Polychrome Jasper Meanings, Properties and Uses


Complete Guide About Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome jasper is a beautifully colored Jasper, that exhibits eye-shaped, circular, or figurative patterns. Its beautiful and earthy colors can offer various metaphysical healing benefits when used in your daily life. Learn everything you need to know about this unique stone.

What is Polychrome Jasper?

What is Polychrome Jasper

Also called Desert Jasper, polychrome jasper is a variety of jasper that was recently discovered in Madagascar. In 2008, the first deposit of polychrome jasper was accidentally discovered while exploring for more deposits of the highly sought-after ocean jasper.

Since then, 2 additional deposits have been found throughout the island. Interestingly, all materials should be hand-dug because of the difficult conditions and terrains. It is composed of silicon dioxide and features a hardness rating of 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The polychrome jasper only forms in gigantic masses and got its original name, desert jasper, from its distinct shades of tan, brown, and red. Such bold colors are caused by inclusions or iron. However, it is also seen in grey and earthy green shades. It features wavy, circular, and eye-shaped patterns that make it extremely unique.

The Meaning and Uses of Polychrome Jasper

The Meaning and Uses of Polychrome Jasper

Jasper comes from the Greek term “iaspis” which means “agate”. It is also said to be derived from the Assyrian term “asphu” or Hebrew term “jashpeh”. The prefix polychrome means varied coloring or painted or decorated in several colors that this jasper variety exhibits.

Thanks to its beautiful and unique shades of color, the polychrome jasper is heavily desired in raw form by all sculptors, crafters, and carvers. It is mainly fashioned into pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, and beads.

Other than that, this beautiful stone is often shaped into spheres, balls, and other ornamental statues used as decorative items in your home or office. Some stones are also fashioned into cabochons and meditation stones for use in metaphysical and spiritual healing.

Polychrome Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Polychrome jasper is a potent crystal that is strongly connected to the fire element. Thus, embodies exuberance, passion, vitality, vibrancy, creativity, and action. As an earthy stone, the polychrome jasper offers very strong grounding, stabilizing, and centering energies that can help strengthen and deepen your connection to mother earth.

When one taps into the energies of the polychrome jasper, one can imbue yourself with ancient energy force. Such minerals can work extensively to bind your physical body down to the planetary level. Then, the true roots of this stone can start to grow around your etheric body while also channeling nurturing vibrations in order to uplift your life force.

Polychrome Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Its vital energies can rejuvenize your core and re-igniting the fire from within you. This stone can serve as a reminder that anything is possible and that you are your own creator.

Also, if you want more emotion, passion, or action in your life, the polychrome jasper can help you achieve this easily. It has the vibrations to keep you alive and energetic in all your endeavors. Not only that, it helps in finding a way to change a part of your life or yourself to a more desirable state. It can show you new paths and discover new approaches that can make you gain what you desire in this life.

Furthermore, this stone can help infuse you with exuberance and joy. It can inspire you to celebrate the precious gifts of the world and mother nature in your life. It brings vitality to your spiritual and emotional mind. This stone can also help in starting the cycle of life after a major setback in your life, inspiring awe and inviting the energies of magic and healing.

The Benefits of Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome jasper is a happy stone that can bring you lots of healing benefits. Here are some of them.

For Physical Healing

Polychrome Jasper For Physical Healing

Polychrome jasper is known to boost your immune system and cleanse the toxins and pollutants in the body. It helps in fortifying your intestines and stomach while balancing your mineral content.

Furthermore, this crystal can support the treatment of bowel problems and relieve chronic constipation, gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and Chron’s disease.

Other than that, polychrome jasper is also said to help improve your night vision. It also helps in overcoming lethargy and deep exhaustion as well as addressing the loss of libido. It also helps in alleviating or reducing problems of the skin such as allergies, itchiness, and acne.

For Emotional Healing

All varieties of jasper offer to strengthen the energy of the emotional body. With its strong connection to mother earth, the polychrome jasper can help in easing stress while establishing stability and a calm demeanor. For those that are highly sensitive, this stone is said to help create a special aura offering a pleasant and serene sensation that fills the whole body.

Polychrome Jasper For Emotional Healing

This invites the energies of compassion, patience, humility, and generosity. It also helps impart courage and tenacity as well as determination to release toxic behaviors and negative feelings. It helps you be honest with yourself when confronting issues and help you recognize and overcome guilt, fears, and insecurities. Furthermore, this stone should also inspire you to move forward and remind you to work harmoniously with other people for your emotional peace and well-being.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The rich, earthy shades of green, brown, tan, and red of the polychrome jasper resonate and deeply stimulate your root or base chakra.

Your root or base chakra is located at the base of your spine. It mainly controls your energy for kinesthetic movement and feeling. Also, the root chakra is the first chakra and the foundation of your spiritual and physical energy.

When physically out of balance, the root chakra can cause lethargy, low enthusiasm, low levels of activity, and the need for constant stimulation. Spiritually speaking, an overactive root chakra can make you feel flighty, distant, or disconnected from reality.

The swirling variety of shades in the polychrome jasper can bring balance to your root chakra. As a result, the body regains its stamina and strength. Your spiritual energy is also rekindled in the form of a sense of your own power, stability, and security. This can lead to spontaneous leadership and independence.

Polychrome Jasper For Chakra Healing and Balancing

With its strong connection to the earth, the polychrome jasper is also an excellent tool for grounding purposes in your crystal healing layouts. Single or cluster generators can be placed at the instep of each foot, upon the groin points, at the knees, and/or in each of your hands.

If the termination of the stone is directed toward the body, it can draw in and circulate the healing light. When facing the point away from your body, you can direct the negative energies out of your subtle and physical bodies. This helps ground all aspects of the body to the healing vibrations and discourage a healing crisis that could occur when activating your energy centers.

The polychrome jasper can also be used to protect and stimulate your earth chakra. This chakra is located just below your feet and it is the grounding chord for gridding around an area of disturbed earth energy. As the chakra that holds the soul into carnation, the earth chakra with the stimulation of the polychrome jasper can create a solid connection to the planet earth. This helps allow the release and flow of out-of-balance and excess energies from the body.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

The energies of the polychrome jasper emit a feeling of abundance, stability, and security in your financial life. It can make you think positive thoughts that can help turn these into reality and in attracting wealth and money energies from the universe.

Polychrome Jasper For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

As a happy energy stone, the polychrome jasper can bring good fortune and a more optimistic and happier outlook in life. It can help provide the stamina you need to overcome your financial challenges. Also, it inspires you to adjust to changes that take place in your life.

It helps in manifesting your dreams and goals of abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. Then, it helps in getting rid of the negativity that is preventing you from attracting wealth energies.

For Relationship and Love

The polychrome jasper is a potent stone of vitality, vibrancy, and exuberance. It mainly resonates with the element of fire and embodies creativity, passion, and action in your relationship.

As an earth stone, the polychrome jasper can stabilize, ground, and center your energies, so you can stay unaffected by the turmoil and challenges that are happening in your love life. Then, it helps in deepening your connection with your significant other.

As a transformational stone, the polychrome japer can help change any area of your relationship to a more desirable state. It also helps encourage positive changes in your behavior so that your relationship can benefit from it.

Polychrome Jasper For Relationship and Love

This stone shall provide you with feelings of stability, security, comfort, and love. It can fill you with happy thoughts and compassion. Also, it shall provide you with a renewed sense of vitality and strength that can help you overcome the challenges in your relationship.

In addition, polychrome jasper is said to rejuvenate and renew tired and old relationships. This stone can make you appreciate all those years and journeys you’ve made together as partners and lovers. It can make you feel grateful and appreciate all those times you’ve been together. Then, it moves on to fill you with optimism and loving energies that can help strengthen your relationship.

Not only that but this stone is said to open your heart to forgiveness and acceptance. It can help in getting rid of jealousy and old insecurities. It can help you become a better person and bring back the passion and love in your relationship.

If you are single, then this stone is a powerful ally to have. It inspires you to find new love or a romantic partner. Or it can also help in attracting new love and forming new relationships.

For Protection

The polychrome jasper has energies of protection for its wearer of the area/environment in which this stone is placed. By carrying this stone in your pocket, wearing it as a piece of jewelry, or placing it in the room, you can better protect yourself from the negative energies of your surroundings. It can bring instant support of serenity and peace to your auric shield.

Polychrome Jasper For Protection

It helps protect you against gossiping, jealousy, and hostility in your working environment. Not only that, but this stone can also create a protective shield that blocks geopathic stress.

For spiritual workers, the polychrome jasper is also a powerful psychic protector. It is said to protect you from all kinds of negativity and release these absorbed energies back to earth. It also protects you from unwanted entities and psychic attacks that can stop you from a successful spiritual journey.

For Sleep Insomnia

The polychrome jasper with its strong grounding energies can help in reducing stress and negative thinking. As a result, it can help you fall asleep at night. It helps in clearing out the negative energies and emotional blockages that might be keeping you awake at night. It is calming and soothing, allowing you to let go of your problems for the day.

Polychrome Jasper For Sleep Insomnia

Then, this stone shall provide much-needed peace of mind and tranquility, promoting deep-quality sleep while preventing insomnia, nightmares, night terrors, and other sleep-related problems.

For Depression and Anxiety

If you are in need of letting go, surrendering, or grounding negative emotions that might be holding you down, then the polychrome jasper can assist you. Wearing or carrying any kind of jasper crystal like polychrome jasper is said to help alleviate anxious thinking, worrying, and stress.

This stone is said to envelop you in tranquil energy and provide you with happiness and contentment. Its cleansing effect can help in removing the negative vibes from your surrounding. Also, it provides stabilizing energy that can bring balance to your mind and the auric field.

Polychrome Jasper For Depression and Anxiety

This makes polychrome jasper an ideal worry or rubbing stone that can soothe your nerves. Then, it helps in increasing your focus on the current moment. In addition, this stone help deflects harmful thoughts and negative behaviors from other people around you.

After dealing with all negativities, the polychrome jasper can then bring cheerfulness, contentment, and happiness. It can remind you to find pleasure in even the simplest and smallest thing while teaching you to appreciate the little things in life. As a happy stone, the polychrome jasper can encourage a more positive and optimistic outlook in life. It brings a sense of peace, wholeness, and tranquility so that depressive moments and anxious thinking will have no more room in your life.

For Career Success

When you work with the energies of the polychrome jasper, you can help get rid of the negative thinking that might be preventing you from believing in yourself and your skills and lowering your self-confidence.

Polychrome Jasper For Career Success

This stone shall provide you with determination and courage, while also strengthening your organizational abilities, concentration, and focus to finish your tasks and projects on time. Not only that, but this stone can also help you see your projects through. It can stimulate your creativity and imagination, and help you in transforming your ideas into action.

With its strong connection to the earth, the polychrome jasper can also enhance your survival instincts and assist in reaching your professional or career goals. It helps in the manifestation of your thoughts, ideas, and dreams into reality. It also helps in fostering a spirit of cooperation between your co-workers while easing communication for overall team success.

For Empaths

For highly sensitive people who typically absorb lower energies from other people or from their environment, the polychrome jasper is a must-have crystal. This stone can filter out the bad moods, unspoken resentments, and disparaging comments which can drain your strength.

Polychrome Jasper For Empaths

It helps protect you from the negative people that only take advantage of you and drain your energies. As one of the best grounding stones, the polychrome jasper can stimulate your root and earth chakra. This should help in letting go of the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that don’t serve your best interest.

Furthermore, placing a polychrome jasper around your home or in your working area can help in dispelling the negative energies that might sneak into your auric field and drain or take away your personal energy.

Combining Polychrome Jasper With Other Crystal Stones

The polychrome jasper is already potent on its own. However, if you want to amplify its energy or want to focus on a specific healing intention, then you can combine it with other crystal stones. With that said, here are some of the best crystal combinations for polychrome jasper.

Tiger’s Eye

For peace and grounding energies, try the combination of polychrome jasper and tiger’s eye.

Polychrome Jasper + Tiger’s Eye

Polychrome jasper is an earthy stone that makes you down to earth. It induces feelings of peace, serenity, and tranquility by reducing anxious thoughts and stress. Furthermore, it also has a cleansing effect that helps in removing the negative vibrations and energies in your surroundings. This should help in stabilizing your auric field. Not only that, but its deep connection to the earth makes it a powerful grounding stone, providing stability, strength, comfort, and security like no other.

Now, when you pair it with the earthy, golden rays of the tiger’s eye stone, you should be able to double the healing energy and attain another level of wholeness, comfort, and peace. As another earth elemental stone, the tiger’s eye also uses the power of the sun and brings in awareness, stability, and a homey feeling. It also integrates your spirituality into the physical realm.

The polychrome jasper will teach you balance. The tiger’s eye, on the other hand, can bring sharpness to your inner vision. Combined, these crystals help you identify and understand the world while protecting you against all negativities.

Also, with their earthy color, both polychrome jasper and tiger’s eyes can help in resolving internal dilemmas and battles. They promote emotional healing, removing negativity and toxicity from your life. As a result, you can have a more positive and enthusiastic outlook in life, bringing happiness and security.


For vibrancy, energy, and creativity, pair the polychrome jasper with carnelian.

Polychrome Jasper + Carnelian

As a fire element stone, the polychrome jasper is an excellent ally in shedding a bright light on your passionate and creative side. With this stone, there will be no more space for a flat or dull life. It helps you cherish and appreciate what you have in life while encouraging a more fulfilled and vibrant life.

Pair it with the energies of carnelian to awaken passion, vitality, and energy. This stone allows you to move forwards toward your objectives and goals while releasing the suppressed emotions that can affect your mood. It directly heals the lack of passion or energy, easing away procrastination and indecision.

So, if you wish to bring more excitement, passion, enthusiasm, and positivity in all phases of your life, the combination of polychrome jasper and carnelian can help you obtain this very easily.


For an earthy combination that brings strong grounding benefits, pair the polychrome jasper with the hematite crystal.

Polychrome Jasper + Hematite

Just by looking at the polychrome jasper, you can get a sense of deep-rootedness and earthy feeling. This stone is said to strengthen your connection and grow your bond with mother nature. Not only that, but it can also provide grounding support and gives you courage and strength during stressful and challenging situations.

Pair it with the most powerful grounding stones, hematite, and you can enjoy a deeper connection to the earth. It helps you stay firmly rooted and able to focus on the present moment. As the Stone of the Mind, hematite can also help in clearing the mind and organizing your thought.

Using both stones, you can find balance and center your body and mind. Not only that, but these crystals can also help protect you against negativities while strengthening your emotional and mental bodies.

Rainbow Moonstone

For tackling new beginnings and changes in your life, pair the energies of the polychrome jasper and rainbow moonstone.

Polychrome Jasper + Rainbow Moonstone

The polychrome jasper is said to embody a passionate and energetic frequency. It can inspire you to access new life circles and helps you to be more open to exciting and new relationships while attracting great life experiences. In addition, the healing energy of the polychrome jasper can guide you to new life paths and possibilities that you’ve never thought of.

Now, if you pair it with the energies of the rainbow moonstone, you can face life-changing decisions. It helps you accept the ever-changing rhythms of life and teaches you how to appreciate new beginnings. Its nurturing powers can also help if you are depleted in energy, encouraging you to move forward even if things are bleak.

By using both stones, you can head to a new path or beginnings with ease and confidence.

Is Polychrome Jasper a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Polychrome jasper is not a traditional or natural birthstone. However, it is considered to be a zodiac crystal.

Polychrome Jasper is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer, Aries, and Virgo

Polychrome Jasper is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

The polychrome jasper is said to resonate well with the Cancer sign. Security, stability, and home are important to people born under the banner of Cancer. They love being around their family and the steadiness that it provides.

The warm and stabilizing energy of the polychrome jasper can help Cancerians to feel and stay rooted and secure. As the Supreme Nurturer, this stone brings the highest comfort and tranquility.

Not only that, but this stone can also help connect the Cancerians who are prone to negative thinking and worrying to Mother Earth. The stone also helps in absorbing negative energies and relieving the anxiety of Cancerians.

Aries is also said to benefit from the energies of the polychrome stone. People born under the banner of Aries are said to be impulsive. The grounding energies of the polychrome jasper can encourage a more considered response for the Aries. Also, this stone helps connect the Aries to earth energy through the root and earth chakra, encouraging patience.

The stabilizing and gentle energy f this stone is also said to help stimulate the motivation of Aries. This can bring life back to their chi and bring determination and success in their career goals.

Polychrome Jasper is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo

Lastly, the polychrome jasper is said to be a wonderful ally for the Virgos. This crystal is said to bring tranquility, comfort, and wholeness to the sometimes-stressful Virgoan life. It is a stone for the Virgo sun sign and mainly promotes good organization skills as well as problem-solving abilities.

Also, with its potent energies, the polychrome jasper can bring a soft but sure life-force energy to infuse Virgoans with stamina, energy, strength, and focus to a given project. And in case a Virgoan is full of negative thoughts or just needs a friendly reminder to reconnect with their Virgo earthy nature, the polychrome jasper can help.

Meditation with Polychrome Jasper

The polychrome jasper is an excellent stone for grounding your subtle and spiritual bodies when meditating. It helps you to be in the moment and clear all your thoughts. Its refine vibratory energies can allow for a deep and prolonged meditative state.

Not only that but its energies can also be used to initiate a potent force field that can help absorb all kinds of negativity from outer sources.

How to Cleanse and Charge Polychrome Jasper?

When your polychrome jasper is saturated with your energy, it can no longer emit its own frequency. Thus, you will need to regularly clean your crystal, particularly if you use it too often.

Thus, it is a good idea to always recharge and cleanse your crystal. Doing so can make you feel sure that you’re in tune with its great healing vibrations and benefits.

To physically clean your polychrome jasper stone, you can use warm, soapy water, using a soft brush or your fingers, and gently rub its crystalline surface so to remove accumulated dust and debris. Then, rinse it thoroughly and wipe it dry.

To recharge and cleanse its energies, you can simply soak it in salt water for extended hours. Or, you can also bury the stone in a bowl filled with sea salt. The salt should absorb the toxic energies from the stone.

How to Cleanse and Charge Polychrome Jasper

Thanks to its strong connection to mother earth, the polychrome jasper likes to be charged with earthy energies. You can bury this stone in a pot filled with nutrient-rich soil. If you want a cleaner approach, then you can simply leave it in your garden to soak in earthy energies.

To double the earthy recharging benefits, you can leave the stone in your garden on a full moon. This way, the stone can bathe in earthy energies and lunar frequency.

Another way of recharging your stone is to let it sit with a large quartz crystal. If you have a singing bowl, you can also use the sound vibrations created in order to cleanse away the toxic energies. You can also smudge the stone with your favorite herb bundle or incense stick.

It is up to you to choose the method that suits you best according to your feelings.

Final Thoughts

The polychrome jasper is a happy and delightful stone that can help ins stabilize your energies and bring balance to your life. Since it is slow-acting, you might not see the results right away, but your body will feel it soon enough.

With its rejuvenating and healing energies, this stone can help bring an end to lethargy. It helps heal your emotional blockages and fix relationships. It removes negativities your way and fills you with optimism and enthusiasm. Its strong connection to the root chakra helps in bringing positivity, security, stability, and grounding energies to your life.

Polychrome jasper is definitely a stone that you need to have in your growing crystal collection.


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