Turquoise Meanings, Properties and Uses


Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Turquoise

Turquoise is perhaps the most ancient stone in man’s history and is known to be a powerful talisman of warriors, kings, and shamans. Its love bluish-green hue emanates the strong vibration of protection, so opaque and strong, yet soothing to the eyes as if it is carved from the azure ocean and washed away to earth. Then, the delicate mottled webbing and veining in brown or cream serve to enhance its already beautiful character.

What is Turquoise?

What is Turquoise?

Turquoise is a beautifully opaque, blue-to-green crystal that’s composed of hydrated phosphate of aluminum and copper. This crystal is valuable and rare in finer grades and has been prized as an ornamental stone and gemstone for thousands of years, thanks to its unique sky blue hue.

The finest of natural turquoise has a maximum hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale which is slightly harder and window glass. Turquoise best forms in arid climates, and that determines its geography source. Most of the turquoise mined are from China, the southwestern United States, Chile, Mexico, Iran, and Egypt.

The Meaning and Uses of Turquoise

Turquoise Meanings, Properties and Uses

Turquoise has been called many names. It was referred to as “Callais”, from the Ancient Greek by Pliny the Elder. Meanwhile, the Aztecs called it the “chalchihuitl”.

However, the word turquoise can be dated back to the 17th century. It is derived from the term French turquois which means “Turkish” since this crystal was first bought to Medieval Europe via Turkey from mines in the historical mines of Khorasan, Persia.

For thousands of years, this beautiful sky blue crystal has spanned all many cultures, and is prized as a symbol of nobility, wisdom and is believed to have the power of immortality. Among the ancient Persians, Egyptians, Chinese, Native North America, Incas, and Aztecs of South America, the turquoise was sacred in its adornment and for protection, luck, and power.

Tutankhamun’s death mask was studded with turquoise, as well as the mosaic masks dedicated to the gods. In addition, the inlaid skulls, power statues, and shields of Moctezuma, the last ruler of the Aztecs, was also filled with turquoise.

For over a thousand years, the Native Americans have also fashioned this crystal and turquoise mining, using it to guard their burial sites. In fact, these gems have been found from New Mexico to Argentina. Meanwhile, Indian priests wore turquoise in ceremonies when calling upon the great spirits of the sky. Thanks to its ability to change colors, turquoise was also used in divining or prophesy.

For centuries, the natural turquoise has also been recognized as having the power to protect riders from falls and injury. It was first used as a powerful amulet by the Turkish soldiers on their persons and is attached to their trappings and bridles.

This crystal is also reputed to be influenced by the physical condition of the individual who wears it. Turquoise is believed to grow pale when its wearer or owner is sad or sick, while it loses its color when the person dies. Consequently, turquoise will recover its hue when transferred to a new healthy owner, with its color deepening every passing day.

Historically, this crystal is also credited with the ability to securing friendly regards. In the Orient,  wearing a turquoise ring can help protect you against all things evil. Since ancient times, it has been considered a symbol of male power. Today, however, turquoise is used to empower women and men equally and is a talisman of success, luck, creativity and ambition.

In the workplace, this stone can promote leadership skills, assisting regular travel or relocation associated with career and prevent unwise investments. Not only that, but it can also help overcome writer’s block and is a stone of communication, making it a great stone for those working for central or local government or in the law.

Turquoise is also used by computer operators and accountants for mental relaxation as well as laborers in order to protect them against bodily harm. As a good crystal for traveling, the turquoise can help protect you against loss, theft, or attacks as well as preventing accidents and falls.

Turquoise Metaphysical Properties

Turquoise Metaphysical Healing Properties

Turquoise is a powerful tonic for the spirit. In the traditional thought, this crystal unites the sky and earth, bringing together the female and male energies. It stimulates the initiation of romantic love as well as friendship. It is also believed that its changing colors can help warn an impending danger or indicate a negative action or thought.

Metaphysically, the turquoise gems can help heal and cleanse both the energy centers as well as the physical body. This stone acts to induce understanding and wisdom and to enhance kindness, trust and recognition of beauty.

What you wish for yourself— freedom of fear, love and happiness— when extended to others by letting go of the insistence justice and viewing others through forgiveness and compassion, you can receive those gifts back through your own heart.

Not only that, but this crystal also enhances your ability to see all aspects of yourself— bad and good— integrating these aspects into its entirety. Although it is tempting to rid yourself of the traits of self that aren’t entirely enlightening, this crystal will remind you that all experiences are valid and that your mistakes are simply another experience to learn by. This one way, you can willingly embrace who you are and what you learn.

The Benefits of Turquoise

Turquoise is loved for centuries and for a good reason. This extremely potent crystal is well known for countless healing in all aspects— body, mind, spirit—  you name it. Here are some of the most common benefits of turquoise gems.

For Physical Healing

For Physical Healing

Turquoise is one of the best stone for strengthening the physical body. Thus, it is a great crystal to use for exhaustion, panic attacks and depression. It can enhance your psychic and physical immune system, alleviating viral infections and pollution in your body.

Not only that, but this crystal also supports the assimilation of nutrients while completely ridding the body of toxic waste and substances. Furthermore, this crystal is known to have anti-inflammatory attributes as well as assisting in the reduction of excess acidity and benefiting rheumatism, gout, and stomach issues.

In addition, this beautiful crystal is also well known to assist issues of the eyes, brain, throat, neck and ears. It is particularly supportive in healing and easing migraines, cataracts, balance problems and headaches.

For those experiencing issues with their respiratory system, turquoise is one of the best crystals to apply. It can aid in the healing of allergies and lung disorders. Wearing a turquoise necklace is even believed to help prevent tracheitis, coughs as well as other bronchial attacks. By healing your throat and breath, turquoise can also help in curing speech disorders such as stammering.

For Emotional Healing

For Emotional Healing

Turquoise, like its beautiful calming hues, is an efficient healer of the mind, providing solace for your spirit and inducing the well-being of the body. It can encourage a positive overall mood and emotion by inducing a sense of peace and tranquility.

Wearing or holding turquoise can also help restore your depleted vitality and lifting your sagging spirits and mind. It can relieve your stress, bringing back focus to the center of your heart.

The stone is balancing and empathetic, allowing you to recognize the causes of unhappiness and happiness in your life and to master them.

As the stone of purification, this stone can also help dispel negative entities and energies, clearing away all negativity from your environment. It can promote self-realization and helps induce creative thinking and problem-solving. It helps n stabilizing your mood swings and removes the martyred attitude of self-sabotaging.

This crystal is also an empowering tool for those bullied or suffering from prejudice and injustice. It can soothe your mind and is good for building self-esteem. As an anti-hysteria crystal, turquoise can also calm those with the tendency to over-react to issues and situations. Plus, it can also be beneficial for narcissistic individuals, allowing them to look outside their own needs and be open to other people’s points of view.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

For Healing and Balancing

Turquoise strengthens your body meridians and the subtle energy fields, which helps enhance your communication between the spiritual and physical worlds. When placed on your third eye chakra, the turquoise crystal can help support meditation and intuition.

When placed on the throat chakra, this crystal can help release old vows and inhibitions, allowing your soul to express itself once more. Not only that, but this crystal also explores your past lives and with regards to your fate as dependent and ongoing on your action at any moment.

In addition, turquoise is also the best crystal for finding truth and wholeness, communicating and manifesting such qualities. As it stimulates your throat chakra, turquoise can make it easier for you to articulate your desires and bring forth your deepest, hidden wisdom.

Furthermore, turquoise can also empower those who are stubbornly shy about sharing their understanding and knowledge, aiding wisdom that in speaking from the wholeness of your being, you can have something important to contribute to the world.

For Wealth Fetching

For Wealth Fetching

Turquoise has long been a symbol of wealth and opulence. Wherever this crystal is found, it’s always symbolic of abundance.

This versatile crystal can bring you’re a clear mind and better level-headedness in your emotional and physical life, which is useful in making your fortune and having life-changing decisions.

This beautiful crystal promotes ambition, energy and the intelligence needed in order to make your dreams into a reality. Working with this stone, you are also inviting a more abundant and stable flow of financial blessing and wealth into your life.

The stone also inspires you to create more opportunities for income, ensuring that the abundant flow of wealth will never stop. Its vibrational energies can also bring prosperity, well wishes and good luck.

With this crystal, you will be more mentally and physically stoked to work on your business ventures and projects, and the enthusiastic vibration that you emit can help attract more luck to your life.

This sky blue crystal is also known as a good luck charm that can bring generosity and prosperity into your life. It clears the path to elevated consciousness, and you will enjoy a greater mental clarity. The stone can help prepare you for the work needed to achieve your financial goals as well as giving you the ability to make wise decisions in terms of your spending and investments.

For Relationship and Love

for relationship and love

Turquoise symbolizes friendship. This crystal will ensure that you and your partner stay the best of friends, whichever stage you’re in a relationship. It also ensures that the friendship you have will always be there, even if you are experiencing some difficult and challenging times.

In addition, turquoise also stimulates romantic love. Its vibrational energies ensure that positive loving energies will continue to flow in your relationship and in whatever it is you do. Not only that, but it can also help in releasing your deepest, hidden feelings that you have for someone and provide you with the courage to take that first step.

The properties of turquoise also allow you to have clear communication with your loved ones so that you don’t stutter with nervousness and cause a misunderstanding. Furthermore, turquoise is a potent stone that can rekindle the fire of romance and passion in you. Even if you’re not a romantic person, to begin with, this crystal can inspire you to be more affectionate, loving and demonstrative with your feelings.

Then, its energies will also infuse you with spontaneity and fund as well as fervor and adventurous energies. This best way, your relationship will enjoy a different type of energy, one that is positive and light and uplifting.

Turquoise can also help in protecting your relationship and surrounding it with supportive and loving energies, particularly when you are going through something challenging. With this stone, you can also balance your thoughts and emotions, which will be beneficial to your relationship.

It can provide you with a deep sense of peace and calm in order to better deal with emotional issues and problems. The stone can help you stay grounded and anchored, strengthening your positive outlook in your love life.

It is also important to note that turquoise also symbolizes relationship healing. Its soothing energies can show you how to let go of the anger, pain, resentments and bitterness you’re hiding inside. This crystal can help you find the answers and teaches you how to forgive yourself and your partner for each other’s mistakes and shortcomings.

As a powerful stone for the throat chakra, this crystal also helps bring honest communications between partners. It resonates with the energies of truth and honesty, encouraging you to speak your truth and mind with kindness and forthrightness. So, if you’re a naturally shy person, this crystal can guide you in making more meaningful and stimulating conversations with your loved ones.

Not only that but it also even contributes to your awareness and ensuring that everything coming out of your mouth has value.

Lastly, turquoise also resonates well with the higher heart chakra. It allows you to become more compassionate and understanding towards your partner when they have their moments of weakness or shortcomings. It encourages you to be more empathic, making you more considerate towards your loved ones and supportive of what they are going through.

For Protection

for protection

In crystal healing, turquoise has been associated with personal protection and used since ancient times. As a matter of fact, this beautiful stone has been a popular protective tool embedded in shields and army clothing for ancient warriors heading out to battle.

Its stunning and bright hue has been discovered in the battle gear and ceremonial battle masks of the Aztecs in order to provide personal protection against negative entities and forces. In addition, turquoise has served as a bodyguard against invading marauders as well as theft.

However, its protective energy is not just ancient lore or myth and is still as powerful and used in today’s modern world. Turquoise can help cleanse the body, mind and spirit of any negative energies and entities. After that, the stone creates a protective auric layer, that helps keep negative entities and energy vampires at bay.

For Depression and Anxiety

For Depression and Anxiety

Turquoise is a great anti-stress and anti-hysteria stone. Its color alone can calm the inner troubles you have, proving a moment of tranquility and peace within you. This stone has the ability to help calm yourself if you tend to overreact and overthink your situations.

In particular, it is helpful for those with Narcissistic disorder as well as those having abnormal and excessive worrying or anxiety. The vibrational energies of turquoise can stimulate higher thinking and prevent the excessive need for admiration and attention as well as proving tranquility to prevent depression.

Different Types of Turquoise

Other than the commonly-mined turquoise with the vibrant blue hue, there other equally beautiful turquoise variety that you should know.

Tibetan Turquoise

Tibetan Turquoise

Also known as the Chinese turquoise, the Tibetan turquoise features a greener crystalline structure and carries a slightly different vibration than the commonly mined, more bright blue turquoise.

The Tibetan turquoise is more powerful at clearing the throat chakra and easing blockages of suppressed self-expression. It is jewelry worn by women and men alike and is considered a promise of protectiveness and fidelity to a partner or a lover.

The Tibetan turquoise is also used in sacred prayer beads, adorns prayer bells and wheels, and musical instruments. A Tibetan turquoise beads rosary is also said to relate your prayer o whatever deity is being invoked. Traditionally speaking, this variety of turquoise beads is received as a gift to pass on its natural fortune-bringing powers.  

Spiderweb Turquoise

Spiderweb Turquoise

The spiderweb turquoise is made of rare turquoise featuring a matrix that looks like a spiderweb. Most spiderweb turquoise is usually found in Colorado and the sleeping beauty mine of Arizona, but it varies substantially from where it is mined.

Spiderweb turquoise from the Carico lake runs from a light blue to lime turquoise colorations with brown, black or dark green webbing. Meanwhile, those from the Lone Mountain are typically a sky blue color with a black matrix. Lastly, the lander turquoise blue spiderweb turquoise is probably the most known variety featuring a deep rich dark blue hue with a tight and jet black spiderweb matrix.

Combining Turquoise With Other Crystal Stones

Turquoise is already powerful on its own, but it can also work really well with other sources of crystal to enhance its power and adding new metaphysical attributes to the mix.

Turquoise + Aquamarine


As mentioned, many times in this article, the turquoise is one of the best stones to heal and stimulate the throat chakra. This makes sense since the color for the throat chakra is the soothing color of sky blue.

Turquoise is mainly used for its protective attributes, stopping from speaking ill of others and staying calm in chaotic circumstances. Pairing this powerful stone with the aquamarine crystal, which is another potent stone for the throat chakra, can heighten the attributes of your throat chakra and speaking the truth with calmness.

With the aquamarine and turquoise combo are used, you can cleanse, activate, stimulate and heal your throat chakra. Both crystals can help encourage honest and truthful communication clearly. Their energies harmonizes and can help you conquer the fear of speaking your mind and encouraging clarity of your thoughts so that you can clearly communicate yourself and prevent misunderstandings.

Turquoise + Moonstone


Turquoise is a potent protective crystal that is suitable for journeys. Known as the traveler’s companion, this blue crystal is excellent protection on your journeys and was traditionally offered to people who are getting ready for their long journey ahead. As a matter of fact, this crystal has been worn as a talisman by sailors of the ancient in order to protect them on their journey to the sea.

Now, if you wish to further amplify this traveling protecting property of the turquoise crystals, then you can pair it with the beautiful moonstone. The moonstone with its soothing energies is the main stone used for traveling and is believed to bring luck and joy to your adventures. With its link to the feminine energies of the moon, moonstone is said to help light your path and protect you during your travel, particularly during the night.

Together, these crystals prove mighty protection when traveling for longer periods. In addition, take note that turquoise can also help protect you and all your possessions against loss, attack or theft during traveling. Meanwhile, moonstone can protect y against road rage or accidents as well as easing motion sickness and homesickness when you’re traveling away from your family for long periods.

Turquoise + Malachite


Dubbed as the stone of purification, the turquoise with its solid blue hue can help in dispelling negative energies while also clearing electromagnetic smog. But, since it’s not mainly used for this, the purification abilities of turquoise can be improved further by pairing it with the potency of malachite.

This pale green blue stone is one of the most protective stones available, having the ability to absorb negative energies, entities, and pollutants from your surroundings. Pairing it with the blue hue of turquoise, you will receive a powerful auric shield that guards you against all kinds of electromagnetic pollution and radiation.

Then, the grounding earth energies of the malachite crystal can work to increase your motivation and creativity, inducing positive and powerful energies for you to soak in and enjoy.

Turquoise + Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Similar to the turquoise and aquamarine duo, combining turquoise with another solid, blue-colored crystal, the lapis lazuli, you get to stimulate and heal a blocked throat chakra which enhances clear communication of thoughts.

Unlike aquamarine, though, lapis lazuli offers more throat chakra benefits. Its deep and vivid blue color is believed to relieve problems in your throat including suppressed anger and frustrations.

And when combines with turquoise, these crystals can provide the energies of forgiveness, self-acceptance, resorting vitality, enhancing your mood, easing frustrations, balancing emotions and relieving accumulated stress so you can express and speak your mind and thoughts more clearly and truthfully.

As lapis works on stimulating creativity, good judgment and enhancing your speaking capability, turquoise can boost such capabilities and allowing an enhanced communication between the spiritual and physical world. Since both crystals can help better expression and communication of thoughts and feelings, they can also help express your honest feelings to your partner or friends to clear any misunderstanding and creating a long-lasting and much stronger relationship.

Turquoise + Bloodstone


Another protective combo, the turquoise and bloodstone duo is extremely beneficial if you are feeling or being threatened. Whether it is physical violence, blackmail or simply negative people in your workplace who threatens to make your life miserable, these crystals can make a powerful, yet soothing, barrier between yourself and the threat.

Furthermore, this crystal combination also offers powerful healing energies. Both turquoise and bloodstone can help in the better absorption of nutrients in your body. Their vibrational energies can also help in alleviating pains related to cramps, headaches as well as stomachaches. These can even help in purifying lungs, healing eye problems and soothing throat problems.

Lastly, both stones have physical healing energies capable of neutralizing over-acidity, so they are highly beneficial when you’re experiencing rheumatism, stomach problems, viral infections and gout.

Is Turquoise a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Turquoise is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Turquoise is December Birthstone

Turquoise is the traditional and natural birthstone of people born in December. Blue is the color that represents the wintry period of December, imparting the cold but heartwarming and cheery holiday season that comes with this month.

Turquoise acts as a love charm and a protective talisman to those born during the cold season of the year. Not only that, but this crystal can also bring success and good fortune as well as shielding its wearer against negative energies and evil entities for the next year of his life.

Turquoise is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Sagittarius  

Turquoise is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Sagittarius

In terms of its connection to the Zodiac signs, turquoise is one of the zodiac crystals stone for Sagittarius. The Sagittarians, born between November 22 and December 21, which signifies the end of the harvest season and the start of the winter, are kind, optimistic, adventurous, and have an extremely positive outlook in life.

They love to reach high and dream big and they can be a lot of fun to be around with. However, with all this abundance coming at such a quick pace, this can sometimes lead to the Sagittarians not being so great with communication.

This frenetic and fast star sign can be a little too direct and blunt to other people, which can lead to a level of strife. With turquoise as the wise stone of the old, it can offer communication and calmness to Sagittarians and can help in balancing them out.

Meditation with Turquoise

Meditation with Turquoise

Turquoise is a crystal of earth grounding and is highly valuable in preventing you from losing touch with your conscious mind during astral traveling and deep meditations. The crystal can provide protection and strength during astral traveling and vision quests and thanks to its high spirituality, it can act in improving meditation to bring further peace of mind.

You can use turquoise to meditate with it and connect with your spiritual truth. You can also meditate with it if you’re walking the path of sage, shaman, or healer and enhancing your connection to the divine information and guidance. Furthermore, meditating with turquoise is also recommended if you wish to build a stronger connection to your spirits of nature and the land as well a with your tree or animal totems.

How to Cleanse and Charge Turquoise?

Although it is a water stone, it does not mean that the turquoise crystal will not benefit from being kept charged and clean whenever possible. Like with all gemstones, if you want your turquoise to work within the fullest spectrum of its power, you need to cleanse and care for them.

After a tough day or a deep healing session, you need to flush away the negative energies from your turquoise in order to keep it flowing with grace and sweetness.

Turquoise crystals can be cleaned gently with warm soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush or brush. Then, rinse it thoroughly and dry it as soon as possible in order to keep its gleaming gorgeousness.

If you wish to charge up your turquoise crystal, then you should smudge it with sage or other healing herbs. Furthermore, this crystal can also be charged with the energizing rays of the moon, soaking up all those luminous lunar energies.

Now, if you want to keep its shimmering high variuos shades of blue and green tint, then make sure that you avoid leaving this crystal in direct sunlight since this can cause its vivid coloring to fade.

Final Thoughts

Turquoise with its beautiful bluish to greenish blue hue and potent energies can transport you to peace and serenity like a piece of the azure heaven or the calming ocean right there on your hand.

It is certainly one of the best and most beautiful crystals to add to your growing collection, bringing you charm, speaking ability, protection, and success in your life.


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