Star Sapphire Meanings, Properties and Uses


Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Star Sapphire

The already beautiful sapphire crystal is made even prettier with the optical effect of starry asterism, making it a popular stone in today’s world. Learn more about this beautifully enhanced stone by reading below.

What is Star Sapphire?

Star sapphires are just enhanced sapphires. It is created when the sapphire crystals are intergrown with fibrous inclusions of rutile or silk that reflect light in the stone’s cut end cabochon as a 12- or 6-rayed star. It appears to glide across the face of the stone as you look at it from a different angle. This optical effect is known as asterism and increases the rarity and value of the gem.

What is Star Sapphire

Sapphires are a variety of Corundum which are aluminum oxide minerals, forming in bipyramidal, rhombohedral, and tabular crystal structures. Also, it can occur as granular or massive habits. This stone can be transparent or opaque with its true color being the color blue.

Sapphire, however, forms a diversity of colors. The extra mineral compounds forming with the aluminum oxide are responsible for its color variation. With the exception of Ruby, which is the red conundrum, all other colors of Corundum are called Sapphires.

In the Mohs hardness scale, the sapphire crystals are rated 9. Such hardness is second only to diamond and means that it has excellent toughness without any cleavage that makes it prone to breaking when hit.

The commercial mining locations for sapphires include:

  • Vietnam
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka
  • Australia
  • Colombia
  • Afghanistan
  • China
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Myanmar
  • Tanzania
  • Laos
  • Pakistan
  • US
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • India

In particular, Sri Lanka is the biggest producer of sapphires in the globe, mining at least 100 carats of the lighter blue shades of sapphires that are transformed into valuable star sapphires.

The Meaning and Uses of Star Sapphire

The name sapphire comes from the French “saphir”, Latin “sapphirus” or the Greek “sappheiros”, all of which means “blue stone”. Others believe that the name was derived from its connection with the blue planet of Saturn. Meanwhile, the prefix “Star” comes from its brilliant star design after it is enhanced.

Plain, natural sapphires are already popular gemstones. However, with the unique and mesmerizing addition of the starry sparkle of star sapphires, they are even more loved and favored by jewelry and gemstone designers.

The star sapphire is extensively used in jewelry with the fine colored star sapphire of deep blue color and high transparency that can fetch several thousand dollars per carat. Blue star sapphires are often used in jewelry. However, other colors such as pink, orange, and yellow star sapphire “fancies” have also become quite popular. The light blue and green star sapphires are also well-known. They are, however, less commonly used in jewelry. Meanwhile, the opaque black star sapphire is also used as a minor, decorative gemstone.

The Meaning and Uses of Star Sapphire

Star sapphires are used in all forms of jewelry, including necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. This stone can be used both as a centerpiece gemstone in rings and pendants or as a secondary, decorative stone to complement other gemstones such as diamonds. In addition, the star sapphires are often polished as cabochons and are extremely valuable.

Star sapphires are also used to represent love, fidelity, and commitment. Thus, they are popular as betrothal rings. A matching star sapphire makes an excellent gift for couples moving in together or marrying.

Thanks to its hardness, some star sapphire crystals are also used in industrial applications such as decorative components for most watch crystals. Meanwhile, the plain sapphire crystals can be used in movement bearing, scientific instruments, and high-durability windows as well as an insulating substrate for special-purpose solid-state electronics. Meanwhile, monocrystalline sapphires are also biocompatible, leading to the introduction of sapphire monocrystals for the hip joint endoprosthesis.

Thanks to its hardness which is second only to diamond, sapphire crystals are used in industrial applications such as components for most watch crystals and movement bearings, high-durability windows, scientific instruments, and insulating substrates for some special-purpose solid-state electronics.

Star Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

The star sapphires offer the same metaphysical and healing properties as the colors of sapphire that it appears in. However, its starry enhancement also boosted its energies, leading to the intensification of each property.

Star sapphires are highly soothing and calming stones. It helps in the release of psychological tension as well as unwanted thoughts. It helps in boosting your mental awareness, encouraging you to open your mind to better thinking and intuition. Then, it restores balance within your body to bring lightness, happiness, and joy.

Sapphires were long favored and praised for bringing in divine favor and energies. As a matter of fact, it was referenced in various religious histories. For instance, the Hebrews refer to it as the Stone of Divine Glory, Prophecy, and Wisdom. Meanwhile, the Greeks claim it as the jewel of Apollo, their sun god. It was worn when consulting the Delphi oracle in order to provide enhanced wisdom to understand the answers given.

Star Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

And star sapphires enhance these properties even more. The star itself represents the manifestation of divine knowledge and light into denser reality. It will remind you that the other manifestations that you reassure can reflect the light of your whole essence.

The 6-rayed star features 3 crossing lines that represent faith, destiny, and hope. It is also sometimes associated with the 3 angels who offered protection to its wearer. Meanwhile, the moving star when viewing it from a different angle also represents safety traveling, guiding you to your way home.

The star sapphire can also help you in your spiritual path, guiding you as move and assisting in matters of discipline and guidance. Not only that, but this stone can also help you during times of extreme changes. This allows you to maintain a clear vision of where to go and how can you get there.

With the enhanced energies of star sapphire, it can also be used for channeling the healing powers from the Divine or a higher source into the body or healer. This makes it a popular stone for Reiki healers, amplifying its healing through voice.

The Benefits of Star Sapphire

The star sapphire is an amplified version of sapphire crystals. And thanks to the numerous color variations available, star sapphire brings potent healing and benefits for all your metaphysical healing intention. Here are some of the benefits of using star sapphire in your daily life.

Physical Healing

Sapphires are well known for physical healing. And with the enhanced energies of asterism, the star sapphires are excellent healers of all parts of the body.

The soothing blue and green star sapphires are well-known for improving your eyesight. They also have the power to treat eye infections. Not only that but their relaxing colors can also be used for relieving headaches and migraines as well as fever and nosebleeds.

These stones can also be used to treat infections of the ears as well as vertigo and hearing loss. In addition, their calming energies are also helpful for your nervous system, stopping dementia and other degenerative disorders. Lastly, blue and green star sapphires are known to enhance immune system functioning, treating swollen glands as well as problems related to speech and communication.

Meanwhile, the orange varieties of star sapphires are known to help the reproductive system. This stone can enhance your sex drive, lust, and pleasure. They are also powerful at increasing fertility and treating impotence.

Star Sapphire For Physical Healing

The energetic yellow star sapphires, on the other hand, can provide vitality and renewed energy. These are the best varieties for supporting workouts, exercising, and physical activity. Not only that but the yellow energies are also said to help in detoxification, removing toxins from the body that causes physical issues.

Black star sapphires are known as pain relievers. They are valuable for recovering from accidents or traumas, particularly when related to bones and muscles. This stone can heal dislocated bones and bruising while alleviating excessive bleeding and stimulating blood clots. This stone can also help in calming an overactive body system and is quite particular for stimulating the digestive system and treating severe bowel syndrome.

Opposing the black varieties, the white star sapphire is said to mainly stimulate your pineal and pituitary gland. This helps in regulating your hormones as well as the proper functioning of your body.

Lastly, the pink star sapphire is a powerful stone for the heart. It helps in strengthening and balancing your heart organ and the whole circulatory system. This stone can help in balancing blood sugar as well as glucose metabolism. This is the variety of star sapphire that is best for hypoglycemia, diabetes, and hyperglycemia.

Emotional Healing

Star sapphire, depending on the color, can provide varying emotional healing. Still, all-star sapphires are known to be highly soothing and comforting to the emotional body.

Star Sapphire For Emotional Healing

All colors of star sapphires are known to help free you from your inner emotional prisons. It helps ease emotional sufferings and traumas that cause you to shut down. This stone is also used for healing the inferiority complex, providing courage and strength to those who feel useless or doubt themselves.

The star sapphire can also help those who are easily influenced or swayed by the opinion of other people. It encourages a fuller understanding of your emotions and yourself. This helps you become surer and more secure about yourself, allowing you to express your emotional truths to yourself and to others.

Chakra Healing and Balancing

Because of the various colors available, the star sapphire resonates with the whole chakra system. Depending on the color you choose, the star sapphire will stimulate the corresponding chakra for that color.

Star Sapphire For Chakra Healing and Balancing

To make it easier for you, here’s a guide that you can use.

  • Black Star Sapphire = Root or Base Chakra; governs feelings of security and safety, grounding and protection.
  • Orange Star Sapphire / Padparadscha Star Sapphire = Sacral Chakra; associated with creativity, happiness, emotions, and sexuality.
  • Yellow Star Sapphire = Solar Plexus Chakra; represents mental activities, intellect, personal power, and willpower.
  • Pink and Green Star Sapphires = Heart Chakra; connected with relationships, compassion, kindness, love, and emotional healing.
  • Blue Star Sapphire = Throat Chakra; symbolizes self-expression, enhanced communication, and the expression of truth.
  • Violet Star Sapphire = Third Eye Chakra; evokes intuition, inner wisdom, extrasensory perception, and expanded knowledge.
  • White SapphireCrown Chakra; linked with divinity, higher awareness and consciousness, spirituality, and universal energy.

Wealth Fetching, Luck, and Abundance

Star sapphires are symbols of royalty and nobility which equates to abundance, wealth, and prosperity. This stone is said to invite and attract fortune and richness.

Its divine and star connection makes it easier for you to attract heavenly blessings. This is particularly true with the green and yellow varieties of a star sapphire.

Star Sapphire For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

The green energies of star sapphire are similar to the color of money, attracting abundance and financial stability into your life. Meanwhile, the yellow star sapphire is said to help in increasing your wealth.

It is said that placing a yellow star sapphire in your cash box, wallet or home can attract prosperity and good fortune to increase your wealth. It is also said to boost your earning and income.

In addition, this stone is also said to bring you luck in your investments. Not only that but star sapphire is also said to invite financial abundance by providing the energy to manifest your financial goals and vision and transform them into reality. It ensures the continuation of good luck and abundance in your life.

Relationship and Love

The Blue Star Sapphire is dubbed as the Crystal of Love, Fidelity, and Commitment. In addition, the green and pink star sapphires resonate with your heart and higher heart chakra, making them valuable for relationship and love enhancement intentions.

Star sapphires make a great crystal for strengthening your existing relationship. It helps in deepening your love and passion for each other. It helps in focusing your mind and releasing emotional and mental tensions while cleansing the emotional body of negative emotions and thoughts. This should help encourage an open heart and mind to the beauty of relationships and love. In addition, this crystal can also release fears in love. It helps in letting go of limitations and insecurities that you hide from within.

Star Sapphire For Relationship and Love

The beauty and energizing frequency of star sapphire can also bring positivity and light into all kinds of relationships. It helps in restoring balance to your emotional body because of disagreements, fights, and misunderstandings. Not only that, but it also helps in reducing destructive patterns while easing mood swings and bad temper. As a result, you become more dependable, loving, caring, optimistic, and cheerful.

Lastly, the star sapphire is known to be quite supportive when dealing with hidden emotional trauma and grief. It helps in letting go of guilt and jealousy. Then, it teaches you to forgive others and let go of the hurts so you can look forward to a better, more loving future.


In terms of protection, the Star sapphire with a pitch-black color is best sued. This stone can keep you protected and safe against all negativities and entities that can drain your energy.

Star Sapphire For Protection

The black star sapphire is particularly valuable if you need protection against strong negative emotions, bullying, intimidation, or unreasonable hatred and anger from other people. This can deflect negative energies, entities, and feelings that others produce. Not only that, but it will also ease helplessness and fear, offering a calming force that can help you overcome challenges in your life.

It shall provide the much-needed courage and energy to stand up and overcome the stressful and chaotic moments in your life. In addition, this stone is said to help protect you against darkness and even assist in overcoming the fear of darkness.

Sleep Insomnia

Star sapphire is an excellent crystal for overcoming insomnia and soothing nightmares. This is particularly true with the soothing violet and blue star sapphires offering calming and tranquil qualities.

Star Sapphire For Sleep Insomnia

In addition, thanks to their association with the higher chakras, both varieties are excellent for positively impacting sleep, rest, and dream. Not only that, but with its connection to the divine realm and higher awareness, the star sapphire also helps in enhancing your divine and angelic communications as you dream.


Star sapphires, particularly in orange color, are known for instilling self-confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to its energetic and happy color, the orange star sapphires resonate with the aspect of hope, courage, light, and optimism.

Star Sapphire For Confidence

This stone can transform your doubts into new levels of confidence, enthusiasm, strength, and possibility. In addition, with their vibrant color energies, orange star sapphires are also known to shield you against negativities from your surroundings and other people.

Depression and Anxiety

With its soothing energies and higher frequency, the star sapphire crystal is also said to help release depression and anxiety by lightening your mood and releasing toxic emotions. This stone can bring calmness and focus to your mind and restore balance within your inner self.

Star Sapphire For Depression and Anxiety

Not only that, but this stone can also help you in overcoming stressful moments in your life. It can assist in the release and prevention of self-sabotaging and self-harming tendencies.

Then, it will instill positivity in your life. It enhances your sense of belonging and intellectuality. It will provide you with the much-needed serenity so you can stay positive and focus on healing from these psychological disorders.

Career Success

All kinds of star sapphires represent integrity and wisdom, helping you in manifesting and achieving your professional and career goals.

Star Sapphire For Career Success

Star sapphire is highly supportive of your professional intentions. Thanks to its strong connection to the divine realm, this stone can stimulate higher thinking, increasing your wisdom and knowledge in order to make important and tough decisions properly.

In addition, it helps in increasing your intuition and good judgment. It also makes you a wiser and more responsible leader.


Any black stones are highly protective. And the black star sapphire can help protect empaths from negative energy in this physical realm and in the world beyond. Its powerful star form can attract protective angels and beings to you, creating a blanket of powerful shields that can protect you against negative people and energies.

Star Sapphire For Empaths

In addition, it is a potent grounding crystal that can help every empath from becoming too emotionally overwhelmed. It protects your auric shield and prevents others from draining your energy. Also, it helps you to release and let go of emotions, feelings, and thoughts that are not serving you anymore.

Different Types of Star Sapphire

Star sapphire is created in vibrant colors. Each color exhibits its own metaphysical properties and special vibrational energies.

Blue Star Sapphire

Blue Star Sapphire

The blue star sapphire is the most common variety and is what most people think of when talking about sapphires. This stone is an enhancer o your mentality and intuition, activating both psychic and mental capabilities.

With strong connections to the third eye and throat chakra, this stone can enhance your mind, expanding your inner awareness and allowing you to speak with your inner wisdom and voice.

It is the keeper of knowledge, wisdom, and discipline, and offers strong manifestation abilities.

Green Star Sapphire

Green Star Sapphire

Green star sapphires offer the wisdom of fidelity and integrity. This stone encourages compassion and kindness to others, stimulating vision and improving dream recall.

It mainly stimulates your heart chakra, bringing balance to your emotional body and stirring the love and compassion of others. It symbolizes tolerance and respect while also bringing trust and loyalty to any relationship. It is also highly soothing and provides a strong connection to Mother Earth while enhancing spiritual vision.

Black Star Sapphire

Black Star Sapphire

Black stay sapphire can offer grounding and protection. It shields you against sorrow, anxiety, and negativities that life has to offer.

Its pitch-black color resonates with the root chakra, which helps in deflecting negative energies from other people and your surroundings. Also, it provides calming strength and grounding during stressful and chaotic situations.

White Star Sapphire

White Star Sapphire

In contrast to the black star sapphire, the white star sapphire is a stone of spirituality and divine connection. It carries the pure energy of Light and that helps clarify your thoughts, strengthening your awareness and consciousness and opening your psychic capabilities.

Its strong connection to the crown chakra means that it can strengthen your connection and communication with the divine to provide spiritual guidance.

Orange Star Sapphire

Orange Star Sapphire

The lovely orange rays of the Padparadscha or orange star sapphire are known to bring the wisdom of creativity. It stimulates your sacral chakra, inducing willpower, creativity, and sensual experiences.

Not only that, but it also brings forth the expression of creative ideas and artistic truths. It also brings physical warmth and comfort, imparting vitality and purpose in life.

Yellow Star Sapphire

Yellow Star Sapphire

The yellow star sapphire is known to attract prosperity and abundance into your life. This is because of its high manifestation properties, transforming your creative energies into actions.

It stimulates your intellect, formulating innovative ideas and thoughts. With activates your solar plexus chakra, allowing you to bring your visions to reality. It should bring excitement, energy, and optimism about the possibilities of life.

Violet Star Sapphire

Violet Star Sapphire

The violet rays of this variety of star sapphire are known to bring forth spiritual awakening. It awakens your third eye and crown chakra, stimulating and enhancing your spirituality. Also, it brings a stronger connection to the divine and provides feelings of oneness.

Violet star sapphire is also known to enhance the development of your psychic capabilities, enhancing your visions, clairvoyance, and astral traveling.

Pink Star Sapphire

Pink Star Sapphire

Pink star sapphire resonates with your heart chakra and mainly works offer gentle energy of love, forgiveness, and acceptance. It helps your emotional body through the difficult times and transitions of life.

Its pink energies have the ability to soothe the heart, aligning your mind to heal past wounds and traumas, encouraging you to find and engage in relationships as well as finding joy in socializing and interacting with others.

Combining Star Sapphire With Other Crystal Stones

The star sapphire can also be combined with other potent crystal stones in order to further amplify its specific energies if you wish to enhance a specific healing intention. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for star sapphire.


For enhancing intuition and wisdom, combine the energies of blue star sapphire with sodalite.

Blue Star Sapphire + Sodalite

Blue star sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom, enhancing mental acuity, learning, and psychic activation. It is the seeker of spiritual truth and can bring order to a chaotic mind, providing strength and focus. In addition, it offers the capability for you to see beyond the surface in order to uncover underlying truths and use the wisdom you obtained.

To enhance those metaphysical properties, combine them with the energies of sodalite. Another beautiful crystal, sodalite is known to help maintain good mental flow. Like blue star sapphire, it is a balancing and spiritual crystal that can show you how to connect with your rational mind and intuition.

Both stones exude blue-ray energies that provide relaxing and calming vibes that can help you through internal battles between your heart and mind. It offers you a better understanding on a much deeper level. With both stones at hand, you will surely have a higher level of awareness, wisdom, and understanding.

In addition, their soothing blueness can also help in creating a tranquil and serene space for a more peaceful and enlightened mind where your thoughts and ideas are no longer your enemies.


For a boost in physical energy, vitality, and motivation, pair the yellow star sapphire with the sunstone crystal.

Yellow Star Sapphire + Sunstone

The yellow star sapphire carries vibrant energies that can boost your vitality and physical energy. As a matter of fact, I already mentioned that the yellow star sapphire is a supportive stone when performing exercises of physical activity. Other than that, it also helps awaken your passion and vigor. This is valuable if you want to move a step closer to your goal.

Sunstone is another potent crystal that can help boost your energy levels. Its strong yang energies can carry regenerative qualities and the shining powers of the sun to bring positivity to all your goals and endeavors.

Using both stones, not only will you boost your life force energy, but you can also erase negativities that will bring you down. Both yellow star sapphire and sunstone offer sunny attributes that shine to the darkest depths of your mind. This helps in the release of negativity while preventing you from being influenced by your surroundings or other people.

This crystal combo will bring you a true sense of joy and happiness and is especially effective if you are currently undergoing a stressful period or you’re just feeling glum. These stones will surely brighten up a dark day while providing the needed energy to stay positive and active throughout the day.  

Black Tourmaline

For a powerful protective duo, combine the black star sapphire and the black tourmaline.

Black Star Sapphire + Black Tourmaline

As mentioned before, the black star sapphire is a powerful crystal for protection. This stone is mainly favored for its ability to hide or protect you against bullies and people who point to unreasonable anger and intimidation acts at you. Not only that, but this stone can also help in deflecting all negative energies from your environment. As a result, you can enjoy calmness and strength even during chaotic moments, allowing you to stay focused and composed all the time.

Now, pairing it with the best and most protective stone in the crystal world, the black tourmaline, you can ensure all-around protection. As the premier protecting stone, black tourmaline is best for repelling lower energies and frequencies. This stone has the ability to absorb and transmute negative energies into positive ones. As a result, you enjoy a more positive and optimistic emotional attitude.

In addition, the combined energies of these black crystals can also activate a stronger connection to the earth. Stimulating your root chakra, these stones can cleanse the stagnant energy from within and your environment. Then, they shall provide a strong grounding to earth so you can stay present at all times.


A powerful combination for your spirituality and enhancing your connection to the divine, pair the white star sapphire with the energies of selenite.

White Star Sapphire + Selenite

The white star sapphire links the physical and spiritual world by activating your crown chakra. It then opens yourself to the frequency of light and love, enhancing intuition, encouraging spiritual development, and better connection to the divine.

In addition, this stone can help in improving your confidence in your spiritual wisdom and knowledge, Its star-crossed lines also help to bring you closer to your spirit guides and angelic beings.

Pair it with the ethereal clearness of the selenite stone and you can enhance your spiritual and psychic healing. Selenite with its beautiful energy is said to open your crown and higher crown chakras. Offering the finest and purest light vibrations, it was even referred to as the doorway to the Angels.

Both stones can provide a deeper sense of security and peace as the doorway to expanded awareness and higher consciousness reopens. Not only that, but they should also improve your intuition while encouraging you to move forward in life with guidance from the universal realm.


For creative and sensual pursuits or stimulating wisdom and higher thinking, pair the orange star sapphire with the carnelian stone.

Orange Star Sapphire + Carnelian

The orange star sapphire is best for creative pursuits since it represents knowledge and wisdom. The stone is said to stimulate your intuition while providing the willpower and strength to manifest your goals.

The carnelian, with its vibrant orange shade, can boost self-expression. It is one of the well-known crystals that can awaken your hidden skills and talents. It directly heals your lack of energy and passion, removing indecisiveness and procrastination and replacing it with motivation and courage.

With both stones at hand, you can bring confidence and optimism into your life. These stones should remove the self-limiting beliefs and thoughts, encouraging action and inspiration. They also fill you with the elements of curiosity, happiness, and playfulness in order to make your life more interesting.

Not only that, but both stones also enhance your sexual energies. Thanks to their association with the sacral chakra, both orange star sapphire and carnelian can enhance your sexuality and sex drive. Both stones should help enhance your sex life and stimulate sensual experiences. They are also suitable for healing impotence and boosting fertility.

Is Star Sapphire a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The star sapphire is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Star Sapphire is September’s Birthstone

Star sapphire was the historical birthstone for April. In modern times, however, it becomes the traditional birthstone for the month of September. Sapphires bring respect, wisdom, intuition, and knowledge.

Star Sapphire is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus and Libra  

Star Sapphire is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

The star sapphire is a zodiac crystal for those born under the banner of Taurus. Taureans are highly affectionate individuals. However, they are known to have short tempers and are very stubborn.

The soothing energies of the star sapphire crystal can help release this stubbornness while providing them with a patient demeanor. With its calm and spiritual nature, the star sapphire can also enhance the intuitiveness and awareness of the Taureans.

Star Sapphire is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra

Star sapphire also resonates well with those born under the banner of Libra. In general, Librans tend to struggle with their self-discipline. The star sapphire can help in increasing their concentration and focus by stimulating higher awareness and connection to the universal energy.

Not only that, but this stone also eases procrastination while helping the Librans to move towards their objectives and goals. In addition, Librans are known to value loyalty and faithfulness. And star sapphire is known to enhance both attributes which help Librans to improve relationships with others.

Meditation with Star Sapphire

Star sapphires are suitable for activating your unconscious mind and facilitating communication and connection to the divine realm. It is mainly used for reaching the higher realms as you meditate while inspiring peace and tranquility in your session.

How to Cleanse and Charge Star Sapphire?

Thanks to its hardness, the star sapphire can be cleaned in almost every way. Still, using warm soapy water is still best for quick cleaning. You can then remove the accumulated dirt and dust on its surface by rubbing it with your fingers or using a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Other than physically cleaning your star sapphire crystal, it is also important that you purify and charge the stone. Since it absorbs negative energies, it is essential to cleanse its frequency.

How to Cleanse and Charge Star Sapphire

You can cleanse the energy of your star sapphire by soaking it in a bowl filled with salt water or simply sea salt. You can also try smudging it with white sage or your favorite herb to remove or “smoke” the bad vibes away.

To recharge your crystal, you can simply let it soak in powerful sun energies or calming moon energies. You can also let it sit near a big quartz crystal to rebalance its energies. Or you can simply use the soothing sound vibrations of singing bowls to gently release and recharge your stone’s energies.

Final Thoughts

Sapphire is already a beautiful crystal on its own. But when enhanced to be a star sapphire, it becomes a powerful crystal of the heavens and divine realm. Its ethereal beauty combined with the unique sheen of starry energy shall bring an amplified array of magical and metaphysical energies to all aspects of your body.

Regardless of the variety or color you choose, the star sapphire is one of the most mesmerizing, valuable, and versatile stones you can find and should be a must-have in your growing crystal collection.


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