Sphalerite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Sphalerite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Sphalerite

Sphalerite is a powerful grounding and energizing stone. It is an excellent ally for strength and vitality.

But this wonderful stone is more than just that. So, if you’re curious about this stone, then keep on reading below. In this article, we will be talking about the many benefits of the Sphalerite crystal.

What is Sphalerite?

In 1847, Ernst Friedrich Glocker named sphalerite crystal. It is a zinc sulfide mineral commonly found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks minerals in numerous parts of the world. Recent top producers of the sphalerite crystal are Canada, Bolivia, Peru, Ireland, China, Australia, India, Mexico, Kazakhstan, and the US, particularly in the states of Missouri, Idaho, Tennessee, and Alaska.

What is Sphalerite

Sphalerite is called many names— rosin jack, steel jack, blackjack, and zinc blende are just some of the names used in the past or by the miners. However, in terms of etymology, Sphalerite is derived from the Greek word “sphaleros” which means deceiving or treacherous.

This is because of the fact that this stone is quite difficult to identify since it is often mixed with numerous different minerals and appears very different and unique in each specimen.

In addition, depending on its iron content, the sphalerite is often black to clear. Only a few minerals can display such a range of transparency as the sphalerite stone. This stone also occurs in various colors, including red, green, brown, yellow, and even colorless.

While it is difficult to identify, perhaps the best way to do so is by its shape. Sphalerite commonly takes on the tetrahedron shape. These tetrahedra are often “twinned” or grouped together. Twinning is when the crystals merge in order to form a distinct and repeating shape.

The shape of sphalerite is caused by the sulfur and zinc atoms which are coordinated in a tetrahedral form in the sphalerite crystalline structure. In addition, its structure is also closely related to diamonds.

The sphalerite crystal can be dull or feature an adamantine or resinous luster. Resinous is the term used to describe the luster of brown to yellow minerals. It features the shine and luster of honey. An “adamantine” luster, on the other hand, is very brilliant and only ever used to describe transparent to translucent minerals.

Sphalerite crystal is often found in combination with other minerals such as Calcite, Quartz, Dolomite, Galena, Fluorite, and Siderite.

The Meaning and Uses of Sphalerite

Sphalerite is the most important ore of zinc. Around 95 percent of all zinc is extracted from the sphalerite ore in today’s mine. Thus, it is highly sought after in today’s world.

Zinc is an important alloy in the manufacturing of metals. It is also used as a more natural remedy for cases of flu and colds and suppresses viral infections. Not only that, but it is also used topically, commonly found in skin protectants and sunscreen. Zinc is also used for metallic zinc and galvanizing iron. Making brass, electric batteries, and even making pain. Zin is also used as a preservative for wood and is also used in dyeing.

Other than that, the sphalerite stone also serves as a vital source of cadmium, germanium, and indium. These are rare elements that are quite valuable. In abundance, these elements can be recovered as profitable byproducts.

The Meaning and Uses of Sphalerite

Sphalerite crystals of suitable transparency and size are also fashioned into gemstones. In general, it features a brilliant cut in order to best display the stone’s high dispersion of 0.156, which is over three times that of diamonds. Dispersion is the ability of a material to separate the white light into the colors of the spectrum as it passes through the material.

The only thing that holds sphalerite back from displaying a brilliant fire (flashes of color as the crystal moves under a source of light) is its obvious body color and its less-than-excellent clarity.  

Still, the freshly cut sphalerite gems often feature an adamantine luster. Unfortunately, this gemstone is often left unset as museum or collector’s pieces because of its fragility and softness (it is rated 3.5 – 4 on the Mohs hardness scale).

Gem-quality specimens are often honey brown to yellow, orange to red, or green.

Sphalerite Metaphysical Properties

The sphalerite is a highly spiritual and protective stone in terms of metaphysical properties. This stone is said to bring harmony to your internal energies while balancing your masculine and feminine tendencies in order to work together harmoniously.

It is a powerful grounding stone that can keep you at the present moment and will simultaneously unleash your innovative and creative skills. As a result, you are encouraged to think beyond the confines of your mind.

This crystal can also give you a vivid perspective on your life. It allows you to differentiate between the wrong and right so you’re safe from falling for deceitful conceptions. These energies can also highlight the fine line between the figments of your imagination and the realities of the world. This way, you can be realistic and practical in your expectations from the world around you.

Sphalerite Metaphysical Properties

Not only that, but this stone should also serve to offer you a regular reality check so you can realize what you really need in this life at this point in time. With this, you’re able to look at others for their true color and setting apart the sincere well-wishers from the ones who only want to see you fail.

Spiritually speaking, this stone can help you tap into your psychic abilities. It can strengthen your psychic powers to the extent that you can successfully remove the spiritual blockages and challenges that you’ve been experiencing. Such blockages are what prevent you from welcoming the guidance of angelic and higher beings into your life. Removing these can help clear your mind and develop your inner and spiritual self.

The stone can also bring willpower and stamina in order to make the best out of your life. You’ll experience a renewal of your energy levels that will be evident in everything that you do. It also helps you in dealing with the troublesome areas in your life and fighting exhaustion and stress. It should keep you at ease in order to prevent burnout.

It is also a powerful stone of manifestation. Regardless of your intention, this stone brings the energies of the universe to you in order to bring your goals and objectives to reality.

The Benefits of Sphalerite

The sphalerite crystal is a powerful stone with several benefits. Here are some of the best benefits you’ll gain by using this crystal.

For Physical Healing

The sphalerite crystal is known to prevent physical exhaustion and fatigue. It provides revitalizing energy that will keep you energized, refreshed and alert. Then, it soothes lethargy and laziness.

This stone is also excellent for soothing dizziness and migraine. It is also a great stone to use for boosting your immune system and to help you in recovering quickly from infections and illnesses.

Sphalerite For Physical Healing

Some healers also use the sphalerite crystal to treat issues that can affect the eyes. It is even used to amplify treatments of the nervous system. Athletes are also said to benefit greatly from this stone since it can help in getting the body back to normal after performing heavy exercise and workout routines. It also helps in the quick replenishment of oxygen in your blood.

The sphalerite stone is also a powerful ally for relieving issues that affect your kidneys and liver. It is known to help in brain development and with heightening your senses, particularly your sense of taste, sight, and smell.

For Emotional Healing

Sphalerite is best used for healing emotional burnout. When constant challenges and difficulties in your life dampen your emotional being, this stone can provide the much-needed energy to revitalize the emotional body.

Sphalerite For Emotional Healing

This stone can dispel negative attitudes such as laziness and lethargic feelings, feeling optimism, joy, and energy. You can also release the built-up tension and emotion from the past, cleansing your emotional body and bringing in a renewed sense of happiness and vitality to your life.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

In terms of chakra healing, the sphalerite mostly resonates with the root chakra with its dark and vibrant colors.

The root or base chakra is located at the base of your spine. This is the first chakra and mainly controls the energy for kinesthetic movement and feeling. It is also the foundation of spiritual and physical properties for your body. This chakra also rules your survival instinct and governs a strong connection to mother earth.

Sphalerite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

An out-of-balance root chakra can cause low enthusiasm, low levels of activity, and lethargy. Spiritually, you become disconnected from reality, distant, and may feel flighty. Also, you might start to doubt your beliefs and become a little sociopath.

Sphalerite, with its colors of black, brown, or red can be helpful in restoring balance to your base chakra. This stone shall bring energy and excitement back into your life. It can also stimulate your instinctive survival response and command ambition and leadership.

Not only that, but this stone should also help provide the courage to help you in times of challenges and difficulties. It stimulates your kundalini energy while providing protective energies against negativities.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Sphalerite can help attract wealth and bring financial success by opening and enhancing your intuitive self. Considered as the stone of discernment, this stone can help you see the fake from genuine opportunities which can be greatly beneficial in your finances or business.

Sphalerite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

This stone should also help guide you in making wise decisions, particularly when it is related to investments, money, and other crucial financial decisions. You’ll also learn more about the world and the opportunities you experience.

As an energizing and revitalizing stone, the sphalerite crystal is also an excellent ally for making you active and motivated. It gives you the energies of clarity, strength, and willpower in order to overcome financial challenges.

For Relationship and Love

As mentioned before, the sphalerite crystal can help in bringing balance to your female and male aspects of personality. When there are too much or many female or male attributes, this crystal can help bring it to balance and provide harmonious energies.

As a result, you become more stable and harmonious which can contribute to a more loving and positive attitude to your loved one. With this stone, you can also expect a substantial reduction in the power play in your relationship. This should help you see each other as equals.

The stone can also inspire and encourage you to be more confident about being each other’s strength and loving companion. Any sign of weakness from your partner or yourself will be welcomed with encouragement and support.

Sphalerite For Relationship and Love

Other than that, this stone is a powerful energizer of your relationship. Not only that, but it also helps in preventing emotional exhaustion and fatigue, particularly when you are going through difficult times with your partner. This stone should keep you positive when the days are difficult and dark. Also, it can help in strengthening your trust, loyalty, and love.

Not only that, but this stone can also help in dispelling irritability, irrationality, and anger. It shall encourage you and your partner to be more patient and understanding with each other.

The powerful grounding energies of this stone can also help you concentrate on the things that really matter. It helps you move on from superficial concerns and petty arguments. With its guidance, you are able to see the bigger picture or understand your partner’s perspective.

This should help you realize certain things that can help you grow and become a more loving and wiser partner.

For Protection

Sphalerite is a powerful protective stone when you’re looking for a metaphysical shield. When you carry it around or work with this stone, you will be imbued with the powerful frequency that can help in dispelling any kind of negativity on you. It also helps in blocking any future unwanted energies.

Sphalerite For Protection

In addition, this stone can help you distinguish the fantasy from the truth, and the reality from the imagination. It helps in protecting yourself from lies and deceit. Its grounding properties also keep you from being seduced by the lofty promises and from deceiving yourself.

It also helps you from getting caught up in what’s even impossible or unrealistic. It shall help in clearing your mind, so you can see what’s truly valuable in your life and working and protecting what’s important to you.

For Confidence and Career Success

Sphalerite is a powerful stone of fire and earth energy. With that said, it can be an excellent ally for stimulating your passion, enhancing confidence, sparking creativity, and pushing your career to the next level.

For one, this stone can help in raising your courage, focus levels and drive to heights that you never knew you had within. It helps you to truly believe in yourself and bring undeniable confidence and charisma. This stone can also help unlock your true potential in life.

Not only that, but this stone can also push you to realize your career goals, dreams, and objectives. It does so by encouraging you to be more dedicated and hardworking. Then, this stone can help in increasing your stamina, energy, and vitality that you need in order to keep working towards your goal.

Sphalerite For Confidence and Career Success

It also helps strengthen your passion for your career and professional life. It is highly effective in combating stress, fatigue, procrastination, and burnout. It should provide you with inner energy and reflection of yourself so you can grow into the persona that you truly want to be.

Sphalerite is also a powerful manifestation stone. It helps in manifesting your dreams into reality. It enhances your intuition, creativity, and innovation, helping you come up with amazing ideas that will be very handy in your business or career. Then, it helps you stay motivated, inspired, and determined to pursue your goals. It also provides you excited to explore new avenues in your career that can help transform your professional life.

Another thing that sphalerite can help you with is making you more decisive and firmer in your decisions. It promotes positivity in your work while enhancing your mental acuity to make tough but beneficial decisions. In addition, this stone can also help ward off all kinds of demotivating or negative energy which threatens to affect your work.

Using the sphalerite crystal, you can expect to be always at the top of your game in everything you do.

Different Types of Sphalerite

Sphalerite comes in several colors, each having unique energies. Here are the different types of sphalerite.

Black Sphalerite

Black Sphalerite

Black sphalerite is the most common form. It comes in pitch-black to smoky black, sometimes with inclusions of white crystals.

The black sphalerite is a powerful grounding and protective stone. This stone can provide a safe retreat whenever you need to take a break from all the stress and hassles of your daily life. In addition, it shall provide a safe and peaceful haven from the people who wish you harm.

This stone can also help in deepening your connection to the natural world. It keeps you strongly grounded in the present moment while enhancing your focus and security in order to keep the unwanted elements out of your life.

Brown Sphalerite

Brown Sphalerite

Dampening the colors of black, brown sphalerite brings strong grounding forces and keeping you down to earth. It helps in alleviating stress while inducing tranquility and peace.

Like the black sphalerite, the brown variety offers a cleansing effect to eliminate the negative energy while stabilizing your aura. In particular, the brown sphalerite is a good worry stone that can be used in dissolving the sudden rush of anger, fear, or panic.

With its strong connection with Mother Earth, the brown sphalerite influence home and welcomeness, helping you relax, reconnect, revitalize and regain your composure. It shall promote stability and security.

Red Sphalerite

Red Sphalerite

The red sphalerite, with its fiery color, is the warmest and most potent crystal that will push you to act. It represents physical properties vitality, energy and life, bring your focus to the essence of your life and inspiring you to live with passion and a purpose.

Red sphalerite is mainly an energizing crystal. It stimulates your kundalini and life force energy. Not only that, but this stone can also push you to act keeping you determined and motivated while providing the needed energy to do so.

Its energies are so uplifting that they can help deal with lethargy and procrastination and empowering you to get things done. It also provides inspiration and willpower to fore.

Yellow Sphalerite

Yellow Sphalerite

The yellow sphalerite mainly works with your solar plexus chakra and can help in boosting your emotions and confidence. With its vibrant hues that mimic the mighty sun rays, the yellow sphalerite will help you feel energized throughout the day, filling you with enthusiasm, exhilaration and excitement.

It brings purpose and clarity to your life while giving you’re the confidence to stand by your ideas and opinions. Yellow sphalerite will also enhance your leadership skills, boosting your creativity and innovative skills. It brings achievement as well as wisdom and higher consciousness while increasing your mental acuity.

Orange Sphalerite

Orange Sphalerite

Orange is a rare color variety of sphalerite. This stone is mainly used for jewelry thanks to its intense fire and vibrancy.

In terms of metaphysical properties, the orange sphalerite is a stone for the sacral chakra. This stone stimulates your creativity on a more spiritual level. It is a stone for boosting confidence, personal power and bringing energy and determination to achieve your goals.

Not only that, but this stone also exhibits a bright and vibrant energy that brings happiness, luck and passion. It attracts joy and optimism to you while improving and strengthening relationships. Orange sphalerite will bring your inner child and make you more appreciative of the little things in your life and keeping you deeply connected to Mother earth.

It should make you generous, happy, affectionate, loyal and outgoing, attracting people to you and strengthening bonds with existing relations and forming new connections with others.

Green Sphalerite

Green Sphalerite

The green sphalerite is a stone of the heart. It is highly protective of your emotional body, increasing love, compassion and empathy. This stone will infuse you with healing and refreshing vitality in your emotional body.

It helps in removing past hurts and traumas, grounding them to the earth and inspiring you to move forward even during difficult times. This crystal should help bring your contentment, harmony and satisfaction.

Green sphalerite also works in healing relationships. It also encourages growth, communication, desire and expansion in your life, bringing harmonious energies in your life and relationships.

Combining Sphalerite With Other Crystal Stones

The sphalerite crystal can also be paired with other potent crystals in order to amplify its vibrational energies or if you wish to focus on specific healing intentions. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for sphalerite you can try!

Sphalerite + Black Obsidian

For intentions of manifestation, combine the energies of the sphalerite crystal with black obsidian.

Sphalerite + Black Obsidian

As mentioned before, the sphalerite is a powerful manifestation stone. Sphalerite is mainly supportive of manifesting your dreams into reality. It helps in increasing your determination and willpower while enhancing your creativity in order to bring your objectives and goals into reality.

Meanwhile, the black obsidian shall help in removing the destructive behaviors and habits that might be hindering your manifesting intentions. With its sharp-flint edges, this stone also has the power of protection that can help cut through the ties and shielding you against all kinds of negativity that can cause you to doubt your belief in your manifestation.

With strong connections to the earth, both stones also make a powerful combo for grounding purposes. These stones shall help in grounding all your desires, ideas and thoughts, helping you stay in the present moment and preventing overstimulation.

When used in a crystal grid during meditation practice, both stones can sharpen your focus and bringing new opportunities while conducting spiritual energies through you to the earth and aligning them with your intentions and will.

Sphalerite + Ruby

For the intention of supporting and enhancing your energy, pair the potency of sphalerite with the vibrancy of ruby.

Sphalerite + Ruby

AS mentioned before, the sphalerite crystal will provide vitality and strength. This stone can help in keeping your energy levels up while keeping you secure and grounded. It helps in increasing your stamina, strengthening your passion and boosting your overall life force energy.

Not only that, but this stone is also highly effective at fighting or preventing burnout, fatigue, stress and lethargy. It helps in warding off the demotivating energies that can threaten your vitality.

To further enhance its energetic frequency, pair it with the pulsating frequency of the vibrant ruby crystal. With its bright red shades, the ruby is one of the best energizing crystals you can find to overcome exhaustion and lethargy. This stone can stimulate your chi or life force energy and grounding you to earth.

In addition, both stones can also work strongly on your root chakra. It helps in clearing away the emotional blockages from this chakra that might be draining your energy. As a result, you will instantly experience a quick boost and vitality. Furthermore, both stones are also highly protective, shielding you against negative energies that might be unknowingly draining your energies.

Sphalerite + Black Tourmaline

For a unique combination of protection, pair the energies of sphalerite with black tourmaline.

Sphalerite + Black Tourmaline

As mentioned before, the sphalerite is a powerful protective stone when you’re looking for a reliable metaphysical shield. Carrying or working with this stone, you will instantly be embraced with powerful vibrations that can help dispel any kind of negativity on you. Also, it helps in blocking out any unwanted energies and entities from your surroundings.

To further amplify and support these protective energies, pair it with the best black stone of protection, the black tourmaline. This is a powerful, all-around crystal for protection. It is the best crystal to use in repelling lower frequencies and energies and more!

Black tourmaline is an energy transmutation crystal. It acts like a sponge that will absorb all kinds of negative entities, emotions and energies from within you and your surroundings. Then, as black tourmaline and sphalerite remove and absorbs negative energies, the former will transmute it into positive energies, filling you with optimism and good vibes.  

In addition, by activating your earth and root chakra, both black tourmaline and sphalerite can provide strong grounding energies. These stones should protect you from negativities and ill-wishers, cleaning the stagnant energy from your surrounding while making sure that you stay grounded and secure in the present moment of reality.

Sphalerite + Hematite

For the specific purpose of grounding, pair the frequency of the sphalerite crystal with the hematite stone.

Sphalerite + Hematite

As mentioned many times in this article, the sphalerite is a potent crystal for grounding purposes. Its energies will make sure that you stay grounded in reality and the present moment. Not only that, but it should help you in differentiating what’s true from what’s false and what’s reality from your figment of the imagination.

In addition, the sphalerite can also help give you a reality check in order to make sure that what you have is what you really wanted and what happened is what you willed to. As the sphalerite crystal keeps you in the reality of the world, the grounding powers of the hematite crystal will ensure that you stay deeply rooted and able to concentrate on the current moment.

This will bring a positive effect on several areas of your life, particularly in your professional life. If you are working on a project or task, the sphalerite will stop you from procrastinating, while the hematite stone can help organize your thought for increased mental clarity. It can also prevent your impulsive reactions.

In addition, the sphalerite crystal shall block all kinds of negative emotions and thoughts from interfering with your thinking and emotional being. Hematite, on the other hand, features an iron rich content. This helps in creating distance between you and the emotionally draining people.

As a result, you can work more efficiently while allowing you to respond more appropriately to situations instead of making snap judgments or decisions.

Is Sphalerite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The sphalerite crystal is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is considered a natural birthstone and is a zodiac crystal.

Sphalerite is April 20 – May 20 and October 22 – November 20 Birthstone

Sphalerite is not a traditional birthstone. The more common black color of sphalerite is also not a natural birthstone. However, crystals of red or green shades are considered a natural birthstone for those born on October 22 – November 20 and April 20 – May 20, respectively.

Red sphalerite brings energy, courage, tenacity, drive, passion and inner strength. Meanwhile, the green varieties of sphalerite bring growth, renewal, health, prosperity, survival and productivity.  

Sphalerite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini

Sphalerite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini

The sphalerite crystal is an excellent zodiac stone for the sign Gemini. People born under the banner of Gemini love intelligent conversation and learning. They are quick to learn and quite curious people. On the flip side, they tend to get bored easily and a bit nosy.

The magnetism and grounding energies of the sphalerite can draw Geminis down back to earth. This way, they can stay focused and help calm their overactive mind. Geminis also tend to struggle with indecisiveness. With the energies of the sphalerite, you can ease worries and promoting mental clarity. It can also support the Geminis in making the right choices and decisions in life.

When bored, the sphalerite can bring energy. It also compliments the Gemini’s need for stimulation and excitement by boosting your life force energy and bringing vitality.

Meditation with Sphalerite

As an energizing stone, this stone can be used to revitalize your meditation. It also helps in enhancing your visual and psychic capabilities. With this stone, you can stimulate your intuition and unlocking your psychic powers. It also helps align you with astral body traveling.

However, with its strong connection to the energies of Earth, this stone can help in balancing your spirit and mental body in order to prevent overstimulation. It will bring balance to an overactive mind and overcoming a restless mind so you can get moving with your meditative practice.

As a protective stone, it should help protect you against negativities as you meditate.

How to Cleanse and Charge Sphalerite?

Like any other crystal, the sphalerite stone can benefit from being cleaned on a regular basis. This helps it in tiptop shape and providing the needed energies for healing.

Take note that sphalerite is a relatively soft and fragile stone. Thus, you want to be very careful when cleansing this stone. You can simply clean it with soapy water. Using your fingers gently brush the surface of this stone in order to remove the accumulated dirt and dust in its structure. Then you can rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a clean, soft cloth.

How to Cleanse and Charge Sphalerite

To recharge and cleanse its energies, there are several ways you can try. The simplest is to let it soak in lunar energies during the full moon. You can let it sit outside for the whole night in order to recharge its energies.

You can also smudge away the negative energies with sage smoke or your preferred healing herb. Singing bowls are also a popular way of cleansing crystals. You simply let the stone sit beside the singing bowl as you tap it. The sound vibrations from the bowl will help in removing and releasing the negative energies from within the stone. Or if you have a large quartz crystal, then you can just place it near your sphalerite stone.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! As you can see, sphalerite is a stone of vitality and strength. This stone should help in keeping your energy levels up while keeping you secure and grounded.

It is a crystal that can improve and enhance your perceptions about life. It helps in discovering your truth and providing the energy to find the best solutions to certain issues. This stone will also guide you on the path of success. It should provide the momentum and inspiration you need to increase your energy and creativity.

Lastly, this stone is a powerful ally in strengthening and developing your psychic capabilities. It brings sharper focus and concentration on anything that is related to spiritual and supernatural abilities. It will encourage you to become more discerning of your reality and dreams, particularly when you are working with the divine realm.

With such versatility and powerful energies, the sphalerite crystal is indeed a must-have in your growing collection.


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