Opal Meanings, Properties and Uses

Opal Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Opal

Opal, dubbed as the Eye Stone, is perhaps the most beautiful crystal you’ll ever find. Like lightning in a rainbow, this crystal flashes its beauty with even the slightest movement. This is a crystal so dedicated to the eye and is so pleasing to the sight while also inspiring hope, love, happiness, and purity.

What is Opal?

What is Opal?

Opal is a hydrated silicon dioxide and submicroscopic silica spheres that are bonded together with extra silica and water and sometimes contain the minerals tridymite and cristobalite.

Opals are amorphous which means that it features no crystalline structure and are without definite chemical composition. Thus, opal is considered a mineraloid instead of a mineral.

The gelatinous mix will seep deep into veins, fractures and between the layers of underground sedimentary rocks over time. The resulting solidified material, opal, is formed as most of the water is evaporated. In some rare circumstances, precious opal can be formed in masses that exhibit botryoidal growth, became replacement material in fossils or in stalagmitic form.

The play of color actually comes from this formation process of the opal. The color comes from the reflection of the scattering of light from the small uniformly sized and crammed silica spheres that make up this precious opal crystal. The arrangement of such spheres, varying in pattern and sizes, are responsible for the varying colors. Opals can go from nearly opaque white or translucent white to having a reddish or black background and everything in between— orange, red, green, blue, yellow and even purple lights.

The precious opal is a soft and delicate stone with a rating of 5.5 – 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Australia produces 97 percent of the world’s supply of Opal and is actually their national gemstone. The most valuable opals are found in New South Wales and Queensland. Other producers of precious opal include Mexico, South America, Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Britain, Brazil and the US.

The Meaning and Uses of Opal

The Meaning and Uses of Opal

The name opal was adapted from the Latin term “opalus”. However, it was believed to originated from the Sanskrit term “upala” which means “precious stone”. Pliny the Elder references to gem suggest that it may be related to Ops— Saturn’s wife and the Goddess of Fertility.

In Greek, it was known as “opallios”  which means “to see a change in color”, “paederos” which means “the delicate complexion of a lovely youth” or “pederos” which means “the child of love”.

The term “opalus” came to be known as “ophthalmius” or “ophthalmos” in the Middle Ages which means “the eye stone”, a term that reflects its ophthalmic virtues.

Opals are known to promote a sense of peace and security and so pleasing to the eye that it can help calm down racing thoughts. Precious opal is used in centering the mind and soothing energies.

Opals resonate with the nurturing energies of the Mother Goddess and are commonly offered as gifts to mothers. Precious opal is used for emotional support and is one seductive crystal, associated with passion, eroticism, desire and love. This crystal can be used to intensify your feeling and releasing inhibitions.

Opal can also be used to achieve healing from the Earth’s energy field, repairing issues and depletions and stabilizing or re-energizing your auric grid. Opals also make a wonderful occupation crystal encouraging dynamic creativity, lightness and encouraging humanitarian service and love.

Opal is also a great stone for those working in and around water. Opal jewelry inspires creative talents and performing arts such as dancing, writing, playing or singing. Also, opal can be used to communicate higher guidance through sound and speech as well as allowing shamans to access the deepest realms of your mind and self to heal.

Opal Metaphysical Properties

Opal Meanings, Properties and Uses

Opal was considered to be the most mysterious and bewitching of gems in the ancient world and is worn for its strengthening and soothing the sight. In the metaphysical world, this stone acts as a prism within your aura to bring a full spectrum of light energy to your system.

Opal clears and soothes the emotional body and boosting the joy of your earthly existence. This precious opal crystal can enkindle enthusiasm, optimism and creativity, allowing for the release of inhibitions, inspiring passion and love. Furthermore, opal jewelry enhances your cosmic consciousness and stimulates flashes of insight and intuition while also protecting you during meditations, deep inner work and shamanic journeys.

Opal is perhaps most known for its capability to bring your characteristics and traits to the surface for transformation. Just like how opal absorbs and reflect light, it picks up feelings, thoughts, buried desires and emotions, amplifying and returning them back to the source. This precious opal crystal also illuminates your positive emotions and actions, enhancing the true and good, and fostering your highest potential.

In Australian legend, it was believed that the creator came down to Earth on a rainbow, bringing the message of peace to mankind. And the spot where his foot touched the ground, the opal jewelry came alive and start sparkling in all colors.

Meanwhile, in Arabian myths, Opal was believed to be a magic stone sent from heaven that is infused with lightning and fell from the sky during a thunderstorm. In Greek mythology, opals were said to be Zeus’ tears of joy after their victory against the Titans.

Since opal contains various colors, the Romans believed that it was the most powerful and precious of all, possessing the virtues and power of all gemstones whose color resides within the crystal.

The Benefits of Opal

Here are some of the main benefits of the lovely opal crystal.

For Physical Healing

For Physical Healing

Opal is highly beneficial for the health of your eyes. Dubbed as the Eye Stone, this crystal can be used to strengthening and clarifying your eyesight while also treating disorders associated with your vision and eyes. Not only that, but this crystal is also beneficial for the health of your skin, nails and hair.

Thanks to its water content, this opal jewelry is also believed to be useful in balancing your water content alleviating water retention and overcoming dehydration. Opal is also known to disperse infections, regulating insulin production and purifying the kidneys and blood.

Furthermore, precious opal is used to help reduce fever as well as stimulating memory. In fact, opal is believed to energetically stabilize neurotransmitter disturbances and can ease Parkinson’s disease.

The soothing energy of opal is also supportive of issues with the female hormones, menopause, PMS and provides ease, comfort and support during childbirth and pregnancy.

For Emotional Healing

For Emotional Healing

Opal is a very supportive crystal, dedicated to the strengthening and healing of the emotional body for those who are willing to peer honestly into their true self. The high internal energy of opal brings feelings and thoughts to the surface for a thorough examination and revealing what your emotional state has been in the past and even in your previous life.

This cleansing and amplification process can be intense when you first work with opal. However, time teaches you to take responsibility for your feelings as well as clear past wounds, resentments and fears. The precious opal allows you to let go of the negative emotions and behaviors, soothing your emotional body and helping you to feel more in control.

Not only that, but this opal jewelry also assists you in becoming more loving, creative, spontaneous and creative. Also dubbed as the stone of happy dreams and changes, opal can also bring happiness from the understanding that you have unlimited potential, and that change comes with actions and situations which allow your aspirations to rise.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Opal occurs in almost every color and the dominant color energies can be utilized in order to stimulate the corresponding chakras. The brilliant play of color in most opals are useful for stimulating and activating several chakras and linking them to your crown chakra, infusing your aura with a full spectrum light for overall healing.

Suppose you want to concentrate on a specific chakra, you can just choose a variety of opal that corresponds with the color designated for that chakra.

The lighter shades of opal are better for the higher chakras, with the palest of them having close association with the crown chakra. Meanwhile, the darker shades are effective for your lower chakras.

Here’s a guide you can use:

  1. White Opals = Crown Chakra
  2. Mostly Purple Chakras = Third Eye Chakra
  3. Mostly Blue Opals = Throat Chakra
  4. Mostly Pink or Green Opals = Heart Chakra
  5. Mostly Yellow Opals = Solar Plexus Chakra
  6. Fire Opals = Sacral Chakra
  7. Boulder/Black Opals = Root Chakra

For Wealth Fetching and Luck

For Wealth Fetching and Luck

Opals have also been a symbol of status and wealth for centuries. The rarity of this crystal, along with their uniqueness contributed to the perception that opal is a crystal of luxury, opulence and high social status since ancient times.

Opal is a stone of luck, bringing wealth and abundance to anyone who chooses to harness its energy. This crystal can help attract wealth and financial success into your life as well as encourage you to work and achieve your financial goals.

For Relationship and Love

For Relationship and Love

AS mentioned before, opal has a deep association with passion, love, lust, desire, eroticism and sexuality. This is a highly seductive crystal that can intensify your emotional state while letting go of your inhibitions.

Opal can encourage you to try new things that can please both you and your partner. Opal will unleash the wild and adventurous side of you, spicing things up in your relationship.

Furthermore, this crystal is also known as a potent emotional stabilizer. Opal acts as a mirror, showing you how you’re doing emotionally and teaching you how to be emotionally mature and responsible. Not only that, but this crystal can also teach you how to handle your reactions more.

Opal can also remind you to take responsibility for your emotional state and feelings that might be preventing you from fully interacting with your partner or other people. Thus, opal helps in openly and honestly communicating with your loved ones.

Also, opal should help you in repairing the damages that your emotions have caused to your relationship or partner. Opal allows you to express your opinions, feelings and desires while remaining true to yourself.

With its beauty and colorful hues, this crystal can encourage you to offer positivity, promoting generosity, compassion, kindness and love. Opal allows you to focus on the things that make you a better person while encouraging you to surround yourself with your people.

The stone is also cleansing and refreshing, helping you to recover from major emotional trauma or heartbreak. Opal works on ailing relationships, bringing the passion and fire back.

Now, if you’re still haunted by past traumas and feelings of betrayal from your previous relationships, the opal can help you let go of these things. Opal actively engages with your energies, soothing emotional burdens and supports you in moving forward.

For Protection

Opal is also an excellent stone of protection. Opal provides a strong shield that keeps you from negative energies or thoughts from other people around you.

Just as it uses diffraction and interference to produce its beautiful colors, this crystal can also run interference around challenging situations or people that can affect your mentality or mood or can hurt your feelings.

This potent crystal can also provide this cloak of invisibility, in situations where you don’t wish to be noticed or wants to fade into the background. With its protective and hiding abilities, this crystal is highly beneficial when going into dangerous places or doing shamanic work where stealth is needed.

For Depression and Anxiety

For Depression and Anxiety

Opal is known to promote a sense of calmness, relieving depression and stress, while encouraging you to stop brooding in order to better direct your energies and thoughts. Opal is one of the best antidotes to racing minds and restless thoughts that can cause extreme anxiety and depression.

Furthermore, this appealing crystal also has loving energies that can stimulate and improve your thinking and mood. Opal cleanses your aura, allowing you to fall into a state of peace and tranquility.

Thanks to its capacity to provide mental balance and peace, this crystal is ideal for fighting symptoms of an anxious mind or when suffering from depression. Opal can help you in reaching a higher state of consciousness and acceptance.

For Career Success

For Career and Success

The beauty of opal and its undeniable attractiveness means that wearing it is bound to get you noticed. So, if you’re looking to make an impression on your boss or a new business partner or client for career advancement, then this crystal is for you.

In addition, opal has the ability to help you to be in the right place at the right time while also enhancing your abilities to see and take opportunities that others can’t.

This crystal can help manifest your desire and if these are about career success and financial nature, then the opal can keep your energy balanced, motivation high and your willingness to work hard.

The lovely energies of opal are also credited for their abilities to bring the energies of progress and change into your professional life and acting as a protector from negative energies and amplifying your career orientation and goals.

Different Types of Opal

Opal comes in various colors and varieties from colorless to black crystals. Opals are categorized into 3 basic types, with each type branching out to several varieties. Here are the varieties of opal along with a brief description and metaphysical properties.

Precious Opal

Precious Opal

Of all the 3 basic types, the precious opal or also known as the Rainbow opals are the rarest of them all. Theis precious opal is mined in a limited number of locations around the world. They are called rainbow opals since they produce brilliant streaks or flashes of iridescent color when turned in the light. This is a phenomenon known as “play of color”.

Some of the common varieties of precious or rainbow opals include:

Black Opal

Black Opal

The black opal is a precious opal featuring a dark body color, typically in dark gray or black, green or deep blue. The deep body color of black opal makes an iridescent play of color strikingly different from the light opals. Most precious black opal comes from New South Wales, Lightning Ridge, and Australia.

Despite its hue, black opal is considered to be the most uplifting and extremely lucky of all opals. Black opal brings light into your aura. Black opals dissolve hopelessness and depression as well as easing distress. Black opal allows you to face your darkest fears and releasing whatever it is that’s holding you back.

This black opal has a strong connection to the crown and root chakras. Black opals connect you to your highest spiritual aspirations with your physical body in order to make it a powerful magnifier of manifestation and intention. Not only that, but this black opal is also a protective stone for deep inner work.

Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal

This precious opal is formed within the fractures or voids of its host rock, typically sandstone of ironstone. Since its veins are quite thin, the host rock is cut with the crystal left on the back for support or as a layering of opal within the matrix stone. Boulder opal is mined in Queensland, Australia with each finished piece known to be special and unique.

The boulder opals not only carry the warm earthy energies but also the intense energy of fire. They help practical people in developing spiritual sides as well as helping the spiritually minded individual to succeed in everyday life.

Boulder opal is great for bringing emotional security and clarity while also assisting those finding it hard to establish a stable home environment without removing their spirit of adventure.

Matrix Opal

Matrix Opal

The matric opal is interspersed within a host rock where the opal occurs as an infilling of pore spaces or a network of veins, typically displaying pinfire color in its natural state.

Matrix opal is known to intensify all experiences, bringing comfort during grief and fear while also deepening emotions. Matrix opal helps you stay centered during decision making and bringing clarity to issues. Not only that, but this crystal also helps you to love your body and earthly existence and allowing you to recognize your true desires, dreams and ambitions.

Wood Opal

Also called Opalized Nature, the Wood opal are precious opals that have become fossilized over time by partially replacing the organic parts of a plant, tree, or animal remains. Such formations have been found in marine creatures, dinosaur bones or within wood structures, sometimes even forming the original growth rings of the tree.

This potent talisman of wood energy attunes to the energy of expansion, growth, health nourishment and new beginnings. These stones are strengthening and grounding and is ideal for dissolving worry over things of little to no importance.

White Opal

White Opal

This precious opal features a light body color, typically in cream, yellow or white, with a rainbow flash color. This is perhaps the best-known rainbow opal and widely used in jewelry.

White precious opals are the happiest of opals, radiating good humor, optimism, creativity, imagination and enthusiasm. Utilizing the elements of light and fire, this crystal can illuminate and intensify all aspects of your emotional body, helping you to release and identify old wounds, anger, fears and other patterns of negativity.

With its white sheen, this crystal manifests the light of the divine and allows deep association with angelic beings.

Common Opal

Potch Opal

Also known as Potch opal, the common opals are found in many places worldwide and forms spheres of unorderly stacking or sizes. Common opals don’t exhibit the play of color and usually have a pearly or milky luster called opalescence.

Common opals are available in nearly all colors, featuring a lustrous sheen and usually cut into gemstones for a high polish. Common opals resonate with the water element have a lower frequency vibration than the fiery or transparent opals, providing nurturing and gentle support for your emotional body.

Here are some varieties of common opal:

Peruvian/Andean Opal

Peruvian/Andean Opal

This variety of common opal comes from the Andes Mountains of Peru. They are opaque to translucent in soft pastel pink, blue or blue-green with a pearly sheen.

The Andean opal is amazingly soothing for animals and kids as well as the adults that are overwhelmed by this life. It is especially effective for healing past and old emotional wounds and bringing inner peace during difficult times.

Not only that, but this crystal also stimulate connection with others and effective communication from the heart. This crystal is an excellent journeying crystal, inducing a mild hypnotic state for enhancing metaphysical and divination gifts.

Milk Opal

Milk Opal

Although under the common opal, this variety is sometimes applied to the milky-white precious opal or the cloudy opal featuring a light background. The milk opals are believed to be the milk drops of the Mother Goddess and serve as a special talisman of nurturing, protection and support.

They help clear and soothe the emotional body while stimulating optimism and hope, boosting your will to live and happiness. This crystal can also help you to be open-minded and accepting yourself and others, assisting in communication efforts and enkindling companionship.

With its milky hue, this crystal can help create a safe and warm environment, making it ideal for those caring for children, babies or anyone in distress.

Water Opal

water opal

Also known as hyalite opal, this is a colorless, water-clear common opal without a play of color. Water opal is formed in botryoidal masses or unusual shapes.

Hyalite is probably the most unusual opal and represents all the magical qualities of opal while encouraging inner radiance and individuality to shine through. This is a powerful crystal for clearing a distorted body image or when you’re extremely conscious about the physical appearance that prevents you from having social interactions.

Water opal connects our base chakra to the crown chakra, stabilizing your mood, stimulating connection to the spiritual world and enhancing meditation.

Moss Opal

moss opal

Also called dendritic opal, the moss opal is milky white to brownish in color featuring dark-green moss, fern, or tree-like inclusions of various silicate, manganese oxides or hornblende.

This variety is great for getting in touch with your environment and communicating with the nature spirits. IT promotes growth— spiritually and physically— providing help when entering relationships and allowing you to remain approachable and open in spite of the bad experiences.

This crystal also helps in healing wounds from the past and allows you to approach others without prejudice. It is suitable for enhancing the achievement of personal goals and bringing prosperity and abundance to your life.

Fire Opal

Fire Opal

Fire opal is the 3rd basic type of opal and is usually characterized by its translucent to a transparent sheen with a body-color of orange, red, or yellow. Fire opals are also known as Mexican fire opal since more of these are mined in Mexico.

In general, fire opal shows no play of color, however, there are some fire opals that show a weak display or exhibiting bright green flashes. Such specimens are known as the Precious Fire Opal or the Firmament Stone.

Fire opals use the elemental energy of fire that can awaken your passion and bodily desires. They mainly stimulate your sacral and base chakra, increasing your chi and kundalini energy.

Here are the common varieties of fire opal:

Crystal Opal

Crystal Opal

A variety of the precious fire opal that is semi-transparent to transparent, the crystal opal features an exceptional play of color with the see-through body color having dark, light hue or colorless.

Crystal opals are great for healing and health, supporting your entire being. It brings a deep feeling of exuberance and joy to your life. Using the Fire element, the crystal opal can inspire creativity, imagination and cleverness. In addition, this variety can be used for gazing and stimulating visions from within the Divine realms.

Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal

This is a fire, hydrophane opal that forms in nodules within the volcanic ash. It occurs in a variety of patterns and colors and usually displays brilliant color flashes.

The Ethiopian opal uses water energy and is great at enhancing purification and inducing stillness. They activate the sacral and base chakras, uniting all the subtle bodies to balance and equilibrium so that your whole body can function harmoniously.

Combining Opal With Other Crystal Stones

Opal also makes a powerful combination with other crystals like the ones mentioned below.

Opal + Hematite


Opal is a potent crystal for strengthening your memory, especially if you are a student or you just need to retain huge amounts of information. Its fine vibration resonates with your crown, throat and heart chakra, a combination that promotes mental clarity and calmness.

To enhance this ability, you can pair opal with hematite. Dubbed as the Stone of the Mind, hematite is great for enhancing memory retention. So, if you’re easily distracted, or having difficulties in remembering and learning things of importance, then hematite can help you.

With this combination, you can make it easier for you to concentrate and organize your thoughts. This can prevent absent-mindedness and providing mental acuity.

Opal + Garnet


Opal has a deep connection with lust, eroticism, desires, passion and sexuality. You can further amplify this power with the blood-colored garnet.

Further, these are highly seductive opal stones that can intensify your emotions while encouraging you to unleash your wild side. Meanwhile, Garnet is known for its sensual and creative energy.

Both crystals are perfect for intense and strong feelings. They balance your energy, bringing serenity and passion as well as encouraging love and your sex drive. This is perhaps the best crystal combination for opal which can encourage you to spice things up in your relationship.

Opal + Labradorite


Both opal and labradorite both attract luck, making these the perfect combination. If you’re wishing for more success, good fortune and abundance in your life, then opal and labradorite can attract wealth and protect you from any kind of misfortune.

Furthermore, the combination of opal and labradorite can actually increase your intuitiveness and protection you against bad energies.

Is Opal a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Opal is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Opal is October Birthstone

Opal is the traditional birthstone for people born in October. Perhaps because of the shortening days of the month and the cold weather that October was a month that is associated with pain and bad luck. However, with the opal as its birthstone, it signifies as a talisman of good fortune and hope in this late fall month

Opal is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer  

Opal Meanings, Properties and Uses

Opal has a strong affinity with the water sign of Cancer. Its iridescent sheen makes opal an emotional balancer for this sign.

As a stone for the moon sign cancer, this crystal can help Cancerians discover their deep-seated emotions and letting go of past events. Opal helps bring their emotions to the surface and assist you in seeing the truth.

Opal as the October birthstone is also associated withLibra. Libras are known to be cooperative and diplomatic as well as socially responsible and fair-minded. Opal can amplify these strengths and mitigate Librans tendencies to indecisiveness and self-pity.

Meditation with Opal

Opal jewelry promotes a centered and calm mind for meditation and prayers, allowing you to connect with Earth and spirits and experiencing the elemental joy of the natural world.

The common opals are known to vibrate at a lower frequency and are great for grounding your emotional body. This relieves stress and brings tranquility and peace.

Meanwhile, the precious opals carry intense spiritual energy that can magnify your emotions and allowing deep inner work. Opal jewelry can take you to the roots of your psyche and are useful for past-life recall and soul retrieval.

The Fire opals, on the other hand, carry a frequency of ecstasy and inducing a passionate state of enlightenment.

How to Cleanse and Charge Opal?

Opals are quite unique in the crystal world since they are formed in water. And thus, the best way to clean it is to wash it on running water. However, you should never leave it in water for too much since they are soft crystals.

If opals get too dry, they tend to crack which is also known as Crazing. This removes the value and sheen of the stone. To charge the opal, you can leave it in the moonlight for the night.

Final Thoughts

It is without a doubt that opal is the most beautiful crystal you can add to your growing crystal collection. That and its numerous metaphysical offering will fill you with the desire to live a peaceful, joyful, loving and beautiful life!


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