Ocean Jasper Meanings, Properties and Uses

Ocean Jasper Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Ocean Jasper

The rhythmic tempo of the sea has always called humanity to its shores to feel its gentle power, breathe its calming essence and laying their burdens aside. The ocean jasper crystal brings the same spirit of tranquility and letting go— of breathing consciously and deeply— attuning to the soothing nature and being spiritually and physically present in your surroundings.

What is Ocean Jasper?

Ocean jasper is the trade name for the multi-colored crystal from the Northwest coast of Madagascar, usually with spherical patterns. A more formal term for it is the orbicular jasper, however, recent research suggests that it is a mineral chalcedony instead.

ocean jasper meaning

The capacity of ocean jasper to transmit light is a characteristic of chalcedony. And Jasper, on the other hand, is not translucent, unless it is cut into extremely thin pieces.

This stone is also called the Sea Jasper, but with a distinction. The ocean jasper is a trademark named from the original mine near Marovato, Ambolobozo, Analalava, Sofia, Madagascar which is owned by Paul Obenich.

It is found at the edge of the ocean. The deposits are part of the shoreline. Thus, they can only be mined and seen at low tide. Without roads in this remote area, the stones should be removed and transported by boat.

The Sea Jasper, on the other hand, is similar to the ocean jasper. However, it is collected from the Madagascar Minerals mines that are found in the same area but a short distance away.

Both crystals are the spherulitic variety of chalcedony minerals. These are micro-crystallized quartz that is colored by iron, oxides and other impurities. The Feldspar and Quartz mineral forms the spherical or orbicular structures.

The background colors can be brown, white or cream, green, yellow, pink or red. It also features orb-like inclusions in various combinations and colors. Furthermore, botryoidal formations as well as deep green and white drusy are also common.

The Meaning and Uses of Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper is a  stone of tranquility and is excellent in reducing stress. Its cleansing effect can remove negative energy while stabilizing your aura. Thus, it is ideal as a rubbing stone for increasing your focus and soothing the nerves.

uses of ocean jasper

Using a polished sphere of the ocean jasper is especially conducive for meditation. It can be greatly enhanced by the soft silver sheen of the moonlight or even candlelight. The stone can be great for banishing harmful thoughts and even nightmares.

You can also use Ocean Jasper as a talisman of patience for yourself as well as for other people. This crystal can enkindle a gradual and gentle release of pent-up anger and clearing of emotional blockages.

It is also a “taking care of business” crystal. It encourages you to view each circular mark as a sign of detail or project to be addressed. It helps in the acceptance of responsibility. Not only that, but it is also particularly supportive of pursuits based on service to others.

The ocean jasper is also a great crystal for counselors and healers to nurture themselves as they help others and can be empathetic to others while still being objective in their work.

Ocean Jasper Metaphysical Properties

The ocean jasper crystal draws its energy from the Water element. Thus, it is considered a stone of tranquility, strength and renewal. It exudes a slow and steady frequency with deep circular energy which embodies the interconnectedness of all things.

Ocean Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Meanwhile, the spherical patterns of the stone are a spiritual reminder of hot words, thoughts and actions interact in the world and how it flows in a circular direction. The stone also honors the principle that what you send out will return to you. Ocean jasper is also an excellent crystal for coping with change and cultivating patience. It also encourages you to give service to others.

Dubbed as The Atlantis Stone, the ocean jasper crystal is thought to have strong links to the ancient city. It holds the mystic knowledge within its structure and is beneficial for reclaiming spiritual wisdom. Not only that, but this stone is also believed to provide insight into your past lives. The stone also offers an excellent focus for centering and grounding in healing works or meditation. It facilitates continuity in deep circular breathing.

Its energies are centering that it allows access to ancient wisdom and learning your past-life lessons. The stone is great for transmuting and reframing any past misuse of your spiritual power and teaching you to wisely use your will and power.

In addition, it can also help in aligning yourself with the divine frequency of the universe. Ocean jasper can help you understand and use the Law of Attraction and Reciprocity. This stone is an excellent reminder of how your day to day living affects the world and those around you. It teaches you to manifest joyful and happy life by intentionally projecting good into the reality around us.

In terms of color energy, the dominant green hues of ocean jasper mean growth and life force. It means creation and development and the constant renewal of nature. Meanwhile, the prominent shades of tan or brown in the ocean jasper crystal bring connection with the natural world. It helps you in reconnecting with nature and is a powerful grounding crystal for promoting stability and security.

Lastly, the white parts of ocean jasper are the color of purity, cleanliness and innocence. It connects to the natural powers of the white rays of the moon and the natural cycles of regeneration and birth.

The Benefits of Ocean Jasper

The ocean jasper offers several benefits to its wearer or owner. Here are some of the greatest benefits of using ocean jasper.

For Physical Healing

The ocean jasper is believed to have highly restorative abilities for tissue deterioration of your internal organs. It is also useful in draining your lymphatic system of toxins and waste substances which causes flatulence and body odor.

ocean jasper for physical healing

Furthermore, ocean jasper is thought to help ins stabilizing the nutritional absorption of minerals and vitamins. This is particularly true in absorbing and balancing iodine and sodium levels as well as relieving water retention. Using the element of water, ocean jasper is an excellent stone for maximizing the benefits of salt baths and hydrotherapy.

Ocean jasper can also be used as a gem elixir since it doesn’t overstimulate your body. Not only that, but this crystal is also said to be soothing for your digestive system. It can calm vomiting and nausea while strengthening your stomach. Ocean jasper water can be made by letting the stone soak in demineralized water overnight or by the indirect method.

Other than those, the ocean jasper crystal is also used to ease issues or problems with your thyroid, inner-ear disturbances and seasickness. It is also used in treatments for skin orders such as eczema.

For Emotional Healing

ocean jasper for emotional healing

Like the majestic tides that ebb and flow along the shore, the ocean jasper also brings to the surface your unresolved and long-hidden emotional issues. Then, it uses gentle nurturing energies that bring about the healing of the emotional body.

The stone can help encourage you to be honest with yourself when you are confronting issues and problems. Then it teaches you how to accept responsibility for your actions. After some time, this stone will teach you self-love, patience and empathy for other people. This helps create a more hopeful attitude towards your future.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

ocean jasper for chakra healing and balancing

Ocean jasper is deeply connected to the earth. It can be placed on your root chakra in order to energize and stabilize your physical body. By laying this crystal over each chakra in turn, you can boost, cleanse and re-align the chakras and your aura. Not only that, but it can also help in balancing the yin and yang energies. Also, it helps in aligning the emotional, mental and physical plane with the etheric realm. The ocean jaspers with dominant shades of tan or brown energies can also align well with the base chakra.

heart chakra

Although it holds a deep connection to the base chakra, the ocean jasper is usually associated with the heart chakra. This is particularly true if the ocean jasper is prominently green in nature or at least influenced by pockets or layers of green. The green chakra is often found at the center of your breastbone which regulates your interaction with the environment.

With the green energies of ocean jasper, you can balance, unblock and cleanse your heart chakra. This helps you understanding your emotions and needs and teaching you how to be a more loving, empathic and compassionate individual. Also, it teaches you to be more sensitive and learning about the cyclic nature of relationships and how you can accept the changes.

For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Career Success

Ocean jasper is a potent crystal to keep your professional life and projects on track. It should teach you to be on schedule and organized. The stone can attract a continuous flow of abundance, wealth and prosperity into your life.

For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Career Success

Not only that, but this crystal can also bring peace and relaxation to your workplace and home. It ensures a smooth flow of energies as well as a high level of productivity. Furthermore, it can lift all negativity in your environments, so you can fully focus and concentrate on your professional endeavors.

The energies of this crystal will also make sure that you’re not spending too much time working and to spend time with ourself and with your family.

For Relationship and Love

The ocean jasper crystal is known to be a talisman of patience. And in love and relationship, patience is a must.

ocean jasper For Relationship and Love

With the ocean jasper, you learn to be more understanding and patient of your loved ones. Any relationship will experience hardships, negative emotions and challenges. The energies of ocean jasper can help you go with the ups and downs of a relationship.

In between good and bad times, the ocean jasper will help you both enjoy and weather the storms together nicely. This helps create a stronger and long-lasting relationship.

In addition, ocean jasper can also help in releasing your anger, jealousy or an emotional blockage. It teaches you not to hold on to these negative emotions and thoughts. It cleanses your aura and makes you more attractive and lovable. The stone also shows you how to be supportive of your partner’s dreams. It encourages you to be honest and accepting responsibility for your actions.

Not only that, but this crystal also carries the energies of contentment, happiness and joy. Symbolizing the calming, but destructive ocean waters, ocean jasper envelopes you with tranquil energies while also teaching you to be brave enough during a storm.

It helps in settling unresolved emotional problems or any emotional healing. Ocean jasper will teach you how to love yourself more, and to never settle for anything less. Not only that, but it also reminds you to be more positive towards the future and to be empathic to others. It shows you how to be less critical of your loved ones while helping you handle strong emotional responses.

Furthermore, this crystal also helps you deal with the past and look at them from a different point of view. It should help in dealing with heartbreaks and the pain and teaches you to look at this challenging situation through a set of fresh new eyes.

This crystal can also help in communicating your feelings and expression of love in both actions and words. Not only that, but it can also bring to focus the great things about the relationship that you should be grateful of.

For Depression and Anxiety

ocean jasper For Depression and Anxiety

Ocean jasper is perhaps one of the best crystals that you can use when coping with changes. A lot of change can happen in your life. And sometimes these changes are what causes depression and anxiety. Ocean jasper can give you enough strength in order to handle such changes.

Using the soothing energies of the Water element, ocean jasper offers the energy of renewal, tranquility and responsibility. And for you to be free from anxious thinking and depressive moments, you will need to wash away the negative energies and thoughts and renewing your life.

Not only that, but this crystal is also very calming and balancing the excess energy. It is highly supportive in times of deep emotional distress.

Different Types of Ocean Jasper

As mentioned before, the ocean jasper only comes from one place in the world— northern Madagascar. It is found in the Analalava district, in the region of Sofia. There are actually two different deposits that produce slightly different looking crystals.

Ocean Jasper in Marovato

Ocean Jasper in Marovato

Most ocean jaspers of today are mined near the village of Marovato. These crystals are mined directly on the shoreline and are known for their multicolored orbs, drusy and translucency.

From there, four different veins of ocean jasper have been discovered, producing slightly different looking and colored stones.

First Vein

First Vein

The first vein was the biggest, approximately 25 feet wide and 90 feet long.  It was mined from 1999 – 2006. Ocean jaspers from the first vein tend to be green, white and pink. They have less clearly defined orbs.

Second Vein

Second Vein

The second vein was much smaller, approximately 15 feet wide and 35 feet long. IT was mined from 2005 – 2006. The stones have a wider range of hues, including more yellows and reds. Some have extremely clear orbs and comes with bulls-eyes.

Third Vein

Third Vein

The third vein of ocean jaspers was found in 2013 and was approximately 7 feet wide and 10 feet long. However, it was tapped out after only 6 months and was further inland. This variety of ocean jasper features more pink, white and green colors. It also has some clearly defined orbs with slight yellow tints.

Fourth Vein

Fourth Vein

The fourth vein was discovered in 2015, approximately 16 feet wide and 23 feet long. It was also discovered further inland and about 1/3 of a mile south of the first vein. This vein lasts only for 3 months.

The stones from the 4th vein tend to be white, green, pink or even yellow. Most pieces have smaller but defined orbs, similar to the stones from the second vein.

Ocean Jasper in Kabamby

Ocean Jasper in Kabamby

Near the village of Kabamby and about a mile and a half inland, there is another deposit of ocean jasper. These crystals feature greener and rich yellow hues.

Kabamby Ocean Jasper

Kabamby Ocean Jasper

the Kabamby ocean jaspers were first mined in 2002 and are still collected today. These crystals are known for their consistent yellow and green colors, sometimes red, off white and pink. This variety is opaque with geometric patterning the is created by contact between orbs.

The kabamby ocean jasper should not be confused with the Kabamba Jasper which is a black and green crystal with eye-shaped patterns from Central Madagascar.

Ocean Wave Jasper

Ocean Wave Jasper

The same place produces other variety of ocean jasper, best known as the Ocean Wave jaspers, which were mined from 2002 – 2006. These crystals have a similar color palette to the kabamby ocean jasper. but with more prominent hues of pink, white and blue. In addition, these varieties lack the orbs. Instead, it displays wavy band patterns instead.

Combining Ocean Jasper With Other Crystal Stones

Ocean jasper can be paired with other crystal stones to amplify its healing energies or focusing on a specific intention of healing. Here are some of the best combinations for ocean jasper.

Ocean Jasper + Larimar

Ocean Jasper + Larimar

For peace and tranquility, try the combination of ocean jasper and larimar.

The ocean jasper is highly supportive of your journey to a happy and joyful life. Although you tend to experience ups and downs in this life, the ocean jasper will teach you to go with the flow and ride the waves. It helps in releasing tension and stress, helping you to live a happier and more positive life.

Likewise, the larimar crystal brings an ethereal quality that will fill you with peace. It is highly recommended when you’re experiencing stressful periods. It is particularly suitable to use when overcoming periods of long working hours or struggling with self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.

In addition, larimar stimulates your upper four chakras. This should help in raising your level of consciousness to new energies and vibrations where serenity, grace and wisdom can be found. The ocean jasper, on the other hand, will stimulate your lower chakra which brings about grounding and centering.

With both stones, you can rebalance your whole body system. Furthermore, these crystals are very uplifting to your spirit, creating balance and provide peaceful energy for a happy life.

The ocean jasper provides the calm and serene energy of the ocean. It helps you find contentment and joy with where you are right now. It erases despair about the past or easing anxiousness about the future. Larimar, on the other hand, will remove negative emotions of anger and fear that might be disturbing your peace.

Ocean Jasper + Pink Calcite

Ocean Jasper + Pink Calcite

The ocean jasper and pink calcite is a very unique combination but is highly beneficial for peace.

The ocean jasper is conceived to increase your feelings of joy. It is believed that this crystal can elevate the spirit of its wearer by removing all the negativity from your life. It also helps you communicate your feelings to the outside world with empathy and positivity.

Meanwhile, the pink calcite, dubbed as the Stone of Peace, can connect you with the angelic realms. It radiates divine love and promoting forgiveness. With its soft pastel pink color, pink calcite will swell your heart with loving intentions and wrapping you in a comforting metaphysical blanket.

As ocean jasper helps you communicate your feelings and induce joy and happiness, the pink calcite can release emotional suffering caused by abuse, relationship breakup or grief. Both stones are known to stimulate and open your heart chakra, which encourages balancing your emotions and thoughts.

Ocean Jasper + Rhodonite

Ocean Jasper + Rhodonite

If you are looking for a crystal combination that will teach you self-care and self-love, try the ocean jasper and rhodonite combo.

Perhaps one of the most powerful intentions that you can set for an ocean jasper is the intention of caring for yourself. With its soothing and loving energies, this crystal teaches you to treat yourself with a similar level of love and kindness that you give out. It helps in opening your heart and showing yourself some appreciation and love. This crystal will teach you to make yourself a priority every day.

Rhodonite, as the stone of self-love, can enhance the properties of ocean jasper. A strong emotional balancer, rhodonite shows both sides of a situation without judgment. It is also helpful in unblocking and clearing your heart chakra. This helps in emotionally recharging you and erasing scarring from painful memories.

In addition, ocean jasper is suitable for those who tend to give but don’t receive. The stone will teach you to also receive some affection and love from others and from yourself. Rhodonite, on the other hand, can help you in reaching your full loving potential. Not only that, but it will also bring and attract love and appreciation into your life every day.

Both crystals will teach you how to embrace self-care. Working with both ocean jasper and rhodonite can make sure that your needs are met, so you can live and feel your best

Ocean Jasper + Red Jasper

Ocean Jasper + Red Jasper

Like the ocean jasper and rhodonite combo, pairing it with red jasper can also induce self-care and self-love.

Carrying or wearing ocean jasper is said to help you hold on to the energy of self-love and self-care. This stone will open up your heart and teaches you to put yourself first before giving too much to other people.

Red jasper, on the other hand, can help you truly value yourself. Like the ocean jasper, the red jasper connects you to the earth through the root chakra. This makes both crystals a phenomenal combination that gives enormous strength in empowering self-love and self-survival while also keeping you grounded.  

In addition, the ocean jasper can also support an environment that allows you to feel nurtured and cared for at all times. Red Jasper, as the Supreme Nurturer, can help restore boundaries against emotional pressure and violence that can suffocate your feelings of self-worth.

Together, both stones can help you get your life back. They help in prioritizing yourself and push you to do the things that you love. Not only that, but these crystals will also bring self-worth and confidence.

Is Ocean Jasper a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Ocean jasper is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a zodiac crystal.

Ocean Jasper is April 20 – May 20 Birthstone

The ocean jasper is not any month’s traditional birthstone. However, the crystals with predominantly green colors are the natural birthstones of those born on April 20 – May 20 which is during the heart of spring. The green energies of this crystal can bring you success, renewal, good health and prosperity. 

Ocean Jasper is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn and Cancer

Ocean Jasper is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn and Cancer

The ocean jasper represents the Cancer zodiac sign. Symbolizing The Crab, ocean jasper makes a perfect zodiac crystal for the sea creature it represents. This crystal teaches tranquility and peace to the Cancerians while also boosting self-care and confidence.

In addition, this crystal is also believed to bring Capricorn patience and compassion in every aspect of their life.

Meditation with Ocean Jasper

The orbicular patterns within the ocean jasper can help in facilitating deep circular breathing. It provides a tool for focus during your meditations. Not only that, but this crystal also assists you in finding the center of yourself. Then, it aligns you with “All That Is”. Also, the harmonious and warm energy of the ocean jasper can increase focus and grounding. It moves you to a calm and relaxed transition into a meditative state.

With its deep connection to the ancient city of Atlantis, this crystal is also believed to help you travel back. It helps in retrieving ancient wisdom while expanding insight and knowledge into your past live. Not only that, but it also helps you in retrieving your spiritual lessons. Assistance from the ancients can help you uncover stored information that might be causing a repetitive pattern in your emotional subconscious.

How to Cleanse and Charge Ocean Jasper?

Like any healing crystals, the ocean jasper also needs to be cleansed and charged. This way, you can benefit from its potent healing energies every single day.

Because it is a water stone, you can clean ocean jasper with warm soapy water. Natural waters such as spring or falls work best. However, if you don’t have access to nearby natural water sources, tap water should do just fine.

How to Cleanse and Charge Ocean Jasper

To recharge your crystal, you can submerge it in a bowl of water sprinkled with sea salt. Most people leave them overnight. However, if you want deeper cleansing and charging, then you can leave your crystal there for a week. You can then remove the crystal and rinse it thoroughly under running water.

Another method that you should try is to bury the crystal in dry salt. You can leave it overnight or for a week. Also, you can charge your ocean jasper crystal in moonlight or sunlight. The sun offers stronger energies. However, since the ocean tides are connected to the moon cycle, it is recommended that you charge your crystals under the moonlight.

Final Thoughts

The ocean jasper with its swirling pattern symbolizes the interconnected nature of all life. It teaches you to appreciate the beauty in this world and encouraging positive relationships with other people.

Thanks to its nurturing energy, this crystal will focus light on buried emotional issues while teaching you to take responsibility for yourself. Holding the mystical strength and knowledge of the ancient city of Atlantis also teaches you the lesson of the past. It will promote emotion and empathy while teaching patience, easing stress and bringing wisdom through meditation.


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