Prasiolite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Prasiolite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Prasiolite

Boasting gentle green to yellow energies of light and positivity, the prasiolite is a unique stone that will provide happiness, light-heartedness and energy into your life. Find more about this stone by reading below.

What is Prasiolite?

What is Prasiolite

The prasiolite is a green to a yellow-green variety of quartz. This stone sometimes forms naturally. Small amounts of amethyst are heated naturally, often found where the amethyst-bearing rock unit has been heated by nearby intrusions or younger lava flows. however, it is most often produced synthetically in two ways:

  • Heat-Treated Amethyst

Most prasiolite crystals are actually naturally purple amethyst heated in a laboratory over about 500 degrees Celsius. The heat changes the color of the amethyst stone from purple to yellowish or green shades.

  • Irradiated Amethyst

A small amount of prasiolite in the market today is produced by irradiating natural amethyst stones. This mainly produces prasiolite with a light green shade. Unfortunately, the green color is usually unstable and can fade to colorless if the stone is exposed to high temperatures of about 150 degrees Celsius.

Only a few amethyst localities in the globe are known to convert amethyst crystals into prasiolite. Most prasiolite that enters the gem market is often made by heating the yellow quartz or amethyst from the Montezuma deposit in the Minas Gerais, Brazil. In addition, the amethyst deposit in Arizona is also said to contain the specimens suitable to be heat-treated to prasiolite. Also, some amethyst found in Poland is irradiated to produce prasiolite.

Meanwhile, the natural deposits of prasiolite are quite rare and found only in Susanville, California, US.

The Meaning and Uses of Prasiolite

Prasiolite is derived from the Greek term “prason”, meaning leek and “lithos”, meaning stone. This is because of its leek-like shade of green, however, some prasiolite is known to have a yellow-green color.

The Meaning and Uses of Prasiolite

This stone is more commonly known as green amethyst. However, it is also known by many names. These include Amegreen, Lime Citrine, Veregreen and Green Quartz.

The prasiolite is one of the most mesmerizing semi-precious stones that you’ll ever see. Its pale green to yellow-green color makes it a unique stone for jewelry. It is often cut into faceted stones and beads used for jewelry making.

Prasiolite can be used for making captivating necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Not only that, but prasiolite is also quite popular among gem collectors in its raw form.

Prasiolite Metaphysical Properties

The prasiolite is a powerful stone that integrates, links and balances the lower and higher aspects of beings. It awakens your heart to the frequency of compassion and love while enhancing your strong connection to all things.

Not only that, but this stone can also help you act on higher guidance and following your heart upon the path of spirit. It stimulates inner visions, allowing you to communicate and connect with inter-dimensional beings while keeping you strongly grounded to the earth.

This stone should also help amplify the energies and frequency that reside in your mind and heart. It helps you be filled with positive emotions and thoughts so that negativities won’t have any room to interfere with the flow of energies in your life.

Prasiolite Metaphysical Properties

The prasiolite is also a crystal of originality. It can inspire and encourage you to be the best version of yourself and sharing your unique talents with the world. It teaches you to be unique instead of having a common and safe personality.

In addition, the prasiolite also carries the energies of courage. When you have this crystal’s energies working for you, there are no challenges that will be too big to overcome and no problem that’s too difficult to resolve. It can show you how to be self-reliant.

The energies of prasiolite can also help strengthen your intuition and mind, allowing you to express your emotions clearly. It shall infuse you with confidence and courage to share what you feel or think is the most effective way. Not only that, but it can also give you an inner vision and helping you unleash your inner power.

It shall help in stimulating your creativity and allowing you to explore your imagination. It helps you to think outside of the box, encouraging you to reach your full potential. This helps enhance your thought process, your decision making and workflow. In addition, this stone can help bridge the gap between your spiritual and physical self while also creating a powerful connection to your higher self.

The Benefits of Prasiolite

The prasiolite is a potent crystal of healing that offers several healing benefits. Here are some of them.

For Physical Healing

The prasiolite crystal is a potent healing stone for the physical body. It can help in cleansing the body of all kinds of waste substances and toxins. It is also greatly beneficial in treating ulcers and tumors. This stone is particularly useful in balancing your endocrine system, especially your adrenal glands. It can act as a tonic that helps energize your entire system, making it more radiant, healthier and stronger.

Prasiolite For Physical Healing

Not only that, but this stone is also valuable in neutralizing stomach acid and helps with nutrient absorption. It supports your digestive system and helps in the proper functioning of your stomach and intestines. It also helps in the optimal functioning of the pancreas, gallbladder, spleen and liver.

Furthermore, this stone can be used to strengthen your eyes in relation to astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness. It also helps in treating disorders of the thymus, lungs and heart. Not only that, but this stone can also be valuable in healing chronic fatigue syndrome, lethargy, tension and other stress-related disorders.

For Emotional Healing

The prasiolite is a potent stone for healing the emotional body and all matters of the heart. It helps in cleaning and healing hurt feelings and past traumas as well as bruised ego. Its vivid green energy can help lessen jealousy, resentment and anger. It shall help you understand that holding onto the past or people is counterproductive to your development and growth.

Prasiolite For Emotional Healing

Instead, the energies of prasiolite can teach you to examine your painful past for the gift of experience. It helps you admit your mistakes while releasing and letting go of guilt and blame. This stone shall help you forgive yourself and those who wronged you so you can move forward in life.

In addition, the energies of prasiolite can also help in stimulating psychological clarity. It helps inspire a sense of happiness and contentedness in your life. It helps you detach your mind and thinking from the outside influence and having the confidence and trust in your own abilities.

This should help you look from within for guidance as well as providing a better connection to the divine for wisdom and knowledge of the universe. It also helps initiate independence and assertion without aggression. This way you can accept the world and transform it with a clear intention to create the reality that you wish to have.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Prasiolite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The prasiolite crystal in its shades of green to yellow-green provides a healing link between your heart chakra and your solar plexus chakra.

The greener shades of this stone focus more on healing, activating and balancing your heart chakra. The heart chakra is located at the center of your breastbone and is mainly responsible for your interaction with the outer world. This chakra is responsible for your balancing ability to be your unique self within the environment.

When the heart chakra becomes out of balance or overactive, it can make you feel sensitive or critical to various actions or situations. You will have inappropriately intense emotional responses to the daily external stimuli. Not only that, but you can also feel too controlling or being controlled in a relationship.

The green rays of the prasiolite crystal can help in resolving such blockages bringing stability to your heart chakra. As a result, you get to understand your own needs and emotions more clearly. Also, this allows you to deal with the ups and downs of any emotional relationship, teaching you to be more mature in handling things and accepting changes in your life.

Prasiolite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Now, the yellowish shade of the prasiolite crystal mainly works on your solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is located between your navel and ribcage. It is the chakra of a relationship and mainly responsible for the energy distribution of the body.

When this chakra becomes out of balance or overactive, you become prone to disappointments or displeasure of others. You also tend to become fearful of growth and change. As a result, you become stagnant and become subordinate to the wills and pleasures of other people.

With the vivid yellow-green energies of prasiolite, you get to bring balance to your solar plexus chakra. This allows you to freely interpret the world through your own thoughts and emotions. Also, you become more confident in tackling changes in your life. It teaches you to grow and developing, going with the flow and doing so in good spirits.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

The prasiolite is considered a prosperity stone. It is said to help attract fortune, wealth and abundance into your life. The stone mainly works by manifesting your goals and objectives, ensuring the continuous flow of good fortune.

Prasiolite For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

The golden yellow hints beneath the surface of green shades of this stone have an overall element of wealth and richness, inspiring you to continue working hard to increase your financials.

This stone is said to attract positive energies from the universe, allowing the frequency of wealth and prosperity to align with your aura. It also helps in clarifying your mind while powering up your brain in order to make the best decisions regarding your finances. In addition, this stone is also said to help boost your good luck in all your money-making activities.

For Relationship and Love

As a heart-centered crystal, the prasiolite can ignite the love and compassion in you.

If you’ve been single for far too long, the prasiolite crystal can help re-ignite your passion and desire in order to be back in the dating scene. It helps attract a loving partner to you so you can be happy in a relationship once again.

Not only that, but this stone should also help in gaining your self-esteem back. It shall remove worries, doubt, fear and shyness that reside in your heart. Instead, it will fill you with joyful and happy energy that attracts only the best kind of loving energies.

Moreover, this stone can also help in clearing away the negative energies of your mind and heart. It eases the negative emotions and thoughts that might be preventing you from attracting and enjoying a loving and strong relationship.

Prasiolite For Relationship and Love

In addition, the prasiolite stone also helps you relax and let go of toxic emotions. It inspires you to be in the present moment and bring strong connections with people instead of thinking about the hurtful past. It encourages you to be yourself and allowing people to know the real you.

Furthermore, the prasiolite crystal is also known to help calm explosive emotions. It shows you how to handle intense emotions. As a result, you won’t have to experience mood swings as well as sudden bursts of anger. It should teach you understanding and patience while making you see the situation from a different perspective.

Also, the prasiolite is known to promote self-love and self-acceptance. You simply cannot expect another person to love you if you do not know how to respect and love yourself. This stone can encourage you to be kind to yourself and to never forget about giving yourself some TLC.

Additionally, the vibrant energies of prasiolite can also help you in expressing your emotions. It can help you concentrate on the things that actually matter with a heart-centered perspective. Not only that, but it also encourages you to act and to take a stand, making strong decisions for the overall wellbeing of your relationship. It also helps in promoting your intuitive capabilities.

For Protection

Prasiolite For Protection

The prasiolite is also a highly protective crystal. Its sunny and vibrant energies are known to help remove negativity from within and from the outside world. Its frequency should be able to create a protective shield that hides you from unwanted energies as well as the toxic mental influences from other people.

Furthermore, this stone has the ability to deter and removing any attached entities. Spiritually speaking, prasiolite is said to help shield you against doubts. This should help you stay confident and true to your ideals and beliefs.

When you are feeling vulnerable or week, the prasiolite crystal shall offer strong protective energies against unwelcome external entities. Then, it will fill you with nurturing energies, helping you maintain a positive and enthusiastic disposition in life.

For Sleep Insomnia

Prasiolite For Sleep Insomnia

The energies of the prasiolite crystal are quite helpful for sleeping insomnia. Thanks to its relaxing and soothing energies, this stone is said to fill you with positive and calming energies to helps you sleep faster and better throughout the night.

As mentioned before, its protective energies can help in shielding you against the unwanted energies and entities that may attach themselves to your auric field during times of great stress.

And since synthetic prasiolite are originally amethyst crystal, it shall provide you the blissful energies of the purple stone. It helps in stimulating your higher chakras and connecting you to higher consciousness. This makes it suitable for vivid and lucid dreaming.

For Confidence

Prasiolite For Confidence

The prasiolite stone can be beneficial for those having confidence or self-esteem issues. As a stone for the solar plexus chakra and enhances growth and positivity, this stone can help enhance your confidence and self-belief.

It helps you see your worth and teaching you that you are also deserving of love. It helps in removing the fears, doubts and disappointments that may hold you back from reaching your full potential. Instead, its sunny and earthy energies can bring you the frequency of hope, enthusiasm and positivity.

Not only that, but this stone can help in relieving emotional burdens while boosting your energy in order to renew your confidence to new levels.

For Depression and Anxiety

Originally an amethyst, the prasiolite contains the original powers of the purple stone and new ones for intense healing of psychological issues.

Prasiolite For Depression and Anxiety

Originally, prasiolite being the green amethyst is said to bring you energies of peace. Its versatile energy mainly resonates with the nervous system, bringing a calm focus, relaxing energy and inner strength. Not only that, but it also helps relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Bringing an emotional balance, this stone can also help in removing an aura of negativity. It also helps in preventing the unwelcoming energies from disturbing your peace and tranquility.

Now, the new green to yellow energies of this stone is said to provide invigoration and renewed energy. It helps in releasing the pent-up stress and tension after a tiring day. Also, it helps in forgetting your stress while invigorating your thought process and emotional body.

The prasiolite is also a perfect rubbing stone for those who tend to worry too much or overthink. Not only that, but it also offers social benefits, easing anxieties, fears and shyness when meeting new people or experiencing new situations. This stone shall bring you to courage o step outside your comfort zone and make positive changes in your life.  

For Career Success

The green to yellow energies of the prasiolite radiates calming and soothing energies that can help in removing stagnant and toxic energy in your workplace. This stone has the ability to transform your typical toxic or boring working environment into a supportive and nurturing one that encourages growth and development.

Prasiolite For Career Success

As a result, this can help amplify your physical energy and interest, boosting your motivation and productivity. It also helps in preventing idling or procrastinating. This stone will bring you the energies and power to do something valuable in order to advance on the career ladder.

With its strong connection to your mind, this stone can open a connection to the higher realm. As a result, you get to have access to higher wisdom and knowledge as well as connecting with higher beings to guide you towards enlightenment for your career success. Not only that, but this tone can also bring you intense determination, concentration and endurance at work.

For Empaths

Prasiolite For Empaths

Prasiolite is also a powerful ally for empathic individuals. With its green to yellow rays of energy, the prasiolite stone can remove or release any stagnant or negative energy from within yourself. Not only that, but it also helps shield you against the draining energies of other people as well as lower energy from your surrounding that may make you feel depleted or intoxicated.

In addition, being an empath also means that you are highly prone to taking the emotional burdens, traumas and pain of other people. This can cause imbalances and blockages in your heart chakra, making you feel toxic or overwhelmed. Fortunately, the green energies of the prasiolite can help restore balance and stability while still strengthening your kindness and compassion.

It shall promote a sense of emotional relaxation and calmness while providing better support for your wellbeing.

Combining Prasiolite With Other Crystal Stones

The prasiolite can be paired with other crystal stones in order to improve its energies or if you want to focus on specific healing intentions. Here are some of the best crystal combinations of prasiolite you should try.

Prasiolite + Smoky Quartz

For intense emotional healing, you can amplify the energies of prasiolite with the frequency of the smoky quartz stone.

Prasiolite + Smoky Quartz

Prasiolite is an emotional healer, absorbing toxic energies and breaking your destructive behavior. Also, it helps in relieving the self-limiting thoughts while helping you release the unwanted negative toes from the past so you can move forward in life.

Get twice the emotional healing benefit by pairing it with the smoky quartz crystal. As a protective stone, smoky quartz brings intense healing of the root chakra, bringing strength and stability to the emotional body.

Prasiolite + Green Aventurine

For a lucky pairing, go with prasiolite and green aventurine.

Prasiolite + Green Aventurine

Prasiolite is a heart-centered stone that attracts good luck and abundance into your life. It is said to promote wealth and power. Pair it with the luckiest stone in the crystal healing community and you get twice or even thrice the lucky charm.

As prasiolite helps attract good luck charm, the green aventurine provides winning energy, especially with chances and opportunities. Together, both stones can help stabilize your financials while boosting good fortune and abundance.

Is Prasiolite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The prasiolite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is considered a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Prasiolite is April 20 – May 20 and May 21 – June 20 Birthstone

The prasiolite stone with its green energies is considered to be one of the natural birthstones for the people born on April 20 – May 20, during the heart of spring. Its green energies are said to bring your success in your new ventures, spiritual development, growth, productivity, prosperity, renewal and good health.

Other than that, the yellow-green prasiolite is also considered to be one of the natural birthstones for the individuals born between May 21 and June 20, as the vibrant greens of springs are giving way to the warming yellows of the approaching summer. The olivine shades of prasiolite can bring you awakening, exuberance, intelligence, learning, independence, change and receptiveness.

Prasiolite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer, Leo, Taurus and Virgo

Prasiolite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

The prasiolite works well with the Cancerian character. With its green energies, the prasiolite is a powerful stone for emotional healing and balancing of the heart chakra. Mood swings, depression, anxiety and inappropriate emotions can sometimes dampen the true nature of those born under the banner of Cancer.

The energies of prasiolite shall help boost a Cancerian’s inner security, filling them with compassion, kindness and grace for others. Not only that, but this stone should also help in lifting their spirits whenever they are feeling low and easing worries.

Leos too are said to resonate well with prasiolite. The sunny and light energies of prasiolite are said to encourage new opportunities and growth, making it essential for those born under the banner of the Lion.

This stone can help overcome the destructive tendencies of Leo such as laziness, procrastination and jealousy that often hold them back to reach their true potential. Being a heart-centered stone, the prasiolite can also protect Leos from the unkind words of criticism and underappreciation. This stone shall teach Leos self-love and providing self-caring energies.

Prasiolite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

Prasiolite also works well with Taurus. The unique energies of prasiolite can help release the negative attitude and characteristics such as stubbornness that often stops Taureans from achieving their dream life.

Sometimes, Taureans also tend to hold themselves back because of the fear of change, rigid beliefs or feelings of jealousy. The light energy of prasiolite can bring a level of comfort while encouraging a more positive outlook. It can help the Taureans to accept changes, overcoming emotional blocks and admitting to mistakes instead of being stubborn.

Lastly, prasiolite also helps the people born under the banner of Virgo. Once a spiritual stone, the prasiolite helps in revealing a Virgoans uniqueness to other people. It helps Virgos to embrace who they are and not how others wish to view them.

Known for its soothing and calming quality, the high vibration of prasiolite is said to improve motivation, promoting balance and enhancing intuition for the self-doubting Virgo. It also brings them confidence and self-esteem in making decisions. Virgos also love helping people. The prasiolite, being a heart-based and spiritual stone can encourage selflessness through an increased sense of consciousness and higher awareness.

Meditation with Prasiolite

The prasiolite radiates a beautiful frequency of peace and well-being and is highly suitable for use in prayers and meditations in order to connect with the universal energies and accessing the divine realms of consciousness.

Originally a spiritual stone, the prasiolite can promote higher understanding and psychic enhancement. It also helps in teaching you to appreciate your uniqueness in this world. It is also suitable for opening your mind to unlimited possibilities. It can also be used during meditation to transform your negative traits such as jealousy, self-sabotage and impatience to positive things.

How to Cleanse and Charge Prasiolite?

Prasiolite should be cleansed and charged every now and then in order to ensure that you can benefit from its metaphysical properties.

Although prasiolite is a tough and durable material, you can clean it in various ways. To physically clean this stone, you can simply use warm water and mild soap. Using your fingers, gently rub the stone in order to remove accumulate gunks and debris on its crystalline surface. Then, run it under tap water to rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

After physically cleaning your stone, you need to cleanse and recharge its energies. You can charge it with the energies of the moon. Placing it directly under the rays of the full moon can soak, cleanse and energize the stone.

How to Cleanse and Charge Prasiolite

If you can’t wait for the full moon, you can simply bury the stone in a bowl filled with sea salt or soaking it in seawater. The salt should absorb all negativities from within the stone and recharging it back to its full glory. If you have a singing bowl, then you can also use its sound vibrations to remove the negative vibes from the stone. If you have a bundle of sage, incense sticks or your preferred herb, then you can also smudge away the toxifies and recharging it in the process.

Lastly, the simplest way to recharge your prasiolite crystal is simply letting it sit with other large quartz crystals or amethyst geodes.

Final Thoughts

Prasiolite is a powerful stone that will awaken your heart and aligning you with the frequency of kindness, love and peacefulness. It can help you move from stagnation and guiding you to the higher realm. It helps you follow your heart and illuminating the spirit.

Thanks to its calming and potent energies, you can deflect the negativities in life while allowing only the positive vibes, attracting only the good things in this life. Beautiful and powerful, it is very clear that the prasiolite crystal is a significant addition to your growing collection.


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