Nuummite Meanings, Properties and Uses


Nuummite is one of the best stones for accentuating psychic experiences. It is a great way to obtain a higher level of intuition and clairvoyance. In a spiritual sense, such intuition can be used in finding more profound peace by focusing on your gut instincts. What’s more, you can easily use this stone to reflect on your previous life. That said, you will be able to find personal patterns that have been formerly unsuccessful and presently interrupting your current life. By seeing your previous lives, you will also discover the personality traits you’ve been holding back. This perfectly connects to the theme of power and empowerment.

What is Nuummite?

Nuummite Meaning

Nuummite is one of the oldest minerals all over the world. As a matter of fact, it has been around for three billion years. When it comes to appearance, this stone is astounding.

Nuummite is a beautiful black stone that has flashes of bright iridescent sprays that resemble fireworks or meteor showers. Often the flashes come in two variations. There is a multicolored variety that has golden bronze, gold, green and blue stones. What’s more, there is the one that has red tones in, but they’re not common. 

On the other hand, the term Nuummite means “Nuuk” in the Greenlandic language. Also, it was the title given by the Nuuk Town Council to the kind of rock found in the vicinity of Nuuk. Nevertheless, the only source of Nuummite is in Greenland.

The Meaning and Uses of Nuummite

uses of nuumite

Known as the stone of the Sorcerer, Nuummite draws from the intense energies of ancient Earth. It also combines with the storm’s elements. Black as a midnight shadow on moony water, Nuummite sparkles with gold light, brightening the gloom in order to see what lies between.

Moreover, Nuummite is a stone of magic that increases the frequency of luck and synchronicities, intuition, and clairvoyance. It will help you release energies that are locked in the subconscious and bring the gift of self-mastery, inner power, and healing.

Further, it is a stone of massive grounding, attuned to the Earth’s elemental forces that can be drawn when needed. Nuummite is a great source of energy that has a potent electromagnetic field. It will align the subtle body as well as strengthen the auric field. It even offers protection against environmental pollutants, negative energies, and manipulations.

Nuummite is a distinct combination of Gedrite and Anthophyllite closely turned into inter-grown stones if charcoal gray to black that has lustrous flashes of gold. In addition to that, Nuummite is known as the stone of magicians. Keep in mind that, the stone that has elemental magic should be always taken seriously and utilized respectfully with correct intentions since harmful intentions rebound upon the wearer.

With the strong access of Nuummite to wild nature energies, it will neutralize modern urban living that dulls the reflexes and bring over-dependence on technology. In work settings, the stone can inspire quick spontaneous reactions without forgoing logic. It also motivates other people to consider your capabilities more valuable.

If you want a constant flow of energy in your major undertakings as well as fight tiredness during the day, consider wearing Nuummite. Hold the stone in the middle of your forehead in order to deliver blasts of energy down toward the feet and will bounce again.

When shaped into wands, it will also draw out implants from outside sources, negative energies, and mental imprints. And when you combined your Nuummite with Novaculite, it may help release previous-life constraints, curses as well as the effects of ill-wishing and sorcery.

One more thing, as a masculine stone, it is great to support fathers, especially single ones. As a matter of fact, if you want to resolve the problem with your grandfather or father, this stone can help you as well.

Nuummite Metaphysical Properties

Nuummite Metaphysical Properties

Nuummite has a potent grounding and creative energy. It is also believed to have strong elemental magic. However, when it comes to metaphysical properties, Nuummite will further improve your psychic capabilities, specifically your intuitions.

It will also help you find your own power and takes you deeper into your inward psyche so that you will be able to understand yourself better. Another great thing about Nuummite is that it will help you let go of subconscious blockages and karmic problems holding you back from moving forward in your life.

Nuummite will facilitate in moving your spiritual development more rapidly. It protects and strengthens one’s aura in any surrounding from negativity. The stone will allow you to remember things easily and recollect deep knowledge and important ideas kept in the depths of your subconscious.

The Benefits of Nuummite

Aside from the above-mentioned, Nuummite can offer more benefits. Read on to find out the other benefits that you may reap when you use this beautiful stone.

For Physical Healing

Nuummite for physical healing

As mentioned, Nuummite is not common and hard to obtain. Also, it is a potent healer. In actual fact, Nuummite can be utilized for relieving discomfort and pains as well as general healing purposes.

This stone is helpful in regenerating tissues and soothing the pains associated with degenerative diseases. Nuummite is also good for fighting infections and regulating the insulin production of the body. It can even aid in the treatment of disorders of the throat and the eyes.

On the other hand, this stone acts as a detoxifier that will free your body from toxins. It will be especially beneficial for those who are receiving treatments for cancer.

Nuummite can support the central nervous system, relieve infections, purify the blood, and enhance your vision. It will also further improve mental activity and memory. What’s more, it can reduce stress and anxiety and enhance speech.

For Emotional Healing

nuummite for emotional healing

Aside from having a striking appearance, Nuummite has very strong powers. In fact, its energies are not only beneficial for physical healing but emotional as well.

Nuummite has the capability to cleanse and clear the body of any persistent negative energies. It also applies to any feelings of negativity residing in the heart and stopping your moving forward.

Nuummite works to remove the abandonment, isolation, pain, longing, or sadness in your heart. The stone supports you when harnessing your inner power and strength so that you’ll overcome the sadness and pain that typically comes when you are going through a difficult time in your life.

When you have Nuummite in your life, everything will become clear. Things that you don’t want to acknowledge or she will come to focus suddenly. But the good news is that you’ll know how to deal with it properly.

Nuummite will keep your eyes open so that you’ll see what you’ve been blind to for a long period of time, what you find difficult to accept and what you’ve been neglecting in the past. The stone’s energies will offer kindness in your heart. The moment you acknowledge that this is what really transpired and that this is what is going on, you will understand that you’ve already taken the first phase toward emotional healing.

Nuummite supports you as you acknowledge certain hard realities in your life. Surely, nobody’s life is perfect. But knowing this truth still did not stop you from lying about or hiding things that concern yourself as well as others you love. 

With this stone, you can embrace your flaws, yourself, and all completely. It supports you as you roll with the alteration that being real and honest brings.

Nuummite has powerful grounding vibrations that will surely keep you right where you are, regardless of how chaotic or crazy your life gets. You’ll be protected from those who wish to bring you down, from a situation that is testing your limitations, and from an unresolved feeling threatening to rob you of the joy or happiness that you’re meant to get.

With the help of Nuummite, you can free yourself from the pain that is holding you. Its energies will motivate you to start again but with confidence and courage, because you deserve to live, love, smile and laugh again.

Nuummite is a loving and at the same time potent gemstone that will surely support you as you let go of the past and work on your present. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a bright tomorrow.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

nuummite for chakra healing and balancing

If you’re looking for spiritual as well as physical grounding, then the Nuummite stone can greatly help you. With regards to the chakra, this stone will combine these two effortlessly. In fact, this will allow you to restore your balance on the Earth pleasantly.

Nuummite, in case you didn’t know, is mainly associated with the base chakra that can be found at the base of your spine. Also called the root chakra, the base chakra is responsible for physical and spiritual energies.

However, when this chakra is out of balance, you may notice that you’re more scattered and lethargic. Not only that, but you may also feel a disconnection from reality.

The base chakra, on the other hand, is responsible for feeling impulsive and unable to focus on immediate environments especially if it’s out of balance. It’s liable for your foundation on earth, physical identity, and sense of security. The base chakra is the same as the image of firmly planting your feet on the ground.

Nevertheless, if you want to balance your base chakra, Nuummite can help in restoring your energy. Keep in mind that it is crucial to regain the balance of this chakra so that you will be able to feel a sense of security, especially within your surroundings.

For Wealth Fetching, Abundance, and Luck

nuummite for wealth fetching

Another stone that can bring good luck as well as boost the magnificent synchronizations in life is Nuummite. The apparently random happenings taking place in your life will move you toward your goals courageously and strongly. What’s more, it will guide you to your goals’ manifestation.

Nuummite will provide strong and clear guidance. Thus, you will be able to come up with the best and right decision when it comes to your finances. The stone will boost your power of manifestation as well as attraction.

Nuummite, on the other hand, is a stone of good luck and personal magic. It is something that you should have at all times especially if you want to enjoy prosperity and wealth.

For Relationship and Love

nuummite for relationship and love

Nuummite is a stone that encourages self-examination as well as self-exploration. The stone will force you to handle the things that affect your relationship or yourself. What’s more, it will make you accept the truth that you are hesitant to accept.

Nuummite makes you realize a lot of realities, as a matter of fact, some of which will be more difficult to accept compared to others. Fortunately, this stone will guarantee that you will be able to adapt to the changes and gracefully move forward in life.

Nuummite, on the other hand, has powerful grounding energies that will remedy your lack of interest caused by the obstructions that have accumulated over time. Such grounding energies will also work in getting rid of anything that is stopping you from being content with your life.

In addition to that, Nuummite helps you in releasing the past that has detained you in a stain of inability, pain, or denial. It cleanses the bad or negative energies from the heart so that you’ll feel motivated to begin fresh.

Keep in mind that things won’t happen immediately. You’ll need to offer it time before you can feel ready to love again. There are times when you’ll miss what once was and there’ll be times that you’ll wish you can go back in time. Please note that it is completely normal. You’ll mourn for the relationship that didn’t work out, for the right love at the wrong time, for the unsuccessful second chance at love, or for the love that wasn’t given the chance.

There are many reasons that stop you from trying again. However, there’ll be more reasons why you should. This stone will help you in moving forward with optimism and joy. Nuummite will put your mind at ease and take away your fears.

Moreover, you can settle your problems as well as forgive previous wrongdoings. You’ll come to terms with the happenings of the past so that they won’t affect the future and even the present.

When it comes to moving on, you need to embrace your past and let it go. Nuummite ensures that you’re free from the clutches of the past so that you will be able to start again.

The stone will guard you against people demanding too much from you without even considering your well-being. On the other hand, Nuummite will teach you how you can come strong. It also makes you realize or determine your talents or gifts. Its energies will remove self-imposed restrictions keeping you from having the relationship or love that you deserve.

Nuummite encourages you to aim high and dream big. Go wherever your heart will take you and allow yourself to be pleasingly surprised. Nuummite is also a gifting crystal that signifies deep love. As a matter of fact, this love can only be achieved by loving others with all your heart even though you don’t have an idea where both of you will end up. It is throwing caution to the wind as well as going where life will take you. As a matter of fact, it is hoping for the best. But you will still need to work really hard on your relationship so that it will stand a chance.

Nuummite takes you in the direction that you wish your relationship to go. What’s more, this stone will aid you to realize all your desires and dreams in love. If you are ready for change, especially in your relationship, Nuummite is the perfect stone that you should have.

For Protection

Nuummite For Protection

Nuummite has a solid history of being a dominant protective amulet that can protect you from spells or curses, evil deities, black magic, and negative energy. In addition to that, this stone will replenish your aura with purifying energies that can help in clearing negative vibrations attached to your etheric body.

If you’re always exposed to uncomfortable surroundings and surrounded by toxic people, we highly recommend that you bring Nuummite with you. In case you didn’t know, this stone will keep one’s energy unaffected and protected as you go about your day-to-day life without the fear of being exposed to continuous negativity.

Combining Nuummite With Other Crystal Stones

The following are some of the best crystals that you can combine with your Nuummite.

Nuummite + Seraphinite

Nuummite + Seraphinite

The healing properties of Nuummite and Seraphinite may support the function of the lungs and heart. They ensure that these vital organs are functioning as they should. These stones, on the other hand, can fortify the blood, make sure that essential nutrients reach the cells, and help in cellular respiration.

These stones may increase the function of the kidneys and liver and aid in detoxification. Together, Nuummite and Seraphinite will improve the metabolism of the body and facilitate weight loss. They also prevent and even reduce the development of cancer cells. Anyway, Seraphinite alone can offer healing for your brain cells as well as the nerves. It will also strengthen your spinal cord. It is effective in releasing muscle tension and serves as an excellent pain reliever for most body pains and aches.

On the other hand, Nuummite and Seraphinite can bring you good health, abundance, good fortune, and prosperity. Often, keeping a level head is so crucial to doing good business, whether you are a start-up or running your own company or you are leading a huge project at your job.

When an exciting idea comes, it is crucial that you clear your mind so that you can move forward and take the correct decision. If you have been at a crossroads, this might well be the perfect crystal for you.

Nuummite + Tugtupite

Nuummite + Tugtupite

This powerful combo can bring together the excellent protective power of Nuummite and the loving strength of Tugtupite. As a matter of fact, this makes a solid shield that inconsistently assimilates and facilitates vibrational changes. Guaranteeing, “I will stick with you whatever”, together, Nuummite and Tugtupite will offer psychological protection and strength from within the heart against outside influence of any type. What’s more, it will help in the healing of abandonment and heartbreak.

On a physiological level, this combo is extremely helpful for withdrawing the effects of a deprived or unsafe childhood, whether it was from mental, emotional, or physical abuse or benevolent neglect. Providing a sense of fatherly safety that helps in procreating yourself, as well as affixing that deep in your core, this combo will assist you in standing your empathetic heart infused with forgiveness and unconditional love for all concerned people.

A very operative spirit-release instrument in which an incarnate parent or discarnate spirit is pulling at the heartstring trying to remain in emotional control supposedly “for your own good”, Nuummite and Tugtupite when combined is helpful when a prayer is being said that delays with your independence.

Tugtupite will promote insightful communication and forgiveness. Nuummite, on the other hand, separates old connections, as a result, unconditional love will flow into your heart and most importantly, offers a shield.

Predominantly helpful when you’re in victim mode, coaching you to become a strong fighter instead, Nuummite and Tugtupite will explain why the manipulation and connection are no longer relevant. What’s more, they assure the other individual that you’re now stronger to stand up on your own.

It is also worth mentioning that this combination will get in touch with the love at the center of the universe, stating that to everything in it. Last but not least, this combination will dissolve the effects of sorcery in the present life, making a protective shield around the heart.

Nuummite + Amethyst

Nuummite + Amethyst

This crystal combination is beneficial for a wide variety of intentions. The calming energies of these stones will let you quiet your mind which can help in meditation, sleep, and moving through life from higher states of being. Regardless of what your goals in life are or who you are, Nuummite and Amethyst will support you along the journey of your life.

These stones can also be used for spiritual works or practices, particularly, extending your connection to self as well as your capability to tap into your intuition. Aside from helping your intuitive self, Nuummite and Amethyst will help you work toward your inner peace. They will also allow you to relax and rest during stressful situations, before bed, or before starting meditation.

Both Nuummite and Amethyst will work to protect the spirit by surrounding the energy with positivity. By improving your energetic vibration as well as keeping your spirit comfortable, this combination can be a great addition to your active armor.

Nuummite + Moldavite

Nuummite + Moldavite

If you look at the moldavite and Nuummite especially when you’re meditating, you will find it easier to connect with the higher power of the cosmos and higher self.

This combination will heighten your self-awareness and help you uncover emotions, thoughts, and feelings that may be keeping you stuck in an unfortunate present. This will then allow you to move forward and see the possible results in the forthcoming.

Nuummite and Moldavite will help you open your heart to love, particularly if your emotions and heart have shut down because of sudden shock and emotional trauma. These are powerful stones that have far-reaching impacts and achieve results more rapidly. That being said, you need to be ready before using your energies so that you don’t become overwhelmed and grounded.

One more thing, it is a great combination to use especially if your emotions have become disheveled with the feelings of other people to the point that you are not certain which feelings belong to you.

Nuummite + Labradorite

Nuummite + Labradorite

Nuummite and Labradorite will cleanse your aura and get rid of the bad feelings, habits, and thoughts that prevent you from reaching your maximum potential. Both stones will sharpen your intuition and improve your psychic abilities.

You will have a psychic understanding that will surely make boost your confidence when taking action, following your inspirations, and expressing what you feel. They can even help you in expanding the reach of the sixth sense while keeping you grounded and safe. As a matter of fact, if you are exploring such gifts, Nuummite and Labradorite come highly recommended.

This combination, on the other hand, will expand the mind and comes with a very soothing existence. In fact, this sense of relaxation as well as quietening the mind is significantly important if you want to develop your psychic capabilities.

These days, it seems as difficult it has never been tougher to be in the moment and keep still. But this combination can somehow aid you to remember how much even the smallest thing matters. In addition to that, you will be able to embrace the idea of not allowing the little thing to take over and decentralize into uncertainties as well.

Aside from being beautiful stones, Nuummite and Labradorite will strengthen your spiritual focus and willpower. Their energies may also give you a sense of purposefulness and help you develop new ideas and find enthusiasm and joy in what you’re doing.

Both stones will clear your aura and at the same time heal it to prevent good energies from leaking. On the other hand, the vibrations of stones can give you protection against negative energy.

Is Nuummite A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Nuummite is a natural and traditional birthstone. And since it is not connected to any birthstone month, it means there’s no zodiac sign associated with it either. But nevertheless, Nuummite may be the most beneficial stone for Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, and Taurus. The reason for this is that Nuummite has associations with the angelic world.

Meditation with Nuummite

Meditation with Nuummite

If you meditate with Nuummite, it is worth mentioning that it can help you in disclosing parts of yourself that you have hidden subconsciously before. As mentioned, this stone has the capability to bring in fortune and good luck owing to the powerful vibrations it is sending out to the universe.

Nevertheless, when meditating, it is crucial that you have a quiet mind. Fortunately, Nuummite is known for its capability to bring about tranquility and quiet the mind in a gentle way.

How to Cleanse and Charge Nuummite

How to Cleanse and Charge Nuummite

We have already discussed the meaning, uses, metaphysical properties, and benefits of Nuummite, but what about cleansing and charging the stone after utilizing it?

Cleansing your Nuummite is a good idea in order to remove negative energies that may accumulate during excessive use and handling. Charging, on the other hand, may help in bringing back the energy level of your Nuummite.

Nevertheless, the best way to cleanse and charge your Nuummite is to place it under the moonlight. Moonlight is a very delicate method that is effective with a full moon. Because the moon is at its full potential and brightest when full, it will increase the vibrations of your Nuummite.

Aside from the moonlight, you can also take advantage of the earth’s elements by burying your Nuummite under the ground for an entire day. Allow the earth to soak up all unnecessary energies contained within your stone so that is refreshed and cleansed.

Final Thoughts

The moment you start working with the energies of Nuummite you will definitely realize why it encourages your growth on a spiritual level. Within this beautiful stone is a magical and mystical vibration of the Earth that you can count on every time you need it.

On the other hand, Nuummite will boost good luck as well as encourage manifestation by improving the positive synchronizations in your life. It is an interesting and powerful stone to have. That said, you need to have Nuummite in your hands so that you will be able to experience the range of its power completely.


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