Third Eye Chakra Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Third Eye Chakra Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Complete Guide to The Third Eye Chakra

Intuitions refer to the small voice in the head that you ignore and remorsefully of not listen to after. Your intuitions reside in your third eye chakra. This chakra will connect you with your inner knowing your subconscious mind and your higher self.

In today’s article, you will get to know more about this chakra as well as the different third-eye chakra crystal stones. Keep on reading for more information.

The Meaning of the Third Eye Chakra

Considered the 6th chakra, the third eye chakra refers to the concept of seeing, particularly in a spiritual and psychic sense. Having a potent third-eye chakra is crucial as it allows you to utilize your improved guidance coming from stronger intuitive capabilities.

Your Complete Guide to The Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is connected to positive attitudes, a more humanitarian and generous attitude to life, and sharp spiritual development. The third eye chakra also has a powerful connection to the pineal gland that can be seen behind the third chakra.

In ancient periods, it was said to be where the “sight” can be found. On the other hand, Ancient seers are aware of it and as their capabilities flowed, they felt a prickly sensation in this part. Today’s psychics are aware of this fact, and actually, it is one way that you feel the development of your psychic capabilities or powers.

The 6th chakra is responsible for ruling the clairaudience or the gift of intellectual hearing. It is because this area vibrates with the sense of hearing as well as with the ears.  The third eye chakra also focuses on improving clairaudience and clairvoyance, developing intuition, and strengthening psychic knowing. 

This chakra will even work on building your real purpose, inner knowledge, and inspiration.

What is the Symbol for the Third Eye Chakra?

The symbol of the third eye chakra is meaningful and deep in its simplicity. The Om is the symbol of the third eye chakra, which is positioned over a reversed triangle. The triangle is positioned in a circle between two lotus petals. However, when taken separately, the meaning of such elements symbolizes wisdom.

What is the Symbol for the Third Eye Chakra?

This chakra is related to Akasha’s element as well as a subject by the Om. Usually, it is included in yoga practice, prayer, and meditation. It is an intonation of attentiveness, Divine’s recognition and even grounding.

Further, the symbol of the third eye chakra comes with two elements that are often related to wisdom: the inverted triangle and the lotus flower. The inverted triangle symbol of the 6th chakra symbolizes the guiding of the acquaintance to the seeds where wisdom develops. When you look at the inverted triangle from a conflicting direction. The wide sides specify your wisdom’s development that will result in both clarification and brilliance.

The lotus flower, on the other hand, is a universal sign which means knowledge. In fact, this flower symbolizes prosperity, beauty, eternity, and fertility. It even represents wisdom, faith, secrets, and trustworthiness.

What is the Color of the Third Eye Chakra?

Also called Royal Blue, the color of the 3rd eye chakra is Indigo. This color represents wisdom and profound inner meaning. Indigo will open the door to the Divine. What’s more, it’s the color that people associate with the night. It’s at night that sanities become superior and smoother. Also, it’s by night that different parts of ourselves are awakened.

What is the Color of the Third Eye Chakra?

An indigo chakra can offer clarity to senses which usually includes your seeing, feeling, and hearing. Keep in mind that your sixth sense is what’s known as the third eye. This color will serve as a bond between earth and heaven, between death and life, and between the right and left hemispheres. It will also support you if you are making transitions toward death or life.

Indigo chakra is the shade of a profound transition. It will allow you to transfer low chakra energies into higher vibrations. However, you need to be careful because you might become ungrounded and disconnected from your life and from those you truly care about.

With the stimulus of the third eye chakra. you will understand that you can make your life consciously. If you want to employ creative acts of will, all you need to do is imagine that everything will come true in the future.

Physically, this chakra is associated with the pineal gland, nose, brain, eyes, forehead, and broad. It is also connected to the carotid nerve plexus and pituitary gland. Those who have a potent third eye chakra energy come with bright sparks in their eye. As their eyes sparkle, you can sense deeper wisdom especially once you look into their eyes.

It is a tranquil yet strong energy that will change, transform and shift. When there is a generous flow of this chakra you will experience strong metabolism and wonderful vision. There will be strength in the upper body and improved oral health. Also, your thyroid gland is healthy and you will have a flexible neck.

Some of the challenges that the indigo chakra experience include night blindness, headaches, nasal congestion, vision problems, allergies, and sinus infections.

Where is the Third Eye Chakra Located?

What is the Color of the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra can be found between the brows, a little above the nose’s bridge. In contradiction to the common belief, the 3rd eye chakra is not located in the middle of your forehead, instead, it is located between the eyes in which your brows meet.

As mentioned, this chakra will resonate with the pineal gland that is responsible for controlling the biorhythm, which includes sleep as well as wake time. The pineal gland is also the center of attraction due to its association with the spiritual state of awareness. It can be found near the optic nerves. This makes it sensitive especially when there is a change in visual stimulations and lighting.

Characteristics and Traits of the Third Eye Chakra

The 6th chakra is connected to intuition and vision. It is in charge of the discernment of movements of energy as well as subtle dimensions. This chakra, on the other hand, is also linked to psychic capabilities, particularly clairvoyance, and clairaudience. It will allow you to get an entry to illumination and mystical states.

Characteristics and Traits of the Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is a great tool that can help you to see the more delicate attribute of reality. It will go beyond your physical senses and into the world of delicate energies. When you activate or awaken this chakra, you will open up to inner perceptions and sensitive intuitions. And since it will connect you to different ways of comprehending and seeing, the image of this chakra is typically hard to describe.

This chakra will get you in touch with the ineffable and at the same time intangible. A vision from your third eye is actually more subtle compared to your normal vision. Though it appears dream-like, ghost-like, cloudy, or blurry, often it is clear like a playing movie right before the eyes. Keep in mind that maintaining your third eye chakra’s awareness requires concentration and the ability to stay at ease in a fresh way of seeing.

The moment you moment your awareness and mind, you will be able to perceive beyond the illusions and disruptions that are in front of you. You will have more insight that you can use to live and make a life that is aligned with the highest good deeply.

Your third eye chakra is linked to the archetypal dimensions and the world of spirit. It will exceed time and let you see the outer and inner worlds. Its energies will also allow you to experience clearer thoughts and the gift of spiritual contemplation and self-reflection.

Through the gifts of seeing, you will be able to internalize the outside world. And with symbolic language, you will be able to convey the inside world. The energy of the third eye chakra will allow you to access the inner guidance that usually derives from the lowest point of your being. It will allow you to cut through illusions. Moreover, it will let you access the deeper truths that allow you to see the yonder of mind and words.

When working with your third eye chakra, it will indicate that you need to perceive anything from the outlook of an observer or a witness. Meaning to say, you will need to be alert every moment. In addition to that, working with this chakra will inspire you to assess your self-restricting ideas as well as develop the wisdom coming from the knowledge that will go beyond dualities.

It will push you to perceive and help other people find out the deeper meaning of a certain situation in life. This chakra is actually holistic in nature. When it is completely open, the brain’s hemispheres will also work in synchronization. The gift of imaginative thinking of the right hemisphere is incorporated with the logical and analytical thinking of the left hemisphere.

The third eye chakra is also considered the seat of integrity and wisdom. Aside from allowing you to see what is going on in your own world, you will understand what it means as well. In fact, this is the area in which your sense of justice and ethics initiates. When the third eye chakra is open, you will not only see but also understand.

What Causes an Overactive and Unbalanced Third Eye Chakra?

Because of many factors, chakras may become unbalanced and blocked. When you become upset or experience emotional disturbances, your chakras can be disrupted. Some of the common causes of imbalanced chakra are anxiety, fear, and stress.

What Causes an Overactive and Unbalanced Third Eye Chakra?

Keep in mind that when such blockages build up, it may lead to disruptions in the flow of energy through the chakras.

Often the different third eye chakra stones are sought out by people who are looking to avoid such imbalances, though it is worth mentioning that using them incorrectly can also make these imbalances worse.

For instance, focusing on the stones and the development of the third eye to excess can make even the best intentions a bit risky sometimes. But the same crystals can also be utilized to heal from the emotional trauma or hurt we’re talking about here. It means the stones can bring back your chakras into balance over the long term.

On the other hand, an overactive 3rd eye chakra can be disorienting. Also, it can cause lots of psychological and psychic anguish. When this chakra is in overdrive, you might feel like you’re getting lost in unending streams of ridiculous vision and information. If you have an overactive third eye chakra, you will be able to sweep off your feet particularly if you’re not grounded enough.

One of the common signs of overactivity in this chakra is indulging in the fantasy world too much and losing connection with reality. One more common manifestation becomes afraid or concern about a fantasy vision passing before the mind’s eye.

But if your third eye chakra is in good condition, you can clearly see everything. You will function well and be able to make a decision with a greater sense of impartiality. You’re troubled but not completely attached to only one outcome. You’re very focused and you can make the difference between reality and dreams,

When your third eye chakra is on overdrive, the constant flow of your thought may become mentally draining. You’ll feel overwhelmed by the need to make a decision that would usually be pretty easy. The indefiniteness is predisposed by a lack of concentration, incapacity to identify what is real and clouded judgment. Please note that these are indications that your third eye chakra needs to gain its balance back.

Some physical indicators of an overactive third eye chakra are vision problems, sinus problems, nausea, insomnia, headaches, and seizures. Sometimes there may be feelings of being dazed, delusions, paranoia, hallucinations, and anxiety. Also, you may suffer from mental fog and become judgmental.

If you’re feeling like the visions are hard to handle from time to time, ask them to slow down. And then humbly say you need time to obtain and process them. On the other hand, if you notice that the energies you obtain are going rampant, tie up yourself to your body and then root it to the earth.

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Third Eye Chakra

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Third Eye Chakra

A blocked third eye chakra manifests as a feeling of being stuck in your day-to-day grind without looking beyond the difficult situation.

Moreover, it may also manifest as not being able to make visions for yourself and not being able to comprehend such visions.

When your third eye chakra is not balanced, you may lack clarity and you’re not able to perceive the bigger image.

The List of Crystal Stones for the Third Eye Chakra

Powerful stones that help you connect to your own wisdom and stimulate the pineal gland are some of the best options for your third eye chakra. You will need crystals that are all about calling on the aura, rousing clairvoyant properties as well as transforming your gaze inwards for profound vision.

Nevertheless, here is the list of crystal stones for the 3rd eye chakra.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond

Often, Herkimer Diamond is utilized to improve one’s vision. Aside from resonating with your chakra, this stone also works with your crown chakra. This stone will make a powerful bridge between these two chakras and let you understand the purpose of the divine to intuitive insights you might.

In addition to that, Herkimer Diamond will help the memory to function better. It will even improve visualization and meditative states which can bring a higher level of consciousness. When used while meditating this third eye chakra stone will bring you to the highest level of vibration while staying in your physical body.

This stone, on the other hand, will connect the physical as well as astral planes and facilitate astral travel.



This stone for the third eye chakra will help in the development of concealed psychic capabilities that have been closed or blocked because of a misunderstanding and fear. As the name implies, Moonstone holds the moon’s power. This makes the stone even more powerful especially when under the gleaming shine of the moon.

Aside from boosting the psychic capabilities, travelers can also utilize moonstone as it comes with protective properties ideal for traveling particularly at night. Further, this chakra stone can absorb negative energies and tension from your environment. It will even help in regulating the body clock.

With its feminine energies, Moonstone can be greatly beneficial for ladies going through puberty, menopause, or pregnancy. Thanks to the vibrational energies of moonstones they can help in reducing mood swings. It can also calm your emotions because of a hormonal imbalance.



This third eye chakra stone works to calm the mind, keep you distracted and silence confused and negative thoughts circling you. The blue colors of sodalite are responsible for calming you down whereas the white veins will align the mind to your higher self. As a result, you will be able to begin your psychic journey.

Sodalite is indeed a special spiritual crystal. As a matter of fact, it has its own way to get rid of hallucinations and mental debris. This will keep your path open and ration, paired with spontaneous and spiritual awareness.

Sodalite will also strengthen your self-confidence and self-trust. It will eliminate fear or guilt, giving you a healthy emotional balance. This third eye chakra stone also helps in moving away from any negativity and looking for the truth. It allows you to become true to yourself and stand for what you believe in. 

Last but not least, sodalite can help in bringing intuitive and logical thoughts, and finding the correct balance and cooperation between thoughts and emotions.

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone for the third eye chakra that is popular and long respected since the ancient periods. Actually, it is called the stone of illumination and enlightenment which makes it a great stone for the 6th chakra.

The color of this stone together with the spots of gold will always remind you that the night sky is where everything is immeasurable and possible. Known as the stone of connection, besides the third eye, it will also work with your throat chakra.

Lapis lazuli will assist you in your psychic journey. It will open the mind and aid in the impartiality of awareness of this world. On the other hand, its vibrational energies work as brave protectors connecting the pathway of your mind to your soul star. This will give a mental transit line along the way, that will connect us together.

Plus, Lapis Lazuli will condition your energy to a higher vibration. Thus, you will be able to enhance your spiritual progress. Also, it will improve your ability to dream calls and help you connect with the spirit guide.



Labradorite is a protective and spiritual third-eye chakra stone. It will improve and at the same time awaken your psychic capabilities. It will also protect you from negative energies and influences as well as guard your auric field.

The majority of psychics are empaths. That is why they feel the feelings of others and take them as their own. This is one of the reasons why Labradorite is the preferred crystal for psychics and empaths.

Labradorite, on the other hand, is known as the stone of transformation. This works with your third eye chakra to bring an improved spontaneous understanding of purposes in life’s struggles and challenges.

When meditating, this stone is beneficial in terms of bringing back the balance between intuition and intellect. Also, working with the stone’s vibrational energies will boost your discernment skills. You can even use Labradorite in relieving brain and eye problems and regulating metabolism.


Amethyst is called the stone of spirituality. Its beautiful color will awaken your soul and calm your mind. It will always remind you that you’re with the divine world. This third eye chakra stone will open your psychic capabilities and lift you to the higher of your spiritual growth.


Amethyst is one of the most popular and commonly used stones for soothing and healing the third eye chakra. However, it can also be used for healing the crown chakra since Amethyst comes with potent spiritual energies.

This beautiful stone also helps in bringing balance and harmony to the overacting sixth sense. This, in turn, will contribute to the clarity of your mind as well as a strong psychic opening. In addition to that, you can also use Amethyst to treat addiction, and brain problems, and balance out nerves.

Amethyst will even relax your mind while calming your stress and frustration. This third eye chakra stone will let a mindful meditation. It will also promote astral travel allowing you to remember your dreams clearly. Amethyst, on the other hand, also helps in protecting someone from a negative dream allowing them to understand their capabilities with perseverance and wisdom.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

Known as the master healer, this crystal for third eye chakra is a multipurpose stone that works amazingly. One of the main uses of clear quartz is to charge other stones. It will even double their vibration energies diligently working to awaken your abilities.

Using this stone to improve your 6th chakra, you will be able to enhance your power of thought. It’s like whispering talking as well as shouting as an outcome. Surely, the universe will hear you and even grand your intentions.

Another great thing about clear quartz is that it will help in improving your spiritual development. It will act as a teacher and guide you on your path. When it comes to psychic protection, this is a very powerful stone. Carrying or wearing a piece of this third eye chakra will help you from acquiring negative vibrations and energies from others. Further, it will lessen the negative emotions that you may possibly feel such as ill will, envy, and jealousy.



Moldavite works with all the chakra systems. However, it specifically works with the third eye chakra. This stone helps in improving metaphysical capabilities. With its look that doesn’t come from the earth, moldavite can help in activating, opening, and clearing your third eye chakra. It will bring you an improved connection to the higher worlds.

This stone will clear blockages from all chakras, activating and at the same time aligning them. But mainly, moldavite connects the heart chakra to the third eye chakra. On the other hand, it will also ensure the proper functioning of your sixth chakra. This will increase synchronicities, bring more powerful dreams and provide deeper meanings in life.

Moldavite has improved effects that will keep the third eye chakra open to fresh perceptions. Because of the stone’s strong connection to the two chakras, it will improve the energy flow to your body. This will bridge the gap between intellectual and emotional understanding, allowing you to live from your heart intuitively.

But you need to be very careful when using this third eye chakra stone as it quickly and intensely works most of the time.



Iolite is another remarkable stone that can activate, balance, and heal the third eye chakra. This stone works by offering energy that will heighten your third eye and boost your inner vision.

A potent but gentle stone, Iolite will help you to recognize the pattern in your life better. This allows you to let go of controlling and assertive tendencies.

When you place iolite on the third eye chakra directly, this stone will help you to open your psychic abilities while improving self-confidence and self-trust. In addition to that, you can make use of the stone to have better mental clarity. As a matter of fact, this is beneficial for students and anyone who undergo the learning process.



Unakite is a distinct stone for the third eye chakra. It will ground the higher information that you obtained from the third eye chakra into the root chakra. Please note that this is especially useful when you are meditating.

Further, this attribute works in reverse when it comes to emotional therapy, pulling out negative and repressed feelings from the root chakra to be comprehended deeply with the sixth chakra

Unakite will also aid you so that you will be able to understand the connection between life events while promoting a vivid and lucid dream and improving astral traveling.



This stone for the third eye chakra is soothing and is popular for having a high level of lithium. For people who find the work of anxiety, as well as dark depression, keeps them from getting higher thinking, the lepidolite stone could be the light that can help you.

This third eye chakra stone is also considered the feast of positive or good vibes. It will balance hormone cycles, stabilize the mind and body, and most importantly, tap into the powers of trust and intuition.

Purple Fluorite

purple fluorite

Whirled in powerful hues of violet light and mirroring the rainbow, Purple Fluorite will find itself shining with a superb promise to the third eye as well as crown chakras. Moreover, it is called the stone of mental superiority and will sharpen all the tools in your own box. As a result, you will be able to lead a life full of purpose and precision,



Another powerful stone for the third eye chakra, Atacamite can activate and open your third eye forcefully. It will improve your capability to connect to the highest perceptive guidance.

When you meditate with this stone, you will be able to carry potent images. However, you are only allowed to use Atacamite when you are completely aware of its characteristics or nature. When you utilize this stone, clear imagination, insight, and dreams will combine from the third eye chakra. What’s more, you will improve your psychic clairvoyant capabilities. The moment you possess and harness your real psychic capabilities, you may start to consider psychic engagement. In case you didn’t know, there are lots of areas in which you can work as an expert psychic. These typically include working as a spiritual clairvoyant to medium.



Turquoise may help in the treatment of the third eye chakra. It is actually a traveler’s amulet and can call in abundance and good luck. This soothing stone will wash away all anxiety and worry. Then, it will give you the audacity to have possession of your voice.

Turquoise is a powerful stone that highly values higher thinking, heavenly communication, truth, and wisdom. This third eye chakra stone wants you to transform kindness inwards since this is what will help you stay soft, wise, and flexible in a world full of sharp edges.



With kyanite, you will be able to embrace all the soul support you are asking for and notice a change in perception. This third eye chakra stone changes the salty sky mood. It is also about the magic that usually comes with cleansing your heart chakra, awakening your third eye chakra as well as healing your heart chakra.

Kyanite is about self-discovery as well. It will invite you to sink deeper especially when you are meditating. It will hone your memory skills and guide you to more logical thinking when you don’t have balanced problem-solving.



Azurite is a favorite crystal used for tapping into psychic capabilities. It will also finetune your vision and invite a cosmic connection to the world. This one of the best stones for the third eye chakra is a great emotional cleanser. It will also connect your heart chakra to your third eye.

When these two chakras share a radiant flow of energy, Azurite will remind you that you are the source of your wisdom, and the more you train listening to your body, the better equipped you are to speak your truth and sit in calm power.

How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra with Crystal Stones?

When you have rational thought, enjoy every moment as they come, and have peace of mind, then you have an open third eye chakra. However, when yours is not open, you should consider using the previously mentioned stones. So, how would you open your 6th chakra using crystals stones? Here are some of the ways that you can do it.

  • Lie down and place the stones on your forehead.
  • Hold a polished crystal in each hand. Then imagine that your third eye chakra is about to open.
  • Hold and at the same time stare into Labradorite’s numinous shine. From there, you will be moved on your astral journey.
How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra with Crystal Stones?
  • Drink a gem elixir
  • Surround yourself with the crystals and then lie in a crystal grid.
  • Massage your forehead and temples using a third eye chakra massage wand.
  • Take a bath using the water infused with the above-mentioned stones.
  • Place the stones in your purse or pocket.
  • Put third eye chakra stone pyramids at your table to always remind yourself to balance spirituality and work.
  • Swing a lapis lazuli pendulum. This will place you in a condition of self-hypnosis.

Other Ways to Open and Heal Your Third Eye Chakra

Aside from using the different third eye chakra stones, there are other ways that you can do to open and heal this chakra, and here are some of the most effective ones.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Other Ways to Open and Heal Your Third Eye Chakra

To open and heal your third eye chakra, you will need to start getting regular exercise. Also, introduce healthy and nutritious food to your diet.

Your diet plays a crucial role in the health of your chakra. So, if your goal is to sustain a healthy or heal your 6th chakra, make sure to think indigo, after all, it is the color of this chakra. Eat indigo-colored foods like purple peppers, eggplants, plums, kale, and cabbage.

Energy Healing

Other Ways to Open and Heal Your Third Eye Chakra - energy healing

Different energy healing like acupressure, Reiki, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and acupuncture helps in regaining the balance of the third eye chakra. 

Such practices have higher vibrations, suitable for balancing this chakra. However, you need to make sure that you concentrate on the intention of soothing and balancing the third eye chakra.


Other Ways to Open and Heal Your Third Eye Chakra - yoga

If you’re a yoga practitioner, there are some asanas that can help you in healing and balancing your third eye chakra. Typically, this includes the child’s pose, forward bends, and shoulder stand.

Use Essential Oils

Other Ways to Open and Heal Your Third Eye Chakra - use essential oils

Using an essential oil that is specially designed for the third eye chakra may also help in healing and opening this chakra. Some of the best oils that you can use are marjoram, frankincense, juniper, clary sage, sandalwood, and rosemary.

Let Go of the Competition

Other Ways to Open and Heal Your Third Eye Chakra - let go of competition

Remember your intuitive mind isn’t competitive. Those who have a potent intuitive nature don’t prosper in competitive environments. Take your time to review your present situation in order to check if there is a competitive vibe in your family, at work, with your friend, in your relationship, and in your activities that do not support your well-being.

Release all the competitive energies that exhaust and drain you. Let yourself remain open to healing energies rather than closing your own due to the competitive energy you do not enjoy at all.

Final Words

The third eye chakra is responsible for governing your intellectual and intuitive capabilities and your potential when it comes to spiritual consciousness.

Refining your 6th chakra may give you the vision to develop your imagination and think clearly. A heal thy chakra can also help in accepting the bigger picture. It will expand your awareness as well as your effect on other planes. It will even prepare you for the next level of spiritual transformation.

When the third eye chakra is unblocked and open, you will be able to take advantage of your empathetic connections and intuitive knowledge. This will offer you stronger memory skills and the capacity to look for the wonder meaning in the happenings in your life. Also, you will become more open-minded, perceptive, and creative. You’ll dream a powerful dream and you’ll have the stamina to fall easily and deeply into a meditative state.

A healthy third eye chakra will give you a decent imagination. It will also allow you to visualize things without any problem. This chakra is in touch with your inner guidance as well as listening to your deepest wisdom.

On the other hand, those who have a healthy and open third eye chakra usually comprehend and learn less from their experiences in life. These people become wise, intuitive, and attached to the inner guide. In addition to that, their spirits are strengthened and they will listen to the understanding of their elders. They’re open to inspiration and happiness. They tend to forgive themselves as well as learn everything there’s for them to learn.


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