Sodalite Meanings, Properties, and Uses

Sodalite Meanings, Properties, and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Sodalite

Sodalite crystal symbolizes clarity of thought, calmness, creativity, confidence, abundance, and beauty.  Using the gemstone can bring inner peace, joy, intelligence, and clearer visions even when the heart and mind wrestle. The stone’s energy comes from the soft sea breeze, which transcends calm in different perspectives, making it one of the powerful crystals in the gem industry.

What is Sodalite?

sodalite meaning

Sodalite is a high sodium content crystal. They are a cosmic crystal that occurred in the city ruins during ancient times. This is an opaque crystal available in different shades of blue with white calcite and can be found in other shades from blue-grey flecked to shades of white, yellow, red, or green.

Sodalite has a hardiness rating of 5.5 to 6 and used in making beautiful gems and pieces of jewelry for centuries. It is grounded with four elements resulting in a very dense blue crystal that radiates energy to the universe.

The blue stone can be found in Northern Namibia, Ontario, Italy, India, British Columbia, and Russia.

The Meaning and Uses of Sodalite

uses of sodalite

Sodalite was named after ‘sodalitas’, a Latin word that means comrade. It is also derived from the words “soda” and “lithos” as it contains a lot of salt. The crystal was first discovered in the 19th century located in Greenland where healing of troubled hearts takes place for those wearing it.

The stone is often mistaken for Lapis Lazuli with its blue tone in the early years. Its existence was traced back to 2500 BC when the Caral people started trading the sodalite crystal together with the people of Tiwanaku in Bolivia.

However, it added popularity in 1891 when the ancestors in Ontario, Canada used the crystal as an ornamental stone. They denote sodalite as Princess Blue for its deposits were discovered the same time as the royal family visited Canada.

Nowadays, the gem industry uses many terms for sodalite crystal in white, yellow, red, and green hues.

Sodalite is a stone of logic and heart is effective to end any arguments and stimulate your mental clarity. It will boost your inner peace and rationality towards other people’s lives through balancing your emotions. This stone clears out guilt, fears, anger, and negative thoughts. It is also best as a group stone to easily get along with each other and breaks unwanted behaviors.

Writers can use the energies of sodalite in expressing ideas in the best way possible. It will help you to better communicate and connect with other people while working in a group. More than that, sodalite crystal can also increase your level of intuition or inner voice because of its energies.

Placing sodalite on your desk works for meditation and boosts its healing properties. Just keep the crystal near your body to enhance your intuition in all situations.

Sodalite Metaphysical Properties

Sodalite Metaphysical Properties

Sodalite is originally a salt stone because of its high sodium content when found in deposits of Ontario, Canada.  It is often compared with Lapis Lazuli due to its rich blue stone, as associated with calming energies.

Then, the blue crystal became an ornamental stone and was referred to as Princess Blue. The reason is when the royal family visited Canada at the same time deposits of sodalite have been found.

The full healing power of sodalite crystal depends on how the crystal was being programmed to yourself.

Wearing sodalite as jewelry can transfer energy toward you throughout the day. It will remind you to speak clearly from your heart. Also, carrying the crystal within your pocket will give you an extra dose of balancing energy in facing a difficult conversation.

Bringing the blue stone into your environment will keep you honest in all situations. You can be yourself with all clarity.

Sodalite’s healing quality is applied in a general manner to someone wearing it. The stone can treat numerous physical disorders, as well as emotional distress.

The Benefits of Sodalite

We show a brief discussion for each benefit of sodalite crystal in the following sections.

For Physical Healing

Sodalite For Physical Healing

Sodalite has healing energies that can help the human body at its fullest capacity. It influences the mind and the body to be healthier by cleansing your aura with its energy. A clear mind and heart can have an impact on your overall health, which sodalite stone has to work out.

Sodalite also reduces inflammation such as headaches and muscle strain. It also balances the pH level of your body by reducing acid in your system. The stone can regulate even your blood pressure to prevent any serious illnesses of the heart.

The stone can purify your organs resulting in a stronger immune system that protects you against common sicknesses. It also improves digestion and lowers blood pressure. With this crystal, people suffering from an illness can speed up their healing rate.

It also benefits patients for chemotherapy. The sodalite stone can deal with the side effects of the treatment to stabilize your physical energy.

Moreover, sodalite can provide healing for endocrine problems. It improves water retention to your body for quicker liver cleansing. This crystal also works best to ease travel sickness thus brings comfort to your physical state.

For Emotional Healing

SodaliteFor Emotional Healing

Sodalite can remove negative thoughts to bring clarity to your mind and heart. It is a great stone that uplifts your mood, which can affect your overall health in the long run. The stone promotes emotional stability away from negative emotions causing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Its soothing energy has a stress-relieving effect that calms the mind when you feel tension and worries creeping in. The crystal will boost your strength to clear away unwanted feelings.

Sodalite also enables someone to think before speaking to prevent misunderstandings among a group. It adds up confidence in expressing yourself with the inner wisdom the stone provides. The crystal stone taps your intuition not to miss your inner voice.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Sodalite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Sodalite can stimulate throat chakra with its blue crystal energies. When the chakra is out of balance or blocked, it has a direct effect on other chakras. In-balance throat chakra makes sharing of ideas and personal truths into the world, with an amount of freedom. The flow of energy to your body and spirit will also be improved. As the lower chakras spring up more energy, it enables the natural release of expression.

The blue crystal will balance the throat chakra, either darker or lighter shades. Each works with the power of truth and balance.

On the other hand, sodalite works with Brow Chakra for better awareness of the world. It enhances your perception of important and unnecessary data flowing within your body. A balanced brow chakra helps you to clearly understand what you see. Sodalite with brow chakra also makes your thoughts healthier in seeing visions and dreams.

To treat the imbalances of brow chakra, you will need dark blue or purple crystals. Then, a sodalite crystal best works with this chakra.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Sodalite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Since sodalite is defined as a comrade, it can be a good stone for businesses. It promotes camaraderie and trust with one another. That is necessary for a smooth workflow and more productive days with people having the same purpose.

Sodalite is best for artists as its energy releases creativity and self-confidence to come up with a goal. It will inspire you to pursue your dreams and be abundant while working for your passion.

The stone’s energy has a sense of unity to easily work with people regardless of challenges and conflicts. You can still stay focus and be calm in dealing with issues and other setbacks. It made sure that working on something will benefit all people involved in the project.

Still, working persistently is the key to your achievement.

For Relationship and Love

Sodalite For Relationship and Love

Those regrets caused by your past relationship can hold back your future love life. Sodalite will clear out any regret caused by your past actions to help you from moving forward. It may include fears, guilt, and pains that make you reluctant to move on, which this stone helps to cleanse.

Sodalite helps to get rid of every unnecessary emotional baggage in your mind and heart. It is with the help of the stone’s healing energies. This will result in a deeper understanding of the person you love to prevent any conflicts.

One of the mistakes of people in a relationship is they do not speak their minds. There are many arguments unsettled because of the fear of hurting the other person, even when necessary. It keeps the problem going for a longer period. Sodalite can help you speak your mind, with gentleness not to release hurtful words.

In short, sodalite promotes resolving issues in a relationship than prolonging them. It takes a single person to do the first move and not waiting for the problem to just go away.

Sodalite’s energy can remind you how love is worth fighting for, and there are more options than fighting for a lost reason. Love is always worth taking a risk to be worthy in the end.

Entering a relationship is a two-way thing, where you would compromise from time to time. It is not you who is always right, but a relationship must work as a team. Think of each one’s welfare and happiness for a relationship to last longer.

For Protection

Protecting your mind, heart, and body is important as negative energies can penetrate within you. Sodalite is a perfect crystal that can provide a powerful barrier to protect you. It reduces the possibility to expose you to negative energies.

Sodalite can improve your intellect to interpret spiritual messages. It then increases your access to spiritual healing by boosting your intuition. The crystal also promotes inner peace and truth which helps to better communicate spiritual messages.

Further, some other people use sodalite crystal to awaken their clairvoyant abilities.

For Sleep Insomnia

Sodalite For Sleep Insomnia

Sodalite is a stone for sleep because of its soothing energies. It may be hard to fall asleep when you are bombarded with negative thoughts or emotions like anger and fear. This blue stone can help you discharge unwanted thoughts running in your mind before sleep.

It also protects you from a nightmare that’s been keeping you up at night by giving you some inner peace. This may possibly result in a more pleasant dream.

For Depression and Anxiety

Sodalite For Depression and Anxiety

Sodalite is a great blue stone that can release the treats of anxiety and depression. It can ease many forms of mental illnesses with its soothing energy.

The stone can help to balance your emotions when times get tougher. It may result from a trauma in the past, which sodalite also heals. If you are constantly feeling stress, sodalite can stabilize your mood and remove all the tensions that have been stressing you out.

And last, the blue crystal can plant positivity in your mind to see better days coming.

For Career Success

Sodalite For Career Success

Creativity is a potential key for career success. Learning something new is inevitable in chasing your dreams, whether you plan to own a company or simply pursuing a course. Sodalite crystal can unlock your best potentials while climbing on your career ladder. It awakens your inner child who has lots of ideas and eagerness to do something great.

Sodalite encourages creativity that great for you not to miss out on good opportunities. This will soon benefit other people and the world itself.

Different Types of Sodalite

As said earlier, sodalite comes in various hues. Each color has to offer unique healing properties for your mind, heart, and body.

Blue Sodalite

Blue Sodalite

Blue sodalite has different grades of purity – the Namibian, Bolivian, and Brazilian sodalite. The latter is the most premium kind of all used by marble workers for exclusive projects.

This is a rare natural stone that has the same shades from the sky with special workings. It has a strong impact on the emotions of someone else’s life because of its brilliance and uniformity.

The stone can amplify your intuitive skills as well as your way to communicate with others. Also, its soothing color can provide a sense of calm in a busy place, and very ideal for meditation and other spiritual works such as working with throat and eye chakra.

White Sodalite

White Sodalite

Here is another rare type of sodalite in a colorless variety. It has an outward appearance similar to albite that glows brilliantly. The white crystal can glow in a multitude of colors and hence combined with many minerals.

White sodalite bears clear energies promoting calmness for your spirit. It aims to purify your soul and mind by getting rid of unnecessary emotions and energies. Having possession of this white crystal can open your sense of awareness to the divine powers. You would better understand the universe with this rare and unique stone.

Yellow Sodalite

Yellow Sodalite

Among many varieties of sodalite is in the shade of yellow. This sodalite type is responsible for boosting self-confidence and clarity in seeing things at a different level. Its brighter shade adds up positive energies for the user to feel excited in facing new beginnings and opportunities.

With yellow crystals, you will be more energetic about life. It brings emotional balance to teach you how to lead rather than someone who will just follow. Your willpower in voicing out and sticking to your ideas would be enriched. Yellow sodalite is a great stone in developing your leadership skills.

Additionally, yellow sodalite is a good start in entering new relationships. It campaigns healthier relationships compared before with the strong communication with the other person.

Red Sodalite

Red Sodalite

When blue sodalite is exposed to daylight, it turns a reddish color. It symbolizes love and passion focusing on the essence of life. The crystal is recommended for people with a low emotional state to feel energized and empowered.

Frustrations may cause someone to feel restless. Red sodalite will encourage you to stay committed to your passion, no matter what. The red crystal will even inspire you to share your creative sides or talents with the world.

Moreover, red sodalite empowers your meditative states to feel the beauty of life. It can teach you to love people despite indifferences to promote a more mature kind of relationship.

Green Sodalite

Green Sodalite

The gem industry also recognized the green hues of sodalite crystal in the past years. Like red sodalite, the green shade will activate during daylight to show its best gem quality.

Green-colored crystals promote life balance for any kind of purpose. It is a restful color and also a master healer in the crystal industry.

The green stone strengthens self-respect and harmony that aids in working with a group. Its healing energy impacts your compassion for other people, as well as your love for nature.

The color green also symbolizes prosperity which can attract good fortune. It is best associated with your life ambitions as the stone will support you in reaching them.

Pink Sodalite

Pink Sodalite

This mineral gemstone is also called hackmanite. It is quite rare among sodalite crystal types and was discovered in 1991 in Quebec, Canada.

Pink sodalite is sensitive to sunlight, so-called reversible photochromism. Its color changes whenever expose to the sun’s energy. It will go back to its original hue when taken out of sunlight.

Combining Sodalite With Other Crystal Stones

Sodalite is free to be paired with other crystal stones to boost its healing benefits for the user. Here is a list of crystal stones best to combine with sodalite crystals:

Sodalite + Lapis Lazuli

Sodalite + Lapis Lazuli

The truth is that sodalite is often mistaken with lapis lazuli because of the color similarities. However, pairing the two crystals can increase a sense of truth to the user.

Lapis lazuli is a stone of spirituality that has the power to uncover inner truths. A clearer perspective over things is where this crystal makes progress. It expands your awareness by finding blockages that made you stuck in the situation.

On the other hand, sodalite can also bring truthful insights to the user. Working together will increase your mental capabilities in dealing with many situations.

Sodalite + Moldavite

Sodalite + Moldavite
moldavite minerals collection as nice natural background

To enhance the lasting effect of sodalite crystal, you can combine it with moldavite stone. It radiates transformational energies that assist healing and cleansing of emotions.

Moldavite results from a meteorite that crash-landed million years ago. It is believed as an amulet for fertility. When paired with sodalite stone, it promotes the transforming of lives by enhancing the energies coming from the latter crystal.

Sodalite + Rose Quartz

Sodalite + Rose Quartz

For self-healing crystal combinations, rose quartz is best paired with sodalite. Both crystals have higher vibrational frequencies to easily release negative energies.

Rose quartz is a stone of love that encourages healing the heart, both physically and emotionally. The pink crystal nourishes the soul and helps to release tension and stress. With its soothing energies, it calms the heart and stimulates a deeper understanding of your relationships.

The sodalite stone also has soothing energies that quicken emotional and physical healing. When the two crystals joined together, it is possible to be purely enlightened by releasing you from negativities.

Sodalite + Clear Quartz

Sodalite + Clear Quartz

Pairing sodalite with clear quartz crystal can give clarity in understanding your nightmare. It empowers your third eye chakra that enhances its powerful energies in interpreting dreams.

It also delivers strength for your thoughts to better communicate with the universe. The universe will hear your clear intentions that help the crystal to enlighten your path. This sodalite combination works well throughout your spiritual growth.

Carrying both of the crystals will increase your level of protection against negative energies. The clearness of the quartz stone will provide a sense of calm in even the most stressful situations.

Sodalite + Amethyst

Sodalite + Amethyst

For meditation practices, you can try the combination of amethyst and sodalite crystal.

We know how sodalite works with the mind’s clarity when closely linked with eye and throat chakra. It has the power to prevent hallucinations and remove any mental debris. Coupling sodalite with deep purple amethyst can help in boosting your spiritual abilities.

Amethyst is a spiritual stone that calms the mind and the soul. It may also enhance your psychic capabilities on which best use during meditation. Its energies can be more enhanced when the link with crown chakras and third eye chakras. Both stones are best suited for spiritual activities as they are linked to the divine.

Sodalite + Tiger’s Eyes

Sodalite + Tiger’s Eyes

Another good pairing for the sodalite is the tiger’s eyes. These two crystals help to improve communication skills and even your productivity.

Tiger’s eye is a brown crystal that can boost your mind’s energy for better communication. It heightens your focus in attaining some goals, even when risks are present. You won’t be distracted and yet remain dedicated to finishing your tasks with this brown crystal.

Placing sodalite and tiger’s eyes crystal on your desk will help you concentrate on completing your work. They create an environment suited to meeting your goals. Both of the stones also fill you with self-confidence and courage in facing risks or new opportunities like ever before.

Is Sodalite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Sodalite is not a traditional birthstone but a zodiac crystal.

Sodalite is February 19 – March 19 Birthstone

Sodalite has a natural blue shade which can be a true birthstone of people born between February 19 and March 19. This is a season of having a new life, with faith and trust. The blue crystal brings patience and respect for people who are known as creative in striving for a new life.

Indigo crystals are a natural birthstone for those born in midwinter between January 20 and February 18. These are rare crystals that bring wisdom, truth, and spiritual mastery.

Sodalite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Sagittarius  

Sodalite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Sagittarius

Sodalite is a mineral stone for people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. They celebrate birthdays between November 22 and December 21. It symbolizes a sign of an archer, which has an optimistic outlook on life.

Sagittarians are not good at expressing emotions, as they feel uncomfortable. The blue crystal can help to stimulate their confidence in expressing themselves. It makes them courageous to be true to others.

Meditation with Sodalite

Meditation with Sodalite

Sodalite is a good crystal for meditation that keeps the mind, body, and soul in union with the universe. The crystal stabilizes your inner voice for mental clarity and more précised capacity to act. Your inner voice will prevent confusing your energy with the thought of the universe.

In addition, sodalite is an anti-stress stone and is best for relaxation, as well as soothes the mind against panic attacks. It carries soothing energy that balances your personality towards every scenario, whether conscious or not. The blue crystal helps you connect with the universe with certainty and emotional balance.

How to Cleanse and Charge Sodalite?

How to Cleanse and Charge Sodalite?

Sodalite must be cleansed to remove negative energies for more healing power to provide. To clean the crystal, use natural cleaners to sustain its properties. For instance, light is the most accessible source of energy for balancing the crystal’s energy. Place the stone under the sun for a day to recharge.

The second option is cleansing the crystal with moonlight. It helps to recharge the stone’s energy to enhance its healing power. Sodalite also works well with a piece of quartz for quick cleaning.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of other crystal’s energy, like quartz, can improve the incredible power of the other crystal.

Final Thoughts

From a sense of clarity, creativity, to inner peace, sodalite can be your perfect gemstone. It transcends clearness with its sea breeze energy, so in times of tension and stress, the sodalite stone will keep you composed. The blue crystal will keep you rooted in your dreams with great confidence.

It is a stone of mind and heart and hence will be your guide in handling your emotions and life perspectives. Sodalite provides a lot of benefits and healing powers making it suitable for crystal healers.


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