Tanzanite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Tanzanite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Tanzanite

Rarer than diamonds, but almost only as famous, the tanzanite crystal has skyrocketed precious stone in popularity just like a newbie starlet in the short 5 decades since its discovery. However, unlike diamonds, which is plentiful in Russia and Africa, the tanzanite mines are expected to run dry in 2022. This gives the gem all the more intrigue and desire.

Learn everything about this stone by reading below.

What is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is the naturally blue zoisite and one of the rarest gemstones. This is a calcium aluminum silicate that forms in prismatic, typically in striated crystals. It occurs in gneisses and schists as well as in metasomatic rocks together with actinolite, vesuvianite and garnet. Occasionally, it can be found in hydrothermal veins. Gemstones can be slightly opaque to transparent and ranges in color from light blue violet to deep ultramarine blue colored stones.

What is Tanzanite

The most valuable stones are the ones with saturated bluish violet colored stones shades. In its raw form, the tanzanite crystal occurs in blue, brown, yellow and purple colors. Almost all tanzanite, particularly the brown crystals, are heat-treated in order to produce the striking bluish violet color while removing the brownish to yellow areas. The natural blue colors of tanzanite are because of the presence of vanadium,

Its mesmerizing blue shade is often mistaken for a sapphire. However, the main difference between the two stones is that tanzanite boasts a range of bluish violet colored stones.

Furthermore, tanzanite is also pleochroic. This means that it shifts in color when the stone is viewed from different angles. Under artificial light, this stone may appear as an amethyst blue.

Thanks to its rarity, tanzanite value commands a high price tag. Gem occurs in only one place in the globe— in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, East Africa, thus the name. This stone was first discovered in 1967. Tanzanite is not particularly durable. As a matter of fact, this bluish violet colored gemstones tanzanite with an orthorhombic structure is only rated 6.5  in the Mohs Hardness scale.  

The Meaning and Uses of Tanzanite

Tanzanite with its purplish-blue colors means enhancement of psychic abilities and powers. Tanzanite gem is an excellent stone for the novices who want to explore their spiritual and psychic capabilities. The naturally blue tanzanite stones are also very protective and allow your third eye chakra to open. These gemstones prevents psychic impressions from becoming too overwhelming.

The Meaning and Uses of Tanzanite

Not only that, but this stone can also help in the sharing of spiritual knowledge and wisdom from a heart-centered perspective. This makes it a great stone for the counselors or other people in the position of intellectuality interpreting emotional experiences. Furthermore, this gem makes a great ally for the empaths who tend to form interpretations of emotional info that they intuitively receive.

When worn as a piece of jewelry, the tanzanite can stay within your auric field and bring your consciousness to a permanently higher state. Not only that, but it also brings positive self-awakening attributes to other people who see its beauty.

The popular legend regarding the tanzanite crystal states that it was a gift from the gods. This is because its discovery was associated with the Masai cattle herders who first saw the mesmerizing blue color stones after the brown zoisite stones on the ground were scorched in a bush fire that was caused by lightning.  

Tanzanite Metaphysical Properties

Tanzanite is one of the most valuable and potent of all metaphysical crystals for spiritual exploration. By stimulating all your higher chakras, this stone can bring together all aspects of psychic powers and communication.

Tanzanite Metaphysical Properties

Not only that, but its high vibrational energy also invites safety and protection when linking with the higher realms. Thus, it allows for deeper and more profound meditation.

The tanzanite jewelry is especially helpful in uniting the heart and mind. It teaches you to love from a compassionate and understanding heart with an enlightened mind. The high vibrational energies and shifting colors of the tanzanite jewelry can also raise your consciousness. This assists in the linking to the angelic realms, Christ and Ascended Masters consciousness and spirit guides.

Furthermore, it can provide ease in entering the altered states and in receiving information from the Akashic Records. Moreover, tanzanite jewelry also helps in the multi-dimensional karmic and cellular healing in preparing the soul for ascension.

The Benefits of Tanzanite

Although relatively new to the crystal healing community, tanzanite is already favored by crystal healers thanks to the many benefits that it offers. Here are the benefits of using tanzanite stone.

For Physical Healing

Tanzanite For Physical Healing

Tanzanite is one of the best stones to use in strengthening your immune system. This stone is said to detoxify your blood while improving your vitality. It encourages the regeneration of the cells, hair and skin. Not only that, but it also protects against the side-effects of surgical or medical intervention. It was even believed that it can help in bringing one from the comatose state.

Its calming and soothing blue color energies are also said to be useful in treating psychological disorders, nervous tension and easing stress. Tanzanite gemstone is an excellent stone for the problem of excessive sweating. Tanzanite gemstone can also relieve migraine headaches. Tanzanite stones can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as counseling and may help in the treatment of chronic alcoholism.

Tanzanite can also strengthen your heart, lungs, pancreas, spleen, chest and throat. It is also having the ability to neutralize over-acidification as well as reducing inflammation. Furthermore, it stimulates fertility. Tanzanite gemstone can heal diseases of the testicles and ovaries.

For Emotional Healing

Tanzanite For Emotional Healing

Tanzanite with its gentle and comforting blue color generates an energy of happiness. It provides relief from worries and allows detailed insight into your emotional issues without the need to unnecessarily dwelling on them.

Tanzanite gemstones will inspire you to feel more loving, compassionate and centered. This rare gem helps you in overcoming the experiences of crises and fear while rebuilding trust. This can help in solving questions related to the meaning of life and coming to terms with yourself.

Not only that, but Tanzanite gemstone also allows you to easily speak the truth from your heart with all the eloquence and resourcefulness that the mind can conjure. This makes the process consistently easier with time.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Tanzanite is a potent stone that can stimulate your crown, third eye and throat chakras in one go. Tanzanite gemstone unites the higher mind with communication and intuition.

Tanzanite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Tanzanite stones that carry the predominant blue color crystal energy stimulate your throat chakra. Tanzanite gemstone is the voice of your body and acts as a pressure valve that allows the energy from your other chakras to be expressed. With the blue color energies of tanzanite, you can open and balance your throat chakra. The blue gems allow an honest and clear expression of your emotions, thoughts and feelings. Not only that, but you can also communicate your beliefs and ideas, bringing your personal truth out into the world.

Tanzanite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Meanwhile, the purple energies of the tanzanite work with the third eye chakra. This is the center of your command and perception, directing your sight and awareness of the world. With tanzanite, you can open and stimulate your third eye chakra. Tanzanite gemstone opens you to new visions, dreams and ideas. Tanzanite gem balances your internal communications within as well as inspiring wisdom, mystery and judgment.

Tanzanite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The tanzanite can also relate to the crown chakra. This is the topmost chakra and is the gateway to the divine and spiritual realm beyond the physical body. The crown chakra is the source of your spirituality and belief. Tanzanite gemstone will connect you to the higher planes of existence and is a great source of universal truth and knowledge. With the blue violet rays of tanzanite, you can balance and unblock your crown chakra. Tanzanite gemstone will inspire the universal life force of dreams, magic, destiny, inspiration and psychic awareness.

Lastly, tanzanite gem is also the most effective stone for attuning and linking your heart chakra to your third eye chakra. This helps in bringing the heart into cooperation with your mind. Tanzanite gemstone expands your search for wholeness and keeping you centered in compassionate humanity.

For Relationship and Love

As mentioned recently, tanzanite is a gem that can align your heart and mind. Tanzanite gemstone can make a harmonious connection between what your mind wants to achieve and what your heart desires just like the blue topaz.

Tanzanite For Relationship and Love

This tanzanite stone has the power to transform our negative energies into positive vibes. This rare gem allows you to focus on the good aspects of your relationship and nothing can faze you. Thus, nothing can prevent you from being successful or happy in love.

In addition, tanzanite can encourage you to show your true self to your partner. Tanzanite gemstone prevents you from being influenced by other people in order to fit the norm. This gem can help you express who you truly are and follow what resonates with you.

Not only that, just like the blue topaz this gem can also help you to focus on the love that you and your partner share, despite what other people say. Moreover, genuine tanzanite gem can also help in removing the fear and negative thoughts that you have about being in a relationship or in love.

With Tanzanite gemstone, you can become more confident and courageous. Tanzanite gemstone creates trust and fidelity in your relationship. Not only that, but it will also make you look forward to new romantic possibilities. Tanzanite gemstone can make you feel excited to feel the stability of a relationship that has overcome many challenges or the rush of newfound love.

For Depression and Anxiety

Tanzanite For Depression and Anxiety

As mentioned before, the tanzanite stone is an excellent ally in the treatment of psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression. It helps in relieving stress anxious thoughts and nervous tension.

This gem can generate an energy of joy and optimism. It eases worries, anxiety and allows better insight into emotional issues without dwelling on them unnecessarily that may cause chaotic mind-chattering.  

The changing colors of tanzanite are also said to facilitate raising consciousness. Tanzanite gemstone helps you in realizing your thoughts and transforming the destructive or anxious urges into constructive and beneficial ones. Furthermore, this crystal can also help release limiting fears while encouraging relaxation and serenity. Tanzanite gemstone brings emotional balance and calming your nerves as well as regulating your mood swings.

For Career Success

In the workplace, the tanzanite crystal can be a great ally. Its soothing blue color energies can help relax and calm you down, particularly in a stressful environment or chaotic situation.

Tanzanite For Career Success

This crystal can help you slow down and letting go of stress. This is very important if you wish to stay composed, sharp and motivated in achieving your professional goals. In addition, this gem also helps release tensions and allows you to focus on the task at hand.

With this gem sitting pretty on your office desk, you will be able to enjoy its calming energize that helps keep your composure. It encourages you to work in harmony with your co-workers. Tanzanite gemstone even helps in better communication with your colleagues. Plus, Tanzanite gemstone also protects your thoughts and auric shield from absorbing toxic thoughts and negative energies from other people.

Since it stimulates your higher chakras, this gem is also known to stimulate the mind. This means that you can increase your mental acuity and intellectuality. It provides the much-needed insights to help you find the best strategy or opportunities that best guarantees success.

Not only that, but Tanzanite gemstone can also help with your patience too. This way, you can distinguish when to act fast to close a deal or when to move slow, but in an intelligent way.

For Empaths

Tanzanite For Empaths

As one of the most spiritual stones, tanzanite with its high vibrational energy can also benefit the empathic individuals who usually form interpretations of emotional information that they intuitively receive.

This gem is great for clearing your aura and spirituality. This way you can effectively harmonize outside influence and stay calm in chaotic or overwhelming situations. Tanzanite gemstone also encourages you to trust your intuition. It can boost your psychic talents and sharpening your empathic intuition by opening your third eye chakra and connecting it with the crown chakra. Then, Tanzanite gemstone helps in neutralizing negative or draining energies and keeping your energies grounded. Tanzanite gemstone helps in keeping a healthy boundary and overcoming dramas.

Combining Tanzanite With Other Crystal Stones

Pairing tanzanite with other stones can amplify its potent energies or focus on a specific metaphysical property. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for tanzanite.

Tanzanite + Moldavite

Tanzanite + Moldavite

For the ultimate astral traveling duo, try pairing tanzanite with moldavite.

The tanzanite crystal is perhaps one of the most potent and valuable metaphysical stones for spiritual exploration and astral traveling. It stimulates all your higher chakras. Tanzanite gemstone brings together all aspects of psychic powers and communication for a one-of-a-kind spiritual adventure.

L ighter colored stones, Moldavite, on the other hand, is another interesting crystal for astral traveling. This is mainly because of its extraterrestrial origins and its olive shades of receptiveness. Since it is from space itself, the ability of moldavite is limitless. It can take you beyond boundaries and into dimensions of galactic and universal energies.

Moldavite can help you reach a quick separation needed in order to successfully travel in the astral plane. Meanwhile, the tanzanite can provide ease in entering the astral plane. And since it can stimulate your third eye chakra, this gem can help you receive and understand information from your spiritual journey.

Together, both gemstones can help you attain a more spiritual and informational journey in the astral plane. Take note, however, that this combination is not recommended for beginners. This is because tanzanite is quite potent while moldavite requires experience to harness its extraterrestrial energies.

Tanzanite + Rainbow Moonstone

Tanzanite + Rainbow Moonstone

The combination of tanzanite and rainbow moonstone is suitable when undergoing changes or experiencing new beginnings in your life.

The rainbow moonstone is a potent crystal that can help you face life-changing decisions. With its connection to the lunar cycle and feminine energies, this gem can help you go with the flow of the ever-changing rhythms of life. This gem will teach you how to appreciate change and new beginnings, even if such change is because of a negative situation or the end of a relationship. Its gentle energy can encourage you to view it as a positive process.

Tanzanite, on the other hand, is one of the most uplifting stones that can encourage you to embrace life again. After suffering from a breakup, a loss or a negative change in life, tanzanite can act as a safety net. Tanzanite gemstone helps you open yourself and allow you to trust that it is safe to love and appreciate life once again.

The nurturing energies of the rainbow moonstone can provide much-needed energy. It encourages reassessments and rest. This way you can see the full beauty of experiencing negative situations and moving forward. Meanwhile, the supportive energies of tanzanite can help you overcome anxieties and fear and help you celebrate life and new beginnings.

Tanzanite + Iolite

Tanzanite + Iolite

To power up your third eye chakra, try pairing the tanzanite crystal with the might of the iolite.

Tanzanite is a fabulous crystal for stimulating, opening and unblocking your third eye chakra. Its high vibrations can facilitate deep meditative states. Not only that, but it also allows a stronger connection to the Akashic Records. Dubbed as the gem of Transformation, this blue violet crystal makes a valuable aid in developing your psychic capabilities.Tanzanite gemstone can bring insight and higher perspectives to all that happens around you. This way you can achieve your soul and spiritual purpose.

Iolite, on the other hand, is a potent crystal for balancing and strengthening your third eye chakra. It is one of the best gemstones for re-balancing your female and male sides. This should help bring inner harmony and allows you to focus on higher consciousness and spiritual development.

The gentle energies of iolite can stimulate your third eye chakra and awaken your inner wisdom. It raises your consciousness which helps you experience improved creative thoughts and intuition.

Iolite can attract angels and spirit guides to you. Tanzanite, on the other hand, can stimulate clairvoyance, visions and awareness when astral traveling. This helps you to better understand visions and gain spiritual wisdom. Together, these stones can also induce an energetic alignment of the crown and third eye chakra in order to strengthen your spiritual aura.

Tanzanite + Apophyllite

Tanzanite + Apophyllite

The combination of tanzanite and lighter colored stones apophyllite makes a wonderful cleanser and balancer of your crown chakra.

With the purple energies of tanzanite and the clearness of apophyllite, you can enjoy an unblocked crown chakra. This opens you to the possibilities of the universe and the divine realm. Both gemstones can enhance your psychic powers, clairvoyance, intuition and increasing spiritual awareness.

Both gemstones also connect your heart to the mind, your heart chakra to your crown chakra. This brings gentle energies to spiritual connectedness. This combination can teach you to love from a gentle and understanding heart with an enlightened mind. It raises your consciousness and receptiveness.

Tanzanite + Amethyst

Tanzanite + Amethyst

Pairing tanzanite with amethyst is another spiritual combination that you should try.

Both tanzanite and amethyst stones can create a doorway between your third eye chakra and the crown chakra. By linking these chakras, you can renew vibes of the universe and the divine realm can freely flow through your third eye chakra and to your other chakras.

As high vibrational stones, both tanzanite and amethyst can stimulate memory formation as well as promoting emotional balance. Being some of the most spirituals gemstones available, tanzanite and amethyst are ideal to use during meditation and encourage inner reflection.

Not only that, but using both gemstones can also increase your mental focus. They open your mind to new viewpoints and ideas, while also sharpening your thought processes. They assist in spiritual awakening and enhancing your intuition.

Tanzanite + Garnet

Tanzanite + Garnet

For energy and overcoming exhaustion, try the combination of tanzanite and garnet.

Tanzanite may not be the first crystal you think of for energy. However, its powerful vibes can help in removing feelings of lethargy in your body. This highly creative crystal can help you get right back on track and stimulating your motivation.

Meanwhile, garnet with its blood-red vibrancy can support the healthy flow of chi through your body. Its power can break down any blockages within your root chakra. It stimulates your feelings of self-worth and drawing in restorative energies.

Together, both tanzanite and garnet can boost your passion for life and increasing awareness. These stones inject new enthusiasm into your life, making you feel happy and energized.

Tanzanite + Ametrine

Tanzanite + Ametrine

Tanzanite and Ametrine is another unique combination of astral traveling and spiritual journeying.

As mentioned before, the tanzanite crystal can open and stimulate your third eye and crown chakras. This helps you develop your psychic abilities and enhancing your intuition. It will guide you to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Ametrine, on the other hand, can help induce a state of astral projection. It boosts relaxation and perseverance, making it a wonderful crystal for astral traveling. In addition, the combination of citrine and amethyst combines the benefit of both potent stones in a single package.

Then, combine it with tanzanite and you can enjoy the relaxing energy of amethyst, anxiety-reducing effects of citrine and the intuition boosting properties of tanzanite. This way, your body can leave the physical dimension, removing the fears of journeying into the unknown and gaining more wisdom and knowledge from the astral plane.

Tanzanite + Black Tourmaline

Tanzanite + Black Tourmaline

Using black tourmaline with tanzanite ensures a safe and protective journeying to the astral plane.

Tanzanite is one of the best stones for astral traveling. It has infinite power to heightening skills of clairvoyance, telepathy and astral traveling. Tanzanite gemstone aligns your physical body with the ethereal realm. This should help in developing your instinctive skill for astral traveling.

Unfortunately, as you travel the astral realm, you attract all kinds of entities and energies to you. Thus, you will need protection against the entities that can cause you harm and drain your energy which can prevent you from traveling higher. The black tourmaline crystal is probably the most protective gemstones you can pair with tanzanite.

By empowering your base chakra and working alongside tanzanite, the black tourmaline can help you keep your positive energies rising while grounding you firmly and protecting you against all kinds of negativities in the astral plane.

Tanzanite + Clear Quartz

Tanzanite + Clear Quartz

When meditating with tanzanite, you can amplify its power by pairing it with the clear quartz.

As the most spiritual stones available, the tanzanite is favored during meditation. Opening your crown, third eye and throat chakras, its highly vibrational energies can enhance your spiritual progress and strengthening your intuition. Not only that, its calming hues and vibes can reduce stress and quieten a chaotic mind chattering. Tanzanite gemstone allows a peaceful environment for your meditation session.

Now, when you combine it with the energies of the Master Healer, you can experience double the metaphysical properties mentioned above. Its clearness can magnify not only the energy of other stones but also your natural energies. This makes it the perfect pairing option for your tanzanite crystal when meditating.

In addition, clear quartz is easily programable. Thus, it is suitable for setting your meditative intention. Plus, it is also wonderful in filtering out distractions. With the clear quartz amplifying your tanzanite crystal, you can enhance your psychic ability and intuition.

Is Tanzanite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Tanzanite is a birthstone. However, it is not a zodiac crystal.

Tanzanite is December Birthstone

Historically, the traditional birthstone for December was powerful red hues. However, with the month of December imparting the wintry cold season and the cheer and happiness of the holiday season and relaxing family traditions, the birthstone for December now carries the calming and heartwarming blue color.

Tanzanite is December Birthstone

Because of its popularity, the tanzanite crystal was added to the list of birthstones for December, along with turquoise and zircon, by the American Gem Trade Association.

In addition, the tanzanite stones in blue colors are one of the natural birthstones for February 19 – March 19, when the world awaits the vernal equinox and spring. It is the time when new life is bursting forth and is a time of trust and faith. The blue energies of tanzanite can bring you respect and patience.

Meanwhile, the tanzanite with violet and indigo colors are the natural birthstone for those born on December 21 – January 19, when the year is new and after the winter solstice, and January 20 – February 18, during midwinter. These energies can bring magic, intuition, imagination, dreams, spiritual mastery, wisdom, dignity and truth.

Meditation with Tanzanite

The high vibrational energy of the tanzanite crystal can provide a deep profound meditation experience. Tanzanite gemstone also allows ease of entering altered states of consciousness. Not only that, but this gem can also facilitate outer and inner journeying. It is highly conducive for linking to the higher and divine realms.

When you meditate with the energies of tanzanite, you can open the channel to your spirit guides. Furthermore, it is said that tanzanite is a highly beneficial tool in connecting with deceased loved ones, particularly in the early days of bereavement.

How to Cleanse and Charge Tanzanite?

It is important that you keep your tanzanite cleaned and recharged. This not only protects its brilliant sheen and vibrancy but also ensures that Tanzanite gemstone provides the metaphysical properties you seek.

Tanzanite can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water. You can brush it gently with a soft cloth or brush to remove accumulated dirt and debris. Then rinse it thoroughly and pat dry.

How to Cleanse and Charge Tanzanite

To recharge your tanzanite crystal, you can simply let it bathe under the rays of the sunlight or moonlight to gather positive energy and strength. You can also smudge tanzanite with sage or bury it in a bowl filled with salt. Furthermore, you can also let it sit close to geode crystals to reclaim its zing.

Final Thoughts

Tanzanite may be new and rare to the crystal healing community. However, its potent metaphysical energies and mesmerizing beauty make it one of the most highly sought-after crystals. And adding it to your crystal collection will ensure higher intuition, spiritual awareness and improved psychic capabilities.


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