Sacral Chakra Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Sacral Chakra Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Complete Guide to The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the center of creativity, emotional balance, and sexuality. It is crucial bodily energy that can help you in managing your feelings and contentment. When you are improving and healing this chakra, your life will be filled with creativity. What’s more, your confidence when it comes to your sexuality will be increased.

If you are not familiar with this chakra and want to learn more about it then keep on reading. In this post, we will talk about the meanings and uses of the sacral chakra, along with the crystals stones that you can use to open and heal this chakra.

The Meaning of the Sacral Chakra

Known as the second chakra in the chakra system of the body, the sacral chakra is primarily associated with your emotional responses. In Sanskrit, the sacral chakra is called the Swadhisthana. The energy of this chakra is often characterized by flow as well as flexibility. In fact, its functions are guided by the belief in pleasure.

On the other hand, the sacral chakra is also associated with reproductive functions and a sense of taste. Since it is close to the root chakra, the sacral chakra is only a step eliminated from your preoccupations regarding survival, safety, and intuitive sensory perceptions of the environment.

This chakra will allow you to deal with the things that will come out of your experiences creatively. It will even let you develop responses that are usually influenced by both emotional patterns and intelligence.

The Meaning of the Sacral Chakra

Due to the close physical association of the sacral charka with the reproductive organ and pelvis, it is considered the core of your sighting for desire, whether through your day-to-day experiences in life or sensual desire.

The sacral chakra also offers strong intuition and abundant creativity. As a matter of fact, the motto of Swadhisthana is to enjoy your life fully. If your sacral chakra is balanced and open, you will be able to experience love and intimacy freely and completely. It encourages you to be non-judgmental and jealous when it comes to your desires. And most importantly, live your life as real as possible.

What is the Symbol for the Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra’s symbol has a circle with a moon crescent and six petals. The silver-colored moon crescent represents the association between the energy of water and the moon. Whereas the circle represents the water element. Such symbols point to the strong connection between the phases of the moon and the changes in the feelings and water.

What is the Symbol for the Sacral Chakra?

The symbolism of the moon resonates with the menstrual cycle of ladies that has a similar number of days to complete as well as the connection with the sacral chakra with the sexual organs and reproduction.

What is the Color of the Sacral Chakra?

Most commonly, the Swadhisthana is represented by the orange color. But since it has an association with the water element, it can also obtain the colors of light blue and white in some instances.

What is the Color of the Sacral Chakra?

The orange color of this chakra is translucent that has a transparent quality. Often, you will find that stones for the sacral chakra are of this hue, though not exclusively.  

Nevertheless, there is an association with this chakra color that people have at a sort of primal level. While fashion, as well as fashion industries, usually place colors such as pink, red, and black as sensual colors, orange for instance may also trigger something in many people at a subconscious level.

Stones or crystals of every color may connect to your sacral chakra. That is why do not feel confined by any limitations here.

Where is the Sacral Chakra Located?

The sacral chakra is located approximately 3 inches under your navel, right at the middle of the lower belly. And at the back, you can find this chakra at the lumbar back level.

Where is the Sacral Chakra Located?

Other significant locations that are often described in various systems expand the location of the sacral chakra to the genital part, particularly at the level of testicles for a man and the ovaries for a woman. It is also worth mentioning that this chakra is connected to the lymphatic system.

Characteristics and Traits of the Sacral Chakra

The Swadhisthana is a chakra related to a relationship and emotions. In fact, the sacral chakra has a lot to do with the expression of sensual desires and sexuality. It will also give you the feeling of the internal and external worlds.

The sacral chakra, on the other hand, is responsible for your fantasy, dream, wish, and the gift of creativity that will transform them into reality. Furthermore, this chakra is linked to the dimension of feeling. It is actually the core of feelings and associations.

This chakra is so active in the expression of sexual and sensual desire. It is inspired by pleasure and the driving force for the pleasure of life through the senses whether through hearing, sight, taste, and touch.

When you unlock your sacral chakra, you will be able to experience and feel the world. It is a crucial foundation of your well-being and feelings. Also, this chakra contributes to refining adaptability as well as flexibility in your life.

Characteristics and Traits of the Sacral Chakra

As mentioned, the sacral chakra is connected with the water element and considered by the movement and flow of your feelings and emotions. It will even support your own expansion and transformation of your individuality by relating to the world and other people.

What Causes an Overactive and Unbalanced Sacral Chakra?

When your sacral chakra is unbalanced, you may experience an unstable situation in your life. You might have been a subject of sexual or emotional abuse and have dealt with coldness, neglect, and rejection. One more thing, it can be rooted in a denial of feelings and emotional manipulation. It may be due to a lack of mirroring too.

The energy flow in the sacral chakra may get disturbed due to inherited problems, religious or moral severity, physical abuse, enmeshment, or alcoholic families. But, when there is a balanced and open sacral chakra, the relationship that you currently have with the world and other people is centered around a tuneful, nurturing, and pleasing exchange.

An excess or blockage in the sacral chakra may manifest as either co-dependency or dependency with things and people giving you access to desires effortlessly. On the other hand, when you are governed by your own emotions or lack touch with yourself and your emotions, unfortunately, your chakra is not balanced.

You’ll feel out of touch and numb or you’ll feel overdo in your sexual fantasy and obsession. Aside from that, you will experience excesses by lacking sexual satisfaction or sexual pleasure. You’ll also be caught feeling a certain kind of mood. The healing of the sacral chakra works in order to reverse such trends by bringing such excessive and indifferent tendencies into greater alignment.

This, in turn, will help you in connecting to other people more satisfyingly and feel less conscious particularly if you want to express your more vulnerable side. As we all know, opening up to other people can be very scary sometimes.

On the other hand, if your sacral chakra is overactive, your life might be prevalent with problems of excess and conflict. You might experience issues concerning an unhealthy addiction as well as an unhealthy relationship.

One of the best ways that you can balance your sacral chakra is to get acquainted with the signs of an overactive chakra.

When you identify and understand the problems, you will be able to learn how to properly balance the overabundance energy of in your sacral chakra.

Even though the signs of overactive sacral chakras manifest in a non-physical way, in fact, there are also physical signs that can be shown. For instance, you may feel a persistent warm sensation in the lower abdomen especially when there is an excessive flow of energy in your sacral chakra.

Characteristics and Traits of the Sacral Chakra

Moreover, a sacral chakra that is overactive may also affect the functions of the reproductive organs, lower back, and bladder. Usually, the most common diseases related to an overactive Swadhisthana are urinary problems, gynecological issues, cysts, lower back pain, and kidney issues. 

When your sacral chakra gets overwhelmed, you may feel overwhelmed too. You’ll experience deeper emotions and have very bad mood swings. It looks like you are thriving in conflict and trauma when this chakra is dazed. It will also result in weaker personal boundaries that will surely make you dependent on other people. There is also a possibility that you will become more obsessive which is not a good thing.

When it comes to non-physical symptoms of overactive Swadhisthana, usually these include anxiety, obsession, fierceness, and superiority.  When you have an overactive sacral chakra, it causes you to have an emotional overreaction. It will even result in an excessive emotional attachment to objects and other people and clinginess in a relationship. Additionally, there will be a lot of co-dependency in a relationship.

Since the sacral chakra influences sexuality, overactive energy in this chakra may contribute to feelings of sex addiction, detachment, and promiscuousness. An overactive sacral chakra will also allow you to see other people as things so you can attain sexual gratification. Those who have an overactive chakra may also develop a serious addiction to alcohol, drugs, and other substance that will call them to engage in risky behavior. Further, it will make you concentrate unhealthily on your own body image by eating excessively.

The sacral chakra will also rule your capability to adapt to the world. It will govern your capability to interact with others and nurture, develop, and sustain a healthy relationship with them.

When you are aware of making the correct decision in order to prevent unhealthy behavior, it will help in cleansing and soothing the sacral chakra.

Due to the close association of the sacral chakra with the digestive system doing regular exercise and having a healthy lifestyle will help in balancing the flow of energy in the sacral chakra.

On the other hand, this chakra is determined by the orange color. This color symbolizes energy, pleasure, and creativity. also if you want to normalize or balance your sacral chakra you will need to surround yourself with its opposite blue color.

In case you are still feeling out of sorts after making changes in your lifestyle incorporate other healing methods such as aromatherapy, yoga, tai chi, and meditation.

If you have a long-standing and severe imbalance in the chakra consult with energy healers in order to regain balance and provide healing.

if you notice that your body begins talking about an imbalance through pains and discomforts do not ignore them or walk away. Instead, give it enough attention.

Most of the time, some people shame their bodies back to working correctly. Rather listen to what your body needs and most importantly love it.

Show that you are thankful for informing you about the sacral chakra imbalance. When you are disgusted and ashamed of yourself you will not be able to make any positive change.

Further, you need to accept yourself first and know that you’re always doing the best that you can then simply go on from there.

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Sacral Chakra

When you have an unbalanced or blocked sacral chakra you will easily notice it because some symptoms may arise.

One symptom of an imbalanced sacral chakra is that you get contained by your fantasy about the pleasure of life rather than simply enjoying them. Additionally, you might lose yourself in sexual pleasure rather than connecting with your real-life partner physically. You might also be fascinated with connecting romantically and sexually with every person you will cross your path with.

On the other hand, when you are satisfying your desires through satisfaction, it is also a common symptom that you have an imbalanced sacral chakra. Whether it is a game, food, television, or shopping it will negatively affect your sacral chakra especially when you become dependent on it.

If you are lacking gratification as well as greedy desires, it is also a sign that you have an overactive sacral chakra. Relishing yourself in the simplest pleasure without getting attached is very important in promoting a sacral chakra that is balanced.

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Sacral Chakra

Make sure to keep an eye on how contented you feel with every sensation in the body. In that way, both the desires and their satisfaction are attached to a better experience. This, in turn, will contribute to a complete healing balance and satiation.

Usually, sacral chakra healing can bring a relationship to balance and harmony.  It carries a strong emotional charge as well as easily locks into the second chakra. Unluckily, family dynamic forces are the main source of disruptions, particularly with regard to the sacral chakra. Thus, to heal and normalize the said chakra, you’ll need to come up with discrimination in terms of energy drains because of people and their negative habits.

Moreover, damaging feelings of jealousy, envy, rage, and anger are also considered characteristics of imbalances in sacral chakras. You tend to react overly when somebody poses challenges to you or you have different opinions. You feel frustration and wrath easily.

The List of Crystal Stones for the Sacral Chakra

By using different stones for the sacral chakra, you will be able to heal your problems as they take place and overcome the challenges that come with them. Aside from that, you can also prevent imbalances from taking place.

Keep in mind that no stone can completely get rid of all the possible imbalances and challenges since they’re part of the soul journey and the human condition. But one thing is for sure, the strength and protection provided by these stones may help in mitigating the challenges. As a result, you will be able to handle them a lot easier.

Since the color of the sacral chakra is orange, it is beneficial to make use of orange and even yellow stones to open and heal this chakra. However, it is worth mentioning that stones with opposite colors also helped in soothing an overactive sacral chakra.

Orange Calcite

orange calcite

The warm and nurturing qualities of the orange calcite may help in opening and balancing the sacral chakra. This stone promotes creativity and pushes you to work on your goals. In fact, the orange calcite is known as the stone of creativity. So, it will really keep you inspired.

If you’re lacking determination or are negatively affected by people this orange stone can greatly benefit you. You can also use this sacral chakra stone if you’re feeling sad, afraid, lifeless, or lacking in self-worth.

With the stone’s bright color, you will be able to see the reality in almost everything. It will motivate you on an emotional level and support you in energizing and charging your sacral chakra. Furthermore, orange calcite will get your positive energies moving, eliminating your negative habits as well as letting you have true insights to follow.

Orange Moonstone

orange moonstone

Orange Moonstone is a beautiful stone that can be used in relieving stress and anxiety. It can also help you in finding your balance. This orange stone is very popular among women because it has a strong association with the lunar cycle and feminity.

Did you know that all types of moonstone stones are dubbed the stones of a new beginning? This is very true since you can utilize it to encourage and at the same time bring back the freedom of your expression. It is also used as a fertility amulet that can bring stability and gentleness of emotions.

By combining the intensity of the orange color and the attributes of the moonstone, the stone will improve love in a relationship, creativity, and intuition. It can also promote self-love particularly when a harsh thought stems from an eating disorder and weight problem.

Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye

Harnessing the energy of the sun and earth, the tiger’s eye is considered a strong stabilizing and grounding healing stone for the sacral chakra. The Swadhisthana is the gateway for the chi to flow. Please note that is essential for your overall health as well as well-being. With the brown, red, or yellow color of the tiger’s eye, this energy center will be balanced and grounded. It will also allow movement for change.

The differentiating capability of this stone for the sacral chakra also helps in balancing the yin-yang and emotional body. This makes the tiger’s eye one of the best tools for stabilizing mood swings and releasing fears. As the name suggests, the tiger’s eye will bring forth the tiger’s courage letting you become very successful and confident. In addition to that, it will motivate you to take risks and find out your hidden talents and passion.

With the help of a tiger’s eye, gut feelings, intuition, and honesty will be improved too. It will also help in relieving food cravings and sharpening the senses which will result in increased determination. It is also believed that this sacral chakra stone may help in inspiring the kundalini energy.



Amber is one of most favorite stones that is used in clearing an emotional blockage. It is also a great stone not only for the sacral but for the solar plexus chakra too. Due to the origin of amber, it features flora, fauna as well as other minerals. This stone will keep both the earth and sun energies and this makes it the perfect option for supporting and clearing the second chakra.

Amber with its warm and sunny energy resonates with your sacral chakra deeply. It comes with unlimited energies that can inspire creativity and promote decision making Plus if you’re seeking spontaneity when it comes to lovemaking you will never go wrong with this stone for the sacral chakra.

Moreover, amber is very protective and can absorb negativity. Having that said, you need to cleanse this stone on a regular basis to get rid of the negative energies it accumulated.

Tangerine Quartz

tangerine quartz

This wonderful stone comes with a lot of metaphysical properties that are proven beneficial for the sacral chakra. In fact, some people describe tangerine quartz as life-changing and motivating. With its red or orange hue, tangerine quartz may help in improving creativity, self-worth, and self-understanding.

It is also an excellent stone to have if you want to get rid of your self-restricting beliefs. It will even give you the courage and strength to move on and activate your burning passion along the way. Furthermore, tangerine quartz comes with angelic and lovely properties that may help in promoting spirited approaches to life and deepen curiosity.

This stone for the sacral chakra may also help in balancing the divergence between giving as well as receiving. In fact, it is a very important element especially if you want to have a long-lasting relationship.

Tangerine quartz, on the other hand, can give you a relish of life, promote passion, activate sexuality, and balance emotion.



When you have a balanced and activated sacral chakra, your enthusiasm, leadership qualities, and confidence will be improved. But in order to achieve this, you will need to take advantage of the energetic attributes of sunstone.

With its yellow, red-brown, or orange color, Sunstone can offer light and thrilling energy that blasts with radiance and happiness. It works to restore the pleasure in your life. This, in turn, will allow you to balance your powers. What’s more, it will improve your compassion and intuition.

This sacral chakra stone may also help in increasing your confidence and maintaining your real personality around others in various scenarios.



Goldstone is also known as the stone of ambition. It is rich in lore and mystery and connected to the second chakra deeply. As a matter of fact, this makes it a great crystal for attaining personal development and life purpose. And the process, goldstone will stabilize and at the same soothe your emotions.

This stone for the sacral chakra also works as a good grounding stone. When you are feeling restless or lethargic, the copper present in this stone is a powerful conductor of spiritual healing energies. Though it’s considered a man-made stone, it doesn’t take away its healing energies. Also, you can pair it with other stones especially if you want to improve goldstone’s hidden attributes and creative talents.



With its orange or red hue, the carnelian is also one of the much-loved stones used for healing the sacral chakra. This stone will help in opening and soothing the sacral chakra. Plus, it will balance the flow of energy and promote confidence.

This stone was long respected in ancient periods as a great crystal for fertility. It will also deepen the owner’s connection with the fertility goddess known as Aphrodite. Carnelian is considered the stone of courage, endurance, leadership, creativity, and motivation. Having that said, this stone for the sacral chakra has the power to push a person forward against all likelihoods.

In addition to that, a carnelian may help in enhancing your self-confidence, intuition, passion, and self-belief. Its joyful and warm energy will invigorate and balance not only the sacral chakra but the root chakra too. And this will let you move on with transformed confidence and courage.



A great stone for the sacral chakra, Citrine has bright and warm energy that may help in healing the said chakra. It can also offer clarifying energies. This stone can also be used to transform negativity into positivity. Citrine will boost your self-discipline and determination as well as entice more success and wealth into your life.

Since it is closely related to your second chakra, Citrine comes with positive vibrations that will radiate outward to someone who is close by. Working with this sacral chakra stone may help in eliminating depression and grief. It will also allow you to grow better when it comes to communication while letting go of your anger.

Citrine will open your imagination and bring creative ideas to the surface. Further, it will open the mind to groundbreaking and new ideas and you’ll have an idea of which one will attain success. Nevertheless, if you want to heal and balance your sacral chakra, it is recommended that you place your citrine in the sacral chakra part.



This sacral chakra stone can greatly help you if you want to empower yourself and dissolve your own defenses. Stilbite is a potent stone for manifestation that will inspire you to look for your real happiness. Aside from the sacral chakra, this stone can also be used in the third eye, heart, and crown chakras.

Stilbite will improve your intuition, and love energy as well as connect you to the spirit guides. It will even help in releasing past relationships, when necessary. Stilbite will also offer you the needed reassurance and confidence to do the things that need to be done in order to move on.

Aragonite Star Cluster

Aragonite Star Cluster

Also known as the stone of conservationists, the aragonite star cluster is a great stone for stabilizing emotions. It will also help you find out your real existence.

When you are healing the earth, it will give you a sense of passion as well as care for the planet. And this will show you the significance of great balance and self-care.

Though it is originally associated with your root chakra, the peach color of the aragonite star cluster also vibrates with the energy of self-reliance and confidence making it a great stone for the second chakra. With the grounding energies of this stone, you will feel centered and lessen the stress and frustration usually caused by life difficulties and overworking.

The aragonite star cluster will also radiate positivity which makes it a great tool when it comes to releasing negative emotions including anger.

Orange Kyanite

orange kyanite

Kyanite is an excellent stone that can bring all your chakras into alignment in a natural way. Though it comes in many different colors. the orange one is highly recommended.

Though this orange stone is not as easy to get as it’s in the color of chakra, orange kyanite is extremely beneficial. The orange kyanite is a powerful healer since it connects energy gaps that might have been caused by surgery and other types of accidents.

In addition to that, this stone has strong energies that can both activate and renew dormant psychic capabilities. Another reason to use the orange kyanite is that the effects of its energy in the sacral chakra are typically an increase of the psychic talent and gift of clear feeling or clairsentience.

Coral Calcite

coral calcite

A beautiful orange or pink-colored calcium carbonate, coral calcite mainly works with the sacral chakra. This stone will help in pulling the high vibrations of divine love down into your sacral chakra. It will also help in encouraging confidence and vitality. This action, on the other hand, may help in bringing overall gratefulness to life. It will also lift negative emotions that will be transformed into positive ones.

When you clear and activate your sacral chakra using the coral calcite, your virtues will be amplified. You will also learn how to survive them by constraining the effect of negative energies and improving your positive will.

If you have a traumatic experience, you can also use this sacral chakra stone to heal the gaps left in the inner self. In that way, you will be able to make room for the divine energies to enter your heart. This will allow the stone to extend its effects by activating kindness and sympathy not only for yourself but for other people too.

On a physical level, like the other forms of Calcite, coral calcite may help with kidney, liver, pancreas, and spleen function, urinary tract disorders, chronic fatigue, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction.



Jasper, particularly the red variety engages the second chakra, channeling the mightiest energy of the Earth actively. In actual fact, this life force energy is not the same as energies you have felt before. Both transformational and nurturing vibrations will start to fill your aura.

Red Jasper will also usher out negative energies and deities. The moment you achieve a clear physical and emotional body, you will notice that the real development patterns begin. This sacral chakra stone will push you to become the person you want to be. Not only that, but jasper will also help you become the most suitable divine version of yourself. A person who can understand the certainty of the world as well as how to distinguish these ideologies and ideas.

Golden Yellow Topaz

golden yellow topaz

This stone for the sacral may help you bring out your life desires. Golden yellow topaz will improve your faith and bring advantageous persons to your side. And take note, these persons may help you in achieving your intentions.

Golden yellow topaz is a remarkable stone that can bring peace and happiness, particularly during the process of manifestation. In fact, if you are currently on a mission of clarification, this sacral chakra stone can help you find the right direction. What’s more, the golden yellow topaz will infuse you with confidence and faith in everything you do.

It will open and stimulate your sacral chakra that relates to holiness. Though it is a strong stone for your lower chakra and abundance and prosperity, golden yellow topaz also works in your crown chakra amazingly. On the other hand, if your wishes manifest all spiritual nature, this stone can be beneficial for you.



A combination of Epidote and Jasper, unakite is a great representation of a harmonious relationship and lasting love. In fact, this stone is also connected to artistic design, beauty as well as aromatherapy.

This kind of connection to appreciation and love for sensual desire is ideal for opening and satisfying your sacral chakra.

Snowflakes Obsidian

Snowflakes Obsidian

This stone for the sacral chakra may help draw emotion to the surface. It will also help in assessing dangerous thought patterns. A perfect option for previous life work, the snowflake obsidian may help in healing previous karmic patterns.

Also called the stone of purity, the snowflake obsidian is connected to the vascular system and skeletal systems. It is also believed to support smoother skin. In addition to that, Snowflakes Obsidian will soothe and calm, especially when working with your sacral chakra.



Copper can offer a harmonious relationship between the astral and physical bodies. It will also align the subtle body and transmit and boost thoughts. Copper, on the other hand, is believed to be a good provider, bringing a lot of benefits to its owner. It is also said that this stone can infuse luck especially when recovering property.

Moreover, it conducts electrical urges and at the same time magnifies the transfer of energy from the mineral or healer to the healing subject. It can fight non-acceptance of oneself, weariness, fieriness, restlessness, and inactivity.

Copper will activate and open the sacral chakra stabilizing and advancing the energies of vitality, pleasure, intuition, and sexuality. This in turn will direct such energies to the pursuit of your path of evolution. It will let you identify the barriers that are blocking your development.

Further, this stone can be used in stabilizing and balancing blood flow in the body. This will aid in increasing circulatory functions if necessary.

You can also use copper to fight bacterial infections and clean wounds. When you are dealing with bursitis, arthritis, or rheumatism, you can benefit from copper too.

Orange Selenite

orange selenite

An excellent stone with the power to increase your self-esteem, orange selenite works with the second chakra very well. With its beautiful apricot color, orange selenite will offer an improved sense of well-being. In addition to that, it will infuse your life with creativity, which will increase your opportunities for innovation.

Orange Selenite is a calming stone that is capable of dispelling negative energies. It can also bring a deeper sense of calmness to its owner. So, if you want to feel peaceful and safe at all times, consider making a grid of orange selenite around your home or carry a piece throughout the day.

Orange selenite will also improve your self-confidence, self-esteem, and intuition. It is a strong crystal for cleansing and clearing energies. What’s more, you can use this sacral chakra stone in cleansing the energies of other stones and crystals in your collection or home.



Pyrite is another wonderful stone that strongly resonates with the second chakra. This center will both control sensuality and creativity. What’s more, it is known as the center of significance within the body. With that in mind, Pyrite is responsible for keeping you connected and grounded to the world.

This stone comes with beneficial benefits on your sacral chakra. It can also bring this chakra in accord with the solar plexus and base chakras. When your second chakra is not balanced and blocked, it will manifest in you feeling dependent on other people in order to experience happiness. But with pyrite’s powerful vibrations, your second chakra will be cleansed, activated, healed, and cleared, especially when you’re doing metaphysical work.

Orange Sapphire

orange sapphire

Orange sapphire also resonates with the joyful energies of your sacral chakra. Energies that come from this chakra will let you engage in a promising endeavor that has unending supplies of passion and purpose.

In case you didn’t know, your sacral chakra is considered the center of sexual energies. It is also in charge of your relationship with others as well as how you react to situations affecting your relationship with others.

This orange chakra will stimulate your sacral chakra and even your capacity to nurture and create life. Orange sapphire will inspire you to discover the different types of sacred unions. In addition to that, it will improve your conscious sensuality and sexuality.

It is from the second chakra that your personal energies get allocated to your whole chakra system. The energies available are all directed from the spine to the brain. And in fact, this will keep the brain sharp, healthy, and young.

The stone’s vibrations relate to the issues with your own power in the outside realm. Some of these problems are financial and sexual abilities and your professional and social interactions. But with the help of the orange sapphire, your second chakra will be able to show off your desires, enhance your sensual connection and make your sense of affection stronger.

Clear Quartz

clear  quartz

Due to the versatility of clear quartz, the majority of spiritual people own and use it to balance the second chakra. Clear quartz is an excellent balancing crystal. Its energies vibrate through your chakras and body. This in turn will activate and clear all the chakras and basically resets and reconnects so they will work in harmony.

Another great thing about this sacral chakra stone is that it will help in amplifying the energy of other stones you are using. Meaning to say, clear quartz will work with all the other stones on this list to unblock and recharge the sacral chakra.

Leopardskin Jasper

leopardskin jasper

Another great stone for the sacral chakra, Leopardskin Jasper can offer pregnancy and fertility support. It will benefit the sexual organs, protect the kidneys and digestive system and stimulate circulation.

Leopardskin Jasper will also nurture you and help you to experience the personal development and pleasure that you are longing for. It will even give you the bravery to stand up for yourself as well as what you believe in. With the presence of this stone, you will also become honest with yourself.

On the other hand, this sacral chakra stone will improve your imagination and creativity and you will have light-hearted behavior. It will even end your self-defeating behaviors and inspire you to boost your current financial situation.



Bronzite is a sacral chakra crystal that can offer stable and grounding energies. It will inspire you while aligning your actions and thoughts. As a result, it is called the stone of dedicated action.

When you use Bronzite, you will feel emotionally strong and more confident. You’re blessed with self-control, certainty, and hope. With the absence of your self-defeating thoughts and insecurities, you will be able to handle a difficult situation a lot easier.

Furthermore, Bronzite can encourage changes through flow and harmony. It will even help you to see the bigger picture and promote healthy digestion.

Fire Agate

fire agate

The sacral chakra is where the life force of a person is balanced and perpetuated. As a matter of fact, it is also where your gut feeling comes from. A balanced and active second chakra means that you have enthusiasm and passion for life. But if it is blocked, you may experience the opposite.

Fortunately, the fiery powers of Fire Agate may help bring back the sexual energies and luster that many people need.



The frequencies and vibrations of Sardonyx will connect to your sacral chakra. This stone will stabilize and fortify the sacral chakra so that you will feel secure, safe, and supported. It will also help in improving your life force energy.

Sardonyx will also protect your energy fields from negative vibrations by getting rid of negative thoughts and energies.

How to Open Your Sacral Chakra with Crystal Stones?

The above-mentioned stones can be used for balancing, energizing, and balancing your sacral chakra. If you’re wondering how can you use these stones, the following are some of the best ways that you can try.

  • One of the most wonderful ways to connect with the distinct vibrations and energies of stone is through meditation. While you are meditating, place the stone on the sacral chakra. But if you’re not comfortable in this position, you can hold the stone in your hands. What’s more, consider surrounding yourself with a crystal grid before doing your day-to-day practice.
  • A crystal singing bowl that has a frequency of D also resonates with the second chakra.
How to Open Your Sacral Chakra with Crystal Stones?
  • Wearing a sacral chakra stone in the form of jewelry will allow you to keep its energies in your auric field for a long period of time.  Nevertheless, the majority of the above-mentioned stones can be usually found in jewelry. This allows you to keep your emotion stabilized all through the day with ease.
  • You can also place the stone in your pocket. Doing so will keep them closer to your sacral chakra compared to when worn as a piece of jewelry. Also, you can access them a lot easier especially when you need direct contact.
  • Another great way to open your sacral chakra is to take crystal elixirs.
  • Since the second chakra is connected to the element of water, you can also place the stones around your shower or bath. Further, you can sit with the stones by the stream or river. But if you want to have a deeper experience, consider sitting with them by the sea.
  • If you want to direct the energies of the stones to your sacral chakra, consider using crystal points. For a more grounding effect, leave it for 20 minutes, pointing downwards.
  • Put sacral chakra stones under your pillows or close to your bed when sleeping. When you’re sleeping you are being more receptive to the stones’ energies. As a result, your intentions will be amplified.

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Sacral Chakra

If your sacral chakra is not balanced or blocked, you are more likely to feel you’ve lost control of your own life. And that you can’t obtain control of the pedals again.

Aside from using different healing stones and crystals, there are many other ways that you can do to open and heal your sacral chakra. Here are some of the other ways that you can try to ensure that your second chakra is in good condition.

Healing Foods

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Sacral Chakra - HEaling Foods

The second chakra is connected to the element of water and this makes seafood a good fit to balance and open this part. But aside from that, you can opt for a pleasure-improving food that will make you feel good about yourself and alive. Make sure to avoid processed foods as they make you feel gross after.

In addition to that, consider eating orange foods such as carrots, oranges, nectarines, and sweet potatoes. Your sacral chakra will also need continuous hydration since it is associated with water. Thus, to keep your second chakra lubricated, drink enough water throughout your day.

Essential Oils

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Sacral Chakra - Essential oils
essential oil in the glass dropper, with orange flower background

There are many essential oils that can be used for healing your sacral chakra. Some of the best examples include sandalwood, orange, jasmine, bergamot, clary sage, rose, ylang-ylang, and patchouli. You can use the said oils together with the chakra stone or alone while meditating.

Yoga Poses

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Sacral Chakra -  yoga poses

Yoga can also be utilized in healing and opening your sacral chakra. However, you will need to focus on a pose that will open the hips such as the bound angle and open-angle poses. In addition to that, you can also perform fire log, half-frog, one-legged king pigeon, cow face and reclining bound angle possess. However, rather than hot, challenging, and fast, these yoga poses should be relaxed and slow.

Think Orange

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Sacral Chakra - think orange

To open and heal your sacral chakra, consider introducing subtle and prominent hues of orange at work or at home. Doing so will unlock and activate the flow of energy in the said chakra. On the other hand, you can add orange to your clothes and the present orange shades to your accessories. One more thing, meditating with the orange color may also help in improving your focus and concentration.

Release All Your Emotional Baggage

Releasing emotional baggage, no matter how small and light it is can be very difficult. It is because it will weigh you down and badly affect the energy flow to the chakra. To heal and open your second chakra, write down all your thoughts and feelings so that you’ll have an outlet. You can also talk to your closest friend to let go of the things that are bothering you. In fact, you’ll be astonished by how much better and lighter you feel especially when you let it go and say it out loud.

Final Words

Other people may plow into your chakra and then suck up energy from you. In fact, they will be able to do it whether you’re in existence or not.

Most of the time, people will suck energy from your second chakra because want to get that person’s sexual and creative energies. What’s more, a person may also draw off the said chakra if they are having a hard time handling their personal intentions and emotions. Your second chakra may also get stolen by those who want your ideas and thoughts.

To ensure that your sacral chakra is in good health, surround yourself with someone trustworthy, mature, and honest. On the other hand, ensure that you’re in the company of imaginative people so that you’ll stay creative too.

Set a certain time in a day to be creative. And then indicate how you feel about things, people, and events. Taste a new dish and learn a new one. Also, connect with your surroundings and nature, and most importantly, do not forget to show how grateful you’re for them.

When you’re working on healing, improving, and restoring your second chakra, you are the kind of person who is jam-packed with creativity. You’re allowed to genuinely feel and you’re eligible to your own emotions.

Always remember that you are a very beautiful being and that life is a pleasurable ride. Find time to play and have some fun. When you do this, your life will become fun and a lot easier. On the other hand, have faith in your desires in life that they’re good for you and you can save yourself from ones that aren’t.

When you find resistance to these mesmerizing affirmations, it is a noticeable sign that your second chakra is either imbalanced or blocked. So, stop and discover what causes such blockages and do not resist the needed things in order to open them. And with the help of the above-mentioned stones, you can ensure that your sacral chakra is always open and in balance.


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