Pink Opal Meanings, Properties and Uses


Did you know that opals aren’t crystalline? Well, it’s true since they’re 10 percent water. But in today’s article, we’re not going to talk about these crystals, but the main focus is the pink opal.

Pink opals are known as renewal stones. They’re even stones with a gentle energy that can alleviate fears. They can bring peace to you. The pink opal helps trigger positivity and luck too.

Do you want to know more about opal stones? Then keep on reading as we’re about to show you the pink opal meaning and other relevant information that will surely make you familiarize this crystal.

What is Pink Opal?

What is Pink Opal

A compassionate and nurturing stone, pink opal is hardened silica. As the name implies, this crystal sports a pink color that will surely get your attention easily. On the Mohs scale, this gemstone scores between 5.5 and 6.5.

With that, this beautiful stone is not as durable as other gems or crystals. But this shouldn’t stop you from using it as the opal’s emotional, healing, and metaphysical properties can benefit you in many ways. An opal, on the other hand, is not rare. However, a distinct category known as opal is so rare.

It is also worth mentioning that opals are natural kinds of common opals containing chalcedony and palygorskite.

The Meaning and Uses of Pink Opal

The Meaning and Uses of Pink Opal

When it comes to the pink opal meaning, there are actually lots of things associated with this pink color crystal. In fact, the overarching theme for this one of the best gemstones in history is rejuvenation, self-love, love as well as acceptance.

Many crystals believers believe that the commonly accepted meaning of opal is opal. The radiant of this crystal can lift your spirits, address emotional wounds, and put you in a direction of emotional balance.

Furthermore, the healing energy of opal stone is more powerful than you are thinking. While the stone is good in terms of healing a superficial wound from past trauma, it can also dig into one’s consciousness.

The pink opal stone does not only offer fleeting emotions of tranquility, happiness, joy, and hope.

With the pink opal, you will be able to attain genuine bliss. This will inspire you to address your trepidations and hidden fear. This in turn will offer the needed strength to move forward and seek personal nirvana. With the opal, you will always have hope.

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Opal

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Opal

When it comes to the metaphysical healing properties of opal, know that this gemstone will not disappoint you.

Known as the powerful crystal for emotional healing and equilibrium, pink opals are actually a mainstay in the metaphysical realm.

The metaphysical properties of this pink stone interact with your heart chakra directly. In case you didn’t know, the heart chakra is the 4th main chakra in the body. Similar to other chakras, it can receive life force energy.

Further, it sways the emotional body and emotional health. The heart chakra also helps in governing core emotions such as empathy, love, and compassion.

The Benefits of Pink Opal

Physical Healing

For Physical Healing

Pink opal is one of the best healing crystals in history. In fact, this pink gemstone can be used to treat eye ailments like cataracts. Some even use opals to cure epidemics as well as stings and bites of poisonous animal species.

Other opal healing properties that you need to know is that these healing stones can improve and treat conditions associated with the heart, lungs, and spleen. Pink opal stones, on the other hand, can stabilize glycemic and insulin levels.

Lastly, pink opal can help in healing skin diseases, but it should be used topically.

Emotional Healing

For emotional healing

Pink opal is not only known for its ornamental value but it also offers benefits for emotional healing. As a matter of fact, pink opals are used as a superb ally, especially for people who seek spiritual awakening and peace, calm, and guidance. This crystal which is called the spiritual awakening stone can also bring the universe’s creative energy.

This powerful crystal also has protective energies that help in the elimination of negative energies. Such energies also purify surroundings and deflect harmful vibrations. When you are sleeping, this pink will also protect you and let you sleep peacefully and you’ll have happy dreams.

Another great thing about the opal stone is that it promotes the wonderful connection between the consciousness of being as well as an individual’s internal knowledge. Additionally, this powerful stone can promote peace and stimulate thoughts of love.

The pink crystal helps with nonviolence and conflict management. The beauty of opal also promotes spiritual self-healing and mental healing. It can help people get rid of pain and past traumas.

Wealth Fetching and Abundance

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

The energy of pink opal stones will help you understand your greatest strengths as well as how you can benefit from them. When you are wearing this pink gemstone especially when you attend an important meeting you will surely have the strength and much more energy to face new challenges and work obligations. This will also help you from dealing with the stress associated with earning wealth and abundance.

Chakra Healing and Balancing

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Similar to other pink crystals like rose quartz, pink opal stones will give you more energy especially if it has contact with the heart. This stone will unlock and activate the heart chakra and at the same time send calm vibrations. It is actually a love stone that is connected to the said chakra deeply.

Furthermore, this one of the most commonly known pink gemstones will treat your emotions and this will let you open your heart to love. Also called the resolution stone, pink opal stones work to treat wounds on an emotional level as well as feelings that are rooted deeply.

With that, its energy will allow you to solve problems and let them slide. This compassionate and nurturing stone that has milky pink calming colors and delicate energy and vibration will encourage tranquility.

Relationship and Love

For Relationship and Love

Noble opals have been associated with passion and love throughout history and lust, eroticism, lust, desire, and sexuality. If you are longing for these things consider wearing pink opal stones in the form of jewelry. You can even carry these healing crystals wherever you go. Wearing them as a piece of jewelry can benefit you in many ways. Be sure to use pink opal tumbled stone jewelry to keep yourself comfortable. The same thing goes when wearing a common opal.

There are many claims that are made for pink opals most especially in the area of passion, love, and sexuality. It is one of the highly seductive stones that will surely intensify your emotions while allowing you to release all your inhibitions.

Like rose quartz, the pink variety of opal is known as a love stone. This gemstone will invite you to try things that will benefit not only your partner but you as well. Opals will even unleash your wild and adventurous side.

Depression and Anxiety

For Depression and Anxiety

Like other opals, the pink variety is extremely beneficial when it comes to healing trauma and emotional pain. This one of the best healing crystals offers a feminine and soft energy that perfectly pairs with Bronzite’s masculine energy.

Like the Rose Quartz, the opal stone also does a great job when it comes to relieving depression and anxiety. The opal stone is about forgiveness, love, compromise, and generosity. Like a common opal, its energies are centered and calming, easing an emotional wound and serving to lessen panic.

Pink opals, on the other hand, can reduce self-destructive behaviors, resentment, and anger, while relieving anxiety, depression, and stress at the same time.

Nevertheless, if you wish to regain your trauma after dealing with trauma, this is one of the best crystals for depression, and at the same time helping promote happy dreams will surely help you big time.

Different Types of Pink Opal


Peruvian Pink Opal

Peruvian pink opal is uniform and milky pink in color. In fact, the Peruvian opal rarely shows inclusion.

Peruvian pink opal, on the other hand, has a very strong higher heart and heart chakra energy. It will help a relationship by stimulating feelings of forgiveness, love, and compassion. Like the typical pink opal, it will help you release your anger.

The energy of this one of the most beautiful stones will also boost love for yourself and of course, your loved ones. In fact, when it comes to love, it works like rose quartz which is known as the stone of unconditional love.

Peruvian opal is an enchanting crystal that can be used in meditation. The healing property of crystals like the Peruvian pink opal is known to help with medical treatment, especially in the physical heart.

One more thing, the Peruvian pink opal, can promote spiritual awareness and stimulate an intuitive gift.


Australian Pink Opal

Australian pink opal is showing more inclusions that can make patterns in brown, white, or color. This beautiful stone doesn’t have identical. It is called the spiritual awakening stone and its type of color ranges from lavender to pink, through cream shades that have a lot of white veins.

This type of pink opal stone owes its color to the existence of manganese within its composition. In addition to that, it doesn’t have an iridescence particle on the surface.

Furthermore, it is the stone of calmness and restfulness. This one of the best stones are known to heal healings, especially the ones associated with pains and aches.

The energy of this crystal will also encourage you to let go of all of your worries.

Combining Pink Opal With Other Crystal Stones



The pink opal stone has always been associated with passion as well as love. It is also one of the stones that signify lust, desires, excitement, and sexuality. So, if you want these things to come into your life, then you will need the power of the pink opal stone.

But you can actually further boost this power with the help of the seductive blood color of the garnet. While pink opal stone is a very seductive crystal increasing your emotional state as well as encouraging you to unleash your adventurous and wild side, garnet is also popularly known for its creative energy and even sensual vibrations.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

When you pair the pink variety of opal with Lapis Lazuli, it will surely bring good luck, prosperity, and even abundance. This one of the popular deep blue crystals is a firm crystal that can activate the higher mind as well as intellectual capability. It is also one of the crystals that can help stimulate your drive for understanding and skill and assist the process of learning. What’s, it also helps in honing one’s memory.



Pink opal and tourmaline are two crystals that look great especially when worn or used together, despite having differences in their color, shape, and style. This pink stone is a peculiar and passionate crystal that will surely get the interest of people. Meanwhile, tourmaline is just as colorful and attractive.

As the opals will strengthen and sharpen the eyesight and memory, tourmalines, on the other hand, is perfect for soothing the mind and letting you see clearly.

Is Pink Opal A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Pink opal is a birthstone as well as a zodiac crystal.

Pink Opal Is October Birthstone

Pink Opal Is October Birthstone

The official birthstone for October is the standard opal. Despite the fact that this pink crystal is quite different, know that it still resonates with that birth month strongly.

Pink Opal Is Zodiac Crystal for Libras, Scorpios, Pisces, and Cancer

Pink Opal Is Zodiac Crystal for Libras, Scorpios, Pisces and Cancer

Since pink opal is considered the October birthstone, it is believed to have more influence on Scorpios and Libras. To clarify, pink opals can be beneficial to almost everybody. The opal stone can promote peace and love regardless of the sign you are born under.

But be mindful that some signs have a stronger connection to the opal stone compared to others. Besides Scorpios and Libras, this compassionate and nurturing stone also resonates with the Pisces and Cancer signs.

In case you didn’t know, these two are both water signs. Pink opals depend on the water when it comes to the formation process. They are also using moisture to remain soft, with that the connection isn’t too surprising.

For Pisces, the opal meaning is about receiving love. People born under the said sign are always craving love and they need it to stay well-rounded. Furthermore, this gemstone can heal wounds while placing Pisces in the direction of unconditional admiration.

For cancers, on the other hand, pink opal stones act as a great protector. Believe it or not, Cancers can do everything with passion and love. While such behaviors are admirable, this will expose them to more pain compared to other signs. The opal is the protector and healer to keep Cancer in the right direction.

Meditation With Pink Opal

Besides being one of the most well-known healing stones, pink opal stones can also be used when meditating.

Meditating with this crystal is like meditating with other gems. All you need to do is look for a quiet and peaceful place. Sit comfortably and relax. Once you are satisfied with your position, go grab a piece of this crystal and inhale and exhale.

Imagine that all of your worries, burdens, and problems are fading away and then absorbing all the positive energies that the stone is releasing.

How to Cleanse and Charge Pink Opal

How to Cleanse and Charge Pink Opal

When they recharge energies, opal stones become opaque. During this period, it is very important to cleanse pink opal so that it will continue to work for you.

To clean your pink opal, simply pass it through water and make sure it is clean. Then ask water to wash away all the negative energies it accumulated and let the crystal be purified. You need to dry this beautiful pink color crystal very well after the cleansing process.

Further, to activate your opal stone, take the dry and clean crystal in your left hand. Then perform a short breathing session wherein you will connect with the light and energy that the pink opals are radiating. After which, you can carry it on for two hours at least.

Cleanse pink opal, should only be performed with water. Don’t cleanse your crystal, especially a pink opal tumbled stone with salt. It’s because you might end up damaging your crystal.

Final Thoughts

Pink opals are precious as well as semi-precious gemstones and healing crystals that have been around for quite some time. In fact, even these days, this stone that has a bright color can be utilized for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

This stone, on the other hand, is used by almost everyone all over the world in order to bring tranquility, hope, beauty, calm, energy, amazing life, and positive emotions and lessen the sign of stress. With this gemstone, you can take full responsibility for your thoughts and life.


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