Tiger’s Eye Meaning, Properties and Uses

Tiger’s Eye Meaning, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to the Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye crystal is a very precious stone. It can protect your health, offer good luck and prosperity and ward off bad vibes and bad luck.

Often called the “golden crystal,” the tiger’s eye stone is indeed a powerful stone. It is also believed to bring courage, strength of will, and self-confidence to the wearer.

However, these are only a few of the many benefits you will get from this stone. If you want to get to know more about this stone, then read on.

What is Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s Eye Meaning

Also called “tiger eye”, the tiger’s eye is a famous stone that shows a cat’s eye. This is true when polished stones move back and forth in occurrence light. It’s a quartz gemstone that is typically brown to amber in color, which forms when mineral crocidolite fibers are supplanted by silica. Such parallel fiber structure is often kept in the stone, whereas the cat-eye crosses the parallel fiber at the correct angles.

On the other hand, the biggest number of Tiger’s Eye stones can be found in Thailand and South Africa. But people can also mine it in the USA, Myanmar, China, Spain, Australia, Brazil, and Namibia.

The Meanings and Uses of Tiger’s Eye

Uses of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye signifies the power, fearlessness and courage of tigers. In Chinese culture, the tiger belongs to the 12 zodiac animals. He’s the leader of the material realm, it means anything that you can experience with the senses, such as matter, light, and sound.

Moreover, all the energies embedded in this stone will give you the power to stay manifested. However, the tiger’s eye stone is revered not only in China but also in other places.

In Egypt, the lovely bands of gold and orange shown in this stone symbolized the sun’s rays trapped inside the tiger’s eye. The beauty of this stone was also respected as one of the most valuable stones of the Nile River Valley.

Tiger’s Eye stones also holds the sun’s powers during noontime, the midsummer’s energy, and the peak of lifeforce all through the year.

On the other hand, this stone was a holy offering in the pharaohs’ tombs since its strong force tiger’s eye helps navigate the afterlife.

Throughout the prehistoric world, the stone also symbolized the concepts of the all-powerful eye. Today, some people called it the third eye, it is a part of each of us sees all things that we can do. As a matter of fact, ancient families in Europe, Africa and India used Tiger’s Eye for this sole purpose. By setting this stone on the windowsill or doorstep, Tiger’s Eye stones will scare off people who are planning to steal from your house or harm your kids.

Likewise, this stone was utilized to ward off the Evil Eye. Please take note that this eye can pass negative energies by simply looking at it. One more thing, according to philosophies, it’s much stronger with people who have blue eyes. Fortunately, the tiger’s eye can undo negative energies imparted to you.

Tiger’s Eye Metaphysical Properties

Tiger’s Eye Metaphysical Healing Properties

Without a doubt, the tiger’s eye is an excellent stone that has a reputation for attracting money and luck, often leading to a wealth of any kind. What’s more, it is said to be utilized in discerning the truth in any situation.

To keep a person grounded by improving courage, vitality, physical strength, and passion, Tiger’s Eye stone will temper such qualities with a joyful outlook and mental clarity. This will also help in understanding any cycle in life that you are living.

And as a balancer of yin and yang energies, this stone will soften stubbornness. It also provides clearer insights, strengthening your connection to the personal willpower one possesses.

The Benefits of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye can offer a lot of benefits to the wearer such as:

For Physical Healing

Tiger's Eye For Physical Healing

The healing energies of the tiger’s eye can ease pain and heal sickness in the human body. If you are dealing with personality disorders or mental health issues, this stone can greatly benefit you.

Moreover, it helps in easing eye problems and clearing sinus congestion. It is also good for keeping your energy levels up and increasing your metabolism. Also, the tiger’s eye stone is known to facilitate the healing of broken bones as well as fast recovery from either spinal or neck problems.

The stone can clear toxins from your body and will give you the strength to recover from the illness you’re currently experiencing.

Tiger’s Eye stone will help in building resilience, making you hardy and more durable against infections. As a matter of fact, the stone’s pure spirit of persistence and determination can help you to summon up.

Tiger’s Eye can also offer support to problems related to the colon as well as other organs like the spleen, bladder, kidneys and liver.

Energy healers also suggest that the qualities of this stone are beneficial in blood problems. It will restore balance on a variety of different levels.

For Emotional Healing

Tiger’s Eye For Emotional Healing

With a tiger’s eye, you will be able to wash away negative energies, allow self-confidence to soar, and dig deeper into your root chakra.

It comes with many emotional healing properties and can help the wearer stay centered, connected to their foundation despite the chaos surrounding them, and stay strong. When your feelings are blocked, the tiger’s eye stone will cut straight through that lack of enthusiasm.

By building a strong and safe foundation, soaking the warmth of the radiant sun, and directing energies in the correct path, if you make a space for this stone in your life, you will see that new confidence will come over.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Tiger’s Eye For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Grounding the energies of Solar Ray to the Earth, Tige’s Eye can stimulate the first through the third eye chakras. The stone will support practicality and physical vitality and maintain a balance between extremes.

The root or base chakra is found at the base of the spine and will control the energy for kinesthetic movement and feeling. It’s the core of spiritual as well as physical energy for the body. When this chakra is out of balance, some of the symptoms you need to watch out for include low levels of activity, a need for continuous stimulation, lethargy, and low enthusiasm. But when it’s balanced, your physical body will regain its stamina and strength, whereas the spiritual energies are reawakened in the form of safety or security. Often it will result in spontaneous and independent leadership.

On the other hand, the sacral chakra, which is located above the pubic bone and under the naval, is the one controlling the flow of energy. What’s more, it is the body’s center of gravity. It’s the center of the body’s life force and regulates the flow of information from your body to your mind. Please note that intuition, gut feelings, and other non-linear communication come from the sacral chakra. Thus, symptoms such as repression of emotions, fear of sex and sensuality, frustration, confusion, and over-dependency on other people may come to the surface when it’s out of balance. But if it is in good condition, you will feel pleasure in life, experience flexibility, and have grace.

Another chakra that is associated with this stone is the solar plexus. It is actually the chakra of relationship and the center of energy distribution. Moreover, the solar plexus chakra will control both the digestive and immune systems. When this chakra is back, you will be able to fight infections easily. But if it out of balanced, especially on a spiritual level, you will feel displeasure and disappointment of others.

For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Luck

Tiger’s Eye For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Luck

If you want to make more opportunities for expansion or growth, increase your wealth and boost the flow of your money, Tiger’s Eye can help you.

The stone can bring prosperity and abundance into your life, especially if you correctly play the card. Its mystical appearance cannot help but inspire and invite success. Keep in mind that the name of this stone comes from a big and mighty cat. Like tigers, you will feel empowered and can step out with a sweep after your dreams and goals.

However, it is worth mentioning that a tiger hunts its prey in camouflage. Similarly, a tiger’s eye stone can help you connect to energies that can aid you in being discreet when necessary.

Nevertheless, if you want to attract wealth, abundance, and luck, consider wearing a tiger’s eye jewelry. In fact, jewelry can encourage energies that are close to you. You can also carry it in your pocket and purse. When financial setbacks exist, pull out your stone and make sure to remember all your strength. Allow the tiger’s eye to remind you that you can do and achieve whatever you desire.

It is also worth mentioning that the healing properties of Tiger’s Eye will not make you wealthy overnight. Instead, the stone will help in sharpening your focus, boost your determination, and clarifying your goals and dreams. With this newly discovered clarity, you will work hard to persevere previous adversity and overcome challenges.

For Relationship and Love

Tiger’s Eye For Relationship and Love

Tiger’s eye stone will encourage you to take necessary actions in your love life. In fact, if you want to break up with your partner because your relationship is very toxic, the stone will give you the courage to do it. However, if you want to get engaged or be in a relationship, it is up to you how to make it possible. It’s because Tiger’s Eye crystals give you the motivation to make it possible.

Furthermore, it can help you comprehend how you are truly feeling as well as provide you the needed push in the right path. But the tendency is that majority of us tend to go with the flow and wait where it will take us. Unfortunately, this will leave us stuck in situations where we are no longer happy. But because of the metaphysical healing properties of this stone, you will find that you are less inclined to sit back and allow the situations to call the shots on your behalf.

With the help of this amazing stone, you will find the bravery to do the right thing and to find a genuine and happy relationship. Surely, finding happiness is not easy. However, with a light heart as well as a clear head, you will eventually find it.

With the existence of Tiger’s Eye in your daily life, you will definitely realize that making a commitment is very easy. This is because your heart is free and light, and you’re seeing clearly.

For Protection

Tiger’s Eye For Protection

Tiger’s eye stone is not only a beautiful stone but also a protective one. Traditionally, this stone was carried as protective amulets against the forces of evil. What’s more, it was said to fight curses and keep the wearers safe from ill-wishes.

On the other hand, Tiger’s Eye was utilized as a protective talisman on the breastplates of roman soldiers going to a battle. You can also place it near the front door of your office or home or by big windows.

For Confidence

Tiger’s Eye For Confidence

Admit it or not, you want to have a little courage when it comes to your dreams and goals. But unluckily, fear can manifest self-doubt and make insurmountable barriers between yourself and your grand visions.

That being said, if you are out of touch with your goals, make sure to program your Tiger’s Eye so that it will attract confidence and bravery.

By doing this, you will be able to let loose your inner confidence and feel grounded in your intentions. With this new confidence you have discovered, you will surely overcome fears, feel empowered to surpass everything that stands between you and your intentions, and eliminate obstacles.

As a matter of fact, confidence is a learned behavior that is hard to practice. But with tiger’s eye in your hand, you can do everything even the ones that scare you the most.

For Anxiety and Depression

Tiger’s Eye For Anxiety and Depression

When you are feeling down and need a power boost, Tiger’s Eye stone can be your perfect companion. This stone can help relieve and release anxiety, insecurities, and self-doubt. Tiger’s Eye will also ground your energy while lifting your vibrations to think positively.

The golden light of this stone will improve how you feel about your love for yourself. In actual fact, it is a powerful weapon to fight depression.

For Career Success

Tiger’s Eye For Career Success

If you are thinking of switching your career, this stone can greatly help you. As mentioned, the tiger’s eye will give you courage, confidence, and determination. You’ll become less fearful, especially what lies ahead. It is also an excellent supporting crystal that can help you to think properly and clearly. Furthermore, it’ll make you aware of any circumstance and help you pay attention even to the smallest details so that you will be able to take actions that can help you with your career.

Different Types of Tiger’s Eye

Most probably, you are familiar with the tiger’s eye stone that is golden brown in color. But this beautiful stone can be also found in other colors and natural formations.

Golden Tiger’s Eye

golden tiger's eye

This type displays a warm brown and rich chocolate color. It also has a yellow shimmering cat-eye. The golden tiger’s eye can benefit you if you want to boost your courage, logical thinking, and confidence.

It will also help in balancing emotions as well as logical thinking in a business transaction. Lastly, Golden Tiger’s Eye can also balance the root chakra and solar plexus chakra.

Tiger Iron


This variety of tiger’s eye stones shows a natural combination of red jasper, metallic black hematite, and golden tiger’s eye crystal.

Tiger Iron can help make solid future plans and focus all your scattered ideas. The stone is also about getting things correctly. This stone that is mixed uniquely can be utilized to balance the root and solar plexus chakras.

On the other hand, Tiger Iron will give you stamina, courage, and strength to achieve your dreams and fulfill your responsibilities.

The energies of Tiger Iron will also help you have more life. When combined with Heliodor, Tiger Iron will help you to have more confidence in your capabilities.

The stone will in determining the inner resources that you might have that you can use to achieve your goals.

Tiger Iron deepens the connection between the body and spirit. It will also ground you in your sense of purpose and sense of self.

Moreover, the stone will signify your capability to manifest your desires in your life. It shows you can utilize and be motivated by the stone’s energy to achieve your life goals.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

Hawks Eye

Also known as the Hawk’s Eye, Blue Tiger’s Eye has bluish, deep brown, and block tones under a reflective property called the chatoyancy. This stone is perfect for healing and balancing your third chakra. It can also bring attentiveness towards the world as well fellow creatures.

On the other hand, this type of tiger’s eye crystal is very soothing that can help in easing anxieties, relieving stress and increase relaxation and calm. Furthermore, its energies can help ease the symptoms of depression and remove fatigue. It will give you deeper insights both into your bad and good experiences, mental clarity, and focus.

Hawk’s Eye will also let you see the problems that might have been difficult to see otherwise. The stone will offer insight into your emotional problems and internal challenges.

Its healing energy will also open your aura, clear your thoughts and unload what is inside your heart. As a result, you will be able to accept universal truths. It’ll amplify clairvoyance gifts, astral travel and remote viewing. It can also get rid of creative blockages and improve your creativity.

Another good thing about the Blue Tiger’s Eye crystal is that it increases one’s imagination and helps one come up with new concepts and ideas.

Nevertheless, Hawk’s Eye is closely related to the throat chakra, which is important in fostering effective communication.

Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger Eye

Known as the sun stone of luck and power, Red Tiger’s Eye has a good reputation for attracting luck, wealth and money. This red and golden stained crystal is also the stone of passion, courage, strength, protection and healing. It is also great for divination and vision work, thanks to the liquid movement in the Red Tiger’s Eye.

Much like the other varieties of Tiger’s Eye crystal, the red one is ideal for eliminating hormonal imbalances, mood swings, anxiety and fear. It will also promote a positive flow of energy in your body. In addition to that, it will strengthen, ground and center convictions as well as create courage and confidence.

Combining Tiger’s Eye With Other Crystal Stones

With its warm and joyful energies from the Sun and Earth, the Tiger’s Eye will bring about stability and awareness. It will also bring courage, grounding and willpower. Nevertheless, there are many combinations with this mystical stone, but the ones below are the best combos that you need to try.

Tiger’s Eye + Citrine

Tiger’s Eye + Citrine

If you need abundance, luck, and wealth, pairing your tiger’s eye with citrine, a luck-attracting stone, is good.

Citrine, for your information, is a popular gemstone for attracting wealth as well as abundance. With its golden color, it can bring success and financial wealth.

Featuring an attractive combination of brown and golden strands across the crystalline structure, tiger’s will also bring abundance and luck into your life.

As citrine stone help in manifesting wealth and carry the power of the sun, the tiger’s eye crystal will produce the tiger’s courage and willpower. This will offer you a powerful combo of solar and earth energy so that you will stay grounded and more importantly, be sensible with money.

Moreover, citrine will help in bringing enthusiasm into your life, improving moods and promoting kindness.  Whereas the tiger’s eye will help you make a smart financial decision and enhance your capabilities to attract more fortune.

Tiger’s Eye + Sunstone

Tiger’s Eye + Sunstone

A combination of tiger’s eye, especially the golden one and sunstone, can offer great offer potent vibrational energies and awesome benefits. As a matter of fact, this makes this combination ideal for healing the solar plexus chakra.

Golden tiger’s eye crystal will deeply resonate with the solar plexus chakra. With its strong yellow or golden energies, the tiger eye will protect you from foreign attacks.

As the tiger’s eye offers you the protection and bravery need to possess, the sunstone, on the other hand, will offer optimism and positive energies from the sun. This will help in instilling self-esteem and confidence, allowing you to reach your dreams and stay focused.

Since the sunstone gives off energies of optimism, hope, light, and happiness, the golden tiger eye will replenish the low energies of the solar plexus chakra. Please take note that it will strengthen your confidence and willpower.

For you to successfully take new steps forward, you will need courage and confidence and this is where tiger’s eye and sunstone come into play.

Tiger’s Eye + Brown Jasper

Tiger’s Eye + Brown Jasper

Another great stone that you can combine with your tiger’s eye crystal is brown jasper. Brown Jaspers are considered highly grounding stones. Tiger’s eye, on the other hand, is a potent crystal for the mind easing negative emotions, balancing emotional extremes, bringing stability and concentration and preventing isolated thoughts.

Thus, as the tiger’s eye increases focus and heal the mind, brown jasper will heal the spirit while promoting wisdom and protecting the wearer from future accidents and negativities.

Moreover, brown jasper and tiger’s eye are useful when it comes to solving problems and internal battles caused by pride and resentment. These stones will also encourage emotional awareness, repair one’s aura, bring about stability and equilibrium and alleviate negative forms and toxic in your emotional life.

Tiger’s Eye + Pyrite

Tiger’s Eye + Pyrite

Both tiger’s eye and pyrite are great stones for people under the sign Leo. These two stones can offer to stabilize as well as grounding properties. While the tiger’s eye can harness the energies of the sun and earth, pyrite, on the other hand, will resonate with the fire and earth energies owing to its scorching and shining beauty.

With tiger’s eye’s diverging attributes, this stone can bring balance to overemotional bodies, making it is a good stone for releasing guilt and fear and stabilizing moods.

On the other hand, with its fire energies, pyrite can help in generating self-confidence in your power. This will give you the opportunity to tap and act on your capabilities and potential.

As a great talisman, pyrite and tiger’s eye combination is ideal for protectors. The stones can draw energy from the earth through the auric field and physical bodies. This will make defensive and powerful protection against negative energies and influences, environmental pollutants, emotional attacks and physical attacks.

Moreover, this combination will support assertive action, because both stones can offer self-confidence, courage and willpower.

Last but not least, this combination will let you take risks and explore your desire and talents while guaranteeing that you stay grounded and humble.

Is Tiger’s Eye A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Tiger’s eye is not a traditional birthstone but a natural one. Moreover, it is also a zodiac crystal.

Tiger’s Eye Is July 22 – August 21 Birthstone

With its golden hue, Tiger’s Eye crystal is a natural birthstone for people born between July 22 to August 21. We all know that a gold crystal can bring power, happiness, success and enthusiasm.

Tiger’s Eye is Zodiac Crystal for Gemini

Tiger’s Eye is Zodiac Crystal for Gemini

Tiger’s Eye crystal is an excellent zodiac stone for people born under the sign Gemini. The Gemini constellation is the sign of the inventor and it is seen as twin side by side in the sky.

Gemini, on the other hand, is related to the planet Mercury. Moreover, people born under this sign can see problems on both sides. Depending on the situation, they are flexible and may go with the flow and can be talkative and lively or nervous and restless. On the other hand, people born when the sun is in this sign are fast learners and quick-witted.

Geminis will find joy in tiger’s eye, allowing them to shift imaginative blockages. What’s more, it will fuel decision-making, making it ideal for Geminis sitting on the fence waiting for someone to make a good decision.

Nevertheless, Leos and Capricorns can also take advantage of Tiger’s Eye’s healing energies and powerful vibrations.

Meditation With Tiger’s Eye

Meditation With Tiger’s Eye

When meditating with your tiger’s eye, make sure to look for a peaceful location like a comfortable nook in your garden or home or healing space before you start. Moreover, you will need to grid your tiger’s eye with success crystals. As a matter of fact, you can place many in the corners of the room or around you. But if you want to lie down, you can place the stone right on your body. Nevertheless, you can also hold a piece of tiger’s eye while meditating.

As you hold the stone in your hands, make sure to feel the energy and vibration of the tiger spirit animal beside you. Always remember that it is ready to assist on this whole journey to success.

Once you are settled, start by taking deep breaths in and out, make sure to do it thrice. And with every breath, you will need to anticipate a surge of positive vibrations, courage and confidence entering your body. Moreover, for each breath you give out, let your doubts and fears fly away and leave you behind.

Keep on breathing as it will allow your mind and body to transmute a tense area to an inner refuge of happiness. It is also important to let your thoughts fade away and relax your muscles.

Take your time connecting with your tiger’s eye crystal. You will need to feel the stone’s motivation forces infuse your fingers. As a matter of fact, this force will jolt up through your veins and hands and circulate your whole body.

How to Cleanse and Charge Tiger’s Eye

How to Cleanse and Charge Tiger’s Eye

If you want your stone to be energized, you will need to charge your tiger’s eye crystal after a couple of days. For example, you can charge it in windows or other locations but make sure your Tiger’s Eye can steep in the energies of the moon. In addition to that, you can also charge this stone by placing it alongside selenite or other forms of Selenite.

Cleansing your tiger’s eye is also crucial. As a matter of fact, it is very important if you are planning to send it to someone else as a gift or moving its new locations. Doing so will prevent the stone from carrying negativity along with it.

Similar to other stones, there are many ways to cleanse your tiger’s stone. First, you can use water to neutralize the negative energies kept within the stone. All you need to do is rinse the stone by putting it under direct and natural rainfall for four to five minutes. But if rain is not an option, you can always place your tiger’s eye in a strainer and then run it under a faucet for ten minutes.

Second, soak your tiger’s eye in water with sea salt overnight. However, if you have access to real saltwater, that is even better. As a piece of advice, make sure to rinse your stone properly to get rid of any residue.

Final Thoughts

Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone that can make you feel relaxed and at the same time energized. The stone can bring foresight and clarity even in the most chaotic and problematic time of your life. It is a beautiful stone that will make you grounded. Moreover, it will make you understand what matters in our lives.

Tiger’s eye, on the other hand, will teach you the value of perseverance and not give up on your dreams. Bear in mind that it is a stone of solid determination and focus.


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