Pyrite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Pyrite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Pyrite

Pyrite is often dubbed the Fool’s Gold. However, there’s nothing foolish about this mineral. The stone hides fiery energy within its gleaming beauty, sparking to life when struck against another stone or metal.

Curious? Read on below to learn more about this mesmerizing crystal.

What is Pyrite?

Pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral. It is commonly found around the globe in various geological formations. It can be formed in hydrothermal veins or sedimentary deposits and as a constituent of metamorphic rocks.

What is Pyrite

Furthermore, pure pyrite forms in masses, grains, stalactites, striated cubes, globes or more commonly as a pyritohedron, which is a twelve-sided pentagonal dodecahedral crystal. Not only that, but it can also form as flat radial disks known as “dollars” or “suns”. Pyrite is opaque, typically pale brassy-yellow in color with a solid gold-like metallic luster. However, some forms may oxidize in humid environments and can be a darker brownish-gold. Furthermore, pyrite forms in masses, grains, stalactites, striated cubes, globes or, more commonly as a pyritohedron, which is a twelve-sided pentagonal dodecahedral crystal. Not only that, but it can also form as flat radial disks known as “dollars” or “suns”. Pyrite is opaque, typically pale brassy-yellow in color with a solid gold-like metallic luster. However, some forms may oxidize in humid environments and can be a darker brownish-gold.

As mentioned before, pyrite is dubbed the “Fool’s Gold” since its glittering structure is mostly mistaken as real gold by the naïve prospectors. Furthermore, it was also used by some dishonest mine owners, convincing people that they were still producers of gold.

The truth is, although similar in hue, the pyrite crystal is lighter in shade than gold. Plus, it is harder and more brittle. It also can’t be scratched with a knife or a fingernail. However, pyrite is rated 6.5 in the Mohs hardness scale which is fairly tough. In Germany, this stone is also called Iron Pyrite or “Cat’s Gold”.

Pyrite is very easy to find and is mined all over the globe. It is mainly found in the US, in the states of Arizona, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Tennessee and South Carolina. Specimens can also be found in other countries including Russia, Spain, Peru, South Africa, Germany, Portugal and hundreds of other locations around the globe.

The Meaning and Uses of Pyrite

The name pyrite comes from the Greek term “pyros” or “pyr” which means fire. This is because of its ability to emit sparks when pieces are struck against a hard surface or other metals.

The Meaning and Uses of Pyrite

Resonating with fire energy and as an element of Earth, it symbolizes lasting presence and the warmth of the sun. It brings the ability to generate wealth by your power. Being masculine in nature, pyrite is a stone of will, vitality and action. It allows you to tap into your potential and abilities while stimulating the flow of ideas. This stone will bring persistence and confidence to carry things through completion.

Pyrite was prized by the native Indian tribes in America as a healing crystal of magic. They wore this stone as amulets for divinations. They also use this crystal in objects and attire used during their healing incantation and ceremonies.

The Aztecs of southern Mexico and the Incas of Peru were known to polish large slabs and rare sizable stones of pyrites into mirrors for divination, scrying and gazing. Although one side was typically flat, the other was convex and was frequently carved with special symbolic patterns and markings.

It has also been used in the jewelry industry since ancient times with specimens have been found in the ancient civilizations of the Incas, Romans and Greeks. In today’s world, it is still used for jewelry, however, being as fragile and brittle as it is, it needs careful cutting.

Before the 1800s, pyrite was also favored as a decorative crystal. It was carved into shoe buckles, rosettes, snuff boxes, rings and other ornaments. Also, it was extremely popular in England for its use in jewelry during the Victorian Age.

But perhaps the biggest use of pyrite was during World War II. This crystal was mined as a source of Sulfur for producing the sulfuric acid that is used in the industry.

Pyrite Metaphysical Properties

Pyrite is a shielding and protective crystal. It is an excellent stone to carry or wear as an amulet in order to deflect danger and harm that may come your way. Thus, it is particularly helpful when you are away from home or when performing hazardous work.

Pyrite Metaphysical Properties

In terms of the workplace, this stone is said to energize the area surrounding it. This imparts a quick increase in vitality. It can help in overcoming intellectual fatigue because of the tiredness of the nervous system and overwork. It stimulates blood flow to increase focus, mental clarity and recall. Not only that, but this stone also enhances creativity. It stirs the qualities of commitment and perseverance as well as leadership skills.

In addition, pyrite is a great crystal of manifestation. It allows you to draw high-frequency energy into your physical body. Then, it pushes you to act in creating abundance for your life. Furthermore, its energies can stimulate the creative flow of concepts and ideas, helping you embrace your innate potential and abilities.

The Benefits of Pyrite

Here are some of the benefits of pyrite that you will surely love!

For Physical Healing

Pyrite can support the idea of perfect well-being and health. This stone draws on the universal energies in order to activate the nourishing energies of your body. And in physical healing, usually gets fast results and can be extremely beneficial in cases where no resolutions seem to be possible.

This crystal is known for bringing out the cause of diseases and illnesses for examination. It is also helpful in getting to the root of psychosomatic and karmic diseases.

Pyrite For Physical Healing

Meanwhile, its crystalline structure is known to shield you against environmental pollutants and even contagious diseases. Thus, it can be useful in fighting flu, colds and other viruses. It is also suitable for treating fungal infections and skin diseases and can be beneficial in the treatments of highly infectious illnesses.

Pyrite is also known to help reduce inflammation and lessen fever. It is a great crystal of protection for medical workers and caregivers who are constantly vulnerable to all kinds of diseases.

Not only that, but pyrite is also known to increase the supply of oxygen to the blood. Then, it helps in strengthening your circulatory and respiratory systems. Because of this, it is helpful in alleviating bronchitis and asthma as well as treating blood disorders. Moreover, this crystal is also said to assist in the treatments of the bones, both in cell formation and structure. Plus, it also helps repair and prevents DNA damage.

Lastly, pyrite is also used for stimulating proper endocrine function. This also makes it an excellent stone to fight male infertility and impotence.

For Emotional Healing

Pyrite For Emotional Healing

Pyrite is known as a crystal of positive energy. Thus, it is quite helpful for thoughts fixed on despair and misfortune and melancholy. The stone can help relieve stress and frustration. It acts as a mirror of yourself and reveals the causes behind such feelings and emotions. Then, it promotes a search for a solution.

Not only that, but pyrite can also help you see beyond the pretenses. You can see what truly lies behind actions and words. This provides insight into the things and other people who often disturb your emotional well-being.

Furthermore, the energy of pyrite is highly empowering to the spirit. It teaches you to overcome your fears and to act. This helps increase your will to accomplish or finish whatever tasks that you set out to do. Also, it can be used to bring you out of your shell, making you more confident and dynamic.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Pyrite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Pyrite is especially stimulating to your third chakra which is the solar plexus chakra. This is the energy distribution center and is the chakra of relationships. With the energies of pyrite stimulating and activating your solar plexus chakra, you have the strength to fight infections and free of allergic reactions. Also, you become courageous and won’t feel displeasure and disappointment of others. You are free to interpret the world through your emotions and thoughts and not live in fear of violating the standards of other people.

Pyrite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Pyrite also resonates with your second chakra, which is your sacral chakra. This chakra is the center of gravity in your body and controls the flow of energy. With the stimulating vibrations of pyrite, you can stimulate and unblock your sacral chakras. This way, you can improve your intuition and gut feelings. It also enhances your sexuality and prevents the repression of your feelings.  

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Pyrite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

This energetic brassy mineral may be called the Fool’s Gold. However, there is nothing foolish about its strong manifestation of energies for abundance, wealth, and prosperity in your life.

Its cubic structure perfectly resonates with the potent golden energy in order to attract abundance and wealth into your life force energy. It helps you move toward an abundance and wealthy future. It does so by igniting the fire of vitality, persistence, and courage.

In addition, this crystal can also help protect you against scams. This stone can help you recognize scammers and the ability to see through lies. As a matter of fact, you can bring it with you during negotiations and meetings where you’re entering a contract that can affect your finances.

For Relationship and Love

In terms of love and relationship, the pyrite crystal can protect you from all kinds of negative thoughts, emotions, actions and words. It can protect you from people who wish to meddle in your relationship. Not only that, but it also shields you from the so-called friends who talk about you behind your back as well as those people who judge you and your romantic relationship.

Pyrite For Relationship and Love

In addition, the energies of pyrite can teach you to become a bigger person. It shows you how you can respond with dignity and honor. It can inspire you to turn this kind of negativity into positive energy. Not only that, but this stone can also bring order to chaos and serenity to stressful situations. It helps bring vitality to a tired heart, mind, and body.

As an energizing stone, pyrite can also boost your relationship’s renewal, relaxation, and revitalization. It helps in releasing frustrations positively and healthily. Furthermore, this crystal can give you the opportunity to talk about your feelings with your partner. It can foster a respectful discourse and honest communication.  

Pyrite can also show you how to see behind the facades with its mirror-like appearance. It helps you understand the true intention of your partner’s words and actions. It can help you see what is real and what is not. Not only that, but it can also help you be more observant in your relationship and how your partner is behaving.

For Protection

At its heart, the pyrite crystal is all about protection. It is a crystal that will shield and protect you in every way possible.

Pyrite For Protection

Drawing energy from the Earth and moving it through your physical body and into your auric body, this stone creates a defensive armor against all negative energies, emotional and physical attacks, and environmental pollutants. Not only that, but this stone also helps stop the toxic thought patterns from messing with your concentration.

Not only that, but it also helps support you with a spirit of boldness as well as assertive action in protecting other people and the planet.

For Confidence

Pyrite For Confidence

Pyrite enhances the assertive and protective male energies in both women and men. This helps boost a woman’s self-worth. Not only that, but it also helps overcome tendencies toward inferiority and servitude.

For men, it can instill a sense of confidence in their masculinity. Not only that, but it also supports the enthusiastic expression and symbolism of male eroticism.

In general, as a stone of action, will, and vitality, this crystal can help you tap into your potential and abilities. It stimulates the flow of ideas, bringing persistence and confidence to carry things through completion.

For Career Success

A piece of pyrite crystal placed in your work area or workplace can help energize the area surrounding it. Then, it imparts an immediate sense of enhanced vitality. Furthermore, this crystal can help overcome intellectual and mental fatigue because of tiredness and overwork. Not only that, but this stone will also stimulate the flow of blood to your brain. This helps increase focus, memory, concentration, and mental clarity.

Pyrite For Career Success

Pyrite also encourages leadership qualities and makes a great ally for those working towards promotion and career success. It also stirs the qualities of ambition, perseverance, and commitment. This makes it ideal for those seeking to climb the career ladder.

As a building block talisman, the internal structure of pyrite can help you focus your effort to build on your career successes and enhance your life. It helps you concentrate your energy on improving your thought patterns and desires that can produce the actions you need to bring them to reality.

In terms of doubts in your professional career, pyrite can help you change your thoughts and improve your intuition. It brings golden nuggets of wisdom and confidence in making your career decisions and focuses your energies on grabbing opportunities.

Combining Pyrite With Other Crystal Stones

Pyrite is a highly versatile crystal you can pair with other stones to amplify its energies or facilitate a specific intention. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for pyrite.

Pyrite + Tiger’s Eye

Pyrite + Tiger’s Eye

Pyrite and tiger’s eye are both excellent stones for stabilizing your energies and grounding you to earth. Pyrite resonates with fire and earth energies. Meanwhile, the tiger’s eye crystal harnesses the earth and sun energy. Both stones can ground you to earth with the added benefit of bringing the positivity of the sun and a fiery courageousness.

The polarizing attributes of the tiger’s eye crystal can bring balance to your overemotional body. This makes it an excellent tool for releasing negative emotions such as guilt and fears while also stabilizing your mood swings. On the other hand, the pyrite crystal can generate confidence in your power, so you can tap and act on your abilities and potential.

As talismans, both pyrite and tiger’s eyes are unique protectors. Both stones can create a defensive shield against all negative energies and influences by drawing energy from the earth and into your physical body. It even helps protect you against environmental pollution and physical and emotional attacks.

Furthermore, both stones will give you willpower and courage. It brings the spirit of boldness as well as assertive action. This should push you to take risks and explore your passion and talents while staying grounded and humble.

Pyrite + Citrine

Pyrite + Citrine

This is one of the most popular combinations of manifesting wealth and abundance into your life.

Pyrite, dubbed the Fool’s Gold, is one of the best crystals for manifesting abundance. Its cubic structure symbolizes the golden energy for attracting money into your life. On the other hand, Citrine is dubbed the Lucky Merchant’s Stone. It is often associated with financial success in your business.

As pyrite attracts wealth and money into your life, citrine overcomes roadblocks to earning money and is also useful in keeping it too. Pyrite also ignites the fire of courage, vitality, and persistence. This is great for energizing a workplace. Meanwhile, the energies of citrine can encourage you to be generous. This creates a circle of wealth that will benefit you and others.

With both crystals, you can tap into your creative talents and potential. These stones will shift your mindset from lack to abundance. Not only that, but these crystals will also teach you for wats to save, make and spend money wisely.

Pyrite + Green Jade

Pyrite + Green Jade

Like the previous crystal combination, pairing pyrite with green jade can also help in manifesting wealth and abundance into your life.

Pyrite is a highly energetic crystal that embodies success and abundance. Being a heavy, lead-based primary mineral, pyrite can clear blockages that might interfere with the manifesting process. Meanwhile, green jade has been used to attract luck and wealth into your life since ancient times.

As pyrite energetically attracts more wealth into your life, the green jade crystal can teach you how to protect your finances. Furthermore, both stones can dissolve the self-imposed limitations that can hinder you from attracting money. This is particularly true if you have any doubts about truly deserving abundance. Together, these stones will shift your thoughts and mindset from undeserving and lacking to worthy and abundance.

Pyrite + Sunstone

Pyrite + Sunstone

If you need energy or some hint of positivity in your currently stressful life, then try the combination of pyrite and sunstone.

Although more commonly known as a stone of prosperity, the pyrite crystal is also a phenomenal stone for positivity. Within its unique cubic structure is a strong force field that can block out all negative energies, entities, and influences. This should help prevent outside influences from affecting your mindset and mood. As a result, you have more energy and optimism to achieve your potential.

Sunstone, on the other hand, radiates happiness. Its positive and sunny energy shines a profound light of warmth on independence and self-empowerment. This is particularly useful if you constantly find yourself being drained by other people. Its energetic vibes will free you from the over-demanding and possessive energies of others. Also, it acts as an anti-depressant that can increase your enthusiasm and optimism.

Using both stones, you can stimulate the flow of innovative ideas and memory. They also bring regenerative energies right to your auric body, teaching you to stay positive in any given situation. Not only that, but both crystals will also stimulate your confidence and are helpful in overcoming the inferiority complex.

Pyrite + Ruby

Pyrite + Ruby

For an energizing combination, try the pyrite and ruby duo.

Pyrite takes its name from the Greek word for fire. Thus, it is unsurprising that this mineral will bring the powerful energy of fire into your life. Meanwhile, ruby, with its blood-red hues, is a potent crystal that unblocks your root chakra. Removing these blockages can instantly give you a quick boost of energy and renewal.

As an energizing crystal, ruby can help you overcome exhaustion and lethargy. It stimulates your chi while also grounding you to Mother Earth. This increases your vitality. On the other hand, pyrite will block any negative entities and forces from draining your energy and preventing energy leaks from your aura.

With both stones, you will feel less tired while filling yourself with enthusiasm, courage, and positivity to face challenges in your life.

Pyrite + Fluorite

Pyrite + Fluorite

For stimulating your mind and increasing mental focus, you can try pairing pyrite with fluorite.

Pyrite is well-known for its properties to attract abundance and success into your life. However, it is also one of the best crystals for stimulating your intellectuality. As a matter of fact, its cubic structure emanates positivity and shifts your thinking to feel worthy of receiving success. Thus, it can transform any self-doubt into wealth, which makes it suitable for manifesting prosperity and success in your life.

As pyrite works on those properties, fluorite can increase your mental focus. This will help in improving your concentration which can help you focus your intention and manifestation for success.

Oftentimes, creative or mental blocks are the cause of disrupted focus. As a result, success and manifestation of prosperity are also hindered. As the Stone of Aptitude and Discernment, fluorite can hone your determination and focus.

This will help slow down an overactive mind and help you think more clearly. Thus, you are better equipped to cope with stressful situations and stay focused on your manifestation goals.

Combining pyrite and fluorite can stimulate your mind and bring in new ideas. These stones can block negative energy and induce enhance the manifestation of your goals towards success and completion.

Pyrite + Hematite

Pyrite + Hematite

Pairing pyrite with hematite is mainly beneficial for your mind and intellectuality.

Pyrite is a crystal associated with intelligence, memory, and logic. It is a highly energetic stone that radiates the positive influence and energies of fire and the sun.

When you’re low in energy. Sometimes it is hard to remember information. Pyrite can help increase your energies and boost your vitality. As a result, you can enhance your memory and intellectuality.

On the other hand, Hematite is dubbed the Stone of the Mind. Thus, it is the perfect crystal for enhancing memory retention. If you get easily distracted, you know how hard it is to remember and learn things of importance. Hematite can keep you present and organize your thoughts.

So, as pyrite boosts your energy and increases your blood flow to the brain, hematite can increase your focus while dissolving distractions by keeping your thoughts organized. Furthermore, both stones also help filter the negative energy surrounding you to focus better and concentrate on your studies or projects.

Is Pyrite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Pyrite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a zodiac crystal.

Pyrite is July 22 – August 21 Birthstone

This crystal is not listed as a traditional birthstone. However, its golden color makes it a natural birthstone for those born on July 22 – August 21, during the magical months of midsummer. Its energies can bring you enthusiasm, power, happiness, and success.

Pyrite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo

In terms of Pyrite’s destiny being written in the stars, its glimmering energies are known to be an amazing match for the zodiac sign Leo.

Pyrite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo

Just like the roar of the mighty lion, people born under the Leo sign are known for their fiery nature. They are born leaders and are quite strong, proud, and stubborn. Also, they are ever ready for action and the manifestation of their dreams. Such traits are beautifully complemented by the golden energies of pyrite.

In addition, this crystal even works hard to fill in the gaps and help the strong-headed Leos to stay shielded and protected when they move aggressively head-on to unknown territories. Also, the earthy but fiery nature of pyrite can balance out the full-fire element of Leos. This ensures that they remain ever-present and grounded regardless of how far they go.

Meditation with Pyrite

When you hold a pyrite crystal during meditation, you can enjoy an instantly refreshing and rebalancing burst of energy. Not only that, but this crystal is also ideal for ending a meditation session in order to bring your energy fully into the physical realm.

How to Cleanse and Charge Pyrite?

Keeping your pyrite crystal charged and cleared is the best way to bring out its healing powers and continuously benefit from it. Being a highly protective stone, Pyrite can get tired and full at times.

You can bring it back to life by using very simple cleaning methods. Take note that although most crystals love being rinsed with warm water and soap, pyrite actually hates this kind of cleansing. This crystal can fade or even rust at the touch of water.

How to Cleanse and Charge Pyrite

So, instead of washing it with water, you can just wipe it down with a dry, clean cloth to remove the accumulated dirt and debris on its surface. Then you can smudge it with sage and other herbal smoke. This way, you are wafting away all the bad energy that it has collected. Also, since this crystal is connected with fire, pyrite reacts extremely well to a smoke-centric charging and cleansing.

In addition, you can also place pyrite in the earth and let it absorb the richer and positive natural energies. Also, you can try burying it in sea salt for a few hours to cleanse the negative vibes away and charge its energies.

Final Thoughts

Pyrite is an excellent crystal that can tap into endless possibilities and bring out your soul’s best. With its enchanting glimmer, you can cut down on suspicious thoughts and paranoia since it will protect you at all times against all kinds of negativities in this world.

As a stone that welcomes abundance and prosperity in your life, it will also bring joy, truth, positivity, courage and confidence. These can help your soul to sparkle and glimmer like its mesmerizing and attractive structure, making it a worthy investment.


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