to promote the qualities of strength, balance, and deep peace to its wearer, offering emotional and physical well-being, particularly during difficult or unpleasant situations.

Nephrite Metaphysical Properties

Nephrite jade is also considered a protective talisman that helps in assuring a beautiful long life as well as a peaceful death. This stone is also loved as an amulet of good luck and friendship, signifying wisdom gathered in tranquility. Then it also helps in dispelling negative energies in order to encourage you to understand and see yourself as you are.

In Asia, nephrite jade is a noble stone. With its solar qualities, it was accredited with the yang energies and believed to be the remedy to all diseases. Its medicinal virtues were widely known in Asia and were introduced to the Europe and New World.

The Benefits of Nephrite

The nephrite crystal offers several healing benefits that you’d love. Here are some of the more prominent ones.

For Physical Healing

With its name a translation for “kidneys”, the nephrite stone is believed to help cure kidney stones and all ailments of your kidney. It is an excellent cleansing crystal that can enhance your elimination and filtration organs.

It is said to heal issues for the spleen, kidneys, and supra-adrenal glands in order to help balance your acid-alkaline or water-salt ratios and fluids while also removing toxins from your body.

In addition, it is also believed to be very helpful to your bones and joints, especially to the hips. Nephrite jade is also said to treat bacterial and viral infections, cystitis, genitourinary infections, and even bedwetting.

Nephrite For Physical Healing

This stone is also said to promote the cleansing of the blood and improve the functioning of your circulatory system. It is also suitable for the treatment of eye-related conditions and issues.

It is also useful for both cellular and skeletal systems to repair themselves. It helps in the decrease of pain associated with the healing of the body. This makes it useful for post-surgery healing, allowing for faster healing.

In addition, the nephrite jade is also used to remove cramps. It helps teenage girls suffering from anorexia.

In terms of the reproductive system, the nephrite stone is said to help those who suffer from infertility or impotence. It also helps with issues that affect the female reproductive system including PMS, menopause, or irregular menstruation.

For Emotional Healing

Nephrite jade is a wonderful stone that can help remove negative energies from the emotional body. It soothes irritability, mood swings, and negative thought patterns, soothing and calming the mind.

Then, it helps in stabilizing your attitude and personality while integrating your mind with the body. It also helps in stimulating ideas and creativity, making tasks less complicated and easier to act upon.

Nephrite For Emotional Healing

Not only that, but the energies of the nephrite stone can also help in removing self-imposed limitations. It helps you in cherishing your ideals and desires. Then it provides self-esteem to restore your dignity and provides the courage to fight against all odds.

In addition, this stone should help in releasing suppressed emotions and energies. This should help in cleansing the emotional body and bringing peace and relaxation to the mind.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Nephrite jade, thanks to its many colors, can balance and stimulates specific chakra, depending on the color you choose to implement.

Nephrite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Here’s a guide to help you:

  • White Nephrite Jade

White nephrite jade stimulates your crown chakra. This chakra is mainly responsible for your spirituality and is the gateway to the higher realms.

  • Blue Nephrite Jade

The blue energies of the nephrite jade resonate with your throat chakra. The throat chakra facilitates how you communicate with the world and provides an easy flow of energy within all your other chakras.

  • Green Nephrite Jade

A green nephrite jade works on your heart chakra. This chakra mainly controls your emotions and is responsible for your relationship with the world and within yourself.

  • Yellow Nephrite Jade

The vibrant sunny energies of yellow nephrite jade clear blockages on your solar plexus chakra. This chakra is considered as your energy distribution center and controls your intellectuality, creativity, and confidence.

  • Red / Brown / Black Nephrite Jade

Nephrites in red, brown, or black shades are known to invigorate the root chakra. This is the first chakra and is the one that controls your energy for kinesthetic movement and feeling. It is also the foundation of your spiritual and physical energy.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck, and Abundance

The nephrite crystal can bring luck, wealth, and abundance to its wearer. Known as a stone of the nobility, this stone is said to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

Nephrite jade allows good fortune to flow naturally and abundantly into your life. This is why it is often used as a good luck talisman. It is said to help achieve your financial goals by bringing in the energies of resourcefulness and creativity. Not only that but it is also said to help assist in the manifesting of your financial objectives into reality.

Nephrite For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Nephrite jade is a vital stone for your business ventures. It is an excellent talisman for anyone who frequently makes financial transactions. Not only that, but this stone can also provide a positive attitude toward money. It helps you in visualizing yourself working, earning, and using the money purposefully and practically.

In addition, the prosperous energies of nephrite jade can also guide you to the best course of action in your personal finances and wealth. Furthermore, it also helps in improving your mental faculties so you can achieve mental acuity and exercise sound and good judgment.

This stone shall support your financial growth and expansion, promoting new beginnings to attract wealth and succeed. Not only that, but this stone should also help in protecting you against financial misfortunes and disasters.

It helps you in seeking out new financial ventures without doubt and fear. Then, it provides good luck energies in order to be successful.

For Relationship and Love

The nephrite stone possesses clearing energy that can help stabilize your emotions and relationship. It helps in dealing the intense and destructive emotions in a way that will not hurt you or those you love.

Working with its unique energies, you can have fewer emotional outbursts, hysteria, and mental breakdowns. With the help of this stone, you’ll feel something shift inside of you. This can help influence your relationship in a positive and good way.

In addition, this stone can also help you see and understand the reasons behind your negative emotions. Then, it helps you change or purge them in order to let the positive ones take over.

Nephrite jade is also an emotional balancer and provides stability, It helps in directing your focus on the things which affect how you are with your spouse and vice versa. It can help in the restoration of lost emotional balance while encouraging a healthy relationship and understanding.

Nephrite For Relationship and Love

Known as the Stone of Fidelity, the nephrite crystal will infuse your relationship with faithfulness and trust. It works wonderfully on your heart chakra, making you more loving and affectionate to your partner.

It also helps in balancing your male and female energies. This should help prevent you from being too dominant or submissive. It helps balance your energies and provides a positive impact on your relationship.

Nephrite jade is also a calming and supportive stone that can help you through broken relationships. It offers emotional healing, allowing you to deal with loss, heartbreaks, and grief. It should help put things in perspective for you and ensure that you realize the reality of your situation.

Not only that, but it should also help cut through the illusions and allow you to see the truth and reality, regardless of how painful it can be.

Then, this stone will promote self-care and unconditional love. It offers an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and happiness just to see your loved one happy. You will learn love and kindness without expecting anything in return.

In addition, this stone can also help boost your boldness and courage. It pushes you to go after what you really want. It also helps you to express yourself more effectively. Also, it helps in enhancing your loving and nurturing nature.

It shall help you in achieving longevity in your relationship. Not only that, but it should also help support you in working for a more fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

For Protection

Nephrite jade is a powerful protective crystal. Traditionally, it is beloved to guard its wearer or user against all kinds of illnesses and diseases. It is also said to protect you against fear, shock, and other negative emotions.

Nephrite For Protection

As a traveling crystal, the nephrite stone is said to protect you against accidents or illnesses while you’re on a holiday vacation. It also protects kids and pets from being hurt or straying too far during a journey.

In addition, nephrite jade as pendants or necklaces is said to protect you against authoritative deception or abuse for financial or even sexual gain. Lastly, it signifies peace and is helpful when encountering bullying or intimidation from violent people, especially in kids or teens.

For Sleep Insomnia

The potent, but relaxing and gentle energy of nephrite stone is said to wrap you in a nurturing metaphysical blanket. This should help ease sleep, preventing insomnia and protecting you against night terror and nightmares.

It is particularly helpful in releasing emotional trauma or past suffering that might be causing frightening dreams or sleepless nights or interrupted sleep.

Nephrite For Sleep Insomnia

Not only that, but this stone is also an excellent stone for preventing insomnia that is caused by stress and anxiety. This stone can calm your chaotic and chattering mind. Then it will provide a sense of serenity and stability, promoting restful sleep at night.

In addition, this stone can help seal your aura, protecting you from the negativity that might interrupt your sleep. Dubbed the Dream Stone, the nephrite jade is also used for lucid dreaming. It helps you understand the visions and messages that you receive from your dreams.

For Depression and Anxiety

In terms of your mental health, the nephrite stone can also provide healing assistance. Thanks to its soothing and calming energies, this beautiful stone is said to help balance and prevent agitated and anxious minds.

Nephrite For Depression and Anxiety

Its relaxing energies are said to calm your loud mind chattering, easing symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as other stress-related mental illnesses. It shall provide clear thinking and enhanced intuition and awareness while shielding you against negative energies that might mess around with your head.

For Confidence and Career Success

The nephrite stone can also bring you a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem. This stone can teach and inspire you to become more self-sufficient and independent. It teaches you to rely on and never doubt your skills and talents while enhancing creativity and intellectuality.

Nephrite For Confidence and Career Success

This stone can also help you stay wise and consistent as you work towards your career or professional goals. Nephrite jade is particularly a supportive stone for those working on important projects and tasks for promotion, bonuses, incentives, or recognition.

Not only that, but this stone can also activate your capability to make the right decisions and actions. It shows you the long-term perspective so you can make sound decisions on the right path toward your goals.

Bringing courage and energy, this stone will set you up for a positive future. It can also help in removing self-imposed limitations and providing the much-needed self-belief and trust to accomplish your ideas and goals.

Different Types of Nephrite Jade

As mentioned before, the nephrite crystal comes in several colors. Each color features unique energies and healing capabilities.

Green Jade

Green Nephrite

Green is the prominent and most abundant color of the nephrite jade. It is known as the wealth and abundance stone. This crystal represents the flow of divine and etheric energies into the reality of your life.

It is said to bring harmony and happiness to your business and family relationship while bringing in material abundance.

White Jade

White Nephrite

Featuring a creamy white hue, the white nephrite jade is mostly associated with the Light and the divine. It is a stone of the crown chakra that helps strengthen your inner communication with the ethereal realms and expand your inner awareness and psychic capabilities.

As a stone of the mind, this crystal can also help in filtering out distractions, and pulling relevant and constructive info to help in critical decision-making. It also promotes a peaceful emotion and attitude, making you calmer and more relaxed while also filtering negativity.

Blue Jade

Blue Nephrite

Blue nephrite jade is the stone of peace and serenity. It calms the emotional body and restores balance in the mind. Ranging from pale to mid-blue shades and even pale bluish-green, the blue nephrite jade is a highly spiritual crystal.

It can be used to temper emotional and spiritual upheaval and restore balance to the body. With its strong association with the throat chakra, this stone also enhances communication and the effective expression of self.

Yellow Jade

Yellow Nephrite

With its vibrant, sunny energies, the yellow nephrite jade features fire energy. It mainly assists in identity, ego, and self-definition while instilling optimism, enthusiasm, creativity, wisdom, and intellect.

Yellow nephrite jade also symbolizes wealth, good fortune, prosperity as well as friendship and loyalty,

Red Jade

Red Nephrite

The ultimate chi stone, the blazing red nephrite jade brings forth the undeniable power and energy of a warrior. It is a talisman of willpower and energy, removing doubts fear, and worry that might be holding you back.

It is also a crystal of physical vitality, strength, passion, and vigor, It stimulates your life force energy and kundalini.

Brown Jade

Brown Nephrite

With its smoky brown shade, the brown nephrite jade is an excellent grounding crystal. Its deep connection to the root and earth chakra brings in a sense of comfort, home, reliability, and security.

In addition, thanks to its powerful connection to the Earth, this stone can help keep you stable and grounded during deep meditations.

Black Jade

Black Nephrite

The black nephrite jade is a potent stone of protection. It is an etheric bodyguard that not only shields your physical body but more importantly, protects your spiritual body against all kinds of negativities.

It helps in defending against the morphogenic fields of negative energies such as fear and violence projected through times of crisis. Not only that, but this stone is also helpful in cleansing your inner body.

It allows for an honest self-evaluation and absorbing unhealthy and destructive emotions and habits.

Combining Nephrite With Other Crystal Stones

The nephrite crystal can be paired with other crystal stones for amplification of its energies or if you just want to enhance a specific healing intention. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for nephrite jade.


For goals of conceiving or fertility, try pairing the healing energies of nephrite jade with the gentle frequency of the moonstone crystal.

Nephrite + Moonstone

Nephrite jade is a stone that works on your reproductive organs. It is said to cure impotence while boosting fertility. Its nurturing energy can help in restoring love and balance while releasing accumulated emotions that might be causing an energy block and stress when you’re trying to conceive.

As a result, you become more relaxed and less sensitive so you can enjoy the process. It is also said to regenerate your pelvis area, bringing more oxygen and blood flow to your reproductive organs and enhancing your chances of conceiving.

Pair it with the potent energies of moonstone and you can double your chances of conceiving. Dubbed the Stone of New Beginnings, moonstone harnesses the feminine energy of the moon, reflecting fertility, gentleness, and stability.

It can help regulate your hormones and help you become fertile and conceive. Not only that, but this stone can also open your heart and provide you with nurturing qualities.

With both stones, you can become calmer and more relaxed while making love with your partner, enhancing your fertility and hormones in order to bring the success of conceiving.

Green Aventurine

For an abundance-attracting duo, try the combination of nephrite jade and green aventurine.

Nephrite + Green Aventurine

Nephrite jade has been used by numerous cultures as the ultimate stone of abundance and luck. It does not bring instant wealth; however, it can help boost your long-term energy and focus when working towards your financial objectives.

Meanwhile, green aventurine, dubbed as the Stone of Opportunity, allows you to grab an opportunity or open new paths to wealth and prosperity.

In addition, as nephrite jade removes the self-imposed beliefs and limitations, the green aventurine can help in attracting luck as well as bringing back the money that you spent unwisely.

Both stones will surely help you bring wealth and abundance by stimulating your intuition and mind as well as enhancing and changing your financial perspective.

Is Nephrite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Nephrite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Nephrite is February 19 – March 19, April 20 – May 20, June 21 –  July 21, and October 22 – November 20 Birthstone

Nephrite jade is not a traditional birthstone. However, the nephrite of green energies is the natural birthstone for those born between April 20 and May 20, during the heart of spring. This stone symbolizes growth, renewal, birth, and success.

Meanwhile, the nephrites with blue shades are the natural birthstones for those born between February 19 and March 19 during the vernal equinox. This stone brings trust, respect, honor, purification, and patience.

Red nephrite, on the other hand, is the natural birthstone for those born on October 22 – November 20, in mid-autumn. These stones shall bring courage, energy, tenacity, strength, and drive.

Lastly, the yellow varieties of nephrite jade are a natural birthstone for those born on June 21 – July 21, during the beginning of the summer solstice. This stone brings clarity, enlightenment, decisiveness, optimism, and warmth.

Nephrite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus, Gemini, and Libra  

Nephrite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

Nephrite jade is the traditional zodiac stone for Taurus. Taureans have numerous amazing qualities and are known to be quite strong and quiet. However, they usually have a stubborn attitude as well as prone to self-doubting. The energies of the nephrite crystal can strengthen their belief in themselves while easing their stubbornness.

Geminis can also benefit from the energies of nephrite jade. When worn as an amulet, the nephrite crystal can help the Geminis to stand in alignment with people and situations.

Geminis are always brimming over with fun, however, they tend to be quite indecisive and people pleasers. The energies of this stone can bring certainty and open their hearts to abundance.

Lastly, the nephrite stone is also a traditional zodiac crystal for Libra. Librans are known to be strong-willed, artistic, sensitive, and respectful individuals.

They understand and relate well with other people. The energies of the nephrite crystal should further enhance these positive attitudes of a Libran while also preventing imbalances in their emotions.

Meditation with Nephrite

Nephrites, when used in meditations, can make you more receptive and make you more appreciative of everything in this life. Thanks to its warm and peaceful aura, it also helps in manifesting and fulfilling your hopes and aspirations.

Nephites are also helpful for deeper meditations. With this stone, you can enjoy a state of deep relaxation and communicate with your inner self and with the divine or etheric realms.

How to Cleanse and Charge Nephrite?

Nephrite jade is a tough stone. However, it is not indestructible. With that said, you can clean a nephrite stone without worrying about damage to its beautiful surface.

To simply clean your nephrite stone, you only need to wash it with warm, soapy water. Using your fingers or a soft cloth, carefully brush its surface to remove accumulated dirt and dust. Be sure to rinse it well in order to remove residues since nephrites are porous and tend to absorb colors easily.

How to Cleanse and Charge Nephrite

To cleanse and recharge the energies of your nephrite crystal, you can simply let it soak under the rays of a full moon. You can also simply smudge it with a white sage or your favorite herb stick. You can also let it sit with a quartz crystal in order to recharge its energies.

Final Thoughts

Nephrite is one of the most ancient stones used by mankind. From mesmerizing pieces of jewelry to statues and artifacts, nephrite jade is indeed a powerful and versatile crystal that should be a part of your growing crystal collection.

It is a potent stone for health, luck, abundance, dreams, and relaxation. It shall bring you positive energies while removing the negative ones so you can attain happiness and manifest an abundance of success in your life.


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