Sunstone Meanings, Properties and Uses

Sunstone Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Sunstone

For those who wish to bask in the warming energies, feel the light spilling across their skin or want to feel energized on a gloomy or lazy day, the Sunstone crystal is here to ensure that you keep a wonderful piece of endless summer close by.

Know more about this wonderful crystal by reading below.

What is Sunstone?

Sunstone is the name given to the crystal of the Feldspar family with warning shades of orange, gold, browns and reds that sparkle like the sun. It also goes by other names such as Goldstone or Aventurine Feldspar.

What is Sunstone

The color is determined partly by the size and abundance of the copper platelets within the crystal. These copper platelets create the reddish or pink color of the stone. Some rare stones are deep blue or green in color and the clean red specimens are considered the rarest.

Furthermore, color can vary within a single crystal. Some crystals tend to exhibit a color gradient. Sunstone gemstones can have pink on the other end of the crystal and the color gradually strengthens to oranges on the other end. Meanwhile, other crystals have sharp color changes. Such crystals might have patches of green in contact with areas of strong red color.

Sunstones are transparent to translucent crystals producing bright metallic displays when light hits the tiny plate-like inclusions of hematite or goethite within the crystal. Such mineral inclusions typically have a common orientation and the light that enters the stone will reflect from them at a common angle. As a result, a flash of light is produced in the eye of the observer who views them at various angles. Such optical phenomenon is called “aventurescence”.

Sunstone gems can be mined across the globe. It is typically found in Norway, Russia, Greece, the US and Canada.

The Meaning and Uses of Sunstone

Usually found in warm shades of gold, orange, brown and red and with the translucency to complete the look, the meaning behind the sunstone crystal is focused on joy and abundance. Thanks to its golden orange warmth, and iridescent style when caught in the light and sparkling layers, this crystal embraces its kinship with the sun in the sky. It echoes the sun’s life-giving properties and mighty feeling that everything will be okay.

The Meaning and Uses of Sunstone

The sunstone was first discovered in the Fjord clearing lands of Norway. It was believed that the Viking explorer used this bright crystal as a compass to find their way across the ocean and onto the greener pastures.

Beyond the ancient Nordic texts, the sunstone gem was said to be a powerful healer in the Native American culture. It was believed that it earned its colors from the blood of the great wounded warriors.

Meanwhile, ancient Greeks believed that this stone came from the Sun God, Ra. They believed that it could grant joy and direction to those who feel unsure of where to go. It is said to lend light where darkness lies and bringing warmth to cold seasons. Sunstone gem was also often used in the ornamentation of plates and goblets in ancient Greece. It was believed that Sunstone gemstones counteract poison and producing strength.

According to legends, the ancients also believed that the Sunstone gem once formed part of the sun. Then, it fell to the earth during a full solar eclipse. In oriental cultures, this crystal was known as the phenomenal gem that should be worn on Sundays. Phenomenal gems are considered to bring wealth and good fortune to their wearer.

Sunstone gem was also revered in ancient India as a protective talisman from the destructive forces of other realms. Canadian Indians, on the other hand, used sunstone gem in rituals of the medicine wheel in order to show spirit guides the association with the sun’s golden-white healing light. During such ceremonies, the sunstone gem was placed at the center of the medicine wheel. It has been reported that during contact with a spirit guide, the crystal would emit a golden glow.

Sunstone Metaphysical Properties

With the radiance of the mighty sun and the fire of the solar ray, the sunstone crystal carries the energy of the sun God, Ra. Its energy brings all potential life from within the earth.

Sunstone gem is also known as the Stone of Leadership. Sunstone gems bring freedom, personal power and expanded consciousness to their users. Since it reflects the qualities of light, the sunstone crystal also brings benevolence, openness and warmth. Sunstone gems also bring mental clarity, strength and the ability and willingness to bestow blessings upon others.

Sunstone Metaphysical Properties

A joyful crystal, the Sunstone inspires the nurturing of self to be of good service to other people. Sunstone gems have the ability to restore the enjoyment of good nature, life and providing a sense of abundance.

Speaking of abundance, the sunstone gem is also known as an abundance and wealth crystal. This stone can encourage originality and independence. Sunstone gemstones is inspirational in attracting fame, unexpected prosperity and revealing talents. Sunstone gems is a great “good luck” crystal for competitions.

You can also wear sunstone gem to feel enthusiastic and alive. Sunstone gemstones enhance vitality and are highly beneficial in maintaining and starting a fitness program or an aerobic activity. It is well-suited for those with occupations that require high energies throughout the day. 

The Benefits of Sunstone

Here are some of the best benefits of using sunstone.

For Physical Healing

Just like standing in the sunlight, the sunstone gem can also warm your body. Sunstone stone increases metabolism, vitality and digestion. This crystal can also stimulate self-healing energies, harmonizing and regulating all your organs.

Sunstone For Physical Healing

Sunstone gem can also be used in the treatment of chronic sore throats. Sunstone gems can also relieve ulcers and stomach tension. When placed on your solar plexus chakra, this stone can lift Seasonal Affective disorder and other psychological ailments. Sunstone stone is helpful in chasing away bad dreams and nightmares.

Since ancient times, this crystal was also used as a grid around the body in order to relieve rheumatism, cartilage problems and general pains and aches. Sunstone stone is also used to treat cramps, osteoarthritis, fever, athletic injury and various infections. Physical contact with larger specimens can also relieve spinal problems and aching feet.

For Emotional Healing

The sunstone is a highly effective crystal in cleansing your chakras and aura. With healing properties help in removing hooks from possessive lovers, loved ones or anyone draining of your energies. The sunstone crystal surrounds these hooks with positive and loving energies and returning them back to the source.

Sunstone For Emotional Healing

This is particularly beneficial when ties should be cut or if you have the difficulty of saying No to others. Sunstone stones can help remove co-dependency, overcoming procrastination and encouraging independence and self-empowerment.

Those who hold back due to self-doubt and fears can find the sunstone crystal melting away the sense of unworthiness. Sunstone gems also erase feelings of beings discriminated against, abandoned or disadvantaged. Sunstone stone will exude a positive and rich spectrum of energies that can re-balance your emotional patterns and encouraging enthusiasm and optimism. Also, it helps in transforming anger into energy and sadness into joy.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Carrying the powers of the light and sun, the sunstone crystal can cleanse and clear all your chakras, restoring joy and happiness and provides nourishments of the spirit. Sunstone stone is especially energizing to the sacral and base chakra, stimulating will and leadership, sexuality and creativity.

Sunstone For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The brown and red shades of the sunstone crystal can activate your root or base chakra. This chakra is located at the base of your spine and controls the energy for kinesthetic movement and emotions. Sunstone stone is the foundation of your spiritual and physical energy. With the sunny energies of the sunstone gem, stimulates your base chakra and remove symptoms of low levels of activity, lethargy and low enthusiasm. Sunstone stones can help you regains your stamina and vitality. Also, your spiritual energy is rekindled and provides you with a sense of your own power.

Sunstone For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Meanwhile, the orange and golden hues of the Sunstone gems can connect with your sacral chakra. This is located just below your navel and above your pubic bone. The sacral chakra controls the energy flow and is your body’s center of gravity. By stimulating this chakra, the sunstone can enhance intuition and gut feelings. Sunstone stone also prevents confusion, repression of feelings, and over-dependency of others. This crystal will enhance your sensuality and sexuality while also easing you to go with the flow and always in good spirits.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Sunstone gem is associated with wealth, abundance and luck. Working with the energies of the sunstone, your efforts will be amplified, and favorable financial results will come your way.

Sunstone For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Sunstone stones can restore your enjoyment of life and the flow of abundance. Sunstone stones can also attract unexpected prosperity and fame. The sunstone crystal is also an excellent crystal to use when you’re joining competitions. Furthermore, its energies can protect you against misfortunes as well as other people that can drain your energy and your finances.

For Relationship and Love

The vibrant energies of the sunstone crystal are also suitable for love and relationship intentions.

If you wish something to change in your love life, then sunstone gem can be a potent ally. Sunstone gems can transform a problematic relationship into a more loving and stronger one. So, if you and your partner are currently going through a rocky patch, then this crystal can help iron out your differences.

Also, if you wish to enhance your power of attraction, then consider carrying this crystal with you. With its sunny and vibrant energies, your aura will become more attractive to other people who are also searching for love.

Sunstone For Relationship and Love

By stimulating the sacral chakra, the sunstone gem can also stimulate sexuality and increasing your sexual energy. Sunstone stones can help you to become a more sensitive and passionate lover. Sunstone stones can even help address issues related to sexual dysfunction.

Sunstone can also be a viable source of strength and vitality for anyone in a relationship. Sunstone stone is particularly true if you rely on your partner too much— emotionally and physically. Sunstone stones can help you realize that being in a relationship does not mean being vulnerable and weak.

This crystal is also an excellent ally for those who are suffering from a sudden loss of their partner or a relationship breakup. Sunstone stones can help melt away feelings of unworthiness and insecurity as well as the feeling of being abandoned and abused.

This crystal can also help in balancing your emotional patterns and transforming you into someone that is worthy of being loved and loving others. Sunstone stones can help in releasing feelings and thoughts that do not benefit your relationship. You’ll be more open to receiving love and sharing compassion with others.

For Protection

Sunstone For Protection

Sunstone, as an amulet of protection, is a powerful barrier filter. This crystal has incredible abilities to help you amplify and focus your efforts in order to keep the undesirable elements out of your life. Its crystalline structure can also give you the strength to move forward while creating a shield and protecting you against attacks from all directions, simultaneously.

With its earth and sun power, the sunstone is also a powerful filter protector. This stone can absorb the positive energy flow but keeps the negative energy away from your auric shield. Also, Sunstone stone helps keep you focused on the positive things while preventing you from being overwhelmed by the negativities in life.

Furthermore, as a filter crystal, sunstone can also work to keep the harmful electronic transmissions from sapping your health and energy.

For Confidence

Sunstone For Confidence

As its name implies, the sunstone offers the optimistic and high vibrational energy of the sun. Thus, Sunstone stone is a master of instilling confidence and self-esteem. This stone strongly resonates with the sunnier aspects of happiness, joy, hope and light.

Sunstone stones can activate both your sacral and solar plexus chakra. Thus, Sunstone stone can transform the lack of self-worth and confidence into a higher level of strength, enthusiasm and hope for new possibilities.

Not only that, but this crystal can also nurture your self-esteem and leadership qualities. Sunstone stones can also reverse feelings of embarrassment and failure while boosting self-empowerment and dispelling doubts and fears.

For Depression and Anxiety

Crystals that are orange or golden in color are the best to use when experiencing or dealing with anxiety and depression. And one of the best crystals to possess such colors is the sunstone.

Sunstone For Depression and Anxiety

Sunstone exudes joy and happiness. Its positive energies can shine a profound light on the positive things in life. If you feel drained by other people or your surroundings, then this stone can free you from the overdemanding or possessive energies. This stone can also act as an antidepressant, increasing your enthusiasm and optimism.

Sunstone stone also brings the regenerative powers of the sun and shows you positivity in any given situation. Sunstone stones can help soothe anxiety and are a wonderful stone when you need assistance with a problem or when feeling fearful.

The energies of this crystal can also increase your capacity to focus. As a result, Sunstone stone reduces the chances of your mind going astray, wandering or daydreaming.

For Career Success

Sunstone is dubbed the Stone of Leadership. Sunstone stone will showcase the strength of our abilities, mind and expanded consciousness. Not only that, but it will also show the world that you are more than what they think you are. They will be surprised at all of the amazing things you can do.

Sunstone For Career Success

Sunstone is a stone that promotes professional and career success. Sunstone stone can bring countless opportunities such as exciting responsibilities or promotions. Furthermore, this stone can also inspire a great personal strength that can improve your ability to stand up for yourself.

In short, sunstone can remove the fear of speaking of your mind. As a result, it can clear a path for your truest and most confident self to stand and shine. With its joyful and bright energies, this crystal is also believed to bring heightened intuition. Sunstone stone encourages self-empowerment and independence.

Sunstone is also quite useful for those who tend to procrastinate and seem to be lacking. As mentioned before, sunstone can also help increase your confidence and self-worth. Sunstone stone also eases fear of failure and doubts and helps detach yourself from feelings of being discriminated for no reason at all.

For Empaths

The golden-orange hues of the sunstone crystal with healing properties boast healing energies suitable for the empaths. With its strong connection to the sun, this crystal can bring warmth, positivity and comfort to its wearer.

Sunstone For Empaths

As a protector crystal, sunstone can protect you against negativity or overwhelming emotions from other people. Sunstone stone is also beneficial for the empaths who have difficulty in saying No to emotionally-draining people.

With its sunny aspect and vibrant energies, the sunstone crystal can also offer a boost of energy through the base chakra. This way, empaths won’t have to deal and absorb the daily stress and exhaustion of negative people.

Combining Sunstone With Other Crystal Stones

The vibrant energies of the sunstone crystal should be paired with other energizing crystals and healing properties in order to amplify its energy or benefit from a specific healing intention. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for sunstone.

Sunstone + Garnet

For boosting energy levels, try pairing sunstone with the vibrant garnet crystal.

Sunstone + Garnet

The sunstone crystal is one of the best allies for boosting energy levels. Thanks to its yang energies, sunstone gem carries the regenerative qualities of the mighty sun and shining positivity on all of your endeavors. Garnet, on the other hand, can support the healthy flow of chi or life force through your body. This is crucial if you want to feel happy or energized.

Both stones can break down blockages of your root chakra. This helps stimulate feelings of self-esteem and self-worth. Not only that, but these crystals can also draw in restorative energy when you need to boost your passion for life, especially during stressful times.

AS garnet promotes physical energy and injecting enthusiasm into your life, the energies of the sunstone crystal can release you from the influence of over-demanding or negative people. As a result, you will have an extra boost of energy in order to stay positive and you can develop a true sense of happiness and joy.

Sunstone + Pyrite

For an unusual pairing that radiates positivity, try sunstone gem and pyrite.

Sunstone + Pyrite

The sunstone crystal is known to radiate light and happiness. Its super positive energy can shine a profound light on independence and self-empowerment. It brings the regenerative powers of the sun and can show you the positivity in any situation.

Pyrite, on the other hand, is another phenomenal crystal for positivity. Nestled within its cubic structures, is a powerful force field that can block out the negative energies and pollutants. This stone can stop any outside influences that can affect your thinking and mood.

In addition, sunstone gem can free you from overdemanding or possessive energies. It acts as an antidepressant and helps increase your enthusiasm and optimism. Both stones can also boost self-confidence and help you in overcoming inferiority complexes.

Sunstone + Spirit Quartz

For the ultimate confidence booster, pair sunstone gem with the spirit quartz crystal.

Sunstone + Spirit Quartz

Sunstone gem is a master of instilling self-esteem and confidence. This stone resonates with the vibrant aspects of light, hope and happiness. Not only that, but it also invigorates your sacral and solar plexus chakras. This can transform a lack of self-belief and confidence into new levels of enthusiasm, strength and possibility. Furthermore, its gentle luminosity can also highlight your abilities and talents in their full glory.

The spirit quartz, on the other hand, is one of the most mesmerizing crystals for confidence. It can dissolve the self-imposed limitations that are caused by the lack of confidence and allows you to achieve more than what you ever thought was possible.  Being a cluster crystal, the spirit quartz also radiates energy in every direction. This makes it suitable in a group or office environments where self-doubt and fear can rock your confidence.

As the sunstone crystal can nurture your leadership qualities, the spirit quartz can encourage harmony and team-building between co-workers. The uplifting energies of both sunstone gem and spirit quartz can boost self-empowerment while also reversing the feelings of failure.

Sunstone + Blue Lace Agate

For soothing emotional disturbances as well as anxiety and depression, try pairing the sunny vibes of sunstone gem with the calming energies of the blue lace agate.

Sunstone + Blue Lace Agate

The warmth and positivity that radiates from the sunstone crystal can soothe emotional imbalances and easing anxiety. It is a wonderful crystal when you are feeling fearful or stressed. Not only that, but this stone can also help you take control of your life. It brings cheerfulness, optimism and self-esteem into your life.

Blue lace agate, on the other hand, is very soothing and relaxing. It is a supportive and powerful crystal that encourages peace and tranquility into your life. Its supple energies also connect you to your guardian angels so they can wrap you inside their healing and restorative wings.

So, as the blue lace agate can remove anxious thinking and calm you in toxic situations, the sunstone crystal can infuse positivity and happiness. Together, both stones can take away anxiety and depression. Not only that, but these crystals can also clear negativities from your auric shield and inducing peace of mind and tranquility.

Is Sunstone a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Sunstone is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a natural birthstone and is a zodiac crystal.

Sunstone is July 21 – August 21, August 22 – September 22, September 23 – October 21 and October 22 – November 20 Birthstone

The sunstone crystal is not one of the traditional birthstones. However, it is a natural birthstone for various months.

The golden sunstones are known to be the natural birthstone of those born on July 22 – August 21, during the magical months of midsummer. These crystals can bring you enthusiasm, power, happiness and success.

The orange-colored sunstones are the true birthstone for those born on August 22 – September 22, during the end of summer. The orange sunstones bring you friendship, joy, family togetherness and pleasure.

Meanwhile, the sunstone with scarlet hues is the natural birthstone for those born on September 23 – October 21, during the autumn. These crystals can bring you vitality, dedication, willpower and strength.

Lastly, the sunstones with vibrant red colors are the natural birthstones for those born on October 22 – November 20. The red energies of this crystal can bring you passion, love, courage and energy.

Sunstone is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra and Leo 

Sunstone is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra

People born under the banner of Libra will enjoy the fiery glow of the sunstone crystal. The Librans are known for their sense of idealism, their fair and just approach to life and their gracious connections to strangers and friends.

However, Librans can also be a little self-pitying and indecisive. They tend to go well out of their way in order to avoid arguments as they often fear the worse. The energies of the sunstone crystal can help by bringing back the sparkle to this side of the Libran nature. It is a crystal that will remind them that they can have the power and present boundaries without losing friendship and love.

Sunstone is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo

The Leos too, with their mighty strong personality and full of confidence can be a natural match for the energies of the sunstone crystal. Being soaked in comfort, super big-hearted and having every sunny disposition, the Leos truly stand out from the crown.

And the sunstone crystal will help shine even more light on all these lovely personalities and traits of the Leo. And yet, the sunstone crystal can also balance them out so that they can nurture leadership qualities while living a full and positive life.

Meditation with Sunstone

When you meditate with the sunstone crystal placed on your third eye chakra, you can see the highest path of action in any given situation. Furthermore, sunstone gem is actually an alchemical stone that can bring a profound connection to light as well as the regenerative power of the sun when meditating.

Also, using the sunstone gem during your meditation sessions, you can fill your space with positivity and light-heartedness. This induces relaxation and helps in easing stress and negativity.

How to Cleanse and Charge Sunstone?

Ven with its bountiful and bright personality, it is still crucial that you keep your sunstone gem charged and purified. Sunstones work closely in deflecting negative energy. This only means that it can be soaked up in darkened thoughts and toxic moods.

Instead of letting it sit with all the heaviness of negative energies within for extended periods of time, you need to keep your sunstone light and sunny by giving it a regular charging and cleansing.

You can cleanse your sunstone crystal by smudging it with a little sage, sweetgrass or whatever healing herb you want. Also, this crystal can benefit from sitting closely with crystal clusters so that it can send the negative attributes away. You can also run this crystal under a flow of gentle warm water in order to wash the bad vibes away.

How to Cleanse and Charge Sunstone

With its strong association with the sun, the best way to recharge your sunstone crystal is to let it soak under the powerful rays of the sun. However, if it is the winter season or a rainy day without the golden rays of the sun, you can simply charge it with the energies of the moon. Or you can simply bury this stone in a little rich earth to soak in revitalizing energies from the earth.

Final Thoughts

Sunstone is a wonderful crystal brimming with endless energy. It is ever ready to pick you up when you are feeling low. And just like the warming and hearty kiss of the sun on your face, having this crystal close to you can rejuvenate your whole being and spirit.

Having the zest to tackle life’s challenges, staying grounded, bringing good fortune and forging sweet nurturing relationships, the sunstone crystal is perhaps one of the most precious golden crystals you can find across all the lands.


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