Peridot Meanings, Properties and Uses

Peridot Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Peridot

The glorious green-yellow peridot stone has been undervalued for years. It was thought of as a lesser gem, easily obtained, small, and relatively cheap. Its popularity has fallen in and out of the trend for centuries.

A new resurgence, however, is bringing to light what Peridot lovers have always known— that it is a truly remarkable crystal.

What is Peridot?

Peridot, which is pronounced as “pair-uh-doe”, is the gem form of olivine. It is a magnesium silicate mineral that comes from the forsterite-fayalite family. The amount of iron is responsible for its attracting colors.

Although the olivine crystal is an abundant mineral, the gem quality peridots are extremely rare, particularly in large peridots. This gem can vary from brownish-green gem or darker shade of green to the common pure or lime green or the bright yellow-green gems. However, the most valued stone is dark green.

What is Peridot

For the most part, the peridot occurs as an eye-clean gem with excellent transparency. It is usually faceted and there’s no known treatment to improve its clarity or color. Thus, it is not enhanced or heat-treated in any way. However, some people reported deceitful producers using a metal-foiling in order to increase the stability of the stone or to coat the paler crystals.

The Gemological Institute of America called it “the extreme gem” and was born of fire then brought to light. It is one of the only 2 gems (the other one is the diamond) formed not in the curst of the Earth, but in the igneous rock of the upper mantle and was brought to the surface by the tremendous forces of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Although some peridots are born on earth, other peridot crystals have extraterrestrial origins which are known as extraterrestrial Peridots. They are found in rare pallasite meteorites, with only 61 known to date. These meteorites are formed some 4.5 billion years ago and are remnants of the birth of our solar system.

In 2006, olivine, which is the most basic form of peridot stone, was also found in comet dust that is brought back from the Stardust robotic space probe. It was also detected by the instrument on Mars by NASA’s Global Surveyor as well as discovered on the moon.

The ancient source of peridot stone was Egypt. However, the main sources now are Burma, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and Arizona Peridot in the US. Meanwhile, the valuable pure green peridots are found in Oregon, Norway, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Russia, and Pakistan.

The Meaning and Uses of Peridot

In the ancient world, peridot is dubbed as the “true topaz”. This yellow-green gem was first called topazos which is derived from the inhospitable and obscure Topazios Island of the Red Sea where it was first discovered. Originally, it was thought of as the topaz crystal, but recent research suggests that it was actually peridot stone.

These unique Olivine gems (not the fluorine-bearing minerals that we refer to today as Topaz) were explicitly mined for the Egyptian Kings. Thus, the region was so closely guarded and anyone who tries to approach it without permission was threatened with death.

For over 3,500 years, the Egyptians held a monopoly on the mysterious island until it was abandoned for centuries. It was then rediscovered around 1905 and was renamed St. John’s Island and finally called Zabargad, which is the Arabic term for olivine.

Peridot stones in their more golden or yellow hues were also called Chrysolite in biblical times. This is the Greek term for “kruesos” which means gold and “lithos” which means stone. However, the current term, peridot, is derived from the Arabic term “faridat” which means gem.

The Meaning and Uses of Peridot

The peridots of the greener shades were often mistaken for evening emerald which is the favorite of queen Cleopatra. In fact, some historians believed that most of her evening emerald jewelry, if not all, were peridots from Egypt.

Other mesmerizing specimens of peridot found their way into the cathedrals and churches of Europe. These are either traded or looted during the crusades. In the 8th century, the Archbishop of Mainz, Rabanus Maurus, considered the chrysolite as one of the 12 apocalyptic gems, reflecting the true spiritual purpose of preaching accompanied by miracles.

Meanwhile, the magician Agrippa of the German High Magic, declared that the peridot possesses the powers of the sun and used it to soothe respiratory ailments and healing asthma. As a matter of fact, peridot gem in powdered form was kept in apothecary shops and sold for this ailment.

Peridot was also fashioned into beads, carved into talismans, or cut into gems. Considered the gem of spring, the peridot stone is usually worn for success and luck. Also, it is the traditional gift given on the 16th wedding anniversary.  

Peridot Metaphysical Properties

Because of the way it forms (mentioned above), the ancients believed that the Peridot stones were ejected to Earth by the sun’s explosion, thus carrying its healing properties, which is quite accurate.  

Associated with the sun, the peridot was highly prized since the earliest civilizations for its protective energies to drive away the darker shade. When set in gold and bound to the left arm or worn around the neck, this stone was used as a powerful charm against magic and sorcery, night terrors, evil spirits, and madness.

The stone is said to cure cowardice, brightening the wit and calming anger. It is also said to protect your aura, alleviating emotional burdens and purifying the subtle and physical bodies.

Furthermore, peridot stones promotes forgiveness and responsibility while re-establishing a sense of self-worth and confidence in your abilities.

Peridot Metaphysical Properties

Beautifully faceted, peridot in its shades of olives evokes the onset of fall and the lateness of summer, as the leaves morph from green to gold. It is the stone of well-being and warmth, physically regenerating and mentally stimulating. It also carries the gift of inner radiance, opening and sharpening the mind to new levels of growth and awareness.

Peridot stone is also highly beneficial for regulating and attuning to the cycles of your life— physical, emotional and mental phases as well as intellectual progression. It can also help in dissipating the old vibrations and negative patterns that play over and over which is keeping you from realizing that you are deserving of success.

Working with the energies of peridot, you can remove these blockages and move forward quickly. It opens the mind of the heart to fully receive from the universe with gratitude and grace. As the stone of transformation, the peridot crystals can also be used in recovering from inhalant or tobacco dependencies as well as other addictions.

It is a wounded healer crystal, serving as a vital guide in facilitating healing processes that help others going through what you’ve already overcome. Not only that, but it is also considered effective in amplifying your Reiki energies.

The Benefits of Peridot

Here are some of the great benefits of using peridot gems in your life.

For Physical Healing

Peridot gem helps in managing and balancing your endocrine system, particularly your adrenal glands. This governs the health of the physical body and acting as a tonic to energize your entire system by making it stronger, healthier, and more radiant.

Peridot For Physical Healing

In addition, peridot stones also supports your digestive system and the proper assimilation go nutrients from the water, food, and light. It can also be used to assist in the optimal functioning of the gall bladder, pancreas, liver, and spleen.

Peridot can also be sued to help strengthen your eyes in relation to nearsightedness and astigmatism. Not only that, but it is also said to provide relief from, and healing ulcers f the duodenum and stomach.

When placed on the abdomen, this crystal is said to be a facilitator for the birthing process. It stimulates contraction and helping in the opening of the birth canal which lessens the pain of delivery.

For Emotional Healing

Peridot is an exceptional crystal for healing your emotional body as well as resolving matters of the heart. This stone heals and cleanses hurt feelings as well as bruised egos.

It lessens jealousy, anger, spite, and resentment. It also teaches you to understand that holding onto people or the past is actually counterproductive to your growth.

Peridot For Emotional Healing

Not only that, but peridot also teaches you to examine your past for the gift of experiences, admitting mistakes and letting go of blame and guilt. This helps you forgive yourself and other people and moving forward in life.

Furthermore, peridot stones can also stimulate psychological clarity. It inspires a sense of contentedness and happiness in your life. It can empower you to detach the mind from the outside influences and having confidence in your abilities. This gemstone will help you look inward for guidance and accessing the knowledge and wisdom of the higher mind.

Peridot can also initiate assertion and independence without aggression. It allows you to accept the world as it is and transforming it with clear intentions in order to create the reality that you wish to have.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Peridot For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Peridot carries the beautiful green energy which activates your heart chakra. By stimulating and unblocking your heart chakra, the peridot crystal can prevent the feeling of being controlled or too controlling in your relationship. It also manages your strong emotional responses to everyday outside stimuli.

Not only that, but it also helps you understand your emotions and needs more clearly. It helps you deal with and work through challenges and obstacles of emotional relationships, letting go of negative emotions and thoughts, and accepting changes for you to move forward in life.

Peridot For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Meanwhile, the yellow energies of the peridot crystals also work on activating your solar plexus chakra. Peridot can help in unblocking your energy distribution center. As a result, you feel revitalized and have the energy to tackles every day’s life with confidence and strength.

Not only that but by stimulating your solar plexus chakra, peridot also equip the body to fight physical diseases, particularly infections and allergic reactions.  

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Peridot For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Dubbed as the money stone, the peridot crystals comes in the color of money. With its bright green shades, peridot is said to bring luck to its owner as well as attracting abundance and wealth.

Its bright and positive energy is used in order to boost your desired situation. Clearing blockages of the solar plexus and heart chakra, this stone can make you feel worthy of receiving abundance and wealth. Not only that, but it also eliminates negative self-belief which hinders the greater achievement of wealth.

For Relationship and Love

Peridot For Relationship and Love

As mentioned before, the peridot gemstone can open, activate and cleanse your heart chakra. This can help you in releasing old emotional baggage. All emotional burdens, obsessions, guilt, and other negative emotions will be cleared and make way to new psychological clarity.

Peridot is particularly beneficial in times of excessive jealousy and anger over a loved one. This stone can teach you to calm down and assist you in finding a rational solution.

This is also true in moments of despair or heartbreak. Any of these emotions that can most heavily impact your ability to think clearly can be overcome with the help of the peridot crystals.

For Protection

Peridot For Protection

Since the beginning of mans civilization, the peridot gemstone has been used as an amulet of protection. This crystal was said to be used in dispelling magic and sorcery, evil spirits, terrors of the night and other negative entities.

In addition, this crystal is also said to protect you against madness and melancholy and is believed to sharpen your mind. It is best bound to the left arm or worn around the neck and should always be set in gold in order to achieve its highest powers.

For Confidence

The peridot crystals can be highly beneficial to those who are having confidence or self-esteem issues. The gemstone is said to enhance your assertion and confidence without aggression.

Peridot For Confidence

It can help you see your light and recognize that you are deserving of love. Not only that, but it also helps in looking back to your negative experiences of the past and teaching you to forgive yourself. This alleviates healing on an emotional level and renewing your confidence.

Peridot also helps deal with guilt— whether it is the product of other’s manipulative ways or your self-imposed thinking. This stone will help you admit your mistakes and take responsibility for your own life. Not only that, but this stone can also boost your personal power and give you an extra boost of motivation.

It stimulates your energy level, encouraging vitality both psychologically and physiologically.

For Depression

The warming energies of peridot is quite beneficial in terms of treating psychological afflictions. It is a potent crystal to help someone who is currently going through depression. Peridot is the stone of lightness that counters the effects of toxic and negative emotions.

Peridot For Depression

It also has the ability to encourage the process of emotional release. Not only that, but this crystal can also detoxify these emotions and bringing them to a comfortable level. Furthermore, peridot can foster emotional balance, inner peace and security. This brings and ends to nervousness while also lightening suffering and healing physical and emotional pain.

Peridot also banishes lethargy which usually attacks someone who’s experiencing depression. It can balance your bipolar disorders and other forms of depression. Lastly, this stone can also bring about the necessary change and acceptance which are very much needed by someone who is depressed.

For Career Success

The peridot crystals can also be used for boosting your career success.

Carrying or wearing peridot is said to enhance luck and positivity. As a sunstone, this stone can also remove the self-imposed limitations and preventing personal darkness.

Peridot For Career Success

In the workplace, this stone can add eloquence and charm to your presentations. Furthermore, it can help you evoke a helpful and positive response to the normally unhelpful people around you. Also, it is said to increase profits in your trades.

It is also important to note that peridot is naturally protective against gossiping behind your back, envy and jealousy and the co-workers or people who have the tendency to deceive you.

Combining Peridot With Other Crystal Stones

Peridot can also be combined with other crystals in order to amplify its energies or when working with a specific intention. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for peridot.

Peridot + Amber

For healing and stimulating your solar plexus chakra, try pairing the energies of peridot with the ancient powers of amber.

Peridot + Amber

Peridot is not an energizer and cleanser of the solar plexus chakra, but it also aligns with your heart chakra. This brings bountiful forgiveness and healing. Such integration can help in the release of negative behaviors and thought patterns.

Amber, on the other hand, is another potent healer of the solar plexus chakra. Formed from fossilized tree resin embedded with fauna, flora and other minerals, this stone can provide a strong connection with Mother Earth. Its warm energies can cleanse your solar plexus and bringing harmony, easing unhappiness and mood swings.

Peridot teaches you to learn from your past. Consequently, it helps you in releasing them so you can flourish with new self-worth and self-confidence. Amber, on the other hand, will be a potent ally for the present moment. It helps in absorbing the negative energies of other people. Then, it will boost the virtues of patience and increasing your motivation to move forward in life.

Peridot + Blue Lace Agate

For the always angry people, they can benefit from the combination of peridot and blue lace agate.

Peridot + Blue Lace Agate

Peridot is perhaps one of the best crystals to use for anger management. When you are feeling angry or jealous, it can be hard to respect the good in other people. Fortunately, the light energy of the peridot can encourage you to be happy and positive. It makes it easier for you to let go of jealousy, so you can live with confidence and inner love.

Meanwhile, the energies of blue lace agate can dissolve the urgent need for you to react. It teaches you to choose a more appropriate response to arguments and chaotic situations. Also, its high vibrations align with the higher state of your consciousness. As a result, you can respond with grace, instead of aggression.

Together, both peridot and blue lace agate can help you stay calm and dissipate anger. Peridot will shield your heart from the hurtful words and comments from other people which is usually a reason for you to be angry. Blue lace agate, on the other hand, can help neutralize angry words.

It will help you maintain a calm demeanor and talk in a peaceful and graceful manner. This way, you can prevent further arguments and misunderstandings in the future.

Peridot + Pyrite

If you need some positivity in your life, then you need to try the energies of peridot combines with the wonderful vibes of pyrite.

Peridot + Pyrite

The loving energies of peridot offer a cheerful disposition to anyone who wears it as a piece of jewelry or uses it in meditation. By clearing blockages in the heart and solar plexus chakra, this crystal can help release negative emotions and thinking patterns.

Then, it will embrace you in new positive vibrations that will teach you the importance of self-love and confidence. Meanwhile, pyrite is considered a phenomenal crystal for positivity. Nestled within its cubic crystalline structure is a force field that can block out the negative energies and pollutants.

As a result, it stops the outside influences from affecting your thinking and mood. Not only that, but this crystal can also stimulate memory and the flow of ideas and creativity.

So, as pyrite ensures that negativity won’t bother you, the peridot crystal will expel all negative energies from within. This should welcome positivity and happiness while also boosting energy levels and confidence in your daily life.  

Peridot + Citrine

For intentions of attracting wealth, abundance and luck into your life, try combining the energies of peridot with the money-attracting vibes of citrine.

Peridot + Citrine

The positive and light energies of the peridot can be used to boost the desired outcome. And this can be almost anything, especially in association with money. Clearing blockages in your heart and solar plexus chakra, the charming energy of peridot can help you feel worthy and valuable in receiving money. Not only that, but it also eliminates the negative self-beliefs which is crucial for attracting greater wealth.

Meanwhile, citrine, dubbed as the Lucky Merchant’s Stone, is the most popular crystal associated with financial success. It is one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting wealth and money. Also, citrine is not just useful for overcoming roadblocks to earning wealth, but for keeping it too.

So, as peridot enhances your confidence as well as increasing your feelings of being worthy and valuable for receiving wealth, the energies of citrine can encourage you to be generous. As a result, you can create a circle of wealth that will benefit not only you but also your friends and loved ones.

Both stones can be used to create a crystal grid for money and amplifying your intentions to make, spend or save money wisely.

Peridot + Green Aventurine

For the ultimately unique lucky pairing, try peridot and green aventurine.

Peridot + Green Aventurine

Peridot is a mesmerizing crystal for opening your heart and attracting abundance and good luck into your life. Usually worn as jewelry, peridot is said to promote power, wealth and luck.

Green aventurine, on the other hand, is considered the luckiest crystals in the crystal healing community. It is popular with people who love to gamble because of its winning energy, particularly when involved with a chance.

Both stones are useful for attracting good luck and wealth as well as stabilizing financial situations. If you wish to boost your good fortune or finances in new ventures, then green aventurine and peridot is the pairing for you.

Is Peridot a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Peridot is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Peridot is August Birthstone

Although the birthstones for most months are often disputed or changed, the birthstone for August is almost always listed as the peridot. It is the traditional birthstone for August, with chrysolite was also the historical birthstone for the month of September.

The birthstone of August is one of the few gemstones that naturally peridot occurs in an olive green shade and is a matter of fact only ever found in that color. This works out well for the later summer vibes of blazing heat and abundant greens of the month of August. It is a soft reminder of the wonderful summer nights.

Other than that, the peridot is also the natural birthstones for those born in the magical months of awakening from May 21 – June 20 as the greens of spring are giving way to the bright yellows of summer. It brings you learning, exuberance, meaning and awakening.

Peridot is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo and Leo

Virgo and Leo share the peridot crystal.

Peridot is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo

Virgos are creative and kind and full of passion. However, they can be super judgmental and quick to criticize. This is particularly when they lose a little control and have the tendency o lead the room.

The peridot crystal can help Virgos to let go and lay down their discriminatory nature. It allows them to welcome understanding and love into their heart.

Peridot is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo

The zodiac Leo can also benefit from bringing the mesmerizing peridot into their life. Equally fierce, warm and always ready to leave a blazing trail, the peridot makes a perfect match for the Leos who tend to light up a room. Also, it is handy when tempering the possessive spirit of Leos. It teaches them to let trust grow and positivity in their life.

Meditation with Peridot

Peridot exudes a beautiful frequency of wellbeing and peace. It is remarkable for use in meditations and prayers in order to access the higher realms of consciousness and connecting with the Divine energies.

When you meditate with peridot, you can experience insights and understanding. IT teaches you to appreciate your own unique purpose and perfection in this world. Not only that, but a peridot is also a marvelous tool for opening your mind to unlimited possibilities.

It also helps in transforming traits such as self-sabotaging behaviors, jealousy and impatience into compassion, love, gratitude and acceptance.

How to Cleanse and Charge Peridot?

Keeping your peridot crystal in pristine condition is crucial in order to keep its energy running smooth and high. By regularly cleaning your stone, you can remove the stuck toxic vibes and ensure that your stone not only stays luster and shining brightly, but also exuding strong energies and positivity.

Peridot is quite sensitive. It does not like rough cleaning. Although it is not that fragile, this crystal does not like to be clattered and bashed. So, make sure to keep it out of extreme temperature changes if you can. You can clean it with just a little soapy, warm water. Make sure to rinse the soap away and pat dry with a soft, clean cloth.

If you want it to have an extra burst of recharged energy, you can just leave it out in direct moonlight, letting the feminine energies of the moon fill it with positive vibes. Being a sunstone, peridot also loves its energizing rays. Take note, however, that you should not place it directly under its rays at its highest.

How to Cleanse and Charge Peridot

Peridot is also spellbound by the earth stone, so it adores the soil and water from which life springs up. So, you can simply place it in your garden and let it soak in warming energies from Mother Earth.

Final Thoughts

Lovely and full of infinite possibilities, peridot can lend the strength to work on your emotional soul every single day. For those who need balance, confidence, or want to stop the negative energies of jealousy and anger, peridot will wrap you in the sunlight of soft joy.

With its yellowish green color, the peridot will light up in the shadows so you can step out into the golden light of summer and positivity.


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