Watermelon Tourmaline Meanings, Properties and Uses

Watermelon Tourmaline Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Watermelon Tourmaline

As fruity and fresh as the juicy ball of goodness in which it’s named after, the watermelon tourmaline crystal represents the pinkish heart center and the green outer shell you represent to this world. It brings joy to those outside relationships while inducing peace to the core.

Learn more about this beautiful crystal by reading below!

What is Watermelon Tourmaline?

A natural crystal, tourmalines are some of the most common crystals available today. Tourmalines are a variety of quartz that belongs to the mineral class of silicates. This crystal exhibits a trigonal crystal system with a hardness of 7 – 7.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale.

What is Watermelon Tourmaline

All stones in the tourmaline family are mixed with aluminum boron silicate. Also, they contain specific elements such as lithium, potassium, iron, manganese and sodium that give them their unique coloring.

Although tourmalines were first discovered in Brazil, this stone was initially confused with emeralds. It wasn’t until the 19th century that this gem was classified as the tourmaline.

In the modern world, tourmaline is divided into 11 different species, depending on their properties and chemical composition. And elbaite was the name given to the most colorful stones of the tourmaline group. This is where the natural, bi-colored watermelon tourmaline falls. This is transparent to translucent crystals and is highly prized as mineral specimens and gemstones. Like most crystals in the elbaite group, the watermelon tourmaline is actually a sodium lithium aluminum borosilicate hydroxide mineral.

Watermelon tourmaline, as its name implies, is a variety of tourmaline with a pink center and a green perimeter around its outer surface, looking a lot like watermelon and its rind. This is perhaps one of the very few crystals where you can see the formation process etched into the mineral.

As the pink tourmaline at the center was thickening and forming, exposure to additional minerals such as lithium and manganese caused the crystal to change its color over time. This very unique variety of tourmaline was first discovered in 1902 at a mine in Newry, Maine. However, watermelon tourmaline can also be found in Madagascar, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Brazil and Australia.

In particular, Brazil is most famous for its finest and best quality watermelon tourmaline, more specifically around the Minas Gerais region. Also, in the early 1970s, a huge pocket of extremely valuable and high-grade watermelon tourmaline was found very close to the mind in which this stone was discovered. Only 5 miles away from the Newry, the Plumbago Gem Pit also started pulling out some of the most amazing specimens of watermelon tourmaline ever see in the world at that time.

What is Watermelon Tourmaline

The most desirable specimen of watermelon tourmaline displays intact rings in 2 shades of green which surrounds the hot pink core. This kind of watermelon tourmaline is typically called “true” watermelon tourmaline.

Watermelon tourmaline, however, can also be found in other combinations of color. For example, a reverse watermelon with pinkish outer rings and a green core or in tones of rare blue tourmalines. In addition, tourmalines typically feature several inclusions that some people may confuse as flaws or cracks.

Watermelon tourmalines, like any crystals in the tourmaline family, are considered highly pleochroic. This only means that the crystal will look darker in color when your view it down on its long axis instead of when looking at it from the sides. This property just goes beyond the idea that the gem is thicker in that direction. Even equally dimensioned watermelon tourmalines will strongly demonstrate this trait.

Furthermore, being a tourmaline means that it is also piezoelectric. This only means that when it’s compressed or heated, a different electrical charge will form at opposite ends of the crystal. Meanwhile, if an electric potential is applied to this crystal, it can result in static electricity effects. With that said, you can get the same effect when rubbing the crystal.

The Meaning and Uses of Watermelon Tourmaline

The name tourmaline comes from the Singhalese term “tura mali” which means “stone of mixed with vibrant colors. The prefix watermelon refers to its unique color combination— with a light to dark green outer ring and a red to the pinkish core, separated with a clear, white or light pink color, this stone resembles the watermelon fruit.

Watermelon tourmalines are relatively durable crystals used for jewelry pieces such as earrings, pendants, beads and bracelets. Its distinctive and eye-catching colors mark it out as a favorite material for gem and jewelry designers.

The Meaning and Uses of Watermelon Tourmaline

All kinds of tourmalines are high-pressure and high-temperature materials. They also exhibit polarity, which means that the electrical properties are different at either end. Such variations are caused by the complex structure and chemistry of the crystal. So, when heated or rubbed, watermelon tourmaline acquires an electrical charge, attracting objects such as dirt, dust and other lightweight objects.

And this is why tourmalines are mainly used in electrical devices to produce pressure gauges. All kinds of tourmalines are used as electrical tuning circuits for conducting television and radio frequencies. Not only that, because of their durability, these crystals are used to pass high frequency without shattering.

Years ago, the Dutch traders who first bought tourmaline to Europe gave this crystal the name “Aschentrekker”, which is translated to “ash puller”. This is because of its capability to be used as an alternative power of attracting and repelling hot ashes from burning coals when it was laid near the coals. Dutch traders used this stone in order to pull ashes from the Meerschaum pipes. Such ability to gain magnetic energies and become electrically polar via heating distinguished the tourmaline stone from other crystals.

Watermelon Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

The watermelon tourmaline is a potent crystal that can encourage peace and happiness in your life. It teaches you compassion for yourself and for others while boosting your innate healing abilities. Not only that, but this stone is also supportive in removing any blockages and negativities in your life.

It also helps in relieving stress while increasing your sympathy, confidence and empathy. Any overactive emotions and insecurities will be gone and provide you with clear meaning and purpose in your life.

In addition, watermelon tourmaline is also regarded as a strong protective crystal. This stone is said to provide a combination of both female and male energies which brings harmony and balance to the body. Furthermore, it is also believed to connect you with spiritual and physical vibrations, inspiring practicality and creativity.

Watermelon Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

In its natural form, the watermelon tourmaline is said to help you speak the truth with clarity, honesty, truth, compassion and kindness. This stone is said to prevent you from spreading malice or misjudging people. Not only that, but this stone should also teach you to have a beautiful heart, accepting your real self and forgiving other people.  

Other than that, the watermelon tourmaline is also said to be beneficial not only for humans. Thanks to its strong affinity with the earthy, devic energies, this stone is also highly beneficial for gardens and plants. Its green energies act as a natural insecticide that you can simply place near doors and windows. Furthermore, it is said to help encourage good health and growth of all plants that are buried in your garden.

The Benefits of Watermelon Tourmaline

The watermelon tourmaline is a highly versatile stone with several healing benefits. Here are some of the advantages of using watermelon tourmaline in your life.

For Physical Healing

The watermelon tourmaline is best known for boosting your immune system. It is also suitable for treating symptoms of hyperactivity and can be used for treating heart issues. In addition, its soothing energies are also said to help ease the symptoms of paranoia and hysteria.

Watermelon tourmaline can also be used to ensure the good overall health of the physical body and the proper functioning of your endocrine system. It also helps in boosting metabolism and alleviating the pains and aches. As a matter of fact, when you place a watermelon tourmaline on the painful or injured part of the body, it can help in eliminating or reducing the pain and quicken the recovery process.

Watermelon Tourmaline For Physical Healing

Moreover, this stone is also said to balance your right and left brain hemispheres. It helps in removing any tension in your body, boosting physical energy and removing any kinds of blockages. The stone is also said to assist in spinal adjustment as well as improving eye and hand coordination.

It is even believed to help treat dyslexia. Furthermore, this stone is also said to assist in the regeneration of nerves and muscles. It helps in strengthening your lungs, intestines, brain and heart. It is also beneficial for soothing symptoms of arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

For Emotional Healing

In terms of emotional healing, the watermelon tourmaline is a potent heart-centered crystal that can soothe and calm emotional disturbances. This stone is said to help access and unlock the depths of your heart and encouraging a full cleansing and healing of your emotional wounds.

Watermelon Tourmaline For Emotional Healing

This stone can help in removing all kinds of negativities such as insecurity and jealousy. It then amplifies your strength, balancing your female and male energies. The stone can also keep the negative energies away from your emotional body, preventing negative emotions and thoughts from affecting your life.

It should help you in letting go of behavioral patterns that are not healthy for you. This helps in making more room for more positive and better ways of thinking. This in turn can soothe your emotional being.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

With its combination of pink and green color energies, the watermelon tourmaline is a powerful stone for the heart and higher heart chakras.

The heart chakra is located just near the center of your breastbone. This regulates your interaction with the outer world and controlling what you resist and what you accept. It helps you in understanding your own emotions and needs which help you sustain a balanced relationship that is happy, healthy and nurturing.

Watermelon Tourmaline For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Meanwhile, your higher heart chakra is found at your thymus. Your thymus gland sits just between your sternum and your heart. Also known as the etheric chakra, the higher heart chakra is known as the seat of the soul. This chakra filters unconditional love and acts for the highest good, allowing a strong connection with the divine soul union and the higher realms.

With the harmonizing color energies of the watermelon tourmaline crystal, you can bring order to an overactive heart and higher heart chakra. This brings focus and understanding to the needs and wants of others while preventing inappropriately strong emotional responses. The stone can also help in releasing negative emotions and trauma, opening your heart to forgiveness of yourself and other people.

By activating the heart and higher heart chakra, this stone can help you connect with or true self and recognizing your true purpose in life.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

The watermelon tourmaline can help with issues related to wealth, abundance and prosperity. This stone can provide the motivation and inspiration to work on your financial goals, helping you achieve your money goals.

Watermelon Tourmaline For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Not only that, but this stone can also help you open yourself to attracting universal wealth and abundance. Then, it also helps you become more perceptive to the financial opportunities that come to you.

For Relationship and Love

If you are looking for love, then the watermelon tourmaline can help in attracting love and finding your soulmate. This stone can help in clearing your aura, so you are filled with positive loving energies that can help you become more attractive. Not only that, but this stone can also help in clearing whatever negative feelings and thoughts that you might have that are preventing the love energies from flowing freely.

Watermelon Tourmaline For Relationship and Love

This stone is also said to help bring resolution to issues and problems in your relationship. The stone will teach how to become more patient, understanding and forgiving with your partner. This should help in infusing your relationship with more happiness and love.

With its strong connection to your heart and higher heart chakras, this stone can help in calming the overactive emotions, infusing you with positive feelings. This helps in resolving issues in love so you can stay happy and find joy in your love life.

The stone also inspires you to have a forgiving and kind heart. It helps you celebrate and honor love always.

For Depression and Anxiety

The beautiful shades of the watermelon tourmaline make it the perfect crystal to help you fight depression and anxiety which may push you into a sad or dark place in your life.

Watermelon Tourmaline For Depression and Anxiety

With this stone by your side, you will enjoy love, light and rejuvenation in order to help keep your heart and mind imbued with general happiness and joy. This stone also makes you more adventurous while increasing your energy.

The stone can also help in fighting emotional distress and filling you with positive vibes to fight sadness and negativity.

For Confidence and Career Success

The watermelon tourmaline is said to provide inspiration and motivation to work on your career or professional goals. Like its vibrant colors, this stone is said to provide vibrant light to help you with your dreams and goals in life.

The stone is said to motivate creativity. It helps in removing apprehension and fears that might be preventing you from taking a chance at something. The energies of this stone can also provide a quick boost of confidence that you can use in order to execute your plans like how you envisioned them.

Watermelon Tourmaline For Confidence and Career Success

Not only that, but this stone should help you move on with your work or tasks that require creative thinking. Then it removes all kinds of unhealthy distractions. Furthermore, this stone can also help in removing the negative energies which may come from other people or your environment.

In addition, when you keep a watermelon tourmaline around your workplace, its healing ions can help protect you against the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation and pollution emitted by modern work devices such as cellphones, computers and other electronic gadgets.

Keeping a piece of this stone can also help clear the mind, allowing you to come up with new and innovative work and ideas on your projects.

Combining Watermelon Tourmaline With Other Crystal Stones

The watermelon tourmaline can also be combined with other crystal stones in order to benefit a specific healing intention or if you wish to amplify a specific healing property of the stone. With that said, here are some of the best crystal combinations for watermelon tourmaline.

Watermelon Tourmaline + Danburite

For patience, pair the energies of the watermelon tourmaline with the frequency of the danburite crystal,

Watermelon Tourmaline + Danburite

Linking your heart chakra with your higher heart chakra, the watermelon tourmaline brings understanding to a situation. This helps you in responding with diplomacy and tact. Its loving and tender energy is said to promote a patient nature, which is crucial whenever you feel overburdened or stressed by other people.

To amplify that energy, you can pair it with the danburite crystal. This beautiful stone emits powerful energies that will teach you the wisdom of patience. Emitting the purest vibrations, this stone can also help connect you with the angelic realm and is quite effective for releasing stubborn behaviors like impatience. Not only that, but it is also suitable for relieving worry and stress connected with change.

As both stones have a connection to your heart chakra and energy, both watermelon tourmaline and druzy danburite can promote universal love, kindness and compassion which also brings patience and a much clearer understanding of when you need to act.

Watermelon Tourmaline + Lapis Lazuli

A beautiful combination for friendships, try the watermelon tourmaline paired with lapis lazuli.

Watermelon Tourmaline + Lapis Lazuli

The lapis lazuli crystal is one of the most recognized crystal for friendship. It helps in developing new relationships while also strengthening the old, existing ones. Dubbed as the Stone of Truth and Friendship, this stone can enhance clear and honest communication which is a cornerstone of any good friendship.

By balancing your third eye and throat chakra, the lapis lazuli crystal can help you in expressing your feelings constructively. This means that you will speak with higher awareness and consciousness, making you less judgmental and friendly.

Meanwhile, the watermelon tourmaline can help if issues arise with existing or new friendships. As mentioned before, the watermelon tourmaline links your heart chakra with your higher heart chakra. Thus, it helps bring forth forgiveness and positive emotions, making it especially useful at times of reconciliation.

This stone can promote tender healing energy, releasing negative emotions and feelings such as blame, jealousy and anger. Then it will be replaced with diplomacy, understanding and compassion.

With both stones, your friendship will overcome problems and fights through clear and honest communication while ensuring forgiveness and positive emotions for strengthening the relationship.

Watermelon Tourmaline + Smoky Quartz

For protection and grounding purposes, try the pairing of watermelon tourmaline and smoky quartz crystal.

Watermelon Tourmaline + Smoky Quartz

Being a variety of tourmaline, the watermelon tourmaline is still a protective crystal against negativity. Negativity can ruin your life and relationships, robbing your vitality and energy to live your life. The energies of this stone can help in keeping all negative emotions and thoughts under check. Not only that, but this stone can also help establish clear communication with your soul at the spirits of earth and nature.

Then, to amplify the protective energies while keeping you grounded to the earth, the smoky quartz crystal can be used with the watermelon tourmaline. This is one of the best crystals for grounding, thanks to its high vibrational energies that will ground your crown chakra to the root chakra.

As a result, it becomes more spiritually and emotionally grounding when compared to others. Both stones can help in neutralizing negative energies while balancing your heart and throat chakra. They release the unhelpful thought patterns, freeing you from the emotional baggage while keeping you in the present moment.

Watermelon Tourmaline + Rhodochrosite

For matters of the heart, pair the beautiful energies of the watermelon tourmaline with the gentle frequency of the rhodochrosite crystal.

Watermelon Tourmaline + Rhodochrosite

Its green and pink energies make the watermelon tourmaline a powerful healer of your heart chakra and emotional body. The stone is said to help you find the one, attracting love and helping you find your soulmate. It does that by clearing your aura of negativities while infusing you with positive and loving energies.

As watermelon tourmaline attracts love to you, the rhodochrosite crystal helps promote self-love and happiness. It has the ability to help you focus your attention on inner peace and providing you with a true sense of self-worth. This is important if you wish to attract the right one to you. Because, if you love yourself, you will attract someone that will truly love and care for you.

Both stones can also help you look beyond the superficial and material things and encourages you to focus on those that really matter.

Is Watermelon Tourmaline a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Watermelon tourmaline is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Watermelon Tourmaline is April 20 – May 20 and November 21 – December 20 Birthstone

The watermelon tourmaline is not a traditional birthstone. However, the combination of pink and green color energies makes it a suitable birthstone for those born on April 20 – May 20 (green), during mid-spring and November 21 – December 20 (pink), during the winter solstice.

With its unique color combination, the watermelon tourmaline can bring renewal, growth, health, prosperity, spiritual development, creativity, self-esteem, intuition and perception.             

Watermelon Tourmaline is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra and Virgo

Watermelon Tourmaline is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra

Librans can make full use of the healing powers of watermelon tourmaline. The Librans are known to be fair and beautifully diplomatic. They can also be a little idealistic that makes them wonderful people to have around. The watermelon tourmaline can enhance these aspects and helps them attracting only the positive people who can encourage them to be better.

Furthermore, watermelon tourmaline can also help them stay protected and do not get taken advantage of as they move through life. Since Librans can also be a bit indecisive, using watermelon tourmaline with its vivid red to pink energies can be an amazing way to encourage them to act. Also, this stone can help them make decisions that come straight from the core of their own genuine heart.

Watermelon Tourmaline is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo

Other than Libra, Virgos can also benefit from the energies of watermelon tourmaline. Virgos are strong contenders. They are highly passionate and bright, seeming to move effortlessly through life. However, scratching beneath the surface of these optimistic and happy go lucky types of people, there is a sensitive soul to be found.

Virgoans are actually really good at masking their feelings and emotions which can result in having an unbalanced soul. However, by turning to the soothing and harmonizing hues of watermelon tourmaline, the Virgoans can learn to align their external communication with their internal wisdom. This can help channel their emotions in healthy processing instead of working to bury their feelings deep into the heart and causing them to suffer.

Meditation with Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon tourmalines, when used in meditation, can assist in calming your emotions and the mind, allowing you to release stress and enhancing your meditative states. In addition, the green energies of this variety of tourmaline can reflect your place in nature. It can teach you to adapt to the swift changes in this world and grow in all aspects of life.

Meanwhile, both hot pink to red energies of this stone can infuse your entire emotional body with love and compassion. It will restore your sense of wholeness and rebuilding your confidence, self-esteem and sexuality.

How to Cleanse and Charge Watermelon Tourmaline?

Keeping your watermelon tourmaline stone cleansed and charged is the best way to keep it working in the light of its most potent and fullest power. All crystals tend to get clogged up, particularly if they are working with so much energy and intentions. Although this is not by any means harmful, it can impede the power that you will receive and send out.

Although most gemstones do not need charging and cleansing every single day or even in weeks, it does help a crystal to cleanse it every once a while after a big energy session. To clean your watermelon tourmaline, you can simply let some clean water wash away the accumulated dirt and dust on its crystalline structure. You can then rub it with gentle liquid soap using a soft brush or your fingers. Rinse the crystal and pat dry with a clean cloth.

How to Cleanse and Charge Watermelon Tourmaline

Charging and cleansing the energies of your watermelon tourmaline can be as simple as letting it soak on moon energies for the night. You can let it charge beside clear quartz crystal to lend some extra zing. You can also try using singing bowls for cleansing and charging your watermelon tourmaline. The sound vibrations from this singing bowl can gently cleanse away the toxic energies that the crystal absorbed all-day or week long.

If you don’t have a singing bowl, you can just fill any bowl with sea salt or ordinary table salt and bury your crystal. Let the energies of salt absorb and drain all the negativities away from the crystal.

Final Thoughts

Watermelon tourmaline with its happy and voracious energy versatility as well as its vibrant and outstanding color combinations, make it one of the most highly sought-after stones in the crystal healing community.

It is an extremely potent crystal that will bring a positive impact to your energy fields. As a Master Heart crystal, its combination of pink and green energies is extremely stabilizing and grounding.

Thus, it is quite helpful in releasing stress and tensions, ensuring that your emotional body is balanced and stays healthy. It shall bring you inner harmony and peace, healing all kinds of emotional hurts while providing a connection to the higher realms.


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