Orange Calcite Meanings, Properties and Uses


Orange calcite carries amplifying energy that is associated with sexuality and creativity. It has uplifting and positive energy and is a powerful balancer of the emotional body. Learn more about this potent crystal by reading below.

What is Orange Calcite?

What is Orange Calcite

Calcite is actually calcium carbonate, a mineral that makes up chalk. A relatively soft mineral rated only 3 on the Mohs hardness scale, calcite does not have a distinctive geometry. However, it often features a trigonal or rhombohedral crystal structure.

It is often found in sedimentary, indigenous, and metamorphic rocks, especially in limestones. Other than that, calcite also often occur as vein minerals in deposits from hot springs as well as the naturally occurring caverns and caves as stalactite or stalagmites.

In addition, calcite is also a primary constituent of the shells of marine organisms such as bivalves or plankton. In its raw form, calcite features a waxy appearance with a slight luster. When polished though, it loses its waxy aspect and takes on a really high sheen.

Calcite is available in several colors, due to the difference in the microscopic quantity of other metals or minerals in its crystalline structure. Orange calcite, in particular, contains some particulate inclusions of hematite, an iron-oxide mineral, which is responsible for its honey-yellow and amber to orange-red and bright orange color.

The Meaning and Uses of Orange Calcite

The name “calcite” is actually derived from the Latin term “calx” which means “lime”. Meanwhile, the variety name “orange calcite” refers to its orange, honey-yellow, amber, or orange-red colors. The orange calcite is also known as orange Mexican onyx, orange alabaster, or citrus calcite.

This stone has been extensively used since ancient times. Various ancient cultures, particularly the Olmec in central and southern Mexico carved ceremonial figurines and cups from both the red and orange varieties of large calcites.

Later on, European medieval physicians prescribed potions of powdered calcite as a remedy for ailments of the eyes.

It is important to note that because of its softness and the perfect three-directional cleavage that makes it difficult to cut, orange calcite is not often used in everyday jewelry settings. Raw orange calcites, however, are often used in pendants, rings, and earrings for metaphysical healing.  

The Meaning and Uses of Orange Calcite

Its translucency and color make it a popular ornamental stone that’s fashioned into bowls, cups, spheres, ashtrays, figurines, and paperweights. It is particularly popular as a candleholder since it can partially transmit the light of flames with a warming glow.

As a constituent of marble, calcite can also be found in several monuments. According to legend and lore, the ancient Egyptians were actually quite fond of this mineral. They fashioned and carved it into artifacts as well as used it to adorn the tombs of their Pharaohs.

Also, calcite alabaster, derived from the Egyptian town Alabastron, was used for making canopic jars and small perfume bottles.

Orange calcite, particularly the translucent varieties can occasionally show phosphorescence or fluorescence that is often used for optical purposes. Calcite is also a mineral that has been used in abrasives, construction materials, agricultural soil, and pigment treatments.

Orange Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Orange calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser of the body. This stone is said to enhance all your gifts and eliminate all kinds of pollution present in all aspects of the body. It mainly helps in increasing the flow of creative and positive energies in your body while dispelling the negative ones.

Furthermore, this stone can help you move away from old behavior, patterns, and negative ways of thinking. It can help you through changes while providing the needed energy to tackle such reality shifts.

Orange Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Not only that, but this crystal can also show you how you can make space for new ways of positive living, fresh and innovative ideas, and other sources of inspiration. It helps you in discovering a deeper meaning for your experience and for all the events that happen in your life. This stone shall get your energy moving, allowing you to come up with something unique, different, and innovative.

Orange calcite is also a highly spiritual stone that is associated with the realms of higher consciousness. This stone is said to facilitate rituals and meditations designed to expand your awareness and consciousness while aiding in spiritual growth.

It is often used for channeling and for successful astral traveling or out-of-body experiences. This crystal can assist the soul in remembering the experiences and wisdom when it returns to the physical body after trance works.

The Benefits of Orange Calcite

The orange calcite offers several healing benefits that you will love. Here are some of them:

For Physical Healing

The orange calcite is strongly associated with the healing of your physical body. This stone carries a potent frequency that can restore, repair, protect, and strengthen your physical well-being.

Orange Calcite For Physical Healing

Its orange energies are mainly associated with boosting your sexual energy, physical energy, and vitality. It can ease problems or issues with the reproductive system, easing impotence and boosting fertility,

Not only that, but this stone can also help in conditions that affect the joints. It helps in improving the functions of your spleen, urinary tract, kidneys, and liver. Not only that, but it also helps in removing visual disturbances and viruses. Its soothing color is also said to relieve issues of eyesight.

Orange calcite is also said to be an excellent tool for eliminating waste substances and toxins from your body. Its energetic color is also said to relieve symptoms of fatigue, lethargy as well as stomach-related illnesses. Furthermore, it is said to assist in your calcium intake as well as boost nutrient absorption.

For Emotional Healing

Orange calcite is a wonderful tool for emotional healing. This stone helps in balancing your emotions and is said to overcome symptoms of lethargy and stress. In addition, emotional issues that are related to childhood wounding or even the deepest issues of a sexual nature respond well to this crystal.

Orange Calcite For Emotional Healing

Whether past experiences have interfered with your creativity, self-worth, and self-confidence causing chaos in your emotional being, the orange calcite can gently bring these aspects to the surface for intense clearing.

By releasing such stagnant energies, you will gain relief from emotional fear and doubting. Not only that, the warmth and positivity of this cleansing stone can fill you with cheerfulness, playfulness, and vitality. A sense of renewal and self-esteem will fill your emotional body, allowing you to unlock your full potential to move forward in life.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Orange Calcite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The beautiful shades of orange calcite are said to help stimulate and boost the performance of your sacral and solar plexus chakra.

The sacral chakra is the center for emotional balance and creative energies. It is mainly responsible for the healthy flow of energy and creativity throughout the body.

If your sacral chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you experience difficulty in dealing with the important changes in your life. Not only that, but your relationships with others can also become toxic and unhealthy, while the lack of confidence can interfere with your creative endeavors.

The vibrant orange shades of calcite can provide a warming and nurturing quality. It encourages and boosts your emotional body, by supporting, cleansing, and energizing your sacral chakra. This shall boost your confidence, positivity, and a strong, healthy flow of good energy.

Orange Calcite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Other than the sacral chakra, the amber to yellow-orange shades of orange calcite is also used to stimulate and unblock your solar plexus chakra. This chakra is the center for enhancing and mastering your own personal power.

Think of it as the fire center of the body and is mainly responsible for drive, enthusiasm, confidence, and willpower to reach your goals.

Now, when the solar plexus chakra becomes blocked or unbalanced, it can leave you with low confidence, motivation, and energy. It could also cause you to feel more tired and irritable than usual.

The orange calcite carries the power and healing energies of the sun. This can activate and clear your energy center and give you back the self-belief that you lost. It also brings a sense of hope and determination, allowing you to move towards your goals and objectives.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

In terms of abundance and wealth, orange calcite can be a powerful ally. This stone is said to fill you with positive energies that can attract money and other exciting new opportunities for advancing your financials. It also helps you discover creative and innovative solutions for your current financial issues.

Orange Calcite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

This stone can help encourage you to look at things from a different perspective, finding new ways to make money or teaching you to budget your money. It can help you overcome your financial challenges, integrating and developing new plans to achieve more.

Not only that but this stone is also said to help inspire you to expand your business ventures. It is said to help improve the flow of business energies and, thus, increase the flow of money.

It shall encourage you to persevere and work hard in order to achieve your financial goals. Plus, it provides the confidence and trusts that your plans will succeed. And even if there are setbacks, this stone shall keep you alive and optimistic to move forward and attract the abundance and prosperity that’s to come.

For Relationship and Love

The orange calcite can work wonders in your life, particularly in terms of romance, love, and relationships. It mainly works on your emotional body, removing fears and doubts while encouraging positivity and happiness in love.

This stone shall provide you with the much-needed emotional release. All emotions and feelings that you’ve locked away in your heart will gently pour out of you and make you feel so much lighter.

Not only that, but this stone can also help in healing emotional pain. This way, there can be peace from within. It also shows you how to forgive others and move on with your life. Also, this stone can help restore balance if you ever experience setbacks in your relationships. It helps you in finding happiness and the desire to love once again.

The orange calcite is also a powerful tool if you and your partner don’t always see eye to eye. It helps you look at each other’s situation, providing a new perspective and a better understanding of each other. It also helps in removing any resistance in your relationship while allowing harmony and peace to reign.

Orange Calcite For Relationship and Love

Furthermore, the energies of orange calcite are also excellent for balancing your sexual energies. It is even considered an aphrodisiac, thanks to its strong connection with the sacral chakra which is your center of sensuality and passion.

As a result, the orange calcite can unleash your sexual energies and wild side so that they can flow freely. You will then feel inner confidence in your relationship and in yourself. It also helps in overcoming your shyness, allowing you to try different things with your partner, especially in bed. This could help in spicing things up in your sexual relationship.

For Protection

The orange calcite can be a powerful amulet of protection. It can be a barrier filter that helps shield you against the negative things in your life. Not only that, but this stone also has incredible abilities to help amplify your focus and efforts in keeping the undesirable elements out of your life.

Orange Calcite For Protection

Harnessing the energies of the sun, this stone can actually deflect the negative energies from your surrounding while filling you with the revitalizing and renewing energies of the sun. This should prevent toxicity to other people and your surrounding from draining your energy.

Not only that, but its energies can also increase the amount of energizing light surrounding your body, bringing positivity, zest, and optimism back to your life.

For Confidence

Orange calcite with its vibrant orange hue exudes sunny and joyful energy to anyone who uses it. This stone can provide increased energy, helping you stay positive all day long. By boosting your energy, this stone can automatically improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Orange Calcite For Confidence

With its strong connection to the solar plexus and sacral chakra, the orange calcite can help relieve doubts and deep-seated fears, boosting energy and optimism, and ultimately bringing back self-belief and a creative spark in your life.

For Depression and Anxiety

Orange calcite with its vibrant energies is said to be an excellent healer for those experiencing depression and anxiety.

Orange Calcite For Depression and Anxiety

This crystal can infuse you with genuine joy and happiness as well as remove negative and toxic beliefs and thoughts. It can help re-energize the body, relieving lethargy and fatigue which are often associated with depression. Then, it boosts your motivation, passion, and willpower, allowing you to make positive choices in life while inspiring you to obtain success.

In addition, the energies of orange calcite also resonate with higher thinking and awareness. This helps increase your capacity to focus more. As a result, our minds will not have to stray, wander or think of negative things in our life.

For Career Success

A warming and friendly crystal, the orange calcite can help boost your professional skills and develop a positive attitude to achieve your career objectives or dreams.

The orange calcite is mainly used for enhancing creativity. By balancing your sacral chakra, the orange calcite can inspire creativity, allowing you to uncover new ideas and innovations in the workplace.

Not only that, but its nurturing and supportive qualities also vibrate at the frequency of creativity. This should inspire you to be resourceful and encourage you to reach your true potential in any professional pursuit.

Orange Calcite For Career Success

In addition, this stone can also help you overcome creative blocks. By encouraging a gentle movement of energy, the orange calcite can remove blockages and balance the mental and emotional body, boosting your willpower and motivation to complete a task or project.

Aside from making you feel renewed and reinvigorated, the orange calcite can also make it easier to let go of the unwanted beliefs and habits that might be limiting your talents and skill. Its positive energy can help overcome the lack of ambition and self-worth.

Furthermore, this stone can promote responsible leadership, boosting your personality and skills to benefit the people you work with and gaining respect from your peers. Its sunny energies can also help in fighting procrastination and laziness. It shall make you productive and inspired, replacing lethargy and inactivity with motivation and enthusiasm.

Combining Orange Calcite With Other Crystal Stones

The orange calcite can be more powerful if you combine it with other crystal stones. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for orange calcite that you should try out!


For the ultimate sacral chakra healing, try the pairing of orange calcite and carnelian.

Orange Calcite + Carnelian

Orange calcite is one of the best stones for balancing and opening the sacral chakra. Its nurturing qualities and warm shades of orange can remove blockages of your sacral chakra and inspire creativity. It shall push you to reach your full potential.

Meanwhile, the carnelian with its lovely hues of evening sunset can open and soothe your sacral chakra, balancing your energy flows and boosting confidence. As the Stone of Motivation and Endurance, you can expect the carnelian crystal to offer energies to get things moving.

The orange calcite can prevent apathy, lethargy, and low levels of activity. Not only that, but it also helps removes feelings of sadness, doubt, lack of self-worth, and fear. Then the warm joyful energy of carnelian helps in boosting your self-belief, intuition, and passion. Together, both stones can help you move forward with renewed confidence.


If you want to improve your confidence as well as open up to new possibilities, then try combining the energies of orange calcite with pyrite.

Orange Calcite + Pyrite

The fiery energy of the orange calcite can promote a sense of confidence, playfulness, and fun while removing doubts and fear. It is also an energy amplifier and booster, clearing out blockages in your sacral chakra to boost your talents, motivations, and self-belief.

Pyrite, on the other hand, can complement the energies of the orange calcite with its grounding frequency as well as stimulate and stabilize your solar plexus chakra. It also helps enhance the protective and assertive energies of confidence. Also, it assists in overcoming your tendencies of feelings of unworthiness and inferiority.

Both orange calcite and pyrite can also attract opportunities and action. The orange calcite can help boost your creativity, filling you with innovative and new ideas. Not only that, but it also helps expand your mentality and break old thought patterns to improve your current skills. Meanwhile, As the stone of action, vitality, and willpower, pyrite also helps in tapping into your full potential and capabilities. It can stimulate the flow of ideas while bringing in persistence and determination to carry things through to completion.


For the ultimate creativity booster, pair the energies of orange calcite with citrine.

Orange Calcite + Citrine

The orange calcite is a powerfully energizing and cleansing stone that focuses on boosting creativity. Thanks to its strong association with the sacral chakra, the orange calcite vibrates at the frequency of creativity. Being an amplifier, this stone also helps you in reaching your true potential and abilities.

Citrine, on the other hand, carries the energies of the mighty sun. Thus, it shines brightly on all your creative endeavors while also working on your solar plexus chakra. In addition, this crystal also helps in improving your stamina and motivation for tasks and projects at work.

By carrying both crystals, you can enhance your motivation and determination. It also helps in the elimination and release of old patterns and destructive behaviors. Then, it allows innovative and fresh ideas to reach your mental body.

If you’re thinking about starting a new business, need help in achieving your career or professional goals, or just want some creativity-boosting energies, then you should definitely try the combination of orange calcite and citrine.  


For motivational energies, try the unique combination of orange calcite and amethyst crystal.

Orange Calcite + Amethyst

With its soft sunset shades, the orange calcite carries gentle energies that resonate with motivation, success, and willpower. Dubbed the Stone of Creativity, the orange calcite can help tap into your hidden talents, clearing apathy and stagnation. By clearing these blockages, you get to boost your confidence and ambition, allowing you to reach your true potential.

Pair it with the amethyst and you shall become highly motivated while being mindful. Amethyst is a spiritual stone with empowering energies that promotes a mindful and motivated mindset. It inspires you to act, assisting you in making changes in your life and achieving your objectives and goals. With its strong association with the crown chakra, this stone promotes intense focus and calmness. This should help you explore why you wish to achieve a certain goal and assist with the decision-making process.

Combining both stones, you can enjoy a powerful motivational force to guide you through the day. Orange calcite can help bring back your ambition and driving force. It also helps in relieving feelings of lack of self-worth, infusing you with undeniable positivity and enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, the amethyst crystal can stimulate action while encouraging you to make realistic goals, which is crucial to success. As a powerful cleanser, amethyst also helps in clearing out the negative energy from within you and from your surroundings. As a result, you get to create the perfect space for a motivational mindset.

Is Orange Calcite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The orange calcite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Orange Calcite is August 22 – September 22 Birthstone

The orange carnelian is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is considered to be a natural birthstone for those born between August 22 and September 22, during the end of the summer. The orange shades of this stone are said to bring joy, pleasure, and friendship.

Orange Calcite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer and Leo

Orange Calcite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

The orange calcite resonates well with the zodiac sign Cancer. In fact, calcite is the birthstone for Cancer and is also the stone for the Moon, the ruling planet of Cancer. This makes it a great choice for its star sign.

Most people born under the banner of Cancer have an enormous capacity to care and love for everyone around them. They tend to be intuitive and sensitive, placing huge value on close friends. The orange calcite can support such values and help the Cancerians to move towards their life purpose.

In addition, Cancerians also tend to face challenges. Moodiness and insecurity oftentimes become an issue with Cancerians, as well as being overcautious which can interfere with their ability to achieve goals.

The energies of the orange calcite can bring a closer connection to the solar plexus and sacral chakra. It heals and stimulates these energy centers, boosting your confidence, rebalancing negative feelings, and providing stability in your emotional body. Not only that, but this stone also integrates your physical body with your spiritual aspects, allowing positivity and joy to flow through you.

Orange Calcite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo

Other than Cancer, Leos are also known to benefit from orange calcite. As an energetic fire sign, most people born under the sign Leo are warm-hearted and confident. They are also born leaders with the ability to be an inspiration and see greatness in others. The orange calcite offers energizing frequency that can support such traits while also boosting the creative energy of Leos.

With the sun as its ruling planet, Leos are often stubborn or prideful which can actually interfere with their decision-making skills. The orange calcite can help remove the emotional toxicity which could interfere with their decisions skills and make the Leos much more comfortable and confident with their choices and judgments.

Meditation with Orange Calcite

The orange calcite is a potent stone in terms of meditation. It can invite positive energies from the universe, making a space that caters to healthy and positive thoughts and feelings.

Not only that, but this stone also brings a level of peace that can help you let go of bad habits and behaviors. It provides you with a renewed drive while increasing your energy level to conquer the stressful days ahead of you.

It also brings a sense of motivation and confidence, allowing you to explore new ventures and derive inspiration from different sources. Lastly, meditating with the orange calcite can help boost your creativity, filling you with new and innovative ideas.

How to Cleanse and Charge Orange Calcite?

Since the orange calcite tends to absorb negative energy from your surroundings and other people, it is crucial that you cleanse and recharge it on a regular basis. Since orange calcite is a soft stone, it is not suitable for cleansing in water.

How to Cleanse and Charge Orange Calcite

For one, orange calcite loves to get sunbathe. You can place it outside in direct sunlight or on a windowsill to bather on the powerful rays of the sun. Take note, however, that you should leave it in direct sun for more than two hours.

You can also try cleaning your stone with the smoke of burning herbs such as sage or an incense stick. By holding your orange calcite over the smoke for 20 – 30 seconds, you can remove the negative energies from its crystalline structure.

If you have large quartz crystals or amethyst geodes, then you can use them to purify or recharge your orange calcite. Letting your orange calcite sit beside the crystal quartz or inside a geode for a day or two can recharge and cleanse its energies.

Singing bowls also make a great tool for recharging and cleansing your orange calcite. You simply let it sit near the singing bowl. The sound vibrations from the light taps on the singing bowl can help remove the toxicity from its crystalline structure.  

Final Thoughts

The orange calcite is indeed a powerful energizer and balancer of your emotional body. Its sunny disposition brings creativity and motivation while reducing fear and doubts. Not only that, but it should also improve your confidence while supporting you in reaching your full potential and professional or personal goals in life.


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