Taurus Birthstone List, Color and Meanings

Taurus Birthstone List, Color and Meanings

The Meaning of Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus is the 2nd astrological sign of the zodiac. It’s an earth sign that is represented by the bull. People perceive the personalities of Taurus birthstone as practical. beautiful and stubborn. In fact, it is the moneymaker of the zodiac and has the firmness and promise of genuine love to offer to other people.

The Meaning of Taurus April 20 – May 20

Taurus, on the other hand, is talented and gifted and strives for organization, motivation, and inspiration. But despite having a good love for arts, this sign is also attracted to professions relating to the financial sector, real estate, aeronautics, media, food, and technology.

Moreover, a lot of Taurus personalities attain fortune and popularity and enjoy the refuge of a big, beautiful house. They are dominant and powerful. They have deeper intuitions as well as strong common sense. Taurus also has a powerful will.

People born under this sign need to work hard in order to stay away from negative thought that is related to stubbornness, insecurities, and jealousy. What’s more, they should work on creating a constructive power toward creativity, love, and kindness.

Taurus people, on the other hand, have a boisterous and very big personalities which others think is coarse. Some also think that these people are just the life of the party. Taurus does not shy away from the limelight. Rather, they are craving to be the center of attraction. Also, they are looking for opportunities to be seen and lead people.

When it comes to the intellectual level, the personalities of Taurus people might not be superstars. However, they prefer to achieve things with instinctive strength as well as tried and tested strategies. It is extremely beneficial for Taurus individuals to try new, better ways of doing something.

In fact, Taurus is all about reliability, sensuality, loyalty, and ambition. Material things and physical pleasures are very appealing to those who resonate with Taurus birthstones.

Taurus is a sign that belongs to the Earth element and will demolish a certain fixed quality in their identity. They’re grounded by nature and move slowly but surely in order to accomplish their goals. While the fixed quality of Taurus people allows them to be resolute, stable, and strong-minded, it will also help them to focus on their life objectives.

Taurus likes to be very comfortable and they’re affectionate of being surrounded by royal, soothing, and calming pleasures. These individuals are also honorable at heart, whether it is about appreciating the best art or enjoying a noticeable meal.

The Taurus birthstone also works to remind Taureans to be wary of destructive behaviors and to be less sarcastic, stubborn, or jealous since they might easily lose everything crucial in their life in the end.

-They should be extra careful so that their sensible approach towards life won’t affect their spiritual development. Part of this sign’s lesson in this life is to become open-minded with regard to the spirit world and to use metaphysical information to assure financial success and development.

What is the Birthstone for Taurus?

What is the Birthstone for Taurus?

Emerald is the birthstone of Taurus. This stone helps in the spiritual awakening of Taurus in which their self-seeking transmutes into self-sacrifice.

Since those who are born under this sign have a powerful predisposition to possess, Emerald will gently convey the capability to share. Having that said, Taurus persons begin to experience real plentitude, peace, and beauty.

Aside from being known as the birthstone, the Emerald stone also has a strong association with Venus which is the ruling planet of Taurus. In fact, it also makes Emerald a planetary stone.

Emerald, on the other hand, is believed to bring emotional being as well as emotional strength to stubborn Taurus. The stone’s properties lie in accord with the sign’s inherent nature. And this makes it the ideal birthstone for Taurus.

Moreover, Taurus values a relationship. They’re loyal to those who they recognize to be a part of their lives. Emerald will improve this faithful characteristic and help Taurus people make new friends.

All these add up to affect the personalities of the birthstone to connect and relate with people positively. Further, emeralds will help in enhancing memory faculties. The stone restores faith in a relationship, work, and life for a while. There’s also some sort of spiritual effect that can bring out a specific degree of telepathy into one’s character.

Some health issues are also common to Taurus. The good thing is that Emerald proves to be an excellent help in resolving such problems. What’s more, the stone keeps them in check. Usually, some of these health problems are related to the spine, eyesight, and head.

Loke other birthstones, Emerald also influences both the negative and positive attributes of Taurus people.

What Color is Taurus Birthstone?

What Color is Taurus Birthstone?

The color green will nurture the spirit of Taurus. This color will also make its connection to nature and growth much stronger.

Similar to the lush greens that Bulls dwell in, green symbolizes progress and growth. The comeback of green during the springtime, which is considered the period of Taurus will improve its association with this sign.

Moreover, Taureans are known to invest in money and wealth which is color green as well. This is the reason why this Taurus is drawn to stones that possess green color, particularly emerald. But aside from green, some birthstones for Taurus sport different colors like blue, pink, and orange. 

Aforementioned, Taurus is one of the earth signs and the personalities of Taurus should wear gemstones in earthy colors. For instance, they can use gold, silver, yellow, and copper hues.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Taurus Birthstone

A Guide on How to Choose Your Taurus Birthstone

The romantic behavior of Taurus will allow an empathic vibration to be utilized in choosing your perfect birthstone. Further, your passion for style and beauty will help you choose one that highlights the loving and positive characteristics of Taurus.

You can also choose the right birthstone for you by checking the list of stones below that is associated with the Taurus zodiac sign. Learn every characteristic of the birthstone and utilize your intuitive capabilities to identify which birthstone resonates with you the most.

A Complete List of Taurus Birthstone and Meanings

A Complete List of Taurus Birthstone and Meanings

While Emerald is the primary birthstone for Taurus, more stones have properties that are beneficial to those who are born under this sign.

Taurus people need help to find a great way to balance the different sides of their personalities. By using a wide variety of stones, people born under this sign may find an inner peace that helps them make the balance needed to figure out what is truly important.

If you’re a Taurus or you have a Taurus in your life, then check out the stones, along with their meanings below.

Taurus Birthstone List

  • Carnelian
  • Amethyst
  • Malachite
  • Amber
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Aventurine
  • Rhodonite
  • Selenite
  • Topaz



Carnelian’s fiery spirit will invite its owner to take the lead, stop holding back from potential transformations and overcome their fears. Taurus people tend to sit on the quiet side, but with the flashes of this stone, they might find the bravery to allow their personalities to shine.

Since it will build sweeter senses of self-confidence this birthstone works on strengthening the sacral chakra. Just like Emerald’s green gaze and Topaz’s tantalizing flashers, Carnelian will encourage the souls of Taureans to go on winning streaks.



Amethyst is capable of inviting the earth stone in order to reach higher in terms of self-love. As a birthstone, Amethyst is a great choice since it will lend itself well to a gemstone that will make people feel more secure while enticing them to stay away from their comfort zone.

Amethyst can amplify warmth and joy and as Taurus people are such fun individuals to be around, will only help intensify the fun without slipping into a pleasure-seeking pattern.



Another great birthstone for Taurus is Malachite. Malachite has a vivid pop of green acting as a guardian of hearts. This Taurus birthstone can also bring balance to the right and left sides of your mind.

This stone, on the other hand, will help in aligning the chakras to lessen stress as well as help in lessening the grasp of perfectionism.

Malachite will gently nudge the Taurus people to say goodbye to self-restricting beliefs that may prevent these individuals from stepping out and allowing the entire spectrum of their inner spectrum to shine bright.



Though it is not technically a stone, Amber is considered a birthstone for its healing properties. Amber can be found in many different colors such as golden brown, orange and yellow. This stone, on the other hand, is believed to have the capability to help a Taurus person in dealing with and releasing negative feelings like fear, and anger as well as the possibility to hold a grudge.

When the temper of Taurus people begins to flare, Amber will help in calming their temper before a situation becomes out of control. Even though this birthstone works with all your chakras, it’s especially resonant with the throat and crown chakras.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is another excellent stone for the Taurus people. It can calm the mind and spirit, make a gentle and loving atmosphere and boost compassion.

For Taurus individuals, this stone helps in finding the inner strength needed to resist the urges of a fast temper. It will also help Taurus people to control negative energies. 

Rose Quartz is all about peace as well as love. It can help Tauruses tap into more positive characteristics that they’re known for like true love, honesty, and loyalty. One more thing, you can use a piece of Rose Quartz in your healing practices to eliminate negativity and toxic energy, surpass self-doubt as well as look for a place of respect and deep self-love.



For those who are born under the Taurus, the sign garnet is a powerful talismanic stone that they can use. Despite garnet is typically known as the January birthstone, it is a powerful healing crystal that should be part of a Taurean’s spiritual practice.

Garnet is considered one of the best Taurus birthstones because it has the power to bring positive thinking and courage to its users. this is beneficial for a Taurus person who needs more confidence or courage to keep on striving towards his or her goals.

You can use this birthstone to get rid of self-doubts and negative thoughts that may be holding you back. Furthermore, when optimism is part of your life you will feel internal strengths that come from purpose and clarity.



Together with emerald aventurine is a powerful birthstone for Taurus. This stone is available in different colors like purple, yellow, red, pink, and blue. But it is the green variety of this stone that seems to resonate with the character of the Taurus people.

Also called the stone of gamblers, aventurine is believed to bring luck, fortune, and wealth. This is especially helpful to Taurus people because they are easily drawn to wealth and luxury.

Luckily aventurine can help a Taurus person stops as well as reflects on the motivation behind this pursuit for monetary stuff. Adventuring can open up and heal the heart chakra. This, in turn, will help Taurus people connect their hearts to inner harmony compassion, and most importantly patients for other people



A pinkish and sweet Taurus birthstone, rhodonite is popular for its capability to improve feelings of compassion, forgiveness, love, and trust. As much as people appreciate all the good traits of Taurus people, some admit that coming up against their volatile temper and stubbornness can be both intimidating and difficult.  Distinct stone has the capability to smooth out and sweetened some of the traits they have.

There are times that the hard-working and stubborn traits of Taurus people can make them resistant to forgiving and accepting the faults of other people and themselves. Using this birthstone for healing will help in bringing a higher spiritual connection, more acceptance, and patience.

It will also resonate with the heart chakra; thus, it has the ability to help Taurus people break down walls that they have built around their hearts for so long.



Taurus people are not scared to work hard for the things that they want. If a certain goal seems to be very important these individuals will dig their heels in and not give up even though this means an ending struggle and hours of work.

Selenite also helps Taurus people in figuring out if their final goods are worth all of the mental and physical effort. Since it is connected to the moon, this birthstone has the ability to connect people to the angelic vibration and insight from the universe. It is healing, and purifying and helps in releasing someone from toxic and negative energies that might be guiding them on the wrong path.

Selenite also works with the third eye, crown, and heart chakra in order to bring a higher spiritual consciousness that many Taurus people need. In fact, this spiritual connection counteracts self-satisfaction and materialism



Topaz is another great stone that Taurus people will surely love. This stone has the ability to bring healing as well as support to those who are born under this zodiac sign.

Like any other birthstone, topaz also comes in a variety of colors such as purple, brown, blue, pink, and golden. Every color has its own healing value and vibration so make sure to pick one that attracts your spirit.

Topaz is also believed to bring love, trust wealth, fortune, and honesty. Using this crystal may help tourist people feel encouraged and supported to keep striving in order to reach their goals. It even helps an individual to determine their own truth.

How to Use Your Taurus Birthstone?

Healing stones are an excellent way to improve the qualities of Taurus and lessen the undesirable aspects.

There are many ways you can use your birthstone:

How to Use Your Taurus Birthstone?
  • You can also use birthstones when meditating. This will calm your mind, deepen your practice and improve your concentration.
  • Taurus people love luxury. Thus, you can place your birthstone around your home. Doing so will help you feel more secure and improve your qualities while helping others who live there.
  • Wear your birthstone as a piece of jewelry so that its energies will stay in your auric field. Both Emerald and Rose Quartz are effective in pendants to promote loyalty in relationships or self-love.
  • Another way to use your birthstone is to place it in your pocket. Since it is a sign that is connected with the base chakra, it’ll help with your reliability, strong determination, and stability.
  • A crystal singing bowl is also a great way to benefit from the frequencies of your birthstone. Taurus will resonate to the base chakra’s frequency.
  • An elixir is an excellent way to stay hydrated and at the same time absorb the healing properties of Taurus birthstones. But keep in mind that not all stones can be used for elixirs.

The Benefits of Wearing A Taurus Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet and Others Jewelry

The Benefits of Wearing A Taurus Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet and Others Jewelry

Did you know that the tradition of offering gifts of jewelry that have birthstones goes way back thousands of years?

Emerald, the primary birthstone is capable of channeling the energies of Venus with which it’s sympathetic. Wearing a piece of Emerald birthstone jewelry will help in focusing the energies of the Taurus sign and Venus through the stone.

Taurus individuals are practical and realistic in nature. However, they also love to indulge themselves with great things. Taurus people go for trendy jewelry at all times and combine them with classic things. They’re also activists in a sense and may opt to wear delicate and loud, bold jewelry.

Wearing your birthstone as jewelry may help in improving your personal and professional relationships. The energies they’re giving off may create sympathetic auras not only in yourself but in your surroundings as well.

When it comes to crystal healing therapies wearing a birthstone also helps in easing headaches as well as mental and vision problems.

How to Cleanse Your Taurus Birthstone?

Birthstone or gemstone collectors should take care of their stones so that they won’t stop infusing great things after some time.

If you are using your birthstone regularly, then you will also need to clean it on a regular basis in order to keep your energies powerful and strong.

A good way to start is to cleanse your birthstone using sea salt. It is actually gentle on the stone and effectively removes negative energies. It will also rejuvenate your stone’s healing properties. For this method, all you need to do is add one teaspoon of sea salt to a glass of cold water. Make sure to use ceramic glass, instead of plastic glass. Let your birthstone stay in the solution overnight. All negative energies and vibrations from your Taurus birthstone will be absorbed by the water.

But if you want to use dry sea salt, you will need to bury the stone in it. Then keep it there for a week. Furthermore, you can also cleanse your birthstone by placing it under the moonlight. This approach will help in eliminating negative energies. What’s more, it will intensify the stone’s healing properties.

How to Cleanse Your Taurus Birthstone?

On the other hand, you may also want to bury your birthstone in herbs. In fact, this also helps in dispelling negativity and channeling its energy. Some of the best herbs that you can use for cleansing are rose, myrrh, and petal sage.

Another excellent way of cleansing your birthstones is to bury them in the Earth. However, you need to make sure that your stones are facing down so that negative and bad energy will successfully flow down the Earth.

When you first receive your Taurus birthstone, it actually carries the energy of whichever location it comes from. If it came from shamans, then you’re quite lucky but if it came from a crazy killer then that is a different story.

You are not certain about the story of your birthstone and you do not know where it comes from. Having that said, it is important that you clean all the energies lingering there. By doing this you will be able to begin on a clean slate and get rid of the negative and dense vibrations existing in the stones.

Final Thoughts

Taurus is a sign that is known for being persistent. However, the stubbornness of Taurus persons comes from their sense of determination. They do not easily give up, instead, they keep pushing until the end no matter what life throws at them. Taurus people know that steady and slow is what will win the race.

The sensual characteristics of Taurus as well as their love for beautiful things are what commends them to others even though they can drive you crazy since they are holding their ground at all times even when they are at fault. If you are born under the Taurus sign, you will be able to escalate the finer things in your life. It is crucial to remember to explore the beauty beyond the material thing.

Nevertheless, as you wear your preferred Taurus birthstone, you can use its special properties in order to make changes in your life.


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