Seraphinite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Seraphinite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Spiritual Guide to Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Seraphinite

Seraphinite is a strong stone that will imbue your life with potent light energy. It also has strong spiritual vibrations that can help you attain self-healing and enlightenment. Seraphinite will facilitate communication with the angelic realm by aligning the higher planes. It helps you connect to the heavenly spark within the outer aspects of God as well as yourself.

But aside from that, Seraphinite has a lot more to offer. So, if you’re interested in this topic, then keep on reading.

What is Seraphinite?

Seraphinite Meaning

Also known as Green Chlorite or Serafina, Seraphinite is a stone characterized by its deep green color and lovely color, highlighted by sparkling strokes and feathery patterns caused by mica mineral. Aside from green, this stone can also be found in other colors such as olive, yellow, red, tan, brown, white, and bluish green.

Seraphinite, on the other hand, is named after the highest order of the angels, Seraphim. It’s due to its feather like marking on the crystal. What’s more, it comes from the Greek word “seraphim” or “seraphim the highest order” describing the heavenly being with three pairs of wings. The chatoyant fibers that you can find on this stone look like silver feathery wings.

Seraphinite is the go-to crystal for collectors and healers because of its powerful energies for spiritual enlightenment, healing and communication.

If you’re wondering where you can find this stone, Seraphinite is in Lake Baikal, Siberia. However, there are also deposits in Turkey and the USA. In addition to that, you can find this lovely stone in Switzerland, Russia and Austria.

The Meanings and Uses of Seraphinite

uses of seraphinite

Ancestors use Seraphinite in order to ward off snakes. As a matter of fact, it’s also utilized to stir the serpent within.

Seraphinite will also clear the spinal energy for the subpoenaing of kundalini awakening. In case you didn’t know, kundalini refers to the awakening of feminine energies coiled at the bottom of the spine. And when this is awakened, kundalini will rise through the chakras and energize them as well as open the mind and body up to a deeper state of consciousness. On the other hand, Kundalini must be impulsive and work through with guidance, as it can be a powerful trip.

It’s not advisable to be forced because it’s sometimes known to cause anxieties and deep depression from unfamiliar energies, and please note, some of which might not be ready for.

Besides, Seraphinite can be utilized for healthy circulation both physically and spiritually. This will keep you heavenly connected and balanced. It’s utilized as a grounding crystal that will keep your body earthly, especially when discovering an out-of-body experience.

The strength of this stone lies in balancing your heart chakra and will put you in tune with your emotions and needs.

When it comes to Feng Shui, Seraphinite symbolizes health and nourishment as well as development and renewal of vitality. This stone is considered a wood energy gemstone. So, it is best to place Seraphinite in the South to Southeast locations of rooms for eating. You can also use this when coming up with new projects.

Seraphinite Metaphysical Properties

Seraphinite Metaphysical Properties

Stones named after angels have a solid reputation living, and in fact, Seraphinite is no exception. This wonderful stone is believed to help when it comes to the connection with the spiritual world. In addition to that, Seraphinite will improve detoxification and promote positive energy.

Much like other deep green color stones, Seraphinite embodies regeneration, growth, rebirth, and renewal. It is also believed that it affects the beholder as well as the holder. In other words, Seraphinite can offer the same effects whether you are wearing or holding it. As a matter of fact, this viewing effect is associated with the other minerals.

The Benefits of Seraphinite

The following are the benefits of Seraphinite that you may not know yet. So, if you want to learn more about what this stone has to offer, continue reading.

For Physical Healing

Seraphinite For Physical Healing

The healing properties of Seraphinite will support the function of the lungs and heart and ensure they’re functioning as they should.

Seraphinite may also help in cellular respiration, fortify the blood, and ensure that essential nutrients reach the cells. It even boosts the kidneys and liver functions and aid in detoxification.

When you combine this stone with Scapolite, its energies may improve the body’s metabolism and assist with weight loss. It also helps in preventing and reducing the development of cancer cells. The stone can offer healing for the nerves and brain cells and strengthen the spinal cord.

Seraphinite is effective in releasing muscle tensions. It also serves as an excellent pain reliever for most body pains and aches.

For Emotional Healing

Seraphinite For Emotional Healing

The energy of Seraphinite focuses on the Anahata. But it utilizes pranic energies in all your chakras while linking them to the spine to etheric body. Hence, transforming your life and emotional energies to their maximum potential, awakening your Divine Feminine while grounding you to Mother Earth. 

When your heart chakra is blocked, it will cause emotional withdrawal, communication, and relationship breakdowns. Often, it will cause you to feel victimized because you want to put up with everyone around you without satisfaction. In addition to that, you will become mutually dependent on this sadness or other people as you try to fill the love canceled. Usually, this will happen when you lose self-love; you try to obtain this love through subconscious psychic vampirism. On the other hand, these blockages are the main cause of jealous behavior as well as make intimacy problems. All of this is a reflection of what is happening, especially when love isn’t allowed to flow. Fortunately, the Seraphinite will clear all the blockages while guiding your spirit.

In case you didn’t know, you adopt it and become the block. Seraphinite will release these within your heart. It can also be utilized in other aspects or areas that may be blocking the flow of energy from the Anahata.

When you use this stone, Seraphinite will open a vastness to healing as well as self-love. It will transform bitterness and anger into compassion and acceptance. As a matter of fact, this will allow you the capability to heal from your emotional traumas while remaining grounded, exceeding the ego.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Seraphinite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Seraphinite is connected to the heart chakra or Anahata, the relating as well as connecting of the obtaining and giving of love within yourself and with other people. When Anahata and Seraphinite work together, they will remind you that you can’t pour empty cups and help you fill-up.

If your heart chakra is open, it will allow acceptance of everything as it is through empathy, compassion and without restriction from the ego.

The heart chakra is the fourth energy chakra and can be found in the center of the chest, extending through to your back in between your shoulders. On the other hand, it is associated with the element of air that accords with the movement of your breath, maintaining out the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

In addition to that, the heart chakra is a bridge for the physical and spiritual entities, the lower and higher energy points within your body. It will bridge your loving heart energy with your spiritual being while keeping you in tune with reality.

However, when the heart chakra is blocked, it can make substantial amounts of internal difficulties. When love can’t flow in your energy bodies freely, you become disconnected from yourself and nature.

When this occurs, you become withdrawn, lack forgiveness and offended easily. When you access the properties of Seraphinite to help with the heart chakra, you need to exercise breathing for energy balance. Make sure to focus on self-acceptance when it comes to your emotions and how they impact bodily functions. Such profound soul energy concentrations with this stone may extract you from the grasp of past wounds while coming to terms with yourself. This will make you aware of your ego and heal self-doubt by extending self-compassion.

For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Luck

Seraphinite for wealth fetching, abundance and luck

Seraphinite is also called the Angel Stone since it holds the strong spiritual energy that brings harmony and peace into your life. But aside from that, it can bring you good health, abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

Sometimes, keeping a level head is so crucial when it comes to doing a good business whether you are a start-up or running your own company. This stone can also help you in leading a huge project at your job,

When breathtaking ideas come it is crucial to clear your mind so that you will be able to go ahead and make the right decisions. In addition to that, such big moments of success will bring a considerable amount of stress as well as new challenges. Yes, surpassing them is not easy at all times, but when you have Seraphinite at your side, you have nothing to worry about because this stone will assist you.

Seraphinite promotes a good flow of energy into one’s life that can help you in making the right decision. It will also offer balance and harmony so that you will be surrounded by positivity at all times. Keep in mind that when you have these blessings working for you, you will be able to focus on accomplishing success and more importantly building wealth.

For Relationship and Love

seraphinite For Relationship and Love

The joyful energy of Seraphinite will help you in addressing old patterns and irritating habits that usually annoy the person you love. The stone will make you aware of the things you do that make it hard to love at times. As a matter of fact, this piece of information is what you need in order to come up with the necessary changes. What’s more, it will give your relationship better chances of succeeding.

When working with the energies of Seraphinite, you will surely enjoy more balanced, more harmonious, and healthier relations. Your love will become better, and you’ll enjoy better days with someone you love.

You’ll be inspired to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. On the other hand, you will be motivated to become more giving, loving, and caring. When it comes to your feelings, you’ll be more open and become more kind with your thoughts.

In addition to that, with Seraphinite, your perspectives in life will change but for the better. If you’ve been only focused on what lies ahead, you can now look back on the past and find out what is going around you in the present.

The energy of this stone will help you have more positive responses to bad events that take place. You do not need to lose your top each time you see yourself in bad situations. There are prompts that you can easily avoid and there are particular responses that you can build that aren’t too emotional.

With Seraphinite, your relationship will greatly benefit because you can iron out your differences. You will be able to find better solutions to the problems you are facing. You’ll also find the strength to fight for your love even when you feel like giving up.

You will become more mature and committed when looking for the answers to your question. On the other hand, when there is trouble in paradise, you won’t pack all your things and leave right away. Instead, you’ll stay and remain real to the promise to be together despite ups and downs.

Also, Seraphinite will help in getting rid of bad habits and old patterns that are no longer healthy for you. It’ll be good for decision-making. The stone will also remind you to live from your heart and not by what others expect from you.

For Protection

Seraphinite is known as a guardian bonder stone. The guardian amulets hardly reveal their inner strengths by forming a transparent crystal. Instead, they are hiding their strength behind an impenetrable mask, concealing the powers they have.

Nevertheless, in the physical world, Seraphinite is a stone of great talisman for protecting your loved ones, physical security, and your possessions. It also offers excellent protection, especially when you are traveling.

When it comes to the spiritual world, the stone serves to protect your beliefs from doubts. It will protect your spirits during difficult and trying times.

For Depression

seraphinite For Depression and Anxiety

Since it is a cosmic journey crystal, when fixed on your third eye or utilized in meditation, Seraphinite will grant enlightenment and access to self-healing energy. It will integrate earthly emotions with divine harmony, combining such energies for full emotional vibrations cleansing.

In fact, once accessed, this stone will with your heart chakra in order to block depression, forcing you to acknowledge your own worth while experiencing unconditional love, tuning to the beauty of all things.

Combining Seraphinite with Other Crystal Stones

We all know that Seraphinite is a tone is powerful. But did you know that when you combine it with other stones it becomes even more powerful? Keep on reading to find out the best crystal combinations for Seraphinite.

Seraphinite + Scapolite

Seraphinite + Scapolite

Scapolite is a stone that is known for its energy of problem-solving. It can help you in finding solutions to both your current and past problems. What’s more, it is a stone of achievement that will infuse you with motivation and inspiration to accomplish all your goals.

When you combine Seraphinite and Scapolite they will help you find out your true meaning in life and your purpose in this world. They work together to balance all the chakras to ensure a good flow of energy. When there is no blockage in the flow of your energy, you will be able to enjoy solid decision making particularly when it involves your emotion as well as love.

Both stones will calm you down and help you be more rational during a stressful time. They also ensure that you’re mentally balanced.

This combination is best used when meditating since it will remove unnecessary worries and thoughts. It instantly raises your focus and vibrations.

Seraphinite and Scapolite help you in rising above your challenges and problems and not be intimidated by them. They will improve your understanding of yourself thus, you won’t misuse your personal power.

Seraphinite + Shattuckite

Seraphinite + Shattuckite

Aside from scapolite, you can also combine your Seraphinite with Shattuckite a similarly dazzling stone that has subtle energies to help in your daily lives.

Both stones have an excellent disperse of energies over different parts of your life, your health, your career, your wealth, your romantic side, you name it.

Combining Seraphinite and Shattuckite allow some pretty good complementary vibrations to wash through you, your loved ones and your home.

In addition to that, you may find that one of the crystals lost its luster, you can easily revitalize it a bit with the energies of the other. But remember to cleanse Seraphinite and Shattuckite from time to time.

Seraphinite + Rose Quartz

Seraphinite + Rose Quartz

The power of Rose Quartz when it comes to healing lies in its powerful association with the vibrations of pure love. It will allow the stone to access divine love on any wavelength thus you can then tap into it to heal your emotional hurts.

When combined, Seraphinite and Rose Quartz will support you if you’re grieving for the loss of loved ones or feeling the pain of broken hearts. They will help you when you’re feeling a sense of betrayal after the breakup of your relationship.

These stones will also alleviate the discomfort of guilt if you see yourself to be responsible for other’s pain. They will allow you to let go of a painful emotional trauma leaving only the love as well as lessons.

If you’re struggling with low self-worth as well as self-esteem, Seraphinite and Rose Quartz should be your go-to crystals. They can help you in finding your confidence as you accept your real self. Combined together, they will offer support and comfort to people facing their inner demons to bring about change. They will keep you secure and safe especially when you are dealing with old behaviors and traumas that you wish to eliminate.

The loving and soothing energies of Seraphinite and Rose Quartz can help with insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Nevertheless, if you are suffering from the symptoms of menstrual cramps, hormonal disturbances, PMS, or heavy periods you can use Rose Quartz alone.

Seraphinite + Sunstone

Seraphinite + Sunstone

You’ll never run out of reasons to love Sunstone because it is ripe with positive and wonderful energies. Sunstone, in case you didn’t know, is about independence, freedom and self-empowerment and this crystal can be your perfect companion.

Nevertheless, when compared with Seraphinite they will make you understand the fact that you can make a decision about your life, that you can love whoever you choose to love and that you’re free to do whatever you like.

Seraphinite and Sunstone will remind you that you’re doing a great job building a life for yourself. They will motivate you to keep working hard in order to accomplish your dreams. What’s more, they will showcase your capabilities, expanded consciousness and strength of mind. They will show the world that you’re more than others think you are.

On the other hand, this excellent combination promotes harmony and balance among your body organs so that they will work properly. Both stones have the capacity to boost the body’s self-healing capabilities.

They reduce pains associated with ulcer and stomach tensions and help in treating chronic sore throats. One more thing, they aid in the treatment of spinal as well as cartilage problems.

Is Seraphinite A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal

Seraphinite is a birthstone, but it’s not associated with any zodiac sign.

Seraphinite is April 20 – May 20 Birthstone

Seraphinite is April 20 – May 20 Birthstone

In case you didn’t know, spring is the period of growth, regeneration and reproduction. Due to its representation of spirit and nature, those born between April 20 and May 20 are usually more in tune with higher spiritual vibrations and with nature.

On the other hand, Seraphinite portrays unbreakable confidence, strength and stubbornness within itself, hardly breaking from pace when confronted with opposition.

Furthermore, this month symbolizes the Earth’s element that likens to all that the Seraphinite holds. The stone works through the balance in order to balance out your life while utilizing the movement of the air in order to cleanse the soul and push out blockages.

Meditation With Seraphinite

Meditation With seraphinite

Seraphinite is a natural healing stone that will also connect your heart with your higher self, mind and spirit. When meditating with Seraphinite you can place it in any area so that you will be able to release blockages.

However, when you place it on your third eye, it will open the channels to the spirit world and clears passage to ensure association with the heart chakra and higher crown chakra.

Furthermore, if you want to make the most out of the meditative properties of Seraphinite, make sure to use it with other stones. As a matter of fact, you can place the stone on the heart chakra and then surround it with 4 clear quartz, symbolizing the elements.

When you meditate with this stone for more than twenty minutes, Seraphinite will purely open your heart and balance the flow of energy. On the other hand, when you use it with Smoky Quartz, Seraphinite will vibrate to attune with the natural elements of the Earth. This will help you to explore your truth as well as how it will correlate with your spirit.

You can also use Seraphinite to communicate with the angels. When you place it on your third eye, Seraphinite is a catalyst for contacting heavenly entities. Moreover, meditating with the outer body’s contact or heavenly contact the stone will guide you into helping humanity and working with nature.

During meditation, Seraphinite graciously works in all chakras. It will connect the spinal column to the aura fields. What’s more, it will open your third eye to accept the message from the heavenly realm. It will make way for the divine feminine while staying in sync with male energies as well. This will then make a balanced presence of yin and yang.

How to Cleanse and Charge Seraphinite?

How to Cleanse and Charge Seraphinite?

If you want to make the most out of your Seraphinite, make sure to cleanse and charge it regularly. However, since it is softer compared to other stones, Seraphinite can be very sensitive to too much pressure when you are cleaning it.

Having that said, you should not apply strong pressure, using a very harsh cleaning solution and expose it to a high temperature. As a matter of fact, washing it with soapy and warm water is enough. Also, make sure to rinse it thoroughly and carefully so that there’ll be no residue on it that may dull the stone’s appearance.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Seraphinite is a grounding and energizing stone that will balance the emotions of the heart. It can help you in dealing with the demands of being in a romantic relationship. Not only that, Seraphinite will fill your heart with gratefulness for all the blessings you have.

The stone’s energy will help you in accepting the changes happening in your life. It will also remove anything that is keeping you from living your life to the fullest. It helps in balancing the heart chakra while showing you how to offer unconditional love.

Seraphinite, on the other hand, helps you in the direction towards spiritual enlightenment and healing. It gives you a sense of order and gives you the insight you need to make the best kind of reality.

Indeed, Seraphinite is excellent that has plenty of powerful aspects that can help in healing the spirit, heart, body and mind.


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