Purple Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Purple Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Meanings and Uses of Purple Crystal Stones

There are lots of reasons to love purple crystal stones. Aside from having an eye-catching color, they are known for their healing and spiritual powers. Purple is associated with ambition, extravagance, passion, wealth, luxury, royalty, and power since the start of civilization.

When looking at these stones, you can’t help but be prompted by the violet and blue shades of the sky during winter. On the other hand, purple crystal stones are the birthstones for those who are born in the new year and after the winter solstice. It is anywhere between the final week of December and the end of January.

The Meanings and Uses of Purple Crystal Stones

Purple stones also symbolize intuition, luxury, dreams, and nobility. These stones encourage respect as well as invite feelings of mystery and magic. What’s more, they are known to give way to the rejuvenation and renewal of your life.

Purple Crystal Properties

The spectrum of shades in purple stones looks exotic and passionate. They also represent a lot of things in any situation. These stones embody good judgment and magic. They even define a feeling of energy and calm.

The energies of these crystals can remove and most importantly, bring back balance into your life.  They are so helpful in interpreting the meaning of dreams as well as motivating you to pledge in an incredible deed of compassion.

Having purple stones in your life is believed to regain the magic in your life and desire in your relationships. On the other hand, the color purple is the color of music. It will connect, transform and stir you to move in various ways that will make you aware not only of your past but also of your present and future.

Why Should You Use Purple Crystals?

Purple crystal stones are common among gem collectors not only due to their sophistication and beauty but due to their metaphysical properties as well. The stones’ energies can lift both your moods and spirits. They can transform your mood around by simply holding a piece of purple stone.

These stones will help in calming the nerves and easing the mind especially when you are going through an uncertain and difficult time. Purple stones will stop you from thinking too much and from thinking about negativity.

They will soothe your nerves and clear your mind so that you will be able to concentrate on your tasks. Another good thing about these stones is that they won’t let anything distract you or make you begin thinking about the worst thing that may transpire. These stones will also infuse your life with a sense of spirituality.

As a matter of fact, you need not be too religious to know this. It is because the energies of these stones will make you feel aware that there is a stronger and mightier force working in your life. Purple stones will promote creativity and imagination. They will help you release so that you’ll continue to be motivated to think of great new ideas. When you are dealing with lots of stress, using a purple crystal stone is highly recommended. Usually, it includes being a workaholic. These stones will help you take a break and slow down. They will always remind you to look after your overall well-being while enjoying a short yet quality break.

Why Should You Use Purple Crystals

Purple stones can also benefit people dealing with insomnia and who are susceptible to depression. They are great cleansing crystals too. They will remove unhealthy emotions and negative energies and help bring back the balance. Purple stones also come in handy if you want to bring accord and peace into your life. They will lift your spirit so that you will feel stronger and more confident. They will even brighten your viewpoint on life and inspire you to share your humor with other people.

Another great thing about these stones is that they will hone your conscious mind while improving your mental abilities. They can enhance your memory as well as keep your thoughts and ideas aligned with your goals in life.

Purple stones will improve your spirituality. They’re the ideal stones for people who are seeking spiritual serenity. One more thing, these crystal stones represent creativity, transformation, and spiritual awareness.

The List of Purple Crystal Stones

We have compiled a list of purple crystal stones. In this part of the article, we will show you everything you need to know about these amazing and beautiful stones so that you can easily decide which one should you use.



A popular purple stone, Amethyst comes with a number of advantageous metaphysical properties. These include peace, calmness, and balance. What’s more, people also use Amethyst to get rid of impatience.

It is a calming and meditative crystal working in the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. If you repeatedly find yourself in a situation not sure of how to take action, Amethyst is one of the most wonderful stones that you can use. This stone will help you to think and not allow your feelings to cloud your personal decision. It’s crucial to note that what you feel is a necessary and valid part of your life experience as a human. Thus, they shouldn’t be discounted.

When it comes to the healing powers of Amethyst, they can help you in cutting hard situations and allow you to understand what you are dealing currently experiencing.



With its bright purple color, the sugilite is considered a spiritual stone that offers a great connection between the physical and spiritual world. During the ancient period, this purple stone has been utilized by shamans as well as healers in order to improve spiritual practices like astral projections and lucid dreaming.

Furthermore, it is great too for spirit guides and intuition which are both beneficial when it comes to communication. This will bolster your intuition letting you send and at the same time receive a message on a spiritual journey.

Sugilite will also activate the higher chakras and symbolize wisdom and spiritual love. Furthermore, it will teach you matters of compassion while assisting your spiritual pursuits.

Druzy Crystal

Druzy Crystal

Druzy crystal is perfect to use during group meditation, spiritual works as well as other forms of joint spiritual work. If you need to complement a group of individuals and then move toward common spiritual goals you can use this purple stone.

This stone will improve your creativity and imagination while inducing relaxation. It can also help you in dealing with your emotional issues. The druzy stone, on the other hand, is beneficial especially if you want to awaken good self-love as love is considered the best and most effective universal healer.

Further, this stone will amplify and purify the natural healing properties of your body and fortify your spirit. It can offer the necessary balance in your life in order to avoid unnatural feelings of fear, abandonment, sadness, or depression.



Ametrine is a powerful purple stone that can blend feminine and masculine energy. Having that said, it is a good stone to use for sexuality in which a balance of feminine and masculine energy is crucial.

When you feel like the energies of your relationship with your better half are not balanced, all you need to do is place this stone close to your bed or under your pillow. The energies of Ametrine will keep the levels of energy equalized. They will also prevent a certain energy form from completely taking over.

This notion can be applied to any other situation too. Many human interactions, as well as relationships, depend on an effective balance of feminine and masculine energies. So, when you are feeling unbalanced energy in any of your relationships, professional or personal, ametrine can surely help you.



An eye-catching purple stone, alexandrite can bring happiness into your life. In fact, it will also guide the consciousness of beauty as well as your power to pick. It will even allow you to make the most out of your life.

Alexandrite will motivate your imagination while encouraging you to listen to your own feelings and adapt your inner voice. Moreover, this stone can help you attain an emotional prime of life and fortify your drive. It will boost your creativity and offer you inspirational and soothing energies every time you feel like losing passion in your career or feeling unloved.

When you’re working at the core of your mind, alexandrite will boost your self-esteem. Since this stone usually shows two different colors, this stone will let you perceive the two sides of a problem, connecting the heart and mind so that they can offer you better viewpoints, encompassing rational and intuitive perspectives.



This stone features a vibrant and deep purple shade. Charoite is an all-purpose crystal that stimulates and heals your higher chakras. Known as the stone of transformation and power, Charoite can transmute negative emotions into positive ones.

When you sleep with this stone, it will clear all the negative and bad energies you encountered in the day so that you’ll wake up with fresh thinking and positivity. What’s more, it is dubbed the stone of inspiration as it brings creativity. As a result, you will be able to perceive new possibilities and come up with innovative ideas.

Charoite will let you comprehend acceptance and release old energy patterns. It will also give off vibrational energies that will benefit your auric field which can encourage spiritual consciousness and improve psychic work and mindfulness.



If you are not familiar with rubellite, it is a dazzling and beautiful stone from the tourmaline family. You’ll surely be fascinated by its striking colors ranging from purple-red to purple-pink. With this purple stone, your life will be filled with energies of vitality and strength. This power will become more powerful when combined with a black star sapphire.

On the other hand, when you’re currently living a busy and others depend on you for everything, you’ll get exterminated energy with ease. But having a piece of this purple stone inside your bra or in your pocket will offer you the needed increase of energy.

Another benefit of rubellite is that can supply you with unlimited determination, enthusiasm, and motivation. It even carries energies of love and passion. When working with the energies of rubellite you’ll love what you do and at the same time, you’ll do what you really love. You will even find out your passion for various things and you’ll bolster your will to live your life to the fullest.



Lepidolite is a dazzling stone that comes with violet crystalline structures. It can offer gentle vibrations that work your subconscious. It will deeply resonate with the crown chakra letting you open up yourself to the heavenly world.

Called the transformation stone, this purple stone gives off calming and soothing energies. And in fact, these energies can help you in dealing with the stress of day-to-day life. Lepidolite can also offer you peace and harmony while encouraging you to stay centered. As a result, you will be able to open your path to the divine world and bring cosmic consciousness.

Further, lepidolite is a protective purple stone. It will clear away electromagnetic pollution. Hence, you can utilize it when you’re working on a computer or other electronic devices. It will even get rid of negative energies and offer you a potent protective shield thus you will not need to deal with negativity from your surroundings.

Purple Alunite

Purple Alunite

This purple stone comes with powerful balancing powers that can be used in healing health problems and a relationship. Purple alunite can be utilized in an environment that uses restoration of balance and harmony.

When you have a piece of purple alunite with you, you will feel a transformation of energies within your soul. It will also improve your creativity as it pushes you to bring creativity to various facets of everyday life. This in turn will offer you a positive and unique way how you approach things.

On the other hand, this stone comes with a lot of metaphysical and unique uses since it highly resonates with various chakras in your soul. It will keep you grounded especially when you are feeling helpless and lost.

Purple Diamond

Purple Diamond

Colored diamonds are becoming harder and harder to come by. What’s more, they can be seen in different colors, some rarer compared to others. A small portion of fancy natural diamonds mined every year are known as quality gems. It means, they are suited to be polished and shaped for sale. Nevertheless, of all the colors particularly in the rainbow, purple diamond is one of the hardest to find varieties.

Purple diamond has been associated with honor and loyalty for quite some time. In fact, it is also given to honor the bravery of wounded or killed soldiers in battle. Nonetheless, there are lots of reasons why this purple stone has gained much attention most especially from investors and collectors.

Purple Tiger’s Eye

Purple Tigers Eye

With the purple tiger’s eye, you will be able to grasp lots of opportunities without missing them. As the name implies, this purple stone will improve the powers of your eye. It will make it a lot easier for you to capture invisible energies as well as the flow of fortune. You will also attract more luck with ease.

Purple tiger’s eye will also brighten your heart. It is one of the most popular stones that can get rid of the darkness of the mind. You can even use it if you want to overcome your anxiety or fear. Additionally, it can obtain mental strength. It can infuse your life with confidence and courage. And if you are seeking a stronger determination to achieve your life’s purpose, it’s also recommended for you.

With this stone, the shortage of energy will also be resolved. It is utilized for the purpose of driving energies to decline parts. You’ll receive the vitality to begin moving again. It also has the properties and meaning to inform when there is an approaching danger. Keep in mind that by avoiding such a crisis ahead of time, your energy and power will be sustained.

Lavender Jade

Lavender Jade

This purple stone is perfect for you if you want to cleanse your spirit. Lavender jade is a good crystal to use during meditations and in spiritual retreats. It helps in unleashing your restrained anger and cynicism. What’s more, it will encourage you to adopt peaceful acceptance and an attitude of calm.

This purple stone also has a calming effect on the nerves that will make you calm especially when you are dealing with some of the most chaotic and busiest situations. It will even recharge your energies and protect your well-being.

Lavender jade will lessen the influences of shock and fear particularly when something happens unexpectedly. It makes you feel valued as well as looked after though you are away from the loving existence of your loved ones and friends. When you are feeling sad, this stone can also eliminate your feeling of sadness.

Purple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire

Purple sapphire is a striking stone that can bring you spiritual awakening and wisdom. Its energies will help you lessen your unwanted worries while opening your crown chakra. As a matter of fact, this chakra is the main source of spirituality.

Purple Sapphire will let you determine the connections you are sharing with yourself as well as all that is. It even encourages a sense of peace and oneness. You can also use this when meditating. It will improve your visionary and psychic development and clear the gateway so that the chakras will awaken, allowing the kundalini energies to rise.

This purple stone will also remove unnecessary worries and fears and regain balance in your life. Also, it will guide you so that you will relate to other people and look for your place in this world.



Due to its healing powers, kunzite is named one of the most popular stones for several years. Kunzite is also called the stone of woman it is because it assists a young mother who is having a difficult time taking care of her child.

This purple stone can also help overactive kids to settle down when it is time to go to the bed. It will even help them to have a good night’s rest and sleep. Further, it can bring inner peace and provide you with a higher capacity for attaining understanding and wisdom. It calms the chaos and noises in your life. Thus, you will be able to enjoy calmness and peace every time you need them. Kunzite will also allow you to concentrate on the things that you need to do so that you’ll be able to accomplish your dreams and goals.



Siberite is a mesmerizing stone that can help in healing wounds of the heart. In fact, it will heal your past traumas and bring back your power so that you will be able to move forward to the future. It is a purple stone that can help you overcome anger, anxiety, terror, and sadness.

With this stone, you will also have lots of flashing pioneering ideas. It can also give you an idea for good changes. Siberite will daze your environments using a different method. It can also wipe out your boredom.

Much like other purple crystal stones in this list, siberite will also improve your intuition. It’s stone to sense as well as understand invisible energies. It makes you see different elements from the movement of fortune.

Purple Fluorite

purple fluorite

Purple fluorite will improve your intuitiveness. You will feel invisible energies by having a piece of this purple stone. It would allow you to obtain powers around you and express them word by word. Purple Fluorite is ideal for those who want inspiration and ideas for success. It can also help you make everything real.

Purple fluorite can also be used as a powerful amulet. It can sense negative energies and prevent them before they can cause severe damage. Further, it is ideal for sensitive individuals who get influenced with ease.

Purple fluorite is also a stone that comes with protective powers. If you want to overcome any difficulty or survive your unlucky year without trouble, this stone can surely benefit you. With this stone, you gently release your heart. Meaning to say, you will be able to express what you feel with all honesty. It is extremely beneficial if you are refusing others or when you’re blocking your emotions or feeling. It will let you stay away from the cage of your mind and will make everything free. It is also perfect to use if want positive and bright feelings to reign in your life.

Purple Agate

Purple Agate

Similar to the other varieties of agates, purple agate can also be utilized as a protective talisman. In fact, it is power is measured to go beyond the understanding of humans. It is utilized to protect a person during sleep hours. It will even prevent nightmares as well as guarantee that the owner can have a quiet night.

Purple agate will also bolster your inner strength and mental capabilities. With that in mind, in some cultures, a tiny piece of this is given to soldiers. The soldiers will then put the stone in their uniforms to ensure victory.

Further, it will boost spiritual sensitivity as well as stimulate the wearer’s creativity. It will improve your mental function by boosting your analytical and perception skills and concentration. Purple agate’s love for the truth will encourage you to express your real self. It also has a good connection with your memories.

Elestial Amethyst

Elestial Amethyst

Elestial Amethyst is a purple stone that comes with condensed energies as well as wisdom. Since this stone is made taking thousands of years a lot of information is kept within it. This purple stone is said to possess all the answers to the past, present, and future. Having that said, if you are looking for information that will change your destiny, you can surely benefit from the Elestial Amethyst. In fact, it would offer you the courage and wisdom to open your future.

On the other hand, if you want more knowledge and information about love this is also for you. With celestial amethyst, you will be able to find real love and transform it into reality. This is also useful if you want an ideal partner and want to become honest with what you feel.

Keep in mind that the ideal love is different for every individual. Some will prioritize financial power while others opt for more kindness. But nevertheless, elestial amethyst will read such hopes and at the same time support them.

Lavender Amethyst

Lavender Amethyst

This shining purple stone can promote a higher level of awareness through wisdom, dreams, and intuition. Lavender amethyst, on the other hand, is called the stone of luxury and wisdom. It will also awaken your soul and give you higher vibrations that promote a reflective state of being.

Lavender amethyst can also be used in activating the crown chakra letting love and light dwell in your environment. It will encourage peace, relieves both emotional and physical pain, ease stress and improve awareness.

It will also promote wisdom through your intuition and dream and infuse a sense of indulgence from spiritual insight and self-knowledge.

Cape Amethyst

Cape Amethyst

This violet stone has properties and meaning that can help in improving your intuition. Cape amethyst is also believed that it can control heightened emotions and make your spirit refined. Furthermore, it is utilized for the drive of feeling invisible energies. It will even support you so that you will be able to grab opportunities without missing success. In addition to that, it is utilized for the purpose of correctly sensing the feeling of other people.

Cape Amethyst will also improve your hearing capability. The strong purification energies will clean your personal energy. It will purify the negative feelings that you accumulate in your heart while filling your heart with love energy.

Cape Amethyst is a superior healing crystal that can be used when meditation. Make sure to control your breath and grasp your purple stones gently so that you’ll feel the energies of calm love.



This purple crystal stone is perfect to use if you want to boost your challenge power. Taaffeite is actually one of the best stones that you can take if you want to make a new step towards a newer world. It can also help you if you want to expand your possibilities in the future. In addition to that, Taaffeite is perfect to use if you want to assess common sense.

With the presence of this purple stone in your life, you will experience abundance in your life. It will transform cycles of misfortunes into cycles of fortune. Taaffeite will also give you the chance to overcome life’s adversity. And if you want to change your mind, you can also benefit from this purple stone.

Taaffeite can also activate energies in your body. It’s a stone that will bring back your lost energy. It supports you to show off your 100 percent ability in many important aspects. To ensure, you will not lose your game make sure this Taaffeite before your game begins.

Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stone

It is a transformer crystal that will lead you back to the main purpose of your soul. When you connect to the energy of the tiffany stone you will surely experience its powerful influence and wonders beforehand. This stone will let you unlock your channels when it comes to obtaining assistance from spirit guides and beings from the higher dimension.

Tiffany stone can also help you in developing the psychic capabilities that you have had since you were born. It will even hone your intuition. This beautiful purple stone will also enhance your psychic visions and dreams and fortify your channeling capabilities. Last but not least, it will open your clairvoyance and telepathy.



Called the crystal of everlasting belonging, hackmanite is believed to remind its wearer how everything has its own place and time. This stone can motivate its wearer to know that everything has belonging. It is said to be beneficial for people suffering from apprehension, harassment, or fear. What’s more, hackmanite can stimulate audacity and boost self-confidence while promoting contentment, happiness, and confidence.

Purple Aventurine

Purple Aventurine

This stone is known as the stone of inner synchronization. The pleasant-sounding and calm vibrations of purple aventurine will help in stimulating your crown chakra. It will awaken you to the consciousness of your real self and association with the divine.

Purple stones will help you understand the purpose of your life. It will even motivate you to do the right action which makes it a strong companion for manifesting the deepest desires of your heart and love, abundance, and wealth. Similar to the blue and green aventurine stones, the purple aventurine can inspire balance as well as the alignment of the energy bodies and chakra, helping you to create the flow of chi from the higher dimension that will direct them to ground deeper into the earth. This will help you make a strong foundation to build inspiring positive views of life.

When it comes to healing, purple aventurine can relieve problems that affect the eyes and pineal. It can also ease addictions, headaches, and depression and will dispel negative behaviors, and improve the interpretation of a dream and the dream itself.

Purple Scapolite

Purple Scapolite

If you want to boost your problem-solving skills, the purple scapolite is the perfect stone for you. It can help you look for solutions to both your present and previous problems. It is also called the stone of accomplishment that will fill your life with motivation and inspiration to accomplish your goals.

Purple scapolite will help find out the meaning of your life as well as your purpose. It works to balance all the chakras so that there’ll be a wonderful flow of energy. Keep in mind that when there is no blockage in the flow of energy, you will be able to enjoy improved decision making particularly when it involves your feelings and love.

It will even calm you down and make you more rational when dealing with a stressful time. Purple scapolite ensures that you are balanced on an emotional level. You can also use it when meditating as it’s capable of removing unnecessary worries and thoughts.

Purple Ruby

Purple ruby

This purple stone has the properties and meanings of increasing your personal energies. As a matter of fact, purple ruby represents the blood of the dragon. It possesses a very powerful energy that can help in blowing out a state of weariness.

In addition to that, this purple stone can sustain a powerful passion. You will have the needed strength needed to get things done. It is a stone that prevents compromise, despair, laziness, frustration, and resignation. It will keep energizing until your goals are accomplished. 

On the other hand, it can improve the appeal of the wearer. It will take you one step closer with a person in mind. It makes an indication to be deeply in love with one another. If you want to keep passionate feelings for a long period, it is highly recommended that you use this stone. In fact, this will serve as a talisman to avoid cheating.

Purple Jade

purple jade

Purple jade has been used by various cultures because of its beauty, strength, and special powers. If you want to enhance your visions, dreams, and extrasensory perception, using this purple stone is a good idea.

This variety of jade can open the third eye as well as open and clear the chakras most especially the crown chakra and the earth star chakra.

Purple jade also helps in regulating the flowing energies not only in the body but in your aura too. Further, it is called the stone of discernment thus it can unlock the mind into reality. Another great thing about this purple stone is that it stimulates ingenuity, practicality, and creativity.

Purple Spinel

purple spinel

Purple spinel is called the stone of hope. It can also give you encouragement especially when you are dealing with a problem in your relationship. This stone will remove negative feelings and thoughts. It will even strengthen your spirit of gratitude and appreciation.

Another benefit of using the purple spinel is that it will unleash all your worries and make you less resilient to change. It will also vibrate with the energies of beauty and inspiration.

Purple Iolite

Purple Iolite

Purple iolite can help in expressing your real self and harnessing your power. If you are dealing with confidence problems, this purple stone will help you accept the real you and most importantly, be confident about your abilities and yourself.

It will also show you how you can embrace your flaws and strengths. It promotes accountability for yourself and aids you surpass codependency in a relationship. Purple iolite is an excellent crystal that can also you in rediscovering yourself. It will even allow you to make amity with your past. With this stone, you will become more understanding and compassionate in your relationship.



This purple stone is known to get rid of blockages with regard to self-expression. It can also help you in associating with yourself spiritually. If you need to give a speech or speak in front of many people, the energies of purpurite will be advantageous. It makes you aware of the dishonesty, trickery, and deception of other people that employ from time to time.

Purpurite can bring calm and peace to every aspect of your life. It will inspire you to be less money-oriented. All your self-imposed and self-destructive restrictions will be removed with the aid of this stone. You’ll be supported especially if you want to see the world through sanctioned and optimistic eyes.

When you remove all the external limitations that make feel uncertain and fearful, all the problematic aspects of your life will be improved greatly.



If you want to connect with the spirit guides, this purple stone is for you. Phosphosiderite will help in building a more powerful spiritual connection. It can also bring stability and balance to your life.  It is a wonderful crystal that can help you access the memories of your past life and unlock the third eye chakra.

Phosphosiderite comes with soothing and lovely vibrations that help in relieving stress. When you utilize this purple stone while meditating, its healing powers resonate with all the chakras. It is a crystal that helps with spiritual development. During meditation, the stone’s resonance will be centered in your heart, thymus chakra, and higher heart chakra.



With this purple stone, your heart will be filled with love energies. Scorolite has the power to soothe your feelings and emotions. When you have a rough heart, we highly recommend that you use this stone. Scorolite, on the other hand, is utilized for the purpose of developing smooth human relationships. It can also help you when it comes to developing a relationship with spiritual flexibility.

Another great thing about this purple stone is that it has properties that promote things to solve many different problems. It will even analyze the ultimate problem and solve it after. If you’re easily provoked with the same issues over and over again, you can try the powers of Scorolite. As a matter of fact, this stone will keep its owner and wearer from crisis. It will also offer protection against evil.

Purple Chalcedony

Purple Chalcedony

This stone can help in improving generosity and developing personal integrity. The purple chalcedony will replace your self-centered behavior with kind actions prompted by the spirit. It will connect you to your distinctive capabilities for clairvoyance as well as a sense of intuitive knowledge.

Furthermore, the purple chalcedony can be used as a wonderful stone for shamanic journeying and dream work. Considered a powerful healing crystal, purple chalcedony stimulates the nervous system and aids in activating the healing of the damaged brain. It will also relieve neuroses as well as the inflammation of the eyes and nerves.

 Purple Jasper

Purple Jasper

Purple jasper possesses the energies of motivation and will. With that in mind, this stone can aid you with your financial situation especially when you call upon its capabilities to improve your stamina to get the job done.

This purple stone will help you remain focused. As a result, you don’t waste energy and time on unnecessary details. Distractions will also be lessened allowing you to reach your financial goals more rapidly.

On the other hand, if you want to end up with a relationship that is filled with joy, love, and support, you can also call upon the stone’s powers. Yes, there is no perfect relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop finding and keeping a love relationship.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst

With chevron amethyst, you will be able to experience peace of mind. When you’re surrounded by noise and chaos and need a break, this purple stone can give your tranquility and harmony. On the other hand, when your body and mind are resting, you will surely have lots of opportunities to discover new things.

Besides, chevron amethyst is a spiritual crystal that can help you lift the mask obscuring the meaning of your life. In addition to that, introducing this stone into your life can greatly benefit you as it combines the improving and fortifying capabilities of quartzes as well as the ability of amethyst to relieve stress. It will even enhance dream recall and fortify visualization capabilities.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz

Amethyst Spirit Quartz

With amethyst spirit quartz, you will be able to experience protection, spiritual evolution, and purification. This purple stone has the ability to connect the owner to the spirit realm. It can also radiate powerful vibrations and energies in all aspects and raise your soul.

Amethyst spirit quartz also carries the energies of harmony as well as balance. With that in mind, each time you feel stressed and unbalanced, this stone will bring back harmony and balance in your life. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most important facts that you need to know about the amethyst spirit quartz.

Nevertheless, this stone will also release you from negative and fearful thoughts and then change them with the feeling of freedom, harmony, and peace.

Purple Garnet

Purple Garnet

This purple crystal stone represents constructiveness. As a matter of fact, purple garnet is believed to bring optimism to its owner. What’s more, it is believed to cure disturbed blood circulation as well as make the heart stronger. Similar to other garnet varieties, purple garnet can also encourage feelings of happiness will promoting determination and stimulating your imagination.



There are lots of reasons to use Stichtite. For one, it’ll guide you to be aware of your guardian angels and spiritual guides from the higher world. It will also remind you that it will always be there every time you need its support. Aside from that, Stichtite will strengthen and at the same time heals the bond with your higher self. It will also work with the heart and the higher heart chakra.

This purple stone can provide protection around the heart, body, spirit, and mind. Stichtite, on the other hand, has powerful healing energies that can heal and resolve emotional problems. By bringing in light and positive energies to your chakras, the purple stone can teach you how to be more loving towards others.

It is also worth mentioning that it will motivate you to forgive and forget old issues you have in your mind and heart. The energies of Stichtite will have positive effects on the brain as it alters the way how you think and feel.

Grape Agate

Grape Agate

Grape agate possesses the energies of spiritual growth and wisdom. It can offer a lot of answers. It is also the key to opening up all the answers you are looking for. This purple stone reminds you that answers aren’t out there, but rather you had them all along.

The energies of this stone will also inspire you to trust and accept without any questions. It can even bring abundance and wealth to every aspect of your life, particularly your financial life. The powerful energies of the grape agate will make you feel supplemented and empowered to accomplish your financial goals. It will also encourage realism and strengthen a sense of authenticity.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Purple Crystal Stones?

Here are the benefits of wearing purple stones when it comes to health and physical healing, love and relationship, emotional healing, and wealth. Keep on reading to know more about the benefits you may reap.

For Health and Physical Healing

Purple Crystal Stones For Health and Physical Healing

When it comes to excessive chemical dependence, purple stones are said to be extremely beneficial. These stones work in order to offer inner resilience and mental strength with regard to fighting dependency.

Purple stones usually target the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. They offer relief for concussions, mental illness, headaches, and even depression. These stones can also help your body to heal on cellular levels. They can also cure blood disorders.

Purple crystals can normalize your blood pressure and cleanse your blood. They can calm your nerves and protect your heart. They will even soothe bruising and swelling as well as help with some hearing problems.

In terms of the digestive system, these stones are also beneficial. They will cleanse the skin and pores deeply and promote hair growth.

For Emotional Healing

Purple Crystal Stones for Emotional Healing

We all know how difficult to take a step back from a certain emotion not only in ourselves but also with other people. While extremely valued, your emotions may skew your or other people’s thoughts in a way that results in an outgrowth of the moment of action. Usually, it will result in a hurtful and unfortunate outcome.

The healing powers of purple crystals may help you survive a very difficult situation. They will also allow you to better understand what you are dealing with. These stones make it possible for you to overcome tough choices as well as a decision-making process as painlessly as possible.

Having a clear mind especially when tension is too high or you notice arguments are brewing is priceless. If you’re an empath or very sensitive to your environment, you will need to keep a purple stone like Amethyst with you. As a matter of fact, this will help you root in solid facts and reality. This also helps in overcoming bad and good emotional excesses. For example, moments of passion can be quite heady. But purple stones will offer you the quality of mind to not pledge to romantic encounters you might regret later on.

For Wealth

Purple Crystal Stones For Wealth

When it comes to a lawsuit or anything involving lawyers, purple stones can also be beneficial. They ensure that you are always protected as well as free from any mental stress. Various types of purple stones possess energies that are attuned to overall mental acuity and the mind. If you are one of these individuals dealing with afternoon slumps while working, you can actually depend on the stones.

In terms of how you can introduce the crystals to your ambitions, actually, it will all depend on you. For instance, you can choose to place the stone under your pillow in order to set you up on your next workday. Or simply wear it as a piece of jewelry.

Nevertheless, purple stones can help you transform your money-making plans into a reality. In addition to that, they can bring triumph to your business. When you are working with the energies of purple stones, you will notice that your decision-making is better compared to before. As a matter of fact, you can say yes or no a lot easier.

With the assistance of purple stones, you’ll be making a financially sound decision. This, in turn, will make you a very satisfied and proud individual in the long run.

For Love and Relationship

Purple Crystal Stones For Love and Relationship

One of the best things about the purple stones is that they are highly spiritual. In fact, there is no side effect as there is a hint of violence and anger in them. Purple crystals are also considered the stone of peace. They will give you hope and calm all your fears. They will also eliminate guilt and raise your spirits.

These stones will also make you remember that nothing good will come out of your self-deceit. That is why, if you want to feel how to be loved, there is no need for dishonesties and pretensions. Purple stones will infuse you with decent judgment and limit your overindulgence. They will even soothe your emotional storm.

Purple stones, on the other hand, are stones of emotional, pure, and real love. Most of the time. they are given to persons who love one another in order to make their commitment and bond stronger. Further, the stones deeply resonate with honesty and truth. They will even surround you with happy energies as well as an improved sense of kindness for other people. Purple crystals stones will also remind you not to worry too much to the extent that you’re being distracted. They will lessen your obsessive possibilities and strike a good emotional balance.

With the presence of these stones, you will also feel more centered. They will inspire you to communicate and think justly. You should have no issues when it comes to speaking your mind, but you should have compassion, love, and respect at all times.

Every time you feel dazed with the negativity in your relationship, the stones’ healing energies can assist you. Purple stones will fortify your sense of dignity and strengthen your assurance. What’s more, they will prompt you to appreciate the people and even the smallest things in your life.

Purple crystals also have positive effects especially when a difficult time is looming. Instead of the bad, you will be able to focus on good things. They can bring healing, love, and happiness. Most important, you can take advantage of unconditional trust and wholesome love that come from knowing you have got a stable and balanced relationship.

Ways To Use Purple Crystals

There are plenty of ways to work with the different purple stones and here are some of the best ones to get you started.

Sleep With Them

Ways To Use Purple Crystals - Sleep With Them

You can place your purple stones under your pillows and close to your bed to prevent nightmares and night terrors. It will also help in healing insomnia. By doing this, they will assure you peaceful sleep that has visionary as well as meaningful dreams. 

Hold the Stones While Meditating

Ways To Use Purple Crystals - Hold the Stones While Meditating

One way to connect with your purple stones is through meditation. Begin by holding your chosen purple stone in your hands as you close your eyes and then focus on your breath. As you meditate, you will feel that your body sinks into the earth deeply, making grounding effects. However, it is worth mentioning that some purple stones do not resonate with this activity. So, you need to be persistent and keep experimenting.

Make A Crystal Grid

Arranging a group of purple crystal stones into a holy geometrical grid is believed to help in magnifying their powers. If your problem is that you don’t know how to make a crystal grid, you have nothing to worry about because there are lots of tutorials you can see on the internet.

Use During Yoga Practice

Ways To Use Purple Crystals - Use During Yoga Practice

Aside from meditation, you can also keep your purple stones on the yoga mat. This will help in making a serene space for you to perform your practice. In addition to that, you can place these stones on the body during savasana. This will help in promoting deeper states of meditation.

Carry Stones Throughout Your Day

Did you know that the more contact you make with your purple stones, the more aware you will be of their energies? To make the most out of your stones, it is highly recommended that carry them with you in your purse or pocket. Every time you want to center yourself and bring back your attention to the intentions you are working toward, simply pull your stones from your purse or pocket.

Add Stones To Your Altar

Ways To Use Blue Crystals - Add Stones To Your Altar

Adding purple stones to your altar at home can also offer a beautiful increase in earth energies. A crystal point that has a sharp edge can help in magnifying the intention you are setting in your space. All you need to do is place some purple stones on top of a piece of paper where you wrote your intentions so that there will be forces of good luck.

Wear Your Purple Stones

In addition to carrying, wearing your purple stones may also help in warding off negative energies in your day-to-day life. And since they are very protective, purple crystal stones can protect you from sickness, danger, injuries, and bad persons most especially when you are traveling.

How To Cleanse and Recharge Purple Crystals?

Crystals need to be cleansed and recharged and purple crystal stones are no exception. But what are the possible ways to cleanse and recharge these stones?

One of the best tools that you can use is water. All you need to do is hold your purple stones under the water to cleanse them. However, it is advisable that you bring them to a river or pure spring. But the most preferred option is ocean water. Since there is a higher chance that you’re not living close to a body of water, running your purple stones under tap water while imagining it removing all impurities and disruptions can be an excellent option.

Aside from water, you can also get sea salts and brush your purple stones with them lightly and gently. After that, wash it with water to remove the salt residue.

The energy of the moon can also be used in cleansing and recharging your purple stones. All you have to do is directly place your purple stones under the moonlight for a couple of hours. But if you want to obtain the most powerful frequencies, consider waiting for the new moon.

How To Cleanse and Recharge Purple Crystals

Smoke cleansing is another great method you can try to cleanse and recharge your purple stones. Just like how this method cleanses and clears the energies around your home, smoke may do the same thing with your stones. For this method, you can use sage, copal, or sweetgrass for better results.

On the other hand, when you bury your purple stones in the earth it will remove all the persistent energies present in them. Last but not least, the gentle yet powerful sound of the bell can help in getting rid of all the persistent energies and impurities. As a matter of fact, even your voice as well as the use of chants can offer you the same results.

Final Words

Purple crystal stones comforting and calming vibrations can give you a simple awakening. In fact, they will lightly open a way between your mind and heart. As a result, you will find out certain truths. These stones, on the other hand, will help you become a more enlightened, kinder, and more compassionate person.

If you are having a difficult time at your work or you are finding it hard to make a move in your relationship, consider introducing purple crystals into your life. These stones can be an excellent source of brilliant aura and positive radiance. They also have a certain notch of light that can help you be more effective when it comes to balancing the most challenging situations.

When you are starting to get impatient and irritable over simple things, having a piece of purple stones in your hands can assist you. What’s more, when you feel powerless and small, consider getting more purple stones. This also applies when you’re having a hard time making the right decisions and when you are starting to become negative. Purple stones will surely bring new life to the stagnant energy in your life while helping you find more exciting and newer purposes.


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