Sardonyx Meanings, Properties and Uses


Sardonyx is a crystal loved for its metaphysical and healing properties and attributes. Recognized as the embodiment of happiness, this highly protective stone brings the vibration of positivity and courage to the fore.

Find out more about this wonderful stone by reading below.

What is Sardonyx?

What is Sardonyx

Sardonyx is an amalgamation of sard (an orange chalcedony similar to carnelian) and onyx. It also goes by the name Sardinian Onyx. Sard is responsible for the almost black, to red to dark orange color while onyx is usually pitch-black. These two kinds of minerals are layered in bands in order to create the sardonyx. It comes in various colors varying from red, brown, black, and white with clearly defined shades or patterns of combined colors.

The best specimens of sardonyx displaying sharp contrast between layers are mostly found in India. Other deposits of this crystal are found in Germany, Madagascar, the US, Uruguay, the Czech Republic, and Brazil.

The Meaning and Uses of Sardonyx

The term originated from the words “sard” and “onyx” which means “reddish-brown” and “veined gem”, respectively.

Sardonyx can be traced back 4,000 years to Ancient Egypt. It was often used to create intaglios and cameos. These are figures carved in a stone where its white layer appears as a relief while the colored layers are the background. Meanwhile, intaglios are the reverse of cameos, which are incised figures on the stone. The stone is carved through the dark layer in order to reveal the light layer.

Meanwhile, in ancient Rome, sardonyx was worn by women as necklaces with cameos of Venus. This is so to harness the power of the goddess of love. Sardonyx was also commonly used by soldiers as rings and even amulet carvings that contain images of the God of War, Mars. They wore it into battle as means of protection.

The Meaning and Uses of Sardonyx

In addition, this stone was also popular in the Roman era as signet rings and seals which were used to imprint wax emblems on official documents. This is because of the fact that hot wax won’t stick to this stone.

During the Renaissance period, this crystal was also used and highly regarded with great value by orators and public speakers. They believed that this stone could bring eloquence and good communication skills to its wearer.  

Sardonyx was also a favorite gemstone since ancient times. It was popular and trendy not only because this stone was appealing, but because it was pretty common and commonly available. Unlike the rarer gemstones which could only be purchased with the fortune of nobility and royalty, the crystal could also be acquired by the less-wealthy people.

Moreover, this beautiful stone is also used as a lucky talisman for obtaining justice or legal matters. It is said to provide the stabilization and strength needed to have energy, endurance, and fortitude. Also, this is an excellent tone for athletes, builders, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

Sardonyx Metaphysical Properties

Thanks to its mineral makeup, sardonyx offers excellent metaphysical properties. Its red energies can stimulate all aspects of the body, while the browns will keep you grounded to the Earth. Meanwhile, its creamy white energies are purifying while the black layers are said to absorb and protect against negative energies.

These color energies don’t cancel each other out. However, they do buffer each other and maintain a good balance which allows you to experience change.

Sardonyx Metaphysical Properties

Sardonyx was used as a stone of protection and strength since ancient times. It is believed to provide the stamina and courage to deal with and accept changes. It is also said to protect against negativities and even psychic attacks.

With its strong association with happiness and clear communication, this stone is highly valued for relationships. It is said to bring lasting stability and happiness to partnerships, friendships, and marriages. This stone can increase your charisma while boosting your willpower.

The Benefits of Sardonyx

Sardonyx offers numerous health and metaphysical benefits to its users. Here are some of them.

For Physical Healing

Sardonyx is highly beneficial to the proper functionality of your sensory organs. The stone features invigorating energies that work on your sense of perception, making you well-aware and alert of all that you’re sensing around you. In addition, this stone is said to heal your essential sensory organs, boosting your sense of hearing, smell, touch, and sight.

Other than enhancing your senses, other physical benefits of using the crystal include the regulation of bodily fluids and metabolism. It is said to maintain your intestinal health and provides a smooth cleansing of the body. This is because can assist in the absorption of essential nutrients while ridding your body of toxicity and waste substances that hinder good physical health.

Sardonyx For Physical Healing

Not only that but this stone is also said to help in repairing your bones. It is even believed to help in treating infections of the urinary tract and kidneys. In addition, this stone is said to facilitate and help the treatment of back pain.

Also, if you are recovering from the bladder, prostate, or bowel issues, the crystal can help in overcoming the adverse effects of these illnesses. Thanks to its cleansing and purifying properties, the crystal can also be used to detoxify and clear blockages in your system. It is also believed to purify impurities that are caused by various kinds of infections, parasites, and other diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

Furthermore, it is believed that this crystal can strengthen and boost the function of your lungs. For men, it is said to play a part in treating impotence.

For Emotional Healing

The sardonyx stone is said to bestow a hopeful and stable attitude that helps in overcoming sadness while bringing joy that’s easily transferred to others. This crystal can help you understand and overcome feelings of helplessness as well as victim mentality. Not only that, but this stone can encourage you to take action in order to make overdue changes in your life.

Sardonyx For Emotional Healing

The energies of sardonyx can also help with self-reflection. This is essential if you wish to understand why you are feeling what you do and is the first step toward effectively dealing with an emotional imbalance. It paves the way for happiness to enter your life and make peace with yourself.

Not only that, but this stone is also particularly useful for those who are currently going through an existential crisis. It brings clarity and structure to your life and keeps you on track. It ushers you in the best direction for the betterment of your emotional life.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The varying colors of the sardonyx crystal can resonate with multiple chakras. Its brown-to-black hues are said to bring balance to your root chakra and earth star chakra.

Sardonyx For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Both the earth star and root chakra are responsible for keeping you grounded to the Earthy. When out of balance, you will experience low levels of activity and lethargy. Not only that, but you will also feel disconnected from reality, flighty, and distant.

However, the brown, red, and black colors of sardonyx can restore balance and stimulate your base and earth star chakra. Your physical and spiritual energy is boosted while reducing your tendency of being overly possessive. It induces vitality and willpower while keeping you grounded— both physically and spiritually.

Sardonyx For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Meanwhile, the pale to dark orange colors of sardonyx mainly work with your sacral chakra. Located just below your navel and above your pubic bone, the sacral chakra I the center of gravity of your body and is mainly responsible for the flow of energy. This is the center of your life force and where all life energy flows.

An unbalanced sacral chakra can manifest itself as confusion, repression of feelings, fear of sensuality, and the inability to enjoy happiness. With the orange energies of sardonyx, you can keep your sacral chakra activated and functioning properly. As a result, you will feel pleasure in life and become more positive and joyful. In addition, this stone will enhance your intuition and gut feelings while also encouraging you to go with the flow and always be in good spirits.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck, and Abundance

Sardonyx is considered to be a lucky talisman for those who want to manifest abundance and wealth into their life. This stone is said to bring you the strength and stable energies needed to create good fortunes based on good moral ethics.

Sardonyx For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

This is also an excellent grounding stone that can help transform your overflowing energies into tangible results. Not only that, but this stone can also inject overflowing positivity and an optimistic attitude which plays a big part in your wealth manifestations and finances.

Keeping it nearby or with you at all times is also said to increase business success, particularly in chiropractors, massage therapists, athletes, and physical therapists.

For Relationship and Love

Sardonyx is a potent crystal with great implications for close relationships. The beautiful positive energies of this crystal are said to attract people toward you. It helps in opening new doors to friendships.

Since this is a stone that helps in improving your perception, you can use it to better judge the people in your life. Its energies can help you realize who you need to keep in your inner circle and understand which people you should keep your distance from.

Sardonyx For Relationship and Love

In terms of romantic relationships, sardonyx can also help. If you feel like your partner is showing less interest in you or drifting away from you, this stone can help revert this issue. Its healing energies are also said to end problems and fights between partners and help them in patching things up.

As a stone of love and happiness, the sardonyx crystal can also encourage a positive attitude toward your partner. It helps you treat your partner with more affection and care, while also inviting the same feelings for you in your spouse.

In addition, the energies of this stone are said to epitomize good fortune in relationships, particularly those bound by marriage.

For Protection

Sardonyx offers versatile energies of protection.

For one, this crystal is believed to protect its wearer against crime. When using this stone for gridding the four corners of your home or around windows and doors, this stone is said to protect your home against theft or damage.

Sardonyx For Protection

Its protection qualities are also ancient. This stone is highly recommended for travelers and explorers which helps protect them against injuries and accidents. Also, it is suitable for those who are engaged in combat or war, making them suitable for soldiers and law enforcement personalities.

Sardonyx can also help protect against psychic attacks. With its protective and grounding energies, this stone can prevent negativities from sticking to your auric shield and grounding them back to the earth.

For Depression and Anxiety

A stone pulsating with positivity and happy vibes, the sardonyx crystal is an excellent stimulator of happiness. This is crucial if you wish to heal from symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Sardonyx For Depression and Anxiety

This stone can bring stability to your life. It acts as an excellent mood booster while maintaining an aura of joy and a light-hearted attitude. This stone can help you look at the positive things in life, particularly during difficult times.

So, if you ever feel helpless, anxious, or depressed, this stone can help elevate your mood while blocking out the negative emotions and energies from your surroundings and other people.

For Career Success and Confidence

For the times when you experience the loss of strength or willpower and can’t find the motivation to work towards your career success or goal, the sardonyx stone can help you regain direction in your life.

The energies of this stone can have a positive impact on your personal being while instilling a sense of confidence, self-esteem, and optimism. It helps in releasing the stagnant energy from within that might be procrastination and hindering you from reaching your career goals.

Not only that but this stone is also believed to help your thinking process as well as your decision-making skills. It increases your intuition and gut feeling while providing the courage you need to follow these feelings. It also helps you absorb and retain new information and knowledge so you can use it later on in your professional life.

Sardonyx For Career Success and Confidence

In addition, the energies of sardonyx are said to enhance your sensory capabilities. As a result, you are not only self-aware but also open your eyes and mind to your surroundings. This helps you make better and well-informed decisions.

Interestingly, this stone can also encourage you to promote integrity while increasing your concentration. This crystal can also strengthen your belief in your capabilities and in yourself. It helps you in developing a positive character and makes you a powerful ally in achieving what you want in this life.

Moreover, people working in jobs that demand intellect and creativity will find it particularly useful to keep a sardonyx crystal with them. This is because the energies emitted from this stone are said to encourage you to think outside of the box while also increasing focus and concentration.

Combining Sardonyx With Other Crystal Stones

Sardonyx can also be paired with other crystal stones in order to amplify its metaphysical energy or if you wish to focus on a specific healing intention. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for sardonyx.

Sardonyx + Fluorite

For increasing your mental aptitude and focus, pair the energies of sardonyx with the frequency of the fluorite crystal.

Sardonyx + Fluorite

Sardonyx is an excellent stone for students or anyone working in a job that requires mental discipline and aptitude for concentration and focuses on the task at hand. This stone can make you realize the importance of doing your tasks wholeheartedly if you want to be successful in them. It allows you to complete tasks with full focus and concentration, resulting in the quick completion of your tasks.

Pair it with the energies of fluorite and you can double your focus and concentration. Considered one of the bests tones for mental focus, fluorite is born out of fluorescent minerals that have the power to bring order to chaotic mind chattering.  So, if you are struggling with your daily activities and are constantly distracted, then the fluorite stone can help improve your concentration.

Dubbed the Stone of Discernment, the fluorite crystal can heighten your mental abilities. Then it removes creative or mental blocks which can often cause a lack of focus. Sardonyx, too, can increase your concentration by allowing you to pick up and understand things easier, faster, and more efficiently.

So, whether you are studying, doing research, or working on a tight deadline, the combined energies of fluorite and sardonyx can assist in clear thinking. They increase mental acuity and put your mind to work effectively even during stressful situations.

Sardonyx + Black Tourmaline

For intentions of protection, the sardonyx crystal can work alongside the most powerful protector in the crystal world, the black tourmaline.

Sardonyx + Black Tourmaline

Sardonyx is not famous for its protective qualities. However, this is a stone used as a protective talisman since ancient times. It is used as a protective stone against evil as well as psychic disturbances and attacks.

To further amplify its protective qualities, pair it with the energies of black tourmaline. This should provide you with all-around protection. Black tourmaline is probably the best stone for repelling lower frequencies and energies. This stone can keep the negative entities at bay as well as negative emotions and feelings from other people.

In addition, both stones can induce a positive environment. The sardonyx instills optimism and joyful energies. This should bring happiness and positivity to your life. Meanwhile, the black tourmaline will absorb negative energies and then transmute them into positive vibes to feel the mind and emotional body.

In addition, by activating your earth star chakra and base chakra, both black tourmaline and sardonyx can provide strong grounding properties while cleansing stagnant energy in your body and from the environment. This results in overall positive well-being.

Sardonyx + Amethyst

Pairing sardonyx with amethyst creates a unique combination of metaphysical energy for meditation.

Sardonyx + Amethyst

Sardonyx is said to be a supportive stone for meditation exercises such as yoga and tai chi or even the standard meditation practice. This stone can help in calming the mind, and increasing mental focus and concentration in order to deepen and expand your meditation practice.

Amethyst, on the other hand, is considered the most spiritual crystal of all. So, it is an easy choice for meditating. Pairing it with sardonyx, you can easily open the doorway to the other worlds while enhancing your spiritual progress and strengthening your intuition.

With both amethyst and sardonyx in your hand, you will have a unique meditation experience. The amethyst crystal will bring a tranquilizing effect. This helps quieten the loud mind chattering and reduces stress. This allows for the peaceful grace to overtake your meditation session.

Meanwhile, the energies of sardonyx can sharpen your mind. It helps you become more perceptive, allowing you to take in divine knowledge and wisdom more effectively. In addition, the energies of sardonyx harmoniously work with amethyst to bring concentration and healing energies into the body.

Not only that but both amethyst and sardonyx are also powerful crystals for protection against psychic attacks. AS a result, this combination is quite effective for preventing the draining energies from attaching themselves to your auric fields so you can tap into the higher levels of consciousness.

Sardonyx + Barite

For boosting friendship, pair sardonyx with the energies of barite.

Sardonyx + Barite

Sardonyx is a potent crystal you can use to harmonize relationships, more particularly in enhancing friendships. It enhances and strengthens your friendship and the desire to help others. Not only that but it is also believed to help attract friendship and social relationships to you. Furthermore, this stone can strengthen your joyous and easy-going personality which can make your friends.

Barite, a barium-based mineral found in silver and lead mines, is a great choice if extreme shyness holds you back from making friends. This stone can bring you self-esteem and confidence by releasing suppressed emotions and allowing you to express deeper feelings and thoughts. This is essential in forming fulfilling and lasting friendships.

So, as sardonyx acts as a magnet that draws in like-minded people to become a part of your social circle, the barite crystal can remove a shy attitude that prevents you from making friends. Sardonyx also helps promotes a positive attitude in order to make and maintain healthy friendships. Meanwhile, the energies of barite can also highlight potential issues in your friendship to encourage deep loyalty and improved relationship.

Sardonyx + Sodalite

Sardonyx and sodalite are another great pairing for mental focus and concentration as well as the added intention for career success.

Sardonyx + Sodalite

The power of black onyx with the sardonyx crystal is said to help protect your positive career energy. To grab success and accomplishments that you might encounter along with your professional life, it is important that you have a good foundation. And with its strong association with the root chakra, the sardonyx can help establish a grounding foundation for any kind of career growth.

Meanwhile, the energies of sodalite are said to bring in creativity and inspire innovation. It helps you think out of the box which can attract attention and fame to yourself. Not only that, but sodalite is one of the best crystals for focus and concentration, making it a suitable pairing for sardonyx to increase mental acuity and effective completion of tasks.

In addition, both crystals are also known to induce confidence and self-esteem. They also offer stamina and intuition, so you can follow your instincts and take your career and professional life to the next level.

Also, with the blue energies of sodalite, you can enhance your communication skills. This helps prevents any misunderstandings between co-workers while ensuring that your thoughts and ideas are communicated effectively. Meanwhile, the energies of sardonyx should help enhance your decision-making skills at work while clearing out negative energies amidst stressful situations or work-related misunderstandings.

Sardonyx + Peridot

Sardonyx and peridot make a very unique combination to stimulate and unblock your solar plexus, sacral and heart chakra.

Sardonyx + Peridot

The orange layers of sardonyx are known to restore your sacral chakra, while the peridot crystal can help in energizing and cleanse your solar plexus chakra. Together, they work harmoniously to establish order with these closely-related chakras.

Sardonyx offers mental acuity and a motivated mindset. It helps you attract what you want and need n this life. Furthermore, this stone can also provide intuition and self-confidence so you can move forward in life with optimism and a positive attitude.

Meanwhile, the peridot will provide the cleansing you need to energize the solar plexus chakra. It enhances intuition and confidence while removing fear. As a bonus, the green energies of the peridot can also align your solar plexus chakra with your heart chakra. As a result, you can enjoy bountiful forgiving energy as well as release the negative thought and behavioral patterns in your life. With both stones, you can flourish with new self-confidence and self-worth.  

Sardonyx + Bloodstone

If you need a pairing for courage, go with the energies of sardonyx and bloodstone.

Sardonyx + Bloodstone

Sardonyx with its vivid hues of red, orange, and black is an excellent crystal to use when you are feeling fearful. This stone inspires trust, confidence, and courage, stabilizing your emotions. It will stimulate your thoughts, allowing you to take risks as you move forward in life.

Meanwhile, bloodstone is a powerful crystal that can help you become bolder and more courageous. This stone can help you accept change and recognize the benefit of going through difficult situations. The stone can help you face these difficult situations with a brave face.

As sardonyx helps in removing stress and bringing acceptance, the bloodstone can ground you to the present moment while offering protective and loving support. In addition, bloodstone can help protect you against bullies and even negative people while providing you the much-needed courage to deal with them. Sardonyx can then help you build up courage and confidence to face difficult situations while forging new pathways in your life.

Is Sardonyx a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Yes. Sardonyx is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Sardonyx is August’s Birthstone

Traditionally, the sardonyx crystal is the birthstone for those born in August. Historically speaking, sardonyx was also the birthstone for people born in July.

In addition, the layers of red to orange colors of the sardonyx crystal are believed to be the natural birthstone for those born on October 22 – November 20 and August 22 – September 22, respectively. These stones can bring energy, courage, drive, passion, friendship, a sense of belonging, joy, and loyalty.

Sardonyx is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn

Sardonyx is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn

The sardonyx crystal is often linked to those born under the banner of Capricorn. This beautiful crystal is said to encourage Capricorns and provide them the strength to find happiness and accomplish their goals. The light energies of sardonyx are also said to spark the charisma and optimism of the pessimistic Capricorns.

Not only that, but the loving energy of this crystal can also inspire Capricorn’s devotion to their friendship and romantic relationship. It also has the activating energy which can strengthen the survival instinct of Capricorn.

In addition, sardonyx can also enhance the natural leadership qualities of Capricorn while enveloping them in an aura of respect and confidence. Plus, this crystal can also encourage Capricorns to be more patient and kinder to others.

Meditation with Sardonyx

In meditation, the sardonyx crystal can penetrate the mind gently and deeply, taking you to higher levels of self-control and self-knowledge. Wishes and thoughts felt are purer, making it easier to achieve goals in your personal life and fulfillment.

Sardonyx can also provide grounding and protective energies as you meditate. It helps stop psychic attacks, cleansing negative energy as you travel higher to the divine as well as grounding you back to earth.

How to Cleanse and Charge Sardonyx?

Sardonyx can benefit from frequent cleaning in order to keep its energies pulsating with positivity and beneficial healing attributes.

You can clean your sardonyx crystal with warm soapy water, brushing its surface with a soft brush or cloth. This helps in removing accumulated dirt and debris from its surface. Make sure to avoid using household chemicals in cleaning your sardonyx crystal.

How to Cleanse and Charge Sardonyx

To cleanse and charge its energy, it is recommended to let it soak in the energies of the sun. This can be repeated for as long and as frequently as you want, just not during the hot midday sun. Sardonyx can be quite sensitive to extreme heat, particularly the dyed crystals. Prolonged exposure to sunlight at its highest can cause fading, especially on color-enhanced stones.

You can also charge your sardonyx crystal by letting it soak under the moonlight rays. Or you can bury the stone in a bowl filled with healthy soil to soak in the nourishing energies of the Earth. For a much cleaner method of charging your crystal, you can also whip it up around sage smoke to remove the negativity from within its crystalline structure.

Final Thoughts

A crystal of immense positive energies and healing powers, the sardonyx crystal is suitable for individuals who find themselves stuck in a lack of concentration and motivation to break out of a monotonous routine.

The stone will fill you with positivity and willpower, urging you to direct your energies in the right direction and put your focus on things that should be done in order to move forward in life. Not only that, but this stone should also provide the needed confidence for you to achieve your life goals while keeping you protected against misery and misfortune.


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