September Birthstone Guide, Color and Meanings

September Birthstone Guide, Color and Meanings

What is the Birthstone for September?

Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September. The September birthstone is usually used for protection purposes. Thus, if you are worried about spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional attacks, then you can greatly benefit from the protective powers of Sapphire.

What is the Birthstone for September?

This birthstone will work in order to preserve your purity, honor, and truth. It will help invite spiritual awakening and improve your connection with your higher self. If you are born in September, this stone will provide you with mental clarity and most importantly, improve your leadership skills. It will also strengthen your motivation and improve your memory. 

With the presence of the birthstone, you will become more disciplined in every aspect of your life. On the other hand, Sapphire is an excellent stone that can help you become a great speaker. All your words will resonate with the people you speak with and even in front of. Your meaning will be understood by your listeners with ease.

The Meaning of Birthstone

Sapphire comes from the Greek word “sappheiros”, the French word “Saphir” or the Latin word “sapphirus”. And in fact, all these words have the same meaning which is blue stone or crystal. Nevertheless, here are the other meanings of the birthstone for September that you need to know.

Etymology, History, and Folklore

Did you know that the birthstone is also called the Celestial stone?

September Birthstone Etymology, History and Folklore

Persians associated this birthstone with heaven and divine through the Greek as well as Roman mythology. They thought that a big Sapphire colored the sky blue and linked to Apollo, the visionary deity of Delphi and Oracle. Those who are worshipping the Oracle wear the September birthstone in order to attract favors and open the third eye to completely understand visionaries.

When it comes to the Hebrew Bible, the birthstone for September is also associated with the character of the Lord a couple of times. People offer the stone under their feet to Lord to give hope and praise to save them from infidelity, harm, and envy. Because of the hardness of the Sapphire stone, it was actually utilized in carving the 10 Commandments.

On the other hand, bishops as well as other Christians sustained their beliefs. And as a matter of fact, they even started to wear a clerical ring set that has star sapphire to represent their connection with the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).

Nevertheless, according to the legends and myths in the Christian, Persian, and Greek history, the tree of life also called the Kalpayriksha consist of various stones. It comes with diamond trunks, rubies fruits as well as sapphire roots. In fact, it is one reason why they associate the blue stone as the supportive gemstone in the universe. In addition to that, kings also wore the birthstone around their fingers and neck in order to bring more luck and as a potent protection against harm.

Another Ancient story that comes from the legend of Birman also tells divine personifications of the Golden Goddess that has sapphire eyes known as Tsun-Kyan-Kse. There is another legendary tale about King Serendip’s sons who traveled in order to find out the reality of the world that takes place in a sapphire mine. On the other hand, this legend is the start of the concept of destiny which is the existence of events as well as growing beneficially.

Spiritual Meaning and Metaphysical Properties

September Birthstone Etymology, History and Folklore

Traditionally, the birthstone is a depiction of sincerity, truth, and dignity by royalty. The powers of the blue stone include bringing faithfulness, peace, and harmony between a lover. In addition to that, Sapphire can bring prosperity, joy, and comfort to people who choose to wear it as a piece of stone.

Sapphire comes with a special power that is capable of protecting those born in September. It will attract positive energies to have an improved life while blocking negative thoughts. In fact, when you use this as a lucky charm, the birthstone for September can get rid of mental and psychic attacks.

The power of this birthstone will even strengthen the association between the higher self of spiritual healing and the person. Wearing Sapphire jewelry will help in attracting loved ones, spirit guides, and guardian angels. With this stone, you will have a clearer vision so that you will be able to achieve all your dreams and goals in life.

The birthstone is extremely calming for your mind. It will help in releasing unwanted thoughts and mental tensions. It will also focus and open your mind to beauty and intuition. This, in turn, can bring lightness and joy since it will restore balance in the body.

If you want to stay on the spiritual path, you can never go wrong with the birthstone. It will give assistance to things like discipline, whether a routine action or a task that needs serious focus. This stone will help you during periods of change. It offers a clearer idea of where you want to go and at the same time how you can get there.

The birthstone is also a sign of integrity. It is proven effective for the speedy and positive resolution of a legal affair as well as any problem with justice. As a matter of fact, it was usually worn when an accord or a treaty should be signed. Hence, you can wear or bring Sapphire when signing a contract or a payment negotiation.

What Color is the September Birthstone?

Even though the September birthstone is known for its blue color, it actually comes in a wide range of colors. Sapphire is also available in peach, yellow, and violet colors. The rarest color is pink-orange which is called the Padparadscha, and take note is the most expensive and sought-after gemstone in the world.

What Color is the September Birthstone?

Nevertheless, in 1881, a landslide occurred in the Himalayas has become the reason why the birthstone was exposed in Kashmir. A big pocket of velvet-like attractive blue stone then started to appear in Kashmir from 1882-1187. But ever since, the production of Kashmir sapphires became inconsistent. However, there are still action houses selling fine September birthstone jewelry.

Another country that produces September birthstones is Myanmar, particularly in the Mogok part. A Burmese sapphire as they call it is customarily discovered alongside deposits of Ruby stones. Apart from intense and rich blue color Sapphires, gemstones such as Peridot, Zircon, Jade, and other fine stones originate in Myanmar.

Called the Indian Ocean’s jewel box, Sri Lanka is also a great source of the birthstone for September. Sapphires that have blue as well as other decorative hues are mined over 200 years ago from the alluvial gravel of Sri Lanka. What’s more, the island produces milky white sapphires, that can transform into a rich blue color.

A Complete List of September Birthstones and Meanings

Aside from Sapphire, there are stones that are considered birthstones. This is because when other civilizations from different places all over the world designated new gemstones to utilize as birthstones in jewelry.

Nevertheless, here are the complete birthstones along with their meanings.

September Birthstone List

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli

This birthstone holds a lot of great qualities that will improve the lives of those born in September, particularly in the world of spiritual development. Lapis Lazuli comes with an energy of universal wisdom that helps in finding your spiritual direction and stepping into your power.

It will act rapidly in order to let go of stress and bring a deeper sense of peace due to its vast power of tranquility.

This birthstone, on the other hand, may help in attracting good luck as well as fortune. It represents good luck and those who wear this stone can take advantage of its energies that may transform negativity into positivity.

It will help you maintain a clear head which is extremely crucial especially if your path toward success or wealth has been troubled by unexpected complications and stress.



Next on the list is Sardonyx. This stone is primarily used for healing purposes because of the protective energies it offers. It is a potent September birthstone that can help greatly help bring order into one’s life.

When you are experiencing a loss of determination and you’re unmotivated to work on your goals, this stone can help you. It will allow you to only look at the positive aspects of life especially when you are at a hard time in your life.

In terms of dealing with a serious life matter like a quarrel in a partnership or separation of parents, Sardonyx will infuse you with the stamina and strength to handle all the challenges without losing your dignity.



This birthstone for September is considered the gemstone of illumination in various interpretations. In addition to that, Peridot is a powerful stone that you can depend on in times of emotional pain and stress.

With Peridot, you will be able to connect to your greatest strength and reach into yourself, thanks to its strengthening energies. Likewise, this birthstone works in emotional healing by bringing such strengths forward for other people to appreciate.

On the other hand, it can offer a greater sense of stability against the hurtful cycles of life from time to time. For example, relationships that have gone through from early pleasure to more dull energies of taking another person for granted can be energized by its sunny energies.



It is believed that this birthstone is as much preventative in its applications as its curative. For instance, if you are dealing with a recurring migraine or headache, try placing this birthstone under your pillow every night in order to find out if this helps remove or reduce your condition.

Much like other September birthstones, Agate can also bring abundance to any aspect of your life specifically in your financial life. When you are working with the energies of this birthstone, you will feel empowered and at the same time enriched to attain all your financial goals.

It will help in strengthening your sense of reality and promote pragmatic thinking that is extremely beneficial in making decisions particularly if you are working with a tight budget.

This birthstone comes with positive and soothing effects on your feelings. When you work with its energies, the anger won’t burn as hot and pain won’t hurt as much. It helps in maintaining positive attitudes even though you are having a hard time in your current relationship. It supports your belief that the problems and challenges you are experiencing right are just temporary.



Known as the gem for wishes, intuition, and balance, this birthstone will cannel your feminine side. It helps in determining what is necessary for life versus what’s wanted.

When you wear it on a regular basis, you’ll start to comprehend the negative energies playing in the grand scheme of your being and learn to heal yourself sooner or later. If the Moonstone that you have is clearer it will have more powerful powers and more vibrant luster.

This birthstone for September has been utilized as protection especially when traveling at night, during pregnancy and childbirth, and traveling at the sea. On the other hand, some believed that Moonstone can also bring great relief from a menstrual problem, cleanse your digestive system, reduce obesity and prevent water retention. Closely associated with the heart, crown, and third eye chakras, this September birthstone will help in calming and relieving stress while releasing all types of love.

Moonstone is a potent birthstone that can mean many things with its various healing properties. It is a birthstone, eccentric jewelry, a holy crystal. a lucky stone and a balancing gemstone.



Do you feel that most people walk all over you with ease and treat you like the second option at all times? If so, increase your self-respect, integrity, and dignity with the help of this birthstone to make sure you don’t allow anyone to treat you less than what you deserve or what you’re worth.

Zircon has the power to infuse you with wisdom when you use it properly. As a matter of fact, it can also add honor to your life. Those who are born in September and are timid and too shy to express themselves can take advantage of the powers of Zircon to boost their self-confidence.

Having a piece of this birthstone can be very beneficial typically if you find it difficult to escape from dangerous and challenging life situations. It is because Zircon may help the wearer in navigating difficult waters.

On the other hand, if you want to become a good member of society who’s looked up to and admired, this is the right birthstone for you. Zircon will let you grow into a great and valued individual.

How to Use Your September Birthstone?

There are many ways you can use your September birthstone and here are the most popular and effective ones.

How to Use Your September Birthstone?
  • You can carry a piece or wear a birthstone when dealing with a payment negotiation or signing contracts. This is crucial whether on other people’s behalf or for yourself.
  • Place the stone anywhere that you usually use to relax, pray and reflect. Doing so will allow you to realize your potential as well as to attain what you desire in life.
  • You can also place it in the north part of your home or room to bring more prosperity and luck to your life and career.
  • The birthstone is also great to use when it comes to astral travel, lucid dream work, and reaching a higher realm of awareness while meditating.
  • As a calming and soothing birthstone, you can also use it while doing a traditional yoga position or movement. This will keep your breathing relaxed as well as your body smoothly flowing.
  • Last but not least, you can also wear it as a piece of jewelry like a ring, necklace, or bracelet.

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the September Birthstone

The birthstone may help in the purification as well as detoxification process of the body. It even acts as a great tonic to promote good well-being and health. This stone, on the other hand, will help with ear and eye issues as well as thyroid problems.

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the September Birthstone

Another great thing about Sapphire is that helps with any kind of sleep disorder such as night terrors, insomnia, and sleep apnea. It can also soothe disorders and aid in the treatment of eye disorders and problems. It will even help in the administration of symptoms of dementia.

The Love and Relationship Benefits and Properties of the September Birthstone

Are you dealing with a painful emotion or memory? The birthstone for September will serve as a calming tonic. It makes the pain of desiring someone or losing somebody hurt less. It can also offer you the encouragement that bad feelings will go away sooner or later especially if you give them time. The pain will leave you as long as you’re helping yourself overcome the pain or get used to it.

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the September Birthstone

The energies of this birthstone will also show you how you can appreciate yourself better. Keep in mind that you owe it only to yourself. You can’t expect other people to appreciate you if you do not know how to appreciate yourself.

Sapphire will infuse your life with discipline so that you’ll stay genuine to your commitments as well as realistic to your promises. It works to remind you to always honor your word and do more than what’s anticipated.

The energies of the birthstone will give you honest insights about your relationship as well as your partner. Though they may not be pretty or good, these insights are true and real. If you want to experience a considerable change you will need the truth. This stone will provide you with emotional stability and balance despite the turmoil you are going through.

Moreover, it will keep you grounded and centered even though everything around is making you feel otherwise.

If you notice or feel like your partner isn’t being faithful to you completely, the energies of the birthstone of September will help in promoting loyalty and faithfulness. With the guidance of this stone, you’ll become more genuine in your efforts, more respectful in words, and more persistent in your dealings. You can let go of all the feelings of guilt as well as your grief.

September birthstone will teach you how you can become more sympathetic to yourself. Most importantly, it will instruct you to love yourself truly before someone else.  It will help you in moving forward so that you will grow healthier and stronger in your heart. With this stone, you will understand that there are lots of beautiful things about love and life that make them really worth it.

It makes a way for acceptance and forgiveness and helps you become more sincere and honest not only in your words but in your actions too.

The birthstone may help you achieve a loving as well as a healthy relationship. It makes a more constant company and more reliable better half. Both the loving and warm energies of the birthstone will encourage you to become a more loyal and faithful partner.

The Wealth Fetching Benefits and Properties of the Birthstone

As mentioned, the birthstone for September represents integrity. It will help you in achieving quick and positive resolutions to financial matters.

The Wealth Fetching Benefits and Properties of the September Birthstone

Considered a professional and excellent support stone, the July birthstone will make you aware of the higher principle. It helps in stimulating your mind while boosting your wisdom in order to make a difficult yet important decision. It will even boost your good judgment as well as discernment.

The birthstone will motivate you to become an honest, responsible, and wise leader. It is a good stone to have especially for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs. It is because it helps in achieving goals without compromising integrity and principles.

Last but not least, it will transform your idea into reality and most importantly, bring your task through to its completion.

The Benefits of Wearing a September Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet And Other Jewelry

Since it represents faith and purity, the birthstone is typically utilized in engagement rings. Due to its association with heavenly grace as well as purity, the stone was also one of the favorites of churches and priests from the earth periods of Christianity. As a matter of fact, Prince William bought a very beautiful ring for his wife to show his undying faithfulness and enduring love.

The Benefits of Wearing September Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet And Other Jewelry

The birthstone, on the other hand, can stimulate both the throat and third eye chakras allowing its wearers to attain a greater understanding and access a more profound level of awareness. You can keep the birthstone in alignment with the throat chakra by wearing bar necklaces.

Sapphire earrings are also an excellent gift that is ideal for day-to-day use. To achieve a more elegant look, choose a simple pair of drop earrings or studs.

When it comes to a bracelet, you can wear one that has halo settings. Pick a special birthstone for a gift that will be passed down for generations and cherished forever.

How to Cleanse Your September Birthstone?

One of the best things about the birthstone is that it can be easily cleaned in almost any way, thanks to its durability and hardness that is next to the diamond.

For instance, you can gently brush it warm and soap water and rinsing as well as drying thoroughly. And unlike other stones out there, with Sapphire, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner or a steamer to properly get rid of all the debris and dirt buildup.

After cleaning your birthstone, you will need to recharge it with healthy and positive vibes. If you do this, you will greatly benefit from its remarkable healing properties. Since the stone absorbs negative energies, keeping it purified and at the same time charged is very important.

How to Cleanse Your September Birthstone?

On the other hand, you can charge and cleanse the stone by burying it in salt or submerging it in saltwater. What’s more, you can even let it bathe in spring water. The luminous rays of the sun and energetic rays of the sun may also help in recharging your Sapphire.

To fill your birthstone with positive vibes, make sure to place it on top of large quartz.

Final Thoughts

The birthstone has the power to protect whoever uses it from poison and evil. As a matter of fact, it was once a belief that when you put venomous snakes in a vessel that is made from Sapphire, they would die.

It is a highly valued stone by kings and priests since it represents purity and wisdom. In addition to that, it also symbolizes dignity, loyalty, faith, and serenity. The Sapphire stone can treat blood disorders, make the walls of the veins stronger and prevent excessive bleeding. It will also regulate the gland, treat cellular disorders and calm an overactive body system.

On the other hand, the birthstone with its healing energies will free you from inner prisons as well as psychic difficulties making you shut down your feelings or emotions. Another great thing about it is that it helps September babies who are affected by the opinion of other people with ease. It will encourage a complete understanding of one’s self and help you become more secure in your own knowledge and wisdom. This birthstone carries spiritual power and astuteness. It will even help you hold on to the gift of life. Sapphire will radiate and focus its energies to fulfill your desires as well as dreams of awareness without initiating it consciously.

It is also worth mentioning that the birthstone will activate your higher mind and strengthen inner knowing, extrasensory perception, psychic vision, awareness, and communication.

Now that you have an idea about the September birthstones, you’re now well-equipped to acquire your own stunning piece.


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