Red Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Red Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

The Meanings and Uses of Red Crystal Stones

Red crystal stones represent life, energy, and desire. They will keep you determined and motivated. Though they are quite intense, red crystals will excite, lift your level of enthusiasm, and offer you a boost of energy. When you want to become involved actively and when energetic actions are necessary, these stones can greatly benefit you.

If you want to know more about red crystal stones, then keep on reading. In this article, you will find out the meanings, uses and benefits, and properties of these stones. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Red Crystal Properties

Red crystal stones are considered one of the most supportive, warmest, most beautiful, and loving stones. In fact, they’ve been associated with heat, warmth, passion, and romance. They are also a strong representation of physical vitality and life.

The Meanings and Uses of Red Crystal Stones

Red crystals can bring focus to the spirit of one’s life. They will encourage you to live your life to the fullest

It is worth mentioning that the lighter hues of red the stronger passion and power they can give. What’s more, lighter red stones can bring more feminine, subtler, and gentler energies. Darker shades, on the other hand, will be tinted with either brown or black. However, the red shade won’t be muted instead it will be mixed with other earthier, more powerful, and darker brown overtones.

Often, dark red crystal stones are extremely hard, but they have a silent passion as well as durable energy. These stones are also holding profound and strong energies as dark red is a masculine shade. Further, darker stones can be a great help if you want to boost your commitment or devotion to seeing the seriousness and beauty of life.

Why Should You Use Red Crystals?

One of the many reasons to use a red crystal is that it has the capability to empower and uplift. It helps get things done and cures your indifference. If you are lacking motivation and inspiration, red stones will eliminate your restlessness and listlessness.

On the other hand, when you are dealing with a very low emotional state, introducing more red stones in your life can be a great help.

Red crystal stones are all about passion and love. They have a potent yet calming color that will soothe your anger and frustration. They will even support your efforts when trying to reach a higher meditative state.

Red stones represent the devotion that you have for the people you love. They’ll get rid of your irrelevance while promoting a mature form of love. They will motivate you to share your skills and talents with other people. Red crystals will also help you remain persistent even when life begins to become challenging.

Why Should You Use Red Crystals

These stones are linked to your capability to utilize daily practical talents and physical survival aids. They will even strongly resonate with protection, encouragement, and movement.

The List of Red Stones

If you want to strengthen your root, replenish your energy and boost your passion, you can call upon the powers of red stones. We’ve compiled the most soul-warming red crystal stones that will surely stir you up. Remember, pick the stone that speaks to you the most.



Ruby is a very popular stone. As a matter of fact, almost all people are familiar with this red stone. And nobody will surely distrust its majesty. This red crystal usually adorns crowns, treasure chests, eye-catching jewelry, and royal staff. Ruby is a representation of everything great – grandness, love, prosperity, bravery, love, and passion. Even these days, it is still valued as a precious gemstone. It is also utilized in advanced technology like material for microscopic laser surgeries.

This red stone does a great job when it comes to emitting vitality and passion to do good things. It will also help in removing lethargic feelings. The luster and bright red color of ruby are so stimulating and known as a good sign of consciousness. It is also a representation of unbridled love and is usually utilized as a symbol of courteous love.

Red Jade

Red Jade

This list of red crystal stones will not be completed without mentioning red jade. Unlike rubies, red jades have more warrior-like capabilities and properties. This stone is also a sign of bravery and spirit and often utilizes as an amulet or charm for martial arts.

Red jade represents bravery harnessed with wisdom and calculation. Most of the time, those who are learning the art of fighting have a very short temper. But with this stone, you will be able to contain that temper tendency while still sustaining the courage and bravery aspects.

Traditionally, this stone is valued as a healing stone. Having that said, it is known as the crystal that can improve overall health by boosting energy and vitality. Furthermore, it is usually carried by those who are working in the field of medicine such as healers, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

Red Jasper

REd jasper

Red Jasper is one of the best protective stones that you can use. The red color is lined with vitality in the west and good luck in the east. It is also a great red crystal to have if you’re planning to do something quite risky.

Amulets or talismans that are made using red jasper stones have been utilized for different protective purposes such as preventing drunkenness, drowning, demonic possession, and deception. It is also a good stone to use for self-confidence and empowerment, something that a lot of people struggle with in the culture today. It is very easy to perceive yourself as weak especially when the media is all around telling you how you should feel.

Considered a money crystal, this stone is extremely beneficial if you want to generate more motivation and drive to keep your financial life appropriate. On the other hand, red jasper can also be utilized in a sexual relationship to spice things up.

Red Garnet

Red Garnet

If you want to bring back or achieve your balance this stone is perfect for you. Red garnet will make you feel protected and safe. You can also benefit from this crystal if you wish to harness inner strength. In fact, having a sense of contentment and inner balance from which to reflect on how to grow, how best to align with the mission of your soul and what path should you take in life is more valuable.

The energies of red garnet will let you release your sexuality and encourage a lasting and strong relationship.  The crystals will also infuse your life with motivation and inspiration. It is because the red garnet can bring out your creativity to execution.

Red garnet will also assist you on your path to wealth. It is because this stone is helpful with regard to being in the correct state of mind. It will also strengthen your inspiration and motivation. With the presence of this red stone, you will notice an enhanced determination to resist anything that is not good for you.

Red Tiger’s Eye

red tiger’s eye

The healing energies of this red crystal stone are said to be extremely effective against anemia and other blood disorders. The red tiger’s eye can help in improving night vision and treat eye infections. It will also offer you vitality and physical strength. It works in regulating the body’s natural rhythms. You can also use it in accelerating metabolism.

Its energies, on the other hand, will incorporate vitality and passion into the projects you are currently working on or pursuits that you’re involved with. Red tiger’s eye will inspire you to make a practical choice and decision. 

Actually, this red stone says a lot of things about resourcefulness and creativity especially when you want to accomplish something extraordinary but you have budgeted and limited resources. It will also make your determination stronger in order to stay committed to your projects and overcome difficulties.

Red Calcite

If you want to boost your energy and at the same time your will to live, red calcite is a vital stone to have. This red crystal stone is highly protective and grounding. It will even safeguard your emotional, energetic, and physical boundaries.

Red Calcite

Red calcite will reduce your restlessness, lethargy, and confusion. It prevents overextending yourself, particularly for those who are so manipulative and who do not deserve your energies. Since it is known to absorb minerals and balance hormones, red calcite is one of the best stones for women. What’s more, it can prepare someone for pregnancy as well as childbirth.

With this stone, all stagnant energies in your romantic life will be removed and you can overcome any challenges in your relationship. You’ll be more motivated to spice up things and become more adventurous. It will even bring you a strong point of determination as well as personal strength.

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine is a wonderful stone that can offer mental, physical, and emotional healing that can result in a more balanced and joyful life. By revitalizing the body and focusing the energies, with this red stone, the flow of universal vitality will be greatly enhanced too.

Red aventurine helps in addressing physical symptoms such as decreased levels of activity and low enthusiasm. It can also assist you if you need constant stimulation and when you need to get rid of the lethargy that you are experiencing.

In addition to that, red aventurine helps in eliminating feelings of volatility and being distant to disconnected. It can even bring creative energies into your life. As a result, you will be involved in inspiring and creative endeavors all the time.

Red Beryl

red beryl

If you need help when it comes to dealing with your stressful and busy life, the red beryl is the perfect stone for you. This red crystal can support you in eliminating unnecessary baggage of any kind. It can also help you to tune in the divine supervision on where you should be going and what you should be doing in your life.

Red beryl, on the other hand, symbolizes the purity of being. It supports you in your goals in order to objectify your potential. It will calm your mind, relieve your stress and improve your courage. Further, the stone will even get rid of all distractions. Thus, you can lessen overstimulation. Red beryl will promote positive outlooks on life and the world. It helps in removing your anxieties and worries while encouraging you not to overanalyze things.

Red Agate

Red Agate

When you are dealing with a skin disorder, this red stone can heal you. But aside from that, the red agate will also strengthen your blood vessels and cleanse your lymphatic systems and pancreas This red crystal is also believed to treat problems associated with the stomach and eyes.

If you have sexual difficulties, red agate will heal the blockages and let you bring back the life force energy needed to partake in such a very usual act of making. When it comes to love and relationship, the stone’s properties will offer you more love energies. Meaning to say, if you have not been affectionate towards other people, it is not because you do not love them, but you simply don’t have the needed energy to love yourself first. Remember, if you don’t find any reason to love yourself before others, you won’t be able to love other people as they’re simply an image of you.

The other positive energies of red agate can also protect you against evil. You will become a positive thinker and notice your weaknesses so that you will be able to improve them or transform them into strengths.

Red Spinel

Red Spinel

Red spinel is known as the stone of revitalization and hope. It can offer you the wonderful feeling of contentment as well as the joy of being healthy and alive. This red crystal can bring new perspectives and most importantly, gratitude to the world around you.

Red spinel will realign your life to joy and inspiration. This in turn will offer you renewed sexuality and energies that are completely backed by the supportive hand of the universe and divine. The stone is also ideal for workaholics. It will help in releasing stress and anxiety while refilling your low energy levels.

Red spinel can bring inspiration and new hope and this will allow you to look for new ways of thinking that can give you the ideas and strength to conquer any obstacles and new challenges.

Red Diamond

Red Diamond

This variety of diamonds has properties and the meaning of increasing your determination. Red diamond will help you attain the goals you’ve set all the way to the end. It gives you potent mental power that will help in overcoming difficulties.

Red diamond is perfect to use if you need the courage to challenge battles that you cannot lose. This stone will also make you feel bright. It can clearly get rid of all your negative thoughts and feelings. It will also bring back the passion and vitality that you’ve lost. Red diamond, on the other hand, can offer you the chance to restart a thing that you stopped halfway.

Red Topaz

Red Topaz

With this stone, your love luck will be improved.  Red topaz will simultaneously raise your powers to be loved and loving powers. This beautiful red crystal stone will warm up your cold heart. It alleviates sadness, loneliness, or anxiety. Also, if you are wishing to attain a good love match, this is the perfect red crystal for you.

On the other hand, red topaz will make your feelings more positive. The stone’s beautiful red color is a representation of fire. Further, there’ll be energies that can eliminate the darkness of the heart. It will even resurrect courage, passion, action power, and confidence.

It is also worth mentioning that you can also use this as an amulet to fight evil. Red topaz can block the impending dangers to the owner. In addition to that, it prevents the flow of good fortune from being stopped. It supports you to momentarily move forward without stopping existing steps.

Red Chalcedony

Red Chalcedony

Known as the stone of confidence, red chalcedony can help in a situation when you are not certain whether to give in graciously or carry on the fight. It will promote perseverance but with judgment. Red chalcedony will also give you the needed stamina and strength in order to reach your goals in life and help you make your dreams come true.

When it comes to the physical level, this red crystal stone will support blood clotting and stimulate blood circulation. What’s more, it is believed to lessen hunger pangs. But it shouldn’t be used for a long time since it will hinder the absorption of nutrients. 

Red Coral

Red Coral

This red stone symbolizes Mars, the royal god of war. Red coral can inherently associate courage as well as confidence. With all that enhanced confidence, it is natural that your capability to surpass challenges and obstacles will also be enhanced.

When you wear a piece of this red stone, you will be able to overcome obstacles and even enemies successfully. Much like the other red crystals, red coral also comes with a number of great healing properties. For one, it is believed that it can treat bad skin, scrapes or cuts, and weak blood.

Additionally, it is also used to regulate blood pressure and is said to be good for your heart. If you want to boost the longevity of your marriage or eliminate widowhood from the wife, you can never go wrong with this stone. In fact, this belief accords with the notion that red coral can offer new enthusiasm and vitality to its wearers.

Red Quartz

Red Quartz

This red stone symbolizes strength and vigor. Highly appreciated by travelers and sailors. red quartz will offer you additional energy during times of long trips and recovery. Actually, it is currently utilized in jewelry therapy and the most popular options are the red quartz bracelets.

Red quartz is utilized to assist with a deeper understanding between a couple opening every heart to the other. This, in turn, will make the connection between them stronger, dispelling any blockage of communication problems like a misunderstanding. 

For those who are dealing with depression most of the time, having a piece of this stone will help in sorting out and eliminating these negative charges that represent life. This stone is also beneficial for people who have low self-confidence and problems with emotions in general.

Red Malachite

Red Malachite

One of the best things about the red malachite is that it can promote reflection as well as peace from within. It can also offer a sense of well-being and calm. In actual fact, red malachite is the aura’s natural protector. It is also ideal for people engaging in aura work.

This stone will help with meditation as well as nurture an opening of the mind. It strongly resonates with your base or root chakra while grounding you with the energies of nature as you explore meditation and peace. One more thing, it is a good red stone that can open your mind and expand your consciousness.



This beautiful red crystal stone can offer a lot of physical energy that can help you accomplish all your goals. As a matter of fact, the eudialyte acts like a battery that can energy to you when you are not at the top of the game or your maximum potential.

Eudialyte, on the other hand, is a protection crystal that helps in keeping all negative and bad energies away. It will even get rid of your negative feelings. With the presence of this red crystal, there’ll be no room in your life for negative persons, and you’ll avoid them especially when they try to threaten to come into your circle.

Eudialyte is a powerful grounding crystal that keeps you aligned and at the same time balanced with your dreams and goals. Further, it will fine-tune all the energies present in your life, while helping you to manifest all your wishes. It reminds you of all the talents and skills that you have as well as the different things you can do with them.

Red Tourmaline

Red Tourmaline

When placed around your office or home, this red stone will help in neutralizing the dangerous effects of computers, microwaves as well as other electronic devices. Red tourmaline will dissuade others from disputing your knowledge or picking fights. It will even confer quiet authority, dignity, and diplomacy when other people are being irrational and pulling rank.

Further, this stone has the power to strengthen your capability to comprehend love and encourages creativity in a way to snuff out love into the world. Red tourmaline will help you in being sociable and lively. It promotes flexibility and tactfulness too. You can also use it to harmonize the feminine energies in both sexes and offer strength to ladies when it comes to emotional difficulties.

Considered a shamanic crystal, red tourmaline can offer protection when doing ritual work. It can also be utilized for scrying. And traditionally, this stone was utilized in pointing out causes of troubles.  

Red Pyrope

Red Pyrope

This red stone can provide spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental support. Red pyrope can soothe anxiety and encourage endurance, confidence, and composure. It will lighten your entire mood while protecting your chakras. Red pyrope can also promote gentleness and warmth and will open your heart to love.

It is also capable of attracting a lot of guardian angels as well as spirit guides. It will honor the four goddesses. Red pyrope will keep your crown chakra and base chakra at all times. It aligns these chakras with the subtle body while associating the base chakra’s groundedness with the crown chakras wisdom.

Red Zircon

Red Zircon

With this beautiful red crystal stone, you will be able to bring back your passion. Red zircon is a great stone to use if you want to wipe out passive energies. You will have the needed strength to move towards the forthcoming. Red zircon, on the other hand, will also help you in remembering the pleasure of living.

It’s a stone that will change you to constitutions that can produce happiness with ease. In addition to that, it helps in fulfilling a good relationship. It can attract bright and positive fellows and partners. As a matter of fact, it is utilized for the purpose of developing a sincere and real relationship. Also, if you want to get rid of human distrust in your life, this is the perfect red crystal stone for you.

Cinnabar Stone

Cinnabar Stone

When it comes to getting rid of negative energies, cinnabar stone can be a great help. This stone will help in replacing them with lighter and more positive ones. If you’re the kind of person who is so distressed in your life, having a piece of this red stone will help you obtain confidence in the direction you choose.

Another beautiful property of the cinnabar stone is that will give you a long life especially when you are keeping or wearing it. If you are dealing with self-acceptance and self-esteem problems you can use a cinnabar stone to become self-assured and confident.

One more thing, with this stone, you can remove all your resentments and deepest fears through the use of this stone on a regular basis. This, in turn, will help you to move on in life freely.



The energies of cuprite will make you feel supported, vital, and secure. It will activate and open your root chakra so that the life force energy will freely flow. It will boost your energy while supporting your well-being. If you are having a hard time handling your emotions and thoughts, this stone can help you as well.

Cuprite, on the other hand, will keep your stress trapped. When things at home or work become unmanageable, you can depend on the energies of cuprite so that you can get rid of all your worries and calm yourself.

By simply holding a piece of cuprite in your hand, you will feel that the red crystal releases relaxing and soothing energies. What’s more, the energies of this stone will offer you the courage to allow your creativity to manifest. You’ll wish for the highest good for yourself and most importantly, those who really matter to you.



If you want to improve your creativity, crocoite is the perfect red stone for you. It will also promote a free flow of ideas into the mind so that you are making something new at all times. If you are doing a certain thing on your own, for instance, you are running a business, you can use crocoite to induce feelings of desire to whatever profession you belong to. This will allow you to reach success without exerting too much effort than what is needed.

Moreover, crocoite helps in opening the eyes to the world. It will also alert you since life in the future is going to be so demanding. It will prepare you for what is to come out and infuse you with the vitality and energy that is needed in order to seize the day and go out. You can use this red stone to feel good regarding the life that you currently have so that you can start becoming more grateful to the divine world for all the blessings given to you.



Realgar is a beautiful and deeply cleansing stone delving deep into the subconscious. It will also illuminate your past lives and hidden thoughts This red stone can bring these things to light and as a result, you can use them.

Realgar, on the other hand, is a wonderful healing stone that is capable of healing your past traumas and suppressing your precious memories. Furthermore, it will let you perceive your real hidden self which brings about acceptance and sympathy.

It will also enhance your intellect and most importantly, your analytical thinking. It can remove mental blockages that prevent you from concentrating on your goals and getting started on your visions.

Almandine Garnet

Almandine Garnet

This red stone comes with strongly regenerative healing qualities that can stimulate both strength and stamina. It will also help in energizing the crown and root chakras. It will allow you to access your own truths and incorporate them into your life.

Almandine garnet will help in establishing connections with higher intellect. It encourages charity and compassion in you. It facilitates meditation as well as offers you a feeling of inner development and growth. What’s more, it will energize the chakras from the base up to the crown.

It is also worth mentioning that this red stone symbolizes profound and deep love. When you feel like you are lacking in love, having a piece of almandine garnet will help you in attracting love of any kind. Almandine garnet is also known as the stone of devotion and commitment. Your relationship with your partner will enjoy a boost in intimacy and passion with the help of almandine garnet.

Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite garnet is the stone of emotional healing as well as inspiration. It can promote sympathy, love, and kindness as well as spiritual development or self-growth. This stone is extremely beneficial when it comes to recovery from sexual abuse, shame, and guilt.

Moreover, rhodolite garnet can help in the treatment of problems related to the lung and the heart. It will also help in improving healthy sexuality and metabolism. It will even support your crown, heart, and root chakras as it is attuned to various guardian angels.

Red Fire Opal

Red Fire Opal

This red stone comes with many different positive attributes that can benefit you in various aspects. Red fire opal is one of the best stones that you can have particularly if you are very shy as well as lack self-esteem.

The fire present in this crystal can offer you an increase in self-esteem and enhance how you relate to other people and how you think of yourself. This stone will also get rid of your bad experiences while helping you release all your bad memories. Red fire opal is also the stone that promotes positive and healthy sexuality. It will even help in promoting kind and loving energies.

If you are planning to start a new business or want to invest your money in a certain venture, you can call upon this red stone as it can offer supportive and warm energies. It will also remove all the negative energies in your aura and surroundings.

Red Sunstone

Red Sunstone

This powerful and warm red crystal stone helps in promoting independence and originality. In fact, red sunstone is called the stone of abundance. Moreover, it represents that energy of liveliness that would boost power. It will support you in various situations and dispel fear and stress.

Known as the stone of leadership, red sunstone is very popular among managers and business owners since its power and energy can improve and at the same awaken abilities and skills to be a great leader that can surely bring opportunities and promotions for leadership.

It is worth mentioning that red sunstone can help your relationship and love shine brightly as well. With this red stone, you will be able to catch the right one or good match for you without missing anything. You will also gain enough confidence that can improve your passive constitutions and offer you a desire for maturity with regard to love and relationship.

Red Amber

Red Amber

This red stone is so popular for giving courage. It will grow your mind a lot because red amber has the energies of an old tree inside. With this stone, you will be able to develop a very strong mindset that will not give up. Red amber also helps in bringing back the animal’s intuition toward you. It can promote instinct and strength to survive in this world. It is also believed that this stone can help in boosting energy metabolism. It will get rid of unwanted energies and bring nutritious energies.

Red Amethyst

Red Amethyst

Red amethyst can help in creating wealth. In fact, with this stone, you wouldn’t be able to lose any important chance. Thus, you will be able to obtain huge wealth. This red stone can also be used as a powerful talisman. It can be utilized for defense as well as offense.

When you feel that your luck is inactivity or feel like you have got a lot of enemies around, you can greatly benefit from this stone. Red amethyst can also be used in preventing troubles with the law as well as money. It is perfect to use when going on a business trip or traveling.



With this red crystal stone, your subconscious mind will be awakened. From ancient periods, people believed that muscovite may get associated with gods. It is a beautiful stone that can obtain sacred messages as well as put them into practice. In fact, you will be able to obtain the answers to the things you need to do in your life. What’s more, muscovite has been told that you can create big successes by making your life goals clearer.

Muscovite, on the other hand, will support your learning. It will help you learn a lot of things in a very smooth way that is necessary to make your dreams turn into reality. In fact, it would strongly you when it comes to achieving your goals. With the presence of this stone, you will be able to get more power especially if your determination is stronger.

When you have a clear goal and dream, it is highly recommended that you use this stone. Muscovite is also ideal for people who need a stronger will and more patience in order to avoid giving up in the middle.

Red Apatite

Red Apatite

Red apatite can help in stimulating psychic gifts. It will also improve your spiritual attunement and make your meditative experience deeper. This red crystal stone will also help you at all levels of communication.

Red apatite will connect you to higher levels of spiritual guidance that can’t be achieved with ease. Moreover, it can offer you lucid dreams as well as guide you in your astral travel. It will bring back the balance in the chakras as well as emotional, spiritual, physical, and emotional bodies. The stone is also believed to boost your motivation in order to attain your dreams and goals and become successful.

Red apatite can also get rid of all the negativity about yourself and change them with feelings of positivity and confidence. It will also increase your intellect, creativity, and imagination.

Red Andesine

Red Andesine

This red stone can offer lucidity to your thoughts so that you will be able to think positively. Red andesine will also awaken your self-confidence and potential. This will aid you to go out dreadfully. Further, you will be able to trust yourself as well as the world around you. Red andesine can offer goddess and feminine energies that are extremely protective and nurturing.

The stone will promote spiritual visioning and protect you as travel through several dimensions. By simply looking at this stone, you will be able to see the future and perceive where your personal dreams will take you.

Red andesine can also be used if you want to balance yourself as well as your emotions. In fact, you can also take advantage of its energies if you need to trust your inner truth and yourself.

Red Hematite

Red Hematite

This stone is popularly known for its protective capabilities. In fact, red hematite will make you feel more secure in a situation that you find very challenging. In addition to that, it can help you in coming up with fresh ideas while changing your perspectives in a more helpful way. It will also help in looking through life’s chaos and standing your ground in a more balanced way.

In terms of an interpersonal relationship, whether it is social, familial, or romantic, this is the perfect stone for you. While others may seem to entice fusses such as magnets, red hematite will get rid of all negative and unnecessary attention-seeking behaviors.

Red Carnelian

Red Carnelian

This stone is believed to boost one’s creativity. Red carnelian is a real success crystal that can offer you the needed self-confidence so that you will be able to believe your personal ideas and most importantly, follow your purpose without allowing yourself to get distracted especially by small-minded individuals.

Another reason to use red carnelian is that it will make you stand out from the crowd and help you achieve the ultimate purpose of your life. Further, it is a wonderful meditative assistance. It will help you to stay rooted in the physical realm while your esoteric and spiritual self extends to experience uplifting and new things.



If you want to fortify your relationship, sardonyx is the perfect stone for you. Whether it is in friendship or a relationship, this red stone can promote openness and communication that will result in a more meaningful and deepened relationship with your loved ones. It will also help you see the opinions of other people from their point of view can help you understand them better,

Nevertheless, with sardonyx, you will feel more grateful and happier not only for your life but also for the people surrounding you.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Red Crystal Stones?

Now that you have an idea about the different red crystal stones, let’s take a look at the other benefits that you may reap when you wear them. Below you will find out the benefits of these stones when it comes to health and physical healing, emotional healing, love, and relationship as well as wealth.

For Health and Physical Healing

Red Crystal Stones For Health and Physical Healing

When it comes to health and physical healing, red crystal stones can be used for the treatment of the circulatory system and blood. These stones can help in detoxifying your blood and stimulating the lymphatic system. They will even stimulate the kidneys, spleen, adrenals, and reproductive organs.

Red stones, most especially rubies can protect and at the same time support the ventricles, myocardium, and coronaries of the heart, When the circulatory system is slow and sluggish, these stones will warm it as well.

In addition to that, red crystal stones are beneficial for menstrual discomfort and disorders and will calm the symptoms associated with menopause. These stones can also be utilized in treating infertility, dysfunction, and impotence. They also help during pregnancy and are believed to encourage the optimal formation of a child in the embryonic state.  They will even help in sustaining the heat of the body.

For Emotional Healing

Red crystal stones are highly motivational that can help you remain on track and determined to accomplish all the best things in life. Whatever the things you set in mind, you will be able to accomplish them without any glitches or interruptions as long as you have the powers and energies of red stones.

Red crystals For Emotional Healing

By attracting all the positive energies and vibrations from the universe as well as filling you up with them, these stones will allow you to stay on top of your game at all times. They will also keep you energized so that you will be able to overcome all challenges that will come along your way.

By bringing a lot of eagerness into your life, red stones will make you feel get eager for even the smallest and simplest things that will allow you to achieve happiness much easier compared to before.

With these stones, you will begin to appreciate the importance and beauty of the small blessings that will come into your life. As a result, you will become more grateful. However, this will let you feel fulfilled and humbled so that you do not go through your life worrying about the materialistic things that you don’t need. Most importantly, you can concentrate on everything that is currently in your possession.

Moreover, red crystal stones will allow you to perceive the beauty in the small gifts and gestures that will allow you to enjoy a healthy relationship with other people because will not be expecting a lot from anyone. These crystals can also help you concentrate on bigger and major work that you need to finish to become successful. So, if you are in a field of work or industry in which having extreme focus is crucial then introducing red crystals into your life can be a great help.

When you consider finding yourself impatient, restless, or on the edge of your seat at all times, these stones will calm you down and make you more patient. These stones will let you sit back and relax and not be stressed about the future happenings that you can’t even control when everybody is pulling out their hair and thinking about the nastiest possible situations.

It is also worth mentioning that red stones can suggest in you a sense of devotion and unprecedented care that you’ve never experienced in your entire life. As a matter of fact, this will become more powerful when you combined it with the birthstones for January.

Red stones will let you relate to your peers and loved ones and care for them in a manner they both admire and appreciate. This, in turn, will make your bond with them more solid. They will also help you become more open when it comes to giving and receiving love by eliminating reservations that you may have had before. This will let your loved ones become closer to you and you’ll begin to enjoy every minute you spend with them.

If you’re considering yourself unresponsive to the things going on with your friends and family, red stones will open your heart and eyes to the situation and pain of other people. This, in turn, helps you to go out of your way in order to help those who need your help. Hence, you will earn lots of good karma from the universe.

For Wealth

These striking stones will motivate you to do something when things need to be done concerning a certain situation in your life. Red crystal stones will get rid of your lethargy and make you more compassionate and understanding.

Red crystals For Wealth

These stones will fortify your beliefs and offer you the bravery to do everything in your life that is no longer beneficial for you. Moreover, they will increase your determination to accomplish your goals and bestow you with energies that can aid you to attain just that. As a matter of fact, these stones will make you fearless. As a result, you are always ready to give new things as well as different techniques a try.

Red crystal stones will also offer you the strength to overcome every challenge that will come along your way. They will inspire you to recline in the glory most especially when you attain something big. The stones will always remind you that you should enjoy the recognitions you are receiving because you’ve worked hard for them.

Further, they will offer you the inner strength that you can use when you are facing the most challenging periods of your life. They will get rid of your weariness and make you realize your worth.

Red stones symbolize success, abundance, and prosperity with regard to finding out the unknown. They even signify rewards, achievements, and bounty. When you are working with the energies of these stones, you can be certain that you will be able to reap all the fruits of your hard work. They signify happiness and prosperity, so you should always have a red stone in your workplace or at home.

For Love and Relationship

Another great thing about the red crystal stones is that they will make your vow to the person you love stronger. They will also boost the love that you currently have for your loved ones. These stones will heal heartaches while supporting you when dealing with emotional losses.

Red crystals For Love and Relationship

The energies of these stones will also open you to new love and attract a new lover. These stones will boost the romance, passion, and love in your life. One more thing, they will make you aware of your sensuality.

Ways To Use Red Crystals

Without a doubt, red crystal stones have a lot to offer. Nevertheless, if you want to make the most out of your red crystals, here are some of the most effective ways to use them for better results.

Wear Red Crystals As Pieces of Jewelry

Ways To Use Red Crystals - Ways To Use Red Crystals - Wear Red Crystals As Pieces of Jewelry

If you want to boost the romance, passion, and intimacy with your significant other, consider wearing a red stone as a ring. Make sure to wear it on the left hand so that you will be able to spice up your relationship.

On the other wearing, wearing these stones as a necklace or pendant will tell the universe that you are someone strong, dynamic, bold, and passionate. It will boost your confidence every time you need to get the attention of a certain person. Wearing a red crystal also comes in handy if you are not used to speaking in front of many people. One more thing, pieces of jewelry made with red stones will make you more graceful which helps in improving your sex appeal as well as your other physical features.

Carry Them

By carrying a piece of red stone in your pouch and wallet, you can surely benefit from its energies. As a matter of fact, when you place these stones in your pocket, you will be able to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life.

But aside from that, you can place these stones in your office and home as decorations since they can improve the present energies. They will even boost your physical strength and vitality. One more thing, placing these stones around your home can encourage good behavior from kids.

Sleep With Them

If you wish to kindle your sexuality and desire for a more pleasurable and better sex life with your better half, consider sleeping with red crystal stones. For better results, place these stones at your bedside or at the foot of your bed to boost sensuality.


Ways To Use Red Crystals -Meditate

Meditating with red crystal stones may invoke a feeling of serenity and relaxation. They will also improve your intuition, thus when your intention is to connect to your higher wisdom and inner voice while you are meditating, red crystal stones can support you. To use these stones, place them in your meditation area and then set intentions that strengthen meditation practices.

Make An Elixir

Ways To Use Red Crystals -Make An Elixir

Some red stones can also be used in making powerful elixirs. Some are red stone elixirs that are drinkable while others should be utilized externally.

How To Cleanse and Recharge Red Crystals?

Cleansing and recharging your red crystal stones is crucial to ensure that they will maintain their powerful energies and vibrations.

Smudging is an easy and fun way to clean and recharge these stones. This method will involve the burning of dried herbs. Then allow the smoke to filter through the crystals and purify their vibrations. Furthermore, smudging is typically utilized in order to clear a space that has lots of negative energies. Having that said, it really makes sense that smudging will work well with red crystal stones. One of the best herbs that you can use for smudging is sage. Sage is actually a superior plant in the spiritual world. It has potent cleansing properties over physical items, spaces, and persons. Loosely bundled sage, on the other hand, works best, but if you need some cleansing sage incense sticks can be a great option.

How To Cleanse and Recharge Red Crystals

Cleansing your red stones with water is another simple way that you can do at home. For this method, you will need to make a formula consisting of salt. Aside from that, it is important to keep in mind that stones can’t be cleaned using salt water. If you’re living close to the ocean, you can collect saltwater and then submerge your crystals in it for a day or two. But if you are not living near the sea, no worries because you can still use this method. All you have to do is make a saltwater solution.

Running water, on the other hand, is another potent means of cleansing and at the same time charging your red stones. Water in movement is believed to counteract negative energies hovering around a certain stone. Hold every stone under running water for one minute.

You can also cleanse the crystals using sound by utilizing objects that give off resonating vibrations that hold their tones for more than a few seconds. Tuning forks, singing bowls, and bells as well as chanting your voice can be suitable options. But if you are not used to sounding healing, tuning forks are for you. Let the sound vibrations carry through the red stones and stick with them for a minimum of ten minutes. Keep in mind that the longer the better.

For better results, you need to use the strongest source of yang energy in cleansing your red crystals. When you use any of the previous methods, placed your cleansed red stones in direct sunlight to energize and purify them further. You can also recharge and cleanse other red stones in the natural elements like the moon.

Final Words

Similar to other stones, red crystal stones can offer a lot of benefits. Nevertheless, if you want to boost your awareness of others or enhance your eagerness for the things you’re doing, consider wearing red stones.

These stones will also boost your energies when it comes to spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional levels. In addition to that, they will provide you with more action and energy to follow your visions and turn them into reality. Red crystal stones will protect you from anxieties as well as fears. You can also use them if you want to strengthen and fortify your body.

They inspire vitality, courage, and power that can help you in overcoming challenges of any kind. Wearing as well as working with red stones will reactivate your body and reawaken the spirit so that you will be able to face a new day with courage.

When you are feeling like your life is beginning to turn out of control, consider meditating with these stones in order to lessen and get rid of the chaos in your life. One more thing, it is also known that wearing these stones help in attracting spiritual ideals. Most importantly, you will have the capability to make magical changes in your life.


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