Unakite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Unakite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Unakite

Unakite brings together the nurturing and abundant energy of green with the caring and soft passion of pink in of Earth’s most healing crystals of the mind and heart. This stone resonates with a potent, yet gentle frequency of compassion, love, and kindness. It is a crystal dedicated to balancing your emotional body.

What is Unakite?

What is Unakite

Unakite is the term used for the coarse-grained granitic rocks which, after metamorphism, contain abundant pistachio to green epidote interlaced with peach, light red, or pink orthoclase feldspar. Occasionally, it is also called Granodiorite or Epidotized Granite. It is a relatively hard stone with a 6.5 rating on the Mohs hardness scale.

This stone is named for the Unaka Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, the USA where it was first discovered. However, this stone is also found in boulders and pebbles in glacial drifts around the Great Lakes as well as in Switzerland and Zimbabwe.  

This semiprecious stone features common minerals found in the crust of the earth. Thus, it is relatively cheap and readily available, particularly to those living in the vicinity of the Unakas Mountains.

The Meaning and Uses of Unakite

Unakite is also called Epidote for its main component. It derived its name from the Greek term “epidosis” which means “growing together”. The amalgamation of pink Feldspar, Red Jasper, and Green Epidote makes Unakite a solidly bound together stone, symbolizing that “what comes together belongs together”.

The wonderful colors of the Unakite crystal have helped it become quite popular in the lapidary industry. This stone can be easily cut and polished in order to produce cabochons, beads, small sculptures as well as other ornamental items.

The Meaning and Uses of Unakite

Not only that, but this stone is also popular for producing tumbled stones in tock tumblers. Since it is so abundant, attractive, and inexpensive, this crystal can be frequently seen in the craft jewelry marketplace.

Furthermore, this stone is sometimes used as a decorative and architectural stone. Unakite slabs are often used as facing stone, flooring tiles, windowsills, and stair treads. Perhaps its most prominent use is as the beautiful trimming to the front steps of the Smithsonian National Museum of the Natural History in Washington. Not only that but Unakite jewelry was also used as floor tiles on the landing at the south entrance of the museum.

The Unakite crystal has also been used as a construction aggregate. Crushed stone of Unakite has also been used as road base material, unpaved road surfacing, drainage stone and fill.

Unakite Metaphysical Properties

The elements of epidote and red jasper blend beautifully in the Unakite crystal and embodies a strong, but harmonious relationship. The green and pink energies of this crystal balance the aspects of your heart, helping to release the deep-seated emotions in a  gentle and slow way. Then it lifts your spirits when you’re down.

Not only that, but this stone also promotes persistence and patience. It can help in gradually eliminating the bad habits as well as the patterns and thoughts that perpetuate them. In particular, its energies make it a great crystal for sensitive children. It can help them in bouncing back from disappointment, grief, or sorrow. This stone can also support anyone who feels a little overwhelmed, lost, or has trouble focusing on the here and now.

Legend also claims that anyone who carries Unakite will be able to find things that have been lost. Also, it helps in sustaining your power in situations where they would be more likely to become the victim. Not only that but it is also believed that Unakite can impart confident control to its user during magic spell casting.

Historically speaking, the Unakite crystal is said to soothe and calm the emotions of anyone who wear it. This stone has the ability to quiet fear and increase mental toughness. Also, it is considered a stone of increase and is believed to bring stamina, strength, and even fertility.

Unakite Metaphysical Properties

Furthermore, the stone is said to encourage tolerance as well as gentleness toward all beings. This stone engenders persistence and patience in striving for harmony within yourself. It is also an excellent support crystal for studying Kabbalah, Tree of Life, or your Kundalini energy.

Unakite is also quite beneficial for the rebirthing process. It helps in bringing insights from your past and lighting the possible causes of blockages within your chakras. Then, it gently releases these issues which inhibit your psychological and spiritual growth. Not only that, but this stone can also encourage psychic vision and visualization. In addition, it can also be used as a casting crystal when scrying, signifying where integration and compromise are needed.

The energies of Unakite are also great for healing and nurturing the emotional pain and physical bodies during injury, hospitalization, and prolonged illnesses. The earthy energies of this stone can bring gradual strength as well as renewed vitality while helping you to understand and endure these painful or frustrating experiences.

The Benefits of Unakite

Unakite, thanks to its combination of various minerals, makes it a highly versatile stone for healing. Here are some of the benefits of using Unakite.

For Physical Healing

Unakite is a potent crystal that can promote the growth of healthy tissue. It is particularly useful in supporting your lungs and heart. It assists in the proper functioning, circulation, and balancing of metabolism and bodily fluids. Not only that but this stone is also considered to be highly restorative in cases of tissue deterioration. In addition, it is also suitable for treating diseases or cancers of specific areas.

Unakite For Physical Healing

Unakite is an excellent crystal for quitting or cutting down smoking as well as overcoming other long-standing addictions including overconsumption of drugs or alcohol or overeating. Not only that, but it can also help in the removal of harmful toxic and waste energies from your system on a cellular level over time. This helps in the release of emotional triggers that perpetuate the behavior.

Lastly, the Unakite crystal is also said to aid your reproductive system, particularly the females’. It promotes healthy pregnancies as well as stimulates healthy weight gain when needed. It is believed that this stone is great for hyperventilation and breathing irregularities as well as easing the transition into labor and delivery.

For Emotional Healing

Like any jasper, the Unakite crystal is attuned to the Earth. This provides a slow but steady source of energy for renewal and Unakite healing properties.

This Unakite jasper not only supports the physical structure of the heart but also gently gets to the root cause of health issues or disease that is caused by the emotional heart. This is particularly true for the deep-seated feelings that have been hidden or repressed such as resentment and anger.

Unakite For Emotional Healing

The habitual internalization of such emotions can create standing patterns of energy within your body. And the Unakite crystal can bring these wounds to the surface in a way that avoids any new trauma or problems. Then it ameliorates their release gently and slowly, consistently over time, along with the toxic behaviors and negative thought patterns that perpetuate them.

Healing your wounded self and learning to navigate challenging situations with ease and consciousness can allow you to enjoy healthy relationships with other people through well-balanced emotions.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Unakite, with its mixture of pink and green energies, makes it one of the most powerful stones for Unakite healing properties, stimulating and activating your heart chakra. This chakra is located near the center of your breastbone and regulates your interaction with the outer world and controls what you resist and what you accept. This provides you the balancing ability to be yourself with your environment.

Unakite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

When your heart chakra is out of balance, you can feel either too controlled o controlling in a relationship. Also, you become critical of the little stimulus and emotions of others. Thus, you will find yourself having inappropriately intense emotional responses to daily external stimuli.

The pink and green energies of the Unakite can help in rebalancing and resolving blockages of the heart chakra. It can help in understanding your emotions and needs more clearly. This way, you can deal with the ups and downs of an emotional relationship and accept changes.

For Relationship and Love

The Unakite crystal is well-known for its capability to connect you to the pure, infinite love which surrounds you. As mentioned before, it is a crystal that connects with your heart chakra and uplifts your mood whenever you are down.

Unakite is said to foster a healthy relationship through balanced emotions. This stone can encourage a harmonious partnership in love or others. It is particularly helpful and valuable for working closely with a friend or a relative where personal interactions are crucial.

Its pink and green energies also bring commitment, determination, and caring. Its soothing frequency can calm any feelings of resentment or anger while aiding in your effort to reflect and meditate.

Unakite For Relationship and Love

In addition, Unakite also symbolizes new romance, new relationships, and new love. It can increase your sensuality while overcoming heartache and assisting in the improvement of your loving and caring capabilities.

For lasting love, the Unakite crystal is traditionally sprinkled with dried yarrow. It is then arranged in a sealed bag as a commitment or marriage symbol. It is then replaced during anniversaries with the old yarrow cast and the crystal should be cleansed in running water.

And in order to improve fertility, you simply need to place a Unakite crystal in order to assist in conception. And during pregnancy, you need to place a piece of Unakite on your womb This helps you to have a spiritual connection with your unborn child. Also, it is a marvelous stone for easing the transition to labor.  

For Protection

Unakite is a guardian harmonizer stone. As a guardian talisman, the Unakite crystal doesn’t usually reveal its inner peace strength behind its opaque crystalline structure and obscures the power that they possess.

Unakite For Protection

In the physical realm, Unakite crystals make a potent amulet for traveling. It can help in protecting your possessions, loved ones as well as physical security. Meanwhile, in the spiritual realm, the Unakite crystal can serve to guard your beliefs against doubts. It helps you in keeping to your true ideal and reinforcing and stimulating your strength of character.

Not only that, but this stone can also help in protecting your spirits during difficult and trying times.

For Sleep Insomnia

Unakite is an excellent stone that can help you if you’re having trouble sleeping. With its calming energies, Unakite can ease stress and is strongly connected to the subconscious of your mind.

Unakite For Sleep Insomnia

This stone will imbue serenity and love in your surroundings. It also relieves accumulated negativities of a stressful day that often cause restless nights. In addition, getting a good night’s sleep can be impossible if you are feeling anxious, scared or angry.

The Unakite crystal can draw out these negativities, filling you with heart-centered healing energies to induce sleep and prevent insomnia. Not only that, but this stone can also restore good sleeping patterns, so you can wake up more energized than before.  

For Depression and Anxiety

Unakite is a potent stone that can bring you serenity, tranquility, and optimism about the future. It is a great stone to have during the extremely challenging times and difficult situations in your life.

Unakite For Depression and Anxiety

Its frequency can help in releasing all the hidden and pent-up negativities and emotions within you that might be holding back your spiritual and psychological growth. It also helps in erasing the painful memories and failures of your past that cause you to be anxious and depressed in your current life.

By placing it under your pillow or taking a piece wherever you go, the Unakite crystal can ensure that you stay positive and optimistic. It brings you clarity and courage to move forward while relieving stress and negative thought patterns. Not only that it should also keep you anchored to the current moment.

For Confidence and Career Success

Although not commonly mentioned, the Unakite crystal can also be one of your best allies in the workplace setting.

Since Unakite can help in the release of negative energies from within, it shall help you in doing your best. By removing the self-limiting thoughts and attitude, you can enhance your creativity as well as boost your focus and motivation, and work.

Also, this stone can help in the stabilization of your mood, even during a stressful day at work. This stone can provide a strong sense of calmness and relaxation, preventing the panic attacks that come with fast-paced and demanding workspaces. This way, you can work on your tasks more efficiently and enjoy a calmer and more productive working environment.

Unakite For Confidence and Career Success

Not only that, but this stone is also useful in boosting your self-esteem and confidence. It shall keep you motivated and focused on the task at hand. It will also remind you of your skills and talents, ensuring that you are capable of taking on any assignments or projects and performing them to the best of your ability.

In addition, Unakite is one of the best stones to place on your office or home desk. Its frequency can help in deflecting the negative energies of technology. It helps protect you against harmful electromagnetic pollution, clearing out EMF as well as radiation smog being emitted from your smartphone, computer or other electronic devices. This helps in reducing psychological stress and helps keep your mind revitalized and refreshed as you work.

Combining Unakite With Other Crystal Stones

Unakite is a very versatile crystal for pairing with other stones. This should help in amplifying your healing intentions and gaining more benefits from the crystals. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for Unakite.

Unakite + Iolite

The combination of Unakite and iolite crystals should bring a powerful awakening and stimulation of your third eye chakra.

Unakite + Iolite

Iolite is perhaps one of the most favored and powerful crystals for stimulating your third eye chakra. Its energies can help in increasing your inner visions and boosting your 6th sense. Powerful and yet gentle enough, this stone can help you better recognize the patterns in your life. Thus, it helps you in releasing any controlling or domineering tendencies.

Unakite, on the other hand, is a unique crystal that will also stimulate your third eye chakra and obtain spiritual enlightenment and knowledge. It then helps ground higher information that you’ve received from your third eye chakra all the way through your root chakra. Thus, it is especially helpful during deep meditation.

Working together, the energies of iolite and Unakite can increase your spirituality and understanding of the divine realm. As Unakite helps you see and pull out negative feelings that you have accumulated within you, the energies of iolite will then fill you up with self-confidence and self-trust.

Also, both stones can increase mental clarity. These crystals also increase vivid, lucid dreaming as well as enhance visions and knowledge obtained during astral traveling.

Unakite + Fluorite

For another powerful combination for the stimulation and activation of the third chakra as well as increasing mental clarity and focus, try pairing Unakite with fluorite.

Unakite + Fluorite

Unakite, as mentioned before, is a powerful stone of the third eye chakra. It is highly beneficial for the rebirthing process, bringing essential insights from your past to light and seeing the causes of blockages in your emotional body. Then, it helps in the release of such issues that inhibit your psychological and spiritual growth.

Meanwhile, fluorite is also a potent crystal of the third eye chakra that focuses more on mental excellence. This stone will open your mind to new viewpoints and ideas while sharpening your thought process.

In addition, the green and blue energies fluorite are particularly effective in increasing your intuition while also assisting in spiritual awakening. Thus, it helps in preventing creative blocks and distractions, so you can move forward with improved concentration and confidence.

Meanwhile, the Unakite crystal will promote enhanced visualization. Also, it helps in boosting your psychic vision as well as in past-life healing where you can go back to the source of the problem and reframe it.

With both stones, you can have better insights and understanding of your psychological, emotional, and spiritual body while boosting confidence and focus on your daily life.

Unakite + Amber

Unakite and amber are excellent crystals for health and physical support.

Unakite + Amber

Unakite is a great healing crystal that nurtures your emotional and physical bodies, particularly during injury, prolonged hospitalization, and illness. Thanks to its earth energies, this stone can bring gradual physical strength and renewed vitality. Not only that, but it also helps you to endure and understand these painful and frustrating experiences.

Meanwhile, amber brings the energy of the sun, embracing you with warmth and well-being. Like Unakite, the nurturing attributes of amber is also well-suited for those who are currently recovering from an illness. It brings the potent and energizing frequency of the sun to bring back vitality into the physical body.

Not only that but both Unakite and amber are also suitable for healing the emotional body. Both Unakite and amber stones are highly beneficial for those who need comfort. The Unakite crystal should help in the release of accumulated negative energies from within. Then the amber crystal should bring in sunny energies that promote a positive and optimistic attitude to its wearer.

Unakite + Ruby Zoisite

For a unique pairing in boosting fertility, pair Unakite with the ruby zoisite.

Unakite + Ruby Zoisite

Unakite, with its green and pink hues, can stimulate, cleanse and strengthen your heart, sacral, and root chakra. It helps in releasing and grounding negative energy while promoting a positive and optimistic mindset– which is needed in order to enhance fertility.

Meanwhile, the ruby zoisite with its combination of black tschermakite, green zoisite, and ruby on one crystalline structure, makes it one of the best crystals exuding unique energies for supporting fertility and the reproductive process.

And since ruby zoisite is a powerful amplifier, this crystal can boost the energies of Unakite crystal. Thus, by using both crystals, you can release the trapped and suppressed energy. This brings hidden feelings to the surface while enhancing positive energy and mood. This should stimulate fertility and ease issues with the reproductive systems of both females and males.

Unakite + Moonstone

If you don’t have the unique ruby zoisite in your collection, then you can try this next pairing for fertility.

Unakite + Moonstone

Moonstone is a pretty common crystal and is the most favored stone for fertility intentions. As the stone of New Beginnings, the moonstone is one of the best crystals you can have if you wish to get pregnant. Harnessing the potent feminine energies of the moon, this crystal reflects emotional gentleness and stability.

Also, the moonstone is considered the healing stone for women which helps in balancing the female hormones, menstrual cycles, and metabolism so you can be fertile and conceive. Increase your chances of conceiving by pairing its energies with Unakite. Placing both stones under your pillow is said to aid in conception.

With the energies of Unakite stones, you can cleanse any blockages in your chakras and boost your spiritual and emotional energies which positively affect your ability to conceive.

Other than regulating your cycle and emotional self, the combined energies of moonstone and Unakite are said to open your heart to nurturing qualities. These crystals are also suitable to use in maintaining a healthy connection between the mother and the unborn child throughout the pregnancy.

Furthermore, the gentle and soothing frequency of both moonstone and Unakite make them a powerful aid during labor in order to ease the transition.

Unakite + Lapis Lazuli

For balancing your throat chakra and enhancing communication, try pairing the energies of Unakite and lapis lazuli.

Unakite + Lapis Lazuli

The Unakite is a combination of potent minerals that stimulates several chakras at once. However, it is a heart-centered crystal that can help bring harmony to any relationship by also stimulating your throat chakra and enhancing communication.

The lapis lazuli, on the other hand, is one of the strongest contenders for the best crystal for improving communication. It stimulates not only that throat chakra but also your third chakra. This stone can help in releasing repressed anger while encouraging constructive communication. It helps you in speaking honestly and with compassion.

AS the Stone of Truth, the lapis lazuli can enhance your self-awareness which is crucial for effective communication. Then, the Unakite crystal shall soften your attitude while introducing compromise you can communicate with self-respect and wisdom.

Unakite + Black Tourmaline

For a unique crystal combination for protection, pair Unakite with black tourmaline.

Unakite + Black Tourmaline

Unakite is an exceptionally powerful crystal for healing and releasing negative emotions, behavior, and thoughts. It is said to help release emotional triggers and harmful energies from the body.

Now, when you pair it with the most powerful all-around protective stone, the black tourmaline, you don’t just release all kinds of negative energies and bad vibes. With this stone, you can also encourage a more positive emotional body and surroundings.

Black tourmaline can absorb any negative energies from your surrounding— whether it is bad thoughts from other people or lower frequencies from the otherworldly realm. Meanwhile, the Unakite stones crystal shall help in the release of negative energies from within you. Then the black tourmaline works in transmuting these negative energies into positive ones and filling you with optimism and good vibes only.

In addition, both stones are also excellent cleaners of the environment, especially in the workplace setting. These energies can absorb or negate the effects of electromagnetic smog and pollution from computers, smartphones, and other technological devices. This way, you can keep your stress level in check while encouraging a more positive attitude throughout the day.

Is Unakite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Unakite is not a traditional birthstone nor a zodiac crystal.

However, Unakite with primarily green colors is the natural birthstone for those born on April 20 – May 20, during the heart of spring. This crystal brings you success, renewal, and good health.

Meditation with Unakite

Unakite offers harmonious and calm energy for meditation. It is especially suitable for centering and grounding at the ending or start of a ritual or meditation session.

Meditation with Unakite

This crystal is particularly beneficial in meditation for releasing accumulated anger, pain and other negative emotions. It also helps in the elimination of challenges and obstacles to your personal growth.

Unakite can also be used to open your third eye chakra for psychic vision as well as spiritual visualization.

How to Cleanse and Charge Unakite?

Since it helps in the release of negative energies, Unakite crystal should be cleansed and charged regularly in order to keep it brimming with potent and fresh energies.

The simplest way to clean your Unakite stone is to use warm soapy water. Gently scrub its surface with a soft cloth in order to remove accumulated dust and debris. Then rinse it thoroughly with running water. Allow to dry.

To cleanse its metaphysical energies, you can try various ways. You can try smudging your Unakite crystal with lavender, Palo Santo or sage. Also, you can use a tuning fork to cleanse and recharge the crystal. Just tap the stone 1 – 2 times to knock off the negative energies within.

In addition, you can also simply leave your Unakite crystal under the rays of the full moon on your windowsill to recharge and cleanse it thoroughly. Unakite also loves the earthy energies, so you can also place them in your garden to soak in regenerating energies.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate crystal for fulfilling the spirit of carpe diem, the green-pink Unakite crystal definitely lives up to its reputation and is nicknamed the “living in the now” crystal. This stone will help you in releasing the self-limiting negative emotions and energies from within.

It will push you to act and to start living in the present moment without being pushed back by the past. It shall only bring you positivity and emotional healing so you can move forward in life.


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