White and Clear Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

White and Clear Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

The Meanings and Uses of White and Clear Crystal Stones

White and clear crystal stones are a wonder! They are the ultimate calming and cleansing stone that brings higher thinking and intuitive energies. For those who want to welcome divine guidance or are ready to move their spiritual and emotional healing to the next level, these gems filled with purity are the ultimate soul tonic that you need.

White and Clear Crystal Properties

White and Clear Crystal Properties

White and clear crystal stones are some of the most common color crystals on Earth. They range from colorless, clear stones to milky, cloudy ones, to opaque, bright whites.

They possess the most powerful energy vibrations and are known as the best healers and best for manifestations of desires. They are also the most effortless stones to program. White and clear crystals will infuse you with spiritual enlightenment, truth, purification, and aura healing.

Thanks to their strong connection to the crown chakra, white and clear crystal stones can show you how to connect with your higher self and spiritual guides. They also represent meditation, divination, and inspiration. Their potent vibrations can raise your own, invoking good spirits and enhancing your spiritual capabilities.

While divine guidance is often associated with various colors such as purple or dark blue, however, the stones of light colors, brilliant white or clearness are the most potent in terms of psychic insight, divinity, purpose, and clarity of mind.

In addition, clear and white colors represent innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered the color of perfection and is associated with cleanliness. Also, they evoke elegance and simplicity.

Why Should You Use White and Clear Crystals?

In the metaphysical world, white and clear crystal stones are considered to be the supreme gifts of the earth. It is associated with goodness and light, healing, and calmness.

Meditating, carrying, or wearing white and clear crystals can open your mind and heart to powerful divine guidance. They can help guide you to the spiritual realm and its wisdom and knowledge.

Why Should You Use White and Clear Crystals?

White and clear crystals resonate at the highest level of your individual needs. They have the ability to amplify intentions and energies that are programmed into them. They should continue to transmit these energies all throughout the physical world as well as the etheric realm.

As a result, you’ll be able to establish a strong pattern that allows you to manifest your desires and goals. These stones can also quicken the fulfillment of your prayers and enhance your healing process as well as your spiritual growth.

Not only that but white and clear crystal stones are also great for meditation and healing purposes, as well as the expansion of your consciousness. They are great for enhancing your communication with spirit guides and assisting in the past-life recall. In addition, they are the perfect ally for enhancing the energies of other crystals, making them suitable for gridding works.

Furthermore, white and clear crystals have the ability to create a strong force field of healing positive ions. This means that they have the ability to clear your environment with positive ions and in protecting your auric field. Not only that, but they can also help in getting rid of static electricity as well as the bad effects of radioactivity, radiation, and electromagnetic pollution.

White and clear crystals also resonate strongly with the mind and intellectual clarity. These stones are great for boosting your concentration as well as increasing your memory retention by filtering out all kinds of distractions. Lastly, the hypnotic qualities of these stones also make them conducive to rest and sleep. Due to their potent, yet calm energy, they can induce good rest while assisting you in understanding the messages and lessons that are relayed to you from the divine realm during the dream state.

The List of White and Clear Crystal Stones

White and clear crystals are quite a versatile bunch but mostly resonate with your mental and spiritual being. Here’s a comprehensive list of the most potent, common, and less-known white and clear crystals.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz may look ordinary with its colorless form; however, it is considered to be one of the most extraordinary crystals you can find. There’s a good reason why it is called the Master Healer.

Used for centuries, clear quartz comes with the potency and energies of the universe. However, its true proficiency is in its ability to magnify your natural energies or even the energy of other crystal stones. Thus, it is a wonderful choice when meditating or connecting to the universe.

Clear quartz is highly programmable and is most suitable for setting your meditative intention. It is also great for filtering out noise and distractions. It has the ability to raise your vibration, allowing you to strongly connect with the higher beings that guide you. Not only that, but it also has the ability to enhance your psychic energies and intuition.



Selenite carries the brilliance and luminosity of the beautiful moon like you’re gazing upon the Moon Goddess Selene herself. This stone embodies blessing, tranquility, light, and love.

Selenite is loved for its ethereal and transparent radiance. It is believed to contain the liquid light of the spirit and inspire profound peace. Not only that but it is also said to carry a high frequency of energy that surpasses almost all crystals for clearing, opening, or activating your crown and higher crown chakras.

Selenite is most suitable for spiritual work, meditation, and connecting to ancient knowledge and wisdom. In fact, it is one of the best stones for accessing your spirit guides and the angelic and astral plane. This clear-to-white stone is also suitable for accessing your higher level of yourself and advancing your mental and psychic prowess.



Diamond— the hardest material on Earth— carries the color of ice and is considered a gem of winter. It is a crystal of Light and carries the brilliant “fire” that represents the sun. Its high vibrational energies make it a spiritual crystal and the symbol of illumination and perfection that activates your etheric and crown chakras.

This stone is said to enhance your inner vision, stimulates imagination, ingenuity, and creativity, and works in opening your mind to the possibility of new things. Not only that, but it also encourages psychic development and is great for telepathic communication, remote viewing, and clairvoyance.

As one of the most sought-after clear crystals in the world, the diamond is beautiful and rarity is a symbol of innocence, purity, fidelity, and love, making it a popular material for engagement jewelry. Also, this crystal stone also imparts the strength of character, faithfulness, and ethics to others and oneself.



Like selenite, the moonstone is as ancient as the moon itself and holds the power and mystery of the beautiful moon. Dubbed the Stone of New Beginning, the moonstone aligns with the soothing feminine energy of the moon and reflects emotional stability and gentleness.

The white moonstone, in particular, carries the energy of the new moon at its height of power. It has the ability to stimulate psychic perception, dreamwork, and vision. It helps in magnifying your emotions, activating your kundalini energy, and is supportive in kids to drive away insomnia or nightmares.

Moonstone is best known as a fertility crystal. It is called the Woman’s Healing Stone and is great for balancing the female cycles, hormones, and metabolism which helps you in conceiving.  It helps in reducing stress and opening your heart to soothing and nurturing qualities.

Clear Fluorite

Clear Fluorite

With its clear crystalline structure, the colorless fluorite is a mental clarity stone that will stimulate your crown chakra. It energizes and cleanses your aura, harmonizing the spirit and mind.

Clear fluorite, dubbed as the Genius Stone, represents the highest state of mental attainment. This stone can boost discernment and aptitude as well as the absorption of new information. Thus, helping you work through the more complex issues.

Its vibrant energy can stimulate the electrical charge of your brain cells. Then, it draws in more life forces as it encourages both brain hemispheres to harmoniously work together in balance. This helps in expanding your consciousness and advancing the mind to greater psychic, spiritual, and mental awareness.

Not only that, but clear fluorite is also a potent multi-dimensional crystal that can manifest the highest aspect of the mind which is the attunement to the spirit. This crystal can heighten your intuitive powers and awaken you to the perfection and purity of the universe.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamonds are actually quartz crystals, however, considered to be on par or even more potent than regular clear quartz. This stone is considered to be a high-energy seeker in the crystal world.

With its unusual sparkle, this stone can help manifest solid, pure light and are a quite powerful amplifier of spiritual frequency and energies. Not only that, but this tone is also a perfect conduit of the universal Life Force, making it an excellent ally for meditations, advanced spiritualization applications, vision, and dream works.

Being doubly terminated, the Herkimer diamond has the ability to transmit its own energies, but also receive spiritual frequency and amplify and focus these energies. With its pure energy, the Herkimer diamond can clear and align all chakras to open channels for spiritual energy to flow. Also, it can stimulate conscious attunement to the highest level.

White Sapphire

White Sapphire

The beautiful Sapphire is as holy as its celestial hues, symbolizing royalty and wisdom. It is forever associated with sacred things and is considered the gem of gems, a jewel that is steeped in the lore and history of nearly every religion.

While sapphire is best known for its lovely ocean shades, it actually comes in various colors including the colorless or white variety. The white sapphire offers the strength and wisdom of spirit. This crystal carries pure light energy that can clarify your thoughts and open the powers of your mind. With its deep connection to the crown chakra, the white sapphire can strengthen communication with the divine in seeking spiritual guidance for this life.

Not only that, but it can also bring much-needed resolve in overcoming obstacles to your spiritual path. Furthermore, this crystal is highly beneficial in revealing your potential and talent, inspiring you to live with integrity and keeping true to your ideals even when faced with difficult circumstances or choices. Sapphire can help you stay on the spiritual path, assisting in matters of discipline. It also helps during times of extreme changes, allowing you to maintain a clear vision of where it is that you want to go and how can you get there.



Named for its discovery in Goshen, Massachusetts, the Goshenite is considered the purest form of Beryl, containing little to no impurities than its colored varieties.

Dubbed the mother of crystals, the colorless beryl, more commonly known as Goshenite is a feminine crystal of the angels and moon and is associated with motherhood. Its high-frequency energy resonates with the vibrations of Truth, offering an honest and clear look into yourself and assisting in discerning the sincerity of other people. The stone is said to promote truthfulness above all.

Not only that but it is also used to encourage fidelity in relationships, honoring respect, loyalty, open-heartedness, and perseverance. In today’s metaphysical world, the goshenite is also known to help improve vision and in opening the etheric and crown chakras. This should help increase your ability to learn and think analytically as well as facilitate originality, creativity, and artistic expression.

Spiritually, this stone can enhance your meditation practices and is suitable for lucid-dream work, directing the energy of every revelation of your life’s experiences toward the higher aspects of your being.



With the beautiful, creamy sheen of white and pastel pink colors, the pearl is enriched in powerful metaphysical properties for healing. It is commonly believed to attract abundance and prosperity and is usually used in mystical work for heightening intuition, imagination, and psychic sensitivity.

Pearl brings the gentle healing powers of the sea. It is a powerful relieving gemstone, calming and soothing to your emotions. It helps your emotions become more balanced and harmonious while bringing the clarity and decision-making you needed in life.

Historically, the pearl is often associated with faithfulness and purity. This explains why royalties wear pearl necklaces and jewelry, symbolizing the purity of their royal bloodline. It is also associated with the moon and water elements. Thus, offers a calming effect on your spirit and body. This allows you to tune into the calmer frequencies and energies that improve your quality of life.

White Opal

White Opal

Shimmering with luminous light, the white opal holds similar qualities to the precious pearls. Eye-catching iridescence shaded with silver and milk gold, his gem is truly beautiful and glamorous.

White precious opals are the happiest of opals, radiating good humor, optimism, creativity, imagination, and enthusiasm. Utilizing the elements of light and fire, this crystal can illuminate and intensify all aspects of your emotional body, helping you to release and identify old wounds, anger, fears, and other patterns of negativity.

With its white sheen, this crystal manifests the light of the divine and allows deep association with angelic beings. White opal is also considered to be a light-bringer, so even during the darkest days of your life, this gem will surely light up your life.

They help clear and soothe the emotional body while stimulating optimism and hope, boosting your will to live and happiness. This crystal can also help you to be open-minded and accepting yourself and others, assisting in communication efforts and enkindling companionship.



Binding the energy of ancient igneous lava coves, the apophyllite crystal can bring about a high vibration of light that is known to calm your emotions. It is a powerful, yet gentle crystal that is a must for those experiencing a challenging period in their life.

The apophyllite stone is said to also enhance clairvoyance and psychic vision. It can stimulate intuition and introspection. Not only that, but apophyllite is also a peaceful stone that can help in the release of any mental blocks or even negative thought patterns. It is effective in relieving worries, fears, and stress. Then, it will surround you with uplifting energies and high vibrations of serenity, happiness, and love.

The apophyllite crystal can also remove feelings of tiredness and burnout. It fills you with zest, energy, and enthusiasm. Also, it inspires you to live your life to the fullest. It can help you move through past hurts and difficulties so you can move forward with more positivity in life.

The frequency of apophyllite also connects with your higher mind and encourages you to look into the deepest recesses of your subconscious to discover your true nature. In addition, it is an excellent stone to have when meditating. It helps shut down the noise from your surrounding while increasing focus so you can travel deeper into the divine realm and gain wisdom and knowledge.

White Calcite

White Calcite

The colorless member of the calcite family, the white calcite is mostly recognized for its “dog tooth” appearance. It aligns well with your crown chakra and is a brilliant stone for growth and self-development.

By cleansing your auric field and chakras, this white stone has the ability to increase your motivation and mental acuity. It helps in removing the stagnant energy, allowing the fresh frequency of possibilities and hopes to define you.

Like moonstone, white calcite is also considered the Stone of New Beginnings. This stone can encourage you to forgive yourself and other people so you can let go of your previous mistakes. It can also help in revealing new opportunities. Also a cleansing stone, the blue calcite can release negative energies that are blocking your emotional and spiritual body. It can prepare you for the higher planes of awareness and thinking so you can find your purpose.

Not only that but this sone can also free and clear you from negative thoughts. It helps you in reconnecting to the center of your soul. Its milky opacity can help enhance your spirituality while opening communication to the divine. It is said to help in developing links to the higher powers and even allow you to converse with angels and spiritual beings.

Clear Topaz

Clear Topaz

For thousands of years, Topaz symbolizes luxury, opulence, generosity, influence, strength, and vibrancy. Possessing one can bring fidelity and love, gentleness, friendship, and the gifts of wisdom, success, and courage in all endeavors.

While the most popular color of topaz is blue, people also like the colorless variety. Easily available, sometimes, white or clear topaz is often confused with diamonds because of their similar appearance and brilliance.

The white or clear topaz embodies the energy of your spirit, opening your senses to the divine. It provides awareness of your deeds and thoughts as well as cosmic awareness and understanding of the universe.

With its clear energies, this stone can stimulate your crown and etheric chakras, dissolving mental attachments while purifying your emotions to heal your soul. The stone can improve your spiritual development, aligning yourself with the divine and removing the stagnant or stuck energy to ensure a stream of an inner wealth of psychic abilities and knowledge. This is the perfect stone for honing intuitive and psychic gifts, particularly clairsentience or clairvoyance.

Not only that, but clear topaz can also assist in manifestation. It creates a passage or will guide you to attaining all your desires much easier and faster. It is also often used to expand your wisdom and knowledge as well as boost your self-confidence and allow you to grow and mature as a person.



Cryolite is considered to be one of the most powerful white can clear crystal stones available. It is known for its capacity to assist in the development of a strong and clear link with the higher realms.

This stone represents spiritual truth, love, and the awakening of your Light body. Cryolite got its name as the “ice stone” due to its bright white crystalline structure. It is a stone that can energize your brain and make a powerful connection between the heart and the mind. This makes a powerful awakening, ascension, and enlightenment stone.

Cryolite is considered to bring high awareness and in enhancing your attentiveness and focus to your surroundings. It is specifically beneficial during meditation. It helps in clearing the mind and in releasing the negative beliefs and ideas that are not necessary for your life.



Soothing, soft, and ever-ready to push you back off emotional baggage and chaotic situations, Howlite is all about calming the storm. Its creamy hues will stop the negative thoughts and endless mind-chattering and bring you a piece of serenity within.

As with all white sacred gemstones, the howlite crystal can bring clarity and peace of mind. It’s black veining, however, signifies that your mind should still be at work, not shut off and focused.

Spiritually, this offers the spirit and soul the much-needed rest and energy they need in order to continue their important transformative work. The energies of howlite can help slow you down physically while maintaining full mental and spiritual awareness.

Howlite is a mesmerizing white crystal that represents open-mindedness, tenderness, and stillness, with the protective energies of black veining. It functions perfectly with compassion since open-mindedness allows all your thoughts and ideas to come together without judgment. So, as you encounter new arguments, challenges, persuasions, and ideas, the howlite crystal can help you investigate each of these with gentle, loving energies.



The unique crystalline structure of the scolecite made it a favorite stone among geologists. The stone forms in clusters of sharp, prismatic, needle-like points that radiate outward from a source, forming beautiful sculptures. In fact, there’s no other crystal in the world that shares this exact formation, making scolecite distinctive and unique for both aesthetic and cosmological purposes.

The scolecite is one of those potent white stones with high vibrations that assist in divine and spiritual communication. It facilitates spiritual transformation while providing intense inner peace. This should help keep you calm and more relaxed and is suitable for restful sleep.

Another great benefit of scolecite is that it has the ability to clear the mind of fears, doubts, and worries, especially because of past mistakes that you can’t change or potential future events that you can’t predict. This stone helps in clearing the mind while bringing balance to your crown chakra, so you are freed of the toxic negativities.

White Chalcedony

White Chalcedony

White chalcedony is a calming and demure stone, cool and serene, mystic and subtle, ethereal and solid. It features an inviting, milky appearance and an almost imperceptible movement within its crystalline structure invokes a stillness of silent reverence. It is calming and speaks of trust, relaxation, and spirituality.

Like a feather plucked from angel wings, the white chalcedony carries loving energies that will surround your aura. It grows your capacity for love and increases your self-confidence, making sure that you do not wallow in despair and cynicism.

This stone is also said to promote stability and peace and is commonly used in modern meditations. Furthermore, this stone is a powerful ally for connecting with the spirit and your higher self. It encourages speaking in the language of the light and the divine realm.

Not only that, but this crystal can also stimulate telepathy and clairvoyance. It assists in the remembrance of your past lives and articulating your regained knowledge and wisdom. Lastly, it connects to your subconscious mind and is an excellent stone for those in therapy.   



Mordenite is a beautiful colorless stone that brings peace and serenity to your life. It helps in calming your mind and getting rid of all kinds of negativity in your surroundings. The stone is best used for meditation and is said to help in relieving depression.

This clear crystal can help you let foo g unwanted or unwelcome situations in your life. It assists in enhancing your concentration and focuses as well as intuitive capabilities. This makes the stone a potent tool for attracting abundance, good fortune, and wealth into your life. Furthermore, modernity is also a potent stone for manifesting your dreams and desires. It provides you with vision or shows you just how to achieve or reach your dreams and make them into reality.

Not only that, but this white stone is also suitable to get in tune with the metaphysical and spiritual realm. It allows you to connect with your guardian angels in opening your mind to the wisdom and knowledge of the ethereal realm.

In addition, the frequencies of this stone can open your heart and balance the entire emotional body. Its subtle frequency can help you passively spread positive thoughts and affirmations at a subconscious level. This stone should guide you to the path to betterment while also spreading compassionate and loving energies to those around you.



Albite is a variety of colored stones but is mostly seen in a dull, pearly white shade. The albite is considered a stone of the mind and brain. It is said to provide the needed mental boost and mainly assist in memory and recognition.

This makes it a beneficial ally for students who need to retain a great deal of knowledge and information. The vibration of this stone is known to bolster your critical thinking, improving memory as well as enhancing your intuitive capacity. Not only that, but it should also improve creative thinking.

Other than that, the albite stone with its creamy white color makes it a wonderful stimulator of your crown chakra. By aligning and opening your crown chakra, you open yourself to higher thinking and receive the wisdom and knowledge of the universal realm. Also, albite is also known to bring intuitive and spiritual powers such as clairvoyance and telepathy.



Dubbed as the Stone of Angelic Realms, natrolite is considered to be the strongest variety of the zeolite stone family. It has extremely high vibrations that can bring an impact on your life.

A potent stone that can make you look deeply within your own so that you can reflect and fix any shortcomings in yourself, the natrolite stone is the ultimate stone for spiritual and personal growth and development. This stone can help you in making independent decisions and encourage you to take charge of your own life.

With its vitreous and pearly luster, the stone is great for spiritual changes and enlightenment. It is a powerful ally in terms of transcending beyond the physical realm and in speeding up your spiritual journey. This stone can also help sharpen your own mind and intuition while making you adaptable to cope with changes.



Datolite came from the Greek terms for “divide” and “stone”, which is referenced to the stone’s granular texture. Datolite is considered a powerful tool for helping you find the light within you and connecting to your consciousness.

With this stone, you can activate your crown and third eye chakra, allowing you to understand and see the endless realities in his world. It allows you to recognize your power within this physical realm and allows you to conjure opportunities that you desire.

This white stone acts as a portal of knowledge between this realm and the universal realm. It opens your true psychic abilities. With this stone by your side, you will slowly realize that your psychic powers slowly unravel and develop while also clearing your mind. It can help your soul slowly starts ascending and harmonizing on a level where you can have access to your higher self, releasing love and light into your life.



Cerussite is a rare, yet highly valued stone known to charge your auric field with light in order to bring positive changes in your life. This stone represents spiritual transformation, hope, strength, creativity, self-love, and energy. Cerussite is strongly associated with your crown and base chakra, enhancing your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

The crystalline structure and energies of the cerussite can help change your life by making your aura brighter and opening new opportunities for you. Cerussite can also make you feel more self-assured and confident, supporting and encouraging you in all of your decisions in life.

When you use this white and clear crystal stone during meditation, you can help establish a stronger and deeper connection with the divine realm, due to its ability to introduce spiritual changes. It can help you gain perceptiveness and become more thoughtful. If you’re looking for a new and fresh beginning in life, this stone can help you find and even guide you to a more valuable path in life.

Snow Quartz

Snow Quartz

Snow quartz is also known as white quartz or milk quartz. It features microscopic water bubbles that give this stone a cloudy and milky appearance, as well as a unique and distinctive way, feels.

The white and sometimes icy-looking appearance of this stone represents innocence and clarity. It helps you see the world through bright and clear eyes. It activates your higher chakras, allowing you to connect with your spirit guides and your higher self.

Not only that, but this stone also carries the soft, feminine energy of the moon that helps balance your yin-yang energies. It opens you to the bigger picture in life and brings the wisdom of the universal realm.

Snow quartz is also a great stone if you usually feel overwhelmed. It helps you in finding a compromise between your responsibilities and in maintaining a healthy workload. In addition, wearing a piece of snow quartz can help dispel negative thoughts and emotions from within and even from your environment.

Not only that, but this stone is also great for enhancing your intuition. It can give you the sharpness and clarity of mind to understand the messages that are being conveyed to you. With its guidance, you can learn new things easily and retain what you’ve learned for longer.



Sillimanite is one of the rarest and most exquisite white and clear crystal stones. It is often called fibrolite and is popular for its ability to bring peace, stability, joy, and wealth to its users.

The white variety of sillimanite is best known for increasing your focus and concentration. If you’ve been putting off finishing a task for a while or just easily become too overwhelmed or difficult, the sillimanite crystal can help remove distractions, and bring calmness and peace while enhancing your sense of responsibility.

In addition, when you’re stuck in very troublesome or unpleasant situations in life, the sillimanite stone can help clear the obstacles in your path and remove all kinds of negative energy from around you. Not only that, but this crystal stone also comes with the power of improved insight and perception, leading to the ability to make more lucrative and sharper decisions.

Furthermore, sillimanite can also improve your problem-solving skills and increase your analysis capabilities. It helps you in resolving your issues and problems in life. Also, it helps in clearing your vision to choose the right future for yourself.



Thaumasite is a not-so-common white stone. Its name came from the Greek word “thaumazein” which is translated to “to be surprised”. This is actually related to chemists being surprised and astounded by its chemical composition.

As a powerful crystal for meditation, the thaumasite has strong energetic vibrations that provide you with a deeper connection with your higher self and the divine energies. Its energies can help you open yourself to spiritual connection to better receive and understand knowledge and information from the etheric realm.

The thaumasite is also a powerful stone that can help stimulate your mind and improve your critical thinking. Its energies can also help increase your focus and raise awareness of what is in your best interest. It encourages you to take control of your life and release the self-limiting beliefs overwhelming you and dampening your self-confidence.



Danburite is a powerful, yet gentle crystal stone that gets its name from where it was first discovered— Danbury, Connecticut. This beautiful clear and colorless stone emits the purest vibrations that allow you to connect with the angelic realms.

This stone has the ability to release worry and stress while also facilitating a deep change in yourself. If you wish to experience the serenity and power of the higher spiritual dimensions, the danburite stone is one of the best tools to use.

Although the danburite crystal stone is quite effective on emotional and spiritual levels, it is also beneficial for healing physical ailments and is particularly beneficial if you’ve recently become sick. It is also suitable for sleep, allowing you to stay calm and peaceful if you place it under your pillow.  



Magnesite offers relaxing and soothing vibration that allows your mind to become still and quiet, listening and responding well to what your heart is trying to tell you. This white stone has the ability to make big changes in your life. It can help in reflecting on your weaknesses and strength so you can have a powerful transformation for the betterment of your life.

Furthermore, magnesite is also a potent stone for unleashing your imagination and creativity. It grounds your intellect and helps in generating innovative thoughts and ideas. It helps in aligning yourself to your desires and needs, while also reminding you to love yourself and bolstering your self-esteem and self-confidence.

In addition, this white stone is also one of the best stones for improving your listening skills. It encourages you to stay patient and sensitive to others’ needs. This should bring positive effects on your relationships. It is also the go-to stone for those who wish to enhance the development of their spiritual visions and other psychic gifts.



Muscovite is a white to silver-gray mica that is also known as Muscovy Glass. It is a high vibrational mineral similar to barite and mainly works on the mental aspect of your body.

This stone can increase focus and concentration by clearing and expanding your mental capacity. It also assists in the activation of several unique psychic gifts. With this stone, your brain waves are said to be able to ascend and easily attune to the energies of the gods. It helps you in reaching the higher dimensions of endless knowledge of the universe and yourself.

Not only that but this stone is also said to help communicate with the deities when incorporated into your deep meditation practice. When placed on your third eye, this stone is also said to help you break through the physical barrier which prevents your mind from easily eluding the body. By doing this, you can train your pineal gland to expand its power.

In addition, this stone is also great for anyone experimenting with lucid dreaming and astral projection since it works to strengthen your outward connection to the universe and the unknown. It can greatly benefit the connection to your inner, genuine self, without its energies being too much to handle.



Wollastonite gets its name from William Hyde Wollaston, an English chemist, and mineralogist who first discovered this crystal. Commonly a colorless stone, wollastonite is often mined for industrial purposes such as being a constituent for paint.

Metaphysically speaking, wollastonite is a rare stone that is known for its manifesting energies. It assists you in manifesting and achieving your goals and dreams and turning them into reality. The stone is said to enhance your critical thinking and mindfulness and stimulate your self-esteem.

With its strong connection to the crown chakra, the wollastonite stone is also often used for deep meditation practice and bringing the energies and wisdom of the universal and ethereal realm. Not only that, but this stone can also help stimulate your psychic gifts of clairaudience and precognition.



Pollucite is a colorless transparent mineral of the zeolite family, which is a relatively rare group of gemstones. It is a potent healing crystal that holds immense power for physical, spiritual, and emotional cleansing. Its lovely energy is ideal for fighting toxicity in the environment as well as inducing contact with higher and spiritual beings.

This stone is used as an aid for your meditation practice, thanks to its energy which can help guide you closer to the higher and etheric realms. Its stabilizing energy can invoke harmony within your soul, helping you achieve a state of balance in your external and internal forces.

It also has strong emotional healing energies, particularly for those who lost a loved one. Its energy is said to help you get in touch with the soul and spirits that have passed on, making you feel their presence even when they are not physically around you.

Other than stimulating your crown chakra, this stone can also open your soul star chakra which is critical for invoking clarity of the mind and aiding smoother communication with a higher being. Then, it also helps in strengthening your bond with angelic and spiritual beings, which is the foundation you need before embarking on a journey of self-discovery.



The name gyrolite comes from the Greek term “guros” meaning circle. This is because of the way it forms— in round shape as nodular aggregates or as sphere-shaped masses on a host rock.

Also known as Gurolite, Glimmer zeolite, or central site, gyrolite is a rare mineral with the capability to link your crown, third eye, and solar plexus chakra at the same time. With these chakras aligned, you can manifest your deepest desires and goals while using higher energy and knowledge in order to push you forward.

With this stone, you can better understand your path forward as well as the actions needed in order to get you exactly where you need and want to be. Not only that, but this stone also has the ability to link you up with spirit guides to guide and assist you along your life path.

Take note that the stone is somewhat of an awakening crystal, helping you clear your mind of any fog so that you can start writing a new chapter in your life book. It assists in the flow of enlightened thinking as well as boosting your intellectual capacity.



Stilbite is often found in white color and commonly in association with another white stone, apophyllite.

This white stone is said to have very compassionate energy. Its soothing energy can be felt upon touching the stone. Healing vibrations, love, and genuine happiness will emanate from the stone and fill your entire body and your environment.

The stone strongly connects with your higher chakras and helps you clearly see your emotions weighing on your heart space. This stone mainly works on healing you from all kinds of traumas and pain that you’ve been through and releasing these negativities from your heart.

Meditating with the stilbite can help in softening your emotion and allow you to see with clarity how it is possible to move forward and grow from the things that hurt you. It can also strengthen the connection between your mind and heart, allowing you to become one.



Menalite got its name from the place where it was first discovered— Menilmontant, France. This stone features a bright white or off-white color and forms unusual rounded, smooth shapes which seem to be taking the form of surreal Goddess-like carving.

For this reason, the mentality is called the Goddess Stone. Its frequency connects to your earth star and sacral chakras all the way to your crown chakra. This allows you to have a strong connection to Mother Earth to ground your energies in the third dimension while connecting you strongly to the eternal and higher realms.

This white stone contains feminine essence and the nurturing energies of Mother Earth. It helps bring forth the vibrations that you need for your soul to journey through this lifetime. Thanks to its feminine energy, this stone is also said to support fertility and during pregnancy.

Not only that but this stone is also used to encourage development and learning for the growth of your soul, body, and mind. It helps bring guidance from the higher realm and brings forth rebirth and new beginnings. It assists you in letting go of old wounds and past traumas, supporting you to move forward into the future.

Boli Stone

Boli Stone

Boli stone is a part of the calcite family and is sometimes known as Isis calcite. Mostly found in desert regions, boli stone is commonly found in clear, bright crystals or possesses a rainbow from within its structure.

This crystal is said to be as old as the earth. Its high energy is said to help transform your conscious mind and bring light to the spiritual aspect of your body. It helps in stimulating spiritual growth and development, allowing you to embrace your higher self and strengthen your inner beauty.

As a sacred stone, boli stones can help in working with your intuitive gifts. It aligns you with higher vibrations and opens your higher chakras. Particularly, this stone can work strongly with your third eye while increasing your feminine energies. It provides access to the Divine Feminine, allowing you to soothe and heal your emotions, as well as letting go of anything stressful and not giving you peace of mind.



Anandalite is a part of the quartz family and is also called iris quartz. It is a stone of high vibrations and it means Divine Bliss, bringing happiness, joy, and bliss to its wearer. This stone works on rising your vibrations so you can attain a state of divine happiness. It is even considered a living source of positivity, providing you with graceful and lovely feelings.

This crystal is known to transmit deep healing energy which works on balancing your energy centers while enhancing your self-awakening capabilities and encouraging you to move and pursue your highest potential ever. It increases your self-confidence and slowly restores your faith in yourself.

Not only that, but this magical stone is also spiritually linked to your higher chakras, making you more attuned to your light body and higher self. It gently reminds you of how the spiritual realm guides you throughout your life and in soothing and healing your emotional wounds and scars.

What are the Benefits of Wearing White and Clear Crystal Stones?

White and clear crystal stones are more than just cleansing stones and provide a strong connection to the divine. Here are some of the benefits of using and wearing crystal stones in your life.

For Health and Physical Healing

White and clear crystals are known to be the master healers which can be used to treat or heal almost all kinds of health conditions. However, there are specifically most beneficial to the organs of your upper body and the brain.

White and Clear Crystal Stones For Health and Physical Healing

These stones are mainly great for purifying your circulatory system and bloodstream while also strengthening your immune system. Also, these stones are also great for absorbing nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

Furthermore, these crystals also resonate strongly with your pineal and pituitary glands, helping stimulate and regulate your hormones. Any imbalance in these critical hormone glands can be healed with these stones.

In addition, white and clear crystals are said to help get rid of all kinds of severe infections and in preventing them from happening again. They can also be used to release any tension in the physical body while restoring your metabolism and helping in your weight loss efforts. They should be able to provide relief from stiff muscles and in helping with injuries or diseases that affect your legs, hips, chest, and abdomen, providing the needed pain relief.

The potent energies of these stones are also said o heal and protect your skin from sunburns. They also make good allies for minimizing the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. They should help in eliminating toxins from your body and in treating digestive issues as well as kidney and bladder infections.

Thanks to their white and clear crystalline structure, these crystal stones are also said to help in clearing your vision as well as alleviating your tired eyes if you have been staring at computer screens for too long. This also makes them a great tool for treating dizziness, vertigo, motion sickness, and headaches.

White and clear crystals are often associated with the feminine energies of the moon. Thus, they are also suitable for all issues of the female reproductive system. These stones are said to help regulate your cycle while easing pain and cramps associated with PMS, menstruation, and pregnancy. They are also considered to be fertility crystals, inducing nurturing energies that allow you to conceive.

For Emotional Healing

White and clear stones are the ultimate deep soul cleanser. They can help in purifying and enhancing your internal structure and the surrounding subtle bodies in order to connect the physical dimension with your mind.

White and Clear Crystal For Emotional Healing

As a result, the stones can help in focusing your inner negativity, releasing them, and stimulating only positive feelings and thoughts in their place. Not only that, but these stones can also help in increasing your awareness as well as clarity in thinking. They should be able to provide enhanced energy, patience, and perseverance, teaching you to laugh, love and live with all of humanity.

Clear and white crystals also encourage the concept of starting again in this lifetime. They have the ability to clear your body and mind system, of unconscious repression and fears. As a result, they allow for the total relaxation and expansion of Life energy.

As special healers of your emotional body, these stones also help light your inner being and see your deepest and darkest self. They can also stimulate your heart center together with your crown chakra in order to create an uplifting and illuminating energy that brings on feelings of euphoria.

Most white and clear crystals also have to stabilize effect on your body. They can help you to think through your feeling whenever you feel overwhelmed and allow a coherent pattern to occur which dissolves anxiety, confusion, and making the wrong decision. They can gently bring suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution and is beneficial in countering mental disorders.

These crystals can help dispel illusions and rigid thinking in order to reveal the truth and in helping you move beyond your narrow-mindedness and to the bigger picture. This should help increase your confidence and self-esteem, structuring your energy to unearth your truest potential.

For Wealth

White and clear crystal stones are very reflective. It is the color that awakens the mind, inspiring creativity and growth. These stones use etheric energy to calm the mind and assist in understanding what drives you and what you want. This should help you in overcoming various attempts towards success.

White and Clear Crystal For Wealth

In addition, these crystals also encourage you to become more confident in yourself while also having a stronger sense of self-discipline, control, and organization. They should offer you mental acuity, particularly when working on a huge project, providing you with the best approach to an opportunity.

Furthermore, these stones can also bring back your sense of balance while providing you with mental sharpness and guiding you toward decision-making. White and clear crystals are also the stones of good luck, offering you huge opportunities to be successful in life or attract wealth and abundance.

Also, these stones are the promoters of positive thoughts. They help in removing all kinds of negative thoughts, embarrassment, and failure. With their energies, they can help you overcome any challenges in your life while increasing your focus and concentration to have clearer and better insight into your work, finances, and career.

Not only that, but white and clear stones are the ultimate amplifiers. They can represent upward manifestation and movement, making them the best stones for achieving your financial goals. Clear and white stones also bring clarity to your communications as well as amplify your thoughts by encouraging clear thinking.

For Love and Relationship

White and clear crystals have the capability to surround you with Light energy of protection and healing. These stones should give you what you need in order for love to thrive in your life.

For Love and Relationship

Their energies can help raise the vibrations of your consciousness and body, bringing harmony and balance in all aspects of your life, especially in terms of your love life and relationships.

These stones can help in dispelling anything that may be causing you emotional misery and pain. They offer you the answer that you seek in achieving happiness and peace. They also offer the courage you need to take the first step and be your old self again. Also, these crystals will give you back the feeling of wholeness and contentedness.

They offer the energies of purity and innocence, providing your mental and emotional clarity and allowing you to look at relationships with less judgmental eyes. Wearing or holding these stones should be able to help you in getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts. Then, these stones should bring you positivity and light, allowing you to operate more rationally and deal with emotional issues.

As stones of attunement and harmony, white crystal stones can bring peace, relaxation, and calmness into your relationships. They also help in removing disruptive influences while releasing anxiousness and fears, replacing them with loving and hopeful energy.

In addition, these stones should also help in removing inhibitors in your love and relationships that may be preventing you from being truly intimate and loving with your loved ones and partner. These stones can help you manage your emotions, getting rid of the negative and toxic energies that might make you feel like a victim or martyr.

Finally, with their clearness and whiteness, these stones can help enhance your thinking and remind you to think before speaking. This way, you can avoid saying negative and hurtful words when you’re feeling emotional or overwhelmed. These stones should be more careful about your words as well as being cooperative for strengthening commitment and better relationships.

Ways To Use White and Clear Crystals?

As you can see, white and clear crystal stones have a lot to offer. If you want to enjoy the above benefits of these stones, here are some ways to use them for the best results.

Hold It During Meditation

Ways To Use White and Clear Crystals?

Perhaps one of the simplest and most powerful ways to connect with white crystal stones is through meditation. You can start by holding your preferred crystal in one of both hands, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath.

You will feel your body sinking deeper into the earth for a grounding effect and feel the Light energies of the stone surrounding you. Take note, that some crystal stones do not resonate right away while others will easily make the hairs on your skin stand up.

Add Them To Your Altar

Adding white and clear crystal stones to your at-home altar can give you a beautiful boost of divine energy. A crystal point with a sharp edge should easily help magnify the intention that you set in that space. By simply placing some of these crystals on top of a piece of paper with your intention written on it could bring manifestation energies.

Create a Crystal Grid

Arranging a group of your preferred crystal stones into a sacred geometrical grid is also believed to help mix and magnify their power. Setting up a crystal grid is easier than you think and may depend on what your intentions are. If you are new to this practice, then we recommend that you use grid cloths as a guide since patterns can be quite complicated.

Ways To Use White and Clear Crystals?

Carry Them In Your Pocket

The more contact you have with your chosen crystal, the more aware and connected you will be with its energy. We recommend that you carry a crystal or two with you in your purse or pocket. Then you can simply reach out to it whenever you need to center yourself or bring your focus back to the intention that you are working toward.

Wear Them As Jewelry

If you want direct contact with your crystals throughout the day, then you can also use them as pieces of jewelry. This way, you can tap into their energy without any problem. These days, white and clear stones are often offered as pieces of jewelry— in rings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, and even crowns.

Use Them As Décor

Crystals may have been a critical component of meditations studios; however, they’ve also become a common thing for home decorators.

Larger crystal stones make for jaw-dropping statement pieces in any room while also exuding beneficial energies. If you do not have the budget for expensive large crystal pieces, clusters of small white and clear crystals can also bring a sense of energy and ease to every room in your room.

How To Cleanse and Recharge White and Clear Crystals?

In general, the white and clear crystal stones are the ultimate cleanser and amplifier of other stones. Their clear and white crystalline structure usually doesn’t hold onto negative energies so they don’t really need any cleansing or charging.

Still, some white crystal stones do get tired of the toxic and negative energy from your spiritual works and need some TLC. With that said, there are several ways you can cleanse and charge your white and clear stones.

In order to physically clean your stone, you simply need to wash it in running water. Rubbing it with liquid dishwashing soap should also help in removing the debris and dust accumulated in its crystalline structure. Make sure to rinse the stone properly and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Take note, that some white and clear crystals don’t like water. These crystals are soft and get damaged or dissolved when exposed to water. For such stones, you simply need to gently wipe their crystalline structure with a clean, dry, and soft cloth.

How To Cleanse and Recharge White and Clear Crystals?

In order to cleanse and recharge their vibrational energies, you simply leave your white and clear crystal stones outside, alone with nature. While the early rays of the sun can empower their energy, white and clear stones are often associated with the feminine energies of the moon. Thus, they’ll love the energies of the moon, especially during the full and new moon.

Another way to cleanse your crystals is to smudge them with your preferred herb bundle or incense sick. The thick smoke created can help in removing all toxic energies from within the stone.

In addition, some clear and white stones can also be cleansed with saltwater or sea salt. Simply soaking these stones in saltwater or burying them in a bowl of seawater for a day or two can remove the toxic energies they’ve accumulated. Once again, crystals that are soft or flake when exposed to water shouldn’t be subjected to such a cleansing ritual.

A safe way to cleanse and recharge your white and clear crystal stone is to use the soothing vibrations of singing bowls. The positive vibrations from the bowls can easily resonate with the energies of the stone, removing the bad vibes and filling them with positive and happy energies.

Final Words

Purity, innocence, and clarity— white and clear gemstones can bring energies of icy brightness to the warming glow of nurturing. Pale and simple, yet pretty and classical, these soothing crystal stones are closely connected to the spiritual world with their untainted appearance.

Often celebrated as the master healers, these crystals are the best at amplifying visions, desires, and dreams, connecting you with your spirit guides, and encouraging you to be receptive, open, and intuitive. They will help transform you and usher you on the right path toward the ascension of your highest sense of self.


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