Red Jade Meanings, Uses and Properties

Red Jade Meanings, Uses and Properties

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Red Jade

Known as the chi stone, Red Jade carries the energy of warriors. It is a great amulet of power and can get rid of worry, fear and doubt. Red Jade will also remove everything that is holding you back as well as keeping you from getting what you desire. It inspires you to take action and move. This red variety of jade is the stone of strength, passion and physical vitality. It will also stimulate the life force energies effectively. This stone is highly valuable because of the creativity, wisdom and knowledge that one may obtain from it. In addition to that, it is known as a protective amulet that will promise you a great life.

What is Red Jade?

Red Jade meaning

Red Jade is a known variety of Jadeite – one of two exclusively different materials sharing the name Jade.

Jadeite is lustrous and hard and a sodium aluminum silicate. It is also more expensive and rarer compared to Nephrite. Jadeite occurs in different colors that typically include black, greenish-black, orange, red, pink, lavender, emerald green, blue-green, blue, leafy green and white-gray green.

Nephrite, on the other hand, is a calcium magnesium silicate. It comes with a smooth surface polish as well as waxy luster, typically in shades of black, brown, white and mid to deep olive green.

Despite these two stones have different crystal structures, densities, hardness and compositions, both Jadeite and Nephrite are tough crystals, equally beneficial in metaphysical properties and have the same appearance.

The Meaning and Uses of Red Jade

Uses of REd Jade

Red Jade has the meaning of winning battles not allowed to rout. It is a stone that can bring out one’s potential fighting spirit as well as the capability to the maximum. The more powerful your opponents are, the more powerful power will be shown. This stone will offer you power in different scenarios such as trials, games, exams and trading,

Moreover, this red stone has the meaning to break through present bound value or stagnation periods. It will help in overcoming fear and anxiety that become a brake of your mind. With Red Jasper, you will have the bravery to move forward or make progress without any hesitation. It also has a meaning that helps in regaining your lost vitality.

Red Jade is jam-packed with strong fire energies. The stone will make you replenish the needed energy for recovery. This is perfect for you especially when you need action power and endurance.

This stone is a great talisman for people who are training for athletic performance and studying martial arts. It fights the fear of competition and hesitation, as well as impulses brave action when facing challenges.

Red Jade also offers great supports when it comes to overcoming an addiction to gambling, tobacco, drugs, alcohol and other self-abuses. It will offer strength when facing a difficult circumstance and lend the fortitude necessary to achieve your goals. It also carries a frequency of physical health and material prosperity. Compared to Green Jade, Red Jade is less suited to lasting abundance, but it is helpful in jump-starting your finances when it is low or pursuing a raise, promotion or new job.

Red Jade, on the other hand, is a powerful life force crystal, this makes it highly valuable for healers as it helps them keep their energies high when they are intensively working. It is a great support for various martial arts such as tai chi and qi gong.

Red Jade being a professional stone, can help vets, doctors, all healers and nurses in coming up with a practical diagnosis. Moreover, it’s a support crystal for educators and when carved in form of faith symbols, this red stone is enriching to military personnel.

Red Jade Metaphysical Properties

Red Jade Metaphysical Properties

Much like other Jade varieties, Red Jade is highly valued for its metaphysical properties. In fact, it is revered as the ultimate dream stone in ancient cultures and even today, in order to access the spiritual realm, solve dreams, gain insights into ceremonial knowledge and promote creativity.

Moreover, it is valued as a protective amulet that guarantees a peaceful death and long life. It is an excellent healing crystal and talisman of friendship and good luck. It symbolizes wisdom accumulated in serenity, inspiring one to perceive oneself as they really are and dissolving the negative energy.

The Benefits of Red Jade

Red Jade is a highly beneficial stone. If you’re not familiar with what this stone has to offer then read on. The following are the benefits of red jade that you may not know yet.

For Physical Healing

Red Jade For Physical Healing

This variety of Jade is considered a stimulant crystal that invigorates all the systems in the body. Red Jade is also a potent cleanser that can further improve the functions of the elimination and filtration organs. It even helps in balancing the fluids in the body.

On the other hand, it comes with highly restorative properties. It allows your cellular as well as skeletal systems to re-fix themselves. It can also get rid of the pains in your body thus it can heal itself. Red Jade helps in the fast healing of stitches after undergoing a surgery. It removes the pain that you may possibly experience from cramps.

For Emotional Healing

Red jade For Emotional Healing

Among all the varieties of Jade, Red Jade is actually the most stimulating and passionate. It’s is connected to love as well as letting off stream. It will allow you to access anger while releasing tensions constructively.

This stone releases irritability and negative thoughts and soothes the mind. It will stabilize your personality, mixing body with the mind, in order to kindle thoughts and make work easier to act upon and less complex.

When placed on your forehead, this stone can bring insightful dreams. It will let you remember your dreams better and let go of bottled-up feelings through the dream process. It abandons self-imposed restrictions and helps in cherishing your desires and ideas, facilitating ambitions and building such thoughts into reality. Red Jade also offers self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self-assuredness and confidence.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Red Jade For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Red Jade will stimulate both the Earthstar chakra and base chakra, combining the energies of the Earth element with the Fire element’s aspects.

Also known as the root chakra, the base chakra can be found at the base of the spine. It is also controlling the energies for kinesthetic movement and feeling. The base chakra, on the other hand, is the basis of spiritual and physical energy for the body.

When this chakra is out of balance physically, usually, the signs will clear themselves as a low level of activity, lethargy, disconnected from certainty, distant and you’ll feel erratic. But if your root chakra is in balance, your physical body will regain its stamina and strength, whereas the spiritual energies are restimulated in the form of security as well as a sense of your power. Often, it will result in spontaneous leadership and independence.

The earth chakra, on the other hand, can be found just below and between the effect. It is holding the soul into a carnation. It will also make a firm connection to the Earth’s planet. This, in turn, will allow excess as well as out-of-balance energy to flow from your body.

For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Luck

Red Jade For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Luck

Considered a stone of luck, Red Jade carries the energies of abundance and material prosperity. It is a stone that can help you kickstart your finances especially if they are low and offer them a lift when they begin to decrease. It is also a beneficial stone if you want to pursue a promotion, new job, or a raise.

This red stone can also get rid of the feeling of lethargy as well as low levels of activity. When you need a continuous stimulation, this stone also comes in handy. Red Jade can help you in regaining your stamina and strength after you work hard on a certain project. It even makes you feel less disconnected from certainty. It keeps your energy balance and helps you become less wishy-washy with your decision in life.

For Relationship and Love

Red Jade For Relationship and Love

Did you know that among the varieties of Jade, Red Jade is the most stimulating and passionate? In fact, this stone resonates with passion and love. It helps you let off steam especially during an emotional and intense moment. It will let you access your anger and let go of it in a constructive and healthy way.

Red Jade helps in dispelling all your negative emotions and thoughts. It will fill your life with patience and understanding and calm your worries and fear when it comes to love. It will remove the self-imposed restrictions that keep you from getting your desires in romance and love.

This stone will bring more energy, passion and life to your romantic relationship. It makes you look forward to every single day and be enthusiastic about the different possibilities.

Another great thing about Red Jade is that helps you stay inspired to work on your relationship since a successful relationship is something that you need to work on every day. This stone will extend the love that you have for your partner. It will infuse you with constant passion and positive energies.

For Protection

Red Jade For Protection
Adults and kids sitting on the grass in a garden

Red Jade is capable of radiating protective and strong energies that can dispel negative energies. The stone will protect you against negative vibrations influencing your life negatively and stopping you from living your best life.

When it comes to the physical realm, Red Jade is an excellent talisman for protecting your family, your physical security and possessions. In the spiritual realm, this stone serves to guard your beliefs from doubts. This, in turn, will help you keep true to your ideas. It will even strengthen your asset of character. One more thing, Red Jade can protect your spirit during a trying and difficult time.

For Confidence

Red Jade For Confidence

Red Jade is a beautiful stone that will offer you the taste of your power thus, you’ll become more confident in your capabilities. It will infuse you with more confidence to go after what you desire and depend on yourself more.

On the other hand, Red Jade reminds you that you have everything you need to become happy. All you have to do is change your perspective and be more thankful for the things that you currently have.

This stone can help you make decisive actions on important issues. It gives you the bravery and confidence to face demons. Red Jade helps you to overcome hardship while keeping you aligned with your real nature.

Combining Red Jade with Other Crystal Stones

Red Jade is already a powerful and beneficial stone. But did you know that you can further boost its powers? Read on and get to know more about the stones that can help in boosting the powers of your Red jade.

Red Jade + Moss Agate

Red Jade + Moss Agate

Red Jade and Moss Agate symbolize abundance. So, when you have the energies of these two crystals working for you, expect that all your efforts will be rewarded richly. This combination will motivate you to possess greater willpower to overcome your challenges financially.

Both stones will improve your mental concentration. They also carry the energies of endurance and persistence as well as prosperity, success and wealth. Moreover, they can boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, creativity and positivity.

They will help you let go of your bad habits and motivate you to release all your fears. Thus, you can allow yourself to aim higher and dream bigger.

Red Jade + Malachite

Red Jade + Malachite

Malachite is a development stone that is a powerful help in growth, renewal and creation. When paired with Red Jade this power of Malachite will be enhanced better making them a great combination.

Nevertheless, when you hit the point your life in which you feel nothing satisfying or exciting is about to happen and that nothing appears to be working, the energies of these stones help you get from it.

Red Jade and Malachite are excellent stones of good fortune. As a result, wearers or owners of these stones can attract good things when it comes to opportunities, money and wealth. They even symbolize new beginnings, abundance and expansion.

When you see yourself in difficult situations and finding it hard to make ends meet, this combination helps you perceive new ways in order to improve your situations and look for new opportunities to remedy your current situation.

On the other hand, the properties of good old-fashioned good luck, open-mindedness and fresh ideas will help you to move forward especially when it seems as hard, you’re coming up against dead ends as well as a project that goes nowhere.

As a matter of fact, even the most compassionate and patient people or the most business-savvy find it extremely difficult to stay confident and satisfied when we’re continually coming up against the challenges of this nature.

Red Jade + Carnelian

Red Jade + Carnelian

When it comes to attracting abundance, prosperity and good luck, using Red Jade and Carnelian at the same time can be a great help. This is one of the best combinations that you can use if you want to become successful in your money dealings and business ventures.

When these two stones are combined, they will help you have to good attitude toward money. What’s more, you will see yourself making money in a purposive and creative way.

On the other hand, this combination will fill you with passion and excitement especially for the things you are doing. In fact, these stones keep you inspired for a longer period. They will also make you dedicated to your personal success and business.

In addition to that, Carnelian’s mental clarity together with the powerful energies of Red Jade can help you in accomplishing your goals and most importantly, get ahead of whatever life throws at you.

Red Jade + Calcite

Red Jade + Calcite

When paired with Calcite, the energies of Red Jade will be further amplified and increased. In fact, this makes it an excellent combo for different kinds of healing such as distance healing. In case you didn’t know, Calcite does a great job in easing back pains, while Jade is proven effective in healing and general treatment for various conditions. These stones can help you to recover more rapidly when you are sick. They will even improve your physical strength.

Red Jade and Calcite can also bring energies of reconciliation in your life. Whether you’ve been with someone for a couple of weeks or even years, these two stones will save relationships that are on the rock or relationships are already broken.

Red Jade + Pyrite

Red Jade + Pyrite

The Red Jade and Pyrite combination will attract more abundance to your life. So, if you are wishing for more abundance, have a piece of these stones with you all the time.

These two stones are crucial particularly if you’re doing or conducting a business deal that you wish to have favorable results. They can also help you when closing sales and transacting with your clients.

In addition to that, Red Jade and Pyrite help you to have a positive attitude toward your finances. As a matter of fact, you may notice yourself working, earning and spending your money purposely and creatively. The wealthy energies of these stones will help you to look after the best action concerning your finances and personal wealth.

Red Jade + Jasper

Red Jade + Jasper

When paired with Red Jasper, Red Jade may help in bringing a deep-seated problem to the surface. As a result, you can find the right solutions possible. Whatever you’re hiding within your heart, this pairing will surely bring it to the surface. These stones will make you understand that nothing will be resolved if you ignore the problem.

If you’re in a relationship, you will need to become honest and loyal to make it last longer and stronger. Having a piece of Jasper and Red Jade may help you achieve a balanced relationship that is infused with happiness, support and love. However, it is worth mentioning that there is no perfect relationship. But that doesn’t mean that you will surrender the fight right away.

Sometimes, especially when you’re stressed out, you ended up making big deals out of small things. Fortunately, the energies of Red Jade and Jasper can give you the relaxation and serenity needed when the pressure becomes too much.

When it comes to attaining a feeling of tranquility, Red Jade and Jasper can help you. These stones will ground and at the same time help you maintain lids on your feelings. Thus, you won’t end up doing something you will regret. For intimacy, this crystal combination can help in extending your sexual pleasure and desire.

Red Jade + Rose Quartz

Red Jade + Rose Quartz

This crystal combination can bring more laughter and love into your life. Both stones can promote more friendship, passion, companionship and romance into your life. They will even inspire you to spend time with the person you love. Rose Quartz alone can discourage dramas in a relationship so that you don’t act inappropriately to small setbacks. And with the assistance of Red Jade, you will notice that your emotions are relaxed.

In addition to that, there will be spiritual enlightenment, emotional development and inner peace. It is because these two stones can open the chakras and fortify one’s sense of self-love as well as self-esteem. They will kindle the love in your life and stimulate romantic feelings and joy. They will even wake up your sexuality, therefore you’re more comfortable when it comes to asking what you wish from your sexual partner. In fact, Red Jade and Rose Quartz will support you affirming what you don’t want.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for love, calling upon the vibrations of these stones can help you in finding your partner. They symbolize love for your kids, friends, family, yourself, partner and every person in your who wants to be loved and who love.

Is Red Jade A Birthstone or A Zodiac Crystal?

Much like the other varieties of Jade stones, Red jade is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Red Jade is October 22 – November 22 Birthstone

Red Jade is October 22 – November 22 Birthstone

Red Jade is the birthstone of people born between October 22 and November 22. This red stone can bring love, energy, passion and courage to these individuals.

Red Jade is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

Red Jade is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

Red Jade is the zodiac crystal for people born in the heart of spring under the Taurus sign between April 20 and May 20. Taurus is portrayed as a bull due to its features of being quiet yet strong. It is also ruled by planet Venus that is also ruling the Libra sign. Furthermore, Taureans are down to earth. They are also realists and at the same time doers.

Meditation with Red Jade

Meditation with Red Jade

If you’re about to face a challenging mission in your life or a stage in your life that is terrifying you the core, you can greatly benefit from Red Jade. This chi crystal will allow you to accumulate all the energies needed especially when paired with December birthstones. Furthermore, this stone will help you become a great warrior as it allows you to trust yourself even better compared to before. It will also give you the courage to attain the best in your life and surpass any challenges that may come your way.

Nevertheless, when you meditate with Red Jade, you will be able to attract the energies of intelligence and power. Such energies may help you understand your strategies as well as get rid of the self-doubts that you have.

Red Jade will also kindle your inner life energy and remove things in your life that were holding you back from accomplishing your dreams and progressing forward. If you need a little urge before you finally do something, this is the perfect stone for you. It’s because Red Jade gives extra push that allows you to do the things that otherwise you would not have done.

By simply meditating with Red Jade, you will be able to unlock your wisdom and inner knowledge and begin to collect more from the universe. It allows you to become a lot wiser and smarter. As a result, you will be able to make a decision that is not only best for you but your loved ones as well.  It even allows you to offer professional advice to your friends that earn you favor from others with whom you’re working very closely. In fact, this sparks a sense of fulfillment in you.

On the other hand, when you are meditating with this stone, you will get restored from the inside. You can also attract lots of positive energies that automatically lead to having better luck.

After your meditation with Red Jade, you will be able to take on challenges and tasks that made you nervous before since you’ll have a better chance of obtaining excellent results with the assistance of this stone. Keep in mind that this good luck won’t only aid you in your professional life but will transform your life for the better too.

You will receive good news from your loved ones and you can hopefully expect that with the guidance of Red Jade, your whole family will receive luck and good energy.

Further, meditating with this red stone will also offer you inner peace as well as allow you to attain tranquility so that you will not need to face a new challenge with worry on your mind.

When you meditate with Red Jade continuously, you can anticipate an increase in your general performance as well as the level of energy that will have a great impact on your mood throughout the day. You can now say goodbye to your tired and lazy days because this stone can offer you unprecedented energy levels so much that you’ll run out of challenges and tasks to do.

How to Cleanse and Charge Red Jade?

How to Cleanse and Charge Red Jade?

Aside from Red Jade, all stones need to be cleansed and charged regularly to keep them at their best. Depending on how frequently you use the stones, they can absorb all the negative energies you ask them to remove. As a matter of fact, they really work hard just as their owners do.

Nevertheless, Red Jade is a hard stone and can take lots of tear and wear. When cleansing, all you need to do is hold the crystal under cold running water for one minute or more. Keep in mind that when you are cleansing, your intentions are very important. It is also beneficial if you have visualization to incorporate powers to the cleansing.

Visualize all the negative vibrations and energies leaving your Red Jade as your turn it under the running water. Also, you can add in a cascade of clean white light washing through the stone and perceive all of the collected dirt being washed away and transformed into positive vibrations and energies by the light.

When it comes to the process of charging your stone, actually, it’s part of the cleansing ceremony. Remember, it is your intentions that are crucial here. Make sure to hold the idea that you intend to charge the energy in your Red Jade so that they’re working at maximum levels while you cleanse it.

Nevertheless, one great way to charge your Red Jade is to use sweetgrass or sage. To do this, light the herb and then blow it out that leaves it smoking. Pass your stone through the smoke as you imagine unnecessary energies leaving your Red Jade and beneficial and positive vibrations coming back to it. In the actual fact, the clouds of smoke can reset and recharge your stone. Imagine the unnecessary energies blowing out to the air and climbing way up to the heavens with the sweetgrass and sage smoke.

Final Thoughts

Red Jade emits protective and strong energies that can get rid of negative energies. This stone is capable of protecting its owners from negativity influencing their lives negatively and preventing them from living their lives to the fullest.

Red Jade, on the other hand, will also calm and soothe your mind and heart. It can invite more tranquility and peace into your life that will provide a way to powerful visions and calm reflection. This red stone is a grounding one as well. Thus, it can connect you to the earth’s energies. It offers you support and comfort that is beneficial when you are facing a challenging time.

With Red Jade, you will become more trustworthy and reliable. It makes you more compassionate and approachable to others. It works to get rid of emotional hurt as well as offer your spiritual sustenance.

It can bring more passion, joy and happiness to your life along with a powerful sense of interconnectedness with everything and everyone around you. This Jade variety will also purify your feeling and dissolve all the negative energies in your surroundings. It will even boost your level of discernment. It will amplify your life force energy and remove fears that are holding you back.

Last but not least, it will motivate you to spring into action as well as make the right and best decisions.

Thank you for reading today’s post, we hope that you have learned a lot from it.


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