Root Chakra Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Root Chakra Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Your Complete Guide to the Root Chakra

Every chakra corresponds to a certain body part and characteristics within yourself. Considered the first chakra, your root chakra has an important to play in your life and how you relate to the world around you.

Would you like to know more about this chakra? If so, then keep on reading and learn more about the uses and meanings of the root chakra as well as the stones associated with it.

The Meaning of the Root Chakra

As mentioned, the root chakra is the 1st chakra in the chakra system of the body. It has earth energies and it is linked to the feelings of safety and grounding. The root chakra can be seen at the chakra system’s base and places the groundwork for growth in one’s life.

The Meaning of the Root Chakra

This chakra is also called the Muladhara due to its feminine energies. It will rule the functions of the lower body part such as the bladder, kidneys, lower spine, and lower back/

On a psychological level, the root chakra will govern your survival instincts as well as your sense of self-assurance. It will even help you decide whether to step back or fight. Muladhara chakra, on the other hand, is connected to the physical body and its association with the Earth.

Similar to foundation, your root chakra will offer much significance for the basics of being like food, safety, shelter, and a sense of belonging and comfort. 

What is the Symbol for the Root Chakra?

The symbol of the root chakra consists of a lotus flower that has four petals. Often, it is convenient as a circle that has four petals and a triangle that points downward. The triangle represents the spirit linking to the matter as well as grounding you to Earth, particularly to your body and earthly existence.

What is the Symbol for the Root Chakra?

It is perceived as the epicenter of the life force. It is also the seat in which kundalini remains coiled and latent until it is woken up and the energies are dispersed to various body parts.        

What is the Color of the Root Chakra?

A flush vermilion red is a color that is usually utilized to represent the first chakra. In fact, it is the shade utilized on its symbol filling its petals.

What is the Color of the Root Chakra?

By tradition, this chakra is associated with the yellow or gold color too. In the range of the shades of the chakra, the red color symbolizes vitality and strength. What’s more, it is the color stimulating the instinctual tendencies of an individual.

Red, however, is the most widely accepted color linked to the first chakra. Energy healers said that this chakra may also be occasionally linked to brown, grey, and black colors.

Of all the seven chakras, the root chakra is considered the opaquest. The primary of the first chakra is a chakra and this is also considered the opaquest of all the colors of chakra.

When it comes to wavelengths, red is actually the slowest in the visible spectrum but is the most exciting hue. This color will pull the retina forward. As a result, your energy and attention will be focused outward. In fact, this is the reason why red color is utilized as a stop sign or stop life. This color will command attention and draw attention to the danger so that you will be able to act right away. 

Red, on the other hand, is the life force’s color. It is the color of our blood and the first-ever color we encounter the moment we’re born. The color of the root chakra also symbolizes your association with the earth and your energy. Physically, this color is associated with the adrenal glands that resonate with the common response “fight or flight”. In fact, it is known as the instinctive response to survival.

Those who are drawn to the color of the root chakra prefer being here on earth and their physical body. What’s more, these people can relax, slow down, and be quiet and still. They even have a healthy weight and good physical health and can show decent vitality and physical energy. But the disadvantage of this is that these people may feel disconnected from their body most especially if they have an imbalanced root chakra. What’s more, they are more susceptible to irritation, eating disorders, cramps, irritation, obesity, sluggishness, and depression.

Mentally, the red chakra color is outgoing, dynamic, and masculine. However, it can also be forceful and overriding. The red color will command attention and most of the time some people are easily drawn to it since it is practical and ambitious.

The energy of the red chakra will offer you clear thinking and concentration. It will also help you in setting your goals and prioritizing them. It will even give you that needed support to overcome all challenges or difficulties that you may encounter along the way. But, if there is a limited root chakra energy in your life, this may lead to poor focus. It will also make you feel disorganized which will often lead to narrow thinking and distrust.

Emotionally, the red color chakra is the energy of annoyance. Knowing how to deal with annoyances and transform them into something great is a crucial work of the root chakra. Red energies in the body lead to virtuous anger, passion, or love. It will offer willpower and excitement and infuse you with life enthusiasm. But if the red energy becomes too little or too much, unfortunately, it will lead to frustration and anger. What’s more, anger is more likely to build up and depression may take place.

Spiritually, the red chakra color will promote change, movement and passion, and energy. Red is considered an action color. It will rouse, move and guide you to make a change. It is also the color of revolution, movement, and progress. It will infuse you with love, courage, and daring. Its energy will motivate you to make your commitments stronger and to trust others as well as what the universe has prepared for you.

But with regard to the energy of the red chakra, there are some challenges that may take place. For example, it will make you stubborn or unwilling to expand or change your outlook in life. Also, it will make you feel disconnected from your spirit and core.

Nevertheless, this discussion will not be completed without mentioning that the energy of the red chakra can attract financial health, abundance, and prosperity. As a matter of fact, red is considered the primary color for manifestation and prosperity.

Where is the Root Chakra Located?

Where is the Root Chakra Located

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine. It complements the perineum, the pelvic plexus, and the first three spinal columns. Commonly, the first chakra is embodied as a cone of energy starting at the base of your spine and then going down.

Characteristics and Traits of the Root Chakra

The first chakra is closely related to security and safety. It will also resonate with being and how crucial it is to meet the basic needs of a person.

Characteristics and Traits of the Root Chakra

The root chakra will speak about your carnality and your physical features of yourself and your physical identity. This chakra will provide you with support and grounding. It will also help you to build the groundwork so that you will be able to live your life to the fullest.

The root chakra will support your development as well as your feelings of protection most especially when you are discovering all life aspects. In fact, this chakra is where you usually pounded yourself to the earth and tie up your energies into the evident world.

What Causes An Overactive and Unbalanced Root Chakra?

The root chakra may become imbalanced for many reasons. Usually, this will include abandonment, poor physical attachment with mothers, physical neglect, and trauma at birth. What’s more, it may also be caused by malnourishment and feeding difficulties. There are times that it is caused by a major disease or a major surgery. Physical abuse and violent relationships may also result in an imbalance of root chakra. But other times, it is because of enema abuse or inherited trauma.

What Causes An Overactive and Unbalanced Root Chakra

The symptom of a root chakra that is overactive may affect your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being negatively. But when your first chakra is balanced and healthy, you’re grounded, in control, and feel at ease.

But when it is imbalanced, you may easily become annoyed with others as well as impatient with a situation. You quickly lash out and become materialistic. But when it is open excessively, you may develop an excessive attachment that may cause rigidity in your behavior and body. You will become infatuated with things and your health that you can’t let them go. It will usually result in being caught doing the same work, doing the same habits, and of course, following similar patterns.

Some of the physical symptoms that you have an overactive root chakra include bladder problems, constipation, anemia, and fatigue. When it comes to non-physical symptoms, usually, these include greediness, impatience, belligerence, short temper, and anger.

Emotionally, the deficiencies and imbalances in your first chakra are connected to negativity. What’s more, they relate to eating disorders, greed, illusion, and materialism.

There are many insecure feelings and lots of energy is being spent on existing in survival mode. If you have an imbalanced first chakra, it would be difficult for you to feel safe because everyone and everything around you feels like a probable risk.

The yearning for security and safety will prevail and this usually translates to matters about your physical safety, your home, your health, and your current job situation. On the other hand, if you have a close root chakra, it may transform into a behavior that is ruled by fear.

On the other hand, when you have an overactive root chakra, your fear may become greed and distrust. As a matter of fact, these are extreme manifestations of an imbalanced root chakra. Problems with diet, food control, and food intake are associated with it. However, there can also be problems with weak ego structure, identity crisis, and dependent personality. Overactive root chakra will also make people more susceptible to accidents, uneasy, fearful, confused, and suspicious.

Keep in mind that you’re in survival mode at all times and you may notice that your phobia is crippling you. During the big events of your life, you may experience cold feet and always feel cowardly.

There is a possibility that you will become uncommitted, disinterested, insecure, masochistic, and withdrawn. There are times that you’re restless, anxious, distracted, and undisciplined. You may show off a bit of confidence and become masochistic. In fact, you can’t help but feel abandoned in situations and have second thoughts especially when things are going right. You will have weak and poor limitations and often, you find yourself dealing with a major financial problem. What’s more, you are dealing with chronic disorganization and have little interest in sex.

When you have an imbalanced first chakra, you may feel disconnected from your own body. And you will have a hard time disciplining yourself and focusing. You may also feel that you can’t settle down with someone or something and attain your goals. Also, you can’t help but feel like you do not belong.

If you have an overactive root chakra, chakra may help with the problems and bring back the balance. Depending on the sternness of the imbalance, simple changes in mental and emotional responses, diet, and lifestyle may restore the balance in this chakra particularly when you dealing with an overactive root chakra.

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Root Chakra

When you have a blocked root chakra, most of the time, you do not feel belong, at home or stable, A blocked chakra will not only disrupt the flow of energy throughout your body, but it will also start a feeling of agitation. Like you’re continuously seeking a thing that you can’t even determine.

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Root Chakra

Those with blocked root chakras may have a hard time settling down with anything like where they want to work or stay, and whom they want to be with for the rest of their lives.

In addition to that, there is a lot of co-dependency and a lack of concentration. You will also feel abandoned and alone.

The List of Crystal Stones for the Root Chakra

The root chakra is the body’s center for security, self-preservation, energy, and grounding. This is where your primal energy is located and is mainly associated with survival and instinct.

The List of Crystal Stones for the Root Chakra

Its main purpose is to have the strength of will, health, energy, and independence. And since it’s the first and bottommost chakra, it provides a strong connection to Earth, grounding purposes, and where your resting Kundalini lies.

An imbalance of root chakra can make you feel anxious, lethargic, or frustrated. Anger and negativities often stop you from progressing toward your goal and you also seem to be flighty or disconnected from reality

The unique vibrations of healing crystals stones are the best ways to cleanse, awaken or balance your Muladhara chakra. Here’s an extensive list of the best crystals to use for healing your root chakra.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Dubbed the stone of Endurance and Vibrancy, the red jasper is the go-to crystal stone for stimulating the base chakra.

A highly nurturing crystal, the vibrant red jasper can stir life back into your chi while boosting your energy and motivation. It is the perfect stone when you need to deal with the challenges of your life or make new plans or goals.

The red jasper also carries spiritually grounding energies that will ensure that you remain connected with your root chakra and true power. This should help your meditation as well as other spiritual practices. In addition, red jasper is considered to be the most effective stone for awakening your kundalini energy.



Popular for its deep red color energy— from almandine garnet to the valuable pyrope garnet— the beautiful garnet is a powerful supporter of the root chakra. It has the ability to revitalize, purify, and balance energy, bringing courage and passion as appropriate.

The garnet crystal also helps supports the healthy flow of chi through the body. This is crucial if you want to feel happy and energized. With its power to unblock your root chakra, the garnet can also help stimulate your feelings of self-worth. Not only that, but it can also draw in the restorative energy that you need, boosting your life passion even during difficult times. By stimulating the kundalini energy, this stone also fortifies your instinct to survive.

Other than promoting physical energy, the garnet also injects new enthusiasm into your friendship and businesses. The stone also inspires love and devotion, reducing emotional disharmony and balancing your sex drive. It is also particularly useful in stimulating your kundalini energy and assisting in sexual potency.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is an empowering crystal stone for your Muladhara chakra and is the premier stone of protection, thanks to its ability to repel and transmute lower energies and frequencies. As a result, this stone can promote a more positive attitude and happiness.

The stone also acts as your personal bodyguard that will hug you in a metaphysical force field. This should help top all the negativity from others’ unkind thoughts from affecting your auric field.

Not only that, but this stone is also a powerful ally to protect you against accidents, ill health, and misfortune. It is also great for protecting you against negativity from environmental as well as spiritual and psychic attacks.



As its name suggests, the bloodstone is a powerful healer and cleanser of the root chakra. Although its green tints also make it a powerful healer of the heart chakra. Together, the greens and reds of this stone represent the mix of fearlessness, growth, and strength, while providing a barrier from all the negativities and protecting you against threats— physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Legend has it that the bloodstone was formed during Christ’s crucifixion when his blood fell to the ground and turned into this stone. With that said, it is a phenomenal crystal stone that stimulates resilience while also helping you recognize the benefits of going through difficult situations.

In addition, its earthy energies also make this stone a powerful ally in keeping you grounded and fully in the moment. By meditating with this stone, you can activate your survival instinct and discover ways to overcome threatening situations.



The hematite crystal is one of the best root chakra stones for transforming negative energies into positive ones. This stone has the capability to draw out the negative energy from your aura. By filtering it through your base chakra, this stone can neutralize all harmful effects. As a result, you become less anxious and are strongly grounded in reality.

In addition, the hematite stone is also a powerful tool in creating distance between you and dramatic people, making you feel more secure and peaceful. Its luster is also known to deflect unwanted negative energies back to the sender.

Over-indulgences, extravagance, and cravings are also prevented. This is because the hematite crystal has a fantastic ability to boost your willpower and courage in order to overcome your bad habits. Dubbed the Stone of the Mind, the grounding energy of this stone can also help you in developing logical thinking. This should assist you with decision-making, especially in terms of your finances or business deals.



The carnelian crystal may be more powerful for the sacral chakra, however, the stones with primarily red shades are best for balancing your root chakra.

If you are feeling lethargic or demotivated, the carnelian stone can boost your self-confidence, and willpower and provides the much-needed courage in order for you to make positive life choices.

And since it connects to both sacral and root chakra, the carnelian stone can be useful for providing creativity, inspiration, and passion in your life.

Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper

The poppy jasper is a beautiful crystal stone that got its name from the poppy-like patterns in its crystalline structure. This stone is a strong promoter of tranquility and peace, soothing an overactive base chakra.

Whether you are affected by demanding people or facing an unpleasant situation, your self-confidence, and energy may get eroded. The energizing vibrations of the poppy jasper can help you regain your strength while boosting your courage in order to reinstate boundaries against negative people.

Also, it offers joyful and warm energy that can inspire a positive, happy outlook and a life full of compassion that empowers your root chakra. Not only that, but you can also use the nurturing energies of this stone, suited for grounding whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. By keeping it in your pocket, you can easily connect with its potent energy throughout the day.



Jet is actually a mineral that’s formed from fossilized wood. It is great for both balancing and cleansing your root chakra.

The powerful structure of this mineral has the ability to draw off all kinds of negativity and absorbs it like a sponge. It is a very powerful stone for protection that can guard you against poor health and violence.

Do not be fooled by its lightness though since this stone is powerful at dispelling heavy energies and grounding them back to earth. So, if you’re root chakra is out of balance and constantly worries, the jet stone can provide the much-needed balanced perspective.

In addition, this stone is also said to be highly effective for protecting your business ventures while ensuring that your finances stay balanced and stable. Take note, however, that since the jet absorbs negativity, it should be cleaned regularly.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is one of the best stones with the strongest link with Mother Earth. This makes it a potent crystal for the root chakra and for grounding purposes. Not only that, but it is also suitable for transforming negative energies into positive ones.

The gentle energy of the smoky quartz crystal can dissolve emotional blockages caused by an unbalanced root chakra. This can result in the reduction of mistrust, anger, and other toxic emotions. Also, its energy can teach you to let go of anything that does not serve you and helps you accept your physical body.

Furthermore, the versatile healing energy of the smoky can also re-align your root chakra. This allows you to let go of the unhealthy attachment to material things. It should keep you grounded and allow you to be more consciously present in the moment. By placing this stone away from your root chakra, you can experience strong grounding energies.

Fire Agate

fire agate

The fire agate, dubbed the Spiritual Flame of Absolute Perfection, holds a mystery locked inside its beautiful and mesmerizing, deep brown shades. Simply touching the stone, you’ll see its fiery embers light up which can stimulate and activate your Muladhara chakra. These are some of the best grounding and protective stones that can keep you in the present moment while pushing you to act on your desires and goals with their fiery essence.

The creative energy of this stone resonates with the element of fire, making it suitable for providing you energy and stimulating your chi and kundalini. It can help you break out of the negative state of mind as well as idleness. Not only that, but this stone can also help motivate you to think of your life situation in a much better and more innovative way.

With the help of the fire agate stone, you can also keep the toxic people away as well as the negative energies from your surrounding from entering your auric shield. Its fiery energy will also bring a burning sensation of motivation that allows you to achieve your goals and desire in life.

Red Apatite

red apatite

Apatite with its different colors can be used to stimulate, activate and open different chakras. In general, however, the energies of apatite can help in eliminating under- or over-activity as well as congestion or blockages in all of your chakras. Furthermore, it is great for balancing your yin-yang energies while also boosting the kundalini energy.

Now, the red apatite is a great choice if you wish to get moving again. This crystal can boost interactivity and dissolve lethargy by balancing your yin-yang energies. Plus, it also helps in stimulating your kundalini energy. This way, you will feel an instant increase in energy and vitality.

Not only that, but the red apatite can also support a healthy eating plan which is essential for maintaining vitality and vigor. Furthermore, the red apatite can help bring grounding energies. It can also help in clearing emotional blockages that are draining your energy and should help provide you with a quick boost.


Red jade

Jade is more popular in shades of green and is an excellent stimulation of the heart chakra. However, it also comes in red and black shades that are best for grounding and stimulating your root chakra.

The red jade is the ultimate chi stone, bringing forth the energy and power of a warrior. This is a talisman of individual will and power, dispelling worry, doubts, and fear that holds you back while urging you to act. Furthermore, this is the stone of physical vitality, passion, and strength, stimulating your kundalini or life force energy while releasing toxic energies from your base chakra.

Meanwhile, the black jade is a potent crystal of protection and serves as an etheric bodyguard which can connect your base chakra with the earth.

The strong black color energy of this stone is also said to protect your physical body as well as shield your spiritual self against the toxic energies and negative forces, energy vampires, and negative emotions from within you.

Not only that, but this stone is also said to defend you against the morphogenic fields of unwanted energy such as fear, anger, and violence projected through media. This makes it particularly valuable in times of difficult situations or crises. Lastly, a black jade crystal can also teach you to look inward, encouraging you to have an honest evaluation of yourself as well as teaching you to transform your unhealthy thinking and destructive behavior and emotions.



Like Jade, fluorite also comes in several colors that resonate well with the root chakra. The blood-red fluorite crystal, for one, is most suitable for revitalizing a tired body and cleansing your root chakra.

This stone carries the stable and calm frequency which brings order to chaos and provides support to your spirituality, focus, thought, and concentration. It also stimulates your kundalini energy which brings independence, liveliness, and vitality.

Meanwhile, black fluorite is one of the rare fluorite colors. This darker shade makes it the perfect cleaner for your astral body. This stone is highly effective in clearing negative energy and influences from your astral areas and aura.

Also, it helps in eliminating or decreasing nightmares. With its strong association with the root chakra, this stone is also used for grounding purposes while instilling a sense of security and safety.



The black obsidian is a potent dark stone that creates a strong grounding cord that extends from your root chakra all the way to your earthstar chakra which is below your feet and deep into the heart of Mother Earth.

Black obsidian is a reliable healing crystal for protection. An interesting feature of this stone is that it fractures like flint. This results in sharp edges that you can metaphysically use for cutting through blockages, lies, destructive habits, and unresolved relationships.

You can also use a black obsidian mirror to reflect all the negative characteristics, traits, and past behaviors you have. This can help clear blockages in your base chakra and be honest about yourself, allowing you to move forward with self-development.

This stone doesn’t cater to your ego but exposes the dark areas of your subconscious and forces you to face your true self. Also, this stone is said to assist in examining unresolved issues as well as harmful attitudes that inhibit your spiritual and personal growth.

Not only that, but black obsidian is also an excellent rescue tool for traumas, shock, and blockages. It can be placed at your feet for anchoring during times of suffering and turmoil. It also helps in blocking geopathic stress and soaking up the environmental pollution.

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine

With its vibrant red shades, this variety of aventurine is a potent healer of your Muladhara chakra. Dubbed the Stone of Action, the red aventurine is one of the best stones of manifestation through action.

It has the ability to draw upon the elements of fire and Earth to increase the flow of your life force and revitalize your physical body. Also, it brings you the most needed energy in order to get things done. This boosts mental alertness and vitality and amplifies your desire to take on the challenges and obstacles in life with perseverance and determination.

Not only that but this stone is also said to inspire sexuality and creativity, renewing confidence and excitement in bringing your goals, projects, and desires into reality. The red aventurine is also considered to be valuable in helping you choose your highest path. It offers discernment and the capability to perceive which ideas and plans are the best for you to follow.

Furthermore, this stone also allows you to see your true self and overcome your ego which might be preventing better judgment. Also, it provides you assurance whenever you fear committing to choosing a path and following it through. The stone is also known to encourage self-forgiveness as well as strong grounding energy that helps protect you against toxicities and negative energies in your surroundings.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

The rutilated quartz is one of the most mesmerizing stones for the whole chakra system. As a modified master healer, this crystal is an all-powerful amplifier, stimulator, activator, and cleanser of the whole chakra system, creating a direct link from your root chakra all the way to your crown chakra, illuminating all the chakras in your body in one go. But, if you want to focus more on your Muladhara chakra, know that the rutilated quartz can also have red and black rutile only.

A high amount of iron oxide is mainly responsible for the red rutile on clear quartz. It can be red to brown in color and mainly stimulates the root chakra. Red rutilated quartz is one of the rare varieties of this stone.

As a stone of the root chakra, this stone brings positivity while supporting your manifestation by pushing you to take real action. The red needles inside represent pillars of flame and action, motivating and empowering you to reach your goals and objectives. In addition, this stone also brings you the courage to step forwards or enhance your performance by stimulating your life force energy and preventing lethargy.

A lack of iron oxide, on the other hand, causes the dark, almost black threads in a black rutilated quartz. Take note that the black rutilated quartz is further divided into 2 varieties. The first one is the black rutilated quartz featuring black titanium dioxide and the other one is mixed with black tourmaline. Both are called black rutilated quartz, however, the latter is often called black tourmalinated quartz.

This stone is a powerful protector and cleanser of your root chakra and is an excellent talisman against evil and all kinds of negative energy. With its strong focus on the root chakra, this stone can bring grounding energies that will help keep you secure and stable. In terms of emotional healing, this stone is believed to heal dark moods and alleviate depression. It is even sad to relieve anxiety, fears, and phobia. The black rutilated quartz also enhances your wisdom while purifying the mind and soul. It gets rid of all negative energy that might interrupt your spiritual growth and development.



With its strong connection to mother earth and commonly brown to amber color, Aragonite is mainly a strong stimulator of the root chakra.

Aragonite is a powerful protective crystal. With its strong connection to the base chakra and mother earth, this stone can help in shielding you against all kinds of negative energies.

It helps in filtering out the bad moods, unhelpful comments, unspoken resentments, and negative influences that can drain your strength and enthusiasm. Furthermore, it also hides you against hostility. Also, it helps protect you against geopathic stress, absorbing electromagnetic smog given off by electronic gadgets. As a result, you can enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing environment.

The aragonite is said to help those who are sad, isolated, anxious, and depressed. It is touted to manage intense mood swings while removing all kinds of negative emotions such as anger and jealousy.

It helps in relieving accumulated tension and stress from your daily life that may cause anxiety or panic attacks. Not only that, but it also helps in keeping negative thinking and emotions at bay, relieving doubt and worry whenever you’re faced with chaos and confusion.

For spiritual workers, the aragonite crystal also offers strong psychic protection. It helps in protecting you against negative entities and psychic attacks. Any negative influence from the universal realm will be absorbed and then release back to earth.



The beautiful, shiny onyx is one of the most ancient stones. It has been known to be used by the earliest civilizations for its potent energy and somber beauty. Its black beauty is known to be a powerful stimulator of the base chakra and is mainly used for self-mastery and gaining strength.

The stone is said to connect your body, to belonging to the family and earth and putting down roots. It’s stable and grounding, taking the aggressive energies from a blocked Muladhara chakra and using them to build up mental and physical strength, endurance, and persistence. This helps you master your own destiny and keep your own counsel.

And while it resonates mostly with your base chakra, onyx also provides alignment and centering of your total being to connect to your crown chakra and to a higher power of guidance to absorb from the universe which you needed.

Furthermore, this stone is also said to be a great stone for banishing grief and releasing pain from emotional or physical wounds, drawing positive energies and happiness into your life. It is also a powerful stone for amplifying intuitive gifts as well as survival skills and wise decision-making.

Not only that, but onyx is also a powerful grounding stone that can help stabilize an overactive root chakra and an emotional body. It offers strength during confusing and difficult times, calming nervousness, fear, and anxiety. It also helps restore rational thinking, imparting self-confidence, focus, and self-control. With its strong connection to Mother Earth, it also prevents flighty personalities for a more stable way of life.



Dubbed the Sorcerer’s Stone, the Nuummite draws from the fiery energies of the ancient Earth and combines them with the elements of Storm. Like the blackness of midnight shadows on moonlit water, this crystal shimmers with a mystical gold tinge and brings personal magic.

As a stone of the base chakra, a summit is a powerful tool for grounding since it is attuned to the elemental energies of the Earth that you can draw upon in times of need. Not only that, but it is also an excellent source of energy with its strong electromagnetic field, aligning the subtle bodies and strengthening your auric field. As a result, this stone can fiercely protect you against manipulations, environmental pollutants, and negative energies.

In addition, the summit is also known as a Stone of Empowerment. It allows you to see beyond the facades and understand what lies beneath the actions and words of your own and other people’s. This allows you to delve deeper into the psyche to uncover hidden fears, hurts, shame, and guilt that block your base chakra and hold you back.

Then, it shall help in releasing those trapped energies and severing any emotional constraints from other people’s attempted guidance, inappropriate protection, or manipulations. It helps in reprogramming your thought process and allows you to recognize your true power and abilities.

Apache Tears

Apache Tears

Also known as Smoky Obsidian or Marekanite, the Apache tears are the small, rounded, pebble-like variety of black obsidian.

As a form of black obsidian, the Apache tears carry the black energies that align well with the root and earth star chakra. The black energies of the Apache tears can help bring balance to this chakra. As a result, it helps in rekindling passion, stamina, and strength. It also fires up your spiritual energy in the form of security, stability, and safety in your own power.

Like any black crystal, the Apache tears stone is a reliable protective stone. It is an excellent rescue tool for shock, traumas, and negative blockages. It helps anchor your feet during trying times and turmoil. This stone is best for clearing away all kinds of negativity. It helps in cleansing the emotional body of toxic emotions and feelings.

Not only that, but it also shields you from the negative thoughts, energies, and emotions of other people or from your environment. In addition, being a powerful stimulator of the root chakra, this stone can also help induce much-needed energy and stamina for your daily life. It also brings positivity and enthusiasm while firing up your passion and vitality.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone that ground the energy of the solar ray into Mother Earth, stimulating your base chakra up to your solar plexus chakra. This supports physical vitality, energy, practicality, and maintaining balance in these chakras.

Its warm and radiant brown energies with black synthesize the frequencies of the Earth and the Sun to bring awareness and stability to your physical self. As one of the most effective stones for the root chakra, the tiger’s eye stone can bring sharpness to your inner vision and empower you to manifest what you desire.

If you want to double the healing of your root chakra, it is best you go with its red variety. The red tiger’s eye is a stone of stimulation and passion. Its properties are closely connected to human desire and sexuality. It is often used to help deal with sexual issues and frustrations.

In addition, the vibrant red shade of this stone can also be used to ground yourself to the energies of mother earth. It is also a potent stone for protection, mainly protecting you from negative energies such as jealousy and lies while providing deeper insights and understanding so you can see beyond the obvious.



Rubellite is the red variety of tourmaline. The trace amounts of manganese create its natural red-to-pink color and sometimes has a shade that is closely similar to that of the ruby.

Due to its pinkish shade to blood-red hue, the rubellite is a powerful healer of both the root chakra and heart chakra. Thus, rubellite is one of the most powerful healers of the emotional body. It is most suited for the emotionally-sensitive individuals, releasing accumulated toxic energies from within and getting nurturing energies from the Earth to provide a new zest in life.

By stirring your chi and kundalini energy, rubellite can bring you the vitality and energy to bring back your passion and feelings, so you can become passive to rediscover once more what you’re living for. In addition, rubellite is known to be highly cleansing and purifying, neutralizing all negative thoughts and emotions and transmuting them into positive and usable energies.



Shungite is a rare pitch-black stone that is made up of 99 percent carbon.

With its color energy, the shungite crystal mainly resonates with the base chakra. It can also be used to activate grounding between your base chakra at the center of Mother Earth. This provides further enhances your well-being in the physical body.

The shungite is best known as a powerful cleanser, detoxifier, and protector of the body, mind, and spirit. Its protective energy and frequency can help in neutralizing energy stored within the spiritual and physical body.

Its carbon content and antioxidant-like attributes act as a detoxifier for your emotional body and the soul. This helps you in removing all toxic energy from within so you can always feel your best, especially during times of difficulty. It will help you release the dense and stagnant energy from your system that might be keeping you from moving forward.

In addition, the shungite crystal is also known as a powerful grounding crystal. Its high vibration can help bring your spiritual and etheric body grounded and deeply rooted in the physical plane. This way you can better incorporate karmic lessons and cosmic wisdom without being too overwhelmed or confused.

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper

The rich, earthy shades of green, brown, tan, and red of the polychrome jasper resonate and deeply stimulate your root or base chakra.

Polychrome jasper is a potent crystal that is strongly connected to the fire element. Thus, embodies exuberance, passion, vitality, vibrancy, creativity, and action. As an earthy stone, the polychrome jasper offers very strong grounding, stabilizing, and centering energies that can help strengthen and deepen your connection to mother earth.

When one taps into the energies of the polychrome jasper, one can imbue yourself with ancient energy force. Such minerals can work extensively to bind your physical body down to the planetary level. Then, the true roots of this stone can start to grow around your etheric body while also channeling nurturing vibrations in order to uplift your life force.

Its vital energies can rejuvenize your core and re-igniting the fire from within you. This stone can serve as a reminder that anything is possible and that you are your own creator.

Also, if you want more emotion, passion, or action in your life, the polychrome jasper can help you achieve this easily. It has the vibrations to keep you alive and energetic in all your endeavors. Not only that, but it also helps in finding a way to change a part of your life or yourself to a more desirable state. It can show you new paths and discover new approaches that can make you gain what you desire in this life.



The sphalerite crystal stone with its dark and vibrant colors mostly resonates with the root chakra.

For the strongest stimulator of Muladhara chakra, go with the red variety. The red sphalerite with its fiery color is the warmest and most potent crystal that will push you to act. It represents physical vitality, energy, and life, bringing your focus to the essence of your life and inspiring you to live with passion and a purpose.

As a powerful energizing crystal, the red sphalerite stimulates your kundalini and life force energy. Not only that, but this stone can also push you to act keeping you determined and motivated while providing the needed energy to do so. Its energies are so uplifting that they can help deal with lethargy and procrastination and empower you to get things done. It also provides inspiration and willpower to fore.

Now, if you need a protective stone for your base chakra, consider the black variety. Black sphalerite is the most common form and it comes in pitch-black to smoky black sometimes with inclusions of white crystals.

With its grounding and protective energy, the black sphalerite can provide a safe retreat whenever you need to take a break from all the stress and hassles of your daily life. In addition, it shall provide a safe and peaceful haven from the people who wish you harm. This stone can also help in deepening your connection to the natural world. It keeps you strongly grounded in the present moment while enhancing your focus and security in order to keep the unwanted elements out of your life.



Nephrites in red, brown, or black shades are known to invigorate the root chakra.

The red variety, in particular, is considered the ultimate chi stone. Its blazing red energy brings forth the undeniable power and energy of a warrior. It is a talisman of willpower and energy, removing doubts fear, and worry that might be holding you back. It is also a crystal of physical vitality, strength, passion, and vigor, stimulating your life force energy and kundalini.

Meanwhile, the black nephrite is a potent stone of protection. It is an etheric bodyguard that not only shields your physical body but more importantly, protects your spiritual body against all kinds of negativities.

It helps in defending against the morphogenic fields of negative energies such as fear and violence projected through times of crisis. Not only that, but this stone is also helpful in cleansing your inner body. It allows for an honest self-evaluation and absorbing unhealthy and destructive emotions and habits.

Lastly, the smoky brown nephrite is an excellent grounding crystal. Its deep connection to the root and earth chakra brings in a sense of comfort, home, reliability, and security.

In addition, thanks to its powerful connection to the Earth, this stone can help keep you stable and grounded during deep meditations.

Terahertz Stone

Terahertz Stone

The terahertz stone is a newcomer stone and is most suitable for stimulating the base chakra while balancing and directly healing energies from your top chakra.

The terahertz stone offers protective essence that can help shield you against unwanted outside influence, negative behavior, and not-so-good thinking patterns. This is an excellent ally for protecting you against other people’s attitudes or from anxious thinking. It also helps cloak you from psychic attacks so you can attain high mental and spiritual awareness.

In addition, thanks to its frequency, this stone is also a protective companion if you constantly work so close to electronics. A protective terahertz stone grid around your computer can help ease computer radiation and electromagnetic pollution.

If you’re having difficulties staying focused or motivated on your professional goals, then the terahertz stone can be a potent ally. With its healing energies, this stone can provide purpose, order, and clarity to your mind and encourage professional growth.

It helps in clearing out toxicity from your mental body and helps you make the right decisions at the perfect time. Also, this stone has the ability to connect your physical and mental realities, bridging your intuition and decision-making abilities.

How to Open Your Root Chakra With Crystal Stones?

Opening your root chakra is not as hard as you think, in fact, you can take advantage of various stones for this process. Now that you have an idea about the different stones for this chakra, let’s find out how you can use them to open and heal your first chakra.

  • To activate the root chakra, you can make use of a crystal ball. All you need to do is hold the crystal ball in both hands. And then for thirty seconds, roll the ball between your palms quickly. After which, place the crystal ball over the root chakra and then close your eyes. Visualize the energy pulsing of the crystal ball. Roll it over the chakra for one minute and make sure to do it slowly. You can repeat the process twice.
How to Open Your Root Chakra With Crystal Stones
  • Another way to use stones to open the root chakra is to meditate on them. You can place the stone in your root chakra. Though you can also place a crystal grid surrounding you before your session. In fact, you can even simply the stone while you are meditating. However, if you want to make a more powerful effect, consider placing a stone on your first chakra and place four quartz points pointing in the said chakra. This will help in focusing the energy of the crystal and offer an improved healing experience.
  • Placing crystals in your pocket or purse may also help in opening the root chakra. It is a good thing to do especially if you want to connect with them easily and take advantage of their energies.
  • If you wish to keep the energies of your root chakra stones in your auric field all the time, wear them as a piece of jewelry. The list of stones above is accessible in different pieces of jewelry like bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, and necklaces.

Other Ways to Open and Heal Your Root Chakra

Aside from using stones, there are other ways to open and at the same time heal the root chakra, and here are some of the most effective ones.

Connect With the Earth Intimately

If you want to open or heal an imbalanced chakra, it is important that you connect with the earth. For instance, you can dig your hands into the earth and plant or go outdoors and walk on the grass barefoot. With the help of sodalite, you can also connect with the earth a lot easier.

Connect With the Earth Intimately

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the many ways that you can do to connect with the element of earth personally. This will help in opening or unblocking your first chakra so that you will be able to experience a continuous and grounded flow of energy.

If your problem is that you do not have a garden, you have nothing to worry about because you can walk to the park close to you. However, you will need to pay attention to each step you take and most importantly feel the contact deeply that your foot makes on the ground.

It is crucial that you make it your day-to-day habit. In addition to that, add some plants to your immediate environment as they can bring you close to the earth. You can even imagine grounding cords made of red light combining your first chakra with the earth’s epicenter.

Do Lots of Physical Activity

Do Lots of Physical Activity

The first chakra is responsible for ruling the quality of the physical existence as well as the feeling of being existent in the body.  All types of activities, no matter how small or big will support the healing of your root chakra. On the other hand, movements that will involve your feet and leg are extremely beneficial. When you are experiencing your vital force, you will be able to connect with the root chakra’s strength. What’s more, you will be able to take advantage of potent grounding actions.

Connect With The Environment

Connect With The Environment

The first chakra is actually all about feeling stable and secure. With that in mind, the key to promoting stability and security is developing harmonious relationships with the world. When it comes to supporting a balanced root chakra, how you feel about your town, from your home to your own country and in your surrounding really matters.

Find Out Your Real Desire and Needs

To heal or open your root chakra, you will need to discover what you really need and desire to be in your life. It will guide your decision as well as a course of action with regard to those you wish to work with, the people you wish to be with, and the place where you want to stay. Keep in mind that if you don’t have this kind of mindfulness, you are more likely to lose a lot of opportunities that can help you in changing your life. What’s more, you will be swayed by the opinions of other people with ease.

If you want to discover what you really want in your life, you need to attain mental clarity through contemplation. Have some personal reflection or take into account your friends’ advice. You will need to focus on your self-limiting beliefs and be assured of the chances to a better life.

Eat Healing Foods for the Root Chakra

All chakras have their own colors, functions, and vibration frequencies. What’s more, there are certain foods that may help in boosting certain chakra functions.

Eat Healing Foods for the Root Chakra

Since we are talking about the root chakra here, consider adding red-colored food to your daily diet. For instance, you can eat parsnips, beans, meat, rainbow chard, beets, soy, eggs, and tofu. The meaning of this chakra is that being associated with your body and with the Earth.

Having that said, it is no surprise to find out that your first chakra benefits the most especially when you incorporate rustic and hearty fare.

When you have been given the chance, make sure to grab the opportunity to visit the market of a farmer or other community gatherings in which a lot of smells, as well as new and interesting foods, can be seen everywhere.

To find the right type of food and drink, you will need to connect to the root chakra and say this simple pronouncement, “I’m connected to my first chakra and understand what it needs”. If it directs you to foods that are not red in color, you have nothing to worry about. It is because your root chakra is guiding you to determine its wants. Or you may find out a new recipe or a type of food that you haven’t tried before.

Know the Real Meaning of Independence

Strengthen your confidence that you are okay in this world and you can obtain the things when you need them. When you’re perceptive, self-reliant, and confident about your inventiveness, you can heal and open your blocked first chakra easily.

Think of Personal Abundance

When you are healing your root chakra, it means that you need to restore your self-assurance in your capability to meet your needs and provide for yourself.

Think of Personal Abundance

One of the most crucial steps in healing the root chakra is to change the idea of material wealth to the non-material and inner type of wealth. Rather than concerning yourself about how much money you have, take into account the other types of abundance that you have right now such as your friend, loved ones, and even your capability to enjoy even the simplest pleasure.

But, if you are having a hard time doing this, you will need to meditate and concentrate on the symbol of the root chakra as your plunge into it. Every time your mind shows new fears and thoughts, make sure to accept them with gratitude and move on. But you will need to maintain that concentration on the root chakra symbol.

On the other hand, you will discover that as your mind fundamentally runs out of anxieties and worries to present you with, the root chakra will infuse you with a tingle and warm sensation of confidence and positivity. Though such confidence comes with a humbleness all its own, there is sufficient for everybody.

In time, you will completely understand that life isn’t all about fighting to earn but determining the chances that will surely connect you to the wealth that you deserve. All you need to do is trust in the root chakra to assist you in these situations so that you cannot go far wrong.

Take A Bath

Take A Bath

Did you know that when you are taking a shower, you are also cleansing your root chakra? This is actually true.

As you take a shower or bath, make sure to appreciate and embrace your fleshliness by being completely present. In addition to that, you can adorn your bathroom with different stones for the root chakra. These stones will help with the energy flow and at the same time drawn by the movements of the water and your body.

However, if you want a more generous bath than a shower, then that is better. In fact, you can also put a few of these stones and candles outside and let yourself as long relishing the feeling of the water along with its warmness as you wish.

It may sound self-indulgent and dissolute, but you can find spiritual purposes here. Remember, the first chakra is your physical existence. And this will please the stimuli that promote relaxation are highly recommended ways to go about it.

Furthermore, you may be astonished at how revitalizing as well as refreshing the water is, whether in the shower or bath. Making enough time for yourself in this manner is so important, particularly when you are feeling very low without purpose.


Another great way that you can do to heal and open your root chakra is to play music, especially your favorite one and move your body. You will need to feel the song and let your body get lost in the sound.


Dancing, on the other hand, is a great way to balance your first chakra. However, if you want to improve this kind of exercise, you can turn up the song and sing along. As a matter of fact, singing will help in cleansing your throat chakra. And it means, you aren’t only balancing your root chakra, but your throat chakra too.

On the other hand, their many stones for the root chakra that you can put on your favorite places to dance and feel their lively energies. With the stones in place, you may be astonished at how beneficial healing dances can be. As a matter of fact, you can also wear these stones or tucked them into your pocket as you dance.

Keep in mind that, while many people see dancing these days as just a little entertaining, moving the body to the rhythm in this way comes with spiritual and ancient origins that go as far back as the beginning of evolution.

As long as a beat is present, there are people who are always willing to dance with the rhythm. If you carefully think about it, the reasons why dancing is good for opening and healing the root chakra will make sense.

In fact, one beat is equivalent to a physical thing that taps against another in a beat. The association of two physical things is as confirming physical certainty as it comes to be. They are bouncing off with one another, actualizing their carnality.

Final Words

In terms of your root chakra, you will need to strive in order to feel safe, remain centered and grounded, and be scared less. A root chakra that is open, healthy, and balanced is a remarkable gift since it will keep you physically fit and strong. What’s more, you will feel stable, connected, and grounded.

When your root chakra is in a healthy situation, you are always inspired and motivated. You can even say that you are enjoying peace of mind. When something happens unexpectedly, you do not fall apart and crumble. It is because you have strong faith and that you trust everything will work out in the end.

On the other hand, when you have a balanced root chakra, you will feel highly valued, nurtured, and cherished. You’re stable where you are and you’re connected with the world on a more intense and profound level. When you are facing a difficult time today and you find it difficult to grow in stability, trust, and security, stop and then look around. Most of the time, what you are looking for is staring at you right in your face and you simply don’t know where to focus your attention. You’re most likely looking above when you actually need to look down. When this happens, all you have to do is focus your energy on the present and then direct it to the root chakra. You can do things that can help in opening the root chakra and rest assured you will be able to experience major changes in yourself.

Remember, your root chakra is the first chakra. With that in mind, maintaining a balanced root chakra will help in building a solid groundwork for activating the remaining chakras. Actually, it is the same as laying a house’s foundation where you want to stay for a long period of time. You will need a strong and solid foundation to be firmly and deeply embedded in the soil. This will offer the physical security and stability your house needs.

When you have a solid base, you can rest easy knowing that the structure will not collapse when a strong calamity occurs. You can build a house that you can infuse with happiness and love for many years.

Your root chakra is built of things that will ground you to permanence, stability, and security. Usually, this will include your basic necessities like safety, shelter, water, food, and even emotional need such as leaving your fears behind. Further, the first chakra is believed to be the provider of powerful energies to other chakras. That is why, if your root chakra is unbalanced and blocked, your other chakras are perhaps unbalanced and blocked too.

So, if you want to have a healthy as well as open chakra system you need to make sure that your root chakra is in a good condition. To ensure that this chakra is healthy, consider using any of the above-mentioned stones. You can also take into account the other ways we have mentioned a while ago.

Always keep in mind that when your root chakra is activated and aligned, you’ll find peace. What’s more, you’ll feel relaxed, comfortable, and stable in your life.


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